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.(viator Declares ChaiiftViirs
J Conspired to Turn Him
Over to Bandits.
Mnntclair Police Believe Maniac
or Mischievous Boys Carried
Off Precious Valise.
Chart" K. Hamilton, the si-later. ho
aeaa held up, robbed ind beaten In
taxlcab lul night, de-lured IkM morn
trig at n" hiom In Um Knl.'kertioscor
Hotel that h hJ no doubt ltii taxi
.h'!fT-ur who agstlnttrta the Jon hal
bean "liylng for him " Katalttral wh
nervous and shaky from the eftwts of
thg bMUni he m0Mii ami from
tome that ho belteyei the tixl
baejidlti jrert In tils drink.
-The whole tiling was nich a lever
a net apparently casual plant that they
iar) me practically at their he
the flying man had be-n to llionklvri
t vi.it aome OlNH at the Navv Yard
yaaterdty afternoon. Kor tlmt trip he
j,lr,n a touring ear from the Knicker
bocker aland. He return-d from
Brooklyn and .topped at lh- Impetlul
Hotel at about 6 o'clock. He dlsirilis.fl
1h touring ear when he went Into the
- ... . I. I. I ' . . L
Imperial and came up i -
backer about an hour later In tl
fr&m the Imperial aUnd.
I was to meet a man here at o'clock
Isit night." Hamilton ld. "tail as ll
was about fifteen mlntitea sf H r I 'Mien I
aot liar T thought I'll N "'r !h"
AtW to see M he the:e. OsIM tl
the aide entrance 1 stepped up to -all
luM bealde the subway entranca. It
wis not one of the cabs that itand at
th Knickerbocker, but I learned later
SZl ) bealde the auhway entrance
there la a apace long enough to accom
modate one taxi which la reaerved a
a bubllc atand.
"I told that chauffeur to take me to
th Aator, and on getting there told him-
to. wait for me. My friend waa not
there awl In a f.w mlnut. 1 took the
ante cab. telllnai the man to take tnr
ttaick to the Knickerbocker. The taxi
win a yellow one. It waa not the reg
ular 'yellow taxi.' but an .ndepend.-nt
Fnted yellow The chauffeur waa not
ti reformed.
"When Hit machine ran acroaa Forty-
flfh atreet toward Sixth avenue I
thought the chauffeur waa merely trylnK
to', make aa long a run aa possible out
otTthe trip hack to the Knickerbocker.
"About two-thlrda of the way to Hlxth
avnue the machine atoppeil and the
driver got out, muttering something
ahaut a uli i w -on i, and Just then another
yellow taxi cam along going weat on
Forty-fifth atreet. The driver ilowsd
down and apoke to my chauffeur aa If
l.e knew him, and then aald to ma: 'I'll
ta you along. Mr. Hamilton.'
rMv flrit driver looked up and aald:
'At right. Joe, you take Mr, Ibtmlltoii
back to the Knickerbocker,' and 1 go:
into the aecond machine. It waa yellow
but like the flrat waa all ucjep.-ndent. J
dlttn't think anything of th fellow'a
knowing my name.
"I waa Juat getting ilarted off In the
eeeond machine when three men ran up
and aald the) vianted a taxi la a hurry
and aaked If they could get In. They
were all well dreamed; one o( them car
ries a cane and one of them waa very
tB They had evidently been drinking,
and juat aa we atarted off again one
of. them pulled out a bottle and p.iued
tt (round. I took a swallow.
The three men Jumped on me ai I
aoak the drink, and although 1 put up
a lain and yelled for help the chauffeur
did) not aeem to notice anything. In fact
fcajtbrew off hla muffler au that the en
glne made a lot of nolae, drowning ou
an outcry wlthla. We were atlll about
twenty feet ahort of Sixth avenua when
nd threw m to the atreet. mltiua u
dagjnond pin worth Itou, a ring wui th
gt and gauo In cah.
"1 waa dased and 1 got another Jar
when my head hit the atreet. The car
hot around the corner and disappeared.
Too number waa smudged up with
Create and all 1 recall waa a 6 In too
Hamilton's neck waa raw thla morn
Int. and He liad a bump aa big aa a
. walnut on the back of hla head.
'1 managed to kick a hole through
the window of their taxi before they
sjot me." he aald. "The chuuffeur waa
most cartalnly one of the gang.'
