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The Evening w orj dJD a ily Magazine, M,?.;.4j.jjL.,g c t o b c f 7, 19 12
. ! - t . ,7 r i ota i li
i'M.ttPT Prt?" 88 a m m & CXZXttZrzz) M M By C. M. Payne W
1j . . . . . ........ fi.-.r.f.r.rn - n n r n r n innnnn nnjs,, iiajm-ijvi nnrj j -T - - - st-st- -a-a- -satsttat m m - - e a. a. - - - ' i.-inrnj-j--j-r, - -i-ira .1 1
1 , i u . I r- r . I ' UwUAu.i.ti I . I f A, i 1 7 B
M H n r-.-r-.i MY-POP6IVES r- 1 my-p rr- 1 1 tell you what, -rnT Lal." au,k I rhattim lmTJT-nm l
jveooi OH-N-M mowpv to JJOE5 I ' zDO.DOE.5j SOY iYEALi5 ALL MY v. ' I a. 1 J T- MY rOT ni35c5
Lcp1-P . MONE1TO LvDm 6oS TO ( mv-pI ftnoT)DftlNT. fijftT Ik A4fe3 I Q0OlTS Yt OUT 1 t I OP My mama "fcv.
I r . " f I w w i v -.aa p Mrn W ; ' ' I r ,j , ,o r . I . . . . . . - - . ,.,iilat kD i m TWf id a i i t I A v I
ny -have ZJ Cl-J CaLBgaasSglggg livwiwSJ 1 ir-J ista' J
aiiaai i i i i i 3c i
You Can Be Your
Own Beauty Doctor
ly Anurt iiupont
III!;, bj Tin
dlffarMc :n ta mornin:-' mik tht Woman or Thirty $
' i i it Her f r i . i iO ill a dr
kid i irlcri tttmt ihylf ftmn
"I know it ! awfully criy fOf a jiH.'' voAllntt4 llNJy "bMl I u..ul lnt rosint
Turtnln nvor In Mh uNuit Id. party 1't ti!ht n-l to tr'l yil how perfectly
Vttdal every body a.l sou looked. Hilt p"rnap I'll better ito If you are nol
fJttlnt ( r ) a
I RPfe t I
I I ' 5 ... I I
t, ' J I
wv( m r.. ..u i i-'.oiiid cooahlfr that Jack had a ptrfeot riBht to oat M
"rnorn ni; in- ii cl 1 oBly In a hn'rrAe and Turklh !tppfr it 1 came to tilt taV-
i?ke t. it woman ihouM look aji protly at I o'clock In the tnorn'.nc at at
goMM in nk(kt" -
'V'li-.ii difference doen It m.ik.e"
"M ire than you think. It never pttvn to let any one. even the memher
at tie 1 i in., real to I it how WdCOUt one -an 1 oki A woman thouM always
1.011 an. I trim and attractive To main- the ho ne folks proud of one's looks Is
1'ie w it -i i n.l of admiration. Down Bouttti where I earn from, tiny tell the
PWMy of lha.dtareat, daintiest little lut'y vou rv.r raw. artiore liuelian.l was de-Mite-l
to h r tc'i n tiniiKh thry bad bttU nrirrle.l for ninny yeitr11. line n'ht he
ight b i home i treat bumm of roses and Hit took them OUt Into tbe kit -hen
10 tut inn In water wrn her old colored cook asked hofl
To put hand Mas you them p'ty do ft tea, .miv ?
"Xtt i jiiro It trttj toy kUtband,' said the little lady P'oi'dty.
"Qlory" egotalmod the oM colored vontan, 'lie tutttnly nm tioijiiiN"
rrt'T won
"N'o. 1 klMW )nt ns eertatnly ns If t Md seen her (hit ttltg little old lady
M twotl In ttle morning as nt inv other hour of the day, and perhaps
tr.vt fi t may hart had a little to 1 irttfc her huobattd't 'holding out so Watt.'"
Tl'.' Avtragt oirl looked tnottgktful,
"I auttpoaa tht kiinoM t a May habit.
low thlflltta it was to alounh nrnund In I
"Bock up. Potty! To-morrow Is
, .law ....n.t 1.1ft,. I .hft'.
ni,,.. ... I "..J, RW ......
