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Adstert District-Attorney Will
Srasecute Him if He Is Freed
m Sabo Case.
Ouerra Repeats the Story
That She Impersor.ited Mrs.
Szabo's Mother.
BBSs Onarra. th woman ot rayatorr
k Otbeon caaa, haa (Ivan Dlstrtet
Attomar Whitman Information Tout
tha method of the lawyer In hla word
in connection with tha death of Mri.
Baa. bo, ana In a half-doaan other eases.
If there ahould be any failure or dis
agreement In the murder caaa that will
aaan ap In Orange County, Aaatatant
DWtnrt-Attorney Deacon Murphy aald
aa-dajr. Oibaun will ba indicted In this
county for fraud and obtaining money
under false preteDaaa.
These offences, the Assistant utetrkt
Attsraay aald. ware corrunlttad In con
nection with Otheon's handling of tha
faabo woman' eatate.
Mr. Ouerra, who la a voluntary pris
oner, to all practical purpose, of tha
Dlatrlot-Attornry. will be kept In ra
traat until ahe I railed upon to. appear
aa a witneae. either on tha atand In tha
trial of CM boon In Orange county, or in I
tha grand jury proceedings in New York
Mr. Ourra'a atory to Mr. Murphy. It
la aald. la to tha general effect that Hb
aea aanfldad to her the detail of moat
of MM eaaaa In wtilch hla enamlea or hla
vloUma auddanly dlaappaarad. or died
violent or audden daatha
"Ha did not confide in ma In tha or
damary aanae," aha la reported aa telling
4. Murphy, "but becauee In many of
the aaaea ha needed the aid of another
pay aaaally a woman. Ha had ma in
hi powar. ha forced me to do hla bid
ding, bat h did not tell me anything
mora than ha had to to enable ma to do
rxaotly what he wanted."
Fran tma womasVa atory, tt appeared
that OWbeon made a practice of arannlng
legal aotlcea and obituary oolumna for
itaaaa tailing of damage aulta won by
maw who had not before been eccuetotned
to havang msch money, and for deatb
nottoea which told Of or Implied that the
aurrlTtag relattva would Inherit a good
earn of money.
Hla next a tap aha aaya wn to gain .in
aMajwBtly honest Introduction to the
!ry with mosey. It wae on thle atop
In hla aruaaedluta hat ha uaually sailed
n Mr. Ouerra. although In the awfibo
caaa aha daclaraa he wa forced Also
to have bar play a double role by B
pearhag later aa the supposed mother ..:
ah dead woman and sign a waiver of
citation la reapeot to her will.
Mr. Ouerra told the authoritlea to
day that when Otbeon came to her on
b Saaho case, and aald ah muat pro
ra a black dress and algn certain
pagara, ahe demanded the reaeon.
fh aald ma," aha aald. "that Mr.
Potronelaa Menaohlk. Mra. Subo'a
noaw, had been dead for at leaat two
year, but that to get the estate turneil
into oaah and Into hi hand I would
here to algn certain paper, lie nave
me the name which I waa to tgn. and
than added that aa I waa supposed to be
haw mother. It would be fitting for ma
te appear In bladk. In mourning for my
opposed daughter."
Mr. Murphy aald to-day that Donald
K. Lynn, the Brooklyn notary who ao
knowledged tha signature to the waiver
.-Station on the will, would visit h
i lerra woman to-night with Mr. Mar.
i My and ollnch hla Identification.
Meanwhile Mra Ousrra's atory lias
developed a new wltnea. Tliia aUSBM
a woman. Her part with (llhson. It
1. said, wae In connection with the
mrsterlou dlaappearanca of John RiQi
O'Neill, young Irlali conductor on
th Metropolitan Street Hallway, lot
hla leg in the early part of 110. On .1
eutt for damage, not brought by Olb
soa. he won a HaIM vrrdlet. OihSOn
eaw hla name In the oourt record.
