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Caricatures of the Week's Plays
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w) W) w) Joy m. ae iLayas
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Policeman John Horan, fortr-eaVht
years old. of No. M Beat Rlhtr-gw1h
street, on the force more than resamtr
years, dropped dead early to-day at the
Charles street station of acute lBessa-
Horan had Just rome In from duty on
West street. He rustled In tha haok
room, and said to aeveral friend that
ha waa thinking of retiring sooa a
little farm he bought recently. Aa ha
- and started toward his loekar, ha
fell, ttrft Kelly seised him and tailed
Dr. Blgelow from St. Vincent's HotpttaJ.
The last rites were administered by
priest from St. Veionlca s Church.
Horan was married and was a brother
nf l.leut. Henry Horan of tba Harbor
A squad.
jot WEEK
Other New Stage Offerings
. !Are "The Woman Haters'
Club" and "The Brute."
Tlir ninniiTrn
- ststj 1 - T """""""
I 1 .t fg rjJrnMiiw' iD utitH stew CzZ-
"plea.se turn Y0URC' S V'E 'T T HE M010E?"
OJC nt Saturday afternoon "The
Daughter of HtOVOO" will bo pin
ductd at the Century Thsatre.
TM spectacular drama by Pierre I-oil
Sand Judith liautler l described as a
Chinese "II mm and JxHIr-t." The
Daugluw of H.avt-n la the Kmpress of
tat Chtna race, of the dynasty of
whose court and People are
threatened, by tb Kmpuror of Ohlna of
two Ifanchu race, In Ilia dynmaty of
so. But arid from being the I tan
tar of Heaven and tha Idol of the Ming,
One Empress la a woman and the Em
peror, who la at war with her, la a man.
aw ttio man and th woman meat
and learn and love and auffer la a blown
IB tht eight scenes that go to make up
Play- Mia Viola Allen will appear
la tha title role and Hasll dill, an Eng
Hah actor, la to play the Kmperor. Oth
er In the caat will be Lee Ilakor, Henry
Sera;mar.. Claude Ilrjnke, Mm. Alex
Mar Sali hi. Ruth Hose, Roslna lien
lay, Miriam Colllni. and little Norrla
MM Attoc Theatre opens on Monday
OVtnlng with "The Wimtn Matera'
CsuO," a Vlenneaa musical piece that
haa been Amerl -an. zed by George V.
Hobert The mualo in by Edmund KIs
tar. A Germ. in army nfflrer enguged to
marry a rich widow uuarrels wlUi Ida
fiancee, and aa a result of the hatred
engendered In this love apat announcea
hat he la througli with the fair aex
fareVOT. He straightway ainrta to or
ajatitae "The Woman 1 latere' Club," and
Mm organisation aaaumea majestic pro
portl.ns within twenty-four houra.
Among othera In the company will be
Bailie Klsher, Doily Castles. Mrs. Stuart
Robson. Walter l.awren e, Ielle Kan
ran and Joseph Santley.
"The Brute," a dramatization by
Frederick Arnold Kummer of hla novel
at that name, will be seen at the Thlr
ty-ninth Street Theatre on Tuesday
night. Thla play seeks to Illustrate '.he
proposition that man, when subjected
to greater exasperation than he can
tndurt, goes back to first principles
Is tola particular Instance, the husband
Of a frivolous and Inconsiderate woiuun
ally revolts and aaaerta his mastery
through phyalcal violence, with the Ini
znodlata result that the wife ooOtvfl eud
Aanly to a sense of her folly. The cast
will Include Kuth Shepley, .leffreys
Lasris, Ethal Clayton, Ernest Qlendtn
nan. Stephen Davis. Wlllard Kobert
atn and Edward Wade.
"Tha Master of the House" moves to
the Lyrlo Theatre on Monday night,
For their second week at the Man
hattan Opera House, E. II Sothern and
Julia Marlowe announce "The Merchant
of Venice" on Monday and Tuesday
nights and Wednesday afternoon;
Twelfth Night," Wednesday night.
"Romeo and Juliet." Thursday night:
"Macbeth." Friday night, "Twelfth
Might," Saturday afternoon, and "Ham
tat," Saturday nlt-ht.
"Bought and Paid For" Is announced
tr the West End Theatre.
"The Conceit." with UtO Dltrlchateln
an 1 Isabel Irving, will lie tile attraction
at the Grand Optra House.
'The College Girls" come to the Co
lumbla Theatre.
