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Spanish Bull Fighter; Fair Se-
Wita; Irate Father; Thrill
ing Escape; Bliss.
IBflfllant Soldier ; Lost in Jungle;
Saved; Fever; Another Se-
; Recovery; More Bliss.
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t&tnu r
It sraa am
vvvsssvvsvvsvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv mmnwmwwtmmwHHM)
Time Spent in Looking for Villains
Is Wasted by Young Women in Business
" A - , - i,,,-, i-,,-, -, , ,-,- i-,,-, ,-,r, ,-, ij ii jin imi I rV.li
Copyright, ttll. by th Pre PubllaMns Co.
(The Nw York WorM).
o-1ay oame rh Spanish
r MontvM, from Barcelona, Spain.
Md port ahe brouafhs rsro ronaanoea.
, ae one woutd expeot from the land
fjolras. fighting end roens OS th
, iMMd Uk a native Spaniard, wig
Henry B. Farrar. V. 8. A., lata
it aba Phavnpme Ieauaaa Beside Mm
Mat Ma aside of a raac. lovely Carmen
PaVS. that was, daughter of a ttna of
SJpawileh artivy officers attending Into the
dm pas. The captain la rcASinrlng to
the Untied State to take charge of a
fca,ttrv of field artillery at Fort Bam
ffoustoo. Tazaa.
In 1907. Capt. Farrar, 1n afire anao, set
put with a email Attachment after
feanrl of btiahmen. The haavy tropical
laighta and the fierce heat of the noon
ay naught the oaptaln nj.1 ha want
point with an attack of fevnr During
the night he roar and atarted awar.
graahlng Owough the Jungle, ravine; and
monarJoua of Ma plight. How many
Esya he wandered at the point of death
Mil he waa apled by Benorlta Carmen
aria from the porch of her summer
ome he will never know. His uniform
Cm torn In rlbbone and Ms face and
nda were scratched and bleeding.
Servant, at the girl's command. Oar
ell I in i.ilu iiiff uuar mi. ik'i.'.i
taalu m i li.a 9,,r On rA tbl.n.lh
doctor. Two weeks the captain re
itnalned unconaclous and waa a month
jo bed. nuraed by the girl, before ha
Bjraa able to walk. Then there came
gleasmnt evenings, spent after the cor
feaet faaMon of duennas and Spanish
Bmb torn, hefore the captain was abla to
Sad hla detachment Ha found It aaay
the pout near the fa via man-
trouble waa everywhere, and
wall to attack it from one
A year ago there was) a wedding with
kfl the Spanish bell and bellea trrrag
inaMe. Shortly afterward Mra. Peri a,
the bride's mother, went to Barcelona
ml (tied, and It to from there the cap
tain returns to duty, wtth his bride In
mourning. He had heen so long In the
Philippines that he l.pees Into Rpanlah
The other romance concema a bull
fighter and a Spanish dancer a most
perfect combination and a plot not copy
righted. Here It is. TVipper little An
tonio Massentlne. twenty-flvo years old.
the youngest bull-fighter of prominence
In Spain, loves Metllrte PiUacloa, elerh
tnen. and a dancer of note. They love
most truly, but .there are no ourrcptl
tfoua kisses after the faaMon of lovers,
for stern Senor ralartoa Is watchful as
a father should be. and Antonio slgha
Is aoul to the moon and plays his note
of pasalon on a guitar hung with rib
bons. Almost feminine Is Antonio In ap
pearance, and u his courage were not
attested hy trie lucrative oner no rms
i-ptrd to fight the bull 1n Mexico this
kem, one might pass Mm hy without
e, gecond look, nut he 1a a pupil of the
great Maluadto, who la 1o Seville ami
aiadrhl what ManquarJ la to New York
Juet a year airo the grand stands at
the hull ring In Seville were crowded.
Antonio waa parading about when hla
eyes caught the startled flash of the
dancer's, who averted her head. An
tonio knew ho loved her front that min
ute. Such Is the way In Spain. Kvery
day thereafter Antonio slew his bulls
riot for the roar of the i.ieb, hut for
the smile of Matllde.
One Sunday afternoon after u par
ticular feat of daring he turned to re
ceive her smile. Suddenly her cuproa-
lon changed to horror, and Antonio felt
the sharp horns of the bull ripping his
t rtght Jacket. He wns tossed never. tl
feet and would have been gored before
the picadors oould reach him hail not
Matilda leaped over the barrier and
creamed at the hull, whereut, like a
good hull, tie went uwny from Antonio
long enough for the men on the horses
to shoot a few harhs Into his foollghi
tnrttireil hide gild the .lay was saved.
