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thi iviNiifd world, tllDAT, OTTWm F.'Ttit'.
red erweaters sn.1 tr'k 'llr" Twirl
It the prsrllc-e. Thin was taken t -dtaate
that they wawld be the pit'tiers.
MeOraw would not adawt aa Mi
however, be lotr that bo weald
not if a!le to make hi announcement
until several of na men had warm"'! up.
Jeff TinTSau ws. kert nut of batilnt
rrsetlce. aa was Marque rd.
Manager Stahl alto declined to SS
Baaaa Ma pttohar until after the
n arm -up, U aa avldant that lb men
L. agera were Jockeying to eee who (ha
f vttr woofs tel. I'l the nshw. tho
K- vtsltlna manager haa to tura IB Ma bat-
tT' ' n order Oral and thle gaee McOra w
: IM chance to hold barf untM the last
a" in oencn t and offset anr rmrre bjr kia
At two minute afler tarn, Mfh atra
jo H nailed on rab side tha Aeld ati
ii.oain. las Uo heiaer.es weald ka Teereeu
J and Meyers and for Boston Wn;d ami
twfady. Tha .election of Cady Instead r
,ki Major oar-wr pushed the ftrat (
J arm Braoa n tin bases.
I- i Arst hall pitched ev Taaraau wee
Tata hit faat one It want far ever llooa.
I fJtio flrat ball pitched by Taaraau waa
"ar h Tka second waa tha seine
Tesreau thn cot t" atrlkee over tha
.v-plaaa, but wound up by gllng Hooper
baa. on kalla.
Tableau waa evidently a Httla narrova,
4wnd waa pitchlag much fsster than
;t,iiual Uadar the coaching of Meyere.
tattled dawn and Terkaa hit a aplt
Vdjiall etraliht at Doyle, who threw hint
!'eut at flret. Hooper taking second on tha
;l Maj. A carve bail tooted Boa-sker for a
striae And on tha neat ball ha Boat-iced
aa eaa boander ta Uoylr, who oaelly
'ailed tha Boat on atar at flrat, Varkna
- t .king third aa the play. But It did hlta
' no good aa Lewie hit tha wret ball
pitched and eont a liner atralgnt Inta
-dbjodgraae' handa. Taireaa had polled
'hitneeir out of a hole right off tbe reel.
. ?"0 BUNS.
, Wd uncorked hie epeod on Darora
ilght at the atart but Devore waited
and took two belle. Tba Mil two oat
tha plate In half and them Joah fouled
nna. On the neit try, Derora atroak
out on a high one that eaaee oar Mho a
Doyle refuaed to wait Bad hit tha
: rat ball pitched for an r.iey grounder
. ..,.. .- .h.nw hlM (Mil Ikl
",0 '
iron, raa ireaeiie we w .
. i.i. ..rf
- -wtyle of attack. Oaa man waiting aad
. . ,k. ... R-ll Innri.
rae waited patiently aaM Wood
ad pitched two balla and waa in a
ol. He then got one In two groove
,t '. nd amuehi'd It over aaoond for a clean
ingle. The flrat hit of the gaate
Murray aieo played tba waiting game
JTji nUl he had worked Wood far throe
-1 1 wniwt Muuiri ea wot ona
-t irtke ovor. but tha Boat waa wMe and
iMurrav walked. Wood pat tha rot
Stang over for a atrlka on Mtrkla, but
seae nett waa lnw and Inaia The
-"mokr Doy" thaa triad a curve and
It aplit the heart of tha plate for tha
second strlka. Again ha triad a low
one. tut Merkle would not fait for It.
ta the nasi ona, however, ha popped
a. easy fly to Wagner. And tha aide
was out. NO RUNS. OMC HTT
; Taar.au
, ."Jardner trt
J lo put ova
Tmr.au waa again wabbly, and gave
nree naiia. rao men msmaej
er two strtkea. On tha fifth
all. Oardnrr hit a grounder Wntea
lletcaier fumbled aad ha waa aafa at
first. It was the flrat error of the gam.,
on an sags chance, too. fjtahl tried ta
aacriAc. but Taaraau got tha bant aad
shot the ball to aecoad in time to foroa
Hardner. Stahl attempted to steal aec
oad on the flret hail, but Meyers' a throw
ta Doyle waa straight aa a rifle shot 1
and the ltuelon manager waa out by ten
f.et Teareau again showed wlMneee,
and after two strtkea on Wagner gave
Htm a linee on balla. ' Cady hit tha
Mcond bull, a long fly to Murray. Mur
ray waa playing In daap right caatra for
Cady. and had gurased him Just right,
nn RUNS,
itaraog up. It lewbsd as at ha waa bit
Jn tba arm by a pitched ball, hut tbe
aspire held that It struck Ms bat and
Mgajgj not allow Mm to go to flrat. ta'l
tng it a atrlka. Harsog than struck at
lee next ball and m.aasd It. On the
tMrd try Ilerzog popped up an aaay fly
to Stabl. A great about waat up whea
Ohlaf Meyere came up, but Wood curved
I he first one over the plate for a strike,
' romf lately (ooUng the Indian, Then
Wood shot a fast one over the piste for
. ;aa aecoavd atrlka. Tha Cfciat foulod ona
ff and t?ien struck out on a fast one
; . utalde the pasta. Fletcher alas straick
cut sfter fouling off three bal e NO
Twarsau epeaed up aa Wood and got
two strikes on him for a starter; th.
next two eCertaga were baas. Thaw
another ball aad thaa Wood got a base
- on halls. Hooper boated a aaarlSsa te
" wArd first and Teareau tossed him out
" .ft flret. Wood going to aaoond. Tes-
I'.au put tho first strlks over for Terkaa.
