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Th tali u MAnt know Mai
under thla or inr other alia. H se
cured Mr. Me-Intrr that he bad eeeer
Iwn In trouble wtrh tbe police.
Mr Matatrr tSkaa e maraier lend
bearing af the cemetery man so w!l
that ha haM a brW corfereaee er him
with BerVer. The defendant gi! h's
lawyer to aak afeKwln tr ka knew rha
ape rial paHaMflMI assigned ta the "erae
tary. Mr Karon smaw Mm, bnt eM no'
know ' tha aan wan aaslgned th- by
Insp.itar Nat V iselltbisrawr.
WrlrVaMtr erry mm who trafT erer hiT
earthing to do with Krhmlttiecgr
a persona non grata aith the SasaSsa.
Berause M.-Bwn kasrw that Woe!.rn
remoter v pallreman ha wse anaBajgod
far bnp l ed Mai Tha Cmirt jWlaJ
te otialtenoje and Mr. Mrlntyro rtial
lengeit paramptorDr.
Than earn John Klllatl of Jta. KM
Ikini avenue. eusri(itnrlent or rna
ee.:n l.aller department or ttia ridel 1 a. VJJJ " I""111 " maaa
Ity raaualtv Tnauranre Company. rm of titm '
Mr. Whitman draw frum Elliott that a. J
waa an InUmata friend of Assistant On- HiindTad and r r-y-drat atraat. am
PlatrlofAttariiaT MnrahalU and Jao kwd by a hi fktMna Simr"r, h !
that ha h, formed a aron opinion aa, raad a U.t about Ih 1 1 erkar trial ao.l
ta trta aollt or Iruioranra of l.laitt. , haH a naaa--opPi..m or tha aa-euaaa -ul.t
lierki r The taleaman waa eiruaed Kormar AMlaMflt Klatrlrf-Attom, ..
when Mr MaTntyre fcfO hi out that fiay.l rywer ratlaral Mr. Malntrru Ol
ba would raa,ulra atraaa proof to ,n- aha Job) af arUIInf talc amaa.
Gangsters Are
Of Court as
With the corrtdora of tha Criminal
Courta BiUldla aarerrua, with awarma of
aatatara and a hiuj of amforaTad do
llcemen nht1r bark a clamoring mob
of rurloaa Biaa and wimean fraaa t
doorf of the Criminal ftranch of the Su
preme foun Llewtariaat of Patlre
Charlr! Ilrrker waa railed to tha bar to
day to be tried feir the murder af Bar
man RoaMKfceJ on rha momlnr af Ja'y
ID Ian
The arliml proceedias waa dalayed
aaveral houra while Jwatlee OaB aalectad
a Special Irand Jury which la to con
dart a aide mveatleatfnn of tfre Rnaaae
thril raae during tha proerreaa of the
Becker trial. Thla manna tha Mh 'pa
lam." the Invlalbla tnaohlpery of the Po
Daa Dermrtmerit. la to ba inraariaMed
almultanrnualy In tha trial room and
the Uraa Jury raooa, Notalaa of tke
aort ha aear bam attempted In thla
eountrv. hut never before waa a New
York r"llce offlcar trued far erdVrmg and !
tanning the murder of a man who had f
h.n Ibaaal.al.,. , tb. black- I
w - a ;
lllelftlr.ajf 51ft had Of Oflflaatl 1TT teVfllVI'I.
Aa the varloua forcee who are ta con
duct the proaevutlon and handle t a Je
fenae of rierber beran to aaaembte in
Jueilce OodTr raurt roam a wkta earl-
ance of opinion waa expraaard cuncern-, hae ihla (Irand Jury fnke up lt brob
Ing what affect gangater Belir mnrdar u'irU Be ltar trial la In full
might bar. .paw Barken chaa.ee ta aa- e-Ing and when Ujg IftMajajjUj kbjkja Si
cape the death chair. Mr. Whitman
charged that the laying of "Wg Jack
waa a blow to flat paaptoe raae. Joha
F. Mclntyre, chief of tba enaeaad Uea
tanant'e rounael, waa equally emphatic
ta declaring that (tie aaurder bad) enei
hileted an Maiortant altoigg tot aba de
fenae. Zallg. aald Melntyfab would have
een.ra thai Backer had aeker rnaatreweJ
to htm Ute daalra to heaea n aaarbal ah t
to death. Cells would atao have aldd
"Lefty Iorrla" and "Oyp lba Brood" tn
eetaMtohlgej aa aMM.
The I ilitrlct-Attorney'a Ida of tka
Erltg tragedy waa prectaety oppoalte the
Molntyre view on all polnta.