The young woman bOOStll aOQtialntad
with O'Neill, and then Introduced HIM
10 Olbon. Mrs. Ouarra hfif given he,
IIMM to the IHstrl. t-Atlorney and ehc
u'lii he summoned t-o i'il what aho
knows of OlfcOOn
O'Neill lerlded to go ba 'k to Ireland,
tut Olbaon. according 10 Mra. Ouerra.
lept up :i corral pond en e with him. in
Mav, Ml o'N.ui returned Aooordtng
to mV. Ouarra, n Iruatad w.ino of hi
htoaey to Olbaon. who reported to him
iiiat h" had put li Into two mortgage
.ne Of If.'"" and t he other of H.10"
O'Neill disappeared, and Olhson, It is
allafed, told: Inquirer that the young
I rl ah man had drawn his IVo und MM
of til" I1.1M morti ige and "font out to
western Pennsylvania "
ijeorg- f Dougherty, S id Deputy
hollre '""i iiniislnner. Iiivestlg ited thi
,.,,, on lb .mpluint of I1sh Kmll:
potUr. daughter of th lata Blahop
Potter an I IH'Ueil llb.o!i lo Ina fnc
..r having (Ion away With o'Xelll.
"I don't think you ..in move mur.lei
,,n no', Mi Douglif't;. ." 'l Otbaoil'l
r rmnmlaaloaar Doughrrtv hgg begt'n
aaother Inquiry into n ,
II.OIMI for Lost llmiil.
g Itoi lien berg, who sued Heorge
MrhmUJi "Wthr- Prinlsn, for
vmagM for Ih loo ol a hand in i pr,
,..i i u settle I Hi" claim for M,0M, Vounn
. ni erg's hand WaS ' '" w,lM"
as printing labels foi1 elgsr Iwgas,
-ji spring a' an lniui In th mil,
b got a verdlcl fnr 1T.'.iih. The
MshmUst go the rase reopened anil It
,,, ,, -tiled whe.i :t came up for trial
i ,..,. r.. u. Cohan rpr htad the
i itntUf ""i v Johnon gpp rtd
J ,r th Se'unblls.
Red Cro Cough Drop.
tfaat in . ' lUvli "
Being a Wife and Mother Is Alia
"The Only Girl Who Suc
ceed in Butinete Ia f Ac
Natural Old Maid' He
So -Called Up-to -Pate
Women Forget the Pur
pose for Which They
Exist Has Nothing to
Do With Trade:"
'Some Man Can Do Any
Woman's Work and Do
It Better."
'Why Don't Woman Quit
Trying to Do Men's
Work and Get Married?"
t aM Hfcwasl Mb. I
I & M I
who do these thing. Some man can do any woman's work and do It better.
The only Job at which woman has shown real superiority, the only Job In
which a man cannot replace her to advantage, is that of bearing and rearing
children. Why don't you tell the young women who are trying to do the
work of men to get married and make good on the Job for which they were
created V
The flrl who makes good Is bound to
encounter thl point of view ooner o
later. And there will be moments of
DiscouraKemcnt oven, when sffie will
wonder whether It Is not the true one.
For however well she does hr work,
however well unjlixly does any work,
there are momenta of lotellecuul saK
when the question obtrude Iteelf:
After all. what doe Mil futile and
silly thing amount to? Whut am I do
ing It fort" And In auoli ebb tides of
the spirit, all our fine reasons and pops
and boastings BOS4 fur out to sea und
leave us stranded on an unstable airlp
of sand, v
Tola la especially true of woman
whose mind for so many genera
tion have been rotten with ntl
nientallty. Perhaps the school
teacher going home In hard lain
contraata bar bard morning with
an uni-nly claa of other psopla
children with th pleasant task of
a young mother teaching the bnhy
to pcll p a-p a with hla first al
phabetical block.
If It Is a .'mi-. I rain ,,ml th re Is a hole
ii one of her rubbers, she Is almost cer-
t un to develop this or a similar phan- :
tag y of 'ejection. Or, If Is a stenog- ;
raphe:, s.e in.iy grondW If after all she!
u.lJs to lb ffSCtlvenSB of life by copy-!
inK day utter -l s'icn :ip:ritiK --en-
tences as yours or in otn instant re
ceived ,n'l contents noted '
Wnatever she Is, ur doea, er mind in
moments of dejection Is sure to elect tOT
something. An4 miiUni, also on
rainy days, the ill lo mother who
teaches baby to s;,ell l'-A-l'-A with his
new MOCk is Wishing that she "hail
a regular Income f her own and never
hud to ask John' tor money."
