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1AK 11 Hint ; rnll fair to-,, lain
They Knock O'Brien Out of the Box
in First Inning After the Hub
Pitcher Forces the First
In With a Balk.
score: by
31 ANTS 5 0
Devorc, If 0
Doyle. 2b 1
Snodgr's, cf . . 0
Murray, rf 1
Merklc, lb... 1
Ilerzog, 3b. . . I
Meyers, c 1
Letcher, ss.. . 0
vlarquard, p. . 0
H. PO. A. E.
12 0 1
16 0 0
2 7 0 0
2 4 10
2 6 0 0
10 2 0
0 0 2 1
Totals 5 11 27 7
Base hits Off Mnri'iuard. 7; off O'Hrlcn. 6 In one Inning; off Collins, i. First
baa on lta.Ua Off II iriiiard, t oft O'Brien, 0; off CoIUm 0. Flrat bane on
rrors 'New York, n; Iloaton, 1. Left on bases New York, Boe'.on. 6. Struck
. it By Manitiard. Ij by O'ltrlen. I hy Collins, C Three-haae IM Meyers. Twn
;ph BltC nelorhlc, HeWOg, lingle. Stolen bases Speaker. Doyle. Herso; and
ileyers, Double plays Fletcher. Doyle and MerkTe. Malk O'Brien.
POLO GROUNDS. N. V.. Oct. 14 Tho GiantB won their ceeond name
.'rom the? Red Sox to-day and not another loasn of life for the world's
rhampionchip. The aoorp was 5 to 2 a', the finish. Hube Marquard was
he hero. One blow from Knurl's bat In the second innlrrg sent two Red
Sox runners over the plate and that was the only time.
Thn wry neck MMItMMW whb BOVOf IndJ
the slightest danaer. The (Hunts 'o.c
Into lluck O'Brien In the nrat lnnlm:.
and after two were nit dfove him from
the box under a fuslhidc of six hits, two
of which were two-buggi-ra. This bro id
alde netted five run, and that waH :he
game. Hay Collins relieved O'Brien and
pitched an brilliantly that not another
itm wa made by New York.
Immediately after the Kame ka Ulanta
and Bed Sox team reautned their dally
pilgrimage through New England
After the Kame waa over the man
aigere of the learns toaaed a coin to de
termine In which city the deciding gum.
. hould be played In the event that New
York wins to-morrow In Boston. M.in
, K'T 8tahl called "talla" and It fell (all
o the deciding game will he played In
axis ton.
Marrpiard put a atrlke COjuafety over
the plate to start off the game. Hla
next, a curve, went low for a ball.
Heuper swung and drove a hot one thait
Doyle was lucky to stop with one hand
Vtut not In time to prevent It going for
,i hit. The next minute Mafiu.trd mad
a neat ah'.'t and hy a snap throw u
Merkle euugiit Hooper nipping off that
He waa run down. Merkle to Doyle t I
f Merkle. The count waa two and one on
Verkea when he hit low and lifted an
rsey fly to Snodgross in centre. After
retting tw i atrlki i M Kpealier Mar
;iiard failed to get one over and the
Boatou star Balked, la using to mike
. pitch-nut ao as to eat sh Speaker Mnr
nuard not iheeball too hiit for Meyere
and Hpedker trotted d two to sec. "ltd. l!
waa j wllil pitch. Lewis was gen In hc
iWo-thrcc hole when he aw nig on a f ist
one right In the groove and sent a I In,
drive right Into Povore'e Hsnde OJtfH
The llrst pitch was a ball that OA ml
to Devorc below his knees. The next
split the plate for a strike. Josh waited
until he had himself in the two ami
three hole and then swung on a high
one and waa thrown out by IJ.ii.ln. if,
Poyla slammed at the first ball pit i I
and bounced a hlfl I 0BC over O'Brien's
head for an Infield single. After tahtll
Ixing O'Hrleji uy making several false
atarta, Larry finally got a good load
(Cqntlnaed on Fifth Tage.)