When Miaa Mailt1 Ponrid, who has
been living all aummir and f.ill In sn
I'pper Me nti lair cnttaae, s'.irted for
.cw i niK lats nail may I ll mum whs
oc upled wl:h the problem of che. king
her n'ne trntika fend htf value. Sin-
waa especially anx.ou. alio it the valise,
which contained Jenelry v ..l ied at
ttpiar llooa, a ft lend, .duntet-r -1 i
acootttpany bar to hm Brit Railroad' sta
tion, and attend to the checking. He
cat : led the v.illae and put II don u on the
platform irhlla he seftl to the kaiMi
room to get the checks for the tt tinka.
Mlsa C Oh ftd fiought her friend had
i li e i ked the vallae, too. while lie thought
lie carried It with her to the trail), Hut
when she got to the Hotel Ih lniont hore.
the discovered Unit tie ban had dis
appeared, end notified the 11 in i te,i i r po
le e Irnnicdhitelv.
it was ot r t o- Mnasi thiBfi that
tlhlef Oaltaajhar, bead of the Mont' lair
force, ever had lc en rajMed upon to deal
with. Not a i lue did he fin I mi Satur
day, on Hobday Jacob Adolman or
Newark walked into Montclalr Pottca
HatftiatrttT with the vMiaa. n still
cotllllllied about Worlll of Jewelry.
Adelman said be hid found It in a
cemetery about n half mile from the
toad station.
thief Hallo hsr Wtpi out to the re ma
lar it . veaterday. and found u tombttons
besutlftilly d atod with the tnl'xlag
.lewelry. When he hud collected the
geina. nolhlng van lacklliK but a single
diamond ring. He brought the Jewels
At once to Miss i 'onriid.whos e father Is
Col. Coarad of Montana and Washing
ton. I. ".
Miss Conrad Is Inclined to believe
someone who knows her well was re-
sponsible for the ilWiippeariince
Prosecutor Opens Argument
Apainst Three Accused in
Death of Woman,
opening address tn the Jury, the Jury
box having been filled late yesterday.
Attorney Moore, for the def-nif, will
The Jurors will not he taken to Iow
i ence to efpe the scene if the shooting
of Anna toflMov uann which the
rhaf ffOt uiMlnat the three members of
the Industrial Workers of the World Is
!ueod, baaaxMO of opposition by Ihd de
fense, who contended licit the Jurors
might become blhacd tierntise of the
lKtts of protest displael :n that rlty
tMlnat t ie Industrial Work'-is of the
World, of which the prisoners ere mein
l ere.
SAN FIIANCISC'O, Oct. 1.-Ai th
"hired man" or shall It be as the
"commissioned artist?" of Mr. and Mrs.
Francla Carolan, Count Itonl de Cnatnl
lane, moat talk. -I about of the husbands
of Anna tlould, most conspicuous of
l-Yeneh noblemen In a newapaper way,
la coming to llurllngame
Also there Is coming almultaneously
with the Count's arrival a real French
room which the Carolans purchased en
tire tn s French "hateu. which will be
Installed among the other rooma In the
American chateau ithe Carolane are
building In Hurllngame. The room la to
be "articulated" by Count Honl.
Aa Hoaaot Shepherd.
(Frew the Ix.mton Chmnlele )
Honesty le not confined to Montenegro
or to Ireland; the quality atlll flourlaltte
In Old Kngland. This writer, when stay
ing In Cumberland, loot, on the fell-slde,
a lettercese containing money and va
rious other valuables. It wts found and
brought to a shepherd by a shesipdog.
The shep. erd took It to hit farm and
the farmer, ascertaining from Itt eon
tents whnro the owner waa Maying, sent
It along by hand a distance of three or
four miles. He has camped too In Etk
dale and In Langdale, and left the tent
entirely unattended for days together
while on excursions over the fells, and
has never had a thing disturbed.
v V THtoocroCAter,
It the most marvelous Laxative
Blood Purifier known. It doet itt
work tr t ly -- thoroughly without
pain or griping. Take two tablatt
to-night. You'll fool liko doing a
day's work to-morrow.
At all druggists 2ac, fiOc and II
or direct from Partola Co.. 160
Second av., New York. Free snm
ple and Illustrated booklet on re-
Arl Need'ework Exhibit
on the Bsl.eny
complete In every detail.
Hpeelally Mouse In
Auto Knitted "wester t nsl
and et. Hosiery soil
Knit I'aderwear fer eni
Mnnifn and C hildren.