Never was hull so neatly slaughtered
aa Antonio killed that one. Ah. such a
neat thrust und side step! The popu-
. I. n . I hP..... .I..u.,, I't.tr h.l. f,.v
I I' nMl .n. mi' " m-. .i . ..
ptonlo to keep for Ills very own, and
m i. hum vitv iiim,i 1 1 r n in. tor ne
howe.1 to her alone of all the ladles In
the egftlWHtf gltd OgUghl I rose she
threw to him. So When Antonio was
Invited to tlaht the bull In Mexico Ma
tlldo Bought a place for her talents
there also. Pa I Si nor Palgi los ob
ject to Antonio, bulajil afraid of him.
Maybe when Antonio make, oh, such a.
hlg pile of ir on y, tenor Palocloi will
relent and there will be we lding
' anntanW
aataaaaa9jssflr T I Ki
ml WwK S I SBBaaaH
bbVsbbbbI assay' 9fl ' S " j 7 I
cm Ta vnueva
"Good Looks May Carry a Girl a Little Way on
the Road to Success at First, but It Is Brains,
Good Humor, Willingness and, Above All,
Patience That Win in the Long
Run," Writes "B. B. S."
While the Government ! Interest
ing Itself In the conservation of for
ests, and the Audubon Society is Hav
ing the birds; while the antl-riviBec-tlonista
dedicate themielyes to the
preservation of the guinea pig, and
protected buffaloes and seals defy
gun and spear; while fish flaunt
themselves before the angler's eye.
In the closed season, the rarest and
most Interesting object In the ani
mate world Is passing rapidly Into
obsolescence, and all because no
Society for the Preservation of
Villains has organised and gotten
down to work.
Novelists, dramatists and women
of romantic imaginations have
hunted the poor, receding villain,
have tracked him to his lair and
IlKOLA 0REE.LC.Y-SMITH kllled hlm off 1,11 oardly a thousand having crickets sing at her party, some
bona fide specimens of a once nun- how or other a orlcket in a plate of Ice
berWsB tribe survive. Undoubtedly a contributing cause to the disappear- , cream seems out of keeping
anrn nf the rinen Hark desnerate villain from the United States la the! 11 was this way:
fashion nf cloAn-ahaven men which has prevailed for the last ten or fifteen
years. For in the good old day. ot ' villainy every villain worthy of the " TT 1. ton"
name sported a ueavy oiaca uiuui, mo mim ouiuiem or tne moral
pirate wMch the moat unsophisticated I And whoa X say a modest, dlg
heroine oould not mistake. atflad girl X don't mean those mar-
BBVVsvraaa. "lfsa ' 1
mj inf aaaaa 4 w' 'l
tet? .
VasSM SMC Don oiooc uastr IMXk mcas rr tao. -tm; BOU" -
'The Bowery, the Bowery,
They Do Such Things and
They Say Such Things."
Heliport Man Wanted to Save,
but He Paid Hip;h Price
for His Shoes.
rWAS STUNG" FOR $10,000
Chicijto Millionaire Bought u
Price1es Antiques Modern Stuff
Spoiled in Durninf.
nrmAoo, Oct u -who t. th cm-
i cagn millionaire who paid tlt.fltO for 10
plecaa of porcelain a polled by ovefbura-
Ing In a modern kiln, under the impras
lon he was purchasing prloalaaa sa
il iue from a royal tablet
George P. Darta, ohkaf examiner of
the Ohecago Appraiser Stores, to-day
"atnwt of our trouble i over art aa
tlqultlaa. Only about 10 per cent, of th
European antique brought Into Chicago
are real." Of the millionaire h ald:
"What h paid tlO.onr for was the work
of a mudru pottery In Austria, and It
Was not even good modern work. The
whole hatch had been ruined by unsuc
cessful burning."
wno was stungT' Mr. Davla waa
"To answer that wouldn't h fair," ha
Found Unconscioirj in Hallway,
.With Old Cmst of Bread
in His Pocket.
And When He (100 of Him)
Buzzed About the Girls'
Hair, Fun Stopped.
If the cricket, or crlcketa. had only
stayed on the hearth in Mlee Helen IK-et-Jen'a
home at No. 159 Tark street. Mont
clalr, laat night everything WOUM have
been very poetic and IMckenslan. H it
the cute little bugs wouldn't stay on the
hearth, you ace, and though that waa an
awfully bright Idea of Ml-s l)e-tjen'a.
