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pUMIsan National Commltlra In IMS
for the Bull Moose mnvrmrtil last
print ami (or the nepubllcan pari)
It MUM lo he (he general iniprsSSIOS
that Col Rooievelli Hv hour n the
yeaterday yleidr.l no dimtiini
Ha had things hla oen
way moat of the time, and most of Ml
tistlauny wu along old line.
Om Of lbs main controversies rentei
tnp about T. H la recent years u
w bather ba acnt for K. II llarrlman or
K H. Harrlman asked permission lo
oelL ft regard to (ha llarrlman fund
Te Oolonel .naiata Mr. llarrlman askeu
U Ml, and yesterday ha produced a
new document In tha caa In the rorm
of telegram from Mr. llarrlman to
vVMiajn boob Jr., the 1'reeldenl s icre
It waa dated Oct. 2 1104. and a eked
Mr. Loeh to call him. Mr. llarrlman,
Who's a Liar, Now, About
$100,000 Oil Trust Gift?
THS Me Standard Oil Company give $100,000 to the Hoonevelt campaign
Did John D. Arrhbold of the Standard Oil Company give the $100,000
M Mr tonal ronlri&yfion or at coming from the Standard Oil Companit
DM the treaiurer of the Republican National Committee return the
Conflicting evidence on their point hat been given under oath by vari
aw prominent figure in the campaign. UM HAVE II EES TOI.tl. The
ff"Uaf World herevith pretrnlt In tit readcrt a nummary of the tetlimony
before Ike Senate Invettlgattng Committee. Who are the llartt
JOHN D ABCHBOLD "x taibsd "T fraafcly with mr. BUaa abont tha
ni.t,,r V mm n him ,, It ram tn the fltll.
of Um Maadard
Coaipaij won i
wont pejihosk, r.
fk Boaster, nd la 1M
Bepabllran I o of
Peaasjl tenia, iworot
BLISS JSw mb of th
HafJoaal epsbllrsa
Triiiiii of IBM,
swore I
6B0. B. HHKI.nov
ssssssnr of C. H. BIIm
M Hsuonsl Republican
Treasurer, swore 1
TOD, Ckalraua Kepub.
UoBB BbUobbJ CoMBlt
GAB g wore i
BOOSE TELTi candidate
for ProaMeM In IBM
bb4 bow, wore i
It made clear
(Continued trom r:rs'. Vage i
the whsel of his car as the BIS llm I
ware lined up by Hlaiter Fred Warner.
The complete list of cars and drivers
to line up a( (he tape for the start waa:
Burman. Bens : Fontaine. I ssj if TO IS
laff, Plat; Hughea. Mercer; De 1'altna,
Mercedes; Wlshart, Meriedea; Clark.
Mercedes ; Bergdoli. Bansj BraMi Hat I
lloran, Ben; Andcinoii, Rtuia. OldAslJ,
Tha rare was alerted at 10.OK A. M ,
when smarter Bred Warner gave the
word to Bob liutiiian, the iirat of tha
twelve conteatanta lo start. The other
drivers were sent away at thirty ae ond
Intervals Barney OldMcld was the last
to get (he word.
Caleb Bragg (he ninth driver tn be
sat away on ths llO-mlls grind was
gtvsn an ovation by Iks thousands in
ths stands. His uusgpectsd appearanoi i
t the ateerlng wheel of his Plat started!
round after rousjrt of cheerlnr.
O. I'aims, BorSdSAl and T.talaC w.ro
FDRXinnnn prizf
on (ha telephone Aecnrfllnr fn tha Col
MBBj It wna in Ihla long distance tele,
phone rnnveranllon (hat Mr. llarrlman
asked that Mr. Rooaevelt help out (he
New Torh State oampjign, and sug
gested (hn( ha would com to Wall1
mgton (o aee the President on the eut
JecU Col. Knoaevelt contends (he llar
rlman vlett waa the rrault of thla tele,
phone conversation and not a( (he
President's Invitation
When J Plerpont Morgan waa on (he
stand Tliunday ha said ha dldu I I e
meinber aver having had any communi
cation wha(ever rl(h Mr. Hooaevrlt
either by letter, telephone or telegraph,
or with any of (he private aei-reiarlea,
Teaterday OM Knoaevelt taatiSedl .
