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! E, f ttllwi makc$ Sappy Rome
Pill IPF QHIIT FYFS Marriage Lays the Corner-Stone
I ULIUL wl IU I LI LU 1 a"wra'Nw''s'' rsw-r-rKSisj-ij
Complainant Against Relative
of Official Alleges He Was
Helped in "Getaway."
Captain May Prefer Charpes
Against Officer in Charge
of Man.
Love the Keystone, but What Is Love ?
Copyright, 1913. by Tha I'raaa I'lihllahlna Co (Tha Nrw York World).
A r1on- har . I with Imrrwnr. MM
ta b a ralatlv -r a promuiant pollca
nIB It wu learned to-day, asoapod
laat Thura1ay from tha Won Hid
I'o.i i Court, a few minute, oafnee h.
ws to hae haen arrala;mri hatora
Maetatrate Fre.rhl rlrTorU have bn
rmvle to keep the matter quint, al
thoujrh ftuvertor John F. lwyr of th
Fourth Inspection Imrtrlrt and riant.
John O'Brkm of the Trafrtc H.jiiad have
mart an tnvettliratlnn Thar rieolar
they are m i.ih . Train.- I'ollca
man Christian Twlllman. who waa In
car if the prtaoner and who mad a tha
arreat. undar rhanrea for nag tact of
Involved in tha wv of tha
prlaonar. la rapt. Oeoraa neker, In
command nf tha aquad of attendant,
at i ha Wki Plda (Vmrt. and some nf
hla man. White tha mtaalna; prlaonar
Cava tha name John Clark, hla r.l
dear. No. 3M Waal Forty-third atraat,
and Ma hualnaaa aa 1artandar, rh
police admit thU la flrtltloua Informa
tion. It la said Clank la wall known
In tha Broadway dlalrlot undar another
nam. a. wall aa aJI ovrr tha country,
and that hla- brother nocuplea a hlali
position In tha Naw York Police De
Tha record, of the Wait Forty-aev-anth
rtrr-et pollca elation allow Clark
waa arrested Thuraday mnrnln-, at
Korty-elkhth .treat and Hev.nth v
hue. by I'ollceman Twlllman. on com
plaint f Frank II. Johnion of I ten ion
hurat. Brooklyn. Hr chanted with
having atnlrn SM from Johnaon In a
aal.ion on Klahth avenua naar Forty
third atraat. Whan ha waa aaarchel.
two billa wrrc found on lha prlaonar.
which are now In poaaeaalon of the
polVe. At 11 A. M. Clark laft the
police atallon ror the Weat Hide Court
In the ruitndy of Twlllman.
At the Weat "Ida Court the record"
allow that at 11.0b o'clock Twlllman
delivered hla man to tha attendanta In
charge of the pen on the eaat aide M
th court proper. Clark', nuroa waa
resi. tared In the prisoner1 book.
There la no qunetlon but that he
reached the court. Ten mlnutaa later
tha policeman aimed for hla man and
took Mm down the oorrMor and acroaa
tha centre of the court proper to the
wait aide of the court. He waa on
hla way way to the complaint room.
from here on there are two var
alnna of what happened. One la that
Clark never reached the complaint
room. Tha other ta that he waa taken
there by Twillman and took a Kent
aloncalde other prtaonera. The pnllce
tnan declarea lie went up to the daak,
looking around for the complainant,
and when he turned to gat the prla
onar and bring liltu forward to be Iden
tified hi: waa gone.
There are Juat two waye the prlaoner
could have aaraped from the bulMing.
One la through the private MtfMOg
uead by the Maglatralr. which la kepi
locked. The other w i. tliroiigh Ik
open court passing In front of tha
Judge to the gate, when- Man. Is an at
tendant under order, to let no ana pjaa
unleaa upuu the word of a det-ctlv or
a policeman or a written order from
the M i, lute. The attend ml
charge at thla parlleuinr time ra
Clark did not net out through tin gut
No. Weat Hrt -third laTllt.
where Clark aald he lived, la a vacunt
houae. Johnaon told official, of the
court he held I'ollceman Twlllman
blanieleni for the bold rarape. H
added the prlaoner got away throuk i
th aaeletanee of othera, and he i
aald to have given ''lark's right Hum
to officials of the court.
ciarK it aal'l to have been mixed up
In prrVloua ll ered rohherlea, of whl
he B3 git afd to k. r-laar. Threata are
aaUJ to have aaar iinde to Johnaon
drop the prwMuUon.
