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WK.1 tir.n Fair to nlnl.li Wedne.der elondy.
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4HH-H-MHHHHH-i-i-H-i-:-t-;-H-i-i-t-HH-H' :!; : :-:-:--:-h-m-hh-s-h
SEVENJil liiROit CHOSEN 1 " -- : .
Go Ef Rules Out a Lot of Questions and.
Insists That Greater Progress
Shall Be Made.
Under the pres.-urc of Justice Goff, greater progress was made to
,!jy in picking a jury to try Police Lieutenant Charles Decker, charged
it the Extraordinary Tenn of the Supreme Court with the murder ot
Herman Rosenthal. The Justice put a limit on the questions put to ilie
talesmen by the lawyers.
All ot the jurors so far chosen are big and broad-shouldered, and
both Becker and the District-Attorney pronounced them as the highest
;vpe that could be chosen to weigh the facts In a case of such peculiar
complexity and vast importance
The second day of the trial brought
nrreailng swarms of tho morbidly
CUlioUl to the Criminal Courts Building
tna filled the pavement with crowds
ot that lelaurs eiasa that hunt In gangs
iiidYve the Uvea of outlawed paraalten.
They were driven away by a forca of
itra policemen.
Before .lolin K. M.-I'ilyre, rhlef conn-
ee for Becker entered the courtroom to
ske up the task of esaminlng talesmen i
he sorted out Ma mall and opened a
letter which contained a thraat of death
Ue lawyer stayed Heck?r's axccutlon
in oaae of hit conviction. Tha letter,
scribbled In a big round hind, read:
"Arch Crook You put up tha
murder of Jack Zellg. If Becker la
acquitted woo be unto you. A bullat
for yours.
"It Uecker If convicted and you
itay hit execution j 1 will die. You
(HALL before he do. No crook is
writing tnla. Nor 1 he a madman.
Bullet may be sooner or later, but It
will ba"
This letter, which n mailed in
Brooklyn on Oct. 7. was shown to
(Continue 1 on Klghth Pago.)
nnll.r.kstFI l Ilia llr.lh. I
a.iu aiawaltiaum. aged ten years, f.f I
So. MO Tlnton aven'ie. the Bronx, was
Instantly bmwo w sewnt i gw
i. An n roll vi in
IIU .Kit 111
front of a butch, if wagon driven by Ed-
ward Kelly of No. Hi One Hun- I
jj-sd and Twsnty-."rst street, two of tha
wheal passing over hll ntoa.
Cemrllht. Il1'.'. br
In. l ib Sm
Stand When the First Championship Game Started.
a BOLD B. SBaWWBB, bona Wo.
01 West Ona Hundred and Thirty-fifth
atraat, manager Bew York Sdleun
Branch Company.
lOBSIT C. PUUBLL, manufactur
ing and consulting- ohamtst, of Ho. 583
Waat Ona lunilr.a aad Beranty-elg hth
traat. la an offloer of the Olartan
Cfceniloal Oomoaay of Mo. 074 Pearl
JOaW . UJUT, ftf iy-fle. years old.
retired rlea tuerohant of Ho. Ml Waat
Ninety-fourth atraat.
BBWABD O. lODLB of Ho. 589 West
Oma Hnndrsd ana FortlatB atraat, aud
itor for a manufaotursr with a place
of business at Ho. ! Faxk Bow.
WH.UA.af F. WalO, ths real
.stat. busln.ss at Ho 783 rifth
STsans, living at Ho. 18 Waat BsTsnty
thtrd atraat.
BOW I. liCKla, secretary of
lunch concern at Ho. 880 Broadway and
living at Ho. 108 Bait Blxty-ssTsnth
street. Wot rslated to d.fsndsnt.
OBaBTiBB J. niTT, commissary
agsne for Wis Hsw Tork Central and
Kudaon Btvsr Ballroad, living at Bo.