"I think I aent for Mr Plerpnnt Mor
gan. I certainly saw him in connection
with currency legist tdon which Hewers
trying (o ge( (hrough a( aome period
In my career. I do Ml remember tha
exact data, but remember tending f or
Oil ejoa U we had decided to make tba 1100,000 con
tribution I aald to Mr. BUaai 'Bow, Mr. BlUa. wa
want to Bake thla eoatrlbntloa. Oar aympathlea
are with the Bepnbllcan aide and wa want to help,
hat wa do not want to do It without Ita being
Mown and thorongbly approved by tha powata
that oW and by tha powera that ha I meant, of
coaraa, Ool. Booeevolt. I aald to Mr. B'las 'Wa do
not want to make tble aontrlhnUoa nalaoo It la
thoronjrhly acceptable and will be thoroughly aa
daratood by Mr. Boossvs.lt. ' and Mr. BUao smilingly
aald wa need have no poaalble apprahenaloa OB that
acora. A couple or weeaa altar us payment or ine
100,000 Mr. BUao oaaaa to my office and aald ha
would Ilka to have 1M.0O0 additional. Wa refaaed,
ail ha aald I 1 think It will ba a raletake for you
aot to make It.' Wa aid aot make 11"
"It waa dlatlaotly atated to ma by Mr. BUao that
bath Mr. Booeeeelt aad Mr. Oortelyon had been folly
adelaed of the flrrt eoatrtboUoB of 100,000, and
were extremely aolloltoaa to have hla reqneet com
piled with for a oaeoad coatiibatloa of (1 so.ooo.
lata ob I even waat ao far la aaathor latarrtaw aa
lo advlae Mr. Arohbold to Induce hla aaaoclatea
to make thla eecond contribution. Immediately
at tar tha aUcUon I received a lettor from Mr. Booaa
relt ewpTeeelng hla warm aad heartfelt thaaka for
tha roeult in eansyleaala."
"I heard my father apeak of John B. Arohbold
aad X. X. Bogero aeeeral tlmea. He aeear menUoned
them la connection with political work. Whoa ay
father waa la hla laet Ulaaae ha summoned ma to
hla bodelde. Be told ma he had destroyed meet of
the correspondence aad records of the office of
traaaarer of ths national Committee."
"Whea I took oharge as traaearer U laoo Mr.
BUaa handed me a oopy of a Ust of tha important
contributors la the care pairs of 1KM. To M per
fectly frank ft 1-1 par cent wae contributed by cor
poration!. There waa 100,000 ob that list from Xoka
B. Arohbold. it wae net oa tha Hat aa front tha
Standard OH Company. Others oa tha Ust ware J. F.
Morffaa B Co. VI 00.000, Henry O. Brisk 0100,000.
Oeorge J. Oculd 100.000." There's ao entry showing
that Standard Oil money was returned.
"I knew very Utile abont the contributions to ths
e amy alga fund of 10M, aad I kasw very UtUa at that
time. After the campaign I heard that X. Sogers
had made aoma contribution. Bow much I do aot
know. Thla was several months after tha campaign.
I aasar heard of a rcatrlbatloa from John B. Aroh
bold. I had praotlcni'y nothing to do with tha mat
tar of collecting. Th.it was entirely under ths enper.
vlaloa of the traaaarer of tha committee. Bsfors Mr.
BUss died ha Informed me that ha had daatroyed tha
records, ranchers aad books of ths campaign of 1MM.
I knew of ao contribution made directly by J. T.
Morgan or any one la Ma behalf."
"Mr. Oortalyoa called at my office Unring the 1S94
oempalfa. I suppose he waatad more money or
something. I do aot remember that hs talked with
ms 0a f's subjsct of ooatrlbuttoas, but Z suppose bs
did. I think hs was there whsa that SO.OOO waa paid.
That was after I had gives Mr. BUss 100,000. I re
member Mr. Cortolyou did tslk with ms oa ths snb
Ject of contribution! aad I remember of his being la
ths efdee eaoa or twice on the snblect."
"I Mara there waa a Btaadard Oil contribution
Mr. Barker made tha charge. I believe. That waa
before I wrote tha latter of Oct. at, 104. I don't re
call who rave me ths Information. I ooulda't ret
any decided answer for aoma thus from Cortolyou.
X expected they woa'd return ths money. X wanted
they mnat do It. Oortelyon told me'
that none bad been mads. Only the other day Oortel
yon told ma that ha had been Informed by Mr. BUaa
that none bad been made. X leer aad after the 104
campaign that BUaa bad aaid ha received ao money
from the Btaadard Oil Company, but that ha had ao.
cepted money from one men who had Btaadard Oil
aad other iatereate, aad that he aid aot regard that
aa Btaadard Oil mousy."
about even favorite! In the betting, al
though much late money waa wagered
Ml Hrair
RoeklOSI hruehes between the nig cure
i areenltis down (he straightaways of the
'oune kijiI SPeClalOrS on their fas I al-
most conalonUy,
Bob llurman WOS forced tn wlthdr.iw
trom the rare at the end of fifteen nrllei
occauec r a nt oa n ins mi HS Ml
I . ' ,. ...,"r u""rr
iruiui paiSS eel u J toe iriiuris
poncer wiihart oroks ernnh ih.ift
Mil ills Mercedes car In the fourth Ian
and : ud to ,i,itt the rm r
Isnils foMalne uttempted to aend Ids
Ixixler car around the Houth Fund dtl
I.sc road turn a. loo hlgli speed and
ran (hrouch the hunkera of balfsl hay
On t hi outer edge and Inlo (he fence.
