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Gossip and Sidelights
Of the Campaign and Men
Who Do the Fighting
I ' -t Registration in Greater New york in
l7.rt Two Days Puzzling to the Leaders of
All the Political Parties.
Itfttl rerlstrstlon In flrsstsr New
'V r. th first two 1ay has been
in at the surprises of the campalrn.
"'i . nlnr of It I- pnr.tle to polltl-
l students a wnll aa ths lesiers of
til partlea. Only Friday and Fsturdar
ot this week rnmaln for voters to tat
thalr names down If thsy ara to avail
themselves of thalr riant of eultras It
la hanijy poeslbl that tha remalnlnc
two day will sir aufflnont tlmo to
rareoma tha loss sustalnsd. One rsa-
m tfiet Bona of tha three PrssldentlsJ
iBdMatea meeta with tha favor of aJI
a poop la. This reason can hardly
to tha three nominees for Oov-
1 and liatei tha explanation atlU a
WMeoo Is at Princeton resting
tha fatigue of hla long tour.
Tlrad aa ha -sets ha waa aqua! to two
hanqnata and apaachaa on Saturday
aaWht and ha remaned New Tork aa lata
aa t o'ajaok In tha afternoon. The
PreaMsntUl nominee will
to Princeton until Wednesday
Durtac tha raat of th waak
tour New Hampshire and
Baa next hla apeedh-maJdns
wfll ba in Delaware and Weal Vlr-
What the Ml Bull Monee wfll do to
MoKlnley. Cannon ar.d Denaon ought
to be worth tha price of a paid ad
mission. What th friends of the trio
mey lo In return la alao worthy of
Mrs. Nicholas Ion;worth, dmis-nter of
former President Roosevelt, wns In Chl
eno on Saturday and yeatiTrtey. She
waa the ruest of Mrs. Jlsxllll McOur-
mlck, end on Saturday afternoon the
two ladlea took tea with the Colonel.
From Kansas oomes the sad newa that
tho treasury of the Bull Moose la empty.
It la worae than busted, for tha com
mltti'e M $2,000 in the hole. In addition
to this m.oou are necessary to alone get
out the aample of the fac-almile of the
ballot and put H Into the hands of every
voter In tha Stats. Th. men behind the
movsmsnt have put up their own mony
In the cause and have sent out for help.
And they firmly declare that they will
get the help.
Oongresamaa William 8. Bernet. can
didate for re-election, mads an Impres
sion on one man at least at Carnegie
Hall on Saturday nUrht when he spoks
for the Republican party. This man
aald as he was going out: "There's one
thing I'm glad I cares hers for. It's a
cinch I'll never vote for William fl.
Bennet." And Conjrrcaiman Bennet had
been bemoaning tha fats of thirty-eight
Congressmen who wouldn't go back to
Congress because of the formation of
the Bull Moose party, ile a ona of the
John Hays Hammond, onoe a aranlng
engineer for the Quggenhelma, later a
mining promoter and now a farmer In
Mnaaarh urtts, and. Incidentally, a Taft
booster, says tha "Bull Moose hean't a
chance." Tha Colonel may take some
comfort from the fact that John Hays
aald the asms thing of Ooldfleld, Nev.
OoMfleld later enjoyed a bigger boom
than the BuH Moose la having now,
and turned out to be the rlohsst gold
camp In the world.
It's pretty near time the Republican
National Committee told how much
money It has raised for the campaign,
and what was done with H. Yes, pretty
near. The stump speakers glorify the
OU) party by shouting from tha plat
form, baoka of trams and soap boies
that they're the fellows who demanded
publicity of campaign contributions. Tea,
they are. They are the only fellows too
who haven't msde their contributions
public. A few more days now and they
have to 'feas up and tell where thry got
the money to run all thoae apeclal tralna
I after the other fellows, to hire halla
land brass banda. speakers and siitorrm.
' bliss. Corns on, Brother Utiles; Conic,
Mttle Brother of the Rich.
