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"Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to All."
Caorrlsfct. iniO. br The frMa r.ihli.hi..
Co. (The Now V.rU World
Box Score of 7th Game
a. h. pa a. e.
Ccvore, rf... . 2 I 3 1 0
Doyle, 2b 3 3 13 2
Snodgr's. cf . . 1 2 I 0 0
Murray, .. 0 0 1 0 0
Mcrkle, lb... I 2 10 0 1
Herzog, 3b. .. 2 I 0 2 0
Meyers, c 1 4 6 0 0
Fletcher, ss. . 113 3 0
Tesreau, p . . . 0 2 0 6 0
Wilson, c 0 I 2 0 0
R. H. PO. a. a.
Hooper, rf... . 0 I : C 0
Yerkes. 2b.. . . 0 0 2 2 0
Speaker, cf. . . 114 0 1
Lewis, If 113 0 0
Gardner, 3b.. 112 0 0
Stahl.lb 0 I 10 0 o
Wagner, nr.. . 0 1 4 3 0
Cady. c ! 0 1 1 0
Wood, p 0 0 0 1 0
Hall, p 0 3 0 5 1
World's Scries With Red Sox 3 to
With To-Morrow's Game in
Boston the Final for
the Title.
Totals II 17 27 15 3' Totals . . . 4 9 27 12 2
.rtaac i ttti rr f'-r .in. '?. "nfr ...xj! V in onr inniiili'eff tfatl, U la eihf
inning. Bast OH Hilt Off TofOOU, ft: off Wood, ll off Hall, r.. I Wee on Errors
Now Vnrk. Host) ii. t tin PnOSO fTpsT York, I; Uooton, li. Struck Out
0y y-ioii, iiv vkc. oj ,y null. I. HwtM nwOf Ooislnti Doylo, two
Base 1 lit tfsnodgras. Meyer. FlotchOT, !Ol1, bOWla, Stolen speVOSta-DOTOfa anil
DOftoi DOVUCO. Houhle I'lio Sonrnkri' MBBtsflfllfti YVI1.1 Flt he Tcrcau -.
Hit by Plloagr Oara'iior.
Only Good Hit Off Tesreau Was
Home Run by Gardner in
m tfie Second Inning.
0 0 0 2 1
1 0 0 0 2
0- 4
(Speclsl to T .. I .eiilna W r I )
FENWAY PARK. HOSTON. Oct. 13. Tho Giants administered a rrtioh
lng defeat 1a tho Had Sox thin afternoon by a score- of 11 to 4 and put thtm
selves on an oven footing with the Red Sox for the World's Championship.
Each club has DOW won three Karnes anil the deckling content will be played
lwre to-morrow.
drove) a long- fly to Murray In left. Law la
mi an etiay victim on a grounder that
Her jog threw to Merkle. MO HITS. NO
The blow that vent a shiver down
the apintl of the Rod Hox rOOtT was
the complete downfall of Joe Wood, til"'
man who m expected torlp the iSlatit.
Into hit. Wood Waa knoi ke.1 from the
oox under .i ottowor of hllo In tho Brat
latitat which netted Now Vork .-ix
runa find t!ie Rami-. The bitting star"
of ... fiay WOI D: le and Meye--.
trtongli anybody could bit tho hull for
that matter.
After the game, more than a, thou
sand Ited iivx ruOlOia with a I.....I to
lead them nun 'ied around tho Bold hoo.
tag 'the Boi ton m.m.iKenient bOOaUM
Ihey were deprived of their SpOcIOl eeats
to-day. At the .-wine rim.-, (hay would
follow the boon for .i ohaor f"t :he NVtv
York maciafc'einiMU which oH 01 do -'
tlon fur IhOm .n the Polo tlmundn.