The Murray Hill Tlieiitre will have
Manchester's "Cracker Jacks."
The Hon Ton Quit" will be at
Hurtlg and Seamon's.
At Miner's Eighth Avenue Theatre
will be the "Darlings of Paris. The at
traction at Miner's Theatre n the Bronx
III be "Hlah I If'- In Burltsqut
Spook Chased Frances Starr Around
As She Studied Dual Personality Role
tjwnjWrX)VW tjTXUTJxnjafrtj-tr- "
At Least, Actress Thought She Felt "Another Per
sonality" Following Her, After She Had
"Crammed" Books on Psychological
Phenomena in "Case of Becky.'
that Becky la no, Insane, hut merely 'JfJ .3rttta Mte.
the victim of an evil Influence. In aa Wttu 0o nny clgartUetl see
effort to prepare myself to do thla 1 1 QA po to MBr
read everything on the subject that I In gentle tones Miss Starr repeated
could find I gave up a whole aummer these speeches "by requett." They may
i this study a year ago A little sound a trifle harsh to you. but don't
to mis siuay s f Imagine for a moment that you could get
studio in which I spent mo. IH frEtim K.arr to say that llecky I. a
time at Dake George waa filled with
Imoks. all bearing upon the one euu
T would never do (or Misa FTancea StArr to slide down ttie banlattra a
her hotel aa she d cm in the play at the Belaaco Theatre, for the aim
pie reason that the lives on the sixteenth floor of the Plaza.
"I've reached my limit," she declared, pausing before a alndow fron
Which Central Park looked exadly like one of those wonderful maps 0
ilcvelopments" thai real estate dealer send you the moment you
The Olympic Theatre will offer
dinger Girls."
Lulu Glaser In a new operetta. "First
Love". 'Detective Keen.-' Cliff Qordon,
aad Wllla Holt Waktfltld will be fea
tures of the bill nt the Colonial.
At the Alliauibra will be Clark and
Hamilton In "A Wayward conceit,"
Mrs. Gardner Crane In "The Little Sun
beam." iiarreii and Conway In "Behind
the Scenes." and others.
Among; the attractions at the Hronx
Theatre Will bt "The Trained Nurse.
Kale Hanoi's and Sam Williams In "The
Hunter and the Hunttr-ess." Helle
Baker and Jessie Husl'-y in "Miss His."
The bill at Hartimtrtttln'l Will include
Kdna Ooodrleh In 'The Awakening of
Minerva." Julian Doro'l "M.v Lady's
Fan," Stuart Harnes and Hal Davis in
"The Money Getter."
Georgo lleban In The Story of t u
Hose" will head the bill at Proctor's
Fifth Avenue Theatre, where other
features will be Ullllc Reeves's new
pantomime, "A i.ess. in in Twnptranot,"
and Hart's Six steppers.
Of first Importance at Proctor's Fifty
eighth Street Theatre will be Walter
Perkins In "A Hi, front Clayvllle." Al
the Twenty-ih'.rd Streel Theatre "Lovt
IS the Su'.itir'js" Will he Hit thltf attri -
non. Lizzie ii. Raymond and Lids Mc
Nelll, tinging and daixinK comedians,
w-MI head the bill at the One Hundrtd
and Twentv-ilfth Htrett Theatre.
Ktlth s union Iquare Theatre w ill
have Lilian elhaw In Bharaottr anngy.
i 'rots and Josephine In ' sliming and
dancing specialty, the OhudWlck Tiio In
ror Sale Wiggins' Farm," aophyc
Damard In song", and .Hi ra
Ttie bill at the American Theatrt bill
Inoiuda Tog-i and Otnova, Whits and
uHson. Meyer Harris and company ,
Teddy Dupont. the Sis Original Mad
capt, and KolllnS and Kllftult,
gttgtl S' , -ir.. e.-ttsssart
I h-r hotel aa she d en in the play at the Ilelasco Theatre, for the slm Mfi'VS jiiliSj& rflM
rs I WT A? - -ejaar sbsjvt-tw
I 1fA IsV dW: ' SMt.f B
II ' BfeVtT rW - W m ' AJITV afeaffthW- sleTathl
Lti ioarr
nicely settled in a i-nur little
iptrtnent that DOinillMdl an un
restricted view of a maple Geo
Hint haa Inst all interest in life.
