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w, J,., --
Biff! Went Mr Uncos' Fist,
and Wham! W ent Max
to Pavement.
M Boeaf trlnnrfl cheerfully and 4rei
from Ms porki t a worn lcathsr rtw, tn
I1" It was a p Mr of im- -nt ipc -tacles.
in t niu-h, he Mill. "But :t
mVrht tsare "nr ? Mi
"CM!" irroAnMl Mix.
Thin morning he pro-.-M ene of fN
flnM; Ti-lTTin of l-iand dncoretlon ever
pen In TomVa Court.
trr ' t i
If your stomach Is sick, sour, gassy and upset now
you can surely get relief in five minutes.
Pour, sick, upset stomach. Indigestion,
heartburn. lyjipi'si; when the food you
ent ferments into gases and stubborn
" "a iioi.i, "finnv i i i -i i I . .1.
At i. .. mini.-., M'ur ir in n nen nun vnu irr-i ir k
Mi , ,rm oi th( ,.w on m, Md mvmMl) lh,V whrn Mil,,
-houl.ter and -he call 0( ,h, ,-ourt In the masir in Pnpe , Diapepsin. It makes
hle ear. MM ih. -v I, nothing to aliow ! ,t,n, h distress go in five minute..
" r,,r enjoye.i the rwl'mc r If uur Htuinach is in a continuous re-
the e.itin.l -but or he was glad to
et nrrented I alt night:
Time wan w! Ml Mux. w in la thirty
four ai haa a time yellow,l BOllOt
record, reaped rich harvests, rtut yes
terday Max can M red iresl thut he
want to nmtllna; the ruah hour crowd
at the Manhattan and of Brooklyn
Bridge. Joseph Heea. who lives at
No. ST8 Eiwt Oiw Hundred and Thlr-ty-seventli
atree-t. la a largo and pros
perous tpp taring cltlsen, and to Mr.
Botes Mr ;.'11 devoted hi earneat
professional attention!. I t,..
eaaleat thlna- in the world to ascer
tain thorn .is antiii-tiiliu: of en Invit
ing bulk In Mr. Korea's right hand
oat pocket.
Max started to ohstract It. To his
experienced, appraising fingers, It
Mined fairly to vibrate wltli ayjupa
Ukatlo iTji -: . nirea of rlohea within. Up
at oaune under Max'a gentle manipula
tion, closer and cloeer to tile top of he
peohet. In another svm1, ever so little
pat lee. --. Just another llttlo pull, and
TD the law tild have to admit that
n&ne points c? it was Max's.
flwlahl Arr.ind awept Mr. Itoees'e
large, hard right hand Bang! It cam
In contact with Mux's soft loft eye,
"You little grafter!" roared the erst
while placid ' mark." "I've been letting
you go on for thn last two BtlmitMi
New I'" rot you where I want vrml"
Mr. nocts's arms whirled around like
the blades of an aeroplane propeller.
He was short on gOlence, perhaps, but
undoubtedly Monti on Indignation mid
purpose. Max speedily begat) 10 show
signs of punlahraent. a crowd col
1 acted a Strang tntnf fm- Brooklyn
Brldicu in the rush hour, They were
all (or denouncing the "big brute," who
aacmeJ to take sii"h keen njoyment In
torturing hll small opponent. Any ono
coul 1 "o that the Small man was u
peac Till person end anxious only to
get away. Policeman Bchmltsler of
Traffic Sijuad A pushed his way to the
front of t.ie crowd, and Max, through
balfClOSd eyes, saw him.
"Ol.. officer, officer.'" ho cried. " St
reet me!"
"What you doner' ssked the police
man, undecided,
"IUffl" landed the lioees nt on Max's
"Never mind wh.it I done," pleaded
Max. dodging behind the blue bulk.
Th!s gentlemen Want I to make com
plaint against as, i 'or Q 'd a eafca lot
hiin. and have It over with."
On toe way 10 tho station house, Max
walked Bret at tho policeman'! right
hand And then at hll left He Insisted
an only one thing that he he on t'.e
aide opos'te Mr. BOOM. Tie lieutenant
wsjntod to know what M ix had tried to
volt - if von can't get it regulated please.
lor your sake, try Diapepsin. Its ai
needle-s to have a hud stmnsoh maki
your next meal a favorite food meal, then
lake a little Diapepsin. There will not he
any distress eat without fear. It's le
cauae Pape's Diapepsin "really does"
regulate weak, out-of-order lnmarha t hat
gives it its millions of sales annually.
