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Blasts From 123 Ships of War Shake Manhat
tan, as Chief Executive and Secretary of the
I Navy Sail Up the North River.
The gloomy splendor of embattled steel, thunders of saluting guns,
crash of brass music, all that the psalmist includes in his "might, majesty,
dominion and glory," prevailed to-day on North River. For there the
President of the United States and
specting and proving the sea battle
Under their eyes, one hdndred
stretched in double and triple lines of
street nearly to Yonkers. From the Wyoming and Arkansas, greatest
battleships afloat, to the little water asps that stab below the armor belt,
floating like tethered swordfish off One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Artel,
the Chief Executive and his chief of the navy passcJ in critical review.
The most humble "mother ship" of the torpedo fleet did herself as proud
under the official eye as the greatest of the sirperdreadnoughts. The
while thousands lined the Manhattan side of the river and the Jersey
ramparts and swayed to the tremendous ryhthrn of the guns.
Km.jt'M thousand shot nrd in lte
to tlx flag of th ITasldent of Ut
i nMFd Statu and lha Secretary ot tha
Navy Mt tha s.r Qfm tha Hudson quIv
i rim for hour. FYom tha dark
gray floating machino shop, from which
gray amoka drifted In alantlng parallel
column. all tha way from Thu-ly-f-'urt'.
Street to Spuyitn Duyvll, otiM suoc
rlv angry ral flash and allocking.
tinging report af tar report.
Window war kapt rattHng In avary
traue overlooking tha Hudaon. Boln
war broken, but ao far aa pollc re
ports .how thara waa ao graatar dam
aga dona to properly ashur by tha
furloua cannonading. The moat evi
dent aufferera wara tha aparrowa.
Whan tha morning aalutlng oagan.
raat flooka of tham rose from tha
'rare, abrubbary and (law. squawking
la terror, up and down tha alope. Aa
la rm oaotlauad, fright amd to
paraTyie thalr tiny haartu and they
(all to tha turf and aat alth wings
outstretch. -1 with ba.ly, gllatrntn-t
aya and panting through itpanad bill..
Th flrat real big nolaa of the day
rama after all tha ships of the flaal had
twice acknowledged tha fight ut the
flag of (Secretary of the Navy Meyer by
lirlng nineteen guna, firat a lie went up
stream and then again a lie aina
down. Than the PraAdenfs tacht, til
)layflowrr. with Mr Taf' ind t '
aboard, ataamad up from To npMnwtl'e
anchorage and took poaltlon iff Thirty,
fifth at i. A tiii" Presl li n '-. Dig fl it
tcrad out from her foremast, iurtr
maater after quartermaster n .a. . -1 a
Signal UP th long, tray, inoky Una.
Such a pounding, esr-iplltttng, Ihun-
deroua tumult hai nvi . ktafd o.t I
we nraern .:-.!.. ..i . .- ..re.
began firing the twanty-one gun Pre. -
dentlal Baluta Un of many rolotwd
bunting (napped out int . the brr, I
kln h- ' ' ' ln "!
aa uriMiii np ana; laiaau in in.n-aea-
on. The MfSOtl Bl .it gatlnrcd
Jn any harbor wa guying "Oood mom-
, . . ,t ..J ...
army and navy of the rnlt.d State.
Botween the .napping boomtnir aal.ite.
Jta rou'd for a moment catch the
train, of trumpet .oundjng the Pre.l
dant' call.
Aft,- an hour'. wlt, during which
th l'l e! lent , HI. : t. lined Serr.-tury
' Meyer and a dl.ttngul.hed con. piny on
tu M lyflower it luneii. the Piealdant'l
flag down. It went up again Just
before 2 o'clock.