Miss rieetjen'a dear friend. Mu- Kran
She Became Unconscious in
Boston When Speaker Tied
the Score Wednesday.
Samuel thagtn, a bleyol dealer, of
No. 22S Hast Thirty-ninth street, spent
elx dys more In I-udlow Street J. ill
than he wsuld have spun had he
possessed one dollar. He got that sum
yesterday, deposited It In the Sheriff's
office, ami as fived.
8hagin K'M sued by Mollis Mbln for
12,000 for alleged breach of promt-o .f
marriage, and aha got an order for h!i
arrest. Hail was at P, but he
could not supply ! and went to Jail
Jttly On Oct. i his attorney, Henry
U, B. ... ..II- .11.1 - I I - V.M
th hall to t. out no: until yasttrday
could Shjgn raise even thai mount
are i!u of rrc-
l i hi tin itiil revlsl. r .mi eaa
nut yete. HraUirelloo liootti will epea at
I for one wouldn't recognize a villain
without the black flag flaunted from the
upper lip, and since mustaches have be
come ao dreadfully unfashionable, how
is a poor villain to proclaim his trade.
What can a poor villain dot
Sow Is he to live at all unless
wa gat together la a aoolety for
the Preservation of Villains and
agitate for appropriate game laws
to protect hi diminished race.
Humiliating as the admission Is. I am
compelled to atat that 1 have never
met a real villain In my life. Yet vill
ains atlll exist. .Surely every one of ne
knows half a doren young women who
hve tracked h'.tn to his lair, who, In
fact, have bM compelled to give up the
most advantageous employment because
of his sinister pursuit. Since this dla
cuesiun began not one girl but halt a
doxen have Writ tan me that they have
been unable to make K'hkI sj t ie busi
ness world because of the disturbing
effect of their personal charms upon
employers or fellow employees.
These young women seem very much
In earnest. There Is no doubt that they
believe what they say, and that In ttaalr
Imaginations all the Now York tiuslneas
man needs to complote the picture or
desperate villainy Is a black mustache
nd a trick of hlsaing his vroroa
It appears to be a peculiarity of vill
ains that they never rain but they po.ir.
I huve known Innumerable vomen who
have never met any villain Of any de
scription, hut 1 have yet to meet a Klt'l
who knew one villain, and one villain
only. He the villain seems to he a
norribly gregarious animal, travelling in
hordes, like the buffalo, the economical
lOurlat and the prettiest young women
of Tsimsssss
Now, it should be permitted to every
man t aaa one ghost, to every woman
to anOQUnUr one vlll.-.ln. The only ob
jection I have to those young women
who devote their energies to life. liberty
and tin pursuit of villains Is that It
loaves thorn so little t'.me for the work
which s so absolutely essential to mak
ing good, Villain-tracking may be a
more or leas legitimate sport for the
Kirl who has leisure and talent for it.
liul the girl who wants to make good
at self-support aim t be counted of th s
Undoubtedly there are mashera and
foolish old men aplenty In New Fork
but villains? Well, 1 will leave it to
the yOUAg women to say whether the
Kirl who works downtown, dresses mod
estly and hears herself with dignity is
at all likely to meet even liie unassem
bled makings, of a villain.
tlal Bellonas who carry their self
respect Ilka a chip oa the shoulder
aa though daring somebody to
knock It off. Z don't mean the
simpering, perpetual lns-enuaa who
are plausible at eighteen, possible
at twenty and absolutely unpar
donable at tweaty-flve.
You remember that when the Newly
weda' baby bad gladdened the comic
supplement for two years or more, with
only one Incisor breaking the pink
monotony of hla parted gums, stern
realists began to write to The World
Insisting that In the Interests of accu
racy Snookums should out another
I confess to a similar passion for
realism, and when a woman pairs th
age of twenty and atlll keep up the
baby store, the playful tendency to ruf
fle the masculine coiffure or pat the
masculine hand by way of conversa
tional emphasis, I am tempted to say to
her: "Roally, little Mlsa .Snookums.