Ur. "titltt of tfflytg nd niarrlr.l women
tao. t ir in are Juat M care-
li ne. si.i'p. i,i-i n i-e liioy nu IIVI .o.
In il .n ll l 6mct:me a little hard
Tor i kilty oomin with two or three
IWltdllll to k"i-p borgOll nice looking
when perhapt the p. aid of all work h
taken keratll orr, and the baker forgetj
lo deliver the roll' for breakfast, and
j mj ia aurn tho tgtll are etuis and
Jchrtr i bowline; oocauao i cui mi
i.nger with Ms fa'.hi r'e roior and the
'.ah., is i r in,-, principally because he
iV. Vi r et i good opnortunlfy go by an I
CVfiythlntT Ii ur-y turvy.
"Hut oven In tuoh an awful stiti' of
alfalrs u ili!J It won't take ten minutes
more to brush the hair properly and
put on n neat bouae dretg then It will to
a: op around In a frowty kimono. And
if I know nnthln 1 know th's, that a
.! ' .t nr nn untidy house long cetor-
2t5ieveiled appearansa"
"I hav- nlwnvs heard." said the QtH,
heart It - t-i hta et.wnach."
"That tuny be tho way to his heart," tnM tht W man, "but If yo i want tn
koep him attttltlvt you have got to please hit eye"
The Day's Good Stories
' As Soon as Possible
,AN .tatgat t sates fttsi tat Isul
.;h a iiirinte t t"'ii It In
tire. re nettht, auttrtltg I a lot
, sis iu'.'.' 1 1' I'aJvl' 1
geatl f
'A'M M ... .
'r.Zf , 1,.,.. t.l an a -Met.t with It." i
-i,S . . '1
,tsmt t 1
USl': an
th. LMOft
v.jr": '
t ail '-.'1 ' r nil anl It tSl Into
1 ag aid hare brmglrt at beffire."
- . inor, I btJiiglit It aa aoco
on lill-i "1" tl fetterda)."
rtlllilll' lU'NBI. aniai. saa isis.ng at
iriri.-r In ' aisrat n' u,i. .
fnbi. I and lanat sort f l'i-.t.ng m ' ,
Bjainisrstg lytv
".igu!i Bt!b ito isirrt in. - i
Wi'i-v " miiI Mr, llenr.. "oat .lay ta n osdUlr,
fa, is men laimtersd through tha BJrUlftoa 1
A -sde tslslns art,
n it u ii WhlatlW,' said fstghbtn. '
jsafa r jr sort eo diufh. ao eketehyl tty daar (
Nlhlelrr . i .1 . ! u ne r fial ahl' I
-erhiallrr reset bla Hats Into hia ea and
tart' a fieudiali laugh.
Lallhtoa,' ha aall 'wlrr !j ftn I
,ir otas
' ele- linlin!' "
Waa ii.fton Star.
He Was Scared.
SflKltK inrl I- he a snrrlTT in s lirsan ainut-
.... ... .
la n 09 lot J io vetsi nt e'1 "r ni trs-,.
aa.1 dltlta tit tirte ntrb iMurdcrtra. moon-
. .. tint its lutteaae " ,"f
Ia the countj jail, and fft who nnor earned a
to ,rr tur aaod a UgU -l licmia m ua int.
, g gad t tvrwf baad, t brtrg trait tad a ttulltr.
i b'liin 1(!nuno Willi thrtt or four
hfr untidy hair.
"There's nothlnK the mitler wllh
me," talil the Average Oirl, In auriirlae.
"Wht nu'le you think there ?'
'Why, I naturally thought from
your kimono arM your hlr that you did
not feel i o to drooa"
The lf iMMkOd. "It that nil? I
acarctly OTOf dri'Hi until lunch time
unlen i m noltiv somewhere."
"Ton dofl'1 mo.m to te:i me that you
have :he NKHV1C to ii) lo:i to brenk
fast In that gtllp?',
Tii- tllrl noddiil.
