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ner avrlflcen' towsrd third and was
thrown out by Hering .1 l.ewl. took
second. Sti! lima: nne hall anl (SOT
Hmart tooled Mm tsuii a trm
MM atrptxit out of the box and Mar
qtsard ellpped vi a ttrlk on him. but
tt neap! re would not allow It. Illlll
thai lifted high fly to Murray In lfl
farqaaid wt great and "Ml 1
Brat strike ovfr on Wagner anl ths.
caused th (nnmil hitter In fou
one en. Weaner 'hen mla.ed a alrarp
surra around hit neck mi l struck oui
afaMSher swung t 'ml on for a
atria and then fouled 1 long ont Into
the stand. The next aaa a hall. And
than a fouled .me Inio the stand The
oast want high for a bill. And M
fba nt. rie'c'er t'en walterl an I ft
a aaa on hall Mr.iiard slvrn
a great cheer aa he came lo the hat
Anal mad good by Uylnr down a bunl
for a pretty ttcrlfir that OHrlrn threw
to flrat Klstrtier look Heaai on th
play. Devore waa si" playing a wait
tng game and let the flrat strike go hy.
He than got a ball and on the third try
lined a foul Into the iilearhera. and the
neat waa a foul anl Joa'i aaa In tha
tiols. Ilr waited pttlrntly anl got an
other ball, and atlll another ball ram
to Joan. Joth went after the naat on'
and again foulid Into ihe itand. II
wled on tha neat one, but a Bgf eg
fooled him' and ha waa railed nut on
strike. Doyle hit tha flrat ball pitched
and ahot a Una drive to Htahl that want
Ilka a bullet, but .laka held to It. Thla
wa the hardrat hit tbat cain and might
here gona for three baaea. NO UL'Nfl.
Marquard put a ttrlke over on Car
rig) and then tpllt the piste with a
c-urre and tha next waa a ball. Car
rlgan then lifted an taay fly foul to
May era Aftar giving O'Brien three
ball. Marquard put three over and
truck the pitcher out. At t it. a (tag
Marguard wai pitching beautiful ball
Ha got two airlkea over on lliupar and
than atruck him out with eaee. NO
pnodgraaa took one atrlke and then
dld on an eaay bounder to Yrke
Mprray waa given a great ovation aa
ha came to tha bat. He fooled the Boa
toa Infield by laying down a bunt, hut
(73rlen threw him out en a halr-llne
decision. Mtrkl went after the flrat
bajl and waa out on exactly tha aama
pier NO HONS.
Ifarquard gave Ytrkee a atilka, then
a jbell. The next waa a roul to the left
land. Yerkea finally awung at a wild
one and lifted an eaay fly to Fletcher,
fsjttkir took a alam at the flrat ball
pitched and drove a clean tingle Into
lelt. Lewie drove a hot grounder to
Jltrsog, who threw to Doyle In time to
fopce out Hpesker thla ahould have
bepn a double play, but Moral waa off
tk baae when luyl mad a perfect
thfxiw. aardnar took on strike and
thin lifted to Murray. NO III NH ONE
took a shot at ona of O'Brlrm't
altera and slamneS l down aha third
at Una far two tssict. O'Urien hrok
down Heyer'a hot tht and then ilircw
an out at flrat, wh in Hrng i .K
third. ITIotrhrr had another griMt
oafcac and made x . 1 by amaihlng n,
HaVa alngie Into fagot am: tending ller
aok home with another run for rti
ata O'Brien waited two balle on
qnard trying tu .it. h Matcher off
It, hut on the next one Fletcher trS
and mad a clean ileal of the hag
krquard waHel and got a baa on
I la Deror awung at the flrat hall
atgl mlesed. and he alt mined the see
on! Joah lh.n walte.1 and gut IWn
balls. And then the third came aver.
Hi awung on the ntxt one and hit It to
Wgnr. Who threw Marquard out at
aeauait to Yerkea Fletcher (feat to
third. Devore muJr a clean ateal of
eohond on a tU!.iyd alart and 1. waa
nati up to Doyle But O'llrlrn purpoely
gave him hla baae and the reaponaVhtllty
waa put up to Unodgraaa. O'Hrlen wan
now in a tlarttt hule. Hla flrat offe-lng
waaa ball, and y-, y -naa etiu k at one
twiffeet Wide f the plate. The next
waa a bail. Thii catni a third ball
O'Brien put the next una over. HnMl
graaa awung at the nex: one and fouled
It bto in blear ier. K node r aaa f iuled
aUK the stand. Mnodgraea ihtn
an atralght Into l.ewla lianda
tha aide waa tut ONK Bl'N. TWO
Marqaard gat two atrlk on Htahl
and than gave him a ball. He bit the
neat one on the noae and drove Into
right centra. Th crowd darted yell
lag for th Box, but Marquard tuck,
aver two strike on Wagner and the
note subsided On a short paaaed ball
Htahl tried to take cond. but Meyer
picked It up and by making a wonder
fat throw to Doyle nailed Jake at aec
ond. Wagner amaaht-d a long drive to
left, but Murray leaped Into the lr
and pulled It down with one hand, and,
though he turned a complete aomer
aault, he held the ball and Wagner
was) out. t'arrlgan died op a ahort
bounder thai Maniuard threw to flrat.
