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vlore Jr., who arrived from New York llib morning on the Twentieih C.en
tury l.iiuiteJ. Mr?. RoOMVCll and her children were overjoyed when liicy
found the Colonel as exuberant, optimistic and apparently as vigorous as
though he were no! carrytrt hi his breast the 38-calihiv bullet tired at
Mffl in Milwaukee Monday night by John Sclirank.
The foOoninj Imlletin was issued at 1.80 o'clock (2.toi New York
time) :
"Purse. 90; tempeiattire. "8.(1 throughout the entire morning.
Breathing little easier. General convHtion excellent
(.Signed) :
Now tliai his wile, hh ton and two daughters arc here Mrs. Alice
Roosevelt LOQgWOTth CUM on from Cincinnati esteiday the Colonel
teels that a hospital is no place tor him. He MS he does not w.mt hh
family to live at a Hotel in ( hicago when they have their beautiful Dome
;it Oyster Bav awaiting them It the most Invigorating icasofl of the year.
Already the dominant and inKtcnt Colonel i IxinibarJiiig his phv-i-cians
with demands that they allow him to start back to New York or a?
least take him out in the open ait. but the doctor! are linn in their stand
that tlje Colonel mull remain quiet for ten days or until after the period in
which blood poisoning ma develop htl expireJ.
Strict rule wore miule klxtilt an-anting ! kKo ailtlrrssrxl to tu.- mite
of Col Roosevelt at Merry Hospital to-day. Kluort K. Martin, the. athletic
-tenoxraphoi' who r&ptitrn l nil disarmed tlir ' 'ol unol' ataallant at Mil
v-aukee, Utewem a packet;.' which hail bSStl aont addressed to Col. HflOW-
i it to-da, aii'l afti-r 'lu.l i, it contained Jelly, ho ordered It turnr l ovi-i to
t fee police.
A nOkOgej of tr.i:es Himllarly addressed want the aamo loutc, and a.
Marline suggestion tho hospital authorities refused to accept any other
I'arkoKt-K purporting to eoptate food Mtssvottg intended for cot. Roooeit.
flrorRc W PtrMt&a, on behalf of the I'rogresslves of SV York. lo-Jay
seot to the Colonel's room a magnificent vase of roaat.
Mrs Roosevelt lo-dtiy received from Mrs. Wilson the following message.
"I ant snicked at the news and express my ym;mthy with yon In your
nnxloty pad distress. Mr. WIIhoii and I await tho latent news with great
eollrltude. (SiKtiod) "Mr. WOODROW WILSON."
A lenxiliy I nil SUM H .u. received to-day from King Victor Kmmanuol of
Italy, but bag not PPM translated.
The following ;ilil- was received from Crown l'rlnre Frederick of Our
many and the Crown I'rlnress:
"Very PPPtfHM aliolit yonr heallli Hoe yon will noon recover."
AmoiiK the early messages rocelved was .me from A Kellleres, Prealdent
f France It follows;
"I UllptPlPU fon most sincerely a having most happily .-scaped from
the horrible attempt directed iiriiIiih!. your person, mid I pray that yon
accept my best wishes for your speedy recovery und the expression of my
whole-hearted sympathy ( Signed 1 A. PAIXIKRBH."
Prank .lames, ex-bundlt nnd brother of the bandit, Jease .Tames, sant
Col. Roosevelt a measage to-day the subject mutter only of which wna
nude public, lie suggested that i bodyguard of on hundred men bo
selected lo accompany the Colonel wherever he goea until after the election.
Mia suggestion was that Col Roosevelt appoint ninety-nine of the hundred
and that he (.lames would be the hutidreth man and would pay all of his
Philip Roosevelt, the Colonel's cousin, to-day received a letter from a
rich coffe manufacturer who disclaimed nny desire to advertise, but who
.-.aid that If the Colonel desired a good cup of coffee In the morning, were li
Ua be the third or not, he would gladly come on to Chicago and make It for
he patient with his wn hands. I'he Colonel has not been Informed.
RaoaerveK'a secretary spent moat
I lessages of sympathy received from all parts of the ITnlted States and
foreign countries. The former President Insisted that personal telegrams
' thanks and reassurance he sent to all who bail wired.
