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'Sherlock Holmes9 Says a Good Detective
Must Be a Student of a Great
? The Result of the Olym
pian Games Hat Cer
tainly Brought America
to the Foreground as an
Athletic Nation, but
There Should Be No
Controversies," Says Sir
Conan Doyle.
"i Have Never Seen Any
thing Unfair on the
Part of Any American
Athlete; However, There
Is a Great Difference
Between Games and
Athletic Supremacy."
By Sophie Irene Loeb.
I OnfTwimmlrno to Tlie Kvei.lng Wetla.1
IOXDON, Oct. 17. Sir Conan Doyle,
the one man In the history of intern
who has made a OtmfMff In Action to
reel that h has been periMinlfliil In t .
that character hlmsi-lf, eiteinplinVs the
unuaual combination ! both brain anl
brawn, as a genius In one and an au
thority Jn the other, yet withal as
gentle as a child ull of which strongly
manifested Itself In my delightful talk
with 8lr Conan ami Mrs. Doyle.
To begin with, Sir Conan Doyle de
tests talking of himself, for ho says: "It
la aurely a man's work and not a man
which Is vital." Vet even that work by
which be Is best known In America he
doea not commend himself. For he
aid: oh, Sherlock Hftlmat. But fOU
must not take him or Ills doings serious
ly. 1'oe, you know, wrote the great de
tective stories, and I was Inspired by
Mm to add to the theory of the prac
tical side ' things, as a student of
aiedlelne Induced by my teacher of
medicine, who knew so many things.
"W'Jiy, that m i," said Sir Conan. en
thuelaeUcally (for now he was talking
of another) "could tell what was the
matter with a patient almost the minute
be looked at him, where he came from
and many other unusual things before
ha person had told him anything
thorn early days it was Just inter
acting to work practical things out to
their natural solution. That's all."
And In this way he dismissed the
volumes of fiction that we so much
enjoy and which wrltere the world over
try to Imitate, and came down to farts,
tilings that are happening right now In
the t4g world and Its work of which
ha Is part and parrel. For certainly.
Mr Conan Doyle is a humanitarian
llrat of all. which I will tell you about
There has been considerable con
troversy In London over the recent
Olympian games, some of Which was
vary pointed in criticism of so-called
American methods of "fairness." An
swers have come back from our own
country and published In the I-sjntlnn
papers and reported to have come direct
from the Olympic authorities. I showed
these Ollppi' rs to Sir Conan, who Is
considered one of the leading authorities
In England on sports generally.
"Yes, I have seen them,'' said Sir
Conao, "and I; is regrettable, to say to..
lssst. that then
should be any conlro-
versy But of . .m - the American peu.
pie run t hold u. a" an Knaitsls nit'. in,
responsible for some of the publish, i
op.rnon, of Individuals. Hut I am -ur-prised
and am also lorry that the
oiympiin authorities saw m to answer
these Individuals in the form of attack
ing Bngilsb meUioda in prsvlous con
tests. "Personally, In all the (grass lb it I
have ever wltnssssd where ;hc Ameri
cans were oonatrncd I snv nothing un
fair on their part. In ict, on one ucca-
slon i noted that th y waited for a dis- iali on me to unravel mysterloui hap
aided fedow racer, thus walv ns their penlnga, Sot long ago, m my iiuie
rights In the matter, to the resulting ap
plauae of the spectators. -Vgaln. some
time ago, at Man -low-bank, I wltn ised
a polo game where they waitisl for con
OlderuUlu timu for a man to bet his
"Certainly the Olympian Games
have won for America, a pnme
place aa on athletic nation. But
I think they v.-onld be wiso should
they eeak to generalise moro than
to specialize As It Is, they train
for one thing and the result of
winning or losing seoms to be the
prime feature of the snort, the en
thuilaam sesms to be centred In
ths sad rather thsn the play of the
'The English people, on the
hand, I might aaV, are more tit a gams
tuition rather than an athletic natlc i.