The crowd axaln made a hero of Mur
ray when he ( nine to bat In the sixth.
After getting two balls Murray .lr .. a
long fly to Lewie. After getting three
belle Merkle was cslled out on atrlkra.
Merkle turned In luiprlee when Fvana
called the last one. as he thought It
waa wide of the vlate. Hersog awung
at a faat one and waa out on a hot
ajrmndr that Waum r threw to first.
O'Urien ewuna ut thrt halls anl wai
aa easy out. Hop. nor nent afur the
flrat. one and lifted a pop. fly a itch
Doyle caught In abort right HrM.
Yortea landed on a tint one and leo
tt Into centre fur n a.i xle Hptaaer
foujttd off the flra'. 1 Th.- atur of the
Hon ahen lifted in easv foul ly to Mey
orafur ttte thlrJ out. NO RUNS. ONJ
fdeyrih waited patiently until the
cotjilit stood S sml S alhl then atruck nut
on' a curte Inside tlardncr made a
wgnderfnl stop of Fletcher's sharp
grwandei' and got hla man at Ural
Marquard grave 11 grounder lu .rttahl,
wfj& toecsvd the ball 10 O'Brien for Ihe
third out. NO RUNS. NO HITH.
JLtter taking two strikes Lewis shot u
grounder to FletcaI and ana thrown
ou)at flrat. UardiiT waa out on a lung
foal fly that Murray caiuhl against the
lego field stand. Htahl hit a faat one
on. the note and tlammed It to the left
fleJT blesehers for two bases. The
grasjnd rules robbed blot of a homer, for
orgjiuiy other griunda this would hitve
boti good for the alrcult. Wagnsr
Played the wuICng gam - und got three
bsila l .1, then made hltn MM
anT he drove a 1 . Ig fl to lr,.o:e Mr
rung en th taoond bsll
and drove a clean tingle to
left Doyle took a slam t the first
one and lifted n easy fly to tstwe
8nnilta attemt.ted to hunt. but
ni'tted the Art; str'ke Snodgraat then
Bhanged hll ta'-tl snd craeketl a clean
slngli Inln left, ifvanxilng Josh to sec
ond With 10 tt-lkts ori him Murrav
pok.-1 t line fit 10 Iwla In left. Mer
kle for ed out Anna's, Ho on a grounder
that U asner leased to fa kee at second
Rngel ti . -it In af n pinch hitter fof
f?ari tan snd Mull was niled rut to
I hat for 1 ' I" ' Thi Sirx were getting
ready far list etan l I'.ngel h out
on long tl In Murrav Hall struck
out II fper got a base on halls Thla
being Marituar-d'a flrat paaa r; the
game Mnriiard give Verka two balls
and H.rrog grid Doyig tan over In talk
wuh him He then put over a strike,
hut followed It with thr- third Ixill The
nest waa a strike Trrkeg then hit to
Hergog, who made ttondirful throw
to flrat nrl retired the aide No
tll'.NS Nir HITS
Iiedlent Mini ady went In for the fsox
as a new battery. Hersog was hit by
a pitched hall on the first hall on hla
left arm. getting nn awful crack. Her
sog tt-ae out etnallng aecond. r'ady mak
ing a pet fr i t throw to Terkes. Yerkes
waa allgbtlv cut In the foot aa Hersog
lid Into the hag Meyers drove a clean
lug. 'nto centre after taking two
atrlke. Speaker made a wonderful run
ning . at' h of Flet' her's long drlv to
centn ami he threw Ihe ball to Rtahl
In time to double up Meyers, who,
thinking It would be a thtee base hit,
rn all the way to third. NO Ht'NR.
.-';. akr lft,l a hlgit fit to Fle'chtr
Merkle mad a .'freit atop of Lewis'
grounr, hut M rinnrd fslled to get lo
the tisx In time, and 11 went for a single.
Gardner smashed s two-bagger down
thr right field line and Lewis acired.