I dropped a i mpathetic remark
about the hard work involved in
Kcttini? a dual pcrbonallly over the
Flame s)t ""' don't wean that," Shi explained,
fta early tn-day to Set Ii1- breakfltt I with a smllt nOl t nt.rt-ly free from
btfore gtaytlng on a milk routti Chris-1 tuiploion. i mean 'i Boor i'n n
rviidlng twenty-three years old, I I iion't suppuso rn ever get beyond
of No-657 BUhteentll street. Brooklyn I tilt sixteenth. If only for my mother's
. ,.f ,..n n Ihi i;" stove, ,
i i ii i
lie. test the burners and w. nt back .
;l over and put out
bed. Th
tha as
An hour later Mrs. flUton, a ntlgllbor
uneiied fas snd .-.ivd MIc man Con-
mmmm Ii GUldtM and his Wife .1.
roand unconscious. Dr. sHr
tjafjaf Hospital, after an houi
dtttartd both out of danger.
In every letter she write when
I u ill travelling ahe asks, 'What floor
are you mi" The farther away from
the ground I get. the more shu worries.
Flowers In everv corner served as
fragrant reminders of ths triumph "f
Frances Starr In "The Case "f Bttkl "
I 'avid Bclasco. ui ha unc-f more assure ,
us on Tueadaj night, may Ws-ll be
"proud of this little girl." Ku. In Jus
tice to her artistic growth, Mr. Ilelasco
Should pull a new curtain sp h out of
his Interesting forelock. The fact Is
Miss Starr Is no longer tbt "liCtle girl"
whose dewy charm was Hist rtVtbltd
In "The Hose of the Itancho " In ' T ie
Easiest Way" she tuoli a decided step
out of short skirts, snd now In Tht
Case of Henky" the haa established
herself as a finished actress of re
inarkaole versatility.
I "But." Miss Starr protested, '1 feel
I I've simply bea n going to SOhOOl all
i this time and merely prepnilng myself
for possible graduation i if course, I've
had a very good teacher. All this will
eet. I read those books until i -
She finished the sentence with an up
ward flick of the fingers, as If to say,
"until 1 was almost out of mind."
"1 used to Imagine that another per-.mailt-,
was following me upstairs at
night." ens sdded with a nervous laugh.
Many a time I've glanced over my
bonldtr and shivered with fear. But,
by taking vigorous outdoor exercise I
very day I managed to keep fairly
normal. After a long horseback ride
I would read for a few hours and than
go for a swim Just to get away from
It all. I can laugh about It now, but I
it was no laughing matter then. Dr.
Prince's book, 'The Dlssoclttlon of a
personality," fascinated nie. I read of
all sorts of queer cases people with
two, three and even four personalities
The case of a woman who wuuld find
herself posing as Venus rather got
on my nerves. The Idea of waking up
some chilly morning to find myself pos
lajg on the washstand didn't appeal to'
me. But I read everything I could
get my hands on In order to bt 'posted'
on every phase of the ui. anny tubje.-t.
This helped me to feel reasonably sure
of myself last year, when I appeared
in the play in various cities. On ssv
cral occasions 1 appeared before clubs
and societies devoted to psychical re
search. These experltncne were a bit
trying, but I somehow managed to sur
vive them. One night after a perform
ance In Washington, when Mr. Helas -o
and I were In a reataurant, a mu
soma from a table at whl"h a woman
sat wepplng and asked Mr. Be-lasvo If
he would go ovor and speak to her.
He explained that the woman waa his
wife, that they bad been to see the
j.lay. and that 'The Case of Becky waa
Ilka that of their own daughter."
I waited hopefully for Miss Starr to
relate other strangs experlencet, but
had to be content with this one.
"1 got quite used to Becky In the
curs, of a venr." she aald. "but It was
an awful thing to be haunted for a
whole year by the fear of a New York
enlng. When I went aoruaa mis
.n'ii-ner I detrmlned to forget all about
Btoky-Mld I did. It sen-md a SSUOa
batter Plan to begin 'fresh' In New Y'.rk.
(or a'ler all ei.iy thing dtptndg upon a
New York vtrdlst. My greatest fenr on
the opening night was that 1 might not
be able to keep the two per tialltlee ab
solutely distinct The changes are ao
abrupt that It Is difficult to forget Dor
othy nnd remember only Becky almost
In the same Instant. However. I do not
find the change made In view of the 0U
dltnot so dUBeult as tht SOtOt In which
Beeky, who wants to live, reels herseir
1 ,i hed That, to me. Is the most try
ing, and nlso the most touching, moment
of the play It la only human that
Book should feel that the has the
i light to live. Aim alter an. sne is
noi vlr.ous. not ttaiiy nao. out meieiy
the victim of life as she knew It when
he travelled about the country, with
th,- bvonotltt and the 0700100 he oar-
lil.d with him. She la a tent-creature
she has lived In tenia nno sne apeaas
I i he '.aniruske ie leamea mere.