By tba lime Jeatlaa Oadt tnaMr
opt-ned court Captain Ttorney of the '
beto meat atatton and Uewtreant
fy at tba Teraba lovrt SMBSS baa
Jiadgad back the atruggllng tbrunga who
fougbt ta gam adrnterr-n to tba trial
room A dozen unttormrd ni.ia pre
aeatea a barrlai to uioak tha ruah. and
half a doaan mora men kept the erowda
on the hurry and forced them down
the Centre afreet atapa,
Tha can i aa af eeary atiartav af Uraatae
New Varrk had poured their ejuetni bate
the Criminal Oitirtl Building aaveral
houra before tha tame eat far the eipenlna
of tue logal (rattle (or llecker'a life.
There ware icorea of thlck-nacked and
nar-noerd run fa of the "rrego F"rnk"
type glklkair throuth the dtaay cor-
tidura or KUpplita ha atlrat grarupa .at i
etrpty courtrooma when ('apt Tlerney
and hla men arrived. A few plalndoihra ,
men were detailed to ah oo thuee un
dV.l: ai : oat of Ibe hutUtag gad tt only
awaded a grail wuiaoer ba ahoa Ibcoa.
Of cnureu, there waa a aprlukllng bl
the better drilled and mora ragfgrl table
appeal tag gaainan. who ifkt not mora
ojr and who were nut moleatad au lorig
ae they remained, aloof frura tba partita
of the court-room. No peraon without
apedal authority got within a doxen
jarda af tba entrance, and aa an ea
ample af hew atrwtly the poUra guarda
were obeying ordera Juetlce Guff him
self had to give the counteralgn and
prove hla Identity before he could get
ta hla loart-raora.
The Judge waa 1:U4 up at the toot af
: jm i. airway leading up ta hla ebambera
by a brand new policeman from BUaa
beth atreat eta Ilea
"sorry " aaJd baa big yeuogeter tn
uauform, "bag paa oaa't go op Ordara
are ta keep tba near clear af every
body." "Bat I am Mr. Ooff," aald the white
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Makers of H O. force. id Pretlq
1 Hour
rinse him af tha Innanea of tha ae-
Wilfred Q. Johnston of Wa. M Jack
aon avanna, tha Unmx, waa tha fifth
talraman railed Ttlll vomit man !a
aurVarwt fraiti an opinion baaa1 on tha
reading of Mwapipar. Mr. Whitman
ma willing to hftva IMTn. opinion or no
"Pinion. Mr. M -In yre Interr. ogaf a
challenge for actual hla. ovr: tul.-t
Than Mr. Motnlrrg challenged f t lav
Piled bias; ilk w a orerniled Coal
longed for not hiring proper n i 1 1 i
t ona to aervo aa a juror. Tha Court
wouldn't lat tha c haltenge Stana and
th dfao ww r-nrtettevT to noe rh
aar-ond of rta sOongm i of thirty pay
amp wry ermllrnee.
Th sixth talesman. John V. .Mi-cart
of No. mo Wan Oso Handrad and Fifty-
atthth str.-rt, an insurance ag'M. waa
aJan hamper, bf opinions of hi own.
as tha talesmin assured Juatlra Qoflt
that If rwom a a Juror he would not
patanlt bl opinion to away tils Judg
ment the Waa challengi-a were over
rule! ami It rcaulred another of Mr
Barred Out
Trial Opens
haired Judge In hta 'uatntnary faint
and gentle tone.
"1 aaaft aare who yau aa a art barb,"
retort er1 ttia pollreman, laying hla big
Bat on Ilia Honor a rliaat.
Juatlca Ooff a ptak rhaaka flnahrj
firry rwl and he waa on the point of
naaklag a tow eaaatto reniarka, when
BmfT K ling. aa of Mr. Whrtman'a nu n.
Bltarvined and ravaaiad who waa who.
Tba oCkdoua offlrer nn.li- a d. .
effort to alnk out of alght, burullnK hlK
nieurtrt-Attornwe Wkltninn and Jua
tlca Tff at noon rompletrl their taK
af MBBBBjM an extraunllnary (Irjuol
Jury to probe graft lit OOPJbPOtion wl'h
the lUaantbal caaa. Thay were eom
peUad, beMeever, to mar In a HVren.1
Jury of twenty-one member lnntt ad of
the uauat armta at twenty-three. Thla
waa due to the fart that only rrtlrtv-
leThl of thn p.nui ot nrn cam
raurt The twenty-fleet mnn aalaoted
" made foreman of the (Irand Jury
after Jueiloe Ooff had hrlef . onfrr-
...lib. ,,.. II. la I, , i i . J I W....I ai
mrrrhanf of No aat Laalnvron avanun
liuiwadlataty im l"nu -y had ad-
mln!atarel tin- oath to the drutd Jurora
rflay ware exruaed for two weeba. Thla
an done at the brheat of tba IMatrter
tt err nay. lu bellarua ,t will lane at
leatt a fortnight to rhnoae a Jury to try
Beekar. It will not be tenvealent I
nr iriai win nirnipn iir m' it iur wis
parallel graft ami police Inquiry.
kts off mm
mm Ball Mnaaa Htaata aa a aV.iop
Tbransb Mla-Wiet.