Devote swuiiK al the. ffiond ba l and
rolled a flow grounder to YVacnei' Tor
ti Infield hit. l.arrv Doyle went aft",
ice ft ret ona and hinaalnd a corking r:n
gl Into centre, advancing .Tosh to ec
ond. Detormined to play a ruahlna game
Doyle and TJovore got a Mg lead on
Wood and made a clean double gtOOl
Tala Inatantly rattled Joe Wood and
put In the froove for Snudgraaa. The
tVllfornlan aniaahed It Into right for
Goaded by John F.McIntyre on Cross
Examination, He Snaps and Snarls.
Makes an Apology, but Lawyer
Won't Accept It.
Sam Schepps, Jack Rose's silent partner in shady enterprises with
out the pale of the law, was called to the stand to-day before Justice
GofT, in extraordinary term of the Supreme Court, at the trial of Police
Lieutenant Charles Becker to corroborate the Slate's, witnesses in their
confession of the murder plot.
While Schepps was on the stand the Chief of Police of Bridgeport,
Conn., sent word that he had two men in cusu-Jv who cHm ti have
been eye-witnesses of the murder of Herman Rosenthal. Deputy As
sistant District-Attorney Grofh was sent to Bridgeport to Investifste
their sories.
Under the lead of Hw, Ajateiant DiatrkUAttprqey Sdiepp a Jap.
per little nun with the ".rotesquely SOkBITJ t:ountejijn;e, relaW.U'i.rnrt
he had "innocently" played as paymaster to the gunmen, "Gyp the
Blood." ' l.etv LouK" "Whitey Lewi'! and "Do 1-rank." He swor
i llUUULf LLI U UumUISiUm "
miniirn ruriiiiin uinni n
rnUNto tVtffi WUKLU
Latest Bulletin Indicates Roosevelt's
"Wound Is eribus:::--Chief Ele
ment o Danger Is Infection .AU
Visitors Are Barred and Complete
Rest Ordered for Victim.
In the second Hall : sent In to plt.-h
for the Red Sox. Manager Htalil det'o
'.rs to aave "Yeod for t : other le:'. Hall
was wild at tiie atari and gave Devote
h baog on balls. levore go, a flying
tar' and made a clean ideal of necond
tXr.lv .In to' bil i .11. and- A.fU.'d!
Hall for another base .111 bulla. I)e or I ,ie had
tu ... a blK load oft uncon. I and Hall inj ie
a ant ell throw . tVatnirr. who nli-Ked
him off tho r and touchei iiim oat. i that he had never be.'.iJ .1 whisper 4f tilO RlUfier )ret; that he was a
win, iht eouni at.nding two .nd thm Le) o1 deaf mute metMncer boy w ho ran errands for hit food friend
an at Mr-. Si) 1 lpra.ni drove a all . . . "T. " """a
Into rttht. advancing Doylo to aecond. i Rose without questioning 1 he motive or purpose ot the errandi.
.M .rrui waited unt I the count stoyd two ' a pr ci- nrr WITU
91HI lanrfi a VOI men u. inru u iiimm
otnotaof play to got Doylo off Moone, but i
wheu Wegner tried (O 'doc i..y! t.'to
bull iMiudM aw' cent'' e-id DoytO I
Mured while BnndangOi went lo third, j
UurTOy w- out on a nigh pop n' to
WacaOF WOjCh wa not for enouarh out
lor Snodgi eax to ayore. Merkle final; .
retired the aldi on a liot grounder that
Warier throw to flr.it. OKK HIT. O.VK
Famous Surgeon Says: "The Indi
cations Are That He Will Get
Well, the Chief Element of
Danger Being Infection."
1 .11
The Evening World called Dr. John B. Murphy, the famous Oii
cago surgeon, who is In charge of the case of Col. Roosevelt, on the long
distance telephone at 2 o'clock this afternoon and conversed with him
about the Colonel's condition. Dr. Murphy was at Mercy Hospital in
Chicago and had just left his distinguished patient.
"Can The Evening World say to the people of New York, as com
ing from you, that Col. Roosevelt will get well? "Dr. Murphy was asked.