'.llh..r Snslsls mm, hla mphtnl..,i,
vai lerlouily liuit and they resumed i nWrTOUBh,
the raee Ml Borrough went to the We.-I For-
At the SBd of IM miles. Bragg was ty-eeenth aireel police siaiioti Mnd Dps
In llrsl posltlun, one minute and Iwemy-; tectlvea tlweua. Fltisitnmona and An
alx ssoondl ahead of Tetsluff. De drews had a long Interview with tha
l"a)mii waa third, one minute and tan j 0nion woman. They (hen aought oui
Ooondl behind TMSlgff Anderson wa. , , d ,
fourth ami llervdo I fifth. The sirrsvn ' , , , . ,
pee) for this dl.tane,. was alUhtly K" al" lo fuUnJ at
undsr SSVsnty-UVS miles an hour. 'hB Kulierhof.
Hughes had a narrow escape when! Karly to-day Mies Dale waa arrested
hla Mereer threw u wruel on the at Kur(y-aeventh alreet and H:xih av
Morth rood dU tabs road, Hs waa nue. Then a telephone inesr.ige was
nisiuiik- niong at sot eniy-iniie an
hour clip when (he accident occurred
llugiii-s managed lo keep the crippled
car In the road, however, and saved
linself and inechanleiaii
lie reiiiimsl
,the rae after a brief deluv. latter he
ails foe ei to dron out Lha rene his
, r ,,, rn, (.-our other oop.
tastMis had quit by the time the rpes
was half over.
RaH Troaa JU Ton. Is
u" ui".,1 , T.Tu !,V
- - . .
Portion Sisters Give Tip That
Leads to Charge Against
Dorothy Dale.
( iirl, Who Figured In ' Arabian
Night" Holdup, Was Accused
on Slumming Party.
The mvetery of the Ihefl of a gold
mesh lag. eMidded with dlamonde ani
apgrhlrea. and valued at II. mv, whlcn
wae atolen In Mallarher'a cafe, fleventh
svenue and Forty-eighth street, a veer
and a half ar from Me Ixjulae llor
nough. th. i. of No. 164 Waal Klfty-sev-and
eXree. after a slumming party,
came up to-day In the Weel Hide Court.
With It were revelalluna of night life
In New York.
Dnrolhy Kale. twen(y-on, who eaya
he a an actrcsa and a stepdaughter
of Delia Kox. waa charged with Heel
ing tha precloua bag and the gold puree
It contained. Frank Dotiglaa, (wanly
nlns, who described hluieelf as an
actor and rnlertalner, waa charged with
receiving end dlvpnelnr of the bar
I'eeplie the effort! of a younrar man
with n inueuche and a canr. who came
10 court In a hlr green automobile and
Informed every one. a.f(rr swearing (honi
tu secrecy, thst his rich employer had
Instructed him specifically to apare
neither efforte nor caah In freeing the
fair defendant. Holly was forced to gel
along na heel ehe could wllh a cell In
West Side Prison for her boudoir. Just
In time to prevent her from leaving the
courtroom on tha collective arm of a
half dosen would-be escort!, It waa dla
covered that Joseph Hohwartx, the bonda
man procured by the young man with
the muatache, did not have sufficient
equity in the property he offered to
cover tha tt.OM ball demanded by
Magletrate Krotel.
The rlrl rafused to say anything urv
til aha had consulted a lawyer, but hex
dntermlnatlon evidently was sorely
taxed when Douglas cried:
"You're foolleh not (o talk. Why
don't you loll all shout It and get me
ou( of I his a. ripe '
When she renltscd that the ittncelllng
of the -txind m.-ant that ahe go to a
cell, tin- girl begaji to weep. Up to
that time her air hail been one of
smiling confidence tta aho wad hod the
no-lty einleaary of her wealthy "friend "
Dorothy Dais was arrested n May
last In company with Florence Doyle,
who called herself a model, and Francle
McDonald. Aaron htoors, a No i
Carolina man anxious to "see" New
York, had SM with (he (rlo for .in
"Arabian. Might" at a hoiine In Wei
Korty-lllth Street and there had been
robbed, he auld, of Jewelry worth W.iioo
and I'JOff In oaaB, The case feU down be
fore the (Irsnd Jury.
There figured In tu-day'a caaa the
I Sfll peg I II QUI Polllon sisters, who last
l''ehrusry came Into the limelight again
whin they were forcibly ejected fioin
the Mute! Wlllard. I. waa thiough
them that the police got the clue that
led tu tile urrtet of Doro'.Uy Dale and
I Donates.