raagliajlT'i Datecun Bunaa, si B'mi. t..rt.LU
Urni. aaWWal aamt lasauW Td.Bac.t4la7V
and Tacday.
raarrlcht. una. hr
C... (Tb New
SOX 5 TO 2
! 0 000000-2
0 0 0 0 0 0 5
H. II. PO. A. E
Hooper, rf... . 0 1 2 2
Ycrkes, 2b.... 0 2 3 1 1
Speaker, cf. . . 0 0 5 0 0
Lewis, If 0 0 0 0 0
Gardner. 3b. . 10 0 10
Stahl. lb 1 2 8 0 J
Wagner, ss... 0 0 3 0 0
Cady, c 0 t 3 2 8
O'Brien, p.... 0 0 0 1 0
Collins, p 0 0 0 2 0
JEngle. . . ... . 0 10 0 0
Totals 2 7
24 0
I Batted fur O'llrlen.
PRINCETON, N. J., Oct. 14.
Mrs. Woodrow Wllaon was axxreed
Ingly provoktM to-day at a pub
lished repoit that on a ahopplnar
trip to Philadelphia ahe had spent
sev.-i.il hundred dollars for an elab
orate outfit of clothing for the win
ter aenaon.
To correot the report she Issued
a atatetnent denying It and aaylng
"alnce It aeems that her private
affairs muat be publicly discussed
she has consented to give a Hat of
her purchases " Following la the
Two ready mads (own
One hat.
One chiffon waist.
Material to rapnlr two old g-owue.
Two pairs or gioveo.
Total oost, 1140.84.
Mrs. Wllaon anld ahe had always
prided herself on her economy in
expenditures for dress and waa
particularly dtsploaaed by the er
roneoua report on that account.
CcTmtn Naval Dirigible Flies Over
North anJ Baltic Seas ua
Record Trip"
BBRLIN, Oot, 14. A HUcreasful
thlrty-oni -hour tllirht by a dlrlflblf
hall nil aas lompleii'd to-ilgy by the
niw Oarmaa naval airship. The bal
loon landed hir.. a fur fiying aoross
!. rniany f nun Krledilch-hafen to the
North coast, and then aoroas the North
ea to the Island of Helgolind. where
she afterward headed for Danxlg. In
the Baltic Sea. and Berlin. Hhe cai
rled twenty-one pass, tigers.
t ieru oilakvlai Bwaaa
United Btatai Commlaaloasr Aiendei
ailohrltt Jr. was to-day iworn In by
Judge Ueoige 0, Holt aa clerk of the
Podoral LMatrtel court in nil the vacaa.
ey cau-ed ay the death of OOBttmlastonBI
Tho. lias Alexander. The new clerk, who
ll a gradual of Columbia Iw w S aonl,
IH3, ha been connected with the Uu
trist Court for twenty-ulns ycara.
Circulation Books Open to All."
The I'ee.. I'libii.hin.
Vera World)
Giants' Southpaw
Another Chance
tX am er ss AskociATiaai
aatf t -raHaW ' V
aaflsH BBBBBBarT'BBhadU BBaia - bbbbbbbb3
aaaaafafQ '
Buhe Maniuard. the Olants' star southpaw, the man BQt&atdSTad too erratic
to partlcltate In tin. world serloa, lutaln addtsl to his Hat of victories against
tit Bed Sox when he de.feate-d tJiem for the sicond time to-dsy. While not
pitching the brand of ball he twirled a-aalnet Boston Friday, Marijunrd never
theless held down the Ik stun sluggers to seven hits to-day and won hla t-'are-xnatas
another chance at the world's title In Boston to-unirrow.
McCombs Tells Senators of
Pre-Convention Contribu
tions for the Governor.