Thendora Itooaevalt. making .Bull
Mooae mwlIeTne, atarted on g eevenfeen
day trip through Ola North uart MbhUa
West from the (Hand Central atatlon
thla afternoon.
T feat gka a winner." ha aahl whan
tha reportara lml traekad him down af
ter he had atnnlthllv worked Ilia w iv
Into tha trnln Shad by u haggsge eav-
"Do tho truth MitjajMi Badg and llar
htn." he waa aaked. bother you any
by the way may follow yon around'.'"
"Tha truth la alya with me," chuck.
had the Colonel,
ling cbneftllag he napped him haivda
at averybudy and climbed - board aa the
train waa moving out. '
rn.pr'tor I'M ward P. Hnghea re
turned to bity to-day after a aevore
lllnraN arnica begun laat Auguat with
ptomaine polaonlng and waa followed
biter by pie iro-pneuranata oruitrai'ted
la the ai'mntalna ep the State while
Ua waa In ronmiaud of tha Uetactlve
ITvtreau aeurrhlng for "Lefty I.oule"
boa "Oyp lha Blood1
UiglH waa aa.igned to tha s.vteen't,
lnapcctlon I Halt I -l with heudiimrttr
In rhe Paikvltlc fNiilro .-atatlon In llrook-
lyn 1 ill, peat la a temporary one un
til the return of lnapector Stephen
O'Brien, Who ! on leave of ahaepre.
Whare, llughae wUI ga after O'Brien 'g
return Ifl at preaenl unknown In tha
departnient. It waa atated hat Hughe
waa an eigne I to thla temporary pixt
bf-auae it waa aa aaay ona and ke ll
till waafc frum hla Ulneaa.
SJagrgg W PruOra. highbrow writer,
friend of Theodore ltoosevelt, pari ir
Bnelallat ursr) student, living at No. J"j
Washington Square Mouth, was a tilea
naan before Judge Koealeky In Qgajgeaj
Meeeaana to-day wbea Jam. Oreen w ia
called to trial for the murder of Janies
Rooney at Third avnue and Thirty
third atreet Fe. 11 laat. Mr. Hruere
told Mr. Notr, Aaalstent Igatrtrt-Attorney,
that he waa oppoaael to the
death penally.
"Inflicting the dsulh penalty on i
murderer." he esld. "la no mors than
tafllctlng tha death penalty on a bird
as an animal uaad m a laboratory ex
periment. The death may aerve a good
purpose and it may not."
"Do yam know that the death penalty
haa bean part of the law of New York
since tba beginning''" asked Mr. NM.
Mr. Uruare did gat seem Interested.
"Would you violate your oath aa a
rltlnsn aad render a verdict contrary
tn lha evidence hecauae you dtelikrd
tb penalty to follow a conviction.'"
asked Judge Rosalxky.
If l tabu an Tl1h. said Mr. Ilruere.
1 shall atorid by Id."
lla waa accepted aa a Jut or.
F'lltST HAi K -Knr three-year-olds
and up. six furlongs. Merry Lad. in
(Laiftaai. v.un. Cohort. 1M (Wlngflel.li.
second. Tillle'a Nightmare, (Calla
han), third. Time. 1 11 :-5. Pettle Hue,
l.arkroee, Cnppertown a!ao ran. Two
.dollar mutuals paid: Merry laid, ItTi.ai i
win. tt place. W.40 show, Cohort. tl'.MI j
Ptoce. ti.'.u show; TUlla'g Nightmare. I
eVM shugf. 1
Assassination of Iiast SiJe:
Rully Hftl l ong Bean
When Man Who Shot Zelije;
Was Sentenced (iunnun's
Fate Was Settled.
(Continued from Flrat Page)
wttk Ilia killing of Herman nnlenfkal.
lterentlv th anda of tlrketi Were mid
on tha l.at Stag and In the Tenderloin
foe a ball advertised to be given on Oct.
I at Htuvveaant Calno (or the benefit
of one llnrry I-ewla No guch a ball
waa grVga arid the ticket money la
uppoai-d tn ha'n been aet aalie by Ze
llg fin t!ie defenae fund of the rijgrtette
In tha Tnmlra. The practlca of giving
fake bull- an I holding up mercbnntH
for the prlua of tlcketa waa common
and continuum nlth Zellg.
l' l'li night und at varloui fltnea on
Halunlav, "Kid Phil," who waa either
vary drunk or prelaSalfll to be very
drunk, met Zeile. d manded money and
Lgaialed thai he gnrtv Bells had a lot at
money. There la eoaaldernble talk about
five M0 blllg which ara aald to have
been handed tn Z.-llg In rtegal'g cafe a
ahorl time before he waa killed.