IJoth lorothy Dale and Douglaa gave
aa their uddreaa (he Kulerrhof of No
l.i! Broadway, M. Dale denied all
ronnsnllnil with the theft. Hut IhiukIh.
the poi raid, confessed th.it the sir!
Kuve bin the costly bag and that BS
tiawned It-
Kuril yesterday Ostherlne sud Char-
lottc rolllon. acjordliig tu the story tliry
(old the pollen, were dining and wining
In company with Douglua when the
man hapened tu tell them aooot Mrs
BOrrOUrrh'S tneeh iiag and declared (hat
Dorothy Pole had alolen II and that he,
after holding II some (line, had pawned
II. He also told litem, they said, that In
Mat hag was a card with Mrs. Bur
ning It name on it end a allp of paper
showing hat She was e depositor in tha
Fifth Avenue Bank.
iKrrothy Dale was u member of Mis.
Bo (rough's alii" lining parly the nigh:
I "'' lM Sfhi Mo!in, and Mis. llurruug i
! aoOUSOd hei at that time The girl
' llien ladlfnshlly denied the theft and
no aeilous lu.plclon fell uion bar. Un-
til recviitly (he I'ulllon women and the
voung BCtrOM were gloM frleiida. but
Ul,y puMej atlr SOBtS dispute
A., auon .11
.ha Fifth Avenue Hank
' was open yeaterday. the I'olllon slaters
telephoned the manager asking fur the
a.Mrcsa of Mis. Botruugh. who has
moved from Weil I'ifly -seventh street.
They aald they had aome Information
as to the stolon ineah bar. Thu nan
m g i refused ilie address, bul himself
iniinedla(rly cuaiuiuiiicau-d with Mrs.
. Douglas at the Kalserhof. tell
. , . wiuiled at Mr- Bor
" .nierlalniiient Mia
rough s to give an enterialnment. nts-
almniona ,'pened the door for him.
Douglas entered, dressed In the height
of fashion, awluglng bll cine merrily,
and ixclulinlug. "On wilh (he shuw;
where are the girlies?" He Joked wllh.
the deisotlvss unlU they loki turn who
Young Actress Who Is Accused
Of Stealing Valuable Gold Bag
.iJ haw
they were and arrested him. Then he
drnlad any knowledge of the bag.
But when Doug. ua found that (he
Po'.IIon slateia were hiding behind a
screen end were ready to accuaa him,
ha confeased, the pu.lcu any. Detective
Kltstdmmona aaya Dougua turned to
him and aald: "Kttsle, old boy, you've
gut the Canon City sular plexus blow
on me over (hl and I'll Klve up."
The detectivea any that ha turned
angrily to the Polllnn wumen and aald
to them: "You glrla have been SBlut
terlng at your mouths again, do.n
some pretty melodramatic business; It'i
ths stage for yours."
Tha I'olllon a. Mere have been before
ths public for years. They are (he
daugh(er of a hah dealer at Troy. In
July, 1103. Ca(herlne, who was known
as (he "Uelle of Troy." brough( suit
for breach of proml! sK ilnat tlotild
Rrokaw, (he millionaire, cleaning
IBo.no. She later st.n d suit for a
further IKfl.WV. slleginx llrokitw had
alanderd her. Two yeara afterward the
casea ware aettled; It was aaid lirokaw
paid tn.an.
As far back as im they told Anthony
Comatock of a rich Spaniard who had
a collection of Improper pictures at a
fashionable hotel. The plalurr were
aslsad and (heir owner fined :". They
have been accuaod of beating many ho
tsls, and lo laus were Sent to Blase-
well'a Island for three IBBBthS fur Is
irauoing too lioiei xiriaroi ot ipry
aaaerted that Mglatratr Barloa waa
responsible for their hotel bills
prevkoua year th-y had olTered l"0 re
ward for the recovery of a 115.000 pearl
necklace Catherine rail ahe had lost.
Mr. Smatlwood Recommends
Bloodwarmifig Central
America to Imitators,
Tne pry SB I hnpniest peapls sbosrd
the United I'ru'.t Company's steamer
Turrtalba, when alio sailed for West
Indian and Central AmarleU ports 10-
day i were it-ihei Bmallwood, sirhty
live years old, and his wife. .Matgaiet
si veiity -eight They were married two
.lays ago In Hai'heStSr, and are hound
lor I'ort laimon, Costii Idea, where Mr
RntalltTooi hiis basn in tnsroantils buai-
neaa twenty veins.