SOI Bt. Htohola. avsnu.
a ---
OBtlOB lemer on Kirr Rarrs l
Newport evrs
NONKNsJL V . Oct. s.-The Urltl.h
steamer IraTr, Ivlth a cargo of rodn W
from Galveston to Kumpean porta,
passed In tha Virginia anes, on tire,
to-day, heading for Hswport Neara for
awlatinfsai , .
Circulation Books Open to All."
The Pre.. Pnhlltliln
lork klorldl.
(Specially Photographed hy an Evening World Staff Photographer.)
jAndnw Came?ie Cont ributeJ
j $2S,ooa to Help President
Get Nomination.
WAHinNOTOV, Oct 8. nlre!.en
tutlve William B. McKlnley, pre-con
vfntlon manager for I'reslilent Tafl,
presented to the Clapp Committee to
day nc.oonnts showing he hud spent
about 1290,000 for the President's can
Uuecy He said II. "0.000 was eub
scrlhed by Henry W. Taft and Charles
i P Taft, the President's brothers, and
that John Hays Hammond, E. T.
fitotcslmry and Andrew Carnegie gavo
its.eet ea.
AnOttltr chapter was adds I to the lis.
puled sic ry of the so-callcl Harrtman
jto.f"0 conttlhutlon to the Itepubllcan
lat'pal'm of i:m when Wnyiie M.icVeaxh
of Phllsdeliilila. former Attorney-General,
to-diy told tna Clupp CottUNtttM of
a tslspbona oonvoTSfttion h IfeK..
Twombly had with the .ate B. H H i r
rinian In 1901.
Mr. HMVaUll said that while In Mr.
j Twombly's office Iti October. r4, the
latter had a telephone talk und told
him that It was with Mr H.irrlnnin.
that Mr. Hnrriman had said he had
been to the White House, that President
Roosevelt had 9prS88d anxiety that
a IJIO.iW fui'd be raised, and that Mr.
j Htrrlmnn had agreed to It. Charles A,
Peabody, President of the Mutual Ufa
Insurance Company, Mr. Mn-Veagh
aald, was In Mr. Itarrlmin'" office
.while Mr. Harrtman was talking with
' Twombly.
I This whs Mr. MacVeagli'e vemlon of
I n story told !.y ChgflOS IMward ItussrM,
Soi lalltt candid lt for Qovomor of New
York, and flldton C, Welllver, a news
paper man, o the effe't tliat J p
M IfgM hid roeslVad a similar telephone
08,11 front the Whlto House. Mr Mui.
Veagh admlttad lMVln( told VVIlllvar
Labout the Harrlman Twombly conver-
rOUTICAI. I' ARIll.h AND i;i ntu,
can r.nt sn A...inluy llsll In ih. Tjlltser
Building, .estlnjr it&u. snd one s.atlns 78.
gsy or nlsbt. app K. A. Hrstt, Kaum
880 sStlilitr (War Id) Bailsina.
nnfl niHfiniinil rrmeT "tmaior uepew toin an the "
rllK I AMU A II M 'tsnd how he had given IIO.OUO and then J
i ui unnii mun
l-l-t-l-l-l-l-l-l-I-I'-l I I I-l-t-t-t -I-I-l
fa'.lon. but knew of none In Wbteh Mr.
Morq n was eoneerncd. Mr. MscV'eug i
tertirli d he had been given to under
stand Hist In mnkltiK contributions In
1904 Mr. Twombly represented the Vau
derbllt railroad Interests, Henry 0,
Krlck the coal and stool Interests, and
lohn D. An-. i'.., id an dtlie Ute H. 11.
Hogrrs Standard Oil interests.
Former Senator Depew told on the
in I how he had given 110,0(10 and then
was assessed 17,000 more. "I have al
ways been a Joke," he said, "and it
was quite a Joke on me to he assessed
and then nearly tricked out of the
Mai'Veagh declared positively that he
had never seen Morgan use a telephone
and declared ho und the banker had
never discussed campaign contributions.