' Tung' Hiugl Huoin! Pow! and they
were 111 at It avaln. from Hpuvtcn Iuy
vel to lower Hell' Klt.-lx-n. The Presi
dent vtalted lb Aikanaa. A. h. went
down .he ..!.. after Looklag over
tl.l litrat and Mggeat and fleri.-.t ot
Amgrl.an outtlealna, the gun of the
Arkan.i barked out a aalute for hU
pre' . . -e. Itetnrn.ni t th Muyflywer,
the Presidrrit ataitvd up through the
fleet. RgOh ahlp In turn met hull with
L a bl.it of six-pound rapid firing
The l.lare of trumpets mingled with
the hpoiiilnii. Tho little white yaht
babDad nwjeatlcally through Iho jarring
tui'inuB and Seamed almoat a though
oonai h' ia of the rcpcl of th -pi awl
lug. Ugly daft, grhlgw were greeting her
Tli. President wa not hack at Thirty
fourth atruet, and the last etbo of th
aa'j'. k h.id uul died uwuy until four
, ll hua lirn a day of tenlon aboard
nleiN ship in tin- und a. half-mile
iIj . ot t, ... 1 ii th hoisting of
tf flans at k.iiirn.'. ea. n man 'hat
waa is the service olue-tuuimaiulej and
aVbln boy alike -waa on a hair trigger o(
jyllinl prisuduaa. Ths wavis lUst,
the Secretary of the Navy were in
line of the nation.
and twenty-three lighting machines
dun and gray from Twenty-rhiid
grcat.at that haa ever tern assembled
ln the watara of the Naw World,
throbbad and pulatd with th Itnpulae
to action, awaiting only tha algaal.
That waa not long delayed Before the
aua waa over tha raalern rim of the
Riverside apartment cliff, a l.ltle atrlng
of eignaJ flaga Jumped to the Connecticut-
algn.1 yard. Thai Hear-Admiral
lstrluiii's order to hi fleet cap
talna: "I'lepar to draas hlp."
When Um 1'iaa.d. nt unit, all down the
long Una of hobbled aa tarrora buila
of riotous I olo- began to burgeon
Krom rail to truck, from truck to
truck and down to rail again Ihe ten
dril s the aignal flag crept, St loldedi
glared, tven the snub-nosed I v-u t u.
and Ahti humble toiler of th fleet
ported their burning. The loylym. tor
pedo boat a'.rung slsnflaf line ot parti
colored Hag from their spindling mtiii
Th plli up lower nnd battlement of
thi thirty hlps-of-'hr-l.ne aaeme.l to b
attempting to dUgul's their menacing
.ip;)Ct. like ome old rolterr of manv
dark flahts, primping and pluming him-
elf In tin. raiment
The little old Dolphin, flrat infant of
ur atrel navy, yet lm.)t rupable af
heln,- lifted on the davit of the Aikan
aaa. vea anchored off waa) Twenty
Mxth itrnet. To hrr. Mcrtttry of th
N'avy licorKO Von I.. K yar mid hi
aiSfJ were conveyed In tha I'niphln'h
''earn tiiirge, fron. tag Weet TwwQty.
third itieet pier, promptly at 112
0t R
! The qtln ita th tiergfry aat foo
I or the de k of th old gunboat the
i flrai f niMttaa gun btfkad (roa Mie
, rlx-rounder forward
i -e niat gun of Ihe day prolong! d
thunder, thai; the flrat V wi.rth ot
.v ,,r ,hou.an l dollar. a .uU.hur and
!; lhat wa to be butn. J
Th Dolphin weighed an nor th. n and
at arted northward for her poaltlon uy
; Ihe 'onnavtk-ut Muliehd h"i nua l ie
1 Naln-llle, tonvaylng u aTOWdajd fre ght
of fajgeafg men atid reporter j Pufthaf
UP the alream the llu ikoii lllvei Pa
I, " , ,, ., ,
I Un " wh,te , Hand I k
! "d.on, aproullng a riot of fUge from
vry flaspol, churn. ! slow'y Th
Hiindrick Hudson nd pi ked up Mnvor
OsytaSP and part of the Mnuir'i Com
mltte .n DeibroBsv strcst and guth
eresl In the reinultwler .if the sllk-hatted
and frork-c oated BSStsMltS, alo sev
eral hundred holders of In.ltatl ns, at
ths Wsst Forty-econd ItPaSl pier, he-
for proceeding In the wake of the
Dotphtn up the lane of .steel.
Ahead of (be Dolphin, like sleek
hounds on the cotirae, sped a m siiolm
fleet of four torpedo boat, each fly'ng
th blue ami white checkered flair, wl.vh
Is th letter "N" In the International
marine Code the budge of the fleet's
"traffic .-ops ' Tw.i revenue cutters,
the Uresham and .Shswtnut. alau apeed
ed ahead to help shoo off the Impudent
river craft, wh', h dared to blunder Into
the path of the navy' matr.