The bPidSBToaBI Is an ere, 1, alei t in. in.
who does not look much over liny. II.
hag plenty of Iron-sruy hail ami a brown
beard mho mustache, sprinkJs i with
gray. His wife dnr not look to be more
than mldtlT-srtlt Bits .a Ms: gat et
in site of Rocheetor, and her Hist hu -iaiid
diesi a year aaro, Hhortly after
that nne met Mr BmailWOOd at Nlags .1
IVlla, and at tw 1 yens I SOS than loui-
soore ahe is iheerfully socompaiiyini
her oetogenariM busband lo a horns n
11 tropical land inat she llSVSf nas SSSH
Mr Small wood i.aa hi n married iwlos
"it la never too old to marry," holeyee) bOOaUSS she refused to go to u
declared In the healing of lii- lirije hotel with htm
"Hire 1 am eighty-live yeara old and W a he ever tried? A. No, he re-
1 fool llku a Cult, All old persons signed.
should marry, for companionship, all Police Captain Thomas w. Walsh
leaat. It Is a had thing for an old followed Sweeney la lite stand,
perisiii to os alone. i. You hsVS declined to waive Immu-
1 would advise elderly people lo nll I A, I have
lira In Central America, n t ie can. i Do yuu fear indictment? A. I do
The blood Is always warm there. 1 h. t not.
UP ut u o lock every moiii.na
twenty miles In the couise of a d.iv,
.at five Unlit moils, smoks whenever
I feel like It and . 1 1 ink ntodsrauly,
my favorlts bsVOrPSe being Irlsti wliia
key. My wife and 1 expect to spend
many hnppv years In Coat a RiOa."
irst a ace Thrso-y sarcoids and up.
selling: ii furlongs Chilton Queen, III
(SkUttUyerli 1:1 lo , even and 1 to J
Britl Hixty. hi" (ford), I to 2. I to 1 and
even, eecond Venetd Strotno. ill
malll. 13 to ;,. even and 1 to 2, thud
Tlmi not given Argonaut,
Hvvarengtr. l'remlsr, llalluc
Cir.llff. Hea l, Rand a
Dr. It. L
k, Ohllls,
Iso run
gdocoKD RACK Thrse-ysar-oldi and
up selling: six furloiiga.-doe Kuigln.
llm iHOPkinSi, I to 1. i'ii 11 and 1 to 2,
ureal The derdnsr, IM (Hutwolll, w lo
1 t to 1. and 2 to 1. .in,i. Murr, um
(riohweiblll, !' la .'. -' In 1, an I even
third. Time -t H ' I' nid
ignt luK,
aline. Mlndluette Sickle. Knlg
ciiiuipulio, Muii-ilef also ran.
i Con. In ied from First l'uge.)
Mr. Waldo hlmeclf agreed that I was
Mr. Iluokner then called t'r.ink e'pen
crt, secretary of the civil tiervli e Com
mission. Six-ncer identified a certified
Hat of patrolmen eligible for appoint
ment and called attention to the name
of Fred lktrr. appointed sept. It, mi.
Q. 1 find on tlio Poll OS Department's
records that Fred Berg took Ids cx
imlnatioii In May, UN, fifteen ntonihs
before he went on the force Kid yo.i
InVOBiUlSta hl liiaructer durlBg tlun
i liInr., A ;0
I). Do vuu ever investigate h mans
character between (he time he ia ex-
ariilned and the llrne he Koes on the
fcrce'.' A. No, wo cannot do tliat.
Julius A. McMann, ilerk of the Court
of Oeneral Issslona produoad original j
court records under subpoena ShoWlal
that llerg was Indicted on Alii,-. 17, 1910,
for uasaull and abduction.
J want to call attention," aald Mr.
Bin kner. to the fact that thin Indict
HMnt found between the time he
waa examined for tile force and the
time he was upiHilnti'd. The complain
ling witness again -t ll-J'ef wus Alms 1'el
tun. Ilfteen years old.
Assistant District-Attorney Jacobl.
tile records allowed, had recommende I
tlie quashing of the Indli Imenl be suae
o: insuth lent corruborattve evidence.
it was shown thai imii had boon dls
charred, but mat the Indictment was
- in lone against llerg when lie
wcnl on the force.
Inspector DennJl Sweeney was called
to the stand.
"Have roll declined to slun waiver uf
Immunity f asked Mr. Buckner,
"Nu. I have not," was Ihe reply.
Q Will lOU !ln II'.' A. No, 1 won't
sign or waive anything.
ej. Vuu don't expect to be Indicted, do
A. I certainly do not, but t will not
ylru uny waiver
"All rlrht . I don't care," said Buek
ner, aa the audience gaxeu in aiuugemuiit
ut the peculiar uondjUCI uf the polhe
Did you alirn th' papera?" akel
nuckner, producing Sweeney's report on
lieig'a previous report that he lied been
attacked by seven unidentified men
while OH fixe I poet.
