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Winn 'tj
WFTS AWARD FOR LOSS !0PERATE?!L?!f?rscH,LD Double 180 Trading Stamps Until I o'QIock, Single Stamps Thereafter j SgrgT 1
First Verdict Against Lehigh
Valley Was $35,000, Third
Is $18,000,
PARIS, Oct. 11 -Th (Mm to Amer
Ira of Clarence Mj hv ha bean post
poned on account of th operation for
acute appendicitis on KlHn Mackay, hl
nineyear-olil rlaushter. Mr, Mackay
Intended sailing on the Mauretanla, Ml
little Mlaa Mackay was operated on yes
terday, and will not be out of danker
for several day.
Pr. Onsaet of the Rue fillet Hoapltal
announce that thus far there are no
rrnarftnil thla wort perhaps la I
ued sa a guese Mra, Ilohert M. Kyi
may gain. BOtna 'lay in the far, far fu
ture, remuneration fur the death of her '
liUsiand, a memlier of the Itrm of New- i
land Co., cattle dealera. killed on
Aiil, I, mm, while crossing the tracka
of the Iehlgh Valley Itallroad at Hill- I
borough, r J., croaauig.
tiut the odde teem agalnat her.
tin Not. , MO, In the Somerset Court,
he got a verdict of t&.ouu for her hus
band's death.
,In view or tlie pnl lon held by her
aiabaml thli looked to Mia Kyle like a
fa r mm.
Hut when the rullruad con puny made
Hii appnal the Supreme Court of New ;
Jersey de".ded that the amount waa ex- j
Jcesslve, lecauae Justice Vail, In hla'
charge to the Jury, had nut been broad
tnough In dvflnlng the liability of a per- ;
on passing oer an extraordinarily dan
gerous croHblng.
A new trial of the caae waa hud before
Justice Vail and a Jury on Oct. J, 1U.
IThe Jury's decision waa that Mrs. Kyle
Should be hw.1t Jed ...!
' The rallrou 1, not feeling like paying
glils amount, took gnothtf appeal, and a j
third trial was granted on the ground j
that Justice Vail In his charge tu the
econd Jury had misinterpreted the I
ourt's decision,
J IThe third trial, which ended yesterday i
In Somerville, resulted In a verdict of I
ilS.000 for Mis. Kyle. The same evldnnce
ata adducel In the first trial was Intro
duced !n the third trial.
Sweetens their stomachs and
cleans the liver and waste
clotftfed bowels without
IIiik uf Into Injnrlea.
jered K Joh.msnn, aged fifty-two yeais,
f Pearl afreet, North rinlnflVM, N. J.,
dying at Muhlenberg Hospital aa the
result of Injuries sustained Wednesday
night, when he was knocked ofT his lil
tycle by an automobile. Henjamln t'r
QUll.il I, the isli.i llfelir, wita lield without
ball to await the result of Johanson s ln-
K lines. Mrs. Q, A. BoWftlaA, wife of the
wner of the car. was In the machine at
the time.
Every mother immediately renlies
after giving her child (MMoUl Syrup of
Kigs that this is the ideal laxative and
physic for the children. Nolhing else
regulates the Httif one's stomach, liver
and M fvet M tender dowels so promptly;
beside they dearly love its delightful
fig taste.
If your child isn't feeling well, rest
ing nicely, eating regularly and acting
naturally it is a sure sign that its little
insides need a gentle, thorough cleans
ing at once.
hen cross, irritahle, fevcrir.h,
stomach aour. hreath had or your little
one has stumach-achc, diarrhoea, sore
throat, full of cold, tongue coated, give a
teaspoonful of Syrup of Kigs and in a few
hours all the foul, constipated, clogged
up waste, undigested food and sour Bile
will gently move on and out of its little
howeN without nausea, griping or weak
ness, mid you will surely hnvc a well,
happy and smiling child attain shortly.