A the Dolphin awuug out Into th
wash of the channel, the morning's
mists, which had ban SSBsttSI low over
th river, shredded relu tantly away
from the skeleton rneMs, dotting the
river ahead llk.i long rows of faciorv
olilmneys, and the might and majesty
of th North Atlantic Meet Uy revealed, i mists
Under lowering skies and the gout, of It was sfter the Dolphin had puss. I
smoke which shut heavenward from j ths leViStBSaS Si the fleets--the super
straight, fat funnels, weie dirplayed the I ireu.tnouglits Arkansas, Wyoming,
steel shape, of America', flgatlng en- ' Klorl.la and Utah SBd her lesser sis
gins eolld, Impervious aa bank vaulta, ters up off .limit's Tomb, that the rata
sujngly built uy frosa a vary river plan of salutes grew noisier and al-
bad on e.l.aon of atawl and camanL
Her,, re the Dolphin had atarted far
the I'onn, th'llt S poaltlon Off Seventy.
aisrth atraet, the whole river thereabout
hod been kicked Into foam by the buay
barge from the division commandera'
llagahlp. th commander aaeembllng
on the .juarter deck of Hear-Admlral
Oaterliau.'a llagahlp. Hy divisions the),
tamo thus.
First. Florida, iteur-Admiral Hradlay
A. Flak.
Second, Ixiulalana, It' -ur Admiral
Nathaniel R. Latter.
Third, Naw Jersey, Hear-Admlral
Cameron Wlnalow.
Fourth, Ohio, Rear-Admiral Frank F.
Heaorv Fleet. Tenne, Hear-Ad-mlral
Austin N. Knight.
11 waa almoat at the stroke of I when
the Dolphin, approaching the flagahlp
of the fleet commander, began the rigor
ou ceremonial of the day. A roll of
bunting at the main broke out. It wa
the flag of th He. retary of the Navy
blue with a white star In each of the
four corners and a white anchor In the
centre of the field.
Juat at the Instant of the flags' un
furling there wa a quick red tab of
light upon the auperatrurture of the
hlg battleship, a wallowing ball of
white amoke leap.! ett night out nnd
the roar of a slx-pounder emaahed hack
agalnat the Munhattan ahor. The flrat
gun of nineteen, the Connecticut' offi
cial Howd'y-do.
Ring-bang! fling-bang! sounded the
guns and the echoes, while the Hug of
the Commander-in-Chief of the fleet
dropped from th main, to reappear In
miniature on the staff of the Com
mander' barge.
With Cap:. Hill, hi chief of staff.
Flng-l.luetenant An.leraon and the Ave
division co-mniniidrrs, Hear-Admlral .Ua
fr en descend"! the port gangw,iy to
the barg. The g Itter of th gold ep
aulets nnd heavy braid about chapeaus
an I anna ahowad tiialnat th drab side
of the ship aa they descended In atngle
The U.rne worxud aero th water to
th Dolphin, an I the officer, In tlft
rcgall. were met by th Secretary on
Iho U4l ler-deok.
Me in ..He boil ti ..m shore were con
veying the members of the Senate and
House Naval Comnilttrca from the rtev-enty-ninth
.treet float to the Dilphln.
omo Klltterlng uniform, in the number
helokene', Ihe presence of some firelgn
naval attach. guest of the Congre
The vl.tt of the fleet officers to th
Dolphin was brief. The Commnnder-ln-
t hie: and his Commander went over
side to rcl im to theli respective shins,
and for .. It potentate there were thir
teen of the Dolphin's gun.
liefore the last fureaell hu 1 hsrkeJ
from the little Dolphin's slx-pounder,
Secretary Meyer and hi. alio, were In
tile Dolphin' barge, speeding to return
thi Raar Admiral's call.
Blde-hoy ItOOd at the head of the
Connegtlout't BanTway, lha ship's ma
rines wer, drawn up stiffly on the port
!de of the quarterdeck, their suns at
the "S.lut, " A narllng drum rUffl
aaundod, the bo'n' pipe shrllli-l un 1
vary officers' band on ma stiffly to the
visor bu obanang
Onoa mora gout of m..k an I llanie
hclche-l front the Coiine-Mcut'a auper-
truotur and the e.-n i rvrbtntd from
the hlxh ..-.ike .if the IMve.-side uinirt
nients. The Hecretary was leaving.
Hie bgffj Jumped ovt the' w aves to
whsre the huge hulk of the Arkansas,
the newest sup. -rdrea. In. .tight, towered
like some castle In Normandy. The
blue flag of the staff mapped in con
scious pride of caste.