".lo'i couldn't have been In It for pa
tbnee with your family." remarked tha
Woman with dlmpproval !ti her glanet,
"I rertly bollova that my huaoand would
cet . divorce If 1 should be rs"h enotn'.i
to poor hi" coffee any morning, dremcd
like that."
..v.,. .lni,.M r, f.i,n too 111 to
1 ehe soldi "but 1 never realised nuite
until Ihit moment. '
Jghand win torgiVt an occasional bad
,i rorgers luur tiuniiird hair ami your 1
demurely, "tbst the way to a man's
Weren't jou erer afrat 1
1 una day.
nree one gated I
w-stli, I lie esee i r,i t : rat
v :! Itetft," ha adsaitled slowly, " khetrd k
'si I'-t'rrirlns. 1 g 1. barber, wii gangs 'I darfl 1 .
iii r.iii leptoplt ui,. an' 1 e-ctle'lglsd t
in 1, , 11 ug,, ,11. arm. inn
, -" toot I" a-at's shop, 1. set I
' n 1 an. nt nie w r.i, a r-ra .r 111
An thru I a)tg 1 stir t t-ti.. rabla sell
1 aar, rr
' ' : 111 7011 -1 :
HWoVeNI.M M l t fll.1 Ihlrtff. pil 'lTlgJ
I I th tutf.itfullr Into iht laurl boi trnia th ltoff.
"I run m.. t-c-Bkttprt tbt 1 t l-tk 'rui h- u ij
i The Poor Trout.
a WKM. KNOWN lr.ah asgte' i.a
A IV Kid. KNOWS lr.ah aagtrr ua' In dial
t-,,,,1,1,. Mr la an anrti.ir.lv
, seaSgtl He Is
troot 11 Mng, Itetl JJara-e.. tad all th
"trouty." Tka o;lirr dar eiaietmdy am! btiu at
f,ne g bee trout as . had asr se. a.
u :., aut, aJDirel. e.sel. eaten and toted
U it tha uv.'trallet la n' t.-t aoraesSat ion .n i
inj a Inter ha has NOggtlll raeelted h.es the
uma ; a- ,iw iui, flie U-tet reads st j
"nr Sl-I tret too a trs 1aja af a laria
brotrn trot 1 1 wilt you kin.Iiy c'ulgr tit hating aame
ssaaUned and anelrrttt and bt ma kirns aa ag m
I aa uoaa.i'le what tl dlel fasts I" dptlltln Tirtu.
Naughty !
Willi the null. r. dttl
gjothffl of g sauli sir
ditetoervd eriiBf ,n
earrttl" a -K I t!
1 sru nai una
erwl snlag In I ball
"scneftug awf J's bsiipensnl ; er
Will what la It, ascetu-aru
ind trjktl
t .att (be iat- J,"- Li.; . .. a.
I - uay-twaypcj !4 : g S h e n a n d oa h M
He 50ME
m kcM J.frk lamjtm
MT llllfl KVB$Tll(grATIK!(& lfsss Jr
tQr 40la " 1 cowMwyga j1' T
" Sie?
Taryi- 1- raaxflVWaVl ran sftVV-sr ttsssataassBaakse
Domestic Dialogues, j
by Aim Woodward j
Jg ttvv'-. v iti i,nw j..tt t tust x Wf w ortnt" st'M'si nrMsJr-Jkt s'UXa-,iai ij-u-UiiiAys-rx tsf wif-s-josTti J
r.iirjTlff'it, Ifll by Tlir rrn Pub
'I ' .lirleg nnm.
1 i4nden& . mbtag leup Mr, Oltt a
'.n sne giant -
R, i. iloudlyl- St.y 'naltlnij
tbst nnleel
Mrt O. imlldlyl- Whn?
Mr. 1 1 Wlllbini. Qreut
1 glint) can't you even httl
Imt Xo wonder you don't ttaok that
gild t 1 nt properly!
Wllllt (triumphantly) ain't eelln'.
a. I ni dl Inkin' !
Mr. (i ( iras lbl 1 -Don't ou .lare to
:!. at niOi young mm!
Mrt, i (aaftly)- But you ark tup-
' Mr. !. (traiipexl) 1 don': give a- a
snip ot my lingers what you're tTP
m isi-:ii to mo:
Mrs (qulotly) W Tiat't
you, Henry? I never knew
pi ovokod
you to be
so particular before.