In a word, they etij ly (no play more
thaa the winner, They 'o not go n
n.ueh for trl ing. since the schools of
the country hn-e pt'S " i ly :n :ra:n'iig
toward that end. Fund i ocniallv, th.-y
follow their natural bom , i thai illrec
"In America (bey Mem to train foi
one thing, and the Ult'ivtuts result of
excelling is seemingly mori '" " unt
than the actual prooesa of the sun'-
Here the public attitude toward .he
game Is rather Impersonal and not
directed toward the individual winnsrs
on either side, but rather the way tho
game la played and ihu pleasure it
gives from thut standpoint. In a word,
there Is not as much partisan spirit us
the spirit of the w hole.
"I might Illustrate that In a recent
occurren.e In I inaction With my oung
son at Eton. Not long aim he came
home with a lamo leg, which was the
reault of two falls he ha I suffered In i
race. 'But I won the game,' he said.
How could you have WOn the race If
you fell twice-." I asked. 'Oh, the other
fellows walled me to gel up.' And
thtre you nave lh. spirit Ol I port
"X ana ooaffgicnt that this sport
itg allrlt Is a prlaas factor la the
I . faBaW X -A
make-up of the American athlete.
But the general spirit of irama Is,
no donbt, moro strouvly noted in
the English nation. Yet, after
all, England and America should
In reality bs brothers. The fact la
that they agree on ninety-nine of
the big things, but quarrel about
the one trifling thing.
That the Ami rIOS i nation has made
enormous strides In the athletic arena
In their short hlatory goes without say
ing, and If they will only develop the
generalising of sport rather than being
specialists only, they will naturally In
culcate that spirit In the people gen
erally to the better athletic develop
ment of the people themselves, which,
of course, will naturally tend toward
the cultivation of a splendid athletic
"Kor li is seemingly evident that near
ly every sport that Is Introduced brings
out strong capabilities. For example,
take football, i havs seen mosl delis it
ful football In America, and, of rourasi
It Is primarily our game. I have inly
one fault to fln.1 with It. and
that it is unnecessarily rought
that If
It is a
most satisfying sport, hided, to theia great percentage of the people sent up
average Englishman to witness an j go on Circumstantial evidence. That Is
Ann ricun football game wit ti this one all v. run;: and should be corrected.
exception. And I think with proper i "Least wise, If a man has been SO dealt
elimination of the brutal side of the I with and has been In prison soins recom-
gam. a m ist interesting future develop, pens,, should go to him from the stnt"
cent of the sport will result. jtm It is a rare OCCUrronCOi however.
AMERICANS PUT GINGER IN I where the State recompenses a man foi
THEIR SPORTS. iths great I si of being convicted. To g
in .act. all American sports seem to
liMi.t igor anl aptitude that with
Just s little broader conception of the
game must continue to place them at
o.- lien the top ol the world, '
A i I was Interested to have sir Conan
Doyle talk mi Other things, since lie Is I
one tif the ft W Writers Who are not so
Wrapped up in their work us to also be
iMf to take an on usual Interest In the
work of the wori i. I returned to the
question of Sherlock Holmes and naked I
hu Ideas as to the attributes of a m i
d decttve. "As to that." said Sir Cohan, I
"I must tell vou a little Joke on myself,
which you ma) enjov. You know, It Is
amusing that some good folks take me
for a detective. And many limes they
country place, a burglary h i i beep com
mitted at tiie home of a neighbor vill
ager. They Sent for me tO see if 1
might find the culprit. 1 went. Then
was a btoken window, a tool or two. fee.
While 1 wns pondering the situation
Slid examining some burnt matinee,
wondering whether tile man w M left
handed or not, the village conatabla
came along with the hureiar. So you
lea, theories or so-called eclenae is
sometimes very slow. The Policeman
Knew the way of tiiat burglar hatter
than I.
"However, the great detective must
he a sludtiit of a great many things
In truth, his studies must never end. .
tif m ime Importance is a knowledge of
medicine ami chemicals, lie must know '
something of machinery. Meedlcas to
so . he must lie a Keen stiitteni of hu
OthCf "'arl Untune, In word, the more gen
eral kno sledge he has or me world an I
1 1 -t work, the better detective he Is.