Again side hoys stood like linage
by the gangway head and shrill '
whistles piped as the Secretary, ac
companied by Hear-Admit al Oaterhaua
and Ms chief of staff, climbed the high
MM of the leviathan.
l'erh ips It was fifteen minutes later
k her, the Arkansas's yuns began to rnar
ii p.tllmt aalute and .he M.vrelury re -
turned to the Dolphin Then unchor
w-ss hoisted and the inspection of the
II.-. I, the morning's coining .pectude.
For nn hour the Hud. on', hill, were
shouting hack echoed thunder and the
arlnsoe along RlvarslSe uriv were
rattlliiK lii their casements. Steadily
and sjewl) the Iiolphin paced up Ihe
long lane tunned hy the huttlnshlp. on
the rigs! and the armored cruisers, then
SestrSlferg and gtlSbOSti and aupply
shlpH on die left.
Heglnnlng with the old Indiana of
the ii-i,'i-,' tleet, honored veterun of
Santiago, lha line of lighting sietl
-Mid smoke and flume and sent a
rolling .tin to the heavens Smokn l.ll
lowei up ami around the military masts
like a rising tl.le, and the flags were
.uirouii.lesl as If by sudden garden
moat continuous Up at th head of
the line and stretching from the Har
lem Canal to the outskirts of Yonkers
wer the tollers nf the aea colliers
and repair ships and the saucy frate--ntty
of th gunboats, converted yachts
and scout orulsera. Prom these came
the bsng-bsng-bang! of successive
A the Dolphin cut through under
the high nose of the big scout Bir
mingham and bore over toward the
Jersey shore, preparatory to turning
the heal of the line, everything broke
loose. Kven the little convortd yacht
tllouceater, tho hornet that atabbd
the Hpanlah cruisers fleeing nut of
Nantlago, Joined In the chorus with
Its Spitting slx-pounder
It wa Juat 11 o'clock ehen ths Dol
phin paused at the head of the line,
whore a lonely supply ship was sn
chored alone, and gave three blasts of
her whistle. The four torpedo boas.
that hud acted as truffle cop of the I Checks by which, the government
river, turned and dashed forward down charges, the executive board of th In
the rivet and the fleet of battle.hlp.' t,rnallonill Assoclutlon of Hrldge and
launches accompanying thein raced U atrueturaJ Irn Wktn ajlow. J.
"no- . ..
Then came th ("own river trip, the
Dolphin pu'ilng on the Manhattan lie1
of the ablpa, Once more the thund'-is
of the Hudson ctlff. were uw-akened -and
white amoks wreathed the skeleton
masts of the thirty battleship. 00
close did the Dolphin and her attgndlng
consorts, the Nashville and Hendrlk
Hudson, pas to the gray sides of the
floating forts, that after the Dolphin
had passed, the Hrndrlk Hudson got
tho full hrtint nf the discharge. Many
of the sllk-hatted Mayor' committee
men aboard tier led to the cabin, to
ava their dignity.
Th Dolphin passed on the shore
Ids until the big 1'tah's sides loomed
ahead, then It cut across the atern of
ths dreadnought and out to th mid- I geles, enabling hltn to pay the ex
dle of the river again, to receive the penaea of the "dynamiting crew."
double salutes of th inonter on the I Kugene A. Clancy, San Francco,
left and the battleships of ths resarvet Herbert S. Hocklu. formerly of Detroit,
line Iowa. Massachusetts, Indiana
an.i Kentucky on ths right.
It waa 12 16 whtn the luat gun waa
fired from the cruiser Teuiiess., No. 1
In the line. Then the Dolphin anchored
by the side of the President's yacht.
Muyllower, off Twinty-slxth street,
to wait f.,r the second trip up river,
In the wake of ths Piealdeiit'a review
ing yacht
None of the off), erg aboard the wor
ships knew that Altoitney-iieneru.1 Wlck
eraham wa an Inconspicuous passenger
aboard the Hundrik Hudson.
"I might get a few gun myelf." Mr.
Wlc'.te, sham said to Tin- Kvenlng World
reporter ai oard, "but 1 suppose I use
so much money trust busting that we'll
have to SSSSjOSIIM on powder.