"It was my habit never to bo Inter
viewed," added the witness, repudia ing
the statement of Welllver, that ha
(MacVeagh), had Klven him the Morgan
lloosevelt atory. Welllver was again In
the room reporting the hearing.
"I never could have made any such
statement, as no such event ever hap
pened In Morgan's ufflcs," said Mac
' Mr. Welllver and Mr. Itussell might
have been mWlsd,'' added Mai Veagh.
"I asked Welllvr to come and see me.
I told him 1 wou.d talk to him only as
a gentleman and not for publl utlon. I
told li I in o" an Incident that did oe u:
but not fur publication.''
' What wan thut Incident?" Iglltnf
Clftpp lnterruped.
MacVeagh parried:
"A gentleman, now dead, told n.e
Something that another gentlernsn, now
dead, told him I don't like to relate
It under the circumstances.
"Well, then, state If jou told Mr
Welllver anythlnn concerning heing In
Mr. Morgan's otflce snd t.iat he sail
inytblni about contributions?" ggicad
"Not s aoid at any time fir place,"
said MacVeagh, 'but that doesn't Imply
that I didn't have a convernstlon with
some one else regarding an iQOtdant of
that kind.'"
Clapp insisted that MaeVeagh disclose
exactly what he told Welllver He 878s
In kid Up by Senator Oliver.
"I del ropeat u ii oceunen e of this
character." MacVeagh Mr illy slmltte.i,
"Hul relates to 8lt0f8lb8r a different
person than Mr. Morgan I was In the
office of Mr Twombly (Hi Mi K Twob
bl i aboi.. that time He (Mr Twombly)
was called to the 'phone Ills secretary
told him a man wanted to talk to him
the booth. He came back and said
he hail been talking to Mr Harrtman;
that Mr Harrtman had been called to
(Continued oa flaooad Page.J
Prick coal and ..stains WmtG iV iBat JfjlT.a fl Kri-y, I '"
I' Uta bbBb3 ' IT mS&l&itrmELs I
4-H-HH-l-M-W-l-l-l-l -H H- l 1 1 I I I
Tesrsan atartsd nerTonaly and gBTS
tarry Doyls rot tha orsdlt of ths Brat two assists, handling the taps af
Terk.s and Speaker faultlessly.
Bnodg-raas got tna ftrat bit of tba series, a clean alng-le over seoond.
ristchsr made tha first error of tba game, when he fumbled Oardn.r's easy
tabl mads tba flrat attsmpt to ataal aaooad, bnt Bl.y.rs'i throw to Doyls
fot him by tan fast.
Waguer rot tba eecona base OB balls off T. sr.au
Wood eompletaly fooled hfsysra ana ristchsr In the Clients half of ths
aacond Inning, In saccssslon.
Tesrsan lssnsd two mors paases la tha third to Wood and Speaker. Wood
was OB third whan Tesr.au "walksd" tha Red Son star hlttsr. Up to this time
T.srean hadn't a slngls strike ont to his ersdlt, while Wood bad f our,
Bnodgraaa had a great chanos to distinguish himself la tba third, bat
struck ont, with Dsrora on third and Doyla on aeooad.
"Bed" Mnrray bronrht In tha flrat rnna, Devore aad Soyle, with a timely
single, thua making np for hia failure In last year's world's series.
Stahl waa Tearaan'a flrat strike ont victim la tbs fourth.
Tesrean dlapoaed of the Bed Soa three In a row in tUe flfth, causing Cady
and Wood to bit weak grounders and striking Wooyer out.
tarry Doyls gut hia second hit in the Uith, bnt waa ont trying to atretoh
it Into a double.
Bpsakfr got the flrat Bad Soa bit off Tesreau, a trlpls. and shortly after
ward soorsd tbs Hustons' flrat run
Tbs Bad Son got to Tesrsan la tba seventh inning and scorsd thrse runs
on three singles and a donbls, giving tbsm ths Isad.