.... a.. . Inai, r.u...
Ut IIU l-ll . WW
hen bounced an easy bounder to DoVs.
,'bo throw him out at first while Woad
'ook third. Speaker up. Teareau was
very rsreful of Speaker, snd in trylnt
to work corners gsve him a base on
eaHa I -m la up. Larwla went after a
akd ene snd popped sa easy fry ta
iHfl - retlrta, 'he side. MO HUM
Wood L.rned Is all hla soeed sad got
lira atrtkes aa Teareau. Ha thaa
'feokd tne big fellow with a pretty
urv. uver the piel., and Jeff ass the
tntrd man in succaaaloo that Wood had
fanned. After Devore hid swung at the
ail twice, he changed h's mind and
-awaited until Wood gave him a base on
i sails Doyle bit a Texas League Into
left centre that laewle and Gardner let
tell efe batweaa them, and Dover,
shot Into third like a ballet, Doyle going
ta eeeend on the Flay to third, Tho
flrat break of ths game had gons to the
aiante. Aad ths teas west wUd with
Joy. It was now up to I odgraaa to
tarn ths trick. lis struck at ths Oral
oat and missed it. And the nasi was a
foist It begun to look gloomy, aad more
so when Snodgrass swung at the oext
one and alruck out. T. la gava the Bos
tan roo tra a chance to yell, but the
assents still had a otiajiec with Murray,
who hlt at Die first ball and missed It.
Murraj came through with a bit by
thing a clean single to ceatrs tbat
Many Stood All Night in the Line at Gate Seven
Speculators Arrested Outside the Grounds
Both Teams Get a Rousing Greeting.
fBy .- i :l Wire to The Evening Work!.)
POLO GROUNDS, Oct. 8. A crowd that tilled every seat in the
rush Stadium hut Ikippointed the hall playm in that it did not enjulf
,he ou,er f,eW ,,hered ,his af,frn to the I the
World's Championship Scries between the Ciiants aikl the Hoston Red
$ox. It was not found necessary to
... MrtTl .u. nMi imA
Sn0r,,y Petore Xne K3 SWIM.
i ne new arr;in.?emem ror selling
-.. . - - - J t 1, , ., u . .1 . . i . i. .
agcmciu pruvcu i urn a nduici kj uc iiinci sficcuiaiors, nut pronahly a
discourifini? element in respect of the attendance. The popular Impres
sion that all the feats would be taken early in the day kept thousands
down town wlio would have seen the fame had they known the true
condition of affairs. However, it was a big enough crowd to satisfy any
body but the players looking forward to the money standpoint.
The jrame was almost under way before the celebrities amonf the
rooters be. to arrive. In fact the first ball had been pitched before
the reserved seats in the stand filled up and there were many vacant
boxes at that stage of the proceedings.
The Red Sox, although in hostile territory, were given a hearty re
ception by the immense audience when they appeared on the field. A
delegation of Boston rooters with a band did great work In counteract
ing the fans sentiment in the audience. Larry Doyle was presented with
an automobile before the game.
The eort of baeohall enthtietaam that
eaablaa ona be brave everything from
oaM foot to coat In the head, with lum-
ne paeumonln .ia aay etatlnn
coanplalau between. Impelled t.mw men
. , ,
Bad a fsw weraeo to
aaae nble ootaldo
tho Polo Orounda dnrlnit the night and
early raornrag waiting for tha gataa to
Of aa Theoe ahtTantng fana formed m
five Uaaa down Hlghth nvenue. the
head of each lint atretchtng away from
tha gaa pipe chute leading to a tura
etlta, and In the froety chill of dawn
about 2,10 Bicn equal in number to two
regtateota of the United Btatee army-
nld aardlnad tnmiaelvea In pi ,mn.
Tha slow but effective eft . ta of the
rising sun. which did not laog so much
Ilka a triad egg thle year aa It d.l las:
year, coaxed out tne hall and bat patrluta
wha had bean kept iadoore by the dark.
and so -in the line had gained the pro.
portiena aexave mentioned, 1,000, gbtang-
five Lnes or l.ioo persona eaoh. tile popu-
Igttaa of a small oltj . paopla aClueni
saougb to spend from twelve to fifteen
hours and two dollars each for the
satlafaetlon afforded by a oouple of
baui . at hasshalL
Those hardy aoula who braved the
oald Barged through the gatea and poo-
ssased the front state In the lower tier
of the grandatanu. Reserved sea: hold-
an had gone through thel. punishment
bafore and were fre. to come to-day at
any time tbat suited their .onv.nl.nce.
.... ..... . . ,. . .
. ,. 'T . .
M tho cold Ounday night and erda,
Wr ' to-day
torn, of prenur. .x.rt.d by pby.l-
The Immensity of the eaaUng spare
aeored both Iievore and Doyle. When
Speaker threw to the plate Murrav tried
to take eecoal tut Cady ahol ball
back to Terkaa In time to get Murray
at second TWO Rf.SH TWO 111 Trt.
Taaraau started off with a lot of
confidence In the fourth and Uurdnor
waa retired on an eusy foul fly
Hersog. The Idg bear hunter then
shot three strikes over on Stahl and
uaca on. out. aii tnree wore aplt -
tera Wagner swung at the diet ball
offered and popped a high foul that
M.rkU caught at the adg. of tha
Stsnd. NO ni'NS
Murray was given a great ovation
when b. came from the field io the
UjaajB, Wood pat three strtkea over
for Merkle, and lis waa called out with
out swinging st a ball. Hersog was
ts fo. lunate snd landed on one l
Wood's smoke ball. for . cl.an drive
UUU bounce ov wMn.r's hd BjT
a single Meyer, was out on a High
bamder to Wood. Hersog taking eeo-
east, sletrlier now liad a chance to
achieve fame, but ht waa called out on
strlks. NO RUNS.
