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i l l it llnln IVohable l.,-Mlil or laturilnr.
Tin Am.
Secret Copy Made by Elmc
Dover and Hidden Years in
Vault Is Given Senators.
TOTAL IS $2,280,018.
Initials Indicate Archbold Gift.
While Other Trust Magnates
Are Named.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. -Like a vole,
from the tonb was a ll-t of 1904 cam
paign contributions to the Itepuhllcans
given to the t'Upp con.tnittee to-day.
Dust of years was shaken from the list
i rod-,, ,1 from a (.'hlriiKO storage vault
tiy, Rimer Dover, ltnt Republican
Secretary. It bat'd the rumpaii-n secrets
Tra irer Cl -nellus N. BlUl sotishi to
destroy on his death. It was a du; licate
cf Bliss.' accounts, lagan by rover and
kept for eight year.
Dover skill lift had mai'e Ml list shortly
after the close of the liiot campaign from
a book which Mr lilies let hint, see.
Dover saLd his list undoubtedly con
tained errors made In copying;, arid that
he had never compared It with
original. Tin- Ingest contributions down
on ths list were;
Andrew Caraagt tio.uoo
Oeorgo J. Qould lun.omj
Koawell .Miller IW.OOH
8. D. Wainwrlglit 26,01)0
E. H. Harrlniun loO.OK)
C. B. Italian W.ouo
E. T. Htotes'iury, Philadelphia.... S,000l
8. r. Walnwrlght Ji.OOO
B J. Walnwrlght M.onO 1
C. N. B. for P. R 26,001) j
JE. V. L. Meyer 20,uou
H. H. R. and J. D. W 100.000
R 8. Howe, International Har
vester Company M.000 1
E. T. 8totebury 2",00t I
X. W. P. Committee 100,000
J. P. Morgan & Co 100.000
M. W. Kendall "O.oOo
Chauncey M Dp0W WO WW :
J. P. Morgan si ' (additional). tOJUQ !
J. H. Hjrue ,0N
J. F. Drrdtn
Ado'ph Lewtsohn
lo 000
, 2f,,00u
1 o,
IS, 000
2!.. 0U
20, 000
It, )O0
as, ooo
2T,, )0i
O. V. U Meyer
d. and N. W. rlughUn, Illinois.
F. B, Wllliajiis. New Orleans..
Hawaiian .ugar Planters' As'n
a V, L Meyer
Clarence H.-.Mackay
Isaac H. Sellgman
J. H. Bchltt
A. 1. Julllard
Whlteluw Held
James Kpeyer
H. A. Hanna (family)
O. W. P
J. F. Drydcn
John Jacob Astor
Senatoi Piatt . .
O. V. U Itsysr
E. T. toteibury
M. C. D, UorJon
James Btlllm in
A. mllh, .' r Cuba Mall a. 3.
8. J. Walnwrlght
E. t. um iry
H. H. Roger
Bethlehem ftti : Company
E. T. stun ibury
O. W. P. (committee)
American Can Company
Robert Mai her
20,1 00
100, 01 W
LT, 000
E. T. 8tolcsli.it)
Union Le iue i
Robert Bacon
j. p. Morgan v
J. H. ii
i. n. h i
Jainna . n
K. 11. Ha li.an
H. C. V. .. ..
U O , M
ii McK '1 WO
T. lib ui,
j. w. i rt
I. H. K .i ...
j. r. l ,
,Vhlti v )
i. w.
b, I'lilladelphla
lU.UIil I
10, IOC.
I k
I ''.
ovar t
the . -'letl
put In Vl n e,
, ed the "U, W.
p.M etood for ileorai- W. 1'erklnn lit
xplalned he bulieved t.. list snowed
epetltldhs and Inaccuracies. J. P. Mor
gan already had told the committee he
fa"0 IIM.OUO. although Dover' list show
(Continued on Fourth Page)
(mtrls-ht. 11112. br
Co. nil. New
;m contributors
Defendant, Who Had Been
Convicted in First Trial,
Receives News Calmly.
Girl fur Whom State Declared
Murder Was Committed
Not Called to Stand.