The triable with ma arcbal'
moralists a "Old Vog-J" 1 tbsy
luaglus a nacssaary incompatibil
ity ths girl who u:aka good as a
wage-arnr and th gin who
makea good a a wlf.
1:: my opinion, the won,an who ha
i .mail, other psOOis'l cilldren better
tqulppcd to ttayJi Ur own wUsn sin ha-,
them, ami tim sUnogrsphar or books
keeper or osshlar, who ban leu mil hs
value of money by Mining It, ! apl lo
ipsnd more wiseli gbsn she bssofwei
it wile thsn If she liuil 110 I xpertenee
at self-support. 1 Jo not agree wlt.i
Mrs. uhsrlott PsrklM (Illnwn an.i par.
tain other ndVgnOSd aeonomlMI i li'tl ail
woniin ggOUld BOBIIn U tO be MtlsSttga
porting oftoi ' u log
Tue answer to tin.-. nfOMom ''VS In liic
garni ng (opacity of the individual nlfa,
and so long t tin- 'out MK I to be a
low a It is at pre, nt I ikould say IT
week would be a high VONg - I mar
l led woman Is worth utn e a her ho n
and to hit husband thin to a .. DM
OUtlid her housi hold. Lb UbtiOS she
(hOUld l worth lode, doubtless she
will be a i we get POnrSf to tii mil-
Isnnlunt, but meanwhile she .ij a mu th
1..KhLr value to hw home.
But Ths uirl Who Makes Qoed la
the bullae world ba the tre
mendous advantage of blng able
to bgln her married Uf when
shs undsrtakss It with gl dc
UvtntO purpoa uf KaaMBf saoc.
Uv Ccciu't ueni a. ,U stmt aa
Is Fitted
112. by th Press Publishing Co. (The New York World).
Tf onuv a,KL wxokkh ooo 'nsvuaitt L- f "'v ,' n A
) ejTueiL Old Mam', -'old or Xi 'III
Why do you encourage poor, fooV
.eh young women to Imagine Uia' they
make good In the world by earning
from It to 15 a week?" write an
Evening World reader who eigne hi
communication "Old Fogy." "Th
woman who can earn more than 7 a
week outalde of her home la aa ex
ception. Whatever ahe earn the
proceaa tend generally to unfit her
for the dutlea and reaponalbtlltle of
her real work, the only lob at which
any girl really can make good the
Job of wife and mother. The only girl
who make good In bulne 1 the
natural old maid. Your ao -called up-to-date
women forget that the purpose
for whlcli women exist haa nothing to
do with school teaching, stenography, i
keeping books, e 111 ng' corset or pro
viding reading matter for tha girl
the woman doss who man-tea for a
home or from the complealty of
motive which men mlrtake for
love la women until Its quality or
lack of quality becomes apparent
after marriage.
Another Haw In the argument of gttch
persons a. "Old Kogy" Im that they aa
sume that every girl who makes good
In the business world hss put aside
the crown, or may be the cross, ot
matrimony. The great majority uf
women work for the same reason that
ImoelH men. Thev have to. Tbev don't
reject marriage. Thev don't "chooo I
between lov and n career," ae the
novelists say. They oik for a dving
baoaUS they want to live and have to
work for the privilege. A for "natu
ral old meld," there Is none-a. t least,
none among women.
"I'll Live Forever," ara lra. Cor.
belt, and "nolle Her Caae.
Mrs. Johanna Corbet!. flfty-four.
might have been tliach.irgeil from a
lun.'iey pro,;ee,ling yiaterday but for a
remark she miule after llnlwhtng with
flying colora the onleal ot a person il
examination and urosa-axanilniitl i i.
Judge HUinphrSf heard ihe OSS in th
Queens t o inty Court, Long Inland City,
The Juiy were so Impressed with hei
apparent sunlty that thwy srsr ready
to nuu ner Bmnyeteai la aununian i
a tat and Par for hoc person, wlieti
judge Humphrof asksd Mrs. Corbotti
"lloa is your health?"
"Oh; I am never Kolng to die." replied
Mra. Corbett cheerfully. "ThU world
will pass away, but 1 shall live on for
ever." As a result of this statement sb was
adjudged an Incompetent and a com
mittee will be appointed ba tak charge
of her estate. Mrs Corbett I wealthy.
Her son. Charles Corbett of No. 171
West Thirtv-eerond street, Manhattan,
applleil to th court to have her de
clared Incompetent.
