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I ' ' ' i ! - - iil
Great Congregation of the
Faithful at Naples Was on
Verge of Despair After
Three Hours.
Tension Was at Its Height When
at Last the Symbol of Grace
Manifested Itself.
Expenses of Their Defense In
Murder Trials Probably
Will Wipe Out Their
Sidna Allen's Home In Sheriffs
Hands, but His Family Still
Occupy It
Sp.rLl Cannvndmr. of Th. World )
ROMK, Oct. 1. The miracle of St
Januarlus, lelor UM annual liquefac
tion. In response t prayer, of the mar
tfred saint's blood preserved In a small
vial In the chapel bearing his name ad
joining the atheinil of Naples, was
thl yiiir nuii h longer than usual In de
Veloplnx The occasion! lire an rare on
ahlch the prayers ami exhortations of
the faithful who crowd the immense
edifice fall to produce their effect that
the people regard anj1 hitch ae a warn
In that some dire calsm.ty lll shortly
overtake the city. If the Mood lhiuelles
II la well. If not, woe to all present,
their relative! and their belongings.
The tension of the congregation which
fills the Immense sdlnCs, the prayers
aird uroans, the wav.-llke motion which
I sweeps over the. .forms prostrate In
prayer and the manifestations of Joy
when the boomlM of guns outside sig
nals that the sign of grace has been
given, furnish an . example of religious
fervor of whirl) the like cannot be. wit
pes-. ' i In any ot'.ier Christian temple to
the world.
f Among those who had special Invlta
tlons to w.iness the liquefaction this
year were several Kngllsh and French
prelates of note and many tourists,
among tlio latt.r being many Amerl-
inn The entrance to the rhnxrh was
besieged frum an e uly hour by an eg-
pe .tant crowd, and when tne doors
opiui at i A. M. there was a rush for
siats near the Mali altar, where the
reUo Is llnall deposited before being re
placed In Its shrine. At 9 o'clock pre
rlsely Mgr. Snnfellce. followed by other
pratatet In lull canonicals as kiepers of
the keys of I he sacred ca"ket whiTeln
. the vial is enshrined, proceeded to the
Chapel of St. Januarlus and withdrew
the ratio from its resting place.
Through the y tea of the bottle was
dimly vl slide a .'.irk onfevilatsd mass,
brittle innkini: Ih Its dryness;
Piaycrs In the Church are begun by
prelate-i and orli ita, all Joining fer
vently In the responses. Th" ' '.tnny I
reoliel. followed by th Crtdo, A
quarte 'of an livir Is then dSTOtsd to
' Individual pv.iy. r. The exhortation! for
' -tee?row:i(r'T symbol of r.ra ' ii. up In
.jr stiieWit mHey of rounds a mixture
3f groans a I I (,. smatton. The peal of
artillery frcm outside l awaited with
Increasln.; r n-1 n The minutes run
mid no sign i forthcoming that the
miracle has I n acconpllshed. Boms
bjrtn to acep, and all the faithful re
double tl.e in. lor of their prayers. Still
the sign Is inllng. Ahguloh and par
jilexlty are depleted on rountleaa faces;
gobs and plaints break the short period
of sib n. e between the hymns, which
How follow ill qulch succession.
Btlddsnly the Looming of twenty-one
guns from the uraenal, set In motion by
u signal, tne banner hoisted over the
chapel seems to announce that the
miracle has taken place. But It soon
appears to have been a mistake. 1 Ma
niac dispell the manifestations of Joy.
At AM Mgr. Hanfeilce decides to form
a brpcefttlon and carry the relic, pre
ceded by th.' bul of the saint. Into ths
.church aiei la! II on the high altar.
With Immense difficulty passage way Is
" ade through the vast throng. Puntltl-
. 1 cal Mass Is performed by Cardinal
l'rltco, who, alter kissing the sacred
vtftT retires to his apartment. Not
another soul leaves the hurvh as yet.
and prayer is continued with greater
fervor than ever.
At midday, lust when tl:e tension Is at
Its height, when the sacred relic has
been repeatedly kissed by the oftl. dating
prelate amid renewed exhortations from
the faithful. ;i reddish foam, nt tlrst
scarcely perceptible, appears in a corner
of the glass. The miracle hai begun.
Within a few moments the entire mass
liquefies and the hitherto solid substance
Is transformed into a fluid which occu
yjega smaller .space by fully half an
Inch In the vial. There Is no mistake
this time and a wave of lov and exulta
tion sweeps over the vat throng.