The attitude of Col. Rooaevelt toward his would-be slayer wan com
mented on to-day by Phillip J. Rooaevelt. tho ex-Prerldcnt'n cousin.
"The feeling of Col. Roosevelt toward IchftBI ll most remarkable,"
said the wounded man's cousin. "Ho aeems to feel no anger toward Hu
man, but looka toward nlm In the attitude of Impatience. When the hoot
ing occurred lie said: 'Bring the man to me; bring htm here. Let no one
hurt him.' After the Colonel had questioned tho man briefly regarding his '
motive he surrendered him to the police and since that time scarcely has
spoken hla name."
Mrs. Roosevelt, her two children nnd Dr. Alexander Latnuert, who ac
companied the patty from New York, left the Twentieth Century LlmlteJ at
Knglewood, a South Side suburb. Mra. Lungwort h waa waiting there with a
Mg automobile. Mercy Hospital Is on the South Hide, not n great distance
from Bnglewood, and the trip between the station and the hospital waa made
in fast time.
At first only Mra. Rooeevolt was admitted to tho Colonel's room. .She
entered with a emtio and greeted her husband cheerfully. His robust and
laughing salutation as she entered tho door wu plaluly heard by tho other
members of tho family waiting In tbs corridor. Later Mrs. Lonworth,
ICthel Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Joined their mother In their
father's room.
The mooting between the Colonel and his daughter Rthcl waa affecting.
J.. .,. ..
4 rHffto by ikn tHtyiAari
saw s m r -at ' 1 m -aSga- 1 W "
I "a Mkja
T . -gfA .
ff'ftrrrr$rtrirt0'rrvirre$ ,. P ?.
of to-day answering tho thousands of
w.j ,
Mrs. Roosevelt and Daughter,
Wiw Are with Wounded Man.
'' asaa! Lam
s "Mm '
'"$MMV ' ili
The young girl had been greatly worried about her father, whom she Idolizes.
She was rnaaaured wbon she saw him sluing up In bod, bronzed, hearty and
smiling It will be recalled that the Colonel thought of Ethel tn the firs'
telegram he aent hla wife after he was -tint in Milwaukee. In this measage
he said: "Lovo to Kthel."
Juat before the arrival of the Rooaevelt family at the hospital Dra. Mur
phy, Bavan and Terrell vtiltod their patient, while Dr. William MacAuley of
the hospital staff, dressed the wound. The surgeons had with them tho X-ray
platea made yesterday. They found tho wound healthy and showing no traces
of Infection. There waa no trace of fever and the three surgeons Issued a
reassuring 'bulletin.
For the present Mm. Roosevelt will remain at the hospital. Room
.112, next to that of the Colonel, had been made ready for her by orders
from the Colonel. The Colonel personally examined some convenience:
that had been purchaaed before they were placed In Mrs. Roosevelt's room.
When Col. Roosevelt was Informed that Mrs. Roosevelt had left the
train at Boglewood, within two miles of the hospital and would be with
him In a few moments, his first concern was that the room he In order
Bnu ,hat everything In the room assigned to her should be ready.
"She is a good housekeeper, you know," he told Dr. John P. Golden,
"and Bhe might scold me If she found the room not In the best order."
Mrs. Roosevelt to-day received the following cablegram from King
George V. of England:
"I have been very much concerned to hear of the aastardly attack
upon Col. Roosevelt's life and trust that be will recover speedily."
Another personal cablegram was received to-day by Col. Roosevelt from
King Christian of Denmark, hoping for his speedy recovery.
Dr. Woods Hutchlnaon of New York, who has been stumping the State
Of Indiana for tho Progressive cause, arrived here to-day and was permitted
to visit Col. Roosevelt for a few minutes. The Colonel guve Dr. Hutchinson
a measage of encouragement for the Progressives of New York State. Dr.
Hutchinson will leave this afternoon for New York and will deliver the mes
sage to-morrow.
At I o'clock last night the surgeons' I
bulletinthe last for the night showed
l fVu
the jiauont's pulso to b sti, or fourteen
counts above normal und two counts
. .
Islwive tha reord two hours afttr he
I was sii'K bis teniiriit'ir- tf.2 nn.l res
plratlen ID. Wklah , may be
I'oniteerea normal.