There was somu excilenient on ths
Nashville among her company of two
hundred and litty landlubbe, ly news
paper reporters, phologia uiers and
arllsls, wlien the strong tide s. lit her
swetving SVSf toward ths nilne-laylug
ship, dan Francisco. 8ooiehudy yelled
that the ban Francisco was full of
nltro-celi.dj.e, a wicked high explu-uve,
uacd In in. nes, and that a collision
would tprlnkl the skl.a with all the
people on both ships.
I'nsler swift orders from the bridges
of both WAT ships, engluea were re
versed, guns and booms, whlcii wore
projeciiug on the sides of the vessels
as they approached each oilier, were
swung lnhoatd aud fenders wore made
ready. The boals m.ssed a collision
b about thirty fait The nSVJf people
said the possibilities of an accident
A.m small
To-nigllt toe officers of the fleet Wil
lie the guests al a dinner at the A. tor.
The mObUllaSon will end ut ision to
morrow, when the President, on the
bfldSi Oi ihe Mnyllowcr .1 wn the bay.
will watch the great lighting assembly
sail out to its to dlgpersa, tsirklng a
lust salute lo h.m as II got..
In Ihe Prealdent'l ptrtl were Mrs.
Tart and Miss II. gag Tuft. Major
Thomas I.. Una. Is, the ('resident's aide
i. i.bvalcbii. Mis Thomas lv I !,
j , ,,,. , MrB. Taft. Mr. and Mrs
i, u x Anderson. Mr ai d Mi s. John Hays
Hammond and W. Cameron Forbes,
Ootfefnof -OenePSl Si the Philippines,
t Those Invited to Join the i'rc.i.lentlu!
puily aboard the Mavtluwer iere Inclul-
Mr ami Mia l". 1. Taft, Ml., ixiul.c
Tuft, their daughters Mr, snd Mr.
Henry W. Taft. lien. 1) K. Tracy, Mr.
und Mrs I'hurlea ll. UUleS. Mr. and
Mrs. Ueorge D, Sheldon, Mrs. William
Miller and James J. I. yon,
sues doctoiTfor alimony.
Wife of Dr. Oswald C. siaekhouae
Necks Neparat Inn.
Mrs. t'larii H tSOhhOsISS, wife of l)r
SWSld 1
Sta.-khousc, of N
(0I l'' n t
1 1 ii ml II n Parkwsy. llrookh'ii. tiled wltli
Jug tic e St an let on in the Suprent Oourt.
King. County o-day a petition fur
alimony and counsel fees pending the
trial or her suit for Separation from her
husband, ir steekhotisa "'us a defends
ant u yetir ago In a 111,000 dsnsge suit
bruugbl by ths psronte of fourteen-year,
el.l Martha Marvin, who ha. I been .m-
pleyed se maid in hia ofSee.
In her petition m- Btaekheuse ds
. -laics that ll 1 linposaslile for her to
Keep a iiiutd -i long as her hu.han I '.s
lue house.
All Marked, "Emergency
Fund," Bookkeeper for Iron
workers' Union Testifies.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ir.d., Oct. 14.
moamnra si,."" a m.'illii I). ouy Bi-
plosives were Identified by Mrs. A. ,1.
Hull nf Omaha, at the "dyiiHinlle con-
.piracy" trial to-day.
Mrs. Hull, who wiui n bookkeeper for
McNamura at the Iron workers' head
quarters In Indianapolis, when explo
sions about the country were frequent,
(stilled the rhicks were signed by
Frank M. Hyan, president, and by Mc
Namara, as secretary-treusurer. All
these checks, she aaid, were marked
"emergency fund."
The government charges that Just
prior to the payment of regular sums
to McNamura, for which he was re
quire! to give no accounting, the exec
utlve board suaponded the rules re
I quiring puhlliunion of accounts and the
! 1 1. .mi) a month went to l Nanism
untll after tho explosions at I.oa An-1
Phillip A. Coiley. New Orleans, and
Moulton H. Davis. Westchester, Pa.,
who are among the forty-hve men on
trial, uro alleged to have voted the
money to McNamara.
Uueatlone.l by Henator J. W. Kern,
for the defense, Mrs. Hull said Presl-
dent Ilyan often was out of
the city
and blank checks were sent lilm to
Mis. Hull testified she never hd heard
the BSSCttUVS Hoard discus to what
us- the money was put. She said Mc
Namara wrote the minute of the Ex
ocutlve Hoard meetings, attended to
correspondence and edited the union
"Aa a malter nf fact you don't know
that president Ilyan ever received the
lettere or signed the checks forwarded
to him, do POllf" asked Mr. Kern.
