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Heard Becker Tell
Rose That Gambler
Must Be "Croaked"
(Continued from flfll !'
take Judicial COtnltance "l tha fol
that thla mm alraadj n. umn tha
nam of Harrv lloroi!. allaa 'P
I hi. Wood.'
Vtlrrr was a Itrmill . ''It -''litll' Uotf
parimttiii Mi iK sis nnr'it to ra
maln In th iroord.
"Wh the MSI ma'i7" nandad
Mr Mom, nnd t.iitn rm,,ifJI In l.inls
Itnsanuirir, who aithts4 in his lore.
'What ll fWU namr?" aakal Mr.
1 1. 1 t Is Tornh"r. sir." he anawrred
'rkmirtitne-s kmnn h LiSf If botllsf
'fa, slnr my ri l
Q Da u know thll PMRf demmil
Ml Mm). ni Unii to Win ley Utli "
A. I cannot litantlfi Mni nnalilvrly. I
am not aure ai.out him
Q. Io you kno this man? ipolntlng 1
to Shapiro. tha rhmiftv n I, A Yi M 1
waa the man who wa .lilvlng the car
tha men rode away In. 1
The Drlaotiere wire ?ent Vic and
l.uban renumed the witneaa atanrt.
y T d ynu ever know a man njmed
Jack Hoae A Yea. I lined to pee h.m
aroun.1 the l.afevette Baths.
y Did you ever aee the defend. int.
Becker A Yaa.
Q. Old yow ever aee BOM and
acker tofvtkert A. Tea. I eaw
hem together la tka bathe.
Q. When? A. Two or three
wsks before tha mnrdtr of Her
au moaaathal.
J IMd you hear any
aatwen them. A. Yea.
q e mil waa nald A 1 heuid l.leul
Becker aay to Jack Hone:
"II Boaaathal la not croaked I
arlll oroak (kill) htm myaalf."
Barker winced at the teatlmony, the
drat that hae In any way MMaatad
him with the murder. He bMMM pale '
and then a Mod of color came over Ml
fhca. Peraplratlon atoort oui In boala
on tale fare. He hurriedly removed hla J
Vtaaeea and mopped hla forehead. I
replacing Ma glaaaei. he aat holt up-,
rigni. ...-
atolld and Indifferent again
Mr. Hon turned triumphantly nnd
faced the Jury, a amlle of perfect aatn
fa Hon on hit face.
Tbit la all I want to aak thla wl -neai."
he aald and turned Luban over
tu the tender merrlea of Mr Mclntyre.
Mr. Mc I my re began by aaklng I.ubnn
If be had not been brought from Jail
In Mewark to 'eatlfy agalnai Becker
Queatkm overruled The defenae alao
failed to have the witneaa admit that he
pruoner in newara inariri wiui
Mr. Idolntyre than ormlui-ed thfe j do all he could for me If I could allow
lattera and a poaUl card alleged lo ha.v j bad been 'framud up' In New Jereey."
Picks Whitey Lewis
In Line of Gunmen
as Rosenthal Slayer
Afltf one of Ik lale a wltneaaes had
larnlahdd a sensation at tile morning
session by -falling down In his atory of
I ha ihootlnf of Roaenthal, atsothir wai
put on tha Itand who walked druimtl
cally to the gunmen lined up In court
and placed his hand on Whitey l.ewla.
Tills witness was (11 'VahnJ Maaloh. an
laentiir, who aald he had i-eeii the
tho.ulng. He de-lared Lowla, who
emed (reatlv amused, had llred two
Ihotfei Hianli h was not certain as to
tha Identity of "Dado" Frank lie did
not rerognlae "Lefty" l.ouls or Hvp the
The arltneaa who mlliipaet and te
veraed his fuimer MonlMoatlon of
Whiles lewis aa the m-tnal alaver of
llrniu:i Kosuittial was Thmn.ia Hi. in.
a chiuffeur. and an eye-wltuiaa of the
iragedy. A aua re-Jawed pudRhOlOUl
inking young man. from th- in, uncut
he took the stand he -,-llied 0 ba BUf
tiring a panic of f.-ar. and tin. pioae.
, uiloii sought to esiabllah thll be hml
been acared after he left tin- courtroom
loot night.
An Immense throng Jammed the
lobbies of the Criminal Court Plulld
Ing In the hope of forcing their way
Into the heavily guarded tribunal nnd
llslinlng to Jack Hose and the wife
of the murdered gambler, who were to
follow the witnesses of the murdei on
the aland.