Thla report la hertrg Inveatlgated. The
man who la aald to have handed Zellg
the RtOngy n not been found, lla la
laid tn he i loae ta a big aaet aide poll
tldnn. and tha money la declare4 to
have been paaaad to Zallg aa advance
egpvuaca for hordee of eleetlon repeafera
who have been colnnlaad In the Bowery
and other enal aide lodging houare. At
I any rata the lot waa not In ZrlUf'
I packet! when ha died from the effect of
"Ked lkira" bullet, and the Inveetlga
tlon rnibracaa not only where tha money
came from, but what became of tt.
licputy Police ComirMartuner Dough
erty, who baa baon working on tha
raae continually alnra Saturday nlghr,
doea not believe the murder af Zallg
wei aocempllehed by aa ortraalaad
plot. Sajt be admin that "Bad Phil"
waa perbape II red by a gahgater'a am
bition to do eomethlng that would
make him a big man In tha eyea of
hie angodatoS)
"If there had been a dellherata
framrup to kill Zallg," aald lougbartrt
Ibla n it. i noon, "thla fellow Ilavldeon
wouldn't have hail to go out aud buy
a giui. A gun woaM have been fur
nlahed hrm and eome attempt would
peohably have been made to take care
of the gun after the ahootlnc and get
Obvldenn away.
"Dsvldaok appaara to hare worked
himself up to the cMma all day Herur.
day. He followed Zallg to Segul'a eafa
la Second avenue Saturday afternoon
and pestered the gang laadar with hla
rrc: lintnatlnug and drunken talk until
about I o'clock, when Xellg atepped out
on the aldewalk. Davldeon fellowed
lilm and , punched Davldeon In the
face. Might there tbe red-haired gang.
attT rturtrd oa hla murder eapedltlon.
He went over to the llowery and tried
to buy a revolver. Kalllng, he bought
a revolver In a Jeraey City pawnshop
that nan loat by a pollcemun In Bniok-
lyn, eighteen monthg ago. and with thi
gun he eotnnilttid the murder."
Although no police tucord of arrntH
or pievlnua crlnira itandi agnlnat "Red
Phil," ha haa an utiaav ry record on
t:e HaM SMe. He la a member of a
gariK that uiakea a builuesa of peeving
on pi-ddlara ami ptaldlet s patrona In
Htvlngton atreet, between Allen and
Clinton etreeta and along ( ilnturt
There pickpocket ad gfgf'rei work
am one lha poor and terroriai'd p-iie
who oro afraid to complain to the
pel Ice. At OBg Shag It waa the i uatora
of bolder nienitiera of tha gang of which
"Hail Phg" a metnlier to hold up i
iruaa iramea, robbing the Propi latere
and patfOni tndlicrlmlnaieiy. Tlila form
it In,,.,..,.. n . . u l I . .,,1 mltn I .. u
"...II. ... .mlv.l he II,.. u,.,.,l.l-r. ,,.
protect the atuas bousaa. Naturally,
the gang waa sore at SalSjTi
Among tha dUrrsltWd a, 'Ivltlea of
the members of "Iteil Phil s" gang was
the abduoUon of young glrli t nun mov
ing plrtur,' show snd their sale Into
white slavery. This prai tier was knowi
to raeggborl Ol Zellg'i gang, ago made
occasional sallies Into the territory of burled according to the rlteg of the ee
the Klvltiglon atreet OUtAt, and took j liglon In which he was born. Their ar
away by force soma girl who had been gunient prevailed.
abducted and ruined by
of "Hed
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Wife of the Police
Who h Charged With Murder
(Specially Poaed To-Day at
I, .... T
fj- flB.
"A mr m atW.
Jl si mm aHB kW W.
mm mw rVw
mm mmmmw 9mm mm
' ' mm BJavOa, vaH aB
. ayjayeai ajaaawwy .Sa- U mw
Wmmmmmmmmm:" 'Wm
aJ " "a-aaaaaaaaaaT
eriw 'aaP"wk- MmW
v SjflOj ff Am LaaW. '
! mVt fx I . 'jiTaaaaaHl BaQauai "
'I I 1 1 H I I MUHIIII I H I Ill-M
PhU'r" aaaoctateg IZellg alwaya Inalatej to the police that
Thle Rlvlngton afreet gang had awom hla name was Harry Morrli. It waa un
to kill Zetlg. The aama oath of veto I der thla nanw that be waa aent ta thn
geanea bad been takan by members of
rha Oilrk Trirkar gang. Chirk Trlcker,
now awaiting trial on a charge of car
rying a revolver, having been forced
out of the aaloon buaineaa laat June
by Zallg.
Among the underworld report! of the
eaet alda It la believed that "Rad PMI"
waa aeleoted for the loh of killing Zcllg
and went about tha Job deliberately and
with premeditation, ah mat Zclig at
leaat a do sen tltnei between Friday
night and Sunday night, but each time
Zellg was accompanied by Fiddle Taller
air Nat baa lcvy or Little Billy," the
members of hie bodyguard.. "Little
"Billy" left Zellg Saturday night and
two minutes later "Red Phil" shot
within ten minutes after Zallg. waa
shot at Fourteenth
street and Second j
avenue the news srea down at Rlvlngton
and Allen itreeta. Wltneaees have been
found who heard a member of the Klv
Ington atreet gang nay:
"Well, the red Jew haa got him at
Coroner Iloltzhauser haa aet the pre
liminary egamlnat: rg Into the shooting
for Wednaaday morning t 10 o'clock.
