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Says She Is Confident Husband
Will Be Acquitted and
Poses for Photograph.
Judge Frowns on Custom Al
lowing Wife to Sit Beside
Man on Trial for Murder.
f am very sorry concerning the Ill
ness of Mr. Hart, ami 1 sincerely Imp
It Will not In any wny detay the trial
of my husband.'' Mid lift becker to
an Kerning WnrM reporter as MM
waited tim opening Of. tho trial
"Nat urnlly I Ml considerably Irri
tated When I heard that III llln.-sn of
Mi. Hart iniB.it caum' further delay. I
am anxious fnr a speedy trim anil so la
my l.tisbnnd. There should ha no
further gelayn.
"My hushind's limoOOnOffi of course,
will he shown, bill thn anxiety the
dreadful anxiety la very trying. The
only way 1a.li have It .ill over with."
It OH rxpinitied 10 Mm, flecker that
her personality Wag brought Into the
tuhl! 0 m through the great interest
In liie trial Sh" OeaJ nuked If eh would
objoel to letting IhO PbotoSTOP ION take
htr picture and DOM fur It. Upon the
promise that lh would be relieved of
t'i naphottlng as she left the build
ing Mr. Decker consented to go to the
roportera' room on the fourth floor,
where tier picture was taken.
Mr, Hiikcr Joined the apectatar In
the court room ftr recess, but was not
p emitted to alt DMT her husband. There
w ii no room at the counsel table and
Mr. Mclntyre did mi see fit to ask per
ntfcMlotl of tlie i'ourt to liermlt the de
fendant'S wife to ait by bla aide. A seat
era provided for her lust wltiiln the
dour It idlng to the .Tudgo'a chambers,
nnd Cully ffiv feet from the prsoner's
Justice Ooff frowns on the formor cs
to.n of pernilttlnc wives to a;t by de
fendants charged wth murder. has
not allowo.l this in bl courts since thn
first Molln ix trial, when Vr. Molt
noux, later disserved frcm her husband,
sat wit. .in the Inolosurs at (Mollneus.'
"My husband has been seriously W
since Saturday last." said Mrs. Hart
when seen at her home. No. 88 West
Ninth street. "11 1 now in tied and
suffering from a vary severe cold which
has settled In his bronchial tubes. Mr.
Hart I under the oare of Pr John II.
Carroll of No. M West Twelfth street,
and he says that my husband cannot
Jaave tho house for at least forty-eight
hours, else It might rosult very seri
ously. Mr. Hart la extremely sorry
ah" it his Illness at this time, but of
course It Is aomethtng he cannot con
Thfir Prosperity Flees Immediately
When They Face Prospect of
Producing Weekly Allowance.
Supremo C urt Justice Orecnbaum
wants to know why pnv-rty suddenly
afflict s" msny prVtOUl) proapOfOtll
men when thlr wives sue for ali
mony. The Justice remi.irked from
the bent to-day: "Ninety-nine men
out of a bundled under such olrrum
atances protest the) ara without prop
arty or Inootm.
"Perhaps th IIUsMtlon Itself causes
the condition of which they complain,"
added Hi Honor, "but maybe It
doesn't "
Thl remark made dorlne a
hearing ot argumsnl on whether Mrs.
Oiga Hebnoll rtiould bring hr two
ohlldern back from London so that
their father, John J Hi stock
r-rik. r and musician, could see them.
Mrs. SchoU'e lawyer said his client
would hrlivg th children back wllllrig
lv Dro Tided th father woulit pay th. Ir
transi'optullon. Mr. Pchnull' lawytr
declared Ills client did not have money
enough to do that, averring that Mr.
HbOll had to gel from his father the.
nones hi I now giving his wife an
Mo in no tdintls roralna ile.
Rom Blnddi WPO organized the X.in-
dsi Manufacturing Company, end srhoe
blMln career was the marvc; of in any
masculine financiers, to-day pit ad. d
gniuy befurs iuprm Court Juatlo
Blanch! 1 t ii a charge of forgery in the
second degree, an remanded for
sentinc- Wednesday Minn Zlnilci s
Indicted utv a cliargc of forging the
n.mi. .,f K U. i.i'llllh to a icite fur
ts :ar. navalbl to the .imiel Manufeo
turlng Company II purported, to hav
ban mad in fblludolphla int April
Do You Want
Rich Red Blood
a. at all to.- Hood II sllli. Strenitk I -ismlui
s that ... sttk III link
IT ell' make hone, muscle and lnew,
a nd I, si ) mi In raau 't roiiilitluii. A
real lorm builder SB lropcrl used.