Mr. il Particular, madam? Well, let
me tell o'.i that SOMK ONE' I got t"
take a band tn the training of this
id! Do you think I'd take him OUl
to dinner anywhere? No, sir' I'd be
morl led to death to have any ol MTl
friends see him eat. lie eats like a
HI,,, a.
Mrs. O. ilnterrup'lng) Ak a smsl. 1
DOS Who's liungry
1 - ..t llir '1 ttnOt 'La
ti -I hnngl on 1 lie net .
..... i... Mrs. lima I
ne!1 remerea tha
site, NI r. Iltsst
u wlllle'l nest ;
Mr. il - Why ate you tutting hit
i., it? Il-'s big enough 10 cut big ov, n
n ir. What do you want to do? Muk.
a iiKorbtu motlyeoddit out of him?
Mrs. O. (resentfully! I can't cut t
small gnough. Ile'g gett.ng hlg second
tooth and It burtt him to chew.
U ilrer ti gplttttllt sad ktOgl fgSUOtSwS, Willis'
tiin Ui aat nen mialt 1
Mrs. O. (gently) Don't put so much j
b itter on such a little piece of potato,
Wllllt dear.
Mr. O, (quickly) WkP not? Why
ahouldn't ha eat all the butter flol
i wants"
I Mrs. !.- HeCaUat Ito.al butter Is very '
expensho Just now and 1 have trouble
nnOUgh a It la to mgkt my tablu g).
lotfaftod do.
Mr. O. (without a moment't hesita
tion) Well, then we'il economize on
something else. Wc won't go to the ,
theatre any more' H itter la good for
the child. He ought to eat It. I don't i
BOmpUIn of WHAT he eats It's the
way i.e eats III Look t hint! Look
him, Mt'.ng. gotuall
. . . . .... ....
PIOCOO OH 01 mat potato gal g a ii l on nis
fork! Now, whom did be ever seo do
that? Who eats with him at lulled,
when I'm no4 btrt?
:Sf i
- f BET
nt Co. The Xes v. rk World),
Mrs. .). 1 rising Iridignantlyi-
larg you! i cut grUh him at lunch.
Willie beirb,. In lose tie StSSgSj )
Mr. il And you've seen him do that
bofoft anil hgvon't corrected him?
iir. d, tlndtilenllyj Its llket to
pretend It's n appl- li- doesn't like
pott toes,
Mr. (i. Si.? There on go again!
What right ban a Child got to like or
dislike ertaln foodaT Ho thould ne
brought ii to eat everything that'a
pul before hint, That's the way I was
trough) up. Yea, sli !
Wlllte (woolly) An' yuk got a p ink
stomach now, ain't yub. Pa?
Mr. O. 1. it white beau -William, leave
the table'
Mr 1; Oh, Papal we're going to
hav- apple pie and WMlle loves It so'
Mr. ' !. liRnoi ing tht pita) William,
leave the table!
'Fire sehsjaga latf Mm lirifii IWIIfgltl Vfl lr
a bleeg nf pia 1
Willis (whltperlng) lay, Ma, dldn' r
My If you tor him I wua bad during
tht day he'd make nt rat dinner in the
Urt, a (Jtdly) h'. I, dear; he did.
Willie- flay, Ma. do mt a lavor? Tell
'Pa I bin a reg'lar devil every nlgbt
wnen ne comes home, wi.i yun, afhT
S CxFKW BECAUSE LAURA, SAlO TO A- m&v7 Kv tleniv iviicli
RiitJ amo t said YE6 But tmm h HWSzSs j rwM gw; f
"A 1 . " ' ww r-t r t n II It I
o i -lt . x w.. zr. -v-. "uj ri comes t i m
A IP(gCN?lT et
' ','.'!.' milt, ht The Pint riiiiiiiug Os
HUI lVkiy dodl siinnkliny make
itrgi tt cootdrf
SV.!-'hy art IWO plumb line$
ntvtr abiolufgliy parallel f
SOU Whft 00 '"!"' lint earth
irnnl tn ramie uenlherf
'!', - lt'i i io. s niiiii MflJ lOOhff
in h' l nntrr thait g roltl VCttiCrt
SOSWhy 'ire natoral na'crg
never wholly jinret
TKCIE q.nstloris will be answered
Wednesday. Here are rtpUtl to
M (What's the dlfforOBM between an
atom and a molecule?) ?Aa imalb '
particle, of mutt.r is Oglltd a "moles
-ule." When this mnl. lule . divided
..,....... i. ..i
. , i vtaassesaaww . , n
; ani-n compose ;t i ntte are ill i
1 "u'.otns
HI (Why . ti a .at. J.'tw .i ..e
Dec, i me-r. at, atr
AAC aOR Vnn CrtiklA s-....uv
"W "'11- w ww. lUNIvni
THB eJle,T gv uaa a. a.. .reft f I
t LartV iMbean . uac J Tm f HERE "N.