(iet a large fifty-cent .-ase of PapVl
Diapepsin from any drug store It is the
quickest. lUfeflt stomach relief snl i iire
known. It acts n, I most like inntric ItUl
scientific, harmless ami drlighiful pn pa
ration which truly belongs in every home.
A Hundred Uses in
the Family
We have been so busy telling folks
about the high-grade qualities of
D & R Perfect Cold Cream as a
maker of clear, beautiful skins that
we have neglected to bring out the
many ways it can be used in every
" The Kind that Kteps "
lias all the old-fashioned "salves" and
"home remedies" beaten to a whisper
for burns, baby s skin trouble and
the many minor skin complaints
common in every household. It
is cleaner and much more effect-
-v 1 -lit
ive. unce tnen, you win dis
card all the others, and wel
come D & R Perfect Cold
Cream as a new member of
the family.
Fifty and twenty -five cent
When you insist upon
Daggett & Ramsdell's,
you are getting the best
cold cream in the store.
WaiV. tJ.. iYJ'.Ja.W g?
i M
Introducing "The Vienna
A New Soft Hat for Men
Evidently the maker of these
fine Hutu, which have just come to
GIMBEL8 from Vienna, got an
early glimpse at the new color-mixtures,
which are so fashionable this
Autumn in men's clothes.
His Hats reproduce these umes
and it will be an easy matter for a
man to select one that will har
monize with his new suit.
They are very practical hats for
rVinlr fiat wnltrl brims Will keep
their shape. Very light in weight and with a silk lin
ing that gives them a characteristic foreign touch.
The "Vienna" Is $3.60
and shown in a full range of sizes and colorings in the
Gimbel Hat Store.
Derby HaU, New Styles, at $1.95
"Second" of $3 to $5 Grades
Hero is whore a man can make a saving of a third or more on
his Fall Derby without doing violence to his pride, for the only
effect that the small flaws have is on the price. Vanous stylee, e II
sizes, though not in every style, and all in black. 4tn Floor
Sale of Men's Silk Socks
at 28c Pair
It is very difficult for as lare a manufacturer as the maker of
thetf Men's Socka to figure his output to a dot. He is apt to keep
on flu1 safe side and produce above his orders.
Which is why we are able to offer 8000 pairs of these Socks, in
two handsome styles, at 28c a pair tomorrow.
One style is a pure threat! silk, in Rembrandt knit effect, with
cotton toes, heels and tops, and is usually 65c a pair. Vanoui
The other is of plated silk, in half a do::en shot or two-toned
effects; and usually sold at 60c a pair.
The Socks are so vastly better-luokinR than the usual 28c
Silk" Socks, i hat. they will probably :-ell very quickly.
Main Floor
Field Glasses and Binoculars
If you wish to have a good look at the ships from the shore,
we suggest excellent Field Glasses, 10-ligne, with case and carrying
strap, at $4
Lemaire's Field Glasses at $10.60 to $22.60.
Telescopes at $3.60 10 $8.50. Binoculars at $36 to $76.
Main Floor, Rear
America's Grralrsl
l urollare House
We Onen Accounts from
$5 to $1,000
Newark. N. J.. Store: 49 and 51 Market Street
on fMAljL wr u iv p-wments
In case of the death ol the wage
earner of our family we will at
once give you a receipted hill In full
of your account.
You may ocu an account with ad
vertised articles or have added to
your tsrcuii 'nv till Mini article
V Hlthoul Any Extra Chargr ut stiy Kind
Double Stamps
Sinflr Slampi
One Dollar ior a Complete Room Ouliil
D1V tTHrVTI? I AR select everything you need 10
ST2 J VWU uuiuu rm. j lurnlsh a room co
it ;e get eter-?lilitg you va'..t to furnish a roomco.iiii. tcly by
DOM.AH NOV .id the bal : r e In sn .! weekly p&v.nents.
coniulelelv anil
we v.. . ucM.. r .c f..tds r-romptly to jewv Mf'i "Wc: ,,A "
i vi a V IN sv LI m Pia.Y 'PAYMENTS. 1W U a straight. loi.a-H!e
luncf l-
nvli IIME DOl
NO riltt ITIS W1 Hi:L JV'I. c:
- 'S1 Ma I Mia Thames: nl ! Knd o Strlnns 10 this 0l!rr
4n) Idxt rtisrd Af.u let Mi t- Incli dt i in Your Ouliil atlhe Aflvt-riiioo rnrc nnnou y txtratnarur
, rvv .itrmtonnn TIIIH oil lilt f itMll loll III . TOO.