"Yes," said the lna;i i tor
Inspector dweeitey said u found thut
llerg tried to ilnig the girl Into a hall'
way. In a row hl h followed Ileig
was struck by some of the girl's res-
uere. The report quotes the young
w,:iian as Baying Berg threatened 10
break her windows" (meaning ner
I y Then wny uon t von waive im-
munlty" peosuss mni is my riani.
men II o"l ei in nun you aon i
r'tank Uu iSO 4.n Kf)R lk, whift
"III Mtfp nil'ltitli fell ier nu 1. mih iiir.iifnxa
I .iisM iu Mm doctor, ua w fn .i to Mj wi
am We hsii iu dun Ui ii a. t) I brine
tnv utm iloctui dii miih HtAwtyt lul Ufiit
aii.l I'll 1 I ' Ktl fttVswfediBf Ut .'SilAi's rt I
rawtii ni uJ liJM -'tut Ui a W - a tu dj
llltff "
1 Cured Wife in Two Days.
myttAl . Ill 1 1 . v lUCUKf, it all aruaaiiii.
MAUWAl x La. Niw Xuts.
: Is my onty answer.
I Walsh s.ild he was in command of th
district I" Which l'.err wa ststloned.
He Idenllfled the charges niads by I
Sweenev ngaln-t the patrolman and
s.iid he bad Mrvtd tnem on Berg per-
t Firs Deputy Polios Cdfitntlraioner
Douglas 1 McKay is cuiie-i and
asked . i unit he routine Of police IfBttO,
Huckn1! appeared lo he trying to a'l.iw
Ihnl lbs reason for llerg'a resignation
. e,t aocrrt, hut lhat if he had j
, gofir on rial !he iiinrg" would have
be " 10 public, Buckner read Mr. Mc
Kav'a notation on Berg ! resignation. I
Bpproi tog it.
W Why did you tecommsnd the sc- '
ceptan ce of this resignation, tiermlt tlie
man to go out of 'lie depnrtmen( qulet
Jv aftd make htm eligible for reappoint
ment. Instead of placing him on trial 1
i I letting the membera of the fore
knew about his dereliction? A. Part of
the qusstion la in. orrect. The force did
I know, for he general orders aald he
resigned "for thn good of the aervlce "
J Don't you think a public trial
Would have had more good effect on the
department then whitewashing him hv
letting him resign? A. Not unleaa we
weie sura we could have proved the
Inspect Of CaJiaktm was called nert.
and the eaio of l'atrolinan Marry .1.
Johnion taken up Me was made a pa
liolnian March 23. IW. reelsnlnr Oct.
2. nil, CahaYlSns Identifies a letter from
Magistrate Mreen. :.ied Sipt. I, lilt,
to Commlsaloner Waldo, cnmplalnlnr
of .lohnaon'a ronlist In arrestlnr Itoh
erl Hrassnll of No. 113 Raat One Hun
dred and Thirteenth street.
Q. In Investigating Joh'tson's record
FPU found his rSntura In tha Rogues'
Oallery, didn't you? A. Yes.
(i Me served one year in the Kings
County Jail for robbing n store, didn't
hot Me had aim been arrested for run
ning a .-rap gam,-, wasn't he? A. Yes.
W. Mow did you find that out?
A, Commissioner Waldo received an
SnonyitlOUl letter signed "A Brooklyn
Policeman,'' t-iUng of the arrests.
W Johnson was to have gone ,m trial
011 charges on Oct. ,1 and yet waa per
mitted to resign on Oct. 3, wasn't he'
A. Ycv The Commissioner accepted It.
The Tlogiies GsJiOTT Picture of John
son was placid In the record!. Then Ca
halane admitted that Johnson, former
Jall-hlnl, bad been one of the men who
Tor six weeks had ben detailed to the
Central Ofles "raiding quads."
Commissioner McKsy via reca'.Ied.
Johnson's resignation wa tiken up
with him snd his exsmlnntinn was e
nctly tile IBniS us regarding the Berg
case, except that he added:
"I remember tha; this young man ttai
Invest Uyated hv the tnvooti(atlna Bu
reau, under Lieut. Stanton, and thai
Klunton fa. led utterly to flny anything
a'.iout Johnson's conviction :ti Brooklyn,
ni'liough Stanton was always able to
find out alvout men who. aa hoya. may
have beon arrested for startlnr a bon
LieUt. John T. HMnton, iormer police
Investigator, was asked to identify the
report approving Johnson'a rharacler.
He scanned the documenta submitted by
Buckner and said: "Ptr: of the re
ports are mlsslnr '"
Mr. bin-tcner aaid he had traced t
papers to the civil BerMre Commission
and did not know where ths others
"There l nothing here about John
son a arreet for burglary''' aald Mr.
Bin kner.
"No," replied Stanton. "1 eee there
lan't. Y'ou iro( the rest o' the papers!''
W Did yuu nuike any further report
on Johnson. A. 1 ain't goln' to dis
cuss no Incomplete report. You find
them papers. There was more reports
made. They haven't given 'em all to
J. Did you 1 pott that lohnson waa
convicted of burflaryt A. If you'll
gel a complete report you'll find out.