In order to expedite the trial Justice
fluff will hold go ttfl to-nun row.
Justice doff opened the day's prm ee I.
Inga with a speech lo OOUatsal In wbi. b I arreated gunmen aa the actual slayer
be Insisted that every effort be made af Itinaenihal. but Ryan proved ubdur
tj expedite the taking of testimony. ate. livery effort waa made by the As.
"It la my desire." aald the Court, "to I slstant Dlstrlct-Attomey to et Kyan to
ret this case to the Jury ut the earlleat I admit he hud told Mil one of he nrls-
- alba- nwuienl."
"May It please the Court," aald Mr
"Inure "I would like to have it
entered In the record that court waa
adjourned laat night at ten minutes
paat ( o'clock."
Thomas Kyan. a chauffeur, formerly
employed by the Cadillac Motor Com
pany, waa the first witness of the day.
Q. Did you know Herman Hoaiu
thal? aV Yen alght.
O M4 VI, II .. .. Il.iuillllll mil
o: I in Mruii,iiir iniii ui. i nr a as
klllad? A Yes. He cams out of the
Cadillac Hotel
"What?" Interrupted tlr. Mclntyre.
"I mean the Mctropole," gald the wit
neaa. "He stepped out uf tha front
door alone. I aaa about fifteen feet
away. Those men itepbid up to him
four men.
Q. What did those man do? A. One
Of them fired.
You only aaw ona of them shoot?
A. That waa tha way it namid lo m
bSM wr.Hen lo I. lent Bacftaf by Ml.
han'a hrother The- MtMM lil.ntunVil
the leitem si in hie brother s ltan,
wrlllnK nit danlad that he knew anv
HUH abort them
I.ah;i:i Ulan denl.'d that bf had nr
heeti tnpli'veil In "IMdfte" VVebber"a
or .lark ROM' I SMBMlBI tionaa He
knew Ih.'m both well, though. Me liae!
work-il In h S ond avium- aarnhllng
Q ' U v Mr Mrlntyrel Von met Jaik
Rose- Iti thin building yeaterday and I
tnlk. tn him A Yrn
Q Ami did fCU meet and talk to
ItrMx . Webbtt tad Harry Vallon?
y IM-I you talk to JSCs' Ho about
I Ilia rane" A No I ., not talk to
Mr Ja, k nl.me
The wllneaa snlil that he had nnen
the Kunmrii In court to-day when the
'""r arraigned at the forenoon
1 aenBion lie .Hit
srssnin. Me .tin lint ri"-an 'learing
their name were read
Q When did you first aee all tha
prteonera to-dny. A
When they were
brought Into court.
Q Where did you atop laal night.
A In the Aator Houae with four of
flcera. Q How doeo it happen you are a
witneaa here A. I'd Ilka to know mi
aelf. 1 talked to aeveral people about
thla raae."
I At Mr. Melntvre'a demand that l.u
converaallnn i,nri named aeve.nl men to whom he bad
i talked about hearing the atatement 'f
Leant Hecker to ltoe aNiut croaking "
y. Did the gtatr'a Attorney In New
Jemey iProaecutor Mottl talk about
t hla cage to you? A. Tea
Un'l It a fact that laat week you
grid your broth, r offered to come over
here and teellfv In behalf of Ucut
llackej- If he could get you off?"
The iiueatlon waa ruled out.
nU.'l .,11.. 1.1,1.1 IU. kcr
They are trying to frame you up. and
If you will all lie out on hall. o will
come over and allow them up' A. No,
"Will you awear to that," thundered
Mi lntyre.
Yea, air, aald the witneaa.
Q -Did you nnd your brolhera eauaa
to be eent to me a letter aent you by
Ham Paul?" A. No.
Mr Mi lntyre foiled to get th- Ham
Paul letter before the Jury, l.uban de-
living having aeen II. I.ubnn further ;
denied that he had hr. n promlaed Im-,
inunity in .ew jereey ior awnaaai n
N(-w Vl)rl , ,rMfVi hlll t,mt Die
trlrt-Attorney Whitman "promlaad to
I raw him ahoot and I heard four
The chauffeur aald ha had aeen four
men on the itrrrt Juit before Rosen
thal came out. After the hootlnf the
four men ran, but he hadn't watobed
them very rloaely.