"Hs must hive a good education In!
mathematl 's. s that 'us reasoning now
t i s a.e fully developed and that he may,
with gome degree of ci rtalntv, obtalm 1
by early training and study, properly
follow undersi indlngly tome line of hv
npthesli or eoncluslon. He must be u
dctsllelt, f 'r the ni ist trilling things
in often the mo n vli it.
"And of groat lniDortsnce, a de
tective inriii ho an huost man,
hnneet with himself and his em
ploy!!. Por tli very nttribnte of
henesty creates a ctravnsss of
vision aud an nnblaced method of
ii i
Mill ml
l'fl Bl
1 t jr the
al ull tlw trier. ,,t ha gtosaaeh, Liver, Bovala,
Kldti.tf, hlauder, V.n .c, IHuienl. U id A,,,.i--i
lit. Ih.'u.'i.. t'oritieation, InillsvatioB, !'...-,,
lllflail.Ul.il ' Hi- II .-!-. IH-. sml ull lie
rangi u .. ..I tl - iulei lal h I'llltrn "t
IJIflKHTiliN s-lll I . ., ,.ii li. ad l I taalus
lUliW VV'H I'll.l.n, n mi i
HKk M i't-. Ptt-ii gtonjacb, MIIIiiiuiissi witi
i avoided, a- tin Usui iii.it i eatao aontnbolM
.u nunriahuii raauHeiui tt. tin auiiri uf tut
BsPiral ,ei "t lbs I !.
0 t,i f bus, it Unjumtt af niali.
u.tDwav u COTTara Ifoik,
l.e.r ,i
Many Things
approach to nay subject that car
ries with It a measure of success
from ths beginning. Thus, any
and nil detectives shonld be com
peted to go through a thorough
training and take a thorough an
amination as well before given
authority to act in that capacity.
As It la, a policeman becomes a
detective with llttlo or no training,
"lie must be unusually keen on trifling
circumstances, por while clrcumatancea
alter oases, even one alteration may
make a different c ise and there Is mu
fallacy in cir umstaniiai eviuente. n ,
very often mora difficult In unmake Olr- I
rumstantlal evidence than to make It." I
"I'o vou believe In convicting i man I
on elrrumstant;al evidence?" I nsked. I
"In very few cases Should a man be
convicted on circumstantial evidence, '
anawered sir Conan Doyle emphatically
Thoreau H:l'S." he adde-l
If there Is a trout In the
milk It Is nulla evident lhat there is
some watir In It.' Hut It Is a fa t that
i. tin' iiiriu
the stigma of crim
should not remain on an Individual wh i
makes u mistake. Hut the man who Is
continually brought up on charges, two
or three or four, he is a menace to man
kind ami should he retained Indefinitely,
"However, as things arc at pres
ent, th i man convicted on circum
stantlpl evidsncs rarely can go
bark and pick np the thread of
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to i
f-n. 2S
C.lnrs whrro he lfft ot sr.d not be
touched by the stigma that haj
nndossrvedly come to him. The
state shonld bo held responsible
for snch cases, for Jnrtcs are only
Unmans at b at rn;l may he Influ
enced by orldrncr nnrolle-l bfore
them, wlilc'i may have been faulty,
V enough to ondsmn. In ths
meiorlty of lustsnees these In 11-Tldit-le
hsvs no reconrss."
Sir ' 'onun !iis gitn. to ::reat 'snaths
pending Ills t.:ne and Rionaf III ths ln
iersls of several prisoners convicted on I
elrcutistsntl.il evidence 1l!s cftorls lire
I well known In behalf of RJglili a s.ill.-l-
tor. the son of n vicar In Ills mldlan Is
of Pareee, who .-.n ronaemned for nurse i
maiming In IM Ms w .i M ntenced to
seven yeais. In lM he was st en free
pafOOn and lestund til the roll of i WOI.
mrs. but ot no rveompeueatton.
