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Negro Tells How He .Helped
Max Kahn Out of the
"Tin Jail."
Mice Seek Witness by Whom
Whitman Wanted to Ex
pose "System."
Criminals Who Got Away in
Wyoming Prison Break
Trailed to Hiding Place.
inu WlM. lam, powerful nrg ro.
hi wu the chief factor In
I puselMe th .erase of Ms Kahn
Samuel Kramar, tn-tw.twsn
"Oyp Mta Blood ana Leftr Louie"
4 a prosperity. Bookar trial wltnaaa
Issportanoe from rh. Houaa of Da-
laet sMhl, ai osptursd lo-dar
0a ae waa preparing to "blow tha town."
AJtfcoinh Wles waa retaken with oom-
eaa, tha almpla Una of r assen
ted dataotlvaa to hla flat at
M Waat Maty-Aral otraat. la tha
Juan HIU district, promptlr rln-
: ltsatf. Mara haa not waan fouad
ralatsst elua to tha whereabouts of
artdentlr eery wall
with hla achievement, waa not
Math to ahow tnapoetor DaJy and
Klnalar Juat hew ha had pot out
funis Ratlla which policemen
rears have sledded aa "tha tin Jail "
sired that without tha aid of hla
It would hava haan a (rant daml
for Kahn and William Clara )r,
aaoapad with him, to have
to fraadom.
r asrlaalnt back a data In tha eoart-
Eof taa Houaa of Detention, whloh
ler tha eree of tha Musberry street
n, Wtaa made an impromptu arlll
Vark ladder. Up this ha warmad until.
daaadlad on Ita top, ha waa Juat abls
IP t ah tha bara of tha flrat floor wto-
djaw absva. A short sr man In all prob
hatllty soutd not hart dona tha stunt.
waa an aha aUI. Wlaa ranohad down
tad pall ad up Kahn and than Claray, a
fwatk of twanty. who la srtdenly not
Par aUs to eeetlfr In tha Chris
ardor ease. In oonnoatlon "Ita
ha waa bains detains.
Vreen tha flrat floor window to tha
sjpja above, and from thara to tha oourt
fSMd waa was not a difficult cllmh.
pTkM proadly called attanUoa to aaa
m tha ptout tone aplhaa protacUas tha
top of tha wall, whloh had haan ha
tha pressure of his muaelea. On
Other side of the wall waa an
reef, tutassj from tha tenement
at No. IT Clsvsiaad place. The
trio walked over the roof sad
Into the roar yard ea a
RAWLINS, Wyn. Oct. 14 TTeavlly
armed, a half dosen or more escaped
convicts, all deeperate ortmlnels, w.re
eald to he trspv.il In a canyon Juat
south of ftawtlna to-day. A hattl be
tween the men and tha poear of a hun
dred who eamped on their trail In tha
hllla throughout the night waa expected
The fuaittree In hiding were amonr
the doaen eonvlcte who aacapad from
the Slate penitentiary here lata yeeter
day afternoon, after they had over
powered the fuerda, taken their weap-
otto m wrino in mi
utlo L lUKo IN JAIL Tiinio in prmu
Tries to Shift Blame to Police,
Saying They "Planted" As Ottoman Troops Cross Bor-
Weapons on Him. der and Spread War, Porte
Rejects Macedonian Plan.
It was an unlucky dsy for Oeorse
Decker Hint h stole a belt, holeter and
revolver from the h wno of fuetome In
spector John J. O'Connor and boeklrd
the warlike igulpment around hla walat,
out of Alga. T"-d, hecauae of that
laments blc clroumatanon, hla "police
framcup" drrrnee sdralnat a 4iarfe of
carrying: con- ealert weapona was ehst
tared and he waa sentenced to aerve
twelve yeara In Bin Hindi.