Cady want after the second ball
pitched and rolled an easy grounder
to Doyle, who tossed him out at Aral
Wood also went after a gatttaf nnd
rolled a weak grounder to Mnkle. who
needed no asslstsnce In making the
play. Hooper waa completely tiaffleit I
by Teareau's spitbnll and with t nree I
i-.r.v .s. a.ruih ot Nil ULNA
Tssreau naa aaay picking for Wood
and struok out on three pitched bslls
Devore swung on a fast ball ind lifted
an easy fly to l-ewls In left. Doyls
smaahed the Arst ball past third for
double, but over al'.d th. bag al ae.'
ond and waa touched out. Oardncr to
Wagner NO BUNA.
Terkee swuag st tbe second ball and
lifted aa easy fly to dno grass Snod
grass rsa ovsr into Devore'. territory
snd attempted to take ffaeikers 'ikea
drlvs and prevented Josh from gett.ng
the ball, the ball getting aey from him
aad rolled aafa for three baaea fui
Speaker. Lewls then uousced out to
Doyle and Speaker scored Tne of
ficial sowers sooroi apeaker's drlvu a a
three-base hit. Oardner swung at three
spltters and struifc out. ONE KUN
Wagner I una tiled .sucugraaa's hot ghat
to short and li was aafs at fit at Hut
ray attempted to bunt but popped a
aaay Ay Into tahl's handa Ths Moston
manager then tossed the hall an Verkee
al Brat at t4sat te deaieie Saavdgraaa bt
throw the field open fo standees until
scats adopted by the (jiants mai
.:i... ... ...
no,:;;.1 -r , u? ,h
until about hir .k. 1
. - -
was Ih.lde the walia "'rtarn
lnontnui - v i
t52lAL SL iWfN m
worn ami K . . . .
- : we. iot im rria
. . - loosing iiamoad (If an
Inan.mate thing can he sJd t0 look
weary), the crowd, we compel leg to
depend upon rhelr own devices for ea-
niniifni. a revaritf
W for gaomdt
mtom to Matid
U0 aVni Rrnnls'er. hi.
ballaf In the Had 8ox to tha extent of
five dollars. uch an esclter was In
variably mobbed. Kew of them really
meant ts bet. Their sole aim waa to
wa ruiueni, ana tney eu
A braas band atatloned over on
"r,h shle of the fl.ld class to ths ete-
rauroao. played at Intervals, bui
nobody paid any attention to bsnd
,nsk- There wag muala Ih tha steady
tramming and scraping of feat sn con-
crl floors, tha slam and rattle of seats
droppag into place, the roar of vol va
n conversation and the ahrlll clamor
of the hueky youttie who went about
with baakeu after the manner of steam.
roll ore. vending ssndwlches and otn;
atablea. real and alleged. As ths sun
cilrnbed higher and the raya ran their
"lun avarage up to NO or thereabouts.
,B '" "n0 c""s In aa stiff as
'' 6 began to strotcb their
"mo" od U"e ""c' ot '" " J
ther.wltn aaao -Isied
It la wonderful how a mob of thou-
,.na. of rfn,u J '
rk gJJ f
M the bar. These wore men wno
feared not to leave their aeats. being
fore he could get baok ts tha bag.
Merkle lifted a high fly to Wagner for
the third out. NO rtl'NS.
Stahl aaung at the Oral ball and waa
ou: on an easy grounder to Ifoyle to
Merkle Wagner lined a single int.)
centre, whlb was Huston's flrat clean
hit of the game. Cady also smashed a
to Mingle Into centre and W'uanur avi. io
second. Wood' I grounder bounced away
' from Doyle, but Pleteer got It In time
; rT . 9 . saw vows, aiier having
lw" strikes, smaahed a two-base drive
'I"ht. ,n"M '";1' """ring
Wait a. shXV SS Ll"
and Ubtfj alammed a clean single Into
left, scoring Wood and 11 ikiner una mil.
una tne uiu box m lh lead On
Devnrr'e throw to tie plete, Yerlie too,
crond. Speaker up ) .truck out
". "r9X ".r,Ke vl" '
I ball Mi ve. . u. . hy pl,l h"1
. threw to Wagner. MoformlcL .,, ,
hat in ptaas of Trsreeu Me.". .Jo. J
ilieu io irfwie. NO u .a N() ItrTS
Oandel' io. t,p (),,. ,
Burden fn th, eighth tanlag for thi
'' ' '" HP) the Aral Bill
Hm w the plate (or h su k, nnd
-n.de umHi hit an easy grounder t
1 ' iraw him out at hr.i
iarMner batting, Hardtier was aaajry
raobrd by Crwndairi alow ball .mj
Kj:5 "' ' ' ' tru.'k out. MJ
n.-.or on II.. i .
. -i. ... . ... ' '"""' eu n slow
a no in nl .. ...
Pl.'V up and threw htm nut at first
win uioia iiunne.l , hjftl
one ut
v saner and dle.l th
igaui as Dergr
i "no'isras- popped an egg Ay t nlir,i
a "r 'w the aide No M'NH
Wugner aajrassad a iwo-bao k1
aalnat tha lrt Acid asgil and went
to third ea Paly sairlfleeil gnd WJM
hroun ,,ui h ileraca to Margie Utah.