1 uln't goln' 10 dtacnas no Incomplete
report. There was one made.
tj. Are there prpers missing from
these files? A Yes. There was an
other report on subee-iucnl arrtats
Y'ou ain't rol all of them.
Mr. BUCknor aald he had produced
all the papers given him hv the Civil
Service IVimmlsKion. to whom they
were delivered by PpUci Commissioner
itert Hanson Tr.al Commissioner un-
'dsr Oen. Blnirha n, testifiisi he had na
rocol SCtlOn of the Johneon case, thougi
he wus in the liahlt of making recom
mendations regarding all nppolnUBantS
to Oen, Bindham, who placed Johnson
on the force. Mo did not know Why
lie had recommended Johnson for np
(mlntmeut, lor added he was BUri
l.leut. Stanton did not report the burj:
lar.v case. The committee took a recess
until Wednesday.
Member of l ollrl of Appeals Nomi
nated fur nothrr Term.
ALBANY, Oct. d Judge Kmory .
I'liase of ('ataklll waa nominated to-d.iv
for Associate Judge Of the Court of
Appeals to succeed .ludge Alhert llalglit
f Iluffiilo by the committee designated
by tho flepUhlioen State Convention to
make the nomination,
JUS tics i'liase. with Justice HlSOOOk,
was dafujnated as a member of ths
Court of Appeals by Qov, lllgglns Ul
laoT,. Five y-ara Liter the terms of the
two Supreme 0OUM Justices eplri.
:ind they were renominated hv the He.
publicans In the liftli and Third J11
.1 cuil lilalrlrts respectively, Indorsi-U
iiy the Democrats and re-slsoted. Tiiey
were redeaignateil to tlie Court of Ap
peals by Qov. !!
'V'ft'iSCV W'!?''.IWf
! want It? A T refuse to wslvs.
Another Goody Shop Opened!
At 851 Broadway, Bet. 13th & 14th Sts.
Aa in the Original Goody Shop at 14 East 23d
St., the quality of all our Confections, Ice Cream
and Soda Water is unsurpassed.
We serve the most attractive Fountain Lunch
in New York Delicious Sandwiches and Con
fectionery and Ice Cream. Our motto is
"High Quality and Reasonable Prices."
And because we have faithfully lived up to
this idsal The Goody Shop hae become the most-lalksd-of
stors of its kind in New York.
A single visit will convince YOL.
rjWMxm mxiw(
A :n t..i.. rwl 1 v... v.-...... I.
Vt ill miK Vllljf VIIC 9IBBVII
l-";ich Day in the Im
portant Cities.
Col. Rooeelt I- not going 10 jlav any
more tank town!
lie said so iilnuelf to-day after Ids
return from testifying before, the Sen
ate Investigating committee In Wash
Ingion He added that on hla forth
coming tour of the Middle West, which
Is to begin on Monday, he would deliver
only one speech a day and that in tile
Important cities alone his route. As he
put It. there will ba "no more little
ehnped-off speeches from the tall of a
train "
"When I ssw Wilson I t old him that
I didn't want to make any more l
these lltde choppod-off spec, he.'' Col.
Roosevelt told the reporters aa he climbed
Into his own automobile at the Outlook
offices to mo(or down to Ojfatof Bav
"1 want full opportunity henceforth to
set forth nt length the different BOO
trine! 1 represent. I don't want any
more rear-end speeches 'from trains I
want to address one big meeting a dav
In one big city."
"DOSS this change In yBU! plan Itldl
eat that your last trip had been Wear
trig on you?" one daring reporter Baked
The colonel flung out his arms, hint
himself on the chest said answered:
"What do you think atout It?"
Aa the machine started lie called
back :
"I'll have nothing to say to-niorrow
I want to have forty-eaght hours of
nule with my family."
Sensor Dixon explained ifter Me
Colonel's depurturr that purMlanl to hl
or.lers the Itinerary 'or the
Ing trip had liecn all shuffled up fur .1
new deal. The candidal, I train WO lid
only slim for railroad purpose--, he s.tM;
there would be no tail-end speeches at,
little towns and only one a day be
(ween Jump nmong the hlg ones. The
tlrat speech will he made In Ml. hlgan.
probably Detroit: then Indiana will re
ceive the Colonel, Illinois, Xsntucky ami
Wisconsin being the other beaafMarles
of hla tour.
Youth Supposed to be rrUlliotuire'i
Son Who HlopeJ With Actress
Arrives on Victoria I.uise.
Ths Hamburg -American liner victoria
I.uiee brought to Hotmkon to-dy u
young man whose name was entered on
tha paaaenger list as Jordan U Mot. Jr
He had only hund haggnge and was un
accompanied Mr. Moll went through
custom! with great rapidity and van
ished from the pier.