Although there were seven Indict
ment for l.nrslerr aoalnat him, Boo
ker, who I twenty-threa, wont on trial
before (lounty Judge I like In Hrook
lyn for hla violation of tha Sullivan
lW llNtUVht I,. -
one and fled down the main atreeta ter-1 - - - - L . , I .
. 7z. t arreated after havlns beaten Detectlv.
Woodle of the Hamburg avenue atatlon
After Kramer's arrest test month he
was retarded as of auoh Importanoa as
s slum that Asslelant Dtatrlct-AUor-
aay Moss said If he wsra ast bald ss
sash ate prossoutlon would haea him te
dtotsd as aa aooeaaory after tha fast to
ate murder hi order to hold htm. Osto-
aar rwhtbsra than dlreoted that Kramar
rorlslndr tha residents of tha town. Tha
eonvlcte paused In their dash for
freedom whan Ihey reached a livery
bara obtained mounta, than aped to
ward tha hllla before oltlsons could
arm and ftes chase.
It was tha second jstrbroakln at the
penitentiary within tMrty-sls hours, and
H was said that over thirty prleonera In
all got sway. Owing to ths asdtement
In Hawtna the number of casualties hae
sot yt been determined
Antone Paso, a Mozlcaa. heralded aa
I as der of ate ooattela la their break
for kbarty. was snot to death by Dep
uty Sheriff Itocnor, who asw tha Meil
osn as he started an horseback for the
alHa, after bavins slashed Bert Tal
bsrt aoross tha faoe and need with a
butcher e knrta Tateert is the owner
of too Mvery barn.
Charlaa flpaaanar. a barber, waa ahot
lo death while walking alone tha Street,
apparently unaware that the prises n
had ssoaped. Flva of the men who
escaped yesterday were cpiurd .t
night Thof wore Klllott. Fraier. Stew
art. Burke and Utlmore. They had
sought refuge In cellars of private
tomes. In bos cars and outbuildings.
Nons was armed.
Desperate agnails; wss reported In
the prison between oonvVta and guardi
following rhs outbreak, but report! that
several men. bath guards and convicts,
wore killed there are unconfirmed.
Seven of aha twenty oonvtou wno
hraka out of the aeattentlary Saturday
afternoon wore still at large to-day. and
was balleved those who escaped yes
terday hare Joined forces with their
follows. I
Warder. Palls Alston, with a posse or
erttssns snd prison guards, wsa return
lag la Rawlins after a frultleaa aearah
for the eonvlcte wtio escaped Baturday
he did not know of the second
delivery until he reached Itawllns early
A ounmany of Wyoming Htste mllltla
under arms ready for service last night
was Informed to-day from Oov. unri
offlea at Oheyanaa that It would not be
needed. The Governor toy telephone
gavs Ms sanction to a request made by
tha Mayor of Rawlins that he be au
thorised to surround ths penitentiary
Hh armed olllsene. The line waa
quickly established.
Bert Dalton. member of the Whitney
ang of bandits, who long terrorised
Wyoming, waa asld to hava succeeded
Aalooe Paso aa leader of the oonvlcte
m the hllla.
OryNSjTAVTIN'OT'lJ!!, Oct. It. - The
Turkish Government declines to allow
the power to Intervene In the oSieitlon
ef Macedonian reforma Ita reply to
the repreeentativea of the powers wis
handed to the Auatro-IIungarlan Am
baaaador here thla forenoon. While
thanking the Ruropesn powers for their
friendly Interest In fhe Ilalkan situation,
which the Ottoman Government reco
nlsss ttiey havs exercised In behslf of
hXal report of Gen. VcheeJteh. the 07m
mander of that division of ths Montsns
grln army. The Turks, says Gen. Vufco
1 tltch, who offer ad a stuborn resistance.
I sustained heavy tossss both In kilted
I and wounded. The Montenegrins also
t oocuptad yesterdsy two other Turkish
positions commanding Gustnyo. Dor lag
ths fighting tnsy oapturod four msohlns
1 guns, many rlflss and a terra quantity
of ammunition.