MtNKT fltSSt,
309 Sixth Ave., 24-26 St.
mo zna oHinoa fob i.
aeisniwsMBU fee Tea Hend tMf et ten st
ear Aswraiaa DisUM MesMuaw sUlae la Us
aw esUl t P. SL
MAI, MM, Matt., Oct. 1--Ths trial of
Jose 11 tlaruao, I iii Kit or and Arturo
lOlhVaimltll opened to-day with the
I reading of the Indictments against the
defendants b lbs DlOTI of the RuperlOr
C' ".Inn, COnfl ln- e.
T'is IsstlOttntnl .iKalns! PartMO al'iged
Rail while chij.iif d In a riot with strik
ers at Lawrence last wkfiter he tired t
revolver, ihe bullet klilins Annie 1.0
pi.ro TtH in le t nenti afjalltal RttOf
and Ulovimnlttl detailed certain opaoeh
M said lO have been made by the I 'V
W. leaders, nil I Wh hi tht State ailrged,
It Inflamed i'sr i.os Blind that he did
the ahootlng.
Immediately tft r ht Indjii ton pis wert
ie.1,1 Dtttrtct'Attorney AitWlU begin his
The Kevnote of Health
Is the Liver.
ItiantlMt kavt Itflalteiy learned -nai
lbs l.lver N n,'M tf 'he moit Inipnilant
nrsims of Iht homan lytlONl, It Is the
Steve wlilcti stOtrattt thl load from 'tie
bed. tbs totrlmtat irom the pulton,
Allow tlie i-hfr tt bttomo torpid ..r In-
scitvs. the ttdton is teal thniuaii tht eye
ttali nd illsvae Is the ratnlt. First yon
btvoais tllloat and UoattlpatOdi nd later
the teaoesjttettfctl are stvM serious. Nn
tMwiy tag llvs as reauler as a elOOh. In
ordsr to rntny lift e sutvle. i eurselvea
to dletsry Indlseretlnn. !f ttis proper
remedy Is then toad tho trouble la quickly
ended. A
Double 10 Trading Stamps Until I o Clock, single Stamps Thereafter I ggEggBEJ
Th? Elite Ladicfl' Orcheolra
Two Free Concerts
On our Sixth Floor)
IMS 111 A.M. t 12 Mm and 2 le 4 P.M.
Upholstery Week Is Here
as sea at ate m afl w aw at mm a . d
i nc tsesi ween in the Year to Buy Lace
Irish Point Lace Curtains at Less Than
Portieres, Etc.
Irish Point Curtains are in demand this seaton. and this sale offers them to you at
prices impossible to duplicate elsewhere. The designs are all new and were made especially
for the Fall trade. Elaborately wrought borders on good bobbinet, with plain or scroll
centres. Every pair is fresh, clean and perfect.
te.ee i uriain.. ea.ee i uriaina, IS so Carlalna. I sa.lt on. in. . M as t ...... i...
r r . I . t nriU -. , T . I . . . " I T -..w.e..
Mr a.'.". XI IM i ; . OOfi yarns Cr ofi 1 yards
, , ,.. v m. s Mil K Ul UlLi.iIll I Ittit Wm
loiltf, t ir
pAmwiy wht'-h rtmw nnrrdt
th !' r t of th Mtlpla In h nmuiHl PMn
ily. Th nH tu ml rs-m tly BUMt illy
UNft. In HwnfA line Water, tfca Naiursjl
j,innr. Itsi MtttfMl rum llnn I Ion I" W6A
il.efllllu saffltl'IIVM 111 ) ' 1 H i i II - ' i Til It 1 1 it
' 'I'" ll.tvi'r ami bertMnftttOIVM Itiniiilrrful
Jivlrv And Km atrJinvc 1lBtMiMl(lin. Hht I clitn-itn th l.lvtr. riuahra th InttWtlnM,
loM nn 0vn1ng World mtfrtor that I rria tn aypirnt and gntia, ipaWy
It tt did provt to bo t joke, Iht Would j JJf rmttatleat and mav be
proe. ute the Joker ' bamfat,
! - - - - - J
To thp man who crosses
the Ferries these chill
mornings and evenings
we wish to suggest a Fall
Overcoat we have them
in Blacks, Oxfords, Gam
bridges and numerous
neat mixtures, from $10
to $40, We offer special
at $10 blacks and Ox
fords, many of which
are silk-faced to the edge;
and at $15 some that are
silk-lined and silk-faced;
splendid values.
7 MOADWAV, oear 'hatnls-rs St.
17 CUSTLANPT ST.. mm (hwiwieh, I loth ITRBBT. nt i.i Ave
UNION .SJIIAIIK. llth St . West ul llroadway.