"The Evening World may say," he replied, "that the Indications are
that the Colonel will get well. Unless complications set in unless blood
poisoning or some other form of infection intervenes the Colonel will
"He has the advantage t a splendid physique, unlimited courage
and abounding cheerfulness, lie tolj mc only a short time ago, and I'll
give it to you in his own language :
'; 'DoCi.ir, ii wiil take more than on., bullet i'iOTH a ihorl gun !o
kill a Bull Moose.'
"Do you regard Col, Kecsevelfs wound as serious?"
World asked.
". d.) regard ti is sertotKcplitd DrritTOfpriy. 'TRe'lRSI element
of danger, 's"t said, CDTtie. from possftto inftilton; anr we" dbA6t know
a yet whether there i- Infection or not,
X-Ray Photographs Locate tho
Bullet in Chest, but Surgeons De
cide Not to Probe for It Mrs.
Roosevelt Starts for Chicago to
Join Husband.
CHICAGO. Oct. IS The following supplemental bul- 4
letin was issued by the surgeons in attendance upon CoL
Roosevelt at 3 o'clock (4. o'clock New York time) : -
"Thi Is not u mere flenh wound, but a $eriou$
wound in the che$t, and quietude U eaaential.
The outlet before entering the Colonel's chesl. i.-ej throuvii in
i he
After taking two strlkea Mariner
long two-bagger, scoring both Doyle and rmaahed a long drive that hit the ground
Davore. Having not the Hox on tlie run In deep centre and bounced over '.he rail
Murray aacrlllced to Stahl and flood-! for a home run. the flrat of the aeries,
grata took third. The wind fooled Lewis Stahl lifted a hgh foul to Meyer Wag
on Merkle high ona to left and tba ball ner'a bounder Jumped iway from Tea
fell safe for two baaaa, acorlng flnod- j reau. but Fletcher got It and nailed
graas. Wood got Herzog'a eharp . Wagner at llrat. Cady atruok out after
bounde: and threw to third I ntlme to
head off Merkle. While Merkle waa be
ing run down Henog went to aecond
and acored a moment later when Meyers
rammed a ehot ddn the third base Hue
that went like a bttJM for two baa. a
Fletcher followed thla by driving a not
smaah pant flrat for two baaee that aen:
Meyara alnnlng around to third. Tes
reau then cracked a ahot off Wood's
wrist for a ulnglo that acored Meyis
and sent Fletcher to third. The Sox were
o rattled that Tasreim walked a fake
ateal off second, and while they were
running him down Fletoher ran home
with the tilth, run. Teareau was then
'"uehed out at aecond hy Wagn i
Tawtau oppoarad to he quit Moody.
and got tWO Itrlkel m et-on HuBBOr He
then wabhied a Utile and ftV three
ball!, but put the next one ovoi and
Hooper hsd struck out, The w'nd was
Mowing such a gale it nas vary dlfll
OUll (Of the oltcbsra i" control thO ball
an we as for the ftttdsri 10 cat' h lliam.
Verkea tooi. !.! time and got a naae
on halls. Ulg JefT not two t i . k o over
nil piiker. And 01 ihe nexi swing he
having threu balla called on him. ON hi
After taking two atrlke-, Hersog got
hold of a fast one and rammed It over
... i ifor a clean alngle. Meyera
anapped tho first nn squarely on the
nose and almost knocked down Lewis
with a single u left, advsnclng Hsrsug
i to second. Fletcher attempted to sjg0
I rlfice, hut Hall got the hall and by a
wonderful throw got It o Qatdner In
time to force out Heriog Tetrea i was
1 out on a alow npller o the hou, but It
nerved to advance Meyers and PtOtCbOT,
IDovoro .-mas'icd a longdrlvs Into right
that Hoogor caught after a run. He
caught sure home run. TWO HIT.''.
j M'rlde got HaH'l alow gromdar. but
Tereaii failed to gft to tho has 111 I
I time. .Merkle'a peg. however, went v. Id, I
lalliwlng Hall tu take NCond. Itoopai
ai ne I a lean single t., ,.r , ,. .