Evening World Readers
Are Invited to Dimcumm
These Queitions: What
Are the Neceary Ma
terial for theConatruc
tion of a Happy Home?
What Mutt the Hus
band Bring to the Task?
What Must the Wife
French Writer Asserts
That He Has Seen No
Real Comfortable Home
in the United State
He Says the American
Woman Might Learn
From the French How to
Keep House But There
Are Other Thing to
LP gnaw
' aaaft ' JtCT WW
1'orVtllle Will Mate a Treat To-
l ol by liunabtera of lanbelln.
everybody In Votkvllla with hla vi'.tn
nt h'.t bag! lrl or hla little Matty lloliv
grfjl be at Film tlaiden on Flfty-e'eh' i
meet, between Lexington and TH-l
a ran awl. to-night. The caoae for whicM
h Twenty-frt Camtary Vaudeville
' nte-tamrr.ent hv I ne mens oar of . jt't j
x.ieonuia, -o. r, oi ine iMuautera or
leibella Sam elaaa a lout p itting Ihalr :
k!i9.i a huntlred -ara aheid of da ,
bat II It eaally i xp:a:nei win n I- 'i
lirtown who are ut the he''. of th
Mr- Richard J. Cullen 1j In rh&rgl I
of tiit iirran'tementa. Mr. Joeph A
Uu"v la Oraad lirgrnt. Mr. Robeil
ft v.--ter ! Vice- OHtkd Raaoat, ni l
fn TbaMl Caaaldy, PUtrlct Dapotl
The prf. eed will be devoted to ehtn
liaole work In tbe pntiah of Ht na
tlua of 81. I ... v . . ( i Home of In lal
I ol leia Ira Benator Hubert K. Wugnc ,
Ann nihil in mi ICdwaid E. Well, l.eu lei
Wl.'Um II. Rlnnott. Jaiura K Hagen.
Michael C. O. ColltM nd the clcigy
nian or the parlih.
Wine Agraal l iula Ilia life.
t.- Norden, a w'ne agant, brought to
an end an lllneea which for fifteen
raara be had been unable to ahaka oft
b committing aulcldu by gaa to-day at
HI home. No. til Kaat One Ilundrad
ad Seventeenth ttraat. He had bean
dead (or bourt a ben hi wife found lilt
hoo In the tiati.rujai. Isorden wis
aUtr-lao yaar old.
totally urinrcniaary dlacomfurtt, tha
In the French manner.
Tow, H aeema rather nameoeeaary
to reaurk that oonUaaal aaaaTor or
bapptaaag ta tha hoaae ta wot pro
duced merely hp a oercfal attoattoa
to tha meaaaaloa of houaakaeplag,
though of oourae It may b aart.
oua'.y Impaired hp aaglaot of thee
The moat material nf tie doea not be
lieve thai Ike aplrlt of home can he
teated merely by a aubllmatlon of tho
a month virtue Many a man
, eialeretl mlaerable by an overdevelop
ment of theae necaury but proaolc
lualltlea In the wife hr hue choarn.
Many another managea to be aupreme-
ly happy, even though there la duat on
tha bookcaae and tha chopa are burnod
once in a while.
What make a happy homeT Why I I
It ao much rarer than It ahotild be?
u nil whut Ik It conetructed? la worn
an alone the architect and builder or
mini man too take a hand? To tha I
laat Ungating) the anawer aeema aelf- '
evident that home la the gradual eon
actoua atructure of lmplitncaa to whUh
both a mull and a womuli dedicate I
their hlgheat aplrltual eiierglea.
rrohalily moat young peraona about
to marry believe that they will find
thla atructure ready made, complete,
modern and Indeatrucllhle, like one of
thoae "poured houaea" Mr. Kdlaon haa
Invented. Hut there are no "poured
houae" of happlne The happy home
la hullded a little ut a time, a wing
added here, a porch put on there, and
oftener than not the complete houae
not built with hand hue a rather old
faahluned, mmahackle appeurance
Many peraona don't cara for Ita archi
tecture at all. They want aomethlng
more modern, an Italian villa or an
Kllaenrthan manor houe Into which
can move light after the honey
moon ami in arteiek 'key win live hap
pily ever afterward, and hnpreaa the
Height. "I
What makaa a happy home, la tha
oplalon ol venlng World readare?