A. verdict of "not aul'ty" wa found by
the jury In the second trial of Allison
W. MarFarlan 1 on the ohara of wife
murder this ,-if'einoon Whm the verdict
was announ.
lo Justice Uttmniere In
tho oouniy court house, Newaili, N. J.,
atacFarlaftd, who hed displayed remark
uole coolness throughout th trial, main
tained hla composure, saying that ha
had fully expected acquittal.
This was MuoParland'a second trial.
On the tirst he jut In no dufense and
the Jury found him guilty.
An appeal to the higher court, how
ever, resulted 1n a reversal, the court
holding that tho so-called "Uunny" let
ters, written by Mac FurUnd's Phila
delphia sweetheart, and which the pros
ecution alleged showed the motive for
the killing, l;ad been Improperly Intro
duced. At the present trial Mac Par.
lind tools the stand in his o n defonse.
The girl In the case, Florenc Brom
ley, came to Newark t testify In Mai
Farland'l btbalf. but the accused man's
attorney', desiring 'o lave her iho
humiliation of a cross-examination, de
oldad to stand on hi tory alon.
It hum alleged that MacKarlaud
placid cyanide in a bottle containing-
luoiiiide and that his wile owuilowed
tho fall dose. Innocently believing she
Wag taking headache medicine.
After Justice oummere had charged
the Jury, Liwer McDermlt, entered a
general exception to the Judge's address.
Keterrlng to the contenUon of the de
fense that Mrs. MaoKarland deliberate
ly committed suicide becaua sh had
I DOVtrad U tter to her huband f n m
Florence Broml, which showed that he
was unfaithful and of degenerate moral
the Cuun and had said In charging the
Jury that as Mr Maol'arland had al
ready talked with her husband about hie
Intimacy with Florence Uromley and had
tils -assed dvorce with him, those letietn
would nardlj cause a suicidal dlstur.i
gn 1 Of her feelings.
Justice OuoMMre also said that if Ma.--Farland,
as tit admitted or, U.e jtan I,
put I ...de of potawltn In an m
proparty marked bottle in the medicine
Cheat in- was guilty of criminal careleat
n. ss ami might at amy rate be con
victed of Involuntary manslaughter
but if the Jury believed that he put the
poison In the chest In the belief that tils
wife would take It and die, tie was
guilty jf murder.
Poisoners," said the Court, "do not
go around w.th biuss band; they usually
woik In secret."
A Jury nefore Judge Dike In the
', ,- Court, lii'ookiyn, to-day, qulck
I) :onvl lej Kstelle Moscowlt of No
j ICgal Ninth street. Manhattan, of
-t - lnJ to help three prisoners
ehargud With burglary to get out of
Raj .noiid Street Jail.
Kane found on stem l , th
s,ttis in the loor of tile cell occupied
,.. ii.-,,. e lleckcr and Harry Miller had
..: n laWed through. He ordered that
ill who had vlsl.ed the two should he
lagrohad. Este'le Moscowlts, calling
herself Kstelle Moore, called the next
day. When she was searched by the
matron fine saws were found In her
A It U a felony to attempt to aid
In th escape of a parson 'aoused of a
felony th girl may b aentenoad to
Auourn prison for seven year a
JJJ Circulation Books Open to All."
The I'rm l-iibllslilns
lark Hnrldi.
Doctors Decide Ex-President
Can btart tor Oyster
Bay on Tuesday.
Patient Practically Resumes
Charge of His Campaign
From Sick Room.
CH1CAOO, Oct 18.-Former President
Roosevelt will loave Chicago for Oys
ter Bay on Monday 'or Tuesday of next
week. He will travel on one of the
. lower trains over the Pennsylvania
IUiilroad, so that he may enter New
York at the station from which the
trains to Oyster Hay depart. This plan
was decided upon to-day with only the
qualification that It depended upon
Col. Roosevelt's continue ,1 and uninter
rupted Improvement, wltloh his physi
cians now cuna.lently expect.