! Gov. Johnson of California waa re
1 reived wMh open arms in Philadelphia
I by the people and the press. Newa
' comes to ths Bull Moose headquarter
I that hla meetings have ben jammed
and that thousands have been turned
away from the doors Ths Times gavs
him half a pags; the Ledger and ths
Record each a page and the North
American three pages. "If Johnson
Isn't elected vi ..-President." aald a BuH
Moose this morning, "ths people of the
country wUI at least know that Cali
fornia has got a Governor."
The Water wagons will parade to-day
If it doesn't rain. Prohlbhlon Presiden
tial Candidate Chsiln Is In town and
will apeak In ssveral places.
Ths Proarrssslvs party wants to Inaugu
rate a series of debates on the Issues of
ths campaign. They have sent out a
ehallengs on behslf of Dean fleorge T.
Klrrhway of Columbia College to the
I'emorratlc National Committee, and
the challenge has been accepted. The
o mnattee will try to get President
Rmerltua Charlea W. ICIIot of Marvarl.
They have wired to him and enpect an
answer some time to-day. Another chal
lenge has bean Issued on behalf of
Bourke Cochran. The debates are to be
held In the public school sssembly halls.
Woaaaa Reaaovedl Rarly la Moraine;
to Peychopathlc Ward.
Mrs. Catherine Lambert, forty-one, of
No 13 Howard avenue, Brooklyn, waa
removed early to-day from Melba Sani
tarium at No. SB Mnlonnj(h street,
that borough, to th psychopathic ward
at ths Kings County Hospital.
About o'clock, Mrs. I am hart, who
had been In the sanitarium for three
weeks suffering from a nervous break
down, began acting so strangely that
the nurses were alarmad and aent for
her private physician. Dr. C. R Vogt of
No KB Lewis avenue. Dr. Lews-Is called
In Dr. Poole of It John's Hospital and
ths two doctors Sfred II was necessary
to send Mrs. Imbert to the p ho
pathlc ward
Mra With Revolver (let (aah la
I nltrd Clarar Stare.
While Edward Dantlger. clerk In the
United Cigar Store at No. 14 First avs
nue. was closing his shop early to-d
two men entered.
What will you haver' asksd Usn
Hgsr. Everything we can carry away, '
ssld one of tha men, pointing a blue
steel revolver at the clerk.
"Thank you," murmured ths clerk
mechanically as he backed awsy before
ths threatening weapon Into the stork
room at ths rear of the stora
The holdup men took from the open
ssfs I1M In bills ami a quantity of
silver. Aa thsy stuffed the money In
thrlr pockets, they warned Dsnslger
not to laars ths stockroom for ten
minutes aftsr they had gona Dan
slgsr was able to give no description
of ths robbers beyond the feot they
were large and bloodthirsty.
Hair coming out? If dry, brittle, thin or your scrip
itches and is full of dandruff Uaa "Danderin."
Within taa minutes after an applica
tion of Daoderlne von cannot find
ingle trace of dandruff or a loose or
fslnng hair and your scalp will not itch.
Iiut what will please you moat will ba
after a few weeks' use, when voti will
actually see new hsir, fine and downy at
first yes but really new hair grow
ing sit over the scalp.
A little Danderine will immediately
double the beauty of your hair. No dif
ference bow dull, tadrd, brittle and
scraggy, just moiaten a cloth with Dan
derinr'and carefully draw it I hrnugh your
hsir, taking on small strand at a lime.
The affect is faslat fl hair will be
light, fluffy and wavy, and have an ap
pearance of abnndsaios; an inc ore para I lr
lustra, luftatet nasi hnaoiance, the
beauty and shlmsaar of tree hair health.