What are tha ueeary matartala
for lta construction? What mut th
huiband bring to tho taakf What
nut th wife cuntrtbut? la wealth
Judge of thoae courta to which
ahanoonrd wlvee bring thrlr atorlee or
uuhuppiira declare that moat of th
dlffei.nce of men and women In mar
riage are due to a lack uf money. An.1
yet when young Algernon llulllon
forces the former Ml rurkeuhain to
divorce him ao that he can marry a
churua girl, doean't everybody aay
thai Algernon domestic dereliction
ahould be 1 1 rlbtited to tha possession
Of too many millions?
Man-tag- merely lays tha corner
stone of the happy home, In my
opinion, and yon know how much
time elapeea between tke laying
el aay eoraargtoa aatd th com-
Msis ? 4 !
' . V "' I "''.aaSJSr " I
sjjj' ''
' . .or. . . aaaaaaTaaaWjrire waw .ran.
c i en n 1 1) lt I r il Mmzm3m'i:.'-
If one kecna houae ..ivW.L t'raWTawPT7 . :l i
Pietloa of the rurtr.. It . .ems I MMgaM ! ' .'w WkMT!GZ53kL.- Y.
mr .aaaansjs9BBsmav .v il g m HTT,:,-vr --r v-'j
Young Woman Disappears in
Wood After Heer Torment
ors Are Driven Off.
One of thoae Innumerable French
wrltera who grain a living by i-ommlt-tlsg
to paper their thouarhta an i lm
preaalona of the United State re-
trmrked In a r 'ii magazine that,
while he aaw many palace, while he
wag in America, he olmnrved no home
which poaaeaaod the air of continual
comfort with which the contempla
tion of French houaeholda had
made blm familiar, lie added that
there are many little thing esaen
tial to tho creation of an ideal home
which tho American woman might
learn from the French housewife and
to prove hla point ho enumerate cer
tain homely Item concerning tho
right time for waatUng tho dining
room windows and tho peychologlcal
Jj"XOLA GRff.ELEY1' SMITH raomwnt fr telephoning the plumber.
According to thla critic, the American woman ha all the window
waahed whan pnrhap only thoae on tb north aide of the houae really
need cleanalng; he lnilata that the dining room b awept every day,
whether "there are crumb on the carpet or not." Hhe aubjecta her
noueenoiri to two annual cataciyams known aa aprlng and fall
8omwhere In the woods north of Ro
lyn. la t two men. armed with a rifle
and a ehntgun. are holding a young
woman captive against her will. A poaao
In charge of I Metrlct-Attorney Wyaong
and the Sheriff of Nassau County la
being rushed to the woods In an effort
to rescue the girl.
Irr. John C. Ay re of Mlneola and hla
hrother-ln-law, I.leut. Oeorge S. Pat
ten, V. H. A., were driving along a road
north of Rolyn early to-day when their
car almost collided with horse-drawn
wagon Standing In the shade of a clump
of treea. Tn men were In tha wagon
anil two othera were attempting to force
Into the vehicle a young girl whose arms
ere tied iiehlnd her hack with a rope.
A rllle and a shotgun were lying In
the wagon lied. Dr. Ayre and I.leut
I'atten had heard a ahot a few min
ute before and when they came aud
denly upon the wngon they concluded
that the shot had been flred at the
young woman.
Aa the automobile approached the
girl began to scream and kick. The
men In the wngon whipped up the
horse and got away. Ir. Ayra and
I.leut. I'atten Jumped out and cap
tured th two men who were left be
hind. llehltul Dr. Ayre' car waa another
cayylng hla wife. Mrs. Patten. Kath
ertne Ayre and Mlaa Annie Rugglee.
When the aecond car reaohed the
scene Dr. Ayre and Lieut. Pattan
turned over the young woman to Mr.
Ayre and Mrs. I'atten. Juat then tha
two men made an attempt to eacape,
and the girl, whose clothing had been
torn to ribbon and whose shoulders
and arms were acratched and bleeding,
disappeared In the confusion.
I Dr. Ayer and I.leut. Patten had their
1 hands full caring for their raptlvee.
both of whom were armefl with re
volvers and knives. When they hud
secured the two men they hunted about
the woods for the girl, but were unable
to find her. During their aearoh thev
heard a shot In the distance and It Is
feared that the men who drove away
doubled hack through the wods and ra-
captured the girl.
Dr. Ayre and Lieut. Patten took tneir
prisoners to Mlneola and turned them
over to the Sheriff. The men aald thoy
were .Tosoph Orllta. eighteen yeara old,
and Daniel Rottha. twenty year old.