Jail Uvrrw Wood out at flrat, arte,
aa.lng that u ww! nffW htri
Hooper lined uui U Dyla. NO it I NH
Mwrray nied to Hooper Miicid
smashe.1 a single over ggntmrl. Iletgoa
allowed wlih dosn aln e ( r,ght
tnd the Oiante' fana took In die Meyere
ip Meyers a.nesried a twn-bareir
igaluat the right field wall and scind
dortile, eeadlnr. Herwig to thh-J. u ..,
put on haaes to run for M ers
teli'taB- roule.1 orr two. On the third
tternut 11 II r If struok out and lust
erat eliarve for fame Cianlall yp
lan laJI etruck out after f.nilliig tw i
hair's Into Mia stand . OJfK 1U".
Managers of Opposing Teams
Shaking Hands Before Battle
protected by eonpona ufelr stowed
away In Inelde pockets. Aa fnr thoie
who ware compelled to remain planted
ar lose thalr positions of rentage, any
aort of a Httla thing was aufflcleat to
atart them going.
A young man from Pate-raon, N. J..
who obviously had left hla home town
yeaterday erentng and reached the
Polo Orounda on accommodation train
achedala. woke up oat of a sound slsap
and nailed for three cheer for Pater
eon. N. J. A thousand men gave throe
cheers for Pateraoa, N. J. A girl In a
crimson polo coat stood upon her aaat.
munching a place of chocolate. Flva
thouaand men gave her three cheere
(and a tiger. The demand for cheere
'' curaw. eewreei
land other Olant heroes waa continuous
AIon, .bout noon, a man could gat up
and. by loudly proclaiming hla desire.
.-rner thro, good ripping cheer, for
It was not until sfternoon thst the
cumulative force of tha gathering
crowd began to make Itself felt- Where
single figures and groups had been
dropping down the Incline of the bleach
er and tha stands there was aow a
steady cataract pouring lato a space
I that waa constantly fining up from
below. The gaudily decorated stand
fronts, which look as 'hough they were
plastarsd. with ths sides of circus
wag on a. took on s richer tone aa the
diamond was gradually encircled In.
black and brown instead of the dran
yellowtsh cerrmlexlon of the here seats.
Ttiere is a dadded difference between
the appearance of a Fourth of July
crowd and a world series crowd la the
Polo Orounda The summer crowd. In
tight suite snd straw hats, fringes the
Arid with a more Inspiring background
than that of fall suitings, ovemoats and
derby hats. But ths world rerlee erowd
is more eel id In appearance, aa It may
well be, In view of the extra price
charged for adtniaaton.
Up to noon there had been a dearth
of artificial devices for causing noise.
A fsw had horns and megaphones, a
few had Bella There was no necessity
for aide to clamor. About half tha as
semblage was osaoaasd of a cold which
would require, for a collective cure, a
lake or cough syrup aa big aa the Cm
ton reservoir and a staek of quinine as
big as ths Municipal Building.
Never was there a busier lot of tele
phones than those Installed here to-day.
It would aeem that too Impression
among fans that ths Polo Grounds
aould be filled to rapacity soon after
daylight waa quite general. Thoss who
came early hurried to the telephones to
n0,Ifv fri'tids downtown rhat there was
I "dntT f room. Many of those friends
downtown a:a not appreciate now self-
eacrrAclng were their friends at las Polo
Grounds, lor getting to s telephone
meant atsmdlng ln line for an bour and
taking a chance of losing a seat
The fan of the deepest dyed-tn-the-wool
type ln the grounds was a small
Boy who waa raptured by an alert spec
ial policeman Inte la the morning under
the grander and. Thla youth, by bis own
admission, smuggled bl.nsslf Into the
Pulo iii muds Sunday night. Hs bad, to
slart with, a bag of bananas, some
doughnuts, a determined dlsposltl n,
some crullers and a package of chewing
gum. On thle provlalon he subsisted
ur it, hie ambition about to be realized,
hn waa aelssd by as unfeeling minion
of the management aad huatied tun . i
tbe emit gals.
Ths laineiitaUuns of the young Olani
rooter attracted the attention of a man
who was not so immersed In the occasion
ta to have hla milk of human k1ndn?as
tried up Thu man went to the front
or the boy and bought him a seat, and
tie young adventurer, sllll possessed of
i doughnut snd a chunk of second hand
in wing gun, saw the gaaiie ln gijry
lumlxed with apprehrnalun.
One man who had a great t!m dur-
ur the preliminary foollah antlca of las
crowds In the grand etanu waa a rooter
. :ii llostiin, who wurv an ulster and a
lg Hal that looked like a piece of a
'ur rug. Th, Host on man w as w ell tap.
lAed for either the eaat wind of his
home town or the frapued oaone of New
Vork. said fortlAcalloa having been ac
quired at the rate of Afteen rente per
onatltuent part, or two for a quarer.
He iM.uld not keep still IJaj m , , 1 down
the aland he wandered end gamboled
Ike the lamb In the aoug. Me had bis
ilater buluaed up around him and hla
atl pulled down over hla ears. As he
. . . .
progressed the tans tors up newspaper.
wnu n mcj
thr,v lnl ,h"' B and allowed lo tm
atB rwinieoi. ai taa aiaae enow
everybody sr,lered snd the Bosun
nan, Io the accompaniment of a . on-
I ilnual 'b-r-r-r-r!"
the souBd of i
elelghriella. smiled and relished his sur
roundings, for he felt at home.