M O Un'S DC MS IS He Leader Lore
lo llfiwiillHl for Opera 1 1 n n
.v,ih j, Borden liarrimaii went fro.u
her bone, at No. Ik", Knst Fnrtv-nlnt i
treat, to St. I. uke's Flospital this aftr
nooii to bO D DerS tOd USJOfl for the re
moval of a small ah ' near her
spine. Ir i b ulge I). Stewart of No
li Wist rtfliSth street, g to attend her
It was asl at Iter home, ior .t . .,
riman io-y, thai the p. m' m wi
'no: larlOU ami that she 'lid not MpOOl
lit u be pojnful. sho undeiwent the
Isathu urdOnl arvaml ..ears mfn and iv. 4
I IteOt Indoors Icsm loan a WSOlt Hiic
ibies not . OBtomplat -iving up h t
Work as liead of the Wilson and Mar
shall National flemoeratk Campaign
Committee, k)r, Harrtman denti i thi
report thS1 Mis. Hal Mian's K'.cms w '
due to un SUtOmohll accident last M.iv
when siie and William U NnAdoa were
tin own from an gutomoblt neat Free.
hold, N I
Msg ISO B is- nolle. Ilouhle On u I'ey.
kfEXIOU CITY, He: 8. -The M RiOM
Deputies have lectded 10 douhl thlr
own pay. bringing t up to K.tssi psgoi
(sp0roslmatsiy t3,m a year. This nc
tlon was takan di,r.iig an MOOUttV
sesa.cn of th. House, which a-stf-l in-
tn midnight
Two motive awnOUACOd
--i IO "render the b.gll.
i ' it the x-;utivo
..e r ; cit .
v boU' ilpl
an j
For, Says "Old Fogy
Bands Blare and Flags Hly as
Shopkeepers and Shoppers
Hear Speeches.
Washington afsrk rsMhrsted Ksren.
tsnnlsl. to.,a., with rtnirs. band and
spe-chmaklrig. The font atr.vts aur.
the ancient public iniKrl
were xtruiig with Stream r .i fS
t.i.- app.,iriui ,ir, v ,t .lo.l. Stnil 're
londod dnwn wlUi h inting, while every
butcher wa prtmpe,i and pomaded to
he riuccti'H t.isu. Hwnltmg the arrlvnl
of the commuter ami commuters' wives
and th i.idie who revived the mariiet
bakt of theit- grandmothers .. in
iff.irt ia lower ah cost of Hrlrrg,
Commlastoner if Weights and M.
urcs Walsh repri-sent, d Msvc- lavn ',
who eoulj not )m prsaen. There is '
fleet in the Hudson Itiver ami even
though the Mayor wished to attend, the
Nation's defensler lake DraOSdonc over
her commeroatl hero', 1 rnmmlsanimi I
Walsh said to the market men.
Chairman Miootinn LSJOOried -h-
Mayor's repreaentatlve ,ni BoroUa1t
Prosidonl MoAnony to the stand in tte
centre of the mnrliet. while n l and I
fortv-ei,n full-lungi.l pi hi red ml
l"e Star Spangle I tanner. ' and BVarp
market man and th thousands of
women from the Housewives' Leas' le
a cred I lie npcn!cg of the rilhrt1llll
Th ehotrman told the idstory of
market. He Oid how It ban been fOUnd
(d, one hundred years ago to tae hour,
and rohogmd Ha small hnglnnlng snd
Its great prSBl , how the men who
founded It Hire rSprOOIgta bp their
-ons and grandsons !n the market to
day, and how ther. were m. reliant In
the Washington Market who hafl BSed
lullv at their alalia for fifty at I g
slxty wars.
glncw the AtlH ..gains tin high -on
or living th Washington Mgrkoi had
prung Into prominence, Tadfy ih
liundrsdg or women who Joined In :h
Isbmtloa Ihow the Irwreaaed dslorg
notion of hoUMWtVtt to I'll dlrootly
wiih tie menliant.
ICvery butcher, fish man and butlei
seller I td BOm uviur to tV awav
und mjn of t ie gifts were eipenlve
isnu ornate. LsSUlg A. Knoll, w hos.,
oonnactlon With the market bagun ststv
j Ihoughi two gold run n a
I glass i,.,wi with ahaln tttached,
would be Id proper reminder of the
, 'milium oi usii rrora in lii,s ilrctlv
lo a selling ground.