Devore ran inlo rhe ftnee and the hall
got stt-av from him Htahl 'iH a liotind
er to Mnniuard, who threw to Mergof
and got (nrdnr at IhlM. Hendrlokson
ran for Htahl Wa.giie,- hit to Flei 'ier,
who marie a perfe. t throw to flrtt. bun
Merkle dropp-1 thi throw and Heti
drlckaoi; went lo third Wagner stole
aecond, no Attempt bring made lo
catch htm. t'edy Died to Devore, writ
made a running catch, and the gam
waa over. ONH IlfN, TWO IirTft
BOSTON. Maes.. Oct. 10. A striking
svldence of Manager Mcdraw'a loyalty
to his players waa shown this morn
ing, when asvsrnl worried New York
fans went to him snd beg,-. .' Inln to
lake Fletcher out of the line-up and
put Hbafcr In lo-day'e game.
"I have nn intention of doing anything
of the kind,'' replied MrOraw. "Flotc
er has played good hall for th 'Hunts
all season, anl Just because he has been
unfortunate In the series I don't think
tt Is up to me to take him out. If nn
emergency ails I will act Jnt us I
do In sny other kind of a game.
"You know, 1 hnv to figure on next
season aa well aa this series, and I
think It would he unwiee to break tha
aplrlt of a player, even If he waa not
playing as well as might be expected."
There waa considerable apprehension
among the Huston fans and players
over the fart that Trie Speaker was a
little lame from twlailng hla ankle yea
terday. He said that he would play juat
thu same. Thlg lameness may make
him a little slow on the bases, however,
snd ma give the (Hants an sdvantuge.
T.'io pluyera of U.th trams arrived at
the par k at lli.ei an I went through the
uaual stunts that In ing cheers fro'n the
crowd. The Motion fun Is a true ports
man, and Jack Murrey and ('hurley
Merzog, tne star porrormors of the
eleven-Inning tie game, were chewed
altn.Mit aa much as the lied Mux heroee.
Lsrry lHiyl. who is. perhaps, th most
popular ball player In the business, waa
glvn quite an ovation a he wuaxod on
th diamond and began to talk to Trie
The biggest Joks of the seaaon la nn the
MO New York fan. who left the grounds
st 4.30 yesterday to cstch a train, think
ing that t lie Uiante Were surely baln.
They got to New Haven before Iney
found out what they had mlesed. Many
of them Immediately returned and are
In line, fighting with the Boaton tint
for a chanc at th unreserved ssats.
Among thoae who were fooled was
President Lynch of thi. National League.
Mr. Lynch was undsr th Impression
that In caae of a tie the gam would
have to be played In New York. At
New London h was ruactted by a tele
gram whUh real as follows:
"Com back and gat 1n line. You are
overruled The game must be olayed
here." This tvat sigutd by the other
member of the National HoMMlgliffX
and the National league Frealdent has
been the merit for Jest, all day. Tha
next time he tayt ht will tluk around
until the show It over.
The hall player of both teams are
tearing tlrelr hair and tcreamlng Uke
gfgUndad wolvea over the new rule that
prevent! them from getting a part of
the money for th extra game occa
sioned by th tie. When the Detroit and
OhltSII teams played a lie gams several
yean ago (he players were given a
aharu of the extra game No rule was
definitely established until this last
summer when the platers were declared
out of everything ..ut four games. It
was Juat their luck to play tie right
sfter the rule was adopted.
The IMeton ruitera, led by Mayor
Fltxgci.ild, war In lit., on tlm and
with their perpetually engaged hras
MM filed Into the park at 1 o'clock
With red banners ttavlng they marched
scross the field to the strains of
There'll He s Hot Ti ne In the Old
Town To-Nlght," and took up a posi
tion in th special stand erected for
them In left field.
All of the players, the National Com
mission and the war corrcapondunta will
IgpVl for New York on a special train
Immediately after the gams.
Davidson Indicted fur Marder.
The October Urand Jury filed an In
dictment to day with Judge Bwann lu
General Heaalons charging "lied Phil"
Davidson with murderlue Jack Zsllg on
a second avenue car Saturday night.
The Coroners Jury sent th rsa to
th Urand Jury yesterday The only
Wltnesaag were Patrick llrady. the con
ductor Si the. car, Policeman Schmidt,
who Ogplurad DsvIUson after the shoot
ing, and (.ronr Physician Lehans.
Red Cross . Couth Drops.
hetalag benei la sat Ureal a, sgj kfi
Mrs . George Wise Elides
I Nurse in West End Aventf
Apartment House.
Suicide Had Been a Sufferer
From Melancholia fo,
Several Years.