At the far and of tha northerly
swe-p of the lower tier of the grand
atand there waa a stretch of vacant
aeats that loo mad up after the reat of
tho stand was filled. Naturally thle
reserved space, carefully guarded by
apectal pollcemeri, waa tha eubject of
continual Inquiry. Gradually the In
formation seeped through the assem
blag, that the empty seating space waa
being held In reservation for 100 root
ers from Boston, kind Provld.nco be
tween them and all harm, amen.
For the first time since It began to
blow the big steam whistle In tba rsil-
road yards adjoining the Polo iroands .
waa applauded whan It Bounded tbe j
luneh hour s noon to-dsv The man at
the whistle cord was evidently a CJiant
rootsr. for when he had blared out the i
sian.i ii nr. .u.rruu.uu.ii ,.......,.
to eat he followed It up with a eerlss of
loots. The flrat three went unnoticed. I
Ths next
was cheered. Throe more 1
roused the erowd of M.OOO to tumultuous
spplauso. Protilem, If 2S.00D rootara la
the Polo Orounda unanimously Indorse a
ateam whistle at noon, what are tho poo- j
slbllltlee of Indorsement for a Olant
boma run at 3 o'c.ochf
At IS. lb o'clock i aero popped out of a
door under the right Acid bleacbera two
Agurea ln uniform, ona In the white
trousers and shirt and barber pol"
stockings of tho Olsnts, ths other in
Madk! trousers snd red sweater. This
was ths Arst time ths crowd had been
offered an opportunity to look on a
regular ballplayer, and those two eth
letea will probably never hog a baseball
stage so effectively again. They tossed
s baseball back and forth for Afteen
minutes and retired Into a recess be
tween a whiskey sign and the interlock
ing underwear algn.
TO 13,500 BONUS.
Aa they faded from view the crowd.
tired of amualng Itself, liegan to roar
for some asslstsnce from the regular
diamond performers, who are to draw
down from r.'.ono to 0,&0 apiece for
'.heir toll In this series. Speaking ot
toll, never did the work of a ball play
er look more like toll to the writer
than to-day. The miiltl-mllllonslre en
irages In deale threatening not only his
own fortune, but the fortune, of thou
etnda of hold, rs of bor.dff . d stocks
The captain of ln -etry hold. In hla
r tin; Jobs of hordes of Men and
women. The editor and author launch
great thoughts that may swsy the
-ntnds of mil. Ions. The politlelBn swings
runtes and ths nation to his proAt or i
loss. Hut ail theso work alone. They
frame and execute their own campaigns.
The ball player ln a world'a aeriea.
with the eyes of the nation upon him,
must depend on the skill, the Judgment
and the daring of eight other men.
He may make no mlatake himself, but
the mistake of one other may render
uaeleas the effort and atruggls of tbe
one occasion of his lifetime. Playing
baseball ln a world's series Is Indeed
cuual to aentenre of hard labor.
The Olant., came on the Held at 13.44
o'clock and were acclaimed aa no glad
lator of old was ever greeted. In
orderly dlaorder, their arma and
ihouldera protected by cardinal colored
sweaters, the athletes rep: eacntlng New
Vork town stnbled across the Aeld.
They tried to look uncainoerned, and
lbs efforte of a ball flayer to look
unconcerned constitute shout ss comi
cal a spectacle aa can bi Ima.lned.
With photogiaphere buzzing ahout them
the Olante ahed their heuvy Jackets,
and In a moment the thud Of the basc
bafl In the padded glove was making
the only sort of music the fan llkea to
There came on the Arid a new and
shlnliui automobile, the trophy won by
(.'apt. i.ittv Doylu tor being the mat
ralliabss member of lies team. Hen.
Mulfur jr., chairman of the Trophy
Commission, Introduced II a -h "ail Al I IT
donor of the car, to Capt. Larry, ml
Cast Lurry to hla new car, and In. i
deAtally a lot of trouble Capt. Larry
never knew existed.
During the ceremony of wishing an
iiiitumoVile and Its attendant woes on
Capt. Doyle the American league chain- j
p'.nn rted Sox walked hurriedly on the
Aeld. New Turk, alwaya fair to an hon- I
orable antagonist, gave the Boeton lads J
a friendly greeting. The tone of the
greeting was, "You're a lot of An. boys
and s wish you well, but"
Kvery seat In the audium not ra
reived waa taken when the two teams
suited preliminary practice at UM
I ''lo,-'k ln rm ,hoM 500 "oslon root-
c'rry," ,"d, and ea-
cor ted hy one of the loudeet brsas band.
, JJJ ,,, ' ,,., (a eu, , '
sg v.,ru h.s.Lia 1 crowd. It wsa ..I
long until the Boaton erowd proved
ibeaiseives a regular bunch of rootere.
I aft
niv rr li d rj.a ag u BSL.
eaia. Bet tatsi e ueegh Prssa. To lawa.
GAVE $150,000
H'oallnued from Klret Page )
Wushington by Mr HoOMVSlt, and he
hnl found Mr. Hooaevelt anxious to
raise a consldera.l1o fund, and Mr. liar
rtman had agreed to rnleo and give (
Mr. nilss MM and that Mr. Harrt
man expected, him CHvomblyl to give
t-W.OOn himself. He led me to Infer thet
sir. Mo:.::. a was going to give another
Mr. Twombly said there was noth
ing to do bat to meet llarrlmnira re-iim-st."