Tha Mwitanegrlii casualties smos the
outbreak of hostUrtles totalled tap to
yesterday moralng Kg killed and over
MO wounded. Those mors severely in
jured are being convoyed to Cottlnje, aa
the hospitals here are overcrowded.
ATHENS, Greece, Oct It. The re
lease within twenty-four hours of ths
Grssk vessels confiscated by Turkey Is
to be demanded to-day by the Greek
Minister at Constantinople under In
structions from his Government In
the note which he Is to hand to tha
Turklah Government the payment of
on Indemnity to tha owners of ths
vessela la also demanmtd.
LONDON, Oct. ll.-The Greek note
to Turkey demanding the releaae of
the confiscated Greek veaaele la In the
nature of an ultimatum, wnlch official
circlra here think It la certain Turkey
will promptly refuae to comply with.
It therefor.- means Immediate- war.
There Is no doubt that Turkey knew
the selsurn of ships before the break-
; ing out or hostilities w.in an act of
y. , Z m I. Z war- nl to the most reliable
determined to carry out the promised information from OfMUtantlnsnla ih.
Ottomsn Government Intended this sc
tlon to be provocative.
Is believed by ths Dlstrlet-A-
torasy to be a connecting link between
tba system" behind the murder and
toe two guamsa who were abls to hide
tor two moat ha within the ally while
toe enure polios force was supposed W
fsy looking for them. He with "Gyps
rented tha flat where the gun
Pram him tha prosecution expected to
gat valuable Information as to how ths
fugitives were sbls to furnish this flat
a ths Instalment plan, msst thslr llv
riipsaeea sad make frequent trips
Coney Ialannd and seen Manhattan
tth their wives, aad how and by whom
Che money waa provided. Just ho
toast inform at ton had already been got
fftam Kramer the Dlstrlcl-Atturney
See has not disclosed.
gBa escape, following the murder of
faok ZeHg. who, the testimony of .
Bass proves, wag to havs been aa Im
st wltnsas for ths Mate la the
trial, Is another of the mysterl
"coincidences ' that began with las
der of Rosenthal.
Mr. Whitman llioint uniuual Inter
bp-day In Kramsr's ea ape. but dec Used
t coram t it on It until bo learned all
(he facts" In conosctloa with it.
Kramer la live feet sis Inches tall, has
tork syes, wore a blua and black ault,
aad, according 10 police doserlpUoa,
"walks very erect."
Henry Rlohter of First atreet and
Lauaarttns avenue, Ray Hide, u In a
sell to-day, hold In connoctlori with
the murder of hie brother-in-law. Luil-
wlg BsullaSki. a Ray side cartMntcr.
Beallnskl's body was found In sn
ul.ey near his horns at Beond street
.(' Warburton avenue, a half wound
over the heart, yesterday morning. It
was said that Bsullnskl ami Itlohtcr
always had bean unfriendly, he car
penter considering that his slater had
married beneath her, ao dciectlvea
were sent to Rlchter's house. He waa
not at home, and had not been theie
all night they were told.
In the afternoon lib -liter was ar
reated by Detective Tourney of lirook
lyn Headquartara. He waa arraigned
before Uagletrate Fitch and hsld with
out nail for runner examination on
Into Inaenelhlllty last June.
flecker asm-rted then he. In turn, had
been "knocked out." and that malicious
policemen had strapped the revolver 10
hla waist while he waa unconecloue.
It seemed to spectators In the oourt
Mkm that the defendant waa getting
as far with thla contention as the
police were with thelra, until Mr.
OT-onnxr took tha atand.
"rteitween noon and I o'clook on tha
day Woodle waa assaulted," ha said.