WARIIINOTON'. Oct. 14 -The Cl ipp
committee hearing to-day had every ap
pearance of a Demo rati" National pow
wow. Democratic chieftains were pres
ent to tell how much It coat, respec
tively, to battle at Baltimore for O.jv.
Wllaon, Bepresentattve Underwo ul and
Oov. Harmon, leading I'i ealdtntl.il rjn
dldotea. Much intereat was manifest! :
by the committee, aa It has already
learned that the candidacy o: Speaker
Clark, the other one of tho MBI four"
I candidates, eoSl $.u,n0I.
Chairman Wi Ham V. McComha of the
Deniucratlc Nat loin! Committee, who
aa Wilson's pre-convi nt!on manager ,
was her to divulge but xjvnditurca.
VIce-Ch.'ilrir.an McAdno of tho Demo
riatlc .National CotnmlttOl was alao on
hund. itnator Baakntad of au lana,
Oacar Undtrwood'l c'.tef .-upporter, was
called to tell how much .mini y he re
ceived, and if any r.uno from III
! Southern Itailwat . as hn boon cliaigl.
I Oov. llarrnon'M expense., wi re to be fur-
!atab4 by Llut4ov, Nichols of Ohio
i Ju.lge Alton B. Park! am: Boxer
SuHlvan of Chicago were other prnmi
' nent Democrita Itunmoned 10 tastlfy to-
I ,ln V I i . l , i ' i . .i I,. .ml... I tl.... k.
only hears i.v svldene on which la bus
his chArge tint the Trusts contributed
to the RooaoVClt fund in IBM lie r II
tartly Btatod thru DtBlcl l.in ni had
given him the nanu s uf Truat Btagnatec
who had oOBtlibUtotl.
Ch.ilrrn.m Mi Contba, w no was t ,i. Mrst
wltfKK l ilted. Bracer uj a detailed list
of conn i .utlona '.o Ijov. m'c pie-
caovcaUaa tight.
Hi McComht txA h knew nothing of
Who Wins Team
at World's Title
1S04 or lse? contributions.
"I began the campaign about June 1,
111," McConibs testified. "It com
menced in my office and for a month 01
no I bore all expeiiaea out of my own
"I underwrote the Campaign to the
extent Of 110, ON myself. ' said MeComba,
Tho tolala contrlbutlona wero 1103,
MJ. MoCurnln read the list of contrlbutlona.
They Included: F. C. PoaBold of 1'hlla
dolphin. I12,ltl); W. F. McCombs, tll.UUU;
CbariCI B. Crane. U,BM! Clt eland 11.
Do lgu and PrtaCOtN fro mis. tx'i.siXI, II.
j Barrett, H'.ouh; o. f. Handel, UM: K.
M.iglll. g,H0 K. 1. Biking) 11-', 600, liar
v.y Thomas, 6.:uu; Daniel V, I'. all.
J,jl0, Henry UorgCathBU, Cl.-U.oisi ; Josi ph
F. Uaffey, s-t. sjarnuul Unteriueyer,
IT.UUb, und collected b Jacob 11. dchltf,
t,M0i Nathan Sttaua, fiM.
McComba said I'entloJd'a contribution
waa In Heu of hla aervlcea, and he waa
i;.iing to Buropa.
"I am responsible for all of the con
tributions except 12,000," aald McCombs
"I wroto to Mr. i'enfield on I he NIW
and he aent mo i,OUU, In addition to
;iu,iai previously nt. The campaign
was often In financial difficult! C. Tho
auiiialgii waa not tinanced bj any of
the States," continued MiA'omb. auh
rnlttlng a detailed account uf the entire
vviison aapcucea aggrgatlng :j.,iv3.uu
a deficit of unpaid bills amounting to
The lit" I Included practically all of
thC mono) used in the entire country,
except that raised by the local Htate
committees," added MeCornbs. He gave
the namt-s of Wilson lcudcia In varloua
tales who could know o: expenditures
KenatOf Dixon, uf the l; isevelt
fore, had tell, fled he understood Mi
I', nli. Id ha I made "httgC cin'rlhu
gi BBtOr Ollvci asked ItoCoinbC n-gard-
Ing a i-eatrlbinlog uf cc.su ralaed by
L'levelaad Podge am other Prigoa.