W IMd you aee any automobile In the
at i eef A. Yes there waa on a few
fae( away.
Q. Did you aee the men who flrod the
ahota gel Into tha car? A. No, air.
li. What did you do after the ahoot
Ing? A. Han down the atrant.
y Have you seen any of thoae four
men after the ahootlnv? A. No, air.
W Have vou aeen Ihe man who flr-d
the iun ain't that time? A. I aaw ibe
four men you had In here yeaterday.
Q. Bid you aaa tha man who bred
tha ibotT A. Mot that I aaa iden
tify. What'" abnutrd Mr. Moaa. "Your
Honor. I am surprlaed at thla wit
neaa" Mr. Mclntyre aa on hi fret In an
' Inatant.
"1 object to thla atatemant before
the Jury." he aald. "It la wrong and
the Dlatilct-Attorney knowa It."
Mr. Mclniyrv'a objection waa aua
tallied. "Did you not tell Datactlve File yea
terday that one uf the men who fired
the ehot waa In court yeaterday'."'
aaked Moaa
Again Mr Mclntyre objected and
wan ttuldllMd. Mr Moai iniide fre
quent efforta to get Uyan to admit
that he had Identlllrd of the four
hi. u in. anoi. uu i aiciniyrei con- esproatlon, hla features wl and tanjai
atant ohjectiuni were lustalned by Jua- and hla ,in gluial on lha palpablj
UOt Uuff. Itaaoay and reluctant atttnOM 'or the
The Prosecutor asked for a daatxrlpllon 1 ''""'P'c
of the man lha wllnes. hail aeen sh ,ot 1 "lo. """! ,ttn'ch' "n Inventor, was
Ko.ch.h.,1. Hyan , memory waa hlurr,d j Jjft AmXoy,
and kg admitted rhat hi hail bean n working us ..n lUclHeol engineer, and
badly i.ared that In had not ubsarreJ living on Forty. fourth street, nea,
cloaaly. Then waa that in thi atlltuJe 1 Uroadway He said he was near the
of tha wltnasa to euggiat that ha waa
111! aueHi,ar I. .... . .. ..
...... ...... ,...
i fright.
Mr Muaa aikid tha attnisi wltn
a'in'ii hs hail SSSM tu ciurt ye-st.relaj,
til wJiat thl ptrfia haul aU ii) lUlU
Th ' vin obj'v'tiJ vhtmnlly n1
t-if (iit tlon w9 rillftd out.
MEN. "Br1n thoit four gunmen Into iiurt,"
Mutt a orilt-ri-J. Uur.ng the ml&tttl that
rtlpMii Hyn wan th picture of
fttiPfttr, HU fare twKoMd convulalve ly,
hla ha i. u tpMMd . . .1 MAMniMU
tally Hf n1gettd In hla chair until tha
court offlrere ha4 to caution him to alt
UU. A wort acart4 wllMM oouU ot
Widow of the Slain Informer and the Gambler
Who Will Be a Star Witness for the State
I i
a .aaBBBBBTaaw aaNBBBT aTaBBT?ahdBnXaBBL " W ' BBBBBI BBB BBB b"V B.X -atBBW 1 3 w IU 1 BB a ABB BhaaT V BB
' OSRNTHAL. 17 ' M V
w w w p. w
be found In a ten dayB' Journey.
The four gunmen Mi are. brought Into
court kOd arraigned "it the bur. The
dofenac objected, but the objection waji
turned down. "Hyp the HI,, ml'.
"Whitey" Law' a, "Xattty" iuia and
"D.ign'' Flunk faced the witneaa, all of
then aiiilllng derisively at Hyiin'M
Half a dozen Of Moaa'a quOStlOM by
which he wotight to compel the wlinca.i
to Identify one of the (MgOtOfa were
UBkM R h,l(, , ,,
Aaalatnnt District-Attorney Urlll yeater
day that he could Identify DM Ol the
gunmen aa the murderer of Koacnthiil
The witneaa whimpered he hml only
seen the hack of the four men.
"Didn't you look at theae four men
over In the Tombs Prison." yelled Mr.
Moas, "and any that you were afraid to
i lay your hand upon any one of them "
The chauffeur wrlKKled and writhed
nd filially choked nut that he ha I
aald he waa afraid to Identify any of
j them became he could not be positive.