With Syrup of Kigs you are not drug
ging your children; being composed
entirely of luscious figs, -nnn ana aro
mat ics. it Mnnol be harmfu!.
Mothers should always keep Syrup of
Kigs handy. It is the only stomach,
liver and bowel cleanser and regulator
needed a little given to-day will save a
sick child to-morrow.
Full directions for children of all ages
and grown-ups plainly printed on the
Ask your druggist for the full name,
"Syrup of Kigs and Klixir of Senna,"
prepared by the California Fig Syrup Co.
This is the delicious tasting, genuine old
reliable. Kef use anything else ottered.
W. L. Douglas makes and sills
more $3.50 and $4.00 shoes than
any other manufacturer in theworld.
IBovm wear Mr. L, Dotal as
X2.00 and S2.50Sohotl Shoo
I OMMino osto pair will pot-
I lively outwoar two patrm of
. ordinary mhuem, manto am the
i men'm tnoot.
-T-l I I I'll
1 he workmanship which has i
made W. L. Douglas shoes
L at-nsviia I Via taj-irl-i aiif in
maintained in every pair.
Look in W. L. Douglas
tore windows and inspect the very la test
fashions, notice the short vamps which
make the loot look smaller. Doints in a shoe
particularly desired by young men. Also the conservative style which
have made W. L. LJouglas shoes a household word everywhere.
If you could visit W. L Douglas large factories at Brockton, Mask, and tea
for yourself how carefully W. L Douglas shoes are made, you would then un
derstand v. hv thev are warranted to fit better, look better, hold then shape and
I .1 .l L. (-. .1 :
"sm IWSSO MM I iit " ' 1 . v. , inu.i iui iv w. ,w .
CAUTION. To protect you against inferior shoes, W L Douglas stamps his asms oo th
bottom. Look for the stamp. Btwara ol substitutes. W. L Douglas slioas are sold m 78
own stores and shoe dealers everywhere. No matte, whore you live, they ate within you!
reach. If your dealer cannot supply you. write direct to factory lot catalog showaig how to ordei by
mti. Shoes sent everywhere, delivery charges prepaid. W. L DOUCiLAS, Brockton. Mas.
S Nassau Ht.i 7SS llroailwav. cor. Sin HI. ; S.'.S llrnailwav, eor. 14th Ms, ll'iilon fa).
IS4S Broadway, eor. ;IHtli mi eel : 140S llriisrwsj (Time Sqiisreu SS4 Third Av.l
102 Third Ave.; SMS Third Ave., cor. 120th St.: S7I9 Third Ave., bet. 14(llll and
I47lh Sts. ; 34S r Ighth Avenue ; 8.'l Klsrhlfc Avl SSO W. ltStll SI.-BKtlOKI.YaJ
431 Fulton hi., cor. I'earl Ht. ; 708-710 I'.nm.i wav. eor. I horuton St. ; 13ST Broadway,
eor. dates Ave.: 4 7H Klfth Ave., cor. I till -t. ; I1 10 IMIUIn Avenu.
SK.WAKK 831 Broad StrMI. FA I ItSOS 11) 9 Market St- nor. Clark as.
Great 42d Anniversary Sale
UH Fuinl5hd
w. p. t n i..ht I ih Mvt rtA
VW Hay W. K Tare 1 1 J 1 V3
Continues wi'h Increasing Interest
Upholstered in Imperial Leather
Actually Worth W SALE PRICE
Auto Drllirry
Within 7S Miles
Tills ev ellent Rockar Is
only one of sovsrsl hmwlratt
heimutloli.il ' art;. litis In I'lll
lilture and llujta v.e lire of
ferlnir durlnv this impoitunt
Annlvtra irv Sale conia m
and Im convinced that this
Sale Is re ill.V a areat and
rare i ione savlnit opportu
nlt, for you, Wa are open
until 9 o'elnek every nlaht.
I'otne In 0nlShl If von can.