.Ml Dodge was a BlOBC friend of
tlov, Wil.-ou," aa.d MoCOBIOS, "ll. ad
ilaed DM by letter that the contr. luiora
:o bis fund erere: L'yruc H. M
Cormlok, lUtSOOi Pleveluad H PcstgCi
lILSUfi Thorn ia D. t)0Bl, it'i.M, David
B. Junes, IU,6uu, gud Kdwaid W.
etheUlufli 11. Oo."
Mr MorgCBthgtti a Mccj Vork realty
dealei, gain four checks for e,C0 eachi
(CoutlBVCd ri Fourth I'aga.)
. . irm au . -sein.. .1..1 .a u. t..i 1., a . I
7 W
Bullets Fly in All Directions From Mott and Pell
When Tong Gunmen Clash Innocent Men
Fall Dead a Block Away From Battle.
Three furlive-eyeJ C.hinamen walking in single lite turne.l into I'ell
street from the Bowery square at 3.13 o'clock this afterno on Uld started
toward the heart of Chinatown al'nij the narrow sidewalk on the south
side of the street. They were half way up the Mock toward Doyers
street Uld across from No. 24 Pell street when the boom of the report
of a big bore pistol echoed thnju((h the narrow streets of tlve quarter.
The thre chinamen broke Into a run.
Out of a hallway stepped three China
men carrying: long- revolvers with blus
barrela. Aa fast aa they could pull the
trlKKcra Ib'Su thaw aped UularU Id ail
directions, their object betag to wins
the three rlielns; , lestlsls.
Two of tht- CMngUMg runnliHt awny
were killed. One escaped snd disap
peared. Two whlto men. Innocent by
atanders, were killed and another waa
fatally wounded. Possibly half a dor.cn
other persona were Injured by fly In
bullets and many more were hurt by
down and belnK trampled puon Iti the
rush to i?et out of the atrCets and out
of dancer a soon a the firing; to gun.
One of the white men, an Italian, was
Hhot through the head and dropped dead
In Cell Mreet, close to the coiner of the
BoWery. This wai In a dire -thin opp 1
MtO to that taken by the three Chinamen
ggatnel whom the original fullcade was
dire. led and the fact proves Mm truth
of the atntc.-netit that when a Chinaman
firea a platol he clo( hi eye and
hlasea away.
Another white mini, u J..w. was ahut
and killed at Moll and I'ell etreete,
.1 block away from where the heotlug
begun. line of the dead Cliliiriiinn
pasNeil away In the KUtter In front of
No. 32 I'ell etreet, und the other fell
In hla trucks BOOg alter tire wa.i
Of the four killed outright but one
had lii-en Identified late thla after
noon. l. was Chuck Hop Sing of No,
,12 I'ell ntreel The deml Italian waa
a barber aa Crag nIiowii by rggofB and
other Implements of his trad1 bu car
ried In hla pocketa.
Max Cartraan of No t BroooM street
waa fatally wounde 1 by a stray hullcti
II waa paaaln thmugn thn quarter
CUnOtng hla own biMluess when nu of
the ra ladle sped from a Ohlaajnan'c
ISJVUtVsr enti r e I nla bmly. A white man
BtOgplag ae.roaa I'e.11 atreet waa ihOt
UaTOUeTh the hat, the bullet BTOBClBg hla
aralp. A iiuau SROWfl a "Mike," em
ployed as a hostler in the 0 tables of
NaSBjfhtOgi the undertaker. n Molt
street, was shut thiough the leg
Krom the fa t that the .lend Md
wounded ralvag their Injuries at au-h
widely m;i.irited point. It Is n.unnl
that manv othorC were engaged ri I II
ahuotlng tiealdee the three 'ti naran
who started It. Two of theve we'.-
raptured aad are rrtcooers in the ions
ghaih .trtet ctaUdtji The are nternheri
of the On l.eong Ton ; an I yc the
Bamoc of ggra Do.tg, No is Moti streoti
and Hong PUBg ' Nu. 17 Mutt street
The deid t7htn4ajea are atoniberc of hc
llbp Ming Tonfi betWOca wh 1 11 itid the
tin leCOgg TOBg lucre nan been a feu I
MCtlat nr. in .i i n that linen' iiiiinet
oua lives.