MacVaggh said, gergrlag that
waa all he told Welllver regarding cam-
paiga ooaxnouiianBi
iwumouT nu prtICK INVITED
"Mr Twoinjty loni me, aoded Mac
Veagh, "tnat no had been invited Is
luiiciiaon at tno White Jioueo in lwi
.ui Sag, I r..:. Twutnbly geve me tbe
impreasion Inst he and Mr. r'nek hau
uotn given contributions."
Mr. MacVaaeb aaid nn did not wish to
aay he bad not given Mr. Welllver soma
basis for his story.
"I may have called on Mr. Morgan on
the day 1 nave m wind," .aid Mr. Mac
Veagh. Mr. Mac Veagh said that undoubtedly
was the Ineident to whloh Mr. Kuaaell
and Mr. Welllver had alluded.
"I mado no eecret of It, said Mr.
MaeVeagh. "bscauea it waa thought at
that Urns to be a fine, patriotic thing
to give funds to a campaign."
Mr. MaeVeagh also related a recent
converaatlon with Charlee A. Peabody.
Prasldant of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company, In which Mr. I'eabody aall
he had boon In Mr. Harrlman'a office
whan he called up Mr. Twombler aboat
the contribution.
Mr. Peabody aald Mr. Harrlman told
him he had been down to Washington
and that the President Insisted, or re
guested, or desired, that he raise the
additional money, part ol It for the
State oenipaign In New Vtaa and part
of It for use In olher .Hlgtes."
mSTmSTSt tne.V stand.
.. .... . run. I . . .a VI .
"1, hean a stantl-patter tvar ainea
jtn Qreeley campaign." aald the voner-
able witness, joking over trie testimony
"Ksrly In the 190 campaign Oov.
Odoll aald thsy were short of funds for
the New Tork State committee. I gava
him I1S.IW," said Mr. Pepetv "Mr.
Twombly told me that Harrlman was
rBl,lBg 80.000, I th'nk It waa
Thla tJXJ.uOO was for tbe State cam
paign. I can't remember what I con
tributed to that I never talked to Har
rlman on the subject. Mr. Twombly
asaeased me HT.soo mora toward the
eloan ot the' campaign."
aft.. V, n ati.rl Inn i teOl Tl.r. m- ..La
he received a message from the State'
leadere. declaring he (Depew) could not I
I go back to the Senate and offering him!
the Ambaaaadorahln to France lnatead.
He was later elected.
T....ia.n. o .1 , . , . w
offered me the French Ambasssdor
ahlp,' said Depew. "I've hern some-
what or a Joke all my life. To he I
asked to contribute and then be nearly!
tricked out of a aeat In the Senate was
quite a Joke on me."
Chairman Clapp, Investigating cam.
pelkn Contributions', r.rosnlilng the In
terest tn hsaeht'l. decided to abandon
afternoon sessWns if possible uurlng
the world aeriea in 4-der that membora
may watch scorca come ln.
To accommodate Representative Mc
Kinley, pre-conventkon manager fot
President Tsft. snd Ormsby MnHarg
who managed the flooeewtt Southern
delegstes' contests at Chicago, the com
mittee reluctantly agreed to an after
noon session snd to forego the plesaure
of listening to the returns from the
world's series McKlnley and Mrlla-
were anxious to get thro-jgh so that
they could leave town.
Th rioslns Prlrrtr.
Tnij' hLTt.-B', V.Mt Ml iBSt prlt-ej f
.i. aa sn1 nf rtapt chai in, bb .ni.-'Sf -i
)ci:irU) i iinai tig'ircs, ar tvi follow
law, laist. t'ha
uiv ma; Q
BI ill -
a; la
144 I44S 4-
4'4 4.'. m
1l(IS 1I0S S
(Wis I0lj 's
Bl na A 'I
rrf-s 27rC iff
lilt 113 4- V
14?' HT j. s
aai xi v
lsn i-.i 4. il
141 let -
1T'. 118 a.
IMU II".",
', I'1, 4- l
"I RH -e
ii"S tini
1!" IIT'Z U
1?4i IM a. B
ITIVi 17.MI, 4- ta
. I i
litis 11.1 4- U
3V, HtA B
Ifftja 17" '4 H
7si 7S1.
lilfaZ iisaj .. v,
IVHi il X t.
S4S a4ta --
IM ',
Ul .
44 S
a .
AauL f'npner
Am. far A Tdj
Am. fan
Aai. noi. A Kef. . .
Aa. T A T. Co. ,
Aaacoeda Mlnius .
al. Tee, a sr.
Ask. A "km
Hktvii Hac. Tnu . .
i est. Lsatbar
nSa a t'ikio
Chic. M. A fK. P
'..I. Fwl t boa .
'.... (ki
Org. Mar
im Not pf
later. Met
InUr. Mei pf
Kss. Cllv Aauth...
leMr'i Vail j
I amis. A .Naati
Mo. PaeiAe
Nit. l.-.-i
Norfolk A West,.
N. T. frslral
North. I'eeific ....
l-.-i - t.
Heel isia-.t
south. Pasen ....
arisik. Si
Cr.loo Pirlfii'
If, S. S'cil
r B. Slrel pf . . .
Itlsk rn--nf
. ST
. aa-,
. 17T',
! mta
: ,fi?
. TStk
. llltl
West I U
-e Adiaias .
Spedsl 1st Tii'sd-y. the 8th
lAfl.O si 1-T.lk I CPU
I.'x . valae elsewhere.