After sending her two younl ehll
drsn, In the care of a maid, to ll"r
aid Drlv to aa th warships ktra
llertrsa Wtae, thirty-five yean o"l.
luded Ray Kats. a trained nur,
day and leaped from th roof th
rourtyard of th ala atory apartment
hou at No. 110 Weat Bnd avsstt 10
day. 8hn waa instantly killed
Mru. Wise was the wife of ftiorg
Wile, a glove Importer In buslwss at
No. II Weet Twenty-first atrstl l'"or
several yearn ah had been a nfferrr
from melancholia, and her malaly Was
of a form that required the oeutant
attendance of a num.
Mr. and Mrs. Wlaa and thv two
small children lived In an aaartatnt on
th third floor of th building, filch a
known a West Rnd Hall and near
On Hundredth street. The family
breakfasted together this mornM snd
Mr. Wne went to business at 'clock.
A few minutes aftar th ehllass left.
Harry Kirk, superintendent ! tha
building, heard the sound of i hesvy
body crashing Into the oanrtysal. He
aent Harry Jordan, ona ol th Milium,
to investigate and Jordan .'end me
body of Mrs. Win lying on tnt torn rete
In the mean tuna all the ocrtjente of
the hnua with rooms facing tit court
had hurried to their windows ind hyt
terla prevailed among th woatn whu
aaw Jordan approach th huMled up
body below.
Kirk aent across ths street for Dr.
Ralph . Ward of No. Ml Witt Bnd
avenue and eummoned Mr. Wat bom
b telephone. Dr. Ward, finding Mrs.
Wise dead, notified Coroner Hathauser,
who gave permission for tin removal
of the body to the Wlaa apartment.
Among thoae who hurried tt Ibt lowtr
floor bloT4rr doctor arrival was the
nurse. Miss Kats Bh bad Ward the
crush in the oourtyard and xu imme
diately aaarched th apartaent for
Mrs. Wiser, who had bh -it of her
Ight not more than five minus lira
Wise waa Dot to b fsuna and th
nurse's fear waa realised then shs
glanced at tha clothing of tat body in
the courtyard.
At first it was supposed that Mrs.
Wise had leaped from a tlndow In
her apartment. Rut Miss bis was
sure this could not hav occurred.
Policeman Hehn Investigate! the roof
and found fresh marks In thi dust
on the coping Just abovs skire Mrt.
Wit landed lo th court y ori Indicat
ing that shs had gone to tkt top of
the building.
(Continued from rint Pag,
Hsnna's reply, fallls to lamtify that
printed In th magaxln.
That was th year of strike Ira-tala-
tlon," said ArchboW, "anl yery fair.
mlrvdrd man of corporate utei.-ita all
called on to fight such lcgiekuion. That
waa my sole purpose lo Vassal tu let
ter to Senator Henna."
Another letter endlng H,0iK) (i
(lenavenur. former Ohio rsp ,.
on Oct. 27, 100, was I dent lid bj Arcu-
"It was sn sld to him hi ni, Cj4m.
uals-n some campaign hi h ni ,in ai
the tlms." Arohbold sgpiatoed
Archbold would not admit n,e authen
ticity of many letters In the magazine.
He aald he had searched fur the
originals, but could not rind them.
Amung them were ssverij ny Jur
John" letter from Belter llirn.i
flapp read th letters Into the reoord,
doing praoUcelly all Cl the talking,
while Archbold "twlddlil" m thumbg
and looked lurd on tin sltnm ttand.
AI.VKOI.4B TaiTTII. without nlalrs.
4a41eal W leur eaiaral taeth.
To ad age
lies r
new iiroeeae.
All SS Geld Crawaa s ri, TeehS, $1M
KNAMKL l'Is"M. gi. u
Adtaored isUnls- swhs r In llsetlstri 'n.
aiada auerass asal rat'UUtatB ".. txdr.
"l '.,w ICASIC .i
Opsa Batninss 7 i
9 Hint., j 1(1 to 4 I
Woman Flier Who'll Bombard
Fleet With
J .1 a .) H . J J J j Jl J a S J J
Archbold read the miny letters In the
magazine with Interest.
"Muh!" he ejaculiu ed, smiling, na he I
rend a leter to llanna opposing Smith
W. Itnnnett, a candidate In Ohio.
"1 hm e no doubt I wrote that letter," I
was hi- e.ir. k answer i cmidlng many
of the letters. He kept hl gold
rlmmed spectaclei In use, leaving them
In hi lap when not reading tin- pub
lished corretpondencc.
"Many of these letters were among the
stolen letters." Archbold explained, re
ferring to the alleged wholesale rilling
of his letter files.