I II 3 111 is? I I IS I I l.v'S I KV H IIKnil K. VIM K ICCOl M. IH XTII.I
Take a Picture of the Fleet
Such an opportunity to lake a picture of Uncle Sam's sea
fight on is worth seizing.
If you haven't a camera, we raooauntnd S No. HA Kodak which
takes pictures of postcard size, 8)4x6) i im hes, lias a ball-bearina
shutter, and a fine rapid rectilinear lens, which is cgpeeially good
for instantaneous work. Price, $20.
Other Kodaks from $5 tO $132.60; al.o BrownJl and Ircmo
We always have fresh Kodak films and plates in stock, as well
as all other PhotOffr&Dhic Supplies.
JirinL' us vour filnis to develop and print we do best work at
modi-rate prices. Fourth rioor
Gimbel Toe-Ease Shoes
For Children Are Easy On
THEIR Feet and YOUR Pocket
BBKBPaaPPBI it is a combination that appeals strongly to
i?r " 1 nanamra urrin h.-ive to keen huav litrlp frnt frnm
continually popping out of their coverings.
( ihUdren'a shoes vjv a ipeeial study of ours and
the makers. We ht.ve the Ix-st that expert
skill could pick. We give them a good start
by fitting them accurately to the children's
J feet, and the design, the leather and the work
in the Shoes do the rest.
Thtro are fiirls' ShuoK for nelinnl, Milan nnrt tlrcfs wrar, in tin Iturnla and
gun-metal calf, wi EcUdm Patent Coltikin, hirli and low cut, wit h heuvy or
medium sulcs, 'l to $3.60 for the Kinuller sixeh, 3 to $4 (or tha larijer hizee.
i (iir'.:.' Storm ShOM of stout oil urain Ictither, tJj'.b cut. with viHculized aolett,
unit hall tx Hows tongucH uh marly WaierpTOOl :it shock can he mailt! at $3,
:r liSM 8H to 11. 3.f.O for sizes 11,'.. to una i for Mixes ZH to 6.
Hoys' Shoi s for !rcK wur atid knocking about. VarioUl styles and leather!
ut $2 to 83. CO', heavy box calf Shoes, with iiidcsUuctible Hoic on broad luKta,
ut $2.60 iuir, lor si ;ea 11 lo o'2 Second Kloor
OK II ll MINI (I II-il T
Cur Prices Are Always the Lowest
- " a.
SI. 50 Solid Oak 1
lo-li Rocker i$65 Three-Piece Parlor Suit, $34.98
1.29 xmmmiimKm
m f tj
6M m7
Solid Oak,
golden fin
ish t ttrong
V linjany tinithed, highly poluherf rarlor Suit ron- , ,,
iati of Sofa, Arm Chair and Rocker. HeaTy claw ,,on' p n
ftat, looee cushiuni, covered in bett quality atriped hack; brace
piiiah. t arm.
Dining Chair
Domestic" Sewing Machines
Will Make Your Dressmaking Easy
i i aaw i "V
scorns. Enftmeled Steel Bed
i m i. v ft .
1 i I f
$20 Continuous Post. Bra. Bed
i $20 Continuous Post. Bra. Bedi N
s7 8Q& A-rrrm I !
. sL.aJ III 111 I 1111 It
U C BaSlga-gl-a I.. . .. n.u rla. laVM.I tJ 3 J g J 'J n I Kj P
; i, iir'Kimr. i. - y , a . it i i ii n I n w
ill' 1 . a.wvr a. aew rk II I I ; I I J J I E I 1?
-9Sj?k.Aa' c0.,ii..aou pn., unc, 'm ,r ""r7,r":r ; i :
1 Otp i mM -T-.Trr IS" "filial a I J J : I I
Uz1. met 4YI orna- " IITITI ML.. 77CU I I
t.'...'"" rt ?,- 7h . ' ..i i. . : 3? i n...vx:,".l,,f f sesi i fi ai
mH 1m-- a.. u 1 x i
nan wars
You can mnkf vonr
a " J
Winter wardrobe with
on" of these splendid Ma
ihines, proven by 60
yeara of use, with a mini
mum of effort.