, at him and evidently enjoying his dla-
j comflture.
I Q. Why did you aay you were afraid
lo pick out the man? A. Itecauie I was
I afraid I might pick nut the wrong
I man.
O. Didn't you tell the Aaalatant Dla-
trlct-Attorney yiaterday you thought
one of these men waa the man who flre.1
th., ehot a. Yaa.
U. Which la the man? A. I don't
"Is there any reason why you should
not tell the truth?" auddeuly interposed
Justice (luff.
Rygn wheoled lii his chulr and faced
the Justice. "1 am telling the truth. "
he niul tired.
"Hun you awear aske-d the Court
In his genUt', purring tunoa. "that any
una of those four men tired the abut
that killed Herman ltoaenthul? Look
ut them closely uml givu mo youi
uiihwi r."
Ihe wltnciia turned hla blinking
eyea ut the gunmen and regurdid
tiirm unatoodlly for a lung aoond,
Then he lurried back to Justice Uoff.
"1 cannot," lie suld.
Jnatlie Huff sank back In his chair
and Mr. Moaa turned nwiiy In dlagusl
Mr Mi Inlyic was asked If lie desired In
"Thank you. no," hti mid, with a
"That 's all then." said the OoUPti and
Itian fairly leaped nut of the chulr and
wont on his way He did not tako an
other gi n ii the dgUCP. ed gUMItn
but they tWttAd lo ind tu grin at hlui aa
lie huribvl from lha room, Then tin v
ware Jerked bank from the rail and
herded out Of the DOUrtrOOin,
Tin- dafendhnt bad aat through uU thla
Cadillac restaurant when Rosenthal
waa ilaln.
"I waa standing In Forty-third atrrst.
epe-jklng to a friend," he laid.
"My friend had just left ma. I am
an aulomoblla come up with live per
sons In It It was a light, sin ly colorod
automobile, and came from llroadway
toward Mxth avenue It Itoppod mid
way of the block Then I pid no fur
thrr alii'iitinn tu it. As 1 sla : i-1 1 uwiy,
i h.ani . simt than i lurnad la look.!wii n anil 1 i sjisjipttBi int lata
1 aaw four nr rive, pciaunh-1 think thm ! Bu" ' '", , , , ,
wr- tun H-iii. miwr Um sliaiat, l.nuV n'.lirr I
JISSw.T . iiMd. tu realllm m vim. una. (inn fls'ip- th
hi w thy Solas' P' I alutaoli I'rractlpUoi .li, i,- .! ibal an,
"It a, '.mi', I to ma all hail wrapona I uij )t. f.-inni It si tin' drug ston in laalsl form
In thair IninJi I raeognlssd "f lha Miraudi llisarlptloa TaiarH i 7K. ta lot
aeapnns thai OM w. .111 sulOBlatle trust s djii la llnd ths iiiliM a. rte-
BlStOlj It Mimad that attra. le.l my at-i "' V'" , '' . ,7" '
tnitlun first t il-r aarili I I il "Itua It asm
tinttun nrst luialaHi lift TU irs easd-
pjosii deacrlptloo of an automatic pi.
nrrm tna witn.si innrra into a tr-n
------ ajaeaaawaaateaaaaaaaeaaaapaai .i u u n
tol, admitting that lie paid most at-1
I tenllon tu It hecau.-e of Its ;iecullar con-'
i Mtriirtlon.
J. Did you aee at whom the various
I pImIiiIm wi re pointed? A. Yes; I aaw
I the mini IvIiilt later on the sidewalk.
J. How many peraona .lid you aee j
with platoll In their ti.ln.ls? A. I think I
It waa three.
"Bring In the ptiMoners." ordered Mr. i
Ua.I ti ml II, o fall ,i,mtii..n unillltw '
or i in ii' ,', emu,- o.ii'n iH'iorr toe our.
Atlorney Hlryker. aaaoclatp counael '
for the defense. lnUrpoaed a strenuous I
"su down!" ordered Justice fluff.
"Do you rOOOaTBMt these monV" aaked
"Yea." said the witneaa. "The first to
the right." pointing to "Whitey" Iewls,"
or Frank Mull.ir.
lanlon loft the wltatOI stnnd and
walked toward the gUnnKth, on ivlioni
be ptaoad Ills hand. The drapcrud i
Kinileil broadly mil ihOOa Ilia head gle.'-
"of thla one 1 uni In doubt," fltanlch
aald. j'i he laid lila hand on "Dago
Krank'a" ahouldor, "The others I do
not raoognlaa."