"No, except that they were sent
through the mail arid repllet. were re
ceived." said Mrs. Hull.
The witrc. added John T. Rutler,
Kuffalo; Henry W. I-egleltner, Denver; I
Frank C. Webb, New York, and Charles I
N Retim. Minneapolis, all defendant., I
to the Kxe'ullve Hoard members who,
he said, authorised the payment of
money m M, Natnara.
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PAYS TAX OF $72,200.
Advance Payment Of State Inheri-
tance Levy $:,8K) PaiAon
I'roperty of Mrs. Straus.
AI.HANY, Oct. 14. State Comptroller
Sohmer received a check to-day fog 173,
J00 as advance payment of the Inheilt
ancu tax on tiie estate of Isldor Htraus,
who perished In the Titanic disaster.
Another check for Ili.SOO was received
a payment of the tax on the estate of
Mrs BlraUS who .tle.i wnn her nustian.l.
Aatorneya for Uie estate of William Au-
gusiu ...n .i of New York sent a
check to-dav for l.itt.VuO In iiaymenl uf
the in ." it an - " tax on the estate.
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Uniformly Excellent I
14, 1919.
(Continued from Flrt Page.)
IfcCombs said. A. I. Klkln. who gave
112, MO. an associate of Morgenthau.
"1 first obtained Information through
Rabbi Wise of New York,' said Mr
Combs, "that Mr. Miirgenthau was a
strong suporter of Oov. Wilson. Cyrus.
I MeCormlck Is In the Harvester busi
ness. Mr Dodgg culled on his friends
for money. I think. He first to d me he
could ralae 117, .W If 1 could ral a like
! sum. which We did. That was last fall.
Once I waa :i".ti or ft".1" in debt per-
1 sunnily last February. Again, after the
' Illinois campaign, I was In debt, and
Mr. Dodge would help me out. Mr.
Mccormick was a llfelmiK friend .and
' classmate of Uov. Wilson. So was Mr.
Thomas and D.ivid IV Jones were also
I classmates of Qov, Wilson," aaid !
I Combs. "They gave 110.5.) each to Mr.
Iiudne. The dtli.it ot ll.lssi I w.ll have
to meet.'
"I sent to many PtrtPCOton men for
contributions myself," the witness d. -slared.
Tha' n a lalfs way wag the
way ih Wilson campaign wa.-. financed
"There Is not a dollar of tint state
ment that refle. ts a promise, expressed
Implied,'' M Combs cntinutd, em
phatically. "Mr. MeCormlck ...ntilh-
nun us tie wouia to tiov. Wilson us
President of Princeton I'niverslt"
There are no strings or pled
any of those contributions?" asked Sen -
"Not to one,'
McCom'i ansv -red vlif-
"In Pennsylvania," contlnueil Mo.
Combs, "they took cure of the campaign
themselves the Wilson men. We sen
only lifto to OtllsSSS for org..inlxa:hin
puriKiKes and o.'.ly tlt.rsxl ntore to the
state for tiie primary light, baosuss we
had no hope of OS trying it for tlov. Wil
son. Speiker Clark got It by l.'iU.uuo."
Mr. Jli'C win su d that the graatOT
part or nig tuno. were txpenuei. lor puo
"We had to sostisint the people of th
tJnJtad State, with Oov Wilson." ho
said, "and a wide campaign of educa
tion was necessary.
Alton it I'arker, Democratic Pte.l
detitlal candlslate of l'io4, was gucstl, ned
about expenditure of that ra.npalgn.
He said he had no knowledge of con
tributions , to th" Democratic fund, but
i had given Insti uotloni that nothing was
to be accepted from corporations.
.nr. t-arser saiu ne nau only Hearsay
evidence about Hrpubllcan contributions
of psM and I id based his cliargei of
thst yoar on that evidence.
Mr. Parker said the information nn
which his charge of trust contributions
to the llepuhllran fund had been made
had been "borne In" upon lilm und he
had concluded that "the Interests" were
becoming very active. Out. H he had
been Informed by an old frl.nd that he
waa "licked."
This frlsad had told him of th de
tail of aa organisation forme 1 against
him, and manllcnod th na:ns of It.