Ivonetna to third, u iook..ii Jf if
j Tesreau was gpttllf worried snd l .
i'rsw hurried Matty BUI "i the side '
iw etnn up, i ika strui K aa
after getting, thiee 1.4IIS oil In n ',
He lud Ixen busy ai a bee In the interest oi the conspirator!
had heard the name He:ker mentioned In damaging connections
nevtr once had the lifclvt broken in upon his guileless minJ.
The witness was a little jerky and not .is coherent a narrator as Rent
or Webber or Vallort, but he .stuck to the main tacts of their testimony e case
anu uccdoiuny useu pnr.iscs mai n.tu i.tneu irom meir lip while on the
stand. His poke on the .stand was graceful and negligent and now and
then 'ne would illustrate with a dainty gesture.
His direct testimony consumed little more than .11 '-our of the fore
noon session and then came the cross-examination by Junn P, Jvklntyre
and a heckling which swiftly transformed the breezy Mr. Schepps from a
cooing dove into a snapping turtle. He braced himself at first for the
ordeal and met the first volley of questions concerning his previous oc
cupation as an opium smuggler with stoical calm.
At one point In the eroa-examlnat.in
John F. Mclntyre asked ohoppg abiut
carrylntf the $1,000 to puy the ganimui
for th" murder.
"Don't yon know," ha ooked,
"that aVoie wasn't with yon at all
that yon ware the murder pay
asaotert" aoheppo bounded far out of his
stat, oil face purple with passion.
TtrKrrr nmrr
K.ir all Caaatl. I'.nlrsl. fr.uih Aiacri.-aa sal
Haraiihl. .- . :n.ie I, 'in, Trire.ltiV he- ki snl
nnwj erdero. rlsitci.. .tit lisi .. nsw'S ikiu
uf. dlf . 1 vig a, fin Wcirlt tun: HUtMU
MiSHls. I'aU'.ier u.. .. 11 ., 1.:.. ... 1. 1 fus
vw. K X. IcUnaa UeUaus iOOv. .
"'oullnut- I.r Nlatttt:
1 3Ss S3. 'F'SJfet.JUiii '
I Kt.ail
si las Aiau. Mstnul C
Judge a Newspaper
by the Number and
Class of Its Readers:
The World not only bag s clfi ila -tion
In NVw York ''it;. Mornings
an S H IHdaygi ORKA'i'KIt than tit.,
Herald, Time... Hun. Trlbiina aid
I'res- CUMBlNWU, but Ihers were
printed lilt WO0K, Ol Ins'at.-s
wottr.n rbai, kmtai k,
S'ANCI AL" sttlV'liltTl M !..is.
And p!le ins!;.. 1 ia 1 ese
are the KlNU of adveitlsenfianls
at M-i! ' liW "J '.'.
.(Hunt a ila liapllal IBV0I
to t.
that Isnguags,"
' ssld lohtapa,
"If yon say that ,ou
Us," abouted Boheppa.
"I will be a .'sotlsmaa u the
preoeaee of the Court," said Mr
Molatyre. lltsraUy shaking with
rags, while Attorney Wart stood
beside him, prepared to r. strain
him If aseeasary.
1 iu niuHt not use
earned JuotlOf Qoff,
1 bag vour pordon
qulotly and oollsotadlt
"I wsat no apologias from that
thing," shouted Mr. Mclntyre.
M did not apologlia to you.