Advance Announcement
Sale begins Oct. 21 Advance selec
tions may now be made Deliveries when desired.
We're giving New Yorkers a feast of bargains such
as they've never before partaken of,
I Fourth ''""-
$2.00 Satin Sofa
TIM larnT
t'st otit-of
town ttian
u f niMurttr
of I O f
own hlons
In lb ll
0 o ii n try
thro ugh
an error In
had tmnm
cuahlona fjhtsi
SI.9 1 "PV $2.98 i'r'.?. S3.98
$1 Colored Madras
Curtains at li p-ice
la Tact They Are Evta Lett than at Bill Price
Intig; pf. khT "O
$35 to $40 French Jute
Velour Portieres
In the nrwi st iVfiRtis and color rt mSinstion
The lineit nnalitv ant! the
produit o( the fami i M QC
ni.V.r. Sainl Krerrl ul VWW lU ''
Peril, mi) Albrrt lnnii. LjU
D...L..- tr tent
I I I I ... . . 1 1 , Will
lilh tint very
finest grille of Madura Floss.
a .jimmy so expensive
to Import that, the
plain muslin cushion
alone would cost
inuih a to will sell
these fine satin-covered
ones for
5,000 airs, ilkiltritrtl, ill perfect. 2'A yirdt
long. 36incheiwidr; printed in 5 iplrndid new
rich Prrmn color combinttioni: remirluble
vilue for L'pholitcfy Week it this low price.
Special, pair
Renaissance Lace Curtains About l2
A Gigantic Purthaaefrom the Hartford Curtain Works ut50con
tho Dollar About t dorn pitterni, ill in the new till length. f ass. nn
J1 i yards long, all have hand-wrought insertion!, averaging vBv('
inches, with corner pieces si huge I inchci. All ire
mounted on triple thrrad French net. Choice, pair
Bamboo Furniture
r ormrrl)'
prii ril ll p f e
f 1.41, at
c oast met eel
of st out
li a tn n o 0 iti
hen u I I f ii i
burnt effect-
Koiiey Mlde
Mining nrm r hairs
aiintnl t entre 'tahlra
-Sheir Hnnlt Cases
IS-lneli Ti lephi i TaMOt
Brlr-a-Brar Comer Cabi
nets l ard Tanle, IH-lneli tops,
.Matting Cosered Tabour
et les.
$1.69 Matting Shirt Waist Box
Strjngly constructed of kiln dried
odorless lumber: shiped legs.oii
dizrd handles and covered withfinc
The Most Extraordinary Sale We Ever Announced
Women's Fall and Winter Coats and Suits
For Coats and Suits
worm up
to $10
bargain groups:
Those Rheumatic Twinges
Much of the rheumatic
pain that comes in damp,
changing weather is the
wtrk of uric acitl cryst als.
jNeedles couldn't out,
tear, or hurt any worse
when the affected museleXr,U
. : i v '' rii
j Oil li it uscu.
Ls i i
it 8ucn aitatks are
mi fL-a-wl ui 1 i li Iif:nl'ir1u
JllfKI V X v a n hmui.m 99S
backache, dizziness and
disturbances of the urine,
it's time to help the weak
ened kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills
quickly help sick kidneys.
Recommended by New
York City people. "Every
Tells a Slory.n
Testimony of a Resident of
Eighth Avenue
Mrs. Hary Rohinon. IOAS
Eighth Ave., New 'trk City, N. !
Y unys: 'For sonic time 1 fell
all run down and every time 1
overexerted, ipelli of backache
result ctl. Sometimei 1 felt so
fatigUcRt 1 could hardly keep my
self awake. Of I en when I caUghl
Cold, it teemed ' settle on my
kidneys, A neighbor recom
mended Doan'a Kidney Pills to
me and 1 began using them. 1
have now finished f o u r hoxes
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1 1 I Thr- o. the Many Sy.e. f
$1.49 Covered Bolsters
In ienKtli-s t fit A foot . 8 foot 6,
J foot ami ftMt t inch beds.
Open ItttMblH (Of pUlOWS Of
nolld drum, t'nvervd wfliplnk,
i ii i it reen, red, eiow ur whitn
rambrir. Kach
4 Fourth Floor.
Coats and Suits C
Worth Up to
This, is really a style exhibition, allowing you to choose
practically any style Fall or Winter Coat or Suit that has
been brought out this season, here tomorrow in these two
Largest Assortment of Coats
ataa aa tat mw 4
and Suits in New York at .