Hli fellow pa!sengers bSllSTOd the
The great reputation of I
Fatima Cigarettes
rests on their absolutely
natural and genuine
tobacco flavor made
distinctive by skillful
"Dbtinclioely Individual"
JwwkwmmA xttoxxxy
voung man to 1- Jordan twrsh' '
Molt, the young scion of the American
fam'lv "f Iron foundrymen, who de
puted fiom Ibis country by stealt Ii
and in haste M ., I- on the Indradro
., Brll ih freighter, n ompaflj ltn
the wir. or vVsllet llowne or Milling
ton. N. J. Thi woman was once an
actress and Ml COMs lerdkl V older nHan
lo t eompanlon.
Tne v.iuiik man's mill anairi father
nlsslonerf Heel n full" r, a globe
trotter, correspondcnl nil . i venturer
of all trades, lo overtake ine young
Mott and gel him away Irom the lady.
Culler iald chass .ml . . 1 1 1 ir Ii : up with
1 1
ni ai till bra ir, out was bbbuso "
gel an Inlet vien. Fuller tried to turn
them hick lit PoH Bald and ngsln at
Hong Koagi hut socordini lo cable ps
por s hnd only BcnWful lattfhWff fer
lis pains. Ths latest repdi is were that
Mott mid Mrs. Bowne were llvlnr M
Saigon. Cochin China, a motier anil
son and thai thell devotion IS each
other touehed all hearts.
tinbaaandnr Juaaeranil Sella.
PAItIS, Oct . Jules Juaseranal.
Kreni i Ambassador 10 Washington, and
his wife ler ,.n Hie Krench llnor Let
ProVsncS tor the United Sates to-dej
JllOllgl lie wo 1,0 loo rm
iiaderatood M Jusserand will ten the
American (ievsramanl that Francs is
willing lo uirnnge 11 new porcelain
tariff Hat satisfactory fO American B
ForMoreThanTenYpars. UsedCutl
cura Soap and Ointment. Itching
Stopped. Head Covered with Hairi
Dandruff Gone. "Thanks and
Thanks Again for Cuticura."
S2B TTcst r.Oth St., New York City. "For
more tban ten years I have la-en troubled
with a very olistlnate raw of dandruff aed '
an Itching sralp. In my determined effort
to lid mysrir of Ihcee tniuhlaa. I alopped
at nu expense and spent. I am sure, does op'
to (hree hundred dollar!, with no eWBBJ
result!. Every advertised patent reujed.
for dandruff. I lielleve I have tried out.
"On a vltll tn my barber'! one day teve
rprlng. I saw him a' Amino a customer wt
a prepared liquid shampoo, but later sheet
pooed bis oen hair using only a raks
Cut I, 011. Soap, I took a tip from th...
"I tiegon (he uao of Cuticura Hoap as a,
shampoo, udng ii twice a week and I alas
began (he use of Cuticura Ointment to SSB1
what effect It would have on tlilckenlag
my hah- whlrh had badly fallen out. After
the second week's use I noticed that tint
Itching bad stopped and the dandruff
combed from my hair waa very scarce.
Being ao surprised I continued the treat
Dent and my head, which waa almost a
shining dome, is now covered with a salt
of thick shining hair, a marvel wrought bp
(he wonderful Cuticura Soap and Olatmsat.
The dandruff alao is entirely goes. Thanks
and thanks again for Cuticura." (Signed)
Chain W. Noble, Oct. 31. 1011.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura ointment are
sold throughout tba world. Liberal aamptssf
each mailed free, with Md Skin Book. Ad
dress post-card "Ciittcure. Dept.T, Boston."
Se Tender-faced men should use C u tteuim
Soap Shaving Slick. 36c Sample free.
The Army of
lo Crewinaj Saaeilar E
sanoaable Shry
only gie fel
seas, lasVsiriw. tUk Hiisirai. SeaW
Genuine u.i Signature
The Only Infant Food
111 Ofaftii um! liruitirUtt.
i CLE A N ING 353 West 54thSI
llllll'kl..'.Vblts igi i i l7klsi em ' ' assSM.!
II W julin UanrutTi'...
Snntlug Wlia Hi'.isti in Jnnglsg.
It is il in.. : ,,i
H,.,,,-.ltr.,l lo :,r,v -illli , v ........
"i','?'" ,K,V-" '' v than thai to go
PRKBwith nest Sunday's World uaeo
araie ll.DAgi booklet, pressntlM s
Story or An Afrli an Hum. 1 illuairsxed
by Photorruohi tain n tv the Paul r
nsinsy e i tlun it Vou miss ibis1
remarasbls narratlvs vou m mU,
ur nswsosalsr, in ad
K JUU s copy or ugt
I Bsa-
uuj s " ui iu.
T "R

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