Cheer Up,
by Clarence
eaaaneaa a a - - , nnjirirxjuir-i-nr
"PTrlght. ltlt. w Tea I'r. . PnMlablag Cm (The He Tort Worldi.
11IT n-rr Is So Happy as when
Keleuatlng Its Victims to the
"or Idea of the
H'-lght of Hopeful,
nesa Is to Kit IUU
and Rxpect rluc
ess to be Solicit
ous about ua!
Trnuhlr rgn'l
Rrnnit hit Trait
mark on the ilan
a ho Hhunt Temp-
inlinn !
When a Man be-
Harpies' Pootrtni
gins to (lelieve
that Ifapptnegt
he's Through!
Will b-thr-Wlsp
The Mot Pallid Word is
and tht Meinest Is Maybe
Postponing the Problem Is only Itoll
Ing the Mlttry Out a Little Thinner!
"Ktghllng with your Ms -k to th
wall is a sonorous Sounding Phrase
ma Ntw i s-t WmMi.
water In a river than In the ocean?-
The gpr-ific gravity of gait water Is
rr..lr Ikes Hot nt SsaS ta.
vessel's hull does not sink so dcp:v
Into It ror like reason, II Is easier for
a trimmer to keep afloat In salt water
than in freoh,
1 i Mow much more would a man
weigh on Ibe sun than on tlti eaitb ")
A man Wglghlng .'IT pouOdl on earth
WOUld Weigh more than three tons
were lo
the sin, for the for,.,, til
tie sun's snrf i e Is twenty-
eight tlm-a greater thun tho gravity ,,n
the earth.
''.-'i til ..t Id th wtrd "thrmMe" orlac
Inate'.') rambles wart originally worn
ni th- t , on this and from their
haps Ihey were kn twn ,as "thumb
li-rhlmttle" Is a "ornptlon of
III imh boH."
i.isi (What ggugot tiilstg")Mlats are
.nwe.l by eurronlt of air from tho
water that one In contact with toldtr
laad gtirrenta
H sses LasW edgL.
w I
0 )JM V S . ) ()
L. Luuen.
ssassji -- - ssaaaj
But thre'e ntvtr the Least Parti
fun In It!
Another Perfe-lly Hood Time
come Reflective Is when We can't Just
Remember some of the Things Oft Said
the Night BtfOrtl
Dome of us Keep a llttlt Wet HUnket
called "rlelf. Doubt ' which we are I'm
ever throwing over ' 'pportutilty
To br DUe9Urne 1$ a td mnhahle
, .
liafOflkltd, .( to MKOW Othert
it a Oftmel
rw mi ,,auii i..,.r j, r..i,r
Mtn'g Mental Paltte to be Described bl
tho Women Folk as
hawming" he's
w-'ve never
Mel en with .1 Mm
wllh a Hern li mple In bis ibln who
didn't Hesplae anl He -line to Act
to If
1h- Time to Let Out Am, It er I. mil
it u at git yotiVo Workinn Overtime
t"imn to Convince Tounelf thai
you're Doing your zi'ii'
1 The Prlte I
I actus Its "Kn i :
If Mi l MI ST m - the Mt I Id
II for your Triumphs snl Keep
Troubles Dark
, . e
- ir
Troubles Dark!