Ret a M cant bottle of Knowltoa'a
Danderina frosa any drag store or toilrt
counter, end prove to yourself to-night
now that your hair it aa pretty em
soft at any that It hat been Mgler'ev
or injured by careless treatment that's
all you surely can have beautiful hair
and lott of it if you will jnst try a little
Cost of Living Lower
Specials for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday H
At tha meeting of the Civic Reform
at Carnegie HaB on Saturday nlghl
Congressman William 8. Bennet, who
SRoks for tha Republican party, and
Stephen A. Wise, who appeared
tha Democratic party, got thslr big- !
applause when they mentioned ,
aoosevslt's name. When Mr. Bennet I
nhlshsd he was given a good hand for SS
Taft to show that titers was no hard KSj
feeling. When Rabbi Wise sat down I
yssi ie vi im nuuaa. it was iuny as tonK IKSnI
. Sinn iirvw as me one wnicn naa nicr-
eaipted Mm when he mentioned Roose-
v sui. jane AwiTiii, wno was ins i ess
wal of ths crowd. It was a Rooaevelt
house without doubt and everybody had
lo pay to get In.
Wl'.Ilnm Sulser, Democratic nominee
or l "femur, visited the flei-t this
nrtilug in hla capacity of Chairman
of r''.H lluufle Committee on Foreign
.it :!s. Thll afternoon he speaks
for. ihs Wert Side Business Men's
. tl .loore and Washington
. To.norrOW hw has several
In f 111 tha city and a banquet at
. fiats Club It) !hn evenlmt. WeJnes
. hi attends the Tam:nany Hall ratl
K;lon mttllng ana mskes several
ef !n the Bronx. On Thursday
.i iai s for h.s campaign up-State and
s?isl I on lh go until Election Iay.
A drummer wandered Into the Bull
f.ose haadqlhtftafi thla moniinu and
told row he had won five dollars on
bet n a train up-State. He bet tha:
nure votes would be polled on the train
for Roosevelt tiian for Wilson. Thlrty
sls votes were polled with the follow
ing result: Roosevelt. 17; Wilson, 0j
Taft, P. Asked what hid become of the
remaining four votes ths drummer said.
"Oh. they wouldn't vote. They told us
to go to boll."
Col. Bryan refused to meet Col.
Roosevelt tn dnbate at Cleveland.
(Bryan's tour In Ohio was to occupy
three stays and waa to and In Cleveland
on Oct 22. The Bull Moose of that city
s soured the biggest hall In town for
tkt night, leaving a big tsnt to Bryan.
I TUlMiust, wlMS ,n Ik. U.llnn.l
-ystnmlttss to arrange for a uel ate.
)th tha raault that Bryan's dates
sare anrstohed and his thma In Ohio cut
vjrwn to two days. Ha will apeak In
fit rait nl on Monday night, Oct. 21, the
Col. Rooaevelt reaahes
( Mir sales arc cnormotis ! Price and quality tell !
H pacific m Off I
Tit ulilil T. It speaks In Champaign,
TBL Thla ta tha home of Congressman
saffjjassn B. MoK Inlay, who managed
(Task' a rantre'gn for nomination. It It
that there will be
doing at to-ntght't meeting.
First of the . Ih
DOUMe liff O sthkatnCt 7 he.- OeTC
Tipoed luaitllCS 1 - u
a n a nk n s n
i v wwuru ga g
02ltS " " - Pica.. 7 C
a can
V.mcr.l !
SalltlOn can. 15c
Starch - 2 lbs 7C
M t RS AI.I.'N
Wimi m -I i o price of eg n I
price f 't!2s hiiM a'i-
h$H than tSo. h dor.
leg fk rW Stamps I with 1 can A&P
31UU FREE j Baking Powder, 50c
Extra SifC Stamps w leas and Coffees
:0 Stampt V'ik Suliana Collce 30c 40 Stamps with lib. La 40c
25 Slampi inllAmbok-a CoKtc 32c 60 Stamps with lib. Tea 50c
30 Stamps V'i'!' El'Vyad Coffee 35c 75 Slumps with 1 lb. Tea 60c
400 Storet in the U. S.
Thin Pricei tor tin KUIropolitin District Only
a icttni saw v sa nrsa at sa . amu. : - ms aur cn w icil. m n an
Visit the Electric Tea Room at the
Electrical Exposition and
Automobile Show
This Great Exposition is aa Interesting to Children at to Women and Men
New Grand Central Palace
LeaasstsaAvsi. ud4Mk St. A.i Q 1Q
11 A.M. tell P.M. 157
The New York Edison Company
30 Yean At Your Service
Men's Fall and Winter
Suits and Overcoats to Order
At $23.50
This is a special and limited offering, the
economy of which may be judged from the fact that
our regular merchant tailoring prices for these
fabrics, made up in the same way, are $30 to $32
for a Suit or Overcoat.