Amngomontg lid been made lo re
civ visitor! bp .i. j, ronklls, aini
Carl KOOlsvbc
HVr sun,- ihe mariietlng Mr . anie
to the front und the city saw tit o
rebuild the iVaahlllgUM Market, the
demand for mora public irwrat ha
InorOOSSd until now there Ih a promise
of MVeral big City mat ki t in con
nested dlgtrlota
To-moriow win u Hougswlv'
League day ii.i Thursday it i pro
poaod 10 set I food at a price not Mien
in isew vork Kmc tha day peopli
I flret began to talk auoul th Ileef
Truat. l'i Ida i- the of hi Piv
I noroughs and Saturday th market
will close at in .,'clo. k while every on
makes rood) tm toe banuuet at tu
li lt. ..... t l.tl lo the . tulllg.
1 "
9 9
Secludes Himself at Detroit
After CallinK Force of Sten
ographers tor Rapid Work.
PKTROIT, Oct, f ttt risslilinl
Roosevelt gagm lo Dhtroil lo-,lay 10
open his tour of eighteen du ys throucii
the Middle West. A crowd withered t
I station to Uhn and
i waa ex-
pected to go to a liotel to hold a rerrp.
Hon for an hour BSfOT making b's
speettii in the l.lgtm tlnutd Armo.-v nt
noon The Colonel vetoed hg pluu.
The OTOWd waited siutsldn to cnteh a
gllmpO of him, but h- did not apepaT.
H told the reception cmmltte ihat
hs must spend the morning at work on
spee lies. Which he i, to deliver during
his lour, and lh' be preferred to i
main on bM car. cm. Rooaovelt brought
wltn him a tiiaea of material foi us
In his pechea.
For- -arvernl weeks un Invesitlgattoii
linen under wnv of certain matters
Which, Ih la-llef of "lil RooosswH
will be of linrxsrtance In the 'umpalgn
Th Colonel wue not willing to dloeloa
the tuMe matter or me Inwotttgsrion
sivlno- thai he did not wlh to ..nttelinte
hts speeclies
.t sMit as h reached '.ore tody ti i
tonograptiara who ...ii t.;, rn4, ,
Ivanoo ip wire were ;,ut to work rnd
Col. ftOOVM'g e-retrv hoiied ,'"i
this stsff to hav the materia,! on ian.1
In shape for uae by -he Colonel by the
t.'ne he left here this ufternoon
Col. RooMVotl peaks t-nMht In
Saginaw. Mich. On the way tie will
stop It Flint fir a brief address
MANCHMwTBtV Vt . Oct. Prest.lent
Taft left her to-day. continuing hit
BUtomoMl tour through New Knglaiid.
for a nin of llfi mile to Woixietock and
Montpeller. Hr expected to rag nil Mint
pellet at o'clock. Mr. Taft ami Ml-s
Ma.oet H..anlmsri accompanied htm.
The Prelldenna partv were the gnesle
ovemlghi of RoisMt T tinontn, To-
nsniow ihe President will address Hie
loll kaaemWy at Moutpsiier.
I I. iid Drlnke Whiskey. May IMe.
1 y whiskey trBBJISnl recommendesl
by a neighbor to Our hi eoM u!ted
sls-.rur-old Charlea Vandirblit o well
thst he stole from his best laat night,
got a half pint le.ttle of Ihe "madlolno"
from i pantry Ji"if, an.i dralosd it. Die
iv. is i lkQ from 'tie houw . No. Xl'i tlreen- I
ti avenue, to WliliurnsiiutK Hokiji-1
tal. ufter nla mother Isd found htm un- I
t!onviiius on in Bitonon noor, it is noi
exoeeteU tie wid live.
Which 1 Correct?
Trje Only T. R
The only Tea It
Tliat Varlet, Piust, Haa Dtt-f
appeared. Spoiling Royal
Master's Party.