"Keep the fight going full blast. John
aon; don't let our boy alack up In the
work becuuae I can't be with them for
a few day s. Tell the people you apeak
to i wish i couiti oe out there working
with you myself and that I certainly
will be as soon as my doctors will let
This was CoL Roosevelt's parting In
junction and encourai" snent to Oov.
Hiram Johnson, the I 'logrnselve csn
dldate for Vl'e-I'resldeiit, when the
latter left the Presidential candidal
ut Mercy Hospital to-day.
The following bulletin was Issued
by Col. Roosevelt's surgeon at 9.30
A M. (10.80 o'clock New York tlme:
"Fnlae, 70; temperature, 8.4; res
piration, IB. Pain la eneat diminish .d.
Breathing freer. Oeneral condition so
good that he will be allowed to .It up
for an boor to-day. XI ooavaleaoeaoe
1 progTsaataa; favorably, and ualsss
om latent infection manifest Itaelf
hi progr should be rapid."
The bulletin was signed by Dr.
John a. Murohy, Dr. Arthur D. Rcvan.
Dr. Alexander Lambert and Dr. Scurry
U Terrell.
The physicians have practically agreed
hat arr:ng complications, their pa
tient ninr .eave the hospital Tuesday.
He will iot be allowed to make any
political ipeecho or take any active
part in the campaign, however, for ten
or twelve lay afterward. Thl de
cision was made to-day at a conference
of the doctor and Mrs. Roosevelt. The
plan Is to remove the Colonel Tuesday
afternoon and take him directly to
Oyslor Day, where he will be able to
obtain the rest needed for his complete
"I'm getting anxious to get back lo
Armageddon boys," was Col, Roose
valt'l Jesting greeting tc his physician
ubun they appeared Th remark epito
mised the whole situation at Mercy II a
pit el.
After waking ltooievelt w given a
sponge bath and served with the same
Kind of breakfast ne has hud iach
morning since be tntered the hospital,
it was lot the Colonel's I'lsh, hoeve.-,
that be oe confined to the usual tou.ii.
!Kgi, Ac.
That's nothing for a strong man," th
Colonel remarked to the ours. "I want
soma fresh country sausage and pan-
akes. Plsnty of them, too.''
Mrs. Roosevelt promptly countermand
ed the sausage and pancalte ?rder.
Breakfast arrived minus ins teltoaola.
Th Colonel looked at tha oune an i,
(Continued on Third Page.)
OHICAOO, Oct 11. Twenty-five police
men escorted Oov. Hiram W. Johnson
to-day from the Urand Central Hallway
tattOg to his hotel. The larg guard
was ordered by Chief of Polk' M
A'eeny as a result of an attempt to
assassinate Col Roosevelt C'h.ef Mc
Wei ny said no chance would be taken
of a sintliar attack on the Colonel
running mate.
The Governor Intended to lust during
i he morning, deliver a noon addrea In
a downtown theatre, hold conferences
with Col. Roosevelt and tha 1'r.i.iressiv
managers this afternoon and speak In
booth Chicago to-night.
World lluildlag J-arklsk Maths.
Alwsrs ops, feslb eila prlrst. sjsasa It.
sfMi son Manirui. i ni"i: - sii--'Oi
Part W. seat Bissiam Irtdg, IIH,
Jlprab iftbnm liriNALl
-Z- "Circulation Books Open to All."
Character Views
Who Is
Three Count 'Em Three
Fair Blondes Make Court
Floor Sag at Trial.
81x hundred and seventy pound of
feminine corespondent three of 'em
overflowed chairs In Justice Qlege
rich' part of the bupreme Court to
day when Mr. Ida Campbell's ault for
tin, ii against John E. Csmpbdl was
called, it was the biggest caioh of
affinities bagged by a apous In many
a moon.
Tlie first of the heavy sfMnltle to
be called was a Mm Ma belle Itvilly.
She pried herself sluggishly from a
frail tittle chair which gruaned and
creaked a It nas relieved of It bur
dsn and turned toward the aisle. One
hand shot up to a maaalve green and
blue etrlch-trlmmd hat adjusted the
brim to a rakish angle and thn Joined
th other hand In hauling down her
She made her wy lahorlouIy to the
wltnus chair, amlled mischievously at
the clerk who swore her and got, ker
plunk' Into the witness chair, not for
getting to proffer Justice Olegsrlch
one of her moat mellow mlls.