' A happy thought led mo to ask Miss
1 Siurr how she til about ' cussing - Iter
other self In the iday.
I nave no feeling In the matter, ba-
usa In 'cussing' Dorothy I forget all
haul my ether self," she explained
with a Qhetrfu! smile. "Ileeky may say
kil she likes of Dorothy for all
flowers that seemed to bt Irving . ' rttr."
touch the keys of ths piano at widen These are sme of the things Bookg
she nal been siti ng M v only nteorrtl I says
Sf re. Arnold Morler Dead.
LONDON, Oct. I. -Mrs. Elsie Morley.
wife of Hrltlsh ex-Poatmsster-Geneeal
Arnold Morley, an I formerly the wife f
Daniel It. in. on of New York, died of
pneumonia Thursday at her Dondon
house after four days' Illness.
WAmtlNOTON, Oct. R. -Falling In an
aeroplane from more than ?.V0 feet In
the air and escaping with only a few
scratchrs was the remarkable expert-1
ence of William Kahltske, a professions!
aviator for the Wright Company, at the i
army aviation school at College Park, j
Md., yesterday.
Kahttzke was attcmplng to complete
a two-hour endursn o test and had
flown thirty-four minutes when the en
gine Suddenly I top Ptd and the aero
began a rapid descent The machine
was completely demolished.
Resinol Soap a
real baby Soap
RESINOL Soop ia ahaolubate
fret from the harsh,
joriout alkali present inor
dinary soaps even in to-esJltd
"skin soaps " Resides, It OSt
toina tht) tame toothing, htalknaj,
anliaeptie htltama that novo
maris Soomol Ointment oo Stst
cessf ul in tha trootmont of shto
aff actions. That it why Rati not
ia tha ttfest baby soap and why
its rewular una will generally
prtvtsst all the diatreaaing rsskso
and chaflntn of nauynooa. o
for four both and toilat, too.
Trial tVetK
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seals tiissMss, ssma weaada
bu,la, il.llu aad plUa. Year
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wrlu DetL 7-A. Reeiaol Cbea. Ce.. Be.
tlrnere. Md.
with her Is thai she is too BttjdOtt,
After all sue nmv say on -.hat OOOrt,
IhON a no denying that It la Francs
Stair who, with her talent, her youth
and her charm, saws "Ths Case of
lb ky" from be aiming a downright
ploy of horror, .vnd no one, 1 am sure,
knowg this b. lt.-r than David Belasco
blmsslf, He undoubtedly reallm-a how
muvh Mlsa Starr means to the play
Instead of filing you with the honor
Of It. this actress, through her youth
ful appeal, sjohet you feel the. pity p
It. Of the difficulties of the dual rots
Miss Si i r sold
"It Is alwuss a delicate matter, 01
.sac's o dlrlv HIHr tMrf"
tlnl. hftw I kOlt teT r9
lafs crOtM OOOOl foit hoofc- hecause
Iiui I like ks ting as near the sky as
p ISSIUie. v 01 cieur .iai nri h i ,yin pay "
and In another and scu Westchester. I ,8HE'8TOO MODEST
Dke green things." WHOLE TROUBLE.
Ths room was filled with Uetn Her modest) was aa refreshing ts tl
1 help me to learn, purhsps. how to build
"My little boy bad a severe storatcli
trouble and cough He hail no appetite
and was very weak I he iluy lie com
mtOCtd taking l ather John's Medicine
his weight was Ad pounds. Now lie
WtigbS h' pound" His rough ' gone; he
lo.s ii i I aimetilc and he is able to ride
course, to deal with the mind that Is lj, pjeyclt ami ride horseback, anil says
not normal. To do this without brings DafetUoawtllnttvtr, I am very i bank
ing pain to many who ina see ih- ( q know thai there is such a grsnd
play i i of llrs consideration. Tha Una Medicine and would recommend it as a
between sanity and Insanity Is I bndy builder to e ery one who is suffer
elOOtly dtawn that tou Idng upon t jog from any weakness. (Signed) Mrs.
sins l at ' r ftr Mv i. A. UoOOWits Hlossburg, Tiofa Co..
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