Ml I.T.Ik I I RKlVlSi
nil Ml BOX
Tue tulsy'a llerlofl
tioroi.tTr. ASM TAN. Ofira
COt'OASlT KlH'stS; 44sc. 7UC
i.lne else. her. IIm'MI ant AsVAa
fork Mow
and t'ertlsndt street stures
All our elerce epen Maturdai
Milk Chocolate Covered
Fresh Grapes
kip, tarse Freeh Orasea entlrelr ear
.,.,1 .uii oar PremiuBa Milk Choeelaie.
A ltsra Treat. lls!'
ITMT RAt'H Two-ysar-olds : sell
ing; ht and a halt f urlungs. twln.
I.fi (Teahnn), It to I. 4 to 1 and 2 to
1. won; (Irosvenor. 112 (O, Hums), d
tn 1. I to 2 and 0 to o, second I Hod
Levy, IM (By HMj, BO to I, 20 to 1 nnd
1" to I, third Time 1 07 3-5 HanJ
r'reek. nichlsnd, Bryany. Frsnk Hud
son. Klngllng, Battery. Corn Cracker,
llenpeck. Karly Light also ran.
BBOONTJ ItACK. Steettlechase; tores
vear-olds and '.;pward. seHing; ahojt
two miles MIsh Hj-nes. la (Alen), 7 to
;.. I to f and 1 to I, first . Idasle Plat, 14J
i.Stcvi'tison). 4 to 1, f to " and 4 to 0. Sec
ond; Itlark Bridge, .'. (Keating). I to 1,
I o 1 and even, third Time 5.J1 14,
Hcllotar, afH, Aiiscsidcr and A
greai on also rafl and p.uehod na named.
THIRD R AC B Maidsna ; all ages,
srllltii: one mil.. Wood live, 104
l.tmliroee), I to 1. 3 to I and to I,
first: Irene litimtnei. ius. l
:r .,.;
i riiou, ,,
even, thlra. limn i n
night, Huglile Qulnti. uiiueri. aim v"
iorran also ran.
RACB TRACK, UArRKI sio.i un.
K.-The entries for to-morma k races rr
as follows. j
n KWT. BAt-F. -Toir.-. o... . .j, .
.11- fill
Mloeol lie.'! Ml l.ln-
; . Jr".r' k.r'nM.'m.. l.ilh. in. cot.
brook. U
rasw, iwi "'"';" -' ,,'.,
10; I'arta Uaeen ink; H.I" "
rhasT raw : four uar-nl I
IKS I iteeirr n5 "r- ..
no 1 ni'"
is idu ayswrei
shont tso end s halt nailew .
t-TV lit lias Sinn.. 1.'.7; fWdwSk
Hnav. ,r': 11
IBS we
snaei- 1; KnlgM of BSay, ISZ
IB aiOBSW r,.. ,?.. ..... w ...tiu.
.rrwfc'.W.Si; 'Kr.'
FiirH'TII llArK-Hiklai stelllns tke; U,W
thr.T.;.r ol,l. sojj ini . 'i1;, ;,r
SUr Jssnit. 1 The SgjV "fi. V?a?2Sl
Krn'm, lull: Cliff l.tsr 100, Msrrie A W:
Prnhrire. till BuinniiiUoii. lll 'O, It. M1llr.
Hssn inn. ksiiiii, , -
'"."h a" r-Tknresild. snd aaaaali
mm Winn, srlllss; Ska mile sen SWISBW,
's,m Him $: 'thajanaa, : Finn Bint V..
-im..,.v. mi: T;.rh;ri. IU--. ' "I :
lis' ' VoVuhirs' Bo.' ion; sWaiiiii. lis, n.:
aijCTH'-kArfi-Ttireerweid. mmmtA
is I9ufaa2tarieJgtt :
OK- aMoakrur. 107; H:ii. 107; "Tshno, 10SI;
-hinsnisrr. H' laird Klaia. 110; Ull.art. tin.
Aceaaa. ttO; Ohaa. K. ilrars". Ill: sBsaaa
lsse:n. IIS.
' - i . i oil - if five potiuu
Tne) feet. ,
riR-TT RACK Tam: tsm-raaroU msiien
fillies- n snd nor half fntlonat . --C la-srf al . US:
-iMiasli th.eu, 112; l utie It.. 112. Carl ith'i.
112; Irirls. 112; AM Ma. lit; Idle Tale 112.
It- liar. 112: Add It e- 112
iKi kM ILVi'K -kelluis; three year ni ls aad
nn. fle sail one-half fiolno." - alaals. Pr.'. Ml r
ih-U 108- Moral T,s. li.T; Hslil ef nra.lr. 1"7:
r lis); Kraoelsl. IBS; Hiiresvt. II f; Iswatk)
lean 10; i olsst. 10'; Mrlrur. 107. faill a
I lleuem. lot: Tlio. ll. no.
i iimn hack H'-i mt. tew-yaer olda: I hw
.mga.--Klllng Tiir,, 1.0, ri .eal Part, ll'l Mar
- ..t Ilsni.he, lOS; Crcani, CS. tltjisloHir.
IDrKTli KAf'L Tl i lierosei-. aellua liakSI
thnr-vesr oldt a'ei Bi; nee and iai. st',-'
iaBsa skats. "": White wsel 10R, faltborvr,
112: Puck. 08; iue J-Jfea. 10... Melt'vi .-..rtri.
1U.V Msr l"w. 107.
I'll TH SAi K Melilnf : thref ci-sr-elda and Bp:
ere and eos-istretith sulea. tWnsJi, lf; Jaik
Wli. 100; Moonllehr. lisi; El;.llill. Illi; 'Win
Vnd P., PT; Peawna, IIW: My Ud, IttSI T-ai
tier. llT.'; -Slnlaant. as: riori 1'miu.is. lis;
"JP4,'.Al,: ,C
,,i reo i!.'ui auws. ' -: .Veii.r. ii7;
Hiker, nn . n.. 107: Hanu. 10.1: j.