A uilgblf line drluk slwsys.
11 II W VX Uii'ij- SUmm, Dfilrn.
Office Flirtation Is Bad Policy
Vv v. vv4ta ih MmZJMF I gat TsVl
An Incompetent Girl May Keep a Job a Little
Longer Became the Man in Authority Thinks
She Is in Loie H iih Him, but She Never
Holds Her Position Permanently.
1 I
by the greater freedom and opportunity provided for meeting and being, as
Khe is apt to Imagine, admired by men. lor first day in the. office or the
shop, or wherever tho Job Amis her, may In fact introduce to her a more
varied masculinity than had appeared
on the horizon of her whole eighteen
or twenty yeira. And, Mill new to the
office or the shop, she is apt to regard
these Interesting stranger from the
drawing-room point of view.
When they gather about hsr desk
or hsr typewriter as they will if
k 1 fairly good looking or
merely fairly youag she fssl
for the first time that there 1
as actual relation and resemblance
between her favorite heroine and
hsrsslf. She, too. Is eligible to
ths sisterhood of sirens. Tor there
Is, after all, not so much difference
between the Honorable Lilly Levia
than at a fashionable, dance, sur
rounded by peer of th realm con
tending for the first wsltt, and her
self. Xthelynda Jones, smiling abovs
hsr typewriter as shs tells tho
bookkeeper she's so sorry shs ean't
go ont to dinner with him because
she ha already accepted the cah
Itr's Invitation.
Now, the business world Is a realm
of stern rcalltlea, not rosebud garden
of romanc) and It Is very seldom, f at
all, that the girl who philanders grown
Into The Ctrl Who Makes (ood. Not
thnt one can blame the nlaaaant little
philanderers too much. '
Among women there are many natu
ral ciuutteM who wlien thrown for the
first tlms among large numbers of men
experience a greed of conquest and an
uciiuisltiveneH comparable only to that
ot a email child who has been told he
may take all the candy he can est. The
Inexperienced girl who meets t he lmvn
Town .Man for the first time Is tremen
louily flattered by his oUg attention.
Shs does not realise that he sheds
his offlos airtatlona lightly ss
his offios ooat, never remembsrlng
either in his hours of sass save as
something hanging patiently on a
psg till be returns and needs them.
She may even prguad br!f that
tier popularity with mm may help her
work may bring nearer hei promotion, Bar1 trotlbl an 1 "as fQCSd to nd
Now, the truth about office romances!'1" 1 '' tjir' weeks In a hospital,
is this: One in a hundred may result v ' ':"""' ffMwr Of the family,
, . hi,,,,,, ,. .ml ,. . ml not '". frulM "ln h star-
home. One In ten tiiousun 1 may ens ll
a woman to attain a poslti n which
her own abilities w. uld never rntlll
ur. itut In ii. Inflnll majority of
such alfalra, the girl is tempi, t urlly ad
vaiiced, ii,-rmaiit utly set agog An tn
eomjietei.t girl niav keep a Job a little
lunger i'e.auao th'' man In authority
over bar thinks she is in lov Bfltb httn.
H it she never holds it permanently.
Arid fi i Its QUtl nabl ethics the
oltl.e II, nation la bad policy, The girl
who makes g"Od does not IntfUlg lU It.
the realizes that Cupid, I Sa everyleidy
else, Is entitled to an e. ant-hour day,
and that his day he. ns when her work
Pees te flslnwws ss an to M Tbros
ait aim irai
Tiie girl Who makes good succeeds,
in my opinio!), because she dees her
v ! k well and With eiithiislas.n aad be
i.iure she looks upon it g In Its, If an
ml. not mereiy a un-atis to a pay el-
elope. I here certain oc opinion
uhich more than others ipos one U
tlie ssrcot
lilag, I don
Aside From Questionable Ethics
cnpyrlnht, 112. by th Press Publishing Ot. (The New Tnrk Worldv
Our ancestor wore cautioned
not to "bring the manner of tho
pot-house Into the drawing room "
There are more persons to-rlay who.