The Boss frankly AegMWltdgtg "nt
he's Annul SSUasaaaath -llh il.a lOSBBbtvaS
who Permits himself to o I'.it -t. tht
1 lefrnslve!
('.-.it. 'hea mi
Know of:
line, Illy" N,
any Kg-hsr
Yesterday we Met the Cbronl Dm
at the Little Did Rod ohOOlhOUgd bat
we Attended - and : wis On IP"
t ttpeiid the Win er on IkO Milt
The only
Pumps !
it imptlouineii it
A Plltkf II
Tommy'i Uammi Why t i a
good little hoy like Willie lljones '
Ttunm) Huh' H's easy enough fof
blni to be good. H' s - rk HI II of the
Umo."-sludge'g .'. rtry.
n M.rsi . up i'Ki. i.iumii cuarncwa
. nentreea aa tee
I tMi Ann
S ilw .i.,i ri H.te irsrtniae
.;-.-., girl ...ririisi urotber
i.f '.sin.
iiiirate Aner
I n l ! Oa -rj Wiel aieler. MaUellee. sn.
I.rnll, i.. fuffnitr g 11,1,4.1. le a I an.a
m ' nt., . . r.. viiit) msineii a oii
" wH ati-l wire has li"WTt4
I - .i. br e f 1 sail ftTOftiaao.
eg sr. I
, nnlri luinis. ha snb-lftil. IVsat.
I to aieege an luaitlt la rn.ing 1m. Harrflll. flgl.ia
a duel mv.n Mwaid i'tk.rDUra, ft OBeAdatate
,. rS.ll wftr Bl 11a
tn-tflii. tl ehM thterftsi ivtitsrlng sim4 ika
r.irenn.Niii Tiiies and the eenin'a enrnw to
li.tel llis talley ftffalaA Ilia t sin for-sa.
'.VTIM I'.tl I
In the Valley.
Mtl.V In January. Mas. Capt
Klllntasm wrote to hlg sister
In itlchmond: "We bars only
tggaftJgigtg as to our destina
tion, (len. Jackson keeps his
lewteta so well aa to deeelvs not only
Ibe enemy but ourselves."
WTthOsI losing any time, Jackton ntw
set out with Aerosr energy than ever
. to surprise tho I'ederal garrison under
i Oen. Kelly at t'.oniney. The weather
was fearful, even for ordinary travel.
to say nothing of forced military move
ments. Men and horseg fell on tho Icy
roads, their guns going off all along the
llne, the knees and mutates of the anl-
mole lscerated, the men limping along,
leaving trails of Wood on the froten
snow. The march wag eomparakle lo
Napoleon's pdbsage of the Alpo-and not
alone In Itg hsrdshlps, but llkewlge In
II. results ror before the drat ef
February. Otn. Kelly had evtcuated
Itoninev. and for the moment there waa
ho Federal force lert In the entire low
er valley.
With the opening of spring, four Ted-
eral armies undsr Fremont. Banks,
McDowell and McOlrlJen respectively
were ready to close tn upon Richmond,
Fremont and Dankt, in the north aad
west, expected to unite their for -ee and
drive Jackson up the valley, cutting the
I CODTSdsratt eommiinb'atlons. and then
sweeping down upon Itlchmond from the
mountains, while M.-Clel!an marched up
the Peninsula between the .lames and
York WVtrs, and M 'Howell a.lyanced
from Frederb keliurg.
Kailv In u.ir, . Stonewall Jaekaun
was bark In Win heater, wllh Banka
an I aa augmented I'ederal for-e at hlg
heels on the north, mid Shields with tn-
oilier army reported at Strtsburg, to
Iks southward.
Here Hub Klllngham nrst made the
I acquaintance of I'ol. Aghtiy, eontmsmd-
I ing Jackson's cavalry a wondrous cav-
alier from I'sunuler ronnty. mounted
on a mllk-whltt blooded horse, tha most
.dashing ruler In the whole tNate of
,' Virginia, and as a leader or partisans
1 destlasd soon to rank among the fore-
most of his temporal Ire Ashi..'
I looked like a Moor and had the ehtval-
rout SOUl o' Hs adln.