'Hie faUnoill "Domes
tic" nieehanhsm is speedy,
eic-y - running ami effi
cient, ji.nd the cases are
arl LatlC and finely finished
We ire Belling these
M&chinea r.s follows:
A Hand-litt Model
at V-0.
A Hand-lift Model tt
An Automatic Lift
Model at $25.60.
All U, L
have the wonderful Loorjflr. which turns frrni lock stitch to cli:iin
stitch and back again, as desired, iii a jiffy ; aUo a full set of "Do
mestic" attachments, Including
Narrow Hemmtr Feller li Un Hemmer QuiiUr
Hinder Tucker UndefRraider
! Th" modaU it (23. M and W6.60 a hi have the I ntch niffler, which
i rnglcra pleat i.t aver) titch, a-ei al u Jot lathering, luaking, cai'ping,
ul(...iii;:', (i in trim ning and plain r.ffimi,.
Sold for !f,2 Cash riiid ftl Weeklv
! and lent 1 0 your nearest freight Station . Ultout cbatge o' within OUT freedi livery
liniitn. rittb rioor
TomorrowAt the Zenith of Their Vogue it
A Sale of Ostrich Plumes, Bands and Hats,
Also Paradise Plumages At 25 Per Cent.
Less Than Regular Prices
Vfetaal lUS pr.f'm'mir Prices, itmt. when such 1'himnj.w an- no iruch In demand? - would be a
F mim VMalWI for you tr. ;isk, st we shall explain how this Sale for tomorrow and Satur
day is possible.
Early, very early in the Reason, we contract
ed for a tremendousquantlty of these feat hers,
and gained thereby a larjte discount.
Besides, for these two days, we shall sacri
fice some of our profit to brinu the prices
down to the usual fimbel standard of
And there Is another reason we wish thia
to lie an introductory event as there are
hundreds of women who are not acquainted
with the fine tpiality of ('imliel IMumatres.
The Ostrich Mumes are the beautiful
French curl. And those of black are the
rich iet Mtwk that is only possible when they
are Eirypt iandyed.
18 inches long i 7 inches wide, M
14 lnchae long t B Inches wide, 13. 38
18 tnchsa long tT1 Inches wide, 14
18 lnohes long s 9 Incites wide, 14.26
17 Inches loo, x 10 Inches wide, 86.75
20 Inches long s 8 inches wide, 86.60
18 lnchat long s 10 Inches wide, $7. II
20 Inches long i 10 Inches wide, 88.76
19 Inches long x 10 inches wide, 810
Ostrich Bands - Hands, :iti inches long white-and
bteck- 91-38. 83. 82.26, 93 26, 94. 96 and 96 80.
Ostrich Edge Bands, Jti inches long, whits and black.
86o, 91.26 and $1.60.
Pr...ee Pl..mBM. tft 16.50. $20 And $25
Beautiful cluhter effect, In the designs decreed by the Paris Modistes, in black and natural.
The No-Charge Trimming Service
will be gladly extended, if you purchase any of these feathers, or other trimmings and an un
trimmrj hat in our Millinery' Sections. Main and Third Floors
branch Ostrich Plumes In light blue, pink,
nrovni, new blue, prune, and other now colors, also blnck-and-wkite,
natural-and-unitc $4 to 98.28.
WMtt Ostrich HaU, In toque styles -810.
Do You Realize that There Is But One Week of the
Autumn Sale of Dress Goods P
And that Friday and Saturday arc tho last two days of these remarkable offer
ings, that it has taken us months to prepare?
You can hardly expect to find, for instance, after this week, a superb $2..r0quality of imported
Broadcloth, in the fashionable shades of the season and black, at $1.35 a yard; or a $3.25 quality
in black at $2.16. Just as extraordinary are the $1.50 Cheviot Serges at 9)1.16 a yard in navy
blue and other colors, $1.75 French Serges, in black and navy blue, for tailored suits, at $1.16 a
yard; and the excellent imported Henrietta, in desirable shades, at 76c yard, instead of $1.