Ks apologlssd to ths Court in-
(Co.tt.niifil on Pourth I'age i
Ilo.lon I'floOaOf tccn.eil n, Polios
of t 1 11 11 1 poa
BoaTu.v, i l Robort Ulbaun i,ri
mar of Ballefonte, ia. waa arrooto
e I i- I 11 d a 1 1 U ng a fug.
live from istuo in Wlnnlpot, in ,
The Wiiii. i . , poltt'O oargid bin mill
, ... lor 11 l".'" gfid !' .forget;.,
P0I4TICAI PAHTTKs ami orilKns
uML.i 11. a in is. 1 . l. . o.us
.i .i.. aesuua iS. u 01
e . k'lali. 4.H faliiaBS
tas .
iVaslii Bi&iaat'
overcoat, his upjercoal, hi vest
per.ders. Possibly -nine of ti
ihe suspenders was carried into the wound. We have not probed the
course ol the bullet, which entered one" incii to the right ol and below
the nipple aikt passe,) tmir inches along the .hc si avail,
1m '.'Have yajqi'ecided-uu a" uperaUuu-U' jaa" iM. tin. Lutlic 1 H"
"Not yet. Our future course will depend on tlie developments of
All we can do now is watch the wound and the patient and act
according to whatever necessity may arise, The Colonel is resting com
fortably and is cheerful and optimistic. He teels very little pain. So
long as he remains in his present condition we shall feel greatly encour
aged." "Will it be possible for the Colonel to resume the speechmaking
tour mapped out fnr him before election?" L)r. Murphy was asked.
"I hardly think so," as the reply. ' He is very anxious to go
on, but is more than reasonable in his acquiesence with our advice. I do
not think it will be possible to remove Col. Roosevelt from this Hos-
j pital before the expiration of ten days. This prognostication is made on
his present condition. He must remain under observation until all
(danger of complications ha . passed."
"Will we be accurate in saying that the Colonel is now in the
hands of hi-, physicians waiting lr lime to tell whether the wound will
heal or infection will develop'"
"That about expresses the situation. Col. Roosevelt lias the be-t of
care. His wife Is on the way Id Chicago or will M.irt from New York
thi- afternoon. There ii nothing lo do bul wail and watch and be In
Instant readiness to cope with any untoward symptom which may make
itself known."
This i i emenl coming direct from Dr. Murphy may be taken as
ihe actual diagnosis, as II were, ol Col. Roosevelt's case, it is a (rank
statement In thai ii doe not seek to minimize Ihe seriousness of Col.
Roosevelt's Injur; .
Di John ii alurpby I uno ol ib mn-'i pronilnool lurgooai in the
ii waa Df John u Murphy who Invontod. ami itorfocttd the ''Jlunlh
Button" now used in Icttitlaal uik"v 'he world ovar and tcknowltdcad
by surgeon m be one f ' !i BIOS I luportant uiMIMona to IllfglCal science
I he Murphy button Ij a CODtrlVgnri (Of holding loaotliar the severed -ii.!
of latoatlnn umi allowlaa ihani to 'i" ibli work wiuie iieaiiny from thu
Wound of he hurieun'a knife W inn liatUI'g Baa I oiuple'ed tho lisal'lttf
niocess tUC Muiytiy blittuu ll at)o.bcd into 10 t. .. u aud pM!CI 4i
(Upeclol to Tlie l.n ng World.)
CHICA(iO, Oct. IS. Col. Roosevelt is in Mercy Hospital in this
city under the observation of a corps of the most distinguished surgeons
and physians in the Middle West awainitg whatever course Nature ma)
take in the bullet wound inflicted by John Schrank in Milwaukee, las
night. X-ray photographs, taken this morning, have accurately locatec
the bullet and Its course, but the wound has not been probed, and ...
the present no attempt will be maJe to remove the bullet
I lie Evening! t t..o I . M. the fotowbig bojtothi was issued by physicians, af
I Lf"di'ii? 'Cjpt .R"oevelt ,u Mercy. Ijosnital:
"The examination oX.CdU Roosevell at P. M artntvoH flio h.
lempetature was 98.8; his pulse Ms respiration normal It milt
rrluSl have absolute quiet; must cease from t.itkinj
' W.'-JeP ;VI4lcssisV.' -
iiim to breathe..
nns-v eU4-.
lev vliiti hi I i in lareltlal .... 4 u.' .