Tin- bulletin Mated that there but
heM no lloly xptct.irstlon, a condi
tion OMaMeYM very favorable as InUI-
luting tbat thi MUet bad not ; '
in any vital point. unl certainly bad
ItOt Pierced the walls of the chest suf
ficiently to lacurate the luna tissue.
I'he bulletin, which fl xlgned hy Dr.
J. H. Murphy, Dr. Arthur Dean llnvati
and Dr. Hcurry to Terrell, onclud.s as
"We And h.m In raagnlnV-it physical
.ondltlon. due to hie regular exercise,
his habitual abstinence from tobacco
end ipjuor."
The bulletin tbn carrier this signifi
cant statement:
"As u precautionary measure, lie has
leen given a ptophplaette dn- of antl
tetanic serum to guard against the "le-
veinpnieut or oeeurrance f lockjaw
iepue the rsaeeurlag bulletins that
were issued from tho slck-chambei
throughout the ii-, it was definitely
deelded 0 abnmlnn the entire speakhn:
campaign mapped out for the Colonel
fur the closing weeks of tils great
The tentative agreement Is th it he
hall lemuln In the Mercy Hospital for
nt leaMt a week, and then, In the cve.it
of in. serious developments. It Is pn--
poaed to remove him t oyster Bay for
the remainder of the convalescing
former Henator Meverlilge. Melill
MoCormlek and J. C, Shafter. editor of
the Kvenlng Post, were the political
rrlen.ls Who cslle.1. Mr. Beverldge was
glvag the speech the f'olonct was s -hed-uied
to deliver In Louisville to-night and
iv 111 go to Louisville and deliver the
Mr. gh after und Mr, McCormicU Im
pressed mi the Colonel that his cam
paigning was OVer, They pointed out
that grave results would be sure to fol
low any attempt to continue on the
MM.WACKEi:. Wis., Oct. 16. John
Bi hrank. the man who plsnned to slny
Col, Honsevelt here. Is legally sane, ac
eordlllg to a stnt-ment hy District-Attorney
W. C. KealjeJ to-day.
The man lias a perfect knowledge of
rlKht and wrong, and i-eallses that the
act which he committed was against
the law." said tho county prosecutor.
'Medically he may have a slight aber
ration, but only experts could determine
iiiui. i oe Hutu win aa given a rair and
Imimrtlal trial. Ho has been granted
ample tlmo to prepart for this."
Si hrank was hound over to jthe next
term of the Municipal f'ourt. He will
be tried some tlmo In December.
District-Attorney Heabol tn-Uuy ap
;olntd thru phy leluns, whose names
he withheld, to make an Immediate In
vestlgatlon Into the mental condition of
Be hrank,
i i; nki.i.n, inn., .jci, it,. -jt Is em
lu.rrasslng to dlscusc Mr, Hoosevelt or
his policies at litis tlnin while he Is
ufferlng from tho murdero.is assault
mude upon him," was the way William
.1. llryan opened his first address on Ills
Indiana tour hero to-day
' f would rather occupy the time,"
continued Mr. llryan, "In denunciation
of lho deed and In expression of sym
pathy for him and hopes for his
Speedy recovery, but the lssueii of this
campaign should not be determined by
the act of a madman. They must be
j settled by the sane rather than the
insane. Neither Col. Roosevelt nor
his friends could ask that the discus-
slon be turned away from the prin
ciples that are Involved. if he Is
. elected President It should be because
of what he has done in the past and
what he proposed to do. A maniac,
j however cowardly and dastardly his
deed, is not the arbiter to whom to
j submit a Presidential contest."
kfVNtCH. Oct. Having failed to
serve the required period in the Ger
man army before going to the tTntted
Slates, John Schrunk, Col. lloosevelt'ii
assailant, has been carried on the army
records as a deserter, uccordlng to the
military authorities hero to-day. As a
boy at larding, Jiavarla, ho was con
sidered so eccentric, old acquaintances
of the Schrank fumlly said, that he
could not find employment In his na
tive town.
u . The Bnuius WorM.)
piml UROH, Oct. lfi. -While (e
plorlng the attempted assussluatlon of
Col. Theodore Itoosevelt, James V. Cot
bvcg, a young business man of Mr
Kees Hocks, was stabbed by an NOV
Identified assailant and died a few
hours later at the Ohio Valley Hospital.