II,.,. saeunk Rhhlda near Woodefnek.
iomg forty miles up the Pike, gn I on
' March ttUefced hlm-nt Kernetown-
.ml renulsiil This waa one of the
Ju Z!Mln
M, eampglgn and the rurlont impulas
i S sa ., , asli i
' OT niS rr"" llll,l ."ll",.- , I '.Il.rrr.
. : ....... ..... ... v.i
sfiir nnnle ii a costly victory for hui
opponent. A frinry salted "Obi Btone.
ariill'1 end h's men. and mtde litem In-
. !,. i,,. Irresistible. The llmltlett re-
lourott of Ibe now thoroughly aroused
Wathlngton governnstrt were brought
" bear in emne-i upon tnis noin retie
I tftlOtO 'Hev was alive with
.1- hlng and ' Itjntl r-marchlng, ad-
i .it nt anu r-ir'tnn nrmieg. ja a
, ,s desperate r ime wag to pteaont a
mens i g front i several directions at
i"e await ng reinforcements
(eded. i ! Hanks csme over
from ManagogOt be. upon his destrue.
. v "i- tso;. i To Blanker, on his
v . with tnieti m- i to join rYtinont,
lg InrtrnetOd to rt-port to Mm at ne
r I .1 tcks.oi up thr valle;. Jack-
a , si lod nt bo al HwiTl Run Oap li
t llun nilge Mountains. With Hie
I i i Hlv r li. Ills front and Ins
Hanks grotto tad ky the fgotklili Swell,
w.ih a ...uidy CagftdOltJtt for-e. was
bo- ' awav, but on the other e-!e .f
i:. . ..,.i na In Ja-kton'o roar, at ijor-
I II I tight OhVOO, Jackson soiled upon
1' I ' fllomond to re'nf.ifcr hlol
'. aai un-n. la i t not spare
any fi .tt. t defense o' Richmond, but
hll -' i that
.I sttk Hen
union might he ef-
I'M ward Johnson and
i ti .ops a' igtltHon. i. we. i was
saps led to inoto eastward aulnat Mi-
I towel I literal trMy at Fredericks-
, ...i Ueanwhllg Bonkt, with hlg large
... as watohlng Oon Kdward Jok'
, llarrllnbutg I Bo Federal
i.rnerala Mllnty and lokonot had
moved up west of the mountalngt In
frot.t of Johnson, awaiting the arrlvaj
,,' Fremont from the north
was now the tnd of April, and
gtonowoll Ja'kson gtarted In to di
the theoretically Imooesthle. Bvading
Bonkt al Harrlaonburg, be moved witii
' tdl lit e . ft nets In Htauntnn, Joined
fan with Johnt n't, and osftottd
M,.r.,v m4 aiMttk at ..n.. foil blow.
1 Tide great atlvantag bad to he fol-
; ,,.. up, so K'gl! uiarclie l OVtr lull
tn4 valley from (i.irdonsvlil..', 'otupei-
. g tJankt to foU buck tu dtratburg.
Me if dleooeed or the two Ke.lor.il
coiiKueuidere, Je em, wllh leU, aow
liol-lihiiM it tn e'ront flovai. wliere the
. . . .
norm oa luuin turiu, 01 nm oi-h
dunn Hlver inute, at the northern ami
of the Maeaanuti-n ridge.
Tha etunnlng euceeee of Jarkaon at
Front Royal and etiheesraeatly at
i reiee Keya and Port Revuklle en the
Hkenand.rah were aelileeed Oy a elan
ling) eerlee of inanoeuvrea Utile uuder
etood by the world at the time, aave
that In a general way they meant
that he "held one commander at arm
length, while he hammered the other "
"I have aeon grand old Jack rat
tled, for once," Capt. KUingham wrote
hie titter, from I rent Hoyal. "We
were opposite I'ort Republic, and Mat
itenerel, with a part of hie ataff. had
croaaed over the bridge Into the town
when the enemy appeared In forer.
with the evident design of attacking
the tnem, deatroytng tho bridge over
the Shenandoah, and thua cutting off
our army and getting In our rear.