Tssreau was taksn ont of the box la ths eeren'h when the Bed Box
acored three runs, and Doo Crandall took np tha pltchlny ob
r I P.ST HACK riVf and a lulf fur-
kMiBs! twoyaarolds alltnrantiM. Orial
Britain. ItO (MoCaba), won, t'steppt, 10)
(Gooae)i BSOOOd; Thd Orader, 106 fA:i
dresai, third. Time not given. Hem
pr'te, Kanberrj, I'mic Huruils, Jacob
Runii, rtllowman, Hkeeis, Ifiaaon.
SlintptUOU8 and Lord Marshi.l ulso rin.
Two-dollar miittisli paid lirejt Urlialii,
straight, M.W; placa, M, show. ::
ITateppi placa, tt.tC; show, fi) The
Grader, sh ' . 'i 'tn
PRPOWU ItACK- Selling one mile and
a latsenth; four- ear-olds, -t'luhs. ini
(Turin Ti, won: I'atr i he, 101 (Csllahan),
aanondl Srlndle. 1I3 ir'alni, third. Time
leu -f, Charlie Riraus. Hob Fnrlev.
t'vnosure. iJvnamlte. Iiorble Jack, nighi
Supple, (lagnant also ran. $3 mutual
pall. Clulis. strn'ght ST.Q0. place. 84.90,
show, 2 7o, Patru he. pia-e, 6.I0, BSOW,
Spindle, show 12 .to.
Circulation Books Open to
1 l-H-f d-H-H 1 1-1 l-l- l-l 1 11 1 I 1 I I H
Woop.r. lbs first man ap, a baas oa
$1,000 IN TICKETS.
Nearly ll.ono i,rth of ttckstH to ths
enrred precincts of tiie I'olo (imunds
went lo wail., this Bftsrnoon when sev
enteen Ppaoulatorg who were trUug eur
reinltlously io pelilie 'hem were ar
rastad and their prol8UI pasisboards
onflaostad, in soma Laatanoaa arhtn a
wily speculator saw one of Die Hpe-la!
spccuistor squad ilssoandtns upon him
lie tried to te.ir ii his tlclve.s or slip
tin ln do a II I le w e r
The first of lbs eeverrteen to he eg.
nioln.l hy MaaialfBtO KfOtal In Marl.-m
Court waa daaOhsrSBd for laok of ei
daSJSSi SH M I OR?T IBr. a c.
SassB qaslui i ... corn frasi IS. s.r4sas at
aWae. a.cs. iiwr... Cosdlt Co.'. (wiss. e
WK)Tlir.N fair
40,000 Excited Fans See Red Sox
Triumph in Opening Game
of World's Series at
Polo Grounds.
Tesreau Knocked Out of Box in the
Seventh After Pine Showing.
Crandall Replacing Him.
... 1
Devorc. If
Doyle, 2h
Snodgruss, cf.. 0
Murray, rf
Merkle, lb
Hcrzoi, 3b
Meyers, c 0
Fletcher, as . 0
Tesreau, p. ... 0
Crandall, p . 0
McCormick. 0
Becker 0
Total 3 I 27 12 1
l'.ited far Tearaau la seventh.
He. ker ran far Ha) era In nintB.
Haas hlta Off Wood, 8: off Teereau, 8; off Crandall. I. Flrat baas on balls
Off Wood, 1 1 off Tssreau. 4. Flrat base on arrora Boston, ; New Tork. I
Ift on 88888 ittSStOII. ii New Tork, 8. Struck out-By Wood, 11; by Tasrea.i.
4 by 'VandaJI, I Thre-baa Wt-Speaker. Two-aaaa bita-Doyle. Hoopei.
Waamer. Msyara. Uoubla playa BUhl. unassisted. Hit by pitcher Meyers.