Col beck engaged last night in an ar
gument With the prosperous appearing
Italians In a cal'e and hud resented
the remarks of one of thu men who
spoks dcpre"atlngly of Koosevelt, by 1
knocking him down. When unlet waa
restored. Colheck said that the man
who bad assaulted Col. Koosevelt was
a cur and u coward and should be
mude an example of. At this remark
One ot the Italians plunged a knife
Into Colbeck'S stomach, lloth men tied
as Hie victim fell and neither haa been
The Delight
Of Tour Afternoon Guest
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Sold in airtight tins only
"How Jnnr Beiiabl Ills Home ,in atlMt
Itawa-" Tt.ls lat-ereetlna baohlet upon re.
agjset. Oltf Slaarr. In,., KI3 kdass High
$400,000 LOST BY
More Than 80 Per Cent, of
Wider's Loot Is Returned to
Russo-Chinese Bank.
More than or practically W
per cent, of the value of tho gilt edge
securities stolen last year from the
vaults of the then Kusro-Chln. Hi- hank
agency at No. Pine street by Krwln
J, Wilder, a I2:l-n-week sV rk. has been
recovered from the New York Stock
Kx nange bouses whrre Wider traded
In stocks. Reports Trom St. Petersburg.
headquarters or the bank, confirm tin
settlement, which representative of 'in
financial concern In N'ew York say the)
cannot discuss.
"The amount we got from these Stock
Exchange houses was stitncleni to fully
satisfy the dMc tOM of the bank," said
Julius Onldrmin. lawyer, cf No. lit
Broadway to an Evening World reporter
to-day. "1 represented the hank In the
negotiations with James M. Hi ck. Louis
Marshall, Oeorge 8. (Iraham and others
who wnr retained by the various brok
ers Involved 1 gave my word not to
reveal the terms of lbs settlement,' so 1
cannot name tho exact sum they paid
A reporter from The Kvenina- World
called at the offices of the bank In Wnej
street, and found the hallway on the
second floor Mild with boxes Which a j
clerk said contained the books, rcc (
ords, etc.. of the agency which were
aBOUt to be shipped to St. Ivtersblr.
"We nre winding up here." lie added;
"our ncent, m. Htlenne da Harkowskl,
expects to be recalled to tho London
oftlce. and when wo have finally close t
this oflke our American business will be
handled entirely hy the National City
liank and Ladenbnrg. Tlulmann ft Co.,
who have been retained as our corre
spondents." Latur, Mr. do Markowski told the
reporter that since the defalcation of
Wider the Itusso-fhlncec bank had been
merged with tho Banqus du Nord under
the nume of the Kusso-Aslatlc It ink.
with a capital of Se.OOo.OO'j roubl-s. Th
old concern was capitalised at 11,900,000
roubles. A rouble Is 32 cents in United
States money.
Ho said that the head of the merged
concern was the former liusslan Minis
ter of Finance, M. Poutlloff. who wis
head of the nusso-Chlnen. bank, arid
that although the new concern ha I
withdrawn its two American ugincles,
at New York and San K.ancisco, it BtUI
maintained 1T0 branches In Russia.
China. France, Japan and England. M.
de Markowski Is the Inspector from Bt,
Petersburg who oama to Now York fom
weeks before ihc arrest of Wider and
whose Inspection of the books lirouga.
about tho arrest of the defaulting clerk.
Wider stole about $&en.nno, although
h.i was credited at one time with tak
ing 1110,000, He Is now serving a
fourteen-ycar seuituue in Sing Sing.
He cume to New Vork from Oerman)
four years before his arrest, and gftei
working In several banks got employ
ment with the agency of the foreign
bank, which proved his undoing.
"About two years ugo I met the
woman who Is now my wife." he said
before going to prison. "1 fell in love
with her. I tried to make the bes.