Despatch Convinces
I tlei Spanish Scior)
Support Himself
The Piln-e l.udovi o l'. ,., ;.i w:l ,
Is not the son of 1,im Jnim,. i ,,. ,,
tender, of Spnln. but who has j iirli
to an mtrv in the gtpMlah grgndroi
ollgree bo.ik benatts of hit Sicilian
MTlvtty from noble nr cstry. was let
go from Rills Island to-dav. Ir had
been sn unwilling WttntM "f Ih Work
in of the Immigration Bureau of ,
Department of OomwiOTO and li'so
for four .lavs hectxusc of i barges from
abroad that he hid no Visible means
of support extent ss a 'omtnon i-am-
bier und a cetidlilst for the . ml g
marriage of tagfktlll daughfgf ,it Amer.
lean mltltonslr, Im hiding sUm Mary
nuke, dnurat. i of Ii. n i mini U I Hike of
i a or t
mat, I
I'arlf I
the late American robneco Compart
The I 'lilted Stales etnbaisv at
eent despntrhes to WSaMngtOg IOsdsS,
gB atlng that the Pltao was qutr
able to insliitnln klmOOll without any
profits he trttght or might not haw, r.
celved a the pioprlctor of a guir.hllnK
house In the Avenue MacMhon. totlnf
Secretary Benjamin H. Cabin ot the He
partment of Commnrc rl lakbnr at
once sent word to OonnosstOwOr Wlll
iin William to lei PrtwM LagwVtOO 001
William H. licnnet, alio mis pne
Republican Cnngresamsin. and who wo 1
called In to-day us iuskk-IiiI luusel to
the Irlnce, threw up hi lessl bat und
rejoiced. The Prince wits put on the
launch of the oonsmtasU.ner und was
sent to n estlurled pier on the North
River, where a tns1rsh was waiting to
take him to Mm Kits -Carlton.
Sorrow's orown of nrrowsi wa heaped
on the royal unfortunate at the Hits.
Carlton. Ill valet. Kaut. believing hi
royal master wa to be an aaaoclate of
lew peasants on Kills island Indefinitely,
had so born hlmeelf at the hot, where
he wa living In tbe suite devoted to the
Prlne. that hi absence had been re
iueted. A reporter of The evening World
found Prince LsdOVlOO I'lgnatelll d'Ara-
Spa sitting In the ordinary of the Rlts
Parlton In front of a fat bottle of Scot h
whiskey and flitter lphon of soda
"Who Is addressing m"" ssked the
"A reporter of The Hvening World.''
wa the reply.
"You nea'speus-r men of HIt
seem 10 know BVrpthlngi" aM,ind I be j
Prince, while tin gnodoty ngiiie o' I
goat Mirtm-1 tu dalb 1 abmg the wall be.
bind Mas. "Can POO lll me what has
lssrsime of my valet, Ksusf.'
"No," aal'l lie. rsporlor. ' A'bat
-.in we do for you'.'"
:. awuy." s! i the Prlne.
"Why "' iieiied t;.t roportri
"Deoaus I am annoys!. ' a. th.
Prmce, slid laps.d ,nto v, silssne.
It aa reported In the hst oMo Ihst
th Prtnre hd Ohtrtstod a large part
of a New York theatre tonlgbi tor u
parly, but could hoi gel a list of h.s
l.ittinded guesta logeihe- utit!
reprodu' ed me rO)Mi noHkbookl
Leper P.arlv's Wile lllvorred.
TACTOuss Oct. Mrs. John P Karl
nan granted a divorce vest rda from
Jolin P. Kurly, the leps-r now ji Di.
nutiiid Point llonjiltul She ..'us glxeu
Ih custody uf 'he Igrs ohlldm and
iVi of I'li i' - Mtary or H'. i nonttt for
acting as Inper of anoUiei leber.
ONE Laxative
Whole Family
The Fine Chocolate Remedy
Its pleasant action I not lim
ited to are, aei or cojMiltlon.
Is good lor Inlant. and lilg folks
alike. At all time ;uid -In all
places Eg-Lax Is Tilt: HLMEDY
For Constipation.
All DrugllUts. in.- and tic.
Dress IVelt
No Money A A
Down Week
We carry Ihe moM flaburale assort
ment ol tin- st'ssun's hantl'lal
lored garmcnl- at prat - uiinfi luwrr
than wbal you arc .iwu lum .1 In pay.
31 6 West 125th St., nr. 8th Av.
2858 3d Av . . 149th St., Bronx1
fin, n l.vrnless.