Policeman WllUanta, uf tin- Rllaabctb
street atntlon and POHooCJian Thorn ta
Donahcr, ol Brooblyg precrBot, on
duty, cpturad gam Dcaig aad lleag
rung Wllllgma B a on duty the Af-
cadi in Moll streel ami Danahcr, who
w.i ompaalool by bis wife, gtag talfc
11.,: 1 j it in when the shooting beggg,
t.ic tw 1 pulioetnen ran uward Fell
aire,.;, rtlgtil tote their arrna t in ha-h
pong and Hong Fuag Behind the
in Uhlncmen arer two hoi rcvolverg
with ii ibe chambcra smpty, Wltaoccec
gg theae gUgg were shed by Sam Itollg
ni 11 tig Fung juat before ihaj gut
to Mutl at. eel.
ate Don ai nswc at u. aaoeUnf
Circulation Books Open to
reached the Kllsstteth street station
Capt. Tlerney ordered the reserves !
Chinatown, cut off the streets from th'
Invasluns of curious mobs and began .
awJlvur Use beuaee 4 (ksj m'M.XKUA-'Kt.'tSi,: t ,c 1
ainc Tone and the On Leone Ton. A
number of revolvers were found In
dourwava and bidden In dark rornera
along I'ell atreet. M v bullet hole
weer found In duor and window JgggbaV
I'ollcemnn Itatiahsr aaa the shoot
ing began from a window In fell atreet
Then ahota were Hred frotn doorwav
and Chinamen In the open drew re
Solvere frotn under their blouses ind
begun to shoot at the buildings. One
Chinaman la said to have boo shot
while he was peppering away at the
street from the balcony of the Man
darin Iteatauraiit at N'o. TJ I'ell atreet
end tu have run dowtiHlalra to the aide
walk with a revolver in his hand before
he dropped .lead.
In point of talaaUtloo among Innocent
bystander Ibis U tin- muat disastrous
femi battle ever rought In Chinatown.
Generally the shooting Chltuimcnt have
managed to hit only their own country
men. Feud revolver battles between the
Hip Hlnga und the 1111 Leungs have been
fought at night heretofore an 1 the po
lice are at a IOCC In know why hostil
ities were opened In mid sftertioou to
day. In lissl, In a feud ChfrtrtlBg between
rhe I lip Hinge and on laonga, gunmen
opened lire in the old Chlneae Theatre
during a performaaoa, six feeing niao
were killed OB that occaalon.
The FtUr BrOtherC Society Is aup
Poacd to be Involved In to-day'a choot
log The FOttf Brofhsrc Is an organisa
tion coming fruni China, with brsui-hea
all over t'i. ountry ami ha practically
absorbed the "ip Blng society, although
member uf the old mil sing organlaa
tlon ar. tielleved to have been the
marks gought hr the On Leonga who
Itartcd 't P. ray Ihll afternoon.
Lull- thla afternoon it waa annnunired
at the Kllxiheth atreet atatlon that the
second dead China rana had been Ideall
Red "x Wong Kong of No II I'ell Street,
.1 member "f the in,. Sing Tong Thre..
inof" prisoners taken ut the (in l.eong
'ii auquarfcre were nrouarni to nn- aiu
Hon hOUBC aad lucked up rharged wdth
oompllolty In the wholesale BhOOtlBg,
Ai hi a fur the S. IV ". A. reported that
two horoee in i'ell street were shut by
the Chlnocc niacksrnen and that one of
the anlriiala was so badly Injured It may
iav la '" dean uved. The other waa
slightly wounded.