don't you think It's about time you cut
another tooth? For If you don't, oh. lit
tle Miss Snookums, you're bound to
encounter villains and more villains and
most villain and somehow or other
you will never mention them to any
body until you have to explain why
you havo been discharged or why an
other woman waa promoted over your
head "
When a young girl working In a down
town office pads her hair and frlxxes It;
when her lips and cheeks betray that
she has looked upon the rouge box and
the lipstick wbsui they were very red
Indeed, when her gown seems to be a
roliictant concession to a puritanical
police, need she be astonished or
grlvad when he meet unpleasant ex
periences? And In such cases la It al
ways easy to And the villain? I rvalue
t lint tibeee remarks may be narrow and
unjust? If you think ao, will you write
and tell ma why? Meantime 1 prefer
to consider seriously the letter of a
girl who gives the following recipe for
making good." She saya:
Dear Madam i Xt has be a my
experience that good look may
carry a girl a little way oa th
road to saooesa at first, bat that
It Is brains, good humor, willing
ness sad, above an, patteaoe that
win la the loag ran. Xt la not al
ways th alse of the pay eavelope
that shows a girl that aha has
made good. If she does her work
well the boss will always Had It
out and let her know that he ap
preciates it. At least, X have found
this to be so. B B S.
be married to Allen I'. Ilurlelgh of PMIae
delphla. So Mlas Heetjen and Miss Mar
Jorte Hlnck thought It would be Just too
dandy for anything to give the happy
j engaged couple a snug Utile party at the
I K-ijen home. A kind of I.. .vanning
party It would be. In anticipation of the
j new home which would soon be estab
I llahed.
I Bo yesterday Miss Deetjen, Miss Illnck
'and a party of thalr young friends went
up on the mountain and got many arm
! ful of autumn leaves, and then, on
'Miss Dectjen'a novel auggestlon, they
1 turned over stones and moasy old logg
until they had nourly a hundred crickule
! In a shoe box The autumn leaves were
j hung In clusters all about the dancing
I rooma In the Deetjnn home, a log tire
was built In the library and then Just
before the first gueet arrived last night
the crickets wore put on the hearth.
But the horrid old thing Just wouldn't
stay there;
Of oourae it was lota of fun for the
first few mt ITU tS when girls would sud
denly Jump and shriek. Woats that
v hen a cricket tuned hla fiddle under
her i hair. Then one would reply, hv,
my doar, that'a the orlokot on the
hearth, you know,"
However, when the muelc started and
folks began to dance, the crlnkets got
lively. They lartsl acroaa the Moor like
black llgtnlng, they chirped from the.
Th Olan'a won a game, and Miss
Margaret Rooney promptly rrrovcrd
sufficiently at Ilneton to return to her
home, No. 16!it) llroadway, to-day. She
had been in a state of coma In city
Hospital since Speaker made Ms great
slide and tied the acore In th t nth
inning of the lioaton game Wednesday.
Miss ltooney lives with Mrs K. H.
Ollmore at the llroadway address and
Is an enthusiastic Olant router. She
went to lioston to see the game, and
appeared to he In grrst spirit.-, un it tho
eventful tenth Inning. She aank limply
Info her scat when the acore was thd,
and when the Uiants failed to acoro In
their half of the eleventh appeared to
break down.
Aa the fans left the park she was
found In a daze and w is taken to the
hoepltal as a "mystery ." She could not
tell her name until yesterday, when jne
of the nurse! said to nnother:
"Too bad. the (Hants won!" The pa
tient came to wl h a start.
"Uood work, boys," she murmured
The light of IntalUgMoa return d to bar
eyes and ahe remembered who she was.
Mrs. Ollmore received a telegram last
night saving Ml. ltooney bad r n-
eind after the Ulont victory.
tips of girls' aigrettes; they made fly
ing trapexe laggej from tile wall to spirk-
iing luviiiiiere. on, goodness graol is,
It was gregd full
But, honest dearie, the Until was
raaohed when one of the girls suddenl)
slopped darning, ru!i u: flu back
of her dooollettc gown with both band
and hurried to the greasing room. So
wasn't the sann- the real of the evening.
And, when you come u think about It,
the TieeUems are going to have a sweet
time clearing those crickets out o' ihelr
house. They'll haw a cricket n n,,.
radiator about all winter; a leott. o
Miss Helen slid to-day.