In view nf thraate put In tho mouth af
Zellg'a wife and publish! d In tho news
papers extra precaullona will he taken
to protect the man who killed Zelkt
from eaat aide women.
"I am advlied that there are gun
women aa well as gunmen on the east
aide," aald the Coroner. "I am told
that tha way the gaiiKstcra often cov
ered their track was to pass thcrtr
weapons to their gftyag and they could
acre ll them In their clothing.
"The police allege that after tbe
shooting of Julie Morrill by five, mem
bers of the Zellg gang their revolvers
were carried out of the place In the
handbag of g woman. Theae women
ciimpjiilons of the g itigxtrrs are said to
have haaome very proficient In the use
of firearms, and I am going to see thst
none of these women htive opportunity
tu carry out their threata."
The funeral of Jaek EgltS was held at
aSM to-day from No. M nroome street,
where h mulntalnad g home In add.p,
la (he apartment tn whiuh he llvisl wi h
hli wife and two children In Fast Ont
1 Hundred and Sixth Mreet, near Central
I Park. The rervlces were held In ac
I OOrdancg with the orttiodox Jewish rites
1""'' lI'C '""'V ' 1-TI '''" ,,fl
In Washington Cemetery, llrook-
Zallg married a Christian girl named
Henrietta Young. The Jewish funergl
o-rvlces were ROM avalnst her Wig hea
There was a famlry arsumcnt over the
matter yesterday afternoon, the parents
of the dead bandit insisting that he be
Hut tt consideration for hla parenti
fne Crlmlngl Court BnfMtn; I
I HHH eHkH44 I 1 II M
Houee of Knfuge aa a lad. He never
lived with hla parents after his release
from the Houo of Refuge, when he re
nounced the mime of Zellg Albert, took
the name of .Inch Zellg and began (he
career that ended In hu assassination.
Deaplte the fact that hla respectable and
grief-stricken iarenti came over from
their home In New Jcteey and claimed
Zellg's body aonie Headquarter detec
tives insist that Zellg's Caftagg was a
tailor named Morris who disappeared
from his home In East Houston street
years ago and had never been seen eltice.
It was hut natural that the funeral of
Jack Zellg should temporarily auspend
nil business on rhe Kast Side. Any fu
neral rallies street congestion In that
aekxaborhona. The passing from the
Scene of hie adventurea of Jack Slellg.
whose repute aa an outlaw apread from
Fourteenth atreet to Chatham Square
and from t'orlears Hook to the Bowery
em more than a mere funeral It was
an event.
For the death of Jack Zellg had a
personal Interest eo nearly every resi
dent of the Ka-t Side. Coward and
bully that lie was he was a hero to
the gangsters, thieves and petty crim
inals who Infest the Fast Side cafes
and s.uas Joints. To the business people
he was a menace and a terror nnd to
the great respectable, element on the
Eaat Side he waa a source of sorrow,
for his widespread activities tn crime
were reeornkit'd aa a detriment to the
advancement and goud name of the
Jewish people.
From early morning Broome street be
tween Kldrldge and Allan streeta waa
)ammed with a curious itowo. Three
policemen kept a way open for traffic.
On the ground floor of tho building at
So. ta tbe Roumanian Casino, a
dance hall and cafe, and this place waa
thronged with well draased, furtive
young fellows, members of Jack Zellg's
gang, plckpockete, gamblers and hold-
. i
The FINAL SERIES for the World's
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rgv A hound
Soedal lor Monday. Ae 7th
JIbTm w gTrjus eocoafv l A-
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A whn'.f MRII nn., .V'1lfliua re
tro with
radlent; .ov.ro.l neiiartiuslv tv t
krt o( nur l';eiiiium miik
Ohoeu!.... vwsu
S men waiting for anything that iryrht
turn up.
Oradnnlly the police detail In front of
I the house waa Increased until at noon
ilwenty-dve ofllcera In uniform and n
iloten plain rlothea men were on the
block. It became necessary to estab
lish lines stash as are maintained about
the scene of a lire or street traffic could
not have proceeded In any direction.
Only a few persons were admitted to
the flat tn which the body of the youae;
gang leader lay. Hla father and mother
and hie widow were there, as were
several profaaslonal mourners, who
went through the ceremony of renting
their garments nnd shrilling their la
ment. In acrnrdanse with tha ortho
dox law the body waa In a plain pine
box consent with a black ahrrmd.