IK- ACCU ti Joseph Uherall of De
fraudlng Immigrant ;is Represen
tative of ( iovernmcnt.
loceph 1 bcralli an Aactrtan lawyer,
who ,.ltl. i-a ut -Nu -tl liriia.lw.iv, wilh
nrreBted, thla Caieradoct, n.i hold la
IIC.O0D inill by Judge Swan In ib-neral
H.-.ion on a -lurge of grand l.ineny
In,. Austrian Concul was the ehl'l
mill,'!- ill aeeiiring tm- aireai 01 I net ill,
it being on hl comptalni that the ih-
II I I Atlurnel a oltlce llluved to get I lie
.mil luteal agalaat blra, lie is said to
have conducted wholaaalc iwlndlsc
gAions among the poorer ciassea of igv
migrant by rprooentlng hlataclf as an
ggenl "f the Auatrtao CoaaulaQoaccal to
f. 11 ward the aavlBgC of immlgranla o
t lr home tow na.
He gave a receipt fur all money -ol-
l.cted, but falledi .1 1 allcgCO, lu t9f
"axd in muaejr.
I ...
WRtTHKR-ItMMHl fair (o.nlaht and Taniaf.
"Rosenthal Was Shot to Please Him;
It Was Done at His Order,'' De
clares Gambler in His Testimony
Backing Up the Dreadful Story
of Jack Rose.
"I Told My Chauffeur," Witness De
clares Lieutenant Said, "That if I
Saw Rosenthal I Would Back
Him Up Against the Wall and
Kill Him."
"Bridgie" Webber, conductor of gambling houses and opium drums,
line uf the little patches of the underworld, added to-day to the Stile's
case against Police Lieut. Charles Decker, on trial for the murder of
Merman Rosenthal before Justice Cuff in extraordinary term of the
Supreme Court when he took the stand and corrobora ted Jack Rcj'5
UFaJrU. J 'If-l.'iT" 1 ! 1- 1 1 ...a.ga
u"uiiir, narrative 01 uvc murucr
Cool and clear-voiced, chopping out his testimony tersely, almost
woodenly, Webber put in the lips of the accused policeman all the rile
language he was alleged by Jack Rose to have used in denouncing the
gambler-informer and commanding that he be 'croaked."
He corroborated Rose, phrase for phrase, in quoting Decker and he
added as a new sensational charge against the defendant that Becker,
crowing over the murder a few hours after its commission had said:
"As I was driving past the Cadillac to-night I said to my ctiauffeur.
Otto, 'If we pass that Rosenthal I'm going to back him up against
a wall and take a shot at him and you put on more speed and don't
stop.' "
Webber told for the first time how the gunmen had been sicked on
to kill RostnthaL Me was the second witness of the day, Winfield R.
Sneehan, ( xmimissioner Waldo's secretary, preceding him on the stahu'.
Sheehan was called to Identify official documents of the Police Depart
ment which were marked to be later introduced in evidence. These
papers omtained signatures and reports of Becker, anonymous letters
and comnvinirations from Mayor Gaynor's office.
The courtroom was jammed and the police were still contending
with throngs of morbid men and women in the corridors when "Bridgie''
Webber was sworn and took his seat on the witness stand. There was
nbsolutely nothing to suggest the gambler or gangster In fne appear
ance of the dapper young man who came up smiling and rubbing his
hands from behind the jury box.
He wore a blue suit and black tie and was as carefully groomed as
Jack Rose. Also he was less nervous and not once did he have to be
asked to raise his voice to be heard. Every word he said was clear and
distinct and carried to the most remote corner of the tribunal.