?2o Improved Ltather Couch 112.00
5JH D.tNeiirxitt 1.9H
Rocker .ISO
tH Parlor Table 4.00
112 Piece Dinnei Set s vs
IY amy fsss Mtlin1r, n uPrn rvenings.
terms FinReabcr's
Open Evenings.
LOWEST IN TOWN S. E. Cor. 124th Si. ana sa AVt., l fcw yukh
Saturday Will Be Children's Day
The last day in all the year to buy everything young folks will need this winter. These sale3 have been planned weeks ahead, and it is not probab.e that the values
they offer can be duplicated again here, and certainly not anywhere else.
Extraordinary Sale Infants' Fall and Winter Clothing
a a Sa I I I t f
It has taken us several wckstnpreparelor Ihtshintalf.amlwcriaves'rtirrtllorit ruimlrrtlt of sample
Barmentslroirt manv inanufacturers: values vmi will find nuwherc else.
TJ i at i i n
irnijesRusv ?aSrw I
Children a t'aja
maa nannelette.
rew patterns.finnherl
with collar and
trimmed with pearl
buttons and irofi.
fen 4 to 14, special,
$'.01; milium
Children's Sleepina Drawers
Vslurs lohlannelHtf, in pink, bhti
1 ml i n e r I ,
i " i Children'
sn.l whit' slnpes Ureaaaa Dsintv
Iswni, wide variety
'I styles, ttimmed
with lares, rmbrt id-
. I j li
"ch; p.,,; i,k.,k. rmnon.
mn.1.1 nrlli!f trilVI- . , I .1 , ,, . 1 S7eS I
......... out wants, ot rlnisy cloth and ritrlient nir.- i
cheviots snd line ilcevrs; sues 2 to
worst rds tn ny st yles years.
snd colorings
Children'a Coats - Pretty double breaite I
bos models, ol chinchilla, rorduroy and bwicle
in (tisy. navy, folden brown, tan and black
efferiivrlv tri nmed with velvet. Pcr'isns
etc.; lined with llsnnel and
sateen; tires 2 to h yean,
Mdl sires 2 to 4 . ... ,L kjkss .,..1 -kit. sis to
V H Allliniomniio i,,. i all a al ZWM
Infanta' Outfita OMistba of thefol
lowinf 14 dainty pier.f
1 yoke rirrni. t fsUIMMd
liaprrs. 2 shirt'. 2 barrows.
2 hooters, bands. I plain
slip; special
I Mrroail He. I
Infanta' Mint,
I hrtr -quarter wrrl.
high n r r k . nn
sleeves; wrapprr
ttyli t; i's
to 2
spr, isl.
Girls' $7.50 Chinchilla Coats
du yn Jim u
-Mailras, chambrays, percales.
etc., manv patterns; all mm
izrs 3 for $1.25: each 19C
Boys' 50c Domet Night
Shirts, collar attached: cut
full and ronmy. seami double
stitched: many neat patterns:
MM 4 to 14 years: 3
for $1. 00; each
t I hlr.l Hi
.1 Character Doll
Menur fully .
IU Incite. &urn
to delight the KUfl
little nem. Sale stlaaf .
Saturday, at WWW
With an unbreakable head: come
dressed either as boys or girls.
( rnltl f ljr. I
Sanitary Baby Veil Free
wi With every purchase made in our Infants'
? SSSS I Wrar Drpaitment to-.norrow we shall givr
f-g-yaa t Irrr ol . Inigr a grxvi. lull tire. toll, silky
bbMrbWI it. i... V..I i...
uirsii. ounjF wurni itj mm J win.
every baby should have.
I Heron Floor.)
The most sensational
value we or any other
store ever ottered . .