Heavy ngMtag Begun Motif
the fTontier at Same
i Time.
'KTTINJIB. Montenerro
MonsMMflOo declare! war
eirlv f i-diiy.
ii Turke
Th 'lec.'gratJjn of war wm dwilVOtOs
to th Post by the HsniesMgrin Charn
.i ffs!re t ConotOn Innple.
Notvp lighting is already .n pi ...rets
lang i'e rrontier.
Mrno hattattoni or Turkish irsooa
' I ' " were Pro esding rrom Hcu.ar! lo
Tusj. ,. In MontlOjSfrtn Irontler.
en, attacked late estcrday by a das
ticfgia-nt of Miiltasort - ssa-
hgUng uega.i hist ' .I lido Tttal ant
. , nun; with klsoi Tbe bat.
He 's still in ,,,, t-,1, moinlng!
. PhUMMUj, th Mntnerta ciui
I JMT.ll: e
Ol Co,,. i ,n,pl. has . ru
ardcre-l t
eaie in.. te In..,, ti.
Turkish Chanf
d ,n.ln.. I...... ft. . .
""u nis passport ,y
k.-ln Cfovernnienl.
th" Monies
.VNeYPA.NTIM.PI. :. Oct ,.The
Montenegrin Chorge d'Affahe- for
hi passport from He Tuiklsh (Jovara
33 "I"' Wl" kt' Swr
He PIcm i:n un nraiMti in Btctpd
Hcing Scokkd icr Setting Hi,
OWfl HOUM Mire.
H '' Woodiuff. early to-day. bad
a fin.- .m,iw home a No. 71 Winds II
PlaOS, ilb n Rldg, N J At a litis be
fore a o'clock, th Colon!, who has a
h n-'s fondtie.s f,,r H ' ontlre, bmohod
match lo a mi'' pile of leave, twig ami
rubbish, which be bad piled In a corner
Of bis gulden. The flames reck led up.
'he sm. ike ami sparks rose mid pres.
mly a brushy bur of i-n... Ilsrne.l
up. salle.1 away on the alnd nd land-I
ail the roof of til house.
Plrenieii ram nd saved t ties f ram. -i
rk Of th first story . When the.
lonkd to I'ol Woodruff to tell him
ome things j. "u bongrsa, Uiry lrned
be tii last -..'i, hurrying downtov.ii.
Laving anticipated their remarks and
nut t iring to hear them.
Kepprlla Alraklw ae Mall Carrier. I
HKIU.IN. Oct V- The establishment of
i lawilsh-ilerman aerial poatal service la
under dls. ueslon between lepreaent
lives of Denmark and Hermsny and of
the .eppelln Airship ompani.
Madame Nordica's Bath Powder
For Reduction of Weight
No dieting is required - there is no fatiguing treatment, &nd nothing
lo take internally (imply thakr one ol these harmless Powder into your
regular daily bath
"Tlir treatment rodUCOt you gradually but surely without leaving
the usual drawn, haggard appearance nbout the neck and fee and
without any sense ol fatigue, lassitude or loss of strength, a reduc
tion in bulk and pulHnes with s return to natural conditions. I And '
the Bath Powder ha a remarkable effect upon the skin, removing all
louglinrts, leaving it smooth, clcsr and soft as velvet."
I wuity-lour packages (suHicient for ordinary cases) cost $10, and
Will I'f delivered prepaid upon receipt of price. Orders now received.
FREE Salt and Pepper Shaker- FRK
In relrl, ration of the Washington Market Centenary we will sell Gillie
l .fttfees ami Tess at sperial prices on Wedneatlay, Thursday aad Fri
lU) II a II daOaBJO Halt anil Pepper Shaker free lo every purchaser.
Broken Coltee
K Whnlttale
frier, 28c;
5ae Prieo
Fine Teas
r Keg. WhoU.aU
rc, dde.;
5ss rfc
lata I
lluotns tt Stint I Oulon
(tesl.'B itsl bsglSKi Breaktsel . i
vltl IBSsl lour owe funu
ru srads reislli at 09 ens.
. ainstH oi. 1 hrvMrn
i i " A quality
i.rtnilnt- Sjfnrhtl and JflVtSl
vIim ba and Java at .ih.- und SOe Youeauaei votir obi fav m ile here.
tVe liupori I' dlrwi Negular whulesa'e grlr'e Sir tfsl prlre
Mb - Selling at wholesale prices, we cannot accspt orders
lor lees than S lbs. of coffee. Tea by the pound, or more.