Ignoring the value of appropriate
ness, commit the fatal error of
bringing thn manners of the draw
ing room into the pot-house. And
chief among these may be num
bered the young women who luvadn
the work-a-day world with th
UgM graces, the airy impi-rtlnencos,
tho playful pouts and shrug and
wrisrsrlea which hoi oil.. Iirniuirlv I.. '
----co . . v . . ,-, . .
the stage Ingenue with a son at
Kvery young thing who enters upon
a career of M)f-tUPP0rt with a deter
mination to grow into lha ulrl who
mko good is likely to bo dazzled
how in my women have said to
"Oh, ye, a writer's work has ln
tcrest and variety. But sappoa you
bad to add up columns of figurss
day after day, or teach arithmetic,
to stupid little children with colds
In their heeds, or sell gowns to
fussy, arrogant old women, you'd
get deadly tired of It!"
Perhaps 1 should, but I hope not.
Beaug If I were tired of It, if I re
belled ugslnst It. If I even held myself
to be superior to It, 1 should not do It
well. I jour heart Is not In your
work," to use a trite expression, "your
head Is not In It either."
If the girl who makes good and there
sre thousands and thousand! of lu r who
read The Evening World disagrees with
any of th.so suggestions, or If she haa
ay of her own to offer to the girl
whose lonK road la still before her, I
shall be ylsd to hear from her a id
from those men ho, working among
vr over WOgBM employees, have stud -d
and analyzed th onuses of their s.io
ctss or failure.
Father of Family Disappeared Three
Months Ago; Eight have LiveJ
on Few Cents a Day.
Mrs ltertha Herman and her sevoji
children, who have lived since July 1
on earnings that ranged from twenty
to forty cents a day, are homeless to
day It. cause th. y were unaole to sae i
enough to pay the til, wntch would In- '
s ire them a roof over :helr heads for
another month, they e.ere turtle. I out
01 their tliree-room tenement at No, 13
Bayard street, with what few sticks of
furnl ur remained to them.
s .if Id children re under twelve
and unable to serve as bread w.nners.
I Th aevnthi a girl of seventeen, ha
be ti w h as an overall operator tie.
rare than, as an le cream peddler, he
hat found tils earn. tig of Ss or X
I week inadequai
liuniii,'iirs Tbealr I'm) t ailed
aft n t ncie gnan.
Prince Uidovle Ptgnatelll t
I dragon
waa Informed ladai that n might hav
t,, stay u lb,- aalsnllon pen on KM .
is. aad indeflnlely, awaiting mall advlcn
from F: me regarding ids reported v
pulsion from that country as a coinu, u
gambler The inline becagn peevlehi
, us he hid iisued Invitations to a thaatr
party ionight
Mr. Patersun, his allnrnev. wgs talk
tpg vaguely a.,.m habeas rorpu pi h
jcieillngs t.-da.. but ihe prince did I .t
Seem to derive mu n no irhnient tioiil
i jh talk.
To Cure Thst TirUIn SnenJ Nirkel.
Hi 1 Croat e Coufj Drepe. Sc. per os. '
Y I wriaTLIp.4 whlrh hfimiv w HnJaH
wT 4 WL m
aii i iiAriN i irr miir airiiaai t- r f i i apis
Girl Dramatically Declares
She's Wrongly Accused of
Leading Incendiary Band.
tstona BlmafOO. with four aliases,
who was arrested last Friday In Har
rison, N. J., charged with Iniwidlat Isrn.
nd who th polico sav wa leader of
a gang of a doen firebugs, dramati
cally asserted to-day that she was
".So they say I am the leader of a
hand of BrbugS," he cried, folding
her arms In the pose, of Carmen in
a rage. "Think of me, a girl, at tho
head of men wh do such rr-rlmos
It Is ridiculous: 1 know nothing of
these fires. I lisvs been a slave for
Giuseppe ZoccoU. for 1 hav don
everything he demanded. Hut a leader
of firebugs? Never-rl
"They say I ttted to kill myself by
tun ping from a window. That is a
lie! Why should 1 die? I have done
rfbtlung. Joo lOCOOla told me to
changl my name sometimes 1 never
asked him win an I lie never told ipn
1 was never mar.'lud to him. I eloped
with him finm my hiL.!an!