A charge of carrying concealed weapons
waa preferred galnst them, but this
will be changed later to a charge of
abduction. Thy refused to say anv
thlng about the girl or reveal the names
of the men who escaped.
writer obeervc
of th at motor. It
sary to stats that sii.
a happy home exists tha
tone of tha etraetare Is toes.
wnl l LatVe? Not what y r
think It la, young man. planning jour
farewell bachelor dinner; young wom
an, pinning your trousseau, perhaps
there Is In your heart the raw materi
al of love. Haw materials are never
very beautiful to I. .ok at. Of course
you think no refining processe of lire
and egperlence of aaoiiflne. af relation
Inland adjustment can uuliken the fluent
rapture In your veins.
Well, ask any successful husband
or wife about It. Consult the srchl
tect of any happy home. They will
tell you that uoh love as you feel now
Is only th building loan nssoclutlon
(hut make the structure possible oy
taking tne tool tKnge on j our iinurc.
Bul perhapa they win give you th
ben eft I of their experience by writing
to The Bvenlng World and telling
In.) I,,. u- tliee haws mnile 11 Inililiv
i home . what ilirili ultlc they had to I
! overcome; what miracles of srlf-de
nlal and self-discipline went to Its
I would Ilka 10 hear from any man
or woman who think h has
found the answer to the question to
which ao many fnll to obtain the right
reply: "What makes n happy home?"
IjONTXIN, Oct. H. Turkey and Italy
ham .timed Deace term, acoordlng to a
aneolal from Herlln to the
Telegraph Company to-day.
(From the Boston Trensortpt.l
Marks When Fooiler mlaie an easy
one on the golf link he Invariably ex
claim: "Aouan!" What do you sup
pose he means?
Parks Aiwouan? Oh, he ays that he-
cause It's the biggest dam he knows of.
James McCreery & Co.
23rd Street 34th Street
Goes to
The Fall and Winter Edition of the New York Tele
phone Directory goes to pressThursday, October 17th.
Telephone service must he arranged for on or before
that date in order to have Directory listings appear
in this issue. Call, write or telephone to nearest
commercial Unite.
htff M rrert
lta orcliBkid HtrauM
M Wfsst ItoutlouStraeH
111 Wrsl inStli .Hi. a
t ReVtl tetth lrf4
til lirotulwRy
ItT Wail .4h KtrtM
m KeVM UtXh hi .Ml
CortUmtt i )
Oroha.nl ii'.-aj
rM'rtiig I'Jtmu
MmdiSOBj Hi IK
t.rrrlcy liu
I'lMSK l eDW)
Mi t 1 1 1 1 1 ; I 1,- ii
MalroMt IHN
1 I i
A gBaSfct Lj
AiHrrti i li ' . 9.
M Will. mil gtlsM Main IJ.n
IK Mnlli li.. I SollUl rj'H
ISU SIMliaud etoi. lo It. oil lIH
wl HaiIiiiiIi Av.ioi. Kl.ll.iiah ls,lt
Ul l.i WlllUu.ilaiu l It
jmi a
i IUri1.iilsiok Avnue J.ai.tr. isav
WMalass! "e1
risaiiUis mat
ram orKAwav- Runaaii r i .
TaHfkltlVILLI H TosivkliM At..
hi mum aMsMaTivM un i... i
i i lleekawar ISit4
'luitiikttiviii. mat
"Ml In . i.i il HUM
Handsome collection of Imported
Original Models.
New, fashionable small and medium Hats,
at moderate prices.
On Sale Tuesday, October 15th
Shirtwaists in numerous models and materials,
including Chiffon, Crepe de Chine, Messaline,
Taffeta, All-over Laces, also Lingerie, hand-made
and hand-embroidered, at moderate prices.
Chiffon Waists in all the desirable colors ....
value 5.50 to 8.?5.,6.25
Large assortment of American Underwear of
Cambric and Nainsook, daintily trimmed with
laces and embroideries.
1 .50 and 2.00
value 1.25 to 5.50
1 .75 and 2.50
value 1.25 to 5.50
tiowns. . 95c, 1.25,
Skirts 95c, 1.25,
Combination Garments
value 1.25 to 4-W. 95c, 1 .25, 1 .95, 2.50
Silk Petticoats made of Messaline, Jersey
and Taffeta Silks in the prevailing shades.
value 5.25 to 5.r5. 2.50, 3.95 and 4.25
23rd Street
34th Street
Columbus Day has come and gone
fa mmM ann c,. s-.lnKrote the rllarrrvtrv of
America. The inception of this store and its development
upon ideas that are original may bt classed with notable dis
coveries. Not a single day passes that thre is not new thought in
corporated into the htisineas nt some point or another.