The prlaonan Wen ltd back, "Wliltey"
Twiwls biiuhlng audibly and shaking
with mirth.
sianich rogumod tha wttnaai stand.
"1 saw Frank M iller tire two shots, I
think," he teitlfled
The witneaa said he waa sure only of
one face. lie thought he had seen a
third man shooting, but he waa uncer
tain. On iToas-exam'n.itloi, Mr. Mclntyre
went after the history of the wltnesa
from hla urrlv.il In America. He aald
he wns ungoajUaitntad with the witneaa
Kr.ni.-H' w ho ha I Identified three of the
gin, men yealerdav. He had never even
KrgUM unill yesterday.
Si. in! fh was as oool and unperturbed
under lira M tha urltnan Rygn bad been
norvoug ond rattled In the gentle hamU
of the Court.
Tha wllneaa was living at No ?! West
Forty-third street alongside of (ha
Hhanliy ogfl mi July III last, The de
fenac sought to tangle up the niimaa
on his knowledge Ol Tel di 1 loin lo
calities, but be wouldn't tangle. He
took hla own cool time before answer
ing each question put by Mr. Mclntyre
through the Interpreter.
tgnlOh was aaked abjut the suurce
of bis Income.
"1 am not going to tell you." he laid,
"because It Is noliody'e buaineaa.''
"Will yon gtatO." naked Mr. Melntvre,
"If VOU weie ever convicted of a crime
In AustitJa ."'
The witness ahrugfad hla shoulders
and ipraad out his palms.
"I will not uliswei .my perannal ouca
taina," he replied. "You have no right
Letters of a Slim-Made
Woman to Her Fat Sister
Sixth Letter: On the Slim-Mad Man
Who round HarmUaa Kat Remedy
IVair hi. I ret tanttl weit to Vltti pa tlr
atwt. Mtf f oh proiile do INN tuppON 1 iu
Mg "Kettir" Htaai tou reanaibti Uiin ie
I he iBitvl ill'- eruiu l ll till lali lust sumie-r
ami d..w in. tfn I I i' "Ij:i" luitht:
.mil ahal ftgntt be cM la a iiathtita suit
it tiii i- . . . 1 1 Ha iplail afj l Um faflt
iti.us atatartf ueople malt il n hi "o?erri tnjr
llir DCau" lha' kpl " out f til ealer. Well,
Ait, deer, 1 tiid Mm lart u.glit at igdla'a Bllflaalf
uii uial aaow Mai, tad tu SMa't kaov to
m had t be lit radaaiej, My, how ho Ua
ebaagal m ami h it i 1 i bow attWaft
au Bu i aaadtnaw b l 'ok ate t aa tsni kIhu
IU aal tii. ",ha o " ioiu.tl.i. on. mn
m iti.i I'm r ni. Mil t tUaa nlUi him to uiah:
II i rt . sfTVI 1 ' lU-ihr it ' 'apffid " Not
,, , i;r ti dtaaffM aa bad il t( btata vbai
i i aal ilfi'Mfi il be'd lip Mi Ua tad
iiiasi u i v i bath 'ii i hi- otnei dtaaw iai
, . , lall'i and laistll ai r inu ,Hrt. Tlu
to .w, Mstuw. '. fsi-ner BI.1.. lai.ia.i.
i. :i. atii 11 v... tii.1 1 1 .lib
It ! none of
yo.ur buaineaa."
Q. Wore you ever convicted of a
crime In thla country? A. I wai never
convicted of a crime In my life When
I came to America I had 20.000 frann.
Q. wrhero did you get It? A. It la
none of your builnesa.
J. To whom were you talking hefore
the shooting of Rosenthal? A. That Is
my own business.
The witneaa Hnatly admitted h had
lieen talking with a woman.
W. I 'rider what name did you come
In thU country? A. Ilarlo de Fleorr
Q. Is that your true name A. No,
my name la Htanlch.
Q, Why did you take an Italian name
when you -ame to America" A. It was
a name I hail atonimed In pnbll - school
to hlda my Identity.
tanleta finally admitted he had told
sonic persons he wa of noble birth,
ad, flux that his mother waa noble, of
lha houoa ol M-irusl.