M. 8a Rauch and His Orchestra
i. in- Two CMNttS Ikillt on tnir eitstb Floor, from 10
A. M. tu I - M . ami from 2 to 4 P. M. I"". r. or
sjnas of laaafc and rupulsr seh't-ilons at eat'h
r Ho
The t hlMren Will KnJor Vats liln the Htm. and Animals
Parrots. Hwans. Ducks and a nue.r lana lecaed Crane, and
sevrral . of monkeys as so od as a Clrcua rnr little
mm. i ft
mm y
Boys' $1.50 Sweaters
rxd quality
Samples; coat style: good quality
yam; come in plain
and combination col
ors: with or without
Boys' $2 Worsted Coal Style
Best quality yarn, plain and fancy
weave; big assortment . .
of colors, with or with- Si 1 II
out pockets X.J.t
(Seventh Floor.)
These Costs are beautifully made ana
handsomely tailoied, lined throughout
with shefherd check lining, ( oat is fin
ished with velvet collar. Colors are
blue and gray, sties 6 to 14 years.
Misses' and Juniors' $10
Fall Coats
Cheviots, Zibelines, Amrruan broad
cloths anu miituret, belted or semi
htted models, navy. Copenhag'n. brown,
tin. Osford, gray and AO
misturet; irs 13 to JlBJsJ
Girls' $3.50 to $5 All-Wool
Of heavy storm serge, have deep sailor
collar and full pirated skirt, collar ami
cuffs edged in red em- (Jrt AO
brcidery.hattietomaUh; lZ5lr
.iie.6to I4ye.r...t '-,"U
S12.75 Fall Salts lor Small
Women, Misses i Jailors
Mide of serges, brosdcl itlis and
cheviots. Iiningi of guaranteed satin.
Coals sfiu tly man tailored; colo's,
black, navy, brown Am AQ
Thla suit, ar.ft
Doable Breased and
I Norlols Salts wllli extra
pair peg lop aaieaers.
Uwfl Overcoats, Kosslaa
Overcoats aid leelers
Thla lreae. litis.
This ra4. atl.UH.
$11.98 Has the Buying Power oi
u $5 in Our Boys' Dept. Saturday
( halee at
Wm Actual
Norlolk Salts With 2
Pairs ol Kalcker
Pants at 2.98
Pn-v r-i nil In Tuna.
QravjTS, lirowm. Hts?o 7
to 12 ymmrw 3 ptlra tf
pK top Nnlt kmrm with
wmi'h itri,tsti.
aOOtl Values
Suits With Extra
All ihd
r a
i ir.i .
nsweil fall ml-
f iff n n 17
Tna. Ilr.iwn.
paii full
it h'H. Ik Oft oltli ( h
Nobby Russian Overcoats
IV; m I
: 2.98
In fvary nw Wlnir MrtM Mid fttrl
IlMi. irvi, hi' ,,,!. I'lmiii
Ulfl FOBPf Mltura. with or vih
tut vciei I'uiiat. tliam t' i ju
run. ripviiai at
Boys' $5.00 Chinchilla
Th ' I u of thf Br. i ooti. CMrichll
itl "mis, i.i ritnt-r n.ut or
arrit., tuA tn rtiitiin hut
ton to ihi fit- it alU vtlth
h (In. tsl-i rollar. Hlaa II
Long Overcoats
A wonit.rftil mm for tn-va from 7 to IT
rara. Tha nw ronihlnai Ion rollar
mat th.it iii t worn two
wuya. i'ut - is inn intl looaa
mill full Matl f wimllin
niatrl 'la In ttrava. ltrowni.
iKorila ami Tano. M" i '
Annual Fatl Sale Men's and Women's Walk
over Shoes, 10,003 Pairs $3.50 to $5 Grades
Sixth Avrrin's Busy Corner Store is the official retail outlet for these
sho. s of wot Id-vt ick fame, and every Fall we get the manufacturer's entire
shoes. New Yo.kers are lucky
stock of s.mplc a d sli.htly impertcct
that this is the case, for if some other s ore held th.s ho,. or you would
Vose the bist shoe values in America at this price.