H. XArrlman, Jsmaa Stlllmsn, H. O.
rrlck, O, W. Farkins and R hu t nacon
as members of sush an organisation.
Ont of that Information had grown
his spcaoh attacking cainpslgu aid to
Fr'Sldcntlal rcc'ions.
Mimbiri of th Coramltta Insisted
upon knoerlng who had sHvn to Mr.
Farksr hia lnf ormstlon. Th formr
, jostles waa rslnctxnt to SSU, bnt finally
Said It wa th 1st Dan!! S. Lamont
When Senator Clapp found Judge
"Parker'a Information waa only hearsay
he did not aak bin for further ourtlcu
lars. "Col. Rooevelt, w-hen he wss here,
commented on aome of my speeche,"
continued Parker, he asking permission
to put 1)1. speeches In the record a. a
reply to ths Colonel's testimony. In a
speech on the night liefore glooltoni Nov.
I, 1SW4, Judrfe I'aiKer charged that tlu
standard Oil COnfSanjf u. contr.buUng
j to Roosevelt's fight,
"I'm .till prou i of the .pee-h," .aid
I'arker, lauglilng 'TbafS a weakness
nsany of us have.'
COST $208,183
f. . ,. c, ,.,.-' :
The weakened condition of European
markets wa. reflected In th local ex
change to-day w hen a, flood of selling
orders accompanied the start of bull-
, nou. Union Pacific, ilaadlns, fl'eel,
i Copper and Canadian Pacific were all
heavily sold. Toward lha end of th
nr.t ir me .cuing movement began
to encounter .tiff resistance. Villi th
list around bottom rangrs, a strong 1
buying demand developed, and subse
quent dealings were Inclined upward.
Intermittent ral.le. took place In th
ivft.un on period. The morn.ng liquida
tion subsided m roontime and s fair
llaad recovery waa In progress during
the last two hours. After the pressure
wua w indrawn IWadlng, Steel Copper
and Canadian Pacific were enabled to
0OT0. spirited advances.
The vol tUnfl of business decreased to
ward the ttnlan, although the llt wa.
near the hlK'hest range fajf the season at
closing tune.
The i I..-I..S Prlrea.
ToaUi'j his.ust. lowest aud Issl price. o(
sic, m. sid ..i sat esaisasi .uaiiiwd situ
.salimUj . li... li.,,-ts mis as lu.luwa: .t
AStglg. n't'd Osp... TS
Am. in t ranm tt . w
Asa i .i. i -s
Am. Cattoa u .'.
aav -4.nn. .v It. f. vss
Am. T. I. ,v Hi. Us. 11 IS
AM Is Ulafng, , 44
A tea., Top. & v 1'. li1-.
AtUatl . t UtVt
iiao. iv .Hu. K
U sty It.. . Trsa. . '.SIS
Cent. Uath.r Itlls
Oka, is. . . Ifiiiis
i hai. m inn.. MV
SO t
!.',; I
:.i ,
11.7 H
. '
al -- )s
7 4
est Vl
i31 i
111 4
1H1S. Jr
"s -
lll- s
.M.i.A .st.isnu ins
i lonsat
i ...
11 ti
i. u
hi IS
lira. Bs
mu --
XI '
Nat, irf
. M.t
I l.r. Met. pi..
! in. bt
to , k2'
' k. A TfTTi
M. rs- trie . . .
Mat Usd
N-.t; ilk a nvst
x. v iiai.
Jfortli. I'.i 1(1.- .
i tr, ;
Try This Remedy at Our Risk.
People somtimr say, "Well, that
new rtmcily vt yourj, Saio Salve,
may cure recent cases ol enema, but
1 doubt if. it will help me, for I have
had SSSSSM a long time."
The (act ia, ISM Salve waa de
vise. 1 a. Btwh for chronic skin troublea
as fur acute SSSSSj snd it is equally
effective, tliough usually the chronic
ruses are more stubborn.
Numbers uf cases right around her
rnulil be cited showing I lint Saxo Salve
is exactly the remarkable aoothing and
curative remedy for akin disease that
we claim.
The itching is .topped in a few mo
incuts after the first application, and
improvement i seen in a few days.