There is hardly a country in the world that we are not
living in touch with through our ambassadors, who are coming
and going in the hunt for the ntw merchandise which we are
obliged to have in order to keep up with the freshness of the
W- cannot allow the store to dry up at any point.
It is a lost day when we haven't discovered something new
to please and benefit our patrons.
$3.50 and $4
will go for $
Every woman knows what
charmeuse is.
Charmeuse -Ritz is even soft
er, lighter and lovelier than her
Like satin and yet more sup
ple, more subtle in its luxuri
ousness. It is one of the exquisite silks
of the season and so very
fashionable that every well
dressed woman needs some sort
of charmeuse costume.
Charmeuse Ritz is woven in
America and every American
can be proud of it.
The manufacturer had 18,
000 yards over his immediate
orders and we bought it all.
Our taking over the entire
lot relieved him of waiting for
other orders he decided he
would stop weaving charmeuse
and make something else for a
So the charmeuse came to
us for you.
18,000 yards
Ritz, $3,
1.85 yard
And now orders are pouring
in at the mill for Charmeuse
Ritz for next year's selling and
the manufacturer would buy
back every yard from us if he
But when such merchandise
comes to us our customers must
have first choice.
So the entire 18,000 yar
will be offered without reser
vation tomorrow at $1.85.
All flawless, thirty-five
street, afternoon and evening
shades, including taupe, navy,
black, white, ivory and cream.
Not one yard can be dupli
cated at the price after special
purchase is exhausted.
Find it in the Wanamaker
Silk Clearing House on the
Fourth floor, Old Building.
Special elevators at Ninth and
Tenth streets.
Fourth floor. Old Building.
Golden Specials
A new series daily during October
Pitted Plants in bloom
White chrysanthemums (Pacific Supreme), Pink chrysan
themums, (Polly Rose) 10 and 12 blooms to each plant
regularly $1.50 each, tomorrow 50c.
Subway floor. New Building,
Baby Carriages
Special Pullman Sleepers, bodies and hoods of closely
woven split reed, detachable corduroy cushions, reclining back,
steel wheels, 5-8 inch rubber tires; in oak, natural and bleached
finishes. Regularly $25, tomorrow $18.
Subway floor. Old Building.
75c Guaranteed Lining Satin, 50c a yard
Firm, medium-weight and lustrous. Four shades of gray,
tan, cadet, light blue, pink, lavender, golden brown, navy blue,
black, cream and white, 36 inches wide. Last year entire
lot was sold out betore noon.
Dress Fabric Salons, First floor, Old Building.
Cut Glass Vases
One of the best values we have ever offered. A beautiful
combination of floral and conventional cutting on the purest:
blanks; 12 inches high, Yi inches in diameter across top, 6
inches across bottom. Repularly $8; 4"0 tomorrow at $5 each.
Second Gallery, New Building-
A flood story may be told twice
And in re-telling it we shall not add any em
bellishments. You do not as Mark Twain used to say "have
to allow anything off for embroidery."
We have remaining from our Golden Special for
Men about 300 suits, divided into two lots, as follows:
Men's $28 and $30 Business Suits for $22
Men's $40 Silk-lined Suits for $32
Unusual because these are unusual suits.
Made from splendid worsteds and tailored the
way a fine tailor doei things
Unusual because these suits are offered at a lower
price right at the beginning of the selling season.
Possible only because the manufacturer made us
concessions to help in celebrating our Golden October.
Important P. S. Thi: i- -rot as good a story as when we first told
it because there are now only 300 suits all told I '
The early men get the suits.
Burlington Arcade floor, New Buildinj.
500 pairs Women's
Fine Shoes, $4.40 pair
The entire 1912-13 specimen line boots, afternoor. shoes,
pumps, Colonials and evening slippers of a maker whose shoes
retail in the best shops at $6 to $10.
In all leathers, button and lace.
SUes and 5 A, 4 and 4XA B-
Main floor, O'd Building.
Formerly A. T. Stewart h Co.
Broadway. Fourth avenue. Kiahth to Tenth

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