The phenomenon has been testlfla to
(rough icciiturtes of creditable witness.
Following t' one failure i n record, tl .it
or liMi Naples bad a severs visitation
if the plague In Ism. the memorable
Vear of ih. cholera, the mlraolf was
only half fulfilled. The Clvaple of St
Januarlus has contained the relic for
over the centuries, and tie miracle Is
referred to in a work published by a
Doge of (Jen
Five Resorts Around Chatham
Square Have Trouble to Get
Licenses Renewed.
fgoerUl to Itt Werla.)
BRISTOL Tenn.. Oct 11. Follow
'ng close upon the llillrrlll (VA.)
court-room tragedy, three civil aulte
were filed against the Aliens. 8. Floyd
l.androth. administrator of the estate
of the murdered Commonwealth'e At
torney, William Foster, brought suit
to recover 110,000; 8. V. Masssle, for the
estate of Judge Thornton t. Maairle.
another victim, brought suit for $10.-
000, and J. W. Webb, administrator of
the slain Sheriff. U F. Webb, brought
suit for a like amount. The amount
sued for In each case Is the maximum
that can be sued for In a death claim
In Virginia.
Attachments were Issued at the aame
time against the property of HMna Al
len, Floyd Allen. Victor Allen, Claude
Rwanson Allen, Frlel Allen, Bldna and
Wesley IMwiMi and Byrd Marlon on
affidavits that the defendants were non
residents and were disposing of their
property to defraud creditor.
At the special term of court in March
counael for the Aliens moved, to Bet
aside the attachments, alleging that
they were Issued on false affidavits,
and the Court set them aside, holding
that there was no evidence to sustain
the affidavits.
The Court refused to allow counsel to
appear In court for sidna Allen for the
purpose of claiming the poor debtor ex
emption for his family on the ground
that the counael had no evidence to
show that It had been employed by
Sidna Allen. It also held that Sidna
Allen's wife could not employ counsel
for such a purpose. From time to time
efforts have been made to have released
the amount of the poor-dehtor exemp
tion, but the Court In each Instance has
held that the counsel could not appear
for that purpose.
The property of Sidna Allen, whose
capture was effected recently, has for
some time been In the hands M the
Sheriff of Carroll County, although
Sldna's wife and daughters have con
tinued to occupy It. The prosecution of
the civil oases has been .delayed rvtcnuse
of the prosecution of the prisoners for
murder, but they sre expected to come
up for trial at an early date.
gldfil Allen's property, probably worth
not leal than MM would be wiped out
iitlrelv In the event of the su ress -it
thee civil actions. It is said that the
property of Floyd Allen has already
i.een exhausted In the expense of the
trial of his son Claude, and that there
fore the civil suit against this property
probably will not be resisted Hut no
matter What may be the outcome, tbo
property possessions of the Allen g n
will have been wiped out.
Till-'. ! M MMIMi
t From the BWffasi express.)
"The trouble Is that the vaunted ler-
vanta of 'he people are boil," whined
the pessimist.
"That shows how accurately public
life reflect! the condition! of the indi
vidual Aren't all servants bosses?" ex
plained the cynic
'From rbe OOSSSOJ Tribune.!
Adam Zawfox What'd you do If you
was us rich as Hock'feller In'.'
Job Sturkr (loan! I'd buy all the
land adjolnln' bis prop'ty nn' I'd turn
Into a Hobo s Heat.
Fire well-known resorts In the China
town district have practically gone out
of bualnese In the last week. The exclss
year ended Sept. ). when 7,000 elty
licensee erpbrad. Renew ale have been
withheld In than five oaaaa
Thsjy are the Chatham, No. f Doyen
street; Big Jack Pogei'e, No. U Chat
ham square. Jimmy Kelly'e Mandarin
Club, No. li Doyera street : FsVy
Mullen', No. I lfort street and Nell
O'Ronrkara, No. M0 Pari row.
IJoaoaas are withheld from these rs-'
sort wholly through the requert of the
pohVe, not becauee of complaints by
neighbor:. Last June Inspector Daly
and Cap. Tlerney of the ICrlaalbexh
street station pat the plane under close
n atch. They made no arrests but every
Saturday at midnight and other nights
at 1 o'clock offlcera were aent to the
places and turned everybody out.
Inapector Daly finally reported that
the pieces were baMtisally disorderly
When Ma action be si me known the
surety com pa nil ee advanoed their pre
mium to pvo for bonding each place.