A letter of Oct. 3". to the late Sen
ator Quay, Mr. Archbold suld he had
no doubt lie wrote. Thu letter inclosed
a certificate of deposit for 10,n00, and set
forth that Senator Quay "had recently
aald tome thlngt dliagreeable about mc
for which I think you (hould b
"Can you state what that 110,000 was
for?" aakc.l Senator I'lapp.
"Of courte, my recollection Is vugue,"
said Mr. Archbold, "but It was for some
campaign fund, some Pentylvaulu Stat
Senator Clapp proceeded to the ldep
tlflcallou of another letter copy dated
Feb. 18, 1900, purporting to have been
written by Mr. Archbold to guiy.
"I have no douht t wrote It." he aald.
Th letter referred to the "new Sen
ator from I'allfnrnla," and set forth
that while the Standard Oil Company
had no "direct relations" with him. Mr.
Archbold would exercise such Inllueuce
aa was possible "through the Santa Ke."
A phniuKi'.iphlc OOPy pur, roiling to
represent u letter written to Mr. Arch
bold Sept. 1'7, WtH. by Oen. Urosvenot
waa ahown to the witness.
"1 have a vague recollection of hav
ing received such a letter," he said, "It
looks like his Klxniiturs."
The latter was written nn the paper
of the House of Itcpreeentntlvea, but
dated Athens, O. It said, "Our mutual
friend Sibley" had suggested "that I
go In person to see you. Could you meet
the emergenctcB at well without my
coming to tee you? I have come to you
for others, hut never for myself."
"I am very sure he did not come,"
s.ild Mr. Archbold. He could rememher
no aiiawtT he had made to ths (Jroa
venor letter.
Mr. Archbold said he may have dis
am ' ' rsssl saw
aaaaA. 1
tttMass-Laafl Er"
' 1 Am saaaaxW '
mmmrrf 'Jm Mr
' . ill
XXX JL-f. k a-
A Perfect Laxative
ay New and different from any and better than all others,
Wf . . a1 u : . ua. ...nl GLil', a
A Perfetil
nas Deen prouuec-u uy mc nnjiicoi nn-ua,!
Biliousness, "Sour Stomach. Headache,
Torpid Liver, and similar disorders, in the
Hunyadi Janos Pills
Take 1 or 2 Pills at night for a sure result.
Special lor Thursday, the 19th
ITK CtlV UKr.ll
I UUKTMi Sn. value.
I'lll i in ix
Thursdav's Oflertna
m&m 40c
I'ark Huw and ( urtlsndl street slures
All our alurei. open nainec"
Assorted MUk Chocolates
To Ihuss who Ilk vsrlaty w havi
here s varlrd assorunsnt af the dlf
far.nt kinds of Milk Chocolate due
clals. reprsssatloa mure
dellcaelei thaa cas be da
aorlbed. rorwi box
B aaTass- aaw mm
Roses From Skies
ga Jt H jl gfj jt j jt Jt jdjljlj
f ' i' f T tr ft
cussed the Ohio campslgn with former
Representative siwey of Pennsylvania,
but that he hud no recollection. He
could rememher no Standard on actlv
11 y ai to the election of a Senator In
New Jersey. He "had no doubt he
wrote" a letter to former President A.
J. f asset t of the Pennsylvania Itall
ronrl, urging thit he aid In the election
of Sibley to Congress.
Chairman Clapp eh owed Mr. Arch
hold a reproduction of a thrcc-jiig"
letter purporting to hove been wr.llcn
by Sibley Kch. X V.Yiu, In which he said
be "had talked t th Mr. H., a Demo
crat." who was prepared to make a
light ogalnst r et tain legialatlon. He
FUggrTted that Mr. Archbold havi .
conference with the "Senator." and sug
gested that he could arrange to have
the latter go to .Vers Yotsji.
"A man who wrote a long a letter
as that ought to be killed," said Mr.
Archbold, Under rri breath. "I hav no
recollection of It." he added, "but I
have.no doubt I received It."
"You were In correspondence with
Mr Sibley'" uakod Chairman Clapp.
"Oh, yes, a great MaV' said Mr. Arch
bold. The Sibley letter added: "If you think
of anything I could do, let me know:
but I think the member! of the llo'iae
of Itepri tentative and the Speaker un
derstmd the sit ration."
I. ail Hashing; lo School la Patally
Thirteen-year-old Jamea Slyman
apent so much tlni" doing an errand
for his mother this morning that ho
feu red he wjuld be la to tu BOhOOL He
put on Iris roller nkatcx and malted on
a dneh from his home. No. 1119 Carroll
avenue. Hrooklyn, to Public School Nu.