Women's $3.50 to $5.00 Walk-Over Shoes
All the very latest styles. EvSf leather and labra:. includin Patent Colttltin. Cunmetal
Call. Velour Calf. Tan Rums Calf, also a number of fabric Fooc- av
wear, inclmling Suede, Cravrnette, plain and tipped toe, all heel fl JM II O
heishti snd toe thipes. altB sO
M,wV 4 CA Ia M flii WsilkJlvi Chnsa V tPU
111 l II 3 Osl.ltV IU 'VV awsaas v.a uuvva
Of Putent Ccltrkln. Cunmetal Calf, Vici Kid. Tan Russia Calf
and every wanted leather, embracing the very newest style and
ihanes: see. button and blucher mudelf. ssss
Misses' & Children's $1.00 Shoes
Of Vici Kid skin, with
patent tip. in lace or but
Ion style; sizes up to 2, at
Infante' II.MI Hhoes
M..a' anil t.ll -ilrrn'a
SI. All Mtiinil
Sllnrs iit V KM
kin. I'menl Coll
kin. Hppi'il loea
tuiinn mcMt.ls. sisp.
from am a 1 1 d QO
lars -
anil lllsi
hunit sawe4
.Irs. IISIrit tOf,
. .. modi . en
staei t m i ii sjirc
I I lilril I'liMir.
l rhtrft Moor. I
Photo Supplies at Cut mces
. . fie IVvro lleselntilsuj mw- es
iter, eai h OPi
OC lualu BSMMpMi but. J2c
VJf Nleaa.kV ' Ksusmeilesl 1
fi li 1 1 iTaiaal I rax. :.sT 15F
AQ. n s i u. SSe
(OstsV i-iate. rtw .v. .ss ..r. a. . . 6c
Viitran Tlale. Ms. :.7. totr lntlilt l-rame. else S 0
i.lnr Hush ISnse., sls.s on , . 1
i&b, "r..V,7V IsCJ 'Al J3C 'inllaa rrie. sis. o
allilln MuhI lil, nn!.. ;,. i.l isJC
lean ISr.elotiln ra. aft- irlmnilaa lorda, IA-
lee. '-' flosiri ise Ik', Iwv in h knll. sV
seirnth floor ivwvwwwMnMisseMMl
M. 1. ViiIiin,. for
Kuhberolil rears, sis.
4 s I
lliMihle I'lale lloldee
sir. 4s
llubber I'lalr llulilcr..
The Smartest Millinery in New York at $2.98
Trimmed or Tailored Hatm. jn an Unumually Large amortn,ent
Practically Xnv Style You Wmnii Tomorrow
$4 and $5 French Velvet Shapes
Finest quality, at 1-2 fO $9.98
what other stores ask 1 u
Finest quality pressed and hand-made erect pile Velvet I Uts. wlth a smart tan crown.
Smm. nf .tvle. Inrl irllno tKe evtra lame shapes. su.taLlr for Plumage I lats. Best as
sortment in town. Paying double our price at some other store won t 7QAJ2 Q8 i
u-,-, e,,ir I ,r rWe than vou II find here at ai.lIWafi.9t5 5
t. i m, mm '" Kivc yu J 1 J v s ihikv. w..w. " m
$2.50 Domestic Velour Hals
All th- tie.it biotas, cok rl inrludinti tf 7Q
Irlniiued '. f II
111. Ill
I ree.
black, brown, nsvy, grren and red
give you any better style or large
I J.30 Silk Velvet Tailored Hats
Fra i c of wire, draped ith silk CI CC
velvet. . (Main Hour.) dJlalfW
S1.00 Silk Velvet Ruses
All the new FrtltCh coloril latrtt AQp i
rnrr Inr I rimniirws . each aSV w
Women s Fall Coals,
Even it you paid twice thii price
aomewhere mite it it doubtful if you
could find at large and ttyllth an
attortment at you will find here
to-morrow at
Included arc the popular Johnnie Coats.