The keeper of each found himself con
fronted with the necessity of supplying
that sum. plus the license fee of 11,200,
for the privilege of selling liquor after
Kelly'e Mandarin Clu at No. 11
Doyera street was the only one of the
five that sightseers from uptown visited
Programmes devised for their pleasure
became so eccentric that several months
sgo the dance hall connected with the
place waa oloeed by orders direct from
the Mayor. That sraa a heavy blow to
the (fayety of Doyers street, but light
compared with the present ona
The management of the Ixmg Island
flallroad have Just announced that elec
tric trains will be put on the Whlte
stone branch the la.ter part of this
month. They will run direct from
Whltestone Landing to the Pennsyl
vania etatlon.
To accomodate those persons using
the hranc-h to get east of Flushing two
transfer stations are to he maintained
Thi present transfer station at Wood-
Id will be continued, but n second one
grill be es'abllshed at Corona.
These changes practically complete
the electrification of the railroad on all
:ts Important branches within the limits
of the rsty.
Charges IfKludl ForRory .irur Lar
ceny, hut PutfiliM S.iys It's for
" Brotherly Love."
CHICAGO, Oct. 11. Jack Johnson,
champion heavyweight pugilist, had his
brother Charley arrested here yesterday,
charging him with grand larceny,
forgery, obtaining money under false
pretenses and a few other counts, and
claimed that the prose, utlon was an
evidence of "brotherly love." The
champion swnrs out the warrant and
appeared agn'.nst Charley In ths Muni
cipal Court.
The worst thine; that Charley did. ac
cording to Jack's testimony, was to
borrow$30 on sn automobile tire from
an automobile company on Michigan
"lie wrote a rooefpt on the tire In
my name," said Jadk.
"He promised to redeem the tins and
didn't de It. H also tried to gst his
hands on H.009 worth of ssblee that be
longed to my dead wife, but I didn't
let him get away wKh that.
"If Just a case of too much brother -
1v love on my part. I let him have lots
of money and then he goes and four
flushee around and epongee on my
friend. So I'm having him taken Into
court for hie own protection. In't It
better that I protect him than anybody
elss? Isn't that brotherly lovef
Hlaheet Paid Waaaaa tm
ssent eervlee Wslt Mala Oatlaa.
PORTSMOITII, N. H , Oot. 11 -Mies
Margaret V. Kelly of Waeirlngton waa
married to Major Robert B. Cedlan,
Coast Artillery Corp. O. . A., las'
evening at I o'clock. The matron of
honor waa Mr. John W. Kelly of tilt
city. Th brida waa given in mar ri ago
by her brother John W. Kelly. Major
Callan waa attended oy Major F. K
Ferguson, Coast Artillery Oorpa, D. S.
A After an extended wedding trip
hey win raatd at Fxirt Andrew Boa
ton Harbor, where the Bridegroom is
In command. The bride for en me rime
past ha been aeSWtant te the director of
the United stats Mint and enjoyed the
dtstsnctlon of being the highest paid
woman In the lie of h Owe eminent.
A Remarkable Sale of 4
To-day la th first day of registra
tion. XT yon do not rsgletsr yon can
not vote. Beglstratlon booths will
opsn at 7 A. XC. and oloes at 10 T. BK.
Goes to
The Fall and Winter Edition of the New York Tele
phone Directory goea to press Thursday, October 17th.
Telephone service must be arranged for on or before
that date in order to have Directory listings appear
in this issue. Call, write or telephone to nearest
Commercial Office.
4iMt 'li
II ller Htrrst
110 On hsril trl
tl WrM II. ..no. . strnt
KUlSMk Mr.-,
7 Itrns.lxny
in Wm luih street
US Cut UOtb Sirsrt
0nbsad t txioo
"r 'h.i.l IS S!
Hl.llus 110110
Mnctuon s,, usu
(tret ley rcuo
Mlrrr.lil,. I9CM
At T m .. 1,1 lgo
Itslroie 1900
It win. .iisi. hj Rtrat
f. Ntuihsuett
Mo Nontisnd Arise
ii risiiiuih Aeesae
hs ar.oder
I HrMbteok A Tin ...
to Mat. Mreet
Msln Itsrrj
suiiiii iiui
IIKlfotd ISM
JiBilles IS
PAR R4M-K twtt iiit'isJI A Central Area Par Reetaway I9SN
teXraitWILtil m Tempklss A.. Toespklnsrllli I MM
MUST nm nilH.HTOU MtMsssMbSh WmI nrlfklon II0M
42 St. at Ave.
Good Eaters
Are Good Fighters
Whether it Work or Play, Endurance
Cornea from Good Digeation,
Alv.ays Aaaured by Stuart'
Dyspepsia Tableta.