Rabbi Adolf "plage! of tha Shaarl
Zedek Pynngngue at No, 2J Wear Ona
Hundred and Eighteenth street con-
uctad the elmnla funeral arrvleee, as
sisted by twelve men. The service
brought out the fact that Zellg'a right
name was Zellg Albert and that he was
twenty-four years old. Darting? the arr-vl-ee
In the house a great clutter of
carriage-a aaae rati led to tka surrounding
atreeta. The varloua aocletlee and or
ganisations of which Zellg aad his gang
were members sent carriage aa a mark
of respect. Cblet among the contribu
tors of carriages for the mourners was
Ham Pa il, head of tka Sam Paul As
aoctatloa, who also sont carrlagea to
thn funeral of Herman Rosenthal.
I With a squad of policemen In uniform
(arcing a way through lha hordes of
people, the hearse made slow progress
through Broome atreet to Kldrldge
street end thence north to Delancey
street. It was hard work to get the
carrlagea foil-. wing the hearse Into line
until the broad Puna of Delancey strest
waa reached, and the funeral cortege
waa headed for the Williamsburg
Bridge. A ' pnHce earort from Manhat
tan accotwpaaled the corpse and th
mourners acres the bridge, and at
the Williamsburg aide a special detaS
of officers waa trailing to continue the
eacort to the cemetery.
The pellce detail waa not alone in
escorting the funeral cortege on either
f i aide of the river. Flanking rhe henree
were line of young men. all known to
the police who lined the route of the
procession, and these young men, aa a
mark of rrpert wore wide mourning
bunds on their slccvcr. Scores of thrac
mourning hand were distributed In
Broome street Juat before tb coffin
was placed In the hearse.
The esoort of youths wearing mourn
ing baSdg was nomposed of members
of the Jack Zellg Aasoclatlon. In ac
cordance with gang custom one of these
men must kill somebody to avengo th
murder of ZeJlg. The detect Ivee who
were In and out of the funeral pro
cession oheerved carefully all thone
wearing mourning and marching with
solemn main alongside the '.car f.ir
there may come the news to Hind
quarters at any hour of another east
aide murder, and If that should happen
the first work of the Headquarters
sleuths will be to round up all those
who put on mourning ruuula for Jack
It Is the District-Attorney' secret Just
what Zellg would have testified to at
the Becker murder trial, out ne wa
regarded aa ona of rha mast Importer!
witnessen Judge Wable, hla )awyr, de
clares that Zeilg knew nothing of the
Rosenthal murder and did not farnlsc
the gunmen, but It Is understood that
he would at least have testified rha
Rose and Vallon came to Mm with a de
mand that ha furTrtsn men to "do
Becker a favor." He would have cor
roborated the gamblers on a number
of Important points, though It Is net
believed he would have admitted any
advance knowledge of the Rosentha'
This letter written to "dyp the Rlnod"
by Jack Zellg was made public In the
court room at the opn ng of the trial
of Lieut. Becker Tt wu- mailed .it P.
M . Saturday at Station D, an I wag ad
dressed to
"Harry Harowitz.
Tombs Prison. New York City:
"New York City, Oct. r, 1M1
"Deer Pal Oyp: Youri received and w as
more than pleased to hear from you. I
want you and the boys to keep writing
to me, as It cheers me up, and you can
Imagine how I Teen when I hear from
von boyi. Oyp. keen cheered up, and
keep oheertng one another up. Your LB"
rtocence will be proven and whst a grand
time we will have on that day. Gyp,
you tell Frank u take that Dago Idea
out of bis mind as he will listen to y.u
as you know one another better than t
do. Somebody has been telling him that
I don't give a damn for htm because he's
a ringe. Well, bid Pal. 1 want to haar
from you often. It seems to be tn.
run-dent thing In the world to get raw
wife out. Know one wants to go on
the bond. Cheer up. old boy, every
thing will turn up for the best. Tour
Pal till (he end.
"Best wishes to the boy JACK."
I Trade Mark. 1
Special tor Tnesday. ihe 8th
M inn m i.riM c-aKAJgai g Aa
ar. value .l-wbera gtyf
Tuesday's Uttering
niiiKinn: Atl VAN.
I II I VI I klMMi 44hr m
. e- .alJe lirsf
elsewhere. PIM Nil BOX
Tho feprrifle.l weliftu in e.icn . ia .
Inrlunea tho ronttlner.
Juatlce Ooff obtained a aharp reminder
of the vaat amount of public Interest IS
the Becker trial dlreotly after the mid
day reeegs when ba left tha Crimlrvil
Courts Building to go ta lunch and nea
lected to take a bodyguard, lla had
scarcely emerged from the Franklin
street entrance when photographer
aajajsad, aj spring gaJTI f the penned
and surround him. Justice Ooff Jumped
to one aide and doahresl from right to
left, and as he did so his name went
humming through the crowds Ihtt
swarmed about tha building.