In fact, every offering in the Sale is a prize that women will do well to grasp while these
very low prices prevail. Second floor
Thede Medici Ruff of Ostrich
gives a fascinating note to a costume,
whether a tailored suit, a demi-tailored
or a dressy frock.
If you art dressed in blue, your Ruff
should be blue. If in black, it should be
white-and-black, or black. And, of
course, we have Ruffs in all the new
colon. Prices start at $6.25 and there
are Stoles up to $20.
Marabou Stoles and Muffs, in natural
or black, are $3.96 and upward.
Main rioor
Plants and Bulbs Low-priced
Exemplifying the unusual offerings in our
Conservatory in the Subway Store.
A collection of Planta, not quite perfect
BostOQ Ferns, Pendanas, Aracarias, Rubber
Plant, and Kentia l'ulms; usual prices Tim- and
$1, this lot at 28c each.
Bulbs of all kinds, for Fall planting; Cro
cuses at 75c a hundred; Hyacinths, Tulips,
Narcissus and Daffodils at $1 a hundred.
littiiuse of Ihi trrv loic pruei, and the Mtaty fx.
pHUt a luinJlint. BM (annul Hll mail and C. O. D.
orJert. Subway Store, Balcony
Tomorrow, This Startling Offering
Over 3,000 SILK WAISTS for WOMEN
A Third to a Half Below Usual Prices
At $1.95 and $2.45
Which are the lowest prices for such a creat
quantity of Silk Waista, in the history of the
Subway Store.
HOW We Got Them
( )ur waist chief found one of the largest IBfUIUfsd urers
tied ui" with this collection of samples, odd dozens
. - it.. I a.i ..
anil lines uw anuMi ui un mm nau. rvuu using i i
bi. mar, M well as u big manufacturer, he did things J t
in a big way and closed out the entire lot to us at a, 1
flat price, which was away below cost. ' ,
Si ores of Splendid Styles
From Tailored Silk Shirts to Silk Chiffon Waists,
Cac$ Trirrmtd
Sn many wonderfully pretty new styles ut such very
. .i ii' .1 .... i.i ii i til
low prlcea teat tnse VYauaui anuuiu sen iim ucaiut
to the World's Series games." Farly ihopperi will
have an advantage, w Included in the great collection
300 Sample Waists M from ?-' tn 44
rw i i stvle therefore, a great; In this collection, in the greatest variety of
,r . , aa ihot aj much less the season's best liked silks, colors and models.
than hklf Trice in many cases, at $1.95 and Some of the silk waists of which we have the
aa Bapw-
At $1.95
I tually
$1 to
greatea! quantities arc
At $2.45
i sually $4.60 i" $6,
Mack pe:
0IM model,
rati do
.' k" ' . Illllio litlll
patch pocket, hign turnover
to ..: 8a.6.
Wabtta ol pt-au tie rygna,
triinmoii with quarttr-inch tucks, high
w , ol meaaaunei ntua
nnil hl.K'k, Horn ipieire collar,
trimmed tvii ri i'l'. and mU
avarad buttons, lottl llaevta,
I tl.96.
. . .... i. H t.'ii.-k. rtrktlv tai-I'lm'k and Wil"
Waists at eMm taiwi ,,,.. ..,,,1 i,, ,,...U ii,.,. P.,i ut as
lorwlmoilel.v.ithpui' h ' 1 ' b,up ,,,ttrU J silk Cr,v Walata, gray uri$ black, high turnover coUar.
vsalsUof chiflw. W " . ; i in it sleevrH. at $1.85. long sleeves, button (rout, trimmed with crystal buttons,
allove, tucketl front, high y fpy about t In. doaM . not all ..zee, 82.46.
Waiataof p. wdf O'lj"'.; )"?,"0(iai,i h ntKK and long Five down Silk ChMfotl Waists, IttuttrmUi, blue and
of a much highci PJTfPi? blark with !ac yokt frill anu cutis, at 83.46.
"ee"'.!?rtw nl' , " hlark and blue taffeta, has a' Waists of black ..ilk moire, high neck and long sleeves,
i K iram wavr? ',:". .,, and sadfwjrad!boapwatid front, at ai.u.
-In yoke, trimaiid with nernsii - Bala Tomorro
et-ln yoke, tr:mnie
outtons, gt u,$,
Sile Tomorrow In the Subway Balcony
av sfasa m at V m. S a 8La g I nil eaam am 9a aBBtaaa

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