Msn and women muit hiv. qul. k wit
una X'iud grit to stand the dav'i battle,
A dysiieptlr may S" uwsy with bli work,
hut li alimyi it ieorili' points wllh
ihoi. .round hlni. 1 good iiiimi.h end
good me.l well dlgStl u" ,n
good. Jolly fighting mood. th iort that
nion down work and MBimandl 'hi
IB 1S10. Tin. 0lbratd bSSrty co operation of our asio.'latis Thi
. .a. . . . V. h -,a
flermnn llurt.'r. hims.-If a Protestant, "'" 01 ' ' " " ' "A
I,,.. ....,. ... .ST. ... ,. i h has biblml him a good
.-". Beeiaivi i'It- , . . ... ii..ir- i -
faction hi 1114, and declared It to be In
explicable. iini, and princes from uii
parts ,if Knrnpe have nm-le t.llrlmaires
to the shrine, and I'rlnee William of
Baga-Qotba. ho travolled to Naples in
17J7, abjured bis Protegtanl faith after
usslstlng at the miracle.
Tlie Mejuefactlon haa been known to
take place In two minutes from the mo
ment the villi "as pv insp I, hut the
average time reaulr4 for us ntasUfgta
.Ion I i-rr im two to four hours.
n KXN'HAS CXTT, Oot It. Attenitnjr
Riottor plottiro ihoWel and imlntf faa
MWdor I no ret.tiii why wttlnw with
c gin ehll4rn nhn iiii not bftva wl4
nw'n 'ptnilon, dectdod Judft BS. R Pof
If rft1 nf i I'.'-iritv Court bora
Sktro. lhn Jacob, w hOOO humtand
r.i"i and ''-ft hor t"1' support ut iKht
rhUdrn, r ntly ippllftd to the court
for in lllOWfl nci unOt r the MIsHnurt
v:f'. punilon lw. protMl wan
moil.- t y i-r-lKhborH that Mrn, .Tncobn
"ffnnntod rii.-kt'i isIh'wh and that ihi
Ihi'liri' powdar to hpr f,i
larhflnar frc avcalniit rom pel I f ln ami in
tally nUSUpl that am bounil to !lt plaat.
In faft, a wall orgunleetl builnasa tl Ilka
our )lgaHlva " Mem.
Htuart'a Dyapvpala Tablata aa aoon aa
takan Into the lyatini I" rlaht lo work ut
Hialatanta to ths itoinah. riadlftni It an
1 run if mo amount of halp In worUtnn out
tha vary eotnplfK pro aeii of illtf uUon. en
tourairing it i" tne ptrformatKi ( III
fuiit'tlona, rekleving It of u portion of Ita
tluilei. theraby lltoVtM H tampurary
rupltli and alio toning up, atrcngthfiilnK,
rn It Killing lt sei.ritiiry glumla, mut'oiiB
marnbranei, abiorblng glainln and Mail'
t ular wvlln In auch h, way that (be atom
arh aoon racovara Ita loit powara of dl
gstion, motility, aialmllailon and ultl
mataly doaa Ita work aa well aa ewr with
out outalda aaatatanca.
Tbeae paworfut little tableia contain In
h ronoanlrated form ev'i?ry lMBt ne'ea
aary to dlgeat all forma of food, wlirthar
meat a. vegatab laa, f ii egaf. flxb. att-.,
and they act equally well In an a Id or an
alkallna medium. If your ItOtnSCt )
log, doaa not dlgeit aa qukkly or at thor
(Highly aa It ahould, and your entire aya
tain In xonaequence aufferlng lrom nial
nutrltl tm and mal - aaalm I nation, ) ou owe
It to youraalf to glva the abuaed etomarh
asalatant'a to halp It out of Ita preaent
Thf eolutlon of your etorr.Kih trouble
Oo to your druaglat at
onta and eecure a package, thi'n take onr
The Suits We Sell Are the Kind
You See on the Best Dressed Men
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, , ipii i 1 P ' J " " - " "
. r .1 i. V. ll.t n.n " ,m.l I 1 1.1 arai 'nrlar-
ftlH ho orlrrr.,1 fir. a month rati or two after ch maal or a. required, then
to the woman nit: Judge aatd tha
pejwwvr uasauji bueawga wm m ta i
Store Open Late Saturday Might
8 Ay e,
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On Saturday.
The porosis Modrls in this Sale are this season's
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W (" Doubtt a-jf ilaaiai
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tm . -a- - -i

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