"burglsra entered my home and onrrled
off considerable property. I'art of the
loot was the revolver, bolster and bolt
whloh the police say they found on the
In Hhe light of the testimony of De
fective Patten, Wnodle'e partner, thla
statement settled llcrker'e chanoee of
going free I'atiien told of the vain ef
forts made by tha Hamburg avenue
police to put an end to a series of sum
mer robberies In the Rldgewood sooUon.
Woodle, he said, had recognised Becker,
when he saw htm In that district, aa a
man who had been aenjt to Klmlra two
years tieforn, and had followed him to
No. 12X Ilalaey atreet.
It developed that he waa rooming there
with Frexl Dorhr, now In trouble with
the police, and a boy named Frank
rlrnlth. Woodle got permission to search
tha room while the men were out and
found all sorts of valuable articles
scattered around. After that the de
tectives kept cloee watch on the house
untu. one day, the three went out and
returned with hundlea under their arma.
They had been gone during those hjiira
In which the O'Connor home was robbed.
When the men emerged from the
houee fifteen minutes later, carrying
tha bundles, Woodle snd Patten fol
lowed them to s street car. Thsy de
manded to know what was In the
bundlea and Ileckar lumped from the
car, Woodle after him. In tha anaulng
battle Woodle waa beaten ao badly
that ha haa not sufficiently recovered
to sppssr In court to-day.
Twenty Years for Wife Slayer.
William Watklna, a young negro who
shot and killed bis wife after a quarrel
on April ti. pleaded guilty to murder
In the second degree before Justice
Mar. iin In the Criminal Branch of tha
Supreme Court, Hruoklyn. to-day, and
.waa sentenced to Imprisonment of not
lass than twenty years Rufua Perry,
the negro lawyer who recently came
Into the limelight by adopting the He
torow faith, appeared for Watklns snd
persuaded Mm to change his previous
plea of not guilty.
reforms, but cannot tolerate any foreign
Interferes 1
The nulgerlsn, Servian and Greek
Ministers here have received Instru
tlona from their Governmrnta to be
ready to leave as soon as they receive
notification from" their respective capl
tsls. The rupture of diplomatic rela
tions between the three It ilk m states
and ths Ottoman Empire Is awaited
MF.I.GRADR, Hervla, Oct. 14. A body
of Turklah troopa c.roesed the Servian
frontier at Rlstovata, near Vranya, at &
A. M. to-day and attacked the Servian
garrison there, aorordlng to an official
despatch from the Servian general In I
SOFIA, Oct. It Fighting between Bul
garian and Turkish frontier guards at
EeTrlpelanka was reported here to-day.
Macedonian reticle against the Sultan's
rule. It waa atated here to-day, have
already occupied Kresna Tass to guard
against a Turklah flanking movement
ag&tnet the Bulgarians and Servians.
POIKKIRITZA, Montenegro, Oct. 14.
The Montenegrin troops occuplsd an
other position atlll closer to the town of
Guslnys yesterday, sccordlng to the of-
llie TlWB l.ivf fTRn.
(From the Ptttihnrgh I'nstl
Tour hesu," remsrkil the first sum-
w girl, "cloesnt seem to oars to
In secluded nooks."
No." replied the second strnsmor girl.
"the poor gink only haa four days to
which to acquire a oeat at tea."
BBWaBWaBWaBWanwr .btsi
rwafsnwanwasaafsasar awaaaWiwwriiwiHi.i
Count 'tm V
You'll find the most bris
tles (as well as the best bris
tles) for the money in each
size of the Brisco-klean well
And there arc four sizes
15c 20c, 25c, 35c
Besides, every Brisco-Klean-well
wears a transparent Dust
Cap over the bristles. That
means you get your brush fresh,
clean, unhandled.
Stubborn Colds May $
Lead to Consumption
Dtd yon ever tiavv cold that would not
let go; a eoush that pralitd, that pre
Tntd tUfp and mad waking houra mla
rablaT Krkman'a Alterative la tha proper
ranady In u h caaee. farnapa iom
almpla medicine may b affective, where It
la only a tickling In tha throat; but when
yaur cheat ta aora and almpla ramedlea
don't anawar then taka ttckinan'a Alter
atlva. Naglect oiten leada to mor aertoua
trouble; a caaa In point fullowa:
718 t'h.rrv 8t., I'hiia., Pa.