The daflltf I got only vigorous denials
from Stan led) In answer to Insinuations
I hat he had been paid to testify by
tha Tilstrict-Attorncy. Some of the
questions hearing on this line were ruled
OUt, but to nil of them Stanlch replied
with a laugh that he didn't need Ihe
LONDON, Oct. 11 Thomas Coupe, the
eye-witness of the Rosenthal murder.
Is expected to sail for New York to
morrow on board tha Mauretiinla, In
the company of Asaletant District-Attorney
William De Fold.
It la understood that Mr. De Ford has
Slightly spaced front. Made
of white striped Madras ex
ceedingly smart 2 for 25c
Onett, Peabody ft Company. Troy. N.T.
Per IOC Bottle
vor RIM, MV s MKtFi
I.KIM Kit Mill. I. IT.
E. Prltclisr.l. Maker, ill Sprtna. SI, N. V
Homes furnished
99.98 V,1:"
.0 a Week
Opens an
to ask aa to my paurt
121 IU1
l.,. fW' . ' - 'aaiaaii,;
I El
tiirtetrn (lak lllnlna Talilr.
aitreislun. rstra Iravvs.
ilaiv ',. 1.
Open Evenings
U, 1912.
Ikii"iI an IBTtnmnfll with roup and
hla attorney to flta Ida ultnssa ,, lump
aum for attending lb.- trial of Mont,
Mri Ker.
Colipa return, d to h ll home IB I'
ton to-il..y with the Intention of Join
ing Mr lie rofd at Liverpool to-moi -
He tnak"n no c rit of the fact
he ronalder hie return ti w
a -ry .Inngrnin iinlrrtikiug
MMrtM rritll.
Il'rim tli CMag Maaai i
, When h man "nn do thin; thai you
aaa't," sbssrwd the philosophical
1 bnardor. ' you generally explain II un
I the theory that I k im'h.ng for him tu
e proud of-he' men ', Klftril In th it
direction, t'an I have another cup of
, ofTee, Mr. Ironi?"
1'iuai f ra u - .
Makee Cold and Hot Maata Taaty.
Hi I li, I'll S on Sendwlchee ft Sardine,
t fiie Salai Dreatlng by adding vinegar
At Dellrateaaen and (Iroeerv Nlerea.
IO l I MT.1. Mooon with each hnttte.
I riHTAItlja.il Kl IH.tli
Storage Warehouses
r.Ut. XIU. 2.-14. -JUtl West Tlh HI.. N.Y.
'I'hons 2 Itryant. Near flroadway.
Kntlre iharae taken
of removals In tnwn or country.
Our Motor Vsns have been built
imam our ueraonal auuervla Ion. for
the sole purpose of tranaporttng
Works of Art. Krafflle Kiirnltura and
Hneirsge. with speed und aafstv
( mm, ! nt men fur iiaeklns: china,
gbasaware, books anil alltrrware.
furniture and ltorka of trt. beved
and ahlpned to all tsarla uf th.- world.
-I I : I II III I'lltllllM KOH K.
t out AMI IMI1IKT lltll HI: not I)
H'ttrla. UK AI'll.Ml (li
rf.RARANCB I'AI'rlRH I ok oi k
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lctor XI
Price $lrt0
Other Vlctrolu lit Up
A lull stuck of all the latest Uetords
Eaatman Koilqks on t'aay Terms
UarUm a ld?g'lnm SponLojj Uoods UuUM.
128-125 W. 125th St.
Rrtwon l.tui sad Tib Aim.
Open Every Evening
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EVli Opened y ia
I- jL 50c J ,
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JR06H5 Mtffol
(50 WORTH 50' WKKLY i
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Write lor Our New
our Credit Termi
i n. Apply Also to
Westchester Couoty
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10.98 750 m
Lambert Jewelry Stands
Assay Office Test 4
rf you nr. RoinK lo let the mi.ttci end here, ol teourge thervlAI
no use of more talk, but PLEASE DON'T. While (:hritmw,jJ
jewelry is on your mind (no, it is not too er.rly t spuajt ol it). If f
as iu -.i.i o..i:n ti1AiiM,.tws
us show vou whal we ran do lor you in boiiw (.roiu. dwh i usuima. .
and Diamond Jewelry (ALL THE DIAMONDS BEING DI
RECTLY IMPORTED), Gold and Silver Watches and Silverware.