Ill, five blocks away.
At the corner of Lincoln Place and
Washington avenue, where there I a
grade, he skuted In front of sn auto
mobile truck belonging to the Wiener
l'tano Compsny and driven by Robert
Hrtstss. The driver put on his brake,
but the machine slid down tho incline,
grinding the boy beneath Its heavy
Several of the boy's ribs were crushed
and his skull was fractured. Physi
cians at the Prospect Hflghts Hos
pttal said he prohahly would dls.
Atk any Draggitt for tht
Handy Vial that fit tha
Vatt PocMatPrica 25c.
1 Trade Hark.)
Special lor Friday, the 11th
1..IIKI I II II V It t
( AMIVi SBe. slue.
rot NO mix
II I l.ll-r uur resular A.
USe. sueda. IMP
I'll I Ml IMIK lV
MM rvrrv rfriitnc until II MmL,
i i vt'iiliiit unlit I I a' r lochs
PARK ROW a, Masaaa
Th apai-iriatl walaht In uh luatancu
IncluJta Ina contulner.
B 10, 1012.
111 i iii innnnnninn
ixgej rmnaiuDUiviMKU
Miss Scott Will Sail Over War
ships Saturday, Hurling
Flowers From Sky.
Ths greet wsr flotilla anchored In
the Hudson lllver will be bombarded
Saturday from the akles. But Instead
of armor-piercing, dtsth-desllng pro
jectiles, .hurled by hostile aviator, th
missiles win be great clusters of roaes
dropped on the decks of th various
flagship by Miss Blanche Stuart Scott,
premier woman aviator of America.
Mitt P-ott. in her Martln-Curtlss
hydro-aeroplane, will rise from the
sandy beach on Governor's Island at
4 o'clock Saturday aftnnoon and circle
th lower bay. Then shs will head out
to He.li... a Island and clrclg Miss lib
erty, dkprplng her plsnss In saluta. From
Uberty, Miss Scott will turn her aerial
ship northward and, high abovs the
shrieking "ferrybost.;. wll' speed up the
North lUver at an allltud of a tnou
tsnd feet.
As she near the war dogt anchored
there, she plan to descend to 200 feet
and fly sbove ihem all, even to th
repair ships that are anchored way up
above Spuyten Uuyvll. She will carry
with her, In Ihe passenger seat of her
biplane, clusters of American Ueauty
roses, a'hlch she will drop on the flag
ships, beginning with the Connecticut,
from whlrh tires the pennant of Kear
Admiral Hugo Osterhaus, the Meet's
commander-In -chief.
After saluting all the ship. Mist
SooM plans to head south over River
side Drive lo Grant's Tomb, over which
the will drop her last snd largest
flower bomb at an aerial tribute to the
great land flxhcer.
Then she will head back to the Con
necticut and probably land alongside.
Ilall.uit officers offering the Invitation,
she will go on board for a cup of tea
and American officers have never been
known ,o fail In gallantry.
Mltt Scott expect to make the round
trip, via the air line, In a little more
thun an hour. After this (light she
gejag to Knglsnd to make a crots-Chan-nel
fight, both ways, In an American
biplane. She will then make exhibition
(lights In I'srit and lierlln before Jour
neying to China und Japan, where she
Is to he the gi est'of the Governments
In making flights.
The early slock market went directly
uouw.er to the London blahsngs, which
was deciiledly lower because of the
Italkan troubles. In a strong upturn,
which featured the llrst hour of trading
In the local market. Heading, St. l'aul.
Atchison, Lehigh Valley and Hock Isl
and Khta. up to the highest range of
the current upward movement Kesd
Ing wai exceptionally prominent, cross-
Drink to
the American
The Ale of Americans
for Americans
by Americans
Better Clothes
ls Less Cost
Simply because you hive them
charged is no reason why you
shouldn't net the best clothes.
Our clothes are not only the best,
but on account of our enormous
output we can afford to sell them at
1-3 less than other stores charge, and
offer the most liberal termi of
credit besides.
Clothe made to order
aama low price
Diamonds, Watches
Ram t. i ma.
2274 fi Av. 7 w. MT-St.
Iiet. liiltil .v tlllih itei. tfth a uih Art.
OftCN I Mil. e P. M.
Our 42d
c 1
3aie Man. R.r. Rtsulea
now going on inEvseeDaaartesant
Howe. umi.lelrl, I Urals neX
Howe. oiiiiilri.lr ttaWbesT.
Ing 17? on a heavy demand.