Like tluae. he oarafully avoided rt
Ing hla case on Ilecker. He avoided
looking any peraon In th room In the
eyre, nxlng hla gase. It aeemed, upon
focal point In the atmophm several
feet over th head of hla iieatloner.
Assistant Wetrlot-Attorney Moaa.
Webber's direct tsatlmonv POCUplCd
lit;, more than an hour, and then
Lawyer John F Mclntyro took hold of
him and belabored him with a galling
volley of QUCOtlOBS concerning hla ca
reer aa a proprietor of fsmhllnc houaee
and BglUm jotntC, hla manv llCChCC w.th
the police when hi. reamta CCrC raided
and hla frlendahlp for BoCC, Vl lOB and
The witness stood it. 11 ml. 1 Ihll t
Are without flinching or hgtraylng any
aymptutn of OesVOUSBegC Now snd
then he waa tnuvi J to an BBprSBClca 0'
Indlgnittcei. but BaOatly b worn a cog
lomptuouc gaaUc gad laced Beahcrc
, ae1 defiantly
on latereeuBg ract cfrcacncu rrom
th, .-t '.c e wrlir'.i. wa. nur oe ut 1 waa
I dueled art cgetaolva opium aaMkagg re-
aort at No. I'ell street, where tie n-
tarialned (rOBI teiil)-llui tu thirty men
gm women opium imokarc every day.
charging tlx ill high pi b ea for tbeir en
to talamcBt.
lie swoie that he never iermltted
Chinamen to enter hi plac... that he
lo ver gambled -and auioked opium hlrn
aelf and tint thla Chinatown drum had
never been mo staled by the police. 11 i.e. 1
Vallun and d, in pp had been hla frien.de
t.'ien and had f requently called on him
In I'ell it reel, but they, aaserted Webber,
had never "hit 111 pip."
Vaevaiu wsgau uie L.,.uua.. Uy aay-
In In
..Is. I - . -
-iar voice tnat wu a
ambler and ha.1 run a gambling fcoua.
at Korty-.lxth strt ami Math avenue
He had known Herman Rooenthal fifteen
year, and R.e th- .ame length of time
Mia gamblln, houee waa on flight
snd It had beam running at th. tlm
Itoa.nthal was murder.d. W.bber eald
he knew Vallon and Scheppe. and that
they were good friend of hla.
"Bid yen ever bare bualuess ra-
laitoa with Jaek Boae?" aakad
Mr. Moss.
"Tee." said W.bber. "X ool-
iact.it raonij foe htm rrom (am-
blsre for Llant. Seeker.
y When did you flrst meet Reck.rT
A. Two years ago. In a loun on
Twenty-fifth street.
J Negtr A. A year later, with Jack
Hose, In front of my poker-room. W
talked half an hour. After that he came
into my BMrglhegg heuse often.
Did lie -km ever raid your pokerf
fC .111? A. No. sir; he did not.
i) I 'Id you over talk tu Uecker about
Rosenthal? A V.s. at On Hundred
and Twenty-fourth atreet and Ueveath
avenue In the latter iart of June. Jack
lloe und Harry Vallon ware Uior.
Q. Why did you go ta.r.t gv.
Bam Scheppe told me I waa want
d tb.r.. 1 mat Vallon, Btoaa end
B. ck.i than. Thy ware toiktae;.
Z atood Uetenlag. Booker eaidi
"Well, tk la coiner a Ions
way. H baa aean MeAaoe aad to
trying to Waldo aad the May
er. Mow ke to aXtar Whitraaa. If
be gate to WblUuaa It 'a all agT.
Wben le tkat gblag- to bo
"Then ha .ailed me aald aad aald.
"ati'iugi. wny ea 1 you apeak 10
Ira l"i -'in. wo. t.t,u4 i.v ... or
maht. ai. i. t a. t'tatt, BseJ 4J0 t'viitait
iWetatl gauolift re

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