Thev still dn Strang things on the
llowe.y and Adam Romanaky of Hell
port, la I , will never go there any
more. Adam came In from Heliport
yesterday to buy a pair of shoe. The I
shoes coat him 11.140. which la a;
record price to pay for a pair of shoes
even In these daya of the high cost of
To eiplaln how Adam Homanskv
rsme to be set back $1,140 for a pali
of shoea It la necessary to begin with
a relation of the troubles of Ahe Kaua
ky, dealer In new and second hand
shoes In the basement at No IS How
cry. Abe's cash capital at 3 o'clock
yesterday afternoon waa exactly
Along name Mrs. Kaussky. Abe's
wife. od Abe took her to a fruit
store and bought her a basket of
grapes, which cost him 13 cents. Mrs
Kaussky went bom with the grapes,
and Abe. who had sunk a twenty-dol
lar bill In one of his socks, for that
represented rent money, carefully d
posited a BvtdOliar bill In his Inside
vest pis-ket and made his way back to
ids basemen I store.
Dn the way some smooth pickpocket
got to Abe's pocket and stole the Hve
dollar bill. Abe knew It was gone as
soon ns it departed, lie raised ioui
lamentations, but there was no trace
nf the thief. As Abe opened up for
business he reflected that t li was a
lot Jo pay for a basket of grapes. He
could have had hothouse grapes with
ii Int of other things thrown In for
While engaged in lugubrious bemoaning
Abe siw a shadow on the stairway and
looked up. Adam Itomansky nf llrll
isirt, U L, s descending Adam Is
an elderly man and not strung. CtOS
behind hlm came a young, husky, well
dressed man of singularly alert move
ments. Itomansky aald he wanted to
buy a pair of shoes for a dollar. The
young men said the shoes he had on
were tight and ha wanted Hi cm
"Walt on the old guy first." said the
young man to Abe Kaussky. "I aln'l
In no ruah."
Ahe Kaussky soon fitted out Adam
Itomansky with a pair of dollar shoes.
Itomansky, when II came to Fast kg pay
ment resurrected from Ms raiment a
large ri.lt of money from iihti h he car.
fully peeled a $' bin. As previously re.
lated KaUSSky aas ebaolutsl bereft nf
money save for the $'J0 Ifi his sock, so he
had to volunteer to take the hill up to
tile moving picture show on the ground
tl tot and laive tt ebangSd,
This wns satisfactory to A.lnm Itn
manky who was admlng his new shoes.
Ahe Kaussky went to the cashier of the
moving picture show, got the bill chang
ed and starled bai k to his buiement
IjoiiI cries proceeded therefrom. Ac
companying the cries came a well-dreas-Sd
veing man, bounding up the steps
four at a lime mid stuffing something
Into his coal po gel lie knocked Katia
sky Hat on the sidewalk and sped up
th,. Bowery,
KaUSSky descended to his shop There
he found Adam Itomansky half Insensi
ble from the snsctS of blows on the
bead, but able to rcmcm'icr that the
young man bid forcibly relieved hint uf
11,140. Abe Kaiuskj called a poll, ,. man
and tk s was rsportsd to Potio
Headquarters And Just to show how'
hard lock pursued Aim Kaussky, he
I banded baoh nvs dolars in change to
Adam Itomansky and Adam RomansavI
'walked gway Hh the dollar shoes.
Vla Rllsa lackey Improving
rutis. Oct 11 Miaa Mien Mack i r.
daughter of riareno II. Ma kay. waa
to-day repotted rallying strongly from
an operatic n for appendicitis Hhe waa
considered t raotleally out of datig.-r.
An aged, poorly dressed man
found unconscious In a hallway at On
Hundred and Porty-nlntb street gad
Mslros avenue early to-day by fattai- I
man Dugan pr. Kcketeln took him t
Lebanon Hospital. whr he was r
vlved. He said ha Is frank Kapsman.
seventy-four years old, a laborer, of It,
ft" Ninth street, Wllllamsbrldge. where
he live wtth his daughter Mrs. Mary
Novotsky. He aald he had had no food
for eight daya
Kapaman aald he waa out of work and
had been unable to find employment II
had not been to hla daughter'a home la
elaht daya beoause he had no money and
waa unabl to pay for hi keep. He bad
been aleeplng. said. In hallway and
basements. He had nothing In hla poob
ets hut a small crust of vary atale bread.
la flight Frees Vnlraaa Peril.
ntlAYAQl'IU Ecuador, Oct. H.eIa
habltants of towns In the vlci. i:y of the
yolcano, Hangay. vcre fleeing fir sat'ty
to-day. The peak auow.l Increaalng
eigne of act.vlty and a vl dcnl eruption
wa feared.
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two mediums In tho
uni nrse.
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lOeaa kTvaalaa. i

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