But we arranged specially for these fine all-wool
fabrics, to make this offering possible. They in
clude blues, grays, browns and mixtures for the
Suits, in cheviots and unfinished worsteds. And
smart Winter overcoatings, including chinchilla.
Our guarantee of perfect fit, with aa many try-ons as are
necessary to assure it.
923.60 and you're sure of satisfaction. Fourth Floer
Taupe at the Top-Notch
Here In 30 Distinct Fabrics
This discreet, but pleasing color, borrowed from the sleek
coat of our retiring friend the mole, is enjoying the spot-light
of popularity this season.
Paris, which invented the color and its name, has said so
et cela sujjil.
Consequently, the Gimbel Dress Goods Salons present
a surprisingly large collection of the Dress Fabrics of the
hour some thirty of them in varied shades of taupe.
Here is the new Brocaded Eponge, the shaggy Diagonal
Velour, a collection of Whipcords, Wool Corduroys, Serges,
Matclasse, Cheviots, Velour de Laine and other smart tailor
weaves. Then there are Prunellas, Henriettas, Broadcloths
and many others; and prices run from 76c to $9.60 a yard.
The woman who is tip-toeing towards Taupe for her
Autumn costume, will enjoy the showing. Second Floor
Women's 18-Button Boots
at $3.75
High Boots are the fashion, as every
woman knows.
Also they are sensible and comfortable in
stormy weather, with a wet skirt swishing
around one's ankles or on cold days.
These at 93.76 are of a quality usually
sold at $5, though hardly as good as our reg
u!r $5 GIMBEL grade.
In tan Russia calf, gun-metal, and Eclipse
patent coltskin, on a graceful last. Also a
16-button model, in white Nu-buck, at the
same price 93.76 a pair. Second Floor
Tomorrow Morning
November Butter ich Patterns
The Delineator and Butterick Fashions
will be presented in our Pattern Section, Second
These authentic patterns of the newest styles will
disclose many ideas for the home dressmaker.
The Blanket & Comfortable Sale
Gives You Wide Choice as
to Price
With the attendant satisfaction of knowing that
whatever price you pay, whether it be $3.75 or $14
a pair for Blankets, or $2 or $13.50 for a Comfortable,
you are actually saving Rood money.
That's the way we planned the Sale -to meet every
preference and fit every pocketbook, with Gimbel
Bed Coverings, at welcome economies.
Besides the price-extremes vvc have just mentioned, there It
a fine lot of Ulankets at 95 pair; another in the MttrelORg
size, 72x90 inches, at 96, and so on up.
There are down-filled Comfortables at 96, with figured sa'fcn
covering and 'J-ineh piuin border, which one rarely finds at
su'h a low price; ;.- well a- other equally Intorwting groups.
Altogether it is a good lime for housekeepers to see lo it th..
their bids are properly filled out with sufficient coverings for
cold Winter nights. Sacond riuor
- . gggj Egg tgp
You Might Expect to Find in Constantinople
To Compare with This Amazing Gimbel Sale
Today you see, scattered about on the
ground as though they were Autumn leaves, dis-
flayed on pillars, or ranged in great piles, over
ORTY-FIVE HUNDRED Oriental Rugs, each
of which is priced at a very real saving. This is
no fancy estimate, of numbers, but under-esti-mat.es,
if anything, the extent of the Sale, with
out including the rest of our stock, marked at
our regular though always moderate prices.
It is a combination of unusually fine pur
chases from importers, with a large one direct
from Constantinople, to which we have added
several large groups from our stock, that makes
such a vast gathering possible.
We have equaled some of the separate
items from time to time, in respect to their price
savings. But never, in any previous Gimbel
Rug Occasion, have we offered so many fine
groups at such great economies throughout.