"Only In one Instance, . intlnued Sir
f?onan, "do i know of a man in Kng-
Wmil ro'-eivllig from lie- il.ivernin.-nl
fifty pounds for falsa Imprisonment. A
man who leSVet Jul has practically
no chattel and If raise - .invlrted
ttOtlld osrtalnly have llic support of
the state to SOIM dafl f bis loss.
.Mrs. Dnvlc lias a VtrjT good Idea for
ths hsnsfll Of toe p;. snni is." said Sir
"Indeed It is Sir Conan s Idea," said
Mrs. Doyle gra niiislv. who hail chatted
pisaaantly during our talk and wim
takes a keen Interest with hat husband
In the worlds work even though hu
claims her position of mother of prime
Importance, (fl is bsllsvsa in ths
progrsag of women, but if they would
exercise their present municipal power
the world do as much good a actually
"It would seem that the prison
should be the plaoe of worthy pos
sibilities rather than withering
punishments A man should corns
ont a better c'tlzoa than when he
went In, which he does not. In
truth," continued Mrs. Doyle, "we
think there might be an Intsrmedl
ate place between civilisation and
Jail, a place where a man could
work and p.irohnnce learn a trade.
His labor shonld bs paid for, not
as convict lobar, but in competi
tion with his brother on the cut
slds. "Thus he would become self-supporting
ami When lie (tinier out of Jail he
; should have the fruits of his labor. A
man and his trade are never parted.
1 We should try to Inc irporalS Into our
Civilisation a spirit of brotherhood
, toward these unfortunate! ami If he
were thus treated and made self-responsible
so that he would not lie a
burden, his criminal art, for which h
, hud suffered enough, would certainly be
minimized in the eyes of the world at
, large."
PtTTLADICLPHIA, Oct. 17. Senator
Frank o. itri.es ,,f New Jersey Is 111 at
n private sanitarium In this city, where
he was removed tO-day, Hs has had
entire c, large of the Itepubllo&JI forces
In Nt M Jersey and the work he has
done seems to have undermined his
Kirst he had Insomnia and then It
wis found t at be was bordering on
nervous prostration
Mrs. iirig.'s accompanied him to Ihls
city so as to he near him but during
the time he Is undergoing treatment
here he will not be allowe I It s.-e nny
member of his family or converse with
B,,y o- his ns.o.lit. s on
ajoUtlral matters, lenator
candidate for re-election.
business i
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Gianl Longshoreman Ordcn His
Friends to Dtoptnt When They
Try to Resaie Him.
Jerry Kelly of No. Osnautoorl siree,.
I igshoromnn of herculean prop irtiOila I
and tremendous slrcngt i, ho ' pal I
to bo the liesl rough and lumb.e Rghl It
a! 'rig the N irlh lllver front, was ar
raigned in Jefferson .Market Pol es I 0111..
tu-dav. by tivo yout it.il and slim de
tect. ves, who looked Upon their h,g
prisoner With respect. They adn It toe
Jerry SSVOd liietn trim What pi.ihui.y
u 1,, I live 1 11 a gool teatlug, when
they arrested bi n last night.
Thomas Bailey, a leftgsaofooann, rum-
pi 1 sey era 1 any s .no thai Keii had
assaulted him ami almost knocked bid
right eye out. Kelly kepi under cover,
but the dele'tlvee were Informed In
wool 1 probably attend a party a: No.
'.ill Tenth avenue, last nlht. and they
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t i t 1 e station house.
Hut outatds the building 1 gsnr of 1
about twenty "Shenangos." as casual
workers along the docis ait called,
barged the ops to rescue Kelly,
armed with rucks and Olttba, Hut
Kelli ordered his would-be resetters to
go about their business, and tney diss
pel sell
Bailey eahlbited a woefully battered
countenance when hi' appeared In court
to press the complaint against Kelly
An adjournment was taken at the re
quest of lh" defendant.
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Lastly KeatUeil Krom Anywhere
A Mai-firtlE WORLD
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