WE GUARANTEE ALL WE HELL and we will not undertake
to sell what we cannot guarantee. Our Solid Gold Jewelry is
tested at the United States Agsay Otfice, under the shadow of
Washington's statue. t
Prices and Quality Speak Louder than Words
There is no official standard of quality in Diamonds, so that
challenged for over thirty-five years has weight with you, COME
Diamond Engagement Rings
Here are eight In hand-made solid
every one, and lit for '.he proudest
Padiant J 1 -mond.
in hand
some solid 14
karat gold
mounting, from
Lambert factory.
Pull-cut solitaire
in strong, hand
made solid M
karat gold
mounting; . excel
lent specimen of
Lambert work.
The longer you
look at this dia
mond ring the
more It delights
you; in han.t
made solid 14
karat gold
One moderate
profit added to
importer's price
makes the price
of this beautiful
diamond only
Although the prices are surprisingly low for Diamonds
Other Diamond Solitaires from $10.00
No charge for engraving Lambert
Seamless Solid Gold Wedding Kings, and
small charge for the rings themselves,
despite solid construction and gleaming
M Karat . .
1 Karat . .
22-Karat . .
BJM ""uy- yirs,
S.vTs Engagement Presents
Solid Gold Watches for Ladies
Solid 14-karat gold hunting-case.
Waltham. Elgin or
Lambert works, guaranteed
in perfect order, but
you pay
This hunting-case Is solid
14-karat gold, engraved n itli
leaf and blossom-, Waltham,
Elgin or Lambert 4C AA
works; price. .. WudAJM
Birthday Presents
in fancy plfrCM design, solid 14-Karat
tltrrnating with three sapphires, could
This is Just as good a value. Solid
Diicu, iibiiu cu-
graved, as strung i gtigS&hJf.- JWfU- !' ' W-.
beautiful, and It is
yours for $18.75
Gifts of Gold for Men
Gifts In solid gold for men include hundreds of rlch-
iv designed scarfplns. These two are low-priced, which
nobody would imagine to look at them. Both are tola
gold, rose finish. The one on the left is engraved and
set with an a,.,ethyst; price f8.75. The r.ght-hand pin
is of fancy pattern and holds a bright dia- flg Qjj
Everything exchangeable at Lamberts after Chriitnuu
except lettered, en graved to order or monogrammed articles.
But goods In engraved patterns are exchangeable.
Third Avenue. Cor. 58th Street
tore Open Dally Until u. Saturday Nights Until 10.
T hese Little Puppies Lost Their Mother
.A. BB
UI2-104 Mrtle Avt-nuf,
Brooklyn, N
Ne-w York World:
After 4vtrllllnl fof mi lost Boston rerrinr in
:.l I ... 1.1 .. ...I...1.
"""V" :r.n I 1Sr,r ; "Ftai an suvcrniimfint t- rh v.i
M' llCh 1 Jul at 7 P. M . (Jet, oth At 7 A M I .-t ItU .u- VVorld.
(jo was rrtumeJ to m in answer to the Mvtrtitimint In Thd WorM
Many, "'any thanks lor the prompt Uld itflcttnt Mrvlc.
Yours very truly,
it your "UMt irw round Mveruseoient b printed In ihe momhu or,
Sundsy World, it will get :i circulation In New York City mater thin IT
published in the Herald, l imes, Sun, Tribune anU Press ( :c JMBiNED
Tn WorW Asagptt "Lost" Ads. by Phont. Call 4000 Bkmn
14-k arat gold mountinits; sparkling vjlti(
engaged girl's weiring. f
Dla.uond o f
The ;um asked
for this brilliant
diamond Is an
Importer price,
like the price, of
every Lamb r t
t i on
C t I t r,
d tv our
nt a ' e a
price only
Take our ad
vice and a fine
diamond like this,
in hand-made
solid 14-karat
gold mounting,
will cost you only
A solitaire of
this size, fine In
color and fault
lessly cut, splen
did engagement
ring, is yours for
of the sites shown,
to $1,500.00
wiuins, mitanesscs. ,4 K.rat , mn.umH
IS Karat . . M.Tf I
Do you know of
another Jewelry store
ll , r , lu.-h , liri.-.t.t
gold, set with four pearl.s, aa
be sold for vutftUv
14-karat gold (guaranteed) bangle, pot-
v. Oct, ;i.i,
a ti 1 1 k ..........
... .
&r Hkr
a. Jri Zkti

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