1 was
I LaVStO. I never :..vd LaVBtO
only thirteen when my grandmother
mad urn marry him, jo arid i went
to live in North Arlington, our bous
burned dowa. T"iy said te set t
afire. Why, I lost all my wedding!
clothe an l Jew lry In that fire."
Il a laid the girl collected YM In-
surance on this fire loss She acknowl
e.iged that she did nol know what
Rooeola' occupation wss, but she ealJ
ll alWayg had p'cn'v of money.
rrrhlilt'ii. 4VOWU I'ollllca
Itt-frlM- hi vfrl I'tilntsi.
IIRATTI.RBORO, Vt . t)ct 17
I'raaldant Taf t nnd his oaHy racal
atllaboro at I So thl afternoon Ths
, idnl mad sliort peeobag at
i Adam, North Adams, w llllamvtown,
Mass., and Wilmington Vt., hu did nit
mention nnlltlcH. lis left lore late
to.dai foi MnohalTi vt Mr. Ta't
is still travailing by auUi
IV1LLIAMHTOWN, -Mase . Oct. T. .
Th value of a college course was cm
0 islsed by Pre blent Taft In an ad).
dreas to ti.e undergraduati ,jf win.
lams Coll. n" to-day. The I'resld Mil,
ho spoke from iiti autumoblls, said
he would not mlk poUtle ns he was
nJoj ing a v teallon.
. s....... erressssi nw.w.. IndlcatlorM ure that tysry
The Hundsy World' Baalhly Mv Mis. 1 1'1""1 ln "'I county and three-fourth
ton faahlaa Mfala wii, b gtvss with Ot Mia towns In ill ii other Wnee
nest Hundai'e Werld. Bdlllea limited. , counties are baring carried by the He
Order 1 advance. I publlOaJUk,
Cheated the Government Out
if Thousands in Duties
Customs Men Suspected.
Robbery of the United State through
file fusloma .Service, probably Involv
ing many thousands of doilara In un
paid duties, haa been discovered. The
frauds wer perpetrated through tho
theft of Cuatoms labels, which hav
been attsched to baggage containing
ni led dutiable property, the packages
BUbejtlft)Uy being passed on lbs stoli n
labels when they reach this port.
Many thousands of these labels have
been stolen sand there Is no me. ins of
telling how many trunka have been en
tered with them, duty free.
The method of entering the good
upon the stolen label Is simple, a.
ordlng to Customs officers. The
smuggler, upon landing hero, bus, for
example, six out f twelve trunks ex
limine, and paised by the npe lor on
labels that have been stolen and lent
to him In Europe. The other six
trunks he Issvsa at th pier. Later,
he s.uiks off the labels from the trunks
that have been passed, taken them to
th.. pier and tttaoh them to his un
claimed baggage, after which he then
has that passed.
New labels have now been obtained I
that cannot thus be tampered wltn.
They sre made of onion skin paper and :
cannot be removed from baggage to
Whloh they hav been attached without
showing the crooked Work Additional
precautions have non takssn by having
all labela now stained with the da'e of
I entry and Initialed by the Inspector
passing lliein. an Indelible pen, 11 being
usi I This euvara when attempts are
mad to alter the characters.
It is considered unlikely that the
la is GOUld have been stolen ssve
through co-operation of Cost on em
ploy, and an lm. scgatlon Is be n
mad to find the thieves
The new labels appeared to-day on
baggage that came In on the steauialilp
Mmnetonka of the Atlantic Transport
Line which arrived from London; and
th. Uochauibeau of the French lane,
from Havre.
o Himn ul Hull It rr.
PLAINPIBLD, Oonn, Oet T. The
town elections to-day are passing off
ouietly. The lliternrtling feaiuie Is th
entire absence of the Hull Moose party
If, II,,. fooe ., MtuallM .1 a.
Rearrangement ot Chambers
Gives Mure Space and Com
fort for Justices.