Jnrkenn tent aome hurried ordrra to
Taliaferro aad Winder for the de-
feme of the bridge, but before these
could be eaecuted the advance red
era I batteries had opened Are, and
their cavalry, emaalag the ftoulh
River, had swept Into the town aad
taken position at the southern en-
trance to tho bridge.
"You eee, the Oeneral had not rt-
eroeaed the river and so hs waa com-
pletely cut of?, and We didn't know l
They do tay he met the emer.
irenor wtttt tht moot audtctoue dm
ry nerve and presence of IM
,h twer heard of aotually rede
toward the bridge, and. rising in hit
etlrnipo. called out to the federal of-
fleer commanding tha artillery: 'Who
ordered you to poet that gun then
sir? Bring It over here." It fooled
them long enough to enable Jackenn
to put spurs la his horse and dagh
on to the bridge at full gallop.
"Three hasty shots followed him. hut
they flew harmless over hta head, tnd
he retched our qutrters on the northern
hsnk tn safety. And was he rattl'd1
Well, at the moment of the scare. I es v
voting Brth I.ee ryonngeet ton of Oe-
l.r- you know, who le only fifteen and
left the university to Join the gtonewall
Brigade at a private;, going down 10
the bank of tht stream to fetch on
some water Ite bed the big camo
kettie slung over his shoulder, and 1
, ,.... the Oeneral !n hlg endtemont
thought II wag a Jlrimi. for tt fit net--
shouted out tn Bob:
ifSj, thtre, drummer, beat the long
Thai was s -lose shave, dear die. But
j helleve -and so do we all that our
ntnnaiwall .Ia kson lives a charmed life.
erhtle ht has this Job of clearing th-
Vslley to perform, and nothing can slip
him Ho von know what the Tanka
rail MM The 'uhlqoltniie Pregbyterltn '
it seems like a wild dream, as I lool;
back upon what It is. happened since you
and T pirted st Richmond. Our gres'
commsnder. whom we were rather !n-
cllned to poke fun st In the beginning
gnd whose recklessness many distrusted
I ' KM while after that, has hewlert ov.,
the Federal ce'nmanders as fast at th-y
SuUJ b. hurM agaliut hhit-kU-Ju
'""",';' Wlstot. Ml:roy. with eubo. dtp
nalre ka Ulenker. Slgel. Stelnwehr A.r
. u
other ab e so dlers defegted tnd the
whole npiirr vslley regulned.
"Whv. think of it: In three months
he -mac I say WR?-liave marched.
1 suppose, six hundred miles, fought
four pitched battles and seven mln o
engagements, to ay nothing of Msg
regular alallv eklratlakea. And we
have defeated four artnlea, captured
sjovoa plces ,.f artillery, moon stand
of arms. 100(1 prisoners and any
amount of stores, besides fabutour
sums Its I hear) of cash monty.
What our adversaries' losses In
killed nnd wounded foot uo I don't
know, but thev could not have been
small, ours were leas, romparatlvels.
but oh. Gertrude, we have lost ot.
Uhb) He fell In a moment of trt
gntph, and his last words were 'Vt
glnlono, i htrge" 1 am guts hie nam
will alwnya be remembered and hon
ore I by Hie peple of Virginia
"He waa not a Preabv tartan, like
Old Jack, but he was devout and child
like In hie religious faith, and a regu
;ar attendant at the services of tha
Fpltcopel Church, which waa the
church of his ancestors He may have
kept himself a bit aloof from the vul
gar camp fun or moments of abandon
ment. though no man was more frank
arm guy ew lej isge es
. . .. . ....,. ... to .
is it era srs it aaaswra
trtide. In spits of all our surcessee. l
wish this nightmare of civil war were
over, and well over but who can tell
now when v, n ahall be out of the
Washington, remembering Bull Run,
hud nervoug prostration whenever
Ktonswall Jackson was reported In ac
tion anywhere within a hundred miles
of the Potomac. For this reason, It Is
prohgbly historic truth to gay that
Htonrwat! Jackson saved Richmond to
the Confederates In let! -In the Brat
place by diverting 3doi)oweirg grmy to
tho Valley. In the scent place by
marching freeh from hta own victories
In that same Valley to Join Lee In the
s,vc:i Dgya1 Battles around the Con
federate capital.
(To Do Continued.!

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