The little group of ko1akerg wa soon
augmented to a crowd of hundreds of
man and boys, among them many of
the gunflghtlng fraternity who had be. n
herded out of the Criminal CogPtr
Justice Ooff wns furious. He loohed
over hie ghoulder and saw the swarm
ing mob making for him from every
pavement. There were dozens of poHce
men In the court building but none In
sight on Franklin street. There was
nothing to da hut run and Justice Uoff
picked up the skirts of hla coat and ran
with rare nlmbloneer for n man of his
First he ducked out behind a truck
on Centre alreot and thi wove hla way
through a procesaion of trucks, eluding
the photographer who were encum
bered by tho crowd at his hrrls. Ill
Honor ran toward White street and
near tbe coner met two policemen who
came to hta raaeur aad waved hack
the curious multitude. Then Justice
leoff vanlahed up White atreet with a
uniformed guard.
"Jack Rose liellevee that he will be
the next men to he ehnt na the outcome
of developments In the lloaenthnl case."
said In. lies M. Sullivan, counsel for the
bald-headed gambler to-day. "He has
received many threats, both over the
telephone and by mall. Only laat night
when 1'lstrlct-Attorney Whitman and I
were holding a final conference, some
one called up the West Side I'rtson on
the telephone and declared: Itoie will
set bl net.' We were Unable to trace
the telephone call, but It Undoubtedly
came from the lower cast side.
'Mr. Whitman Is going 10 give Hose,
as well as Webbec, Vallon and Schepps
a special guard on their trl.is to the
courtroom. No unnecessary tourneys will
he made. These witness, a for the peo
ple will only go to the Criminal Jottltg
llulldlngs when they arc needed to go
upon tho stand.
"If the shooting of Z.Vig a few hours
before the trial to-day and the aJsOOt
ing of lUneutn.U lag day hafngg he was
irolng before the (Iran I Jury to te!l If
hi partnership with Phil 4oanStt1
Becker are colnridencea, they are very
peculiar coincidence, und OOlhCJahaAOOf
of which the pjubllc can very easily
fadg. The murder of .ellg was no
surirlse to me. Kvery Important wlt
neae snd even counsel for tbe men ,n
the West Side Pf Ig II II have bean threat
ened at some time or other."
"I suffered from eciema, and the
itching was so intense I did not get
a night's rest for live months. M
face, ri"k and' body were covered
with lary.e red patcbr. I tried every
rexcrna remedy on the markrt. alio
six diiferent doctors and u inadaUtt
None knows bow I suffered with
out relief. As a last resort I tried
Sago Salve, it stopped the itching ul
once and worked like magic. 1 wish
I could tell every eczema auffcrer
what Saxo Salve will do for them."
lTm. Drlanev. a Spanish war veteran.
353 E. 81st street, New York.
Sago Salve stops the itching and beats
the skin.
If you have erzema, tettrr, ring
worm, barwer' itch or a ikin disease
of any kind try il you get your money
back if it does not help you.
All Riser and Hegtnun
Stares ia Now York gnd
Bratamtrn and st sll drug
floret where this Use
and white sign
it dipUed.
liar I sani Mia
aawaiayuarann spa asaaeas a sasassgf a
rallma, kaaSaaH, tea imiaal mm gsaufaa, 1
OilarfkalgMIT la pllalaal. iriajlOs. aniisepnu,
will alaaya aaal II la yaw koaaa, fae eokf.,
asaii.iiii aim spvkaffanmeaaa
0N Credit
TKR Wllgg tatll base ou
aell dresetl la Ilia latest
nil-., i iinrs' mi i,t:.
1 1 KMtS'n i i. 1 1 r ii i n u,
H MS ,Mi t' a l OATS
at Ibe lowaal urlcaa.
Clothing Co.
1248 3d Ave.. Cor. 72d. t.,N.Y.
pea Kvrnlaai-
Tel. 366 r.j.umbi.1. Eat. 174
3 3 Wit. 54th St.
i. All -ifi N KH -11.' ii." liahu, 31114.
SUi at. i
baUCSM-iN A Mloauiaa ia earh ouuutf; brand
new, 96 tn 910 Ur rlffht from suit, -
n Joy hin tf- i't; tl'luslTO terr,f-rv g g
,n lha .iiiiaff tt'a wufkr.1, aotU to nivru fir
. .'0 si-- I L.OiaiLJiaiuD. bsiiO MMUOgOC. 122 0)Cm
more st.. itilwauki. ml,
EliTl HKV (iltk liernian ni Miiiifiriau fur g. iiTrsi
tiouisvjrlii familjr ol tirro' . i i agcs, irfrr
. oBcca. Apply botwoos i ' 1 li i i la . in t, , ;, .
Wtm ssssr
Thit Will Stop Your
Cough in a Hurry
gate It by Making Tkli Congb
grrup al Heme.
This recipe makes a pin! of better
cough syrop than you could buy ready
auric for W..W. A few doie usually
conquer the moat obstinate cough
slop even whooping rough quickly.