"0ntlaman: In July, i imi:.. I flrat
noticed the condition, that allowed I had
Coneumptlon, I loet weight rapidly; had a
hollow cough, bemorrhagee and vary
aovera night eweata, Uy brother recom
mended Rckman e Altaratlva. In tha fall
of 1900 I began tn take It. At thla time
1 am perfectly well and rrvbuat. Mv apna
tlte la good and my wetftht haa Incraaaed
from 110 to 140 oounda. Not a trace of
my old trouble remalne. I will cladly
aapreee the merlia of thla medicine to
if one.
t .SI ne t
m i.. nrcmiAnnT.
Altsratlve Is effeetlie in Drnn.
thma. llav Kaver. Throat and
Troubles, and In upbuilding ths
system. Lines not contain notions, opiates
or habit -forming druss. For sals bv all
Itlker - liegeman lrus Btores snd othsr
leading itrugslsts. Ass for tionklst tslllna
ef reeovertes. and write to Keknian I.ab
oratnrv. rhlladslphla. Pa., for additional
It's not alone the "easy
mark" many a level head
actually watte his clothes
money by not buying from
me. I sell at matiufacturers'
Moe Levy,
BJ2 119-125 Walkat St., N. Y.
F Wore Hotk la the alhtah
Whoa Mother Saw lames.
. Akraham Cohen uf No II Hergrn
Jamaica, 1- I., hs ' hi r twu uujle,'
la the bathtub at v .. lu k ttiu morning
she heard a crackling e mil in ths
room. Opening the Uuur, ghe saw
slioottng fium unjer tae dlii.ng
Hue graulesil the ctuklren an ..
wrap.1'!'! lliem In a b'.anaef, ruahwl Into
(let atreet. scrssming.
j Ths j oungsters JoineJ In a chorua and
gt a few minutes i'atrolinan Uedoe had
turned In the fire alarm. After the huse
Mad burst twice, aien.hlng the spscta
Sera, a good stresm was plsylng Into
at burning bulMmt Then a neighbor
fcajnem tiered that Mra. kfargarel Mc-
aeenty eara old, waa in ths
tit. Kraua Knorr. a plumber.
Bd Into the tuildlng through dense
s sod returned In s few momenta
the aged woman In bis arma, ten
iBTnSWp'ett NiMt Into Brifhl Mom-
SJs. si Ce. t'oulh ln sc.
Aaotaar SVpage BUgasias Vast Ssa
SaT. Boa t fail to get It, Order aast
Worts la savaaee. aos year
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$5' 00
Good Quality Felt Hats
Medium size, in blue, brown, black and
taupe. Value $S.00S $ J 45
A Fine Showing oj Smart Trimmings
For Tailored and Dressy IF ear
In flowers, ostrich, wings, paradise, bands and hair
ornaments. Special attention given to novelties.
Prices range from 35c to $50.00
Toilet Goods
"Elgold" Sets
A beautiful set, consisting of twelve pieces of Ivory
Grain Toilet Articles; each piece has a border and Old
English initial.
Hair Brush, Clothes Brush, Mirror, Comb, 'I
Puff Box, Shoe Horn, Frame, Button Hook,
Pin Box, Clock, Nail File, Nail Buffer.
Value $22.00 per set
Also rpecial values in Plain Ivory Grain Hair Brushes,
Mirrors, Combs, Boxes, Manicure Pieces, etc., etc.
Prices include an engraved monogram.
We have received our Fall importations from the lead
ing French and American manufacturers. All the
favorite perfumes kept in regular stock.
Broadway & 20th St.; 5th Ave.; 19th St.
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