All humors and di.oriler of the
skin, whether scaly, crusted or in th
very first .tages, usually yield to
Suxo Salve promptly. If it doe not,
in your case your money will be re
All Riksf and Hb bsjsjsj
Stores in New York and
Brooklyn and at all drug
stores where this blre
and white sign is
"Did vuu ever notice Edith's mn
plesionr' asked See young society
mulrnn who was entertaining friend at
tea at I be country club. "She always
look so irr.sh and clean just a. if she
lias been turnrd out ol s bsndbng."
"1 n.knl KdithSxbout brr pretty, dear
.kin yesterday," said the girl in th
gray Mackinaw jacket, sou she said
brr good look, were due to
"Beauty's Guardian"
She uses it night ami morning and
when .he goes out of doors, and she
never suffer, from red or roughened
kin. A not her fine thing sbout rlogen
is, it dor.n't .oil the lineal dresses."
At all druggists, in collapsible tubes, td
.a ut-. Better than cold cream, used
the same way.
Ontailo 4 W
... -i i si
Kock Island
Houi. Psr
Un ML '(""
C. t, ,sisl
ft. M. Hte-I pf
rsVi r -...r . . . .
Vf'bmiM E. M
West. i n. Tel. .
Your Grocer
can supply you
with Presto
Flour. But If
you want to see
just how quickly
and easily you
can make bis
cuits, pies, cakes,
pop-overs, pan
cakes, cookies,
from it, visit our De mons tratioo
in these stores :
Qiecnhut-8IR1 Coo par Co.
R. H. Macy & Co.
Abraham 9t Straus
O'Nslll-Atlums Co.
Then cet a pscksge and try It yonrtMbt
Th l ",;-r pscksge is the mora econ
omics!. Recipes In and on every psckage.
1 h H O Company. Bnffdlo.N.Y.
Vusrrj at H O. or stMnd Presto.
Oculists' Optician
UaU Calais i sisihh.
The Magic of
Proper Glasses
fill five to the eyes a
clear, strong virion, snd
to the faoe an expression
of calm, easy repose.
Eyes Examined 'Without Charge
by Itcgiatered Physician.
Perfect Fitting classes. tt.AO to lit.
With Far aud Near La usee, $.0 to SiS.
217 Bros.! way, Astor House.
223 Sixth Ave., 15th it. 350 Sixth Ave.. 23d St.
101 N.uau.AnnSt. 17 Weit 42d- New York.
498 Fulton St., Car. Bond St., Brooklyn
It Is sew ooneeded by phjslclsns
thst the kidneys should hare more at
tention as they control the other or
gsns to s rsmsrkable dsgree snd de a
tremendous amount ot work In re
moving the poisons snd wests matter
troni the system by altering ths blood.
During ths winter months especial
ly, when we lire an indoor Ills, the
kidneys ehould receive some assist
ance when needed, ss ws take lose ex
ercise, drink leea water and often est
more rich, heavy tood, thereby forcing
the kldneye to do more work than na
ture Intended. Evidence ot kidney
trouble, auch as lame back, inability
to bold urine, smarting or burning.
brick dust or sediment, sallow oom
. plexlon, rheumatism, maybe week or
i irregular heart action, warns you that
i your kldneye require help Immedi
ately to avoid more ssrlous trouble.
An herbal medicine containing no
minerals or opiates haa the most heal
ing Influence. An Ideal herbal com
pound that has had most remarkable
suncege as a kidney and bladder ram
ody la Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root
You may receive a sample bottls of
Swamp-Root by mall, absolutely free.
Address Dr. Kilmer ft Co., Blnghsas
ton, N. T and mention the New York
Evening World.
Safety Razor
Free Million Men usetheCilleitte.
The Blades ar fin. Cat e
Gillette today.
ho rntoffiso so oihs
KNtJWN TH cMttlii fu, ov
Gillette Safsty Sir tor Co.. i'o..ton
t... 8Sq Us Ha- .
liu ifng tp) - s
.' IMS, lit tuts
.. -'l n h H
... H sS Mtt
... NOVj, so to H
iijfiili'iisi5f . i-v:. . i3i
peT?M5iUL 'r arTUei fxjoc.: .MilsT
tab ol Kpn.iop's. iijo-lrlni ian.1gea.ilii SH
OsisrrkalJWlr.ri.u ro. :. i sifli c. iillrTSSl
a ist ssesrta sa ess Low .kiraa simsU H
II ..is. Tos.kM .7 .Ml., .' ... Lmui
w.sasesa...ii,. suessloslanV ,r nigf

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