Chinchilla Coats Coats ol English
Ts ds. Two-Tono Bouclc, Chertots.
f laid-back Mlrturcs 55 Broadcloths.
Some hive shswl ro!lsr snd turnbsck cuffs of velvet or
plush others bound with silk braid snd large mannish
poski-ls; loose or snm fitted bark; some buttoned close
to neck, some lined throughout with Skinni-rs satin:
miiluri-i and tan. Sizes 14 to 46.
5 XI "W
Alterations Free
in black, navy, brown, gray
Women's $10 Corduroy Dresses
Trimmed with larr collar and culls; buttoned down front:
brown, navy and black, liies 34 to 44, at
tverything as Represented or Your Money Back
.HEESt mild Hi III
inn iioui'l(i .
LAK1I Nn It pall
TEA it. " " c ;3rtC
RKE 5iis.,:.,r
prunes.;;1 liba.,2Sl
ROLLED OATS 10 lbs.. Mh
oreo. .
V !...'!..
poclal ffff,
I rl
Hroukad a u
orange layers::
w " 1 1 ?Tf
Wlnem and Liquors
lie uuarl iiotiie MUNIIII ua m i -
tlJHIjsl,t.i' . Vtl r
itff uuttjs ifttC Hin t Tilt K- n -T
vh s fhi .t.i isi I
s,.v Hutu ii V i. t rQ a to I A m -
' I- MIV I
i liuiiin i .t. i .tifll at 14 A.N u i
hi .1' II I I M 011
Uuiiri M"le fititT or .n,
h it v u vs , ,,r
-tit i
.'ii nn ill,- ulMV-s i miilN f ,
OTt'll lllHKKY i'!
Fresh Meats
LEGS OF LAMB : ..'""p
FORES OF LAMB ipriui g(
I0P SIRLOINS u "11 5 5if
IB ROAST ii.'"" U
roilers i:;.? r-'isc
CHICKENS Ityi'lr,' """"
.i ib roast!;:1
niiir Mini -mi.r i-.noil.
lAIVia liul Krmti ii.
, , , rriLi rialociuii s T o r .
iAciJls itfsr eursd: ii
K ' I'll.-IH
Frulls and Vet ctablea
POTATOES peU'k" ""2fi(
ONjcl :-'-1 HP
GRj KN 'NG APr! ES ' li.r
Last Day
$45 Four -Piece
of Furniture Week
Parlor Outfit
3-Piece Suite and
Handsome mahogany poltlhsd Irsnirs in
a pletung pattrrn. Hair I , .led cutluuns. o
ilk plush, on the Mring IcgtS, The table
is 24 inches, mule I rum birch, with
high mahogany polish
i suite anu
$125 Maho iany Leath?r Library Suites
! LB: ;j
iar' ...... Tm '
i I
Tlir-' pisssi n solid mahogany ftlffli'Ufl i" ihs l"ge COmfortsI It 'lOnst
)i lik ts of lbs Celonlsl ptrisd. I'est Spsniih leather or psniw
plush coriings. IJol:thriJ or ihill linith to uriler
rar"asa j
Positively your last chance to get the biggest Furniture
values ever offered in New York or elsewhere.
Buy Now Pay Later On Our
Liberal Credit Plan
Don't let anything keep you from taking advantage of
these low prices. You get full benefit of these sale prices
on our libera! credit plan.
$45 Seven-Piece Dining Suite
GotflmtlnQ of
Masutve Hoi
onlal Tabic
and 6 Leather
Slip Seat
H hair:
hvery Plac Quartarod
llravy dining table, made ol selected quartet sawed oak, with heavy pill
ami platform and 45 inch top. highly polished; eatrnde to six fact. The
chain t'e alto of selrctrd quartrr sawed oak, with slip seat upholstered in
genuine leather, luvr claw feet.
i I Uili I limr.

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