...i.v ....v. . .... rfll.i ill, .1 , . ,. .1 ..... .. . ...
, ,. , i ... . . 11 1111 "' ulc cAurrunaiion i.o . rcooseve dronpcj into a reace
cMh : ..;n !:is crftihr.. or maerfa mm I. , -i. .. . ir ... . . .. . . . . . -"- - -
.. ... . ' " . lui siecp. ins. ninsiciaus -ma t;ie sleep wnul.l 1IJ wonder ti v n ni
proving tii, condiiian.
Dr. .lameson ol Milwaukee arrived thi- afternoon with plates of X
raj:- he took of the wound last nigh; m-.VIw-.!kaea- af;.. Ct.!
Roosevelt wwi shot, hj wn contpiri the pmn vt-rrri xxssw raluw HT
diTy" bt ttltt WrjUHIf ftm .iTicmpi to ascerUth whemer the bullet ha,
While Col. Haoaavvit'l oWotdlUotj la hopeful he Is not out of thi' dacfo
that alwaya attends a gun!it wound should septic poisoning Intervent
The surgoona now aru waiting to see If blood iHilsonlng Uevelopo. If th
wound remains clean ami beala naturally then It will be up to Ur. Murpb
and hla nmoclntPH In the cain in dm-ldu whether to remove the bullet Iron
the muor.loa of the ( host wall or allow It to remain.
The news baa bcou received here ihat Judge Neelan of the District Cowr
In Milwaukee, before which Schrank was arraigned to-day, hoo ordered .
chemical teat of the bulleu remaining in Hchrunk'a revolvor. ThU toot wll
bei conducted by Prof E. W. Homer, head of the chemical department o
Marquette Cnlveroity, and the object Is to determine whether or not Us
bullettt were polsoued
Medlll McCortntOk. who saw Col. Uoosevelt at noon, sal 1 the Cnlono
nag sitting up in lied drinking tea. munching oaat and reading Macai
lay's essays. He talked to Mr McCormlck abou. the Bull Moose niovetueo
aud asked that 0. K. Uavla call to BM blm this afternoou.
The dot tora have nrslered the ahandoutiiout of the Kooaovelt campalg".
tour and h.t.- announced tba'. the (.'ulouel must atay here ten days at leas i
Col. KooHevelt is artfM to tills iirottrRiuiue. He wants to start back h
aoon us he Is able to get to ihe train. The Colonel reluctantly agreed t
abandon bis speech-making tOoTi his Jutlgnienl as Jo the aerlousneas of hi
wound eonfllctlna With thai ol the doctors. Even now he Is iiialatlng o
making at lata) on ipateh In NOW York on Oe. 26.
Col rtOOaOYOlt' secretary, K. K. Martin nnnnunced when the pholograp
was completed, thai the Injury appeared lu be only a minor one, and the
ihe patlanl n resting MUlly. "Ills pulse and respiratory actlou at
norinal.' said Mr Martin
Thai the surgeons thought B biau period of real necessary, however, w.i
alioan when Cnl HBOaaVOlt'i soorotartag announced that he probably woul
make no mora ipoaehoN i!iis raniMiga Propjiratloai for leoiovai t
th.tter Hay were SKeti lied and whoa thi lime Bpwaa for his Journey ovor)
thitiK win be proparad lo make it ai coasfortahti ai poasibie
'I'be following ItaUaTIOBt Wai i -ueil by the physicians after he X-raj
picture- bid been taken
' L'ol Kooaeie'ii naa jiui tetui "licfiTi'ilul "lue jUjarollBI room V b.io
stt of plate net rlRnue.wra are wattto, ivr Di. rjktaus 10 dcvciop taau

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