Impression I could. Hhr thought 1
was a banker and I was merely a
olerk. We were married, and my
salary of $1,200 a year seemed small
and one day I was tempted to spec
ulate. I begun to carry accounts wltn
various brokerage houses, und I used
securities belonging to my employers. '
Following tho conviction of Wider
suits In behalf Of tho bank were started
against the Stock FxchanKo house
whero he had lost his employers' funds.
There Is a rule of the Stock gjgohange
forbidding Its members from carrying
a. -mints of bank clerks and employees.
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with Oil if peppermint, find i oveied
t hie kly bv our rrcmluui
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rofo mox
Raw K ah. T1
In the settl.-ment reached one concern
alone is said to have paid back to the
hank more than MO,O0O Tho suits
have been discontinued.
A lawyer concerned in the settlement
'This settlement establishes the 'act
that there Is honor on the Moor of the
New York Stock Exchange. Not one of
tin- houses Involved in the Wider tran-
actlons was legally obligated to return
to the foreign bank the valuu of its se
uritles, but they felt that they were I
morally obligated 10 d so under the I
rules of ths Exchange, I think this!
speaks well for business integrity In ;
Wall street."
State Executive Tells How Force
Fighting Kitchen Blaze Failed
to Awaken Him.
ALBANY, Oct W. "When i got up
this morning i found that the house
had been on tire during the night and
I had slept through it all," said Oov,
DU tOday. Investigation showed that
the nlaht Watchman ut the executive
mansion during the early hours of the
day had found smoke in the dining
room. He called the tire patrol and thu
Moor timbers under the Itltchen rang
had been found smoldering. The
damage amounted to less than t.V)0.
"Tics is surely an indication," said
the Governor, "that I liavs a clear con
science." Vlnilrro Vetoes Snlarr Halse.
MDCXICO 'ITY. Oct. 16 President
Uadero today refused to sign the bin
UMjreSSing the salary of the Mexican '
Deputies by tun per cent, which was
recently passed by th Chamber of
Deputies, He declared their action
Unconstitutional and returned the bill,
with the recommendation that it be
reconsidered by lioth branches of C'on-tre-s.
At the sunt- time he said the
appropriations were tnsunl.-le.iit to cover
the Increase they had voted lit thetr
(Traile Mum. I
special for Tauisj&y, 17th
Thursday's Oifering
t-.KV UK. II t.HVlM ( HOI ill M'Kh
OK Ili'N IU)H '.Ml I 11(1(11.
taATkai 'Oc v.hi. t'Ufw iitrt.
i t-n ftro rtrulim until II uVlnrk.
Cor sVatsil
The i'.-. Ifle-l
CHIOAQOi Oct. HI Messages of sym
pathy and congratulation continued t
pour In all day to the hospital In Willi I
I Mr. Roosevelt Is lying wounded. Thi.
was received from Cardinal Ulbbons:
"Profoundly shocked by tho news Of
vnur iittetnnted assassination. Helolc-
j In the prospect of your speedy recovery.
-i 1 oi BH'I 1'IUIVVI fllUI OllllUJl '
A personal friend of Iloosevelt's. Lor 1
Canon. Wired: "One thousand congratu
lations." from his country homo at
Kasingstokc. England.
Prussian eminent tell In I'n.
test Against l'r.ci- ttnlslna.
BIRUH, Oct If. Tha Prussian nor-
ernment, an .xt.-nslve mine owner, ha
withdrawn from the tit-riiian coal IrtlSI
us a protest against the taising o'
-n.le flilM to I'lalit liidinna.
CHICAOO, Oct in fVIUl t(tSfl.M
which lie bad taken from his tathei
stuffed In bis pockets, Mlmer afoWltl
lams, eleven years old, started out wit i
boy cnum to-duv to "go out West an l
hunt Indians." They wen- arnstnl
after having s)-nt a dollar, attending
motion picture shows.
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Saxo Salve has given astonishingly
go.sl result". The great improvement,
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BOWS plainly that yotl can place full'
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We have IC much confidence in i'j
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P'l-c rui from ii, latv rtilileno. is
l m :,.t ibo'i ti Thursdsi, M. 17 lois
; e. in i- m '
LOST- isBMl.'ll.MTei'tent''. wZ "-7i i '
ft I n,m Dd eMn-ai ,u ,uJlw, Bc'tura uaa
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