" Kti. It:. I
reauier isjeiir, jui: aj
aiasnrrtlce all-wane.
K- ' -ir. Ml,
Tiars isat
Prevented byi
I r IN I
Treatment writ)
AndCuticura Ointment. Directions:
Moke a parting and rub gently with
Cuticura Ointment. Continue until
whole scalp has been pone over.
Next morning shampoo with Cuti
cura Soap. Shampoos alone may
be used as often as agreeable, but
once or twice a month is generally
FuHkient for this special treat
ment for women's hair.
C'uUcurs keep snd oiaimrni suid throurhout tka
wertd. I lhar:.) sampM of eai-h mailed free, sltk
93-1 book. ACdraw I'tiUiura." llept. or, ltnstiin.
ear Uar -(seen sieti ahava In roinrort .1th CuU
eura tlosp Shaving Bttck. 26c. Ubsse! aampla freo
CAM LIDS . i. ,s..... si id SKirlMI in.'..,
fnr Cur of funatiiiriiiii. Ac. lr al -am, li mail
-. rtini i. All dm.1 ri.ustera, If: ,V 23.- . iir fron
r.O.rergaeoa Co., Bai I3. i-"n n t..sT.v
I Trade laark. I
Spccia: lor V duesa.., l..e .lb
iKsoitrEii t'tttsr vi.i it.ii 4 a.
ntKiM maiiiini fje tlW
talae. I'O' VTI BOX IVV
We Bcsisy's 0 ler sg
me xu as an i. a t t( as art-
KISHKMl AO .slue else- 7 .IP
i.l.ere. I'm irt nn sairsy
anen etrr. erralDS ualll It e'lieak.
ere. In. until 1 1 o'clock;
.rJ anr iVM?!.
r rir .Tw',fwaT
6 Ki'&v.
Tbe specified welsM Is aaah nauu..
Includes the eeatalner.
Tavoai as.
No Schemes or Clubs
The famous
has a well
e s t a D Hshe.1
r e r u t s t Ion
founded on
merit alone.
No Prise
Scheme. Bf
Club Plana are
necessary t o
Irttsrsst our
p u r c h ase-e
Nearly 100,00
have bought
WF.SRR Planoa purely on their awrtt.
the only true guallflcaUon thst aasioos
Wg have very often found that cus
tomers have .ome l a. k to us and pur
chased after hnvInK made comparison.
with other High-tirade I'lanoa,
Tor considerably more
.to prv. to the gr..t
these ln-ornparat.ie insirumcnxs.
will send to your home
One of niir Hlgh-Orade WB8ER Up
right, or riayer Pianos, IS-nnie (Btyl-
SOI, wltn free tniisic ana leacner jo us
All we ask Is that you give It a fait
trial, and when you decide to keep It
we will make you
Oa Xaay Term a.
Tou a", under
no obiiiraiion
whatsoever and
owe ua nothing
If yop devlde
not to keep it
1 .., u.ll- ...
I " mill
j WW call
ally. Wr ,ak(,
all the chincee
and l :, r ll ik.
-- ...w
expense and Kve you the odvaatsge o
being tauxht how to nlav ami of enloy-
ff 't!Kttm,nJ ln EHf TIT
guarin ee.i.
IVCSCr llprlflht . . $21 Hp
Wcvscr Player Pianos 4 &0 avy
New Uprights ,Dax Styles) IM up
" p
Pianos rsnted from 13 to 14 par naaatk
Send for new Catslogus H
WtSER BROS, k tl.t HKllOM
131 W. 23d St. (Near tth Aw.)
ihws eenhia t" assolatswst
TltS norinnl font rests on two
point of OOntHOt, the bull, nl thf
heel britlgul by the nrch whit.h
U'ive poiM and luiojamy to tin
walk. A f;i'rg;iiB tfoh takes the ftpritig
from tin- itep and wonkon tlii
If you have arch trouble or tint-'
foot." wt-ar tin- Co.i'AitD AR-.il
POTPOKT SmoK. At oiiee you will
feel the ImportaMlt different", bf
! pweeri n shoe whloh rive- and rr(
i that doss ROf Imlil the arch ami
ankle in concet position.
264-274 Greenwich St., N. Y.
isxas wausaa arssKT)
snail Oidara friiled i 3eod lor Catalegas
! ale
f 'f,r. Mas.
now goi 'u on
Rrra Bargains.
, r tUfTX!" stahbsgT
S.E.Cor.l2.ihSt. 3dAve.,rJ.V,
C' EANIIMQ 3 3 Wtt S4tB ft
hr lliime. S'0. j ,,,
ii las, Dkimin i.T"
ur.i i.v. At
St.. it-iy
iiioi liar of bist.
Kfltv. Intei-ni
ugeBIa and Tre. i
Cu.iarv i.m..
. . - - . ,
Wednesday. CK-t. !. 3 fa, M,
All lesl r round entries ed
Tertlsed la The Hnrld .rill be
listed al The tVerld'a Informe
tlou flureau. I'lilliier Balldiaa
Anade. Iark Kowi WorliT.
I i, i ni. n nrnre. aorthwest ,or.
Morld's llsrlem llfn, ,. 24b
Weal la.lih Nt.. aad World',
reekl,. Offl, ,, fO it ,,,
les St., Br.UI,n. for 'JTSSt
follewlng ih. p,laB( HJ
41 The I
Shott V
it w at f V
h jaajai

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