The list continued to eatsbllshed
higher prices In the subsequent dealings,
which wer brisk.
Afternoon trsdlng was quiet. Busi
ness simmered down in the flnil horn
with prices ranging ground lop r inses.
Late realising shaded the list at clos
ing time, but good-sixed tdvaacaf were
the rule at the flnlah.
The Closing; Prleea.
Todac. Ugliest, km est Ami la., priest of
atotsa sad of net rtunges. st compared with yea
teruaj a tinal Iieurea, oie s lolrosa.
High. Low. Last, eh'ta.
Amsl Copier IN HiUj laiu E
An. Par k F'tv . am ro . HB C
Can !' li , 40', a. IS
Am. em. or ll 4110, 4.lt Vt
Am Mmelt a 1M H" -. STS H
Ai.im.Ii Minim., i" , MM i:, i U
At,. Top. A H. P. IP' , 1UMS '!', la
AtltrU Coait ... 1444 u.'i. 14.1
Halt. Ohio lo. s 1M 1S a. U
Cent la-atlier .... i2 31 SK', a.
Can. Padfle M ilTa. H8 a. C
Hres. A (Xhto ..'. . S.1 Md MS a.
dr.. m a at. v D iu ii. . C
I'nl Piwl a Iron.. I r S U i.-, C
llonaol. (las 117 u, 117 1 1? '
Krtt MS :i.i', 1I0H 4- 8 1
Urn. Kin- 1 ', 1S3 .a S
nt. Nor. pf 141 141 HI a K
Inter. Met 11 II 21 -f U
Inter Mat. pt ..-., i m
111. Cent WH l'.'ir- lr",
Kan. (JK; gotith.. W in r
I.,-. ml v, . i;th i7ih, 177 a-
i. .i Nash... IfilU 11 V It'll a. '
Mn . Kaa. A Tel. r, jrl l.
Mo. I'M 44 c.d e
Mar. Uad ' ' H
Nortotk Waal.. 1111 i , , .
M.V..I llle. 4 H, L. 11 ll nn , V
Northern I'fift , 1M 1.TI4 laT, 0
- A Waatam l V. .1(1
Pnnalranla g a ' r . hla
i - . .. i gttl :: :ts .ta a.
Reading 177 17n 177 1
I1ik Uland 117 HB -: S
hnuth. Par ii.'. in , It'.'
South. R 110 .kirt :tn a. ,
fa. Pac 17114 1711 174 1
t H. Hubner .... M'i M' M a.
I . S'-el 7U 7S 7 4-
T. H. Steel llg 11.1 ll.l
I'tth Coiiner M 04 m1. H
IVI,iw t A M SA Sg 4
West. ITn. Tsl. . .. SI 11
fit h.l lend
Arh-anef . Decline.
Rubbed Face Until It Bled. Thought
She Was Disfigured for Life. In
Two Months Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Completely Cured Her.
ins Railroad Are.. Brooklyn, K T
"Th trouble, began a few days after ths
baby waa bora that was March is. 191 1
Her cheek first bscagss
all red. then little blister
would form; when you
put your band on tbe
aide of her face, It we
Ilk Ore. She would try
and rub It with her little
hand, and rubbed It until
It would bleed. I thought
ha was dlsllgurod for life.
II wsa terrible sight. I thought It waa
birth nark. It lookeoTao bad.
" We bad tried other salves from tha drug
store, but It did not show any signs of heal
ing. So I aent for a (ample of Cuticura
Ointment and Cuticura Soap. I washed
I her face with tbe Cuticura Soap and than
' used the Cuticura Ointment, and In three
days she showed relief, and m two months
Cuticura Soap and Ointment had completely
cured bar. Now she has a most beautiful
' shin." (Signed) H. gayer. Not. 30, 101 1.
I For red. rough, chapped and bleeding
: bands. Itching, burning palm, and painful
gager-ends, a one-night Cuticura treatment
works wonders. Soak hands, on retiring, In
he water and Cuticura Soap. Dry. anoint i
I with Cutlcwre Ointment, and wear old. loot
glovss during the night. Cuticura Soap
(3Sc.) and OuUcura Ointment (50c.) are
old everywhere Liberal sample of each
j sailed fro, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address 1
pott-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston."
aVTndr-fsced men should use Cuticura ,
I Soap Shaving Stick. 2oc. Sample free.
When You Are Nervous
all fagged out, luteeptible to head
aches snd tuffcr from ilerplrtineii.
without tmbition to do anything more
than neceiury. you should take
Warner s Safe Nervine
It ii the very belt for all ailment-,
rtuicd by run-down and orn-out
nervotii lyitrm. Beit brciuie it not
only relieve! but geti tt the root o! the
trouble, snd buildi and strengthens.