Mix aa pint a) granulated sugar th
M pint of warm water, and stir for
minutes. Put ' ounce of Pine (WW
cent' worth! ia a prnt hotthn then add
the Sngnr Syrup. It ha a pleoiant
taste and laats a family a rong time
Yon ran frel thi take hold of a cough
in a way thst means business. Ha a
ffoed Ionic effect, braces up the appetite,
and is slightly laiativr A handy rent
ed.v .for hoarseness, croiin, bronchilrs.
asthma snd all throat and lung trouble
The rffect of pine on tlir membrane
is well known. Pines is the most valu
able concentrated compound of Norwe
gian white pine extract, and is rich IB
guaiacol gnd all the natural heatinc
pine elements Other preparation wil
ant wrirk in this formula
This Plnex and Sugnr Syrup recipe hit
I niten State gnd l anada. itnaiij
been Militated tb. iH'li neeer lucccesfl
A guaranty id absolute satisfacl
or money promptly refunde!, goes I
this recipe. Your ilruggist has Pinel
will get it for vou If not, send to!
Pinex Co., I't. Wayne, Ind.
When I sent for a sample hotll
Swamp-lloot. 1 was in grcul distrci I
ii . . i . . . ,
II second lo none in this vicinity)
.-ia i i i i. ii.. . ..... ...
. .. .. ... .. i
taking the inedi 'inc. nut wns no Det
than when I he -an I then began yo
iiuiuir inn nr. mm iinwir I a.' isiuiu.
with it, 1 felt a change. The acaJding
sensation did not bother only a few time
in the middle of the day. 1 would not
have believed iticb a small quantity
would have done so much, but before
il was gone I learned that our drug
git kept Hr Kilmer's Swamp-Root
anil so out n Isrire Imttle for iine.rlollur
hut actual v Worth one hundred dolla
I . . I . . L I I . L
lime a day and before I had taken one
half bottle I wa" nil right and have beet,
since. (Iratcfnllv voitr.
Ashaway. K. 1.
Slate of fthnde Island.)
County f Washington
Peroiil v appeared GO.B l'harnplif
to me well known and made oath tba
I be foregoing itiitcment by him sub
scribed is true.
R, R Allen. Notary Public
Letter la
Or. Kilmer t'o..
HI naha in Ion. V V.I
Prove What Swagip-koot WIIIDo lor Yog
Sen, I to l)r hi! in er tt Co., Uingham
tun. N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
eonvinge anyone. You will s'-o rcceiv
u booklet nf valuable information, trIKni;
all about t he kidneya and bl adder. Warn
writing, la Hire and mention the New
York Kvening World. Regular fifty-cent
and one -dollar itc bottles for --lie at all
drug store.
To-Hay and To-Morrow
17 Jewelled
, ' - ...... urrn ta our iiuiuu
weuaruiieui Hie last two weeba belag ag
Jiisleu fv isri.ii.K k. era aaa la out
HBS fff "!,', and lul.r auaraotaed
i 1,1 u . . nm tu-
wai... iMuia aaree tu iuni.lv ...
una unleis the)
T ...... u e i null i' i i en
jenrirj irinie. tie Mill H..I -ell ,,.
the "t.n,li Hi stein's itmrr." ..I... C .
tried for jeary In bug ul uatehea wa Iffel
at ayr -ne. 1. 1 uiles u, ursieal ihrlr fSkU
lie e ...mi in our t 111 I'rli e aateh mm
far them ta use mi h ruateasiitikle .J.i!r
HI? -"" " w"r 4'eamAllgkBai
..ii.ti i essii. a III lat I'll! a a-It!. u I I 1.
Wat.ll ..j.lem'. loDlruet"
fhe ...... I II..-.. .........' ' -
day aad n-iimrr ara IfJaAde
uillli-lelT, Ittth l.enuine 1 VtinPLJ!
I leal ue. ir i.i , Du,
k. ,.!.,. i i,.r i... il... ar
wall thrni ta tie. No null ... SS. -N
.e-rn filled. r,1aei
lie are nuu. navlaa a I s I mml .
tha heat HoliU i;ld Vt aubaanilda ll T.hl
al least aer rem. DB mSL m!9
E Ji.lir own leweller. tt Br,, H
ITr..ltO Hulld IS..K. (.ul. I Wateb -lV.(ell
Solid IH-K. I.al.l Walfh S CS
NM HO hull. 1 l-K I.. I.I ... . Ml
n.-.Oll Nelld I l-K. Oold Wall b far
O G g .Mamuada. Watrbra. Jewalr.
loll Broadway. New York
XOWKSBNO. Al Dlnrtigmtan n
ii., i 7 II 11. I'll r. i in v . ,
loik i ttv. in Hi., ltd year or his as.
fllberal services at m. Micha.f,
V v u ,V .." " "" ","h It
- ! .
lo oit.ua.
'raing ai
i.ii.. ,i ., . ., . i , uleais un).

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