The October term 01 the Supreme
Court opened to-day with '.wenty-slx j
Justices presiding. Justice lleorge A. I
Henton of the Meventh iMv'slon being
assigned for temporary duty here. Dur
ing the summer months the Inter.or of
the old court building wai painted and
th room, were rearranged to provide
mors space for th. C unty t ier, and
also to utlHitc tns spsre on thn secon I
floor made vacant by the remov.il of the
Jitlet' chambers across Chambers
street to the Kmlgrant Hank flulldlng.
Three spa' Ions new court fOOM were
mad out of ti e rooms formerly oc
cupied by tne Justices on the second
floor. The 0ha9br on the ground Hoof, '
occupied by twelve of the Jostle s, have ,
been converted Info a largi r ng
room. Mors space has alo t.een pfo
vlrled for i lerks of itpe lal Turni. l'art 1
Th room on the ground II or t
to be provided with a resdy reference
llbrsry and specially cnnsiru ted steel
cabinets for protecting the persimal and
private property of the Justices.
Of ie three 'new court-rooms, that
on the aouthwest corner ot the second
floor Will be occupied by Part I . Special
Term. The former room of I'srt I. was
small. When the calenders were hcavv 1
lawyers were often unable to get Into (
the court-room to argue their motions
The room a. the northwest corner will
be used ss Hart I., Criminal llranch,
In which Justice lllanchard presided to
day. The room formerly used as the
library has been transferred Into Part I
V, Trial Tri m, and Is one of (he largest
rooms In the building.
Ths new private elevator which Is'
being arranged for the exclusive use i
of the Justices will run front the en
trance to their private rooms on the
suuthweat corner of the building to i
, the top floor It will coal an addl
1 tlonal $a.
ft SX A
Horace Waters & Go.
have selected from their large
and elegant stock of Pianos
and Playvr-Pianos the follow
ing leaders on which to make
A Special Offer
at low prices and on easy
Style A Waters Upright
An artistic piano of the
hightst grade, celebrated for
its full, rich, deep tone, with
fine singing quality-one of
our most popular styles, only
$10 down and $7 monthly,
and no charge for interest.
Style 8 5 Chester Piano
7 1J octave, 3 stringed, full
iron frame, ivory keys, good,
durable tone and handsome
warranted 6 years.
on payrnenta of only
$5 Per Month
without interest. Stool, cov
er, tuning and delivery Free.
Style 88 Chester Au:ola
Player-Piano with full scale,
88 notes and automatic track
er. A most excellent and up-to-date
player-piano that s
simple ami easy to play. Price
$25 cash and $10 monthly,
and no charge for interest or
Send Postal for Catalogue.
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eeaton's style luumt a permanent
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1 rectnea.
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onali; together with fathionable wide
wales and terge.
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t) Important Announcement W
Important Announcement
I A Sale Extraordinary j
l The First General Sale Extraordinary i
ot the rail season of 112
will be held on
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oct 9th. Oct. 10th, at. Nth
"It I of no use." drrlsred young
matron wbo does her own housework, i
" .imply can't keep tny bands from
getting rough and red."
' Indeed ynu can, my dear," retorted
lier Irieiul. "If you would us
Beauty Guardian"
every mght and mornitiK or after
bavins' had your hands id water, within
a week you would be astonished to
note how soft and white they wer.
rlogen is fine fur bulb hsnds and
tompUlloa nd it won't soil the most
delicate dree fabric. It is boou to
I he woman who has to work around
tlie k.tihen." At nil druggists, in
eollapsibl tubes, i ' cent- Better
than cold cream. ucd the nmt way.
Boriy Brussels; d frame.
unusual quality, t utfiom 7SVdl
l3yd. to
Wlhu. V.I..I.. . , sk ear 1
lhw,valertg. Reduced QOrwdl
trm I 34 yard to 9V,JM
VViMen telvets; always CCwaJ
sold at 91 yd vJC J
Aiaairutara. Hair Pric CCrvJ
reduced ft .m 1 jnrd to Welt JW
TspMtry BtuueU; io- Ar.J
Ire tic yd. quality
Fr IOC tottl
VOI' w ll. I sr 0 TOI
UUOtKiUi htl.l. IT.
C. Prltchsrd, l.k:i. Ill gp In St., N. V.
Simplify Hone-seeking by
saving time, Umptr mi

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