Mrs. J. A. PotU. Brooklyn. N. Y..
writes: "I have been using Wat
ner't Safe Nervine and it is fine. Two
dose took the pain right out of my
111 IVlLrji al TPs.
1 Kldusy ami Llrsr Remedy
1 EheumsUe Ramsdy
I Dlsbetai BttntUy
4 Aithms Remedy
a Pills ( 'en-tliistlnn
I Ml II. in-nr.- '
Raid br All Uruajslata
w rite fur a free saimcl., giving tiie num
ber J remedv dea,rcd. lu
Warntr't Saft atmadltt O.,
Dept. 110. Eoahsiter, N. V.
An lost r fennel artirle art
vertlaed la Th tt'arid will b
lUted at Th Werld's Infernia.
tie Bureau. Pullttar Hulldlag
Are.de. Park Raw i Werld't
I'aleara Of flea, aerthwett cor
es ,'IHth St. aad Broadwari
Werld'a Harlem Offlee. Ii4l)
Heat ISfllh st.. and tVorlri's
BVeeklre Offlee. Wl Ha.hrr,,
ta St.. Breoklrn. fr ao dsra
fellewtaa th prlattus f III
51. '
si a
ii f rv
',.Va T ,1
. rci.w
r:i arn
Leys J nti', 'T-r gff
tnm it", j ,.( , ;t
fc'T-.'S "Jr. i
in the incxpensivo
packase gives vou
ten more 6mokes.
20 for 15 cents
No Schem e j or Clubs
Purely Merit
N" !rtat ckfMM or ( lub I'laiM urm
ni i i , in ntrrr t ur pun lui .
Veai-lt MMMIOt hnv hmivht KHKH
riiinii nu r I nn ill- . r nit'rll. I ti-- on If
i ni nuallf I. nl hm llirlt H, a i value.
Tn NMff 'l 'in ih m. r t o'
M' Will Ml to olir Imm
mm ot ...ir liiKh OtMi wkht.k ir
tRhtm ur I hit rf PImso. M noif 1vU
"'in fi. iiiuili- ami ir.i Iut tn ln
li'M i i , nil ! m lii th 1 1- thr I'lm rr.
Ml u mm M thai fmm ihr It a fair
rial, ufnl if ii 91111 ,. t to krp It
I will MM nu
' el, l u ii Ion nh urver If yu decide
Vol lo keen ii. .lu-t nutlfr us and we
,lll call and take It inm.
Send for New t atiilucue 11.
i.'ti W. Vllil si. tneor lth Ae.
Open ci in. hr aiolntiiient
Tel. rhtlta isit a.
io Money A
Down . ,Wcck
We carry the inol pla rale assort
mem of this season's . .nd-tailnrd
tTarrncnls .11 prices much Iow.t titan
wbg ytiuarc accuslom.-d lo pgy.
2858 3d A v., M9th St., Bronx
Hm ti EftatlMffl, ..
Tel. ubA ('.ilumbu Ri
CLEANING 353 Weil 54th II.
' - i.uu-ara
CAH I I II i .i -ii oi.lu. Kl l . ,: Leialift
for Cma of ConsH-jatloti, ' -. Trial liagL s&sl
He. .t.ru.i lit .lc.il , ..iintrc, 10,- .V V&c of featt
l-CjJ-rsua.inJ o..llria M'J. 4'JII llili Kr..jfY-
IIVItXF.. Buil li l.ly. on Oct. 0, 1(11,
MART , BYRNB, alter of tht lata
Mitrs.iret V. Monroe.
Kunsrsl from hsi lat resMence, 1S5
Wen lOflth It., on K.I l. iv. Oet, it, at
1. 10 . M.I Ihenca mo Chureh of th
Aaecnalon, lrrTi'i -r.. between Amatar
limn gv aag Bfeadsrsgi
Plan Next Year's
Fanning Now!
w.. 4. .... ' -V;:.sss
l'-TI'?h V Vi
m - -
Where does man find more peace
and contentment than on the farmi1
Where d ei he grow more rugged
auJ v. here can he save more muney ?
Where can he inure safely, surely
and repeatedly turn .1 small invest
ment Into bin assets and substantial
The winter is moving-tlltH lor
farmers, it h "between crops" that
farms are bought and sold to the
ivst advantage.
KANCHBjL A .RfcAlib, 1 rc ." ADVER
YORK NEW "AP8R. lJ"lc -tw
r n n aihak .... . .
BV j
a. II
mm r
1 VI
& ilOiilD IS. mm

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