POLO GROUNDS, Oct. 8. The Boston Red Sox won the open
ing imc of the ninth world's series this afternoon over the Giants by a
score of 4 to 3. Forty thousand fans saw fbe battle. Joe Wood, the
star twirler of the Boston staff ran true to form and trtumphed over Tes
reau and OrarhJall In the hardest fourht game that has ever been played
in a World Chaniptonshir. He showed his rrealneas ta the last half of
the ninth inning when the Giants had ninnrrs on second and third with
only one out and needed one run to tie the score. Wood then turned
loose everything he had in reserve and struck out bosh Fletcher and
The (llanta out-bit tba Ss la this
,:ame by to t And tba defaa can
raily he laid to BWodgraao, who in
the a!sth Inning ran oser In front vf
Payor and missed a long drlv from
Bgwakar'a bat that lrure was sat
Wld ready fi r catch with a, Thia
jm, the Bos tbs one aeora that waa
nag lod to win,
Tesreau sltoh-sl rasyll a marrallwat
game up to the seventh liming, wh-o
he weakened and waa tapped for leor
ajass hit. Whl nattad Boston thraa
runs. A'twr Crandall took BP tba
ptohtna J and eacaped unaaihad.
Tin Olant mada a gam rai.y In th
net naif of the ninth, when Merkl and
Murray hit aafaly and Mayors foUow.!
with a long safe two-bafgnr. rietoher
s unable to hit h ball at an and
the great rally waa wuslohed
Astts from Snodgrss'a mistake anil
ths inlsup batween Uardner and Iwia
la the second Inning, both team vWy.d
beautiful ball. Aa to playing form,
there waa little to choose between
than When tha gam was orar. 80S
iioeton looters, lad by bra band.
Tii'. bt nmrs "'" tnoe aaaeBssjBBr thwB
ta-tkti Wednesday elaady.
cum I iy in
2 t t 1 3
H. 10. A. B. B. H. FO. A. E.
0 0 0 0 Hooper, rf.. .1 I 10 0
2 3 0 0 Yerkes.2b.... 0 I I 1 0
2 2 0 0 Speaker, cf. . . 110 0 0
110 0 Lewis, If 0 0 2 0 0
1 12 0 0 Gardner, 3b 0 0 110
2 110 Srshl. lb 0 0 7 0 0
16 10 Wagner, as. 1 2 4 3 0
0 2 11 Cady, c 0 1 11 10
0 0 2 0 Wood, p I 0 0 1 0
0 0 10
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
4 27
paraded aswund Baa Said, causing
nt.er.l he'.labailae For n half
Tha ply era a awah taaaas laft for Bo
tan at 1.8 oa a special train.
Kipeotia aha speed af Jee Wood to
far thaat wBvaa tha real straggle be
gan, the Oaaata naad tssBB Ana In bat
ting praatftM. WHh Inatiai tlana front
IfoOraw, tea tarns teoae aarythlns he
bad. aoS tak HIIH8 waat ta It Ike a
daafe ta wwtar. It as ass af tha Una
atleaa saada bp lailf Parte aad Jack
M array aawM haws aawa asaad for the
bad tie la aaStayw tha 0asja would hare
had eaay aalbj. aVrarr raasuadlas
tuut k beaag-nt a ohatr from tba orowd.
This waa BifheBs. baaaaas, to the pafl
that waat an faasn aba Bad Soa
Mngent when tba Aiwieis
ermmaiass taak , SBBalliii turn with tha
Papa taak tha msiiad t Uala tha nog
ton oar ta ourrea. aad when Breaker
alunmed owe 8lwat thaj atjght Said wail
Ilk a ehet. wis naa mam Ban 1 and tha
r another of
drlvlna rha
halt arooavJ. aad
praMmlnary was
that ot tha
rw sU OesstsuM, ixeitel euts taiitisa as Giants.
Cjg ' tha Utlti?gwldi f-T. ZZ qTu
wiiTiir' i"iMsmnaswaaaw '

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