We call especial attention for tomorrow,
first, to a group of about twenty
Ghorevan Carpets, About 10x14 Ft., at $165
Our Usual Prices Being from $226 to 6286
These are superb Rugs, in bold designs, and ivory
or tan, rose and blue colorings, so effective in dining- .
rooms and living-rooms, and capable of a vast amount of hard service. Also
A Collection of Persian Eugs at $22.60
containing many unusually fine specimens with much of the beauty of Sarouk Rugs, and ordi
narily priced at $30 or more.
And Then These Other Treasures for Rug Lovers
DafheiUn, Shirr ftn and Gablrtaa Rugs
An unusual lot for discriminating purchasers.
At 910 to MS, usually $22.60 to I7S.
A apecial lot of Daghestan Ruga at tlt.M.
Bokhara Sufs
unusual quautiaa, including soma genu
India Ruff Leu than Half Price
About 9x12 ft.. $97.80, usually $216 to 1260.
About 10x14 ft., 9110, usually $296 to 1400.
Persian Carpets
About 9x12 ft., tBS, usually $150.
Small Turkish Carpets
7 ft. 6 In., s 10 ft. 6 In., $37.60, usually $66 o $70.
Fine Klrmanshah Carpets
About 9x12 ft. and larger, at $196, $226 and $260, usu
ally $300 und over.
Anatolian Mats
Good colorings
and weaves; useful sha
$7.60 and $9.60, usually $10 and
Many Small Rufa
Klrmanshah, about 4 ft. x 6 ft. 6 In., at $26 and $4S,
usually $76 to $115.
Kirmanshah, about .1x5 ft., at $36, usually $46 to $76.
Kirman and Sehna Mata, at $0.70, uaually $16.
Sarouk Ruts
About 4 ft. x 6 ft. fl in., at $36 and $48, uaually $66 to $85.
About SsJ ft., at $29.60 and $36, uaually $46 to $66.
nuJna antluuei.
At $18.80 to $78; conaarvativa values, $30 to $125.
Oriental Hall Runners
10 to 14 ft. long and about 8 ft. 8 Inches wida, $27.60,
usually $46 or mora.
Fine specimens, mostly antique, at $48 to $48, usually
$66 to $96.
Imperial K aah an Rufs
Nearly as fine as Persian Silk Ruga.
About 4 ft. G In. x 6 ft. 9 in., at $188 and $T$8, usually
$216 to $276.
Beluohiatan Run
A splendid group of over 600.
At $8.76, $12.60, $1$ and 818.80, usually $18 to $88
Kaiak Rugs
Thick-piled, durable and strong.
At $88 to $88. usually $80 to $80. UzU. Floor
C&e draped SSloudc
Different l Clever I Artistic! Char mini!
Just from Paris, and Reproduced in Brocaded Charmeuse at $16.7
What next will Fashion do? Well, we don't
think that women will bother about that when
they see this Blouse, for they will feel content that
no more beautiful blouse could have been created
to wear with the new tailored suits whose aldrts
are draped.
If you have seen the skirts that are draped
just below the knees, you are acquainted with their
gracefulness, and will have an idea of this Blouse,
which is draped likewise from the point of It
collar to the waistline. Its sailor collar la exquls
ilcly dainty black Brussels net, with over-collar
of white shadow lace. The quality of the bro
caded t'lutrmeuse is superb. $16.76.
Chiffon Blouses at $5 to 429.50
If in i'aris. vou would nav manv times our
prices, for these Blouses are reproduction of im
Iortf d models that each cost us from $30 to $115. Thoae that
are trimmed with fur are quite unique.
"Prince Imperial" Crepe de Chine Blouses, $5
This softly pleated frill that just ripples over the revere of a
coat is not the only fascinating feature of this Blouse, for it has the
flat ci. liar that gives an Mi istic tone.
Crepe de Chine and Charmeuse Shirts, $6.95
The Robespierre si vie, of course with either long, tapering dress sleeves finished with
frills oi shadow laoe, or tailored shirt sleeves. Silks of such luxurious qualities are never
expected In Blouses at thla price, Hut we always endeavor to do the unusual 1 Sd Floor
THiarr-THMt MX.

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