Actually Worth as High as $16.50
Nowhere elte in America such I choice cf stylet ind models tt this lew price.
The Coats at $8.95
Chinchilla Cottl-SSJpjUS """"
Rnilla FalttfcHindrome two-tcned effecti; Urge reveri; the hit of
duucic voain the ,rttcn in Piri
WslKInQ C0atS' 'e''nc' Hmtt Stt. Dozens of imirt
English Top Coats IrtiST- pb"kthvioU; be4uti
Evening CilHSaXi Pcr"n
Ihe Suits at $8.95
All the new (incy style.' I few thu ire being siown for the first time.
s well is the populir plain tailored effects, in
Broadcloth, Fancy Mixtures, Cheviot, Serges, etc.
All colors, including biack, navy, gray, brown.
Complete range of sizes. 34 to 4b. ir every style of both the Coati end
Suits, and extra sizes up to 11 In the coat.
Values In Coals and Suits That Have A A QP
lever Been 1 quailed belore at . . . tPteeJ D
The Popular "Johnny" Coats. Mannish Chinchilla Coats,
Full Length Zlbellne Coats, Handsome Mixture Coats,
Coats of Broadcloth or Kersey.
Trimmed with imitation Persian lamb collar and cuffs, others buttoned close to
the nee1: with large buttons or frogs: brown, gray, all black ind mixtures.
Plain Tailored Suits tx r' ,kiru
Rugs and Linoleums
at Astonishing Prices Here To-morrow
I lunrhf on Special Ovsler Frv or Slew Co
i mm .' m mw a
i alamo y-nlJTiti ksiia
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Bite ixu r.saci
oupltt -if Orientals
in.. i flat ttsurtineat
.it tlnral nffes tt. f klUU
"When Your Back Is Lamo Remember the Name"
twrfato, ft V. rroorietots
sKAMLIiSH ll . I'HN Ill.ttT HI .s
Wovaa from nil worsted tarna in
banutotnt tinoatti anaiani
ilia 1 12. It.'K'ilarh
u ui
am 41. mintkk hi - -i...
-up' li: all tin' niHiwi nat-
timi. mi puling many celehrt
i.nl uiaUi.s 'alui' 193 tin it
j ynrtls wlili1. all parftct, rut
from full mils, valui QBtt; tcjuaft
1M till I.IMM.KI'MS In
aauv iranlta ettecttt. Valut
It no -ii. i aril
ITeTt r? Ii ftiior
Brussels Rugs
ttrlcily ali-wul; kill'
s ,t 10.11 Finn Turklsb
ind floral pat tiTtii Hi'g
ular i . valuta, at
$18 9x12 Fl. Bmsels Rugs
llll.VT. UHI SHal.s at lis Patttel
.in.l ..aiiiU'sH ramt to .us at a low nrlri'
oitrt fin" quality; slai
flnlihtd; patterai wlt
llile for parlort, 'linlnu
ppomt an. i lisidroonit.
To-morroa only
FI.OIIB tlll.t l.tlTHS In rt varloty
t.f n'w Daftarat. aluo Stir.
I.lmlt JO yards. Niiuari'
ytrd -
ti" I i no of liurnlMimn patterns.
Thf fl !. aru'li two yards wide
ipiiirt. aril
Bllli; flni'lv
i In a
"People's Choice'
3'4 Ibv. tt.00
COCOA Bitter
"Harmony" Blend
34 lbs.
Fancy s Pound . t e
remery e Drum eylsail
No. 3 Pail
VCCQ Strictly fresh; guir-
lUJ anteed. Not Del d
Wines and Liquor
Old Crow; a f D.
Call n l.t. WOl
flvtiavt l-Vv a Win it I'nffpp io !- i
1 FI..COR HtlOffi
5 lbS. 25C Fre8n Meats
.itftg 25c I LAMB LluS j. n' If
ROLLED OATS, 10 lbs.,30c
Pack. Alaska; tic.
doz., can
FORTor SHERRYvK.88c KUSTO KHZ, 5 llr48" . 10c
lb. 15c
lb. 16c
BROILIRS ''.V1 lb. Ific
Ur rTout!
rlrin, P.Ho
lb. 16c
Fruits & Vegetables
!. IIC:
peck 35c
i THE 11TH STREET si ORE. HENRY S1EUEE, PresT- UUUUU. UBCalT SlltMrs urtlllL 1 UUUVa, uniilX SlAleirs 1HEKEAFTER

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