Prefer fry mail and telephone promptly deliiermd C. O. D--
Orders llelltrd IS Mile. -SI llrilers Dellsrrrd IS Miles.
f0 aaaWsVstaJ VVI ibb We
HI lo il WAHHINUTON ST., Ilet Pari. Place and llarilay I
Two Blocks from Wsatalnglen Market.
Men's Kid Shoes
Kid is 0Uf of lit' most dt'sirublo laatbori for Men's
Slioei. Though soft und pliabfei it gives us much ser
vice Rl heavier nateriall with perfect ease :iud comfort
for t lie feet . Thirty-tiro styles of Kid Shot s in our Men's
I epartmet)t, Including medium und heavy weights fur
Kail and Winter.
s:i to $7.50.
Sixth Avenue
tl Nineteenth Street
Ha '!.,, sieamer Ranea Plehe.l
In Off I Inrlils I neat.
W vsiltN ITn.V, m t '.- Rlghtwil
vlv.irs of t .e a' in lone ! ninmer sVsSM
wero picked up off the Florida cosM
yeale lay i.v ih nival supply sbp
Ai . Ii-isn, . r I 'it I m report re" eive I
iV e . nt i' b.t West iMrjl
station a"d forw.ir led here Sn detahs
a.... f ...i , - , Jir e-in unv acc'
lent fi Hi llavs which sallal from
N'orf'ilk on x.nn : II MantanillO.
This Wees Only
' h.M
-tnii wm dig t.trt' J .. of
M)f.lr.- ltr-(, tllwltrof Ui -Hly
Iro-tKi. utiil Ulll.tia I Ii mi... mI I.-
i tm ii lts-oki ttrlcoHg.
our rium") urr i ,uy uing I
ill'- ni..' . i - v - M il.nrry
NhOM I'l l I i.'p.in irtr-nt rit'ro on
Ktrth V nnf At four itnieifi our
prli . unit w run inn H
U vu wriiit Mi'iU'v PluaiM at
boului" I nig .in m t --j don't full Iq
i t mu i - ' r LIT 1 i ,. v l
1 HIM II U I (lit
rl MSN ri.i UK4
Kin--t OtMlll I Ktr jj'liy
Krr-n, t I'urtoHl . Willow IMUWoMl
l"nii' 1 . In. md
"P,i''Vl'K' i wide, bind
Ji.. 'i? " P. I lies. lies, v and
hesvv bends
sold wisewbrr.
mr I,', n a. eer
erW. while
Ihey last
full: eoal
w h m i t
o r
II B.SSI ear
urlre. while
lies lasl
$2.50 $4.95
i hi m ii t'l tir.x
Hr,...l. l ull aad Ileal Meeds.
IT In !.. la. wMe M.nn
IM In. lung. II la. wide . I. lift
III In. inn. Ill le. el.le ft.Hu
tin In. ions, i i "ins .
ll.iaii l i l sin
llsn.l lied II and IM.
srt ia. lee. 11 la. srls. . .
-.III la. lens. gl In. sU. n il
UM In. Inns. IS III. WlUe. . . I J.
:rj I, ion. : " wl4e. . , . IO.I
mail tinnr.HN nt i mi
m pliunr Mini C o. U. un a,
prnvsl upon recstpi of itAr in . nvee
. " We ..-oi'Sft chsraes If
iminev Is ssnl wtln nrdrr. Sltlstar.
Hon ausisnleeJ " mnnuy isfuieled.
iirirn kiipaiiUm. oi
feathers msde Into fssblnnsble nee
i.linnes at veiy little .est.
Bet. 4 1 el 4VU Ola.. Ope. Ubesry.
Ftf'b n-er. Tske flxaler
Rot- WHHmo
Prieo, 31c;
Solo Pric, .
fsacr assde. ssth n.-.'i 'lsnw
sad aroas. gla slier ease.
fausl to cofffse retailed at SB
fss. ao 0 tts lb.
retailers handle the genuine
I tlov an .leaner .'titTeei
3471 Cortlandt
' M W 1 OB k
548 Fifth Avenue
have FwiHrfth
i aSii ..

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