"Sure," she knew "Jack" Campbell
He Is "one of the beat ever" and paid
his way all tit time, or course. If th,
lawyer Jut had to know what "Jack"
n doing on the night of j in. I, lill,
when Mrs Campbell oompl lined her
husbsgid had transgi tagad, why, alp
"e'poeed." lied have to tell It. 8h.
told of Campbell entertaining a party
of girls at No. 131 West Thirty-sixth
street on th evening in question. The
circumstances were such as to convince
the Court Mr. Campbell suit was well
founded and th lawyer was directed to
call one of the other wlmeasea to offt t
legal corroboration of Ml Itellly'a lor.
It fell to the lot of Miss Hattls Hu-eal-ly,
a chum of Mia ittllly, to mov
om 217 pound avolrdupol In tb di
rsotien of (he witness chair h mad
BDwHOIl,. sflfl K.:alBm .7W rMLtl BHsUM
B - frr v i .r-ujmm ui m
of Gambling House Raider
on Trial for Killing of Rosenthal
an obaervation to Mis Rellly, whom ah
met In the alale, aa followa:
"Say, kid, you looked too cut for
anything up there'
Dike her companion. Ml 0tradly, an
enormousl up and- youthful core
pon sniltkd playfully at Clerk Jack
MfCue auJ othen within the enclosure
The Idea of being a divorce case wltm-ss
had no embarrassments for Mia 8trad
ley. Mis .Htradlry told the Court what Mlta
Rellly aald about "Jack'" dallying In
Uroadwuy's all-night glare waa gull
true. The Court was satisfied at thl
point and told Mrs. Campbell' lawyer
lie need not bother with the third con
signment of corespondenta.
A decre of divorce was entered In
favor of Mr. Campbell, who married
Campbell In February, 101, but aaw
iitt e of her huaband afterward.
Th third of th bevy of lmprtrly
conatructed wetheart ramalns uniden
tified In proportlona and In calibre of
aoinbraro, h equalled her sister wit-
ueise. The three young women ool
lected In the court house corridor at ra
ce and blocked the passage way from
the court room to the talrwly. Klnally
they flowed down the atalrcaae and
gradually disappeared.
Hum In Croat of Machine al Broad
" and Tblrty-aeeaad itreei
William Bllvrtin. an A. D. T. ma
enger bo); who, hi employer say.
wa a! way a huatlar, tried to break
acroaa Fifth avenue at Tbtrty-cond
strt through th aream of trafflo
at noon to-day. H wa (truck and
run over by an automobll owned by
John Hheehan of No. II Wtit Heventlelh
strt and driven by Mr .(l,ehtr
liBuffaur, August Arnagouat
Th maohne wa moving slowly and
Amaguut stopped It aa oon a pos
sible after the lad waa struck. Mr.
hheehan picked up the boy, placed
n. in in the car and rushed him down
it Twenty-third tret, w.iere a police
man wa picked up and the accident
wa teporteJ.
Young 81herteln w then taken to
New Vork Hospital In the Sheehan au
tomobile He was found to have three
fractured ribs on the left sld and
minor lnjurli. Mr. Sheehan left ordr
that the little patient be given the beat
of attention. Amagoust, the chauffeur,
aaya the boy ran directly In front of the
car when I he croaalng waa (q
all but traffic bound up and down Fifth
avenue dllvratln'a home la at No.
107 haul Tenth street
rotrncAt rajsTisa axd arnuw
as, IMt so Aas.mblif rial, la in. Paul
lalldlag. SMtlas Old. and SMUaaTl,
h vjiF .ai'jgmiir'v.1--
Father Rescues Two of His
Daughters, Believing Third
Had Rushed From House.
Four hour after fire that destroyed
th upper puxt of their home had been
put out, Joaeph Osd. of CMfton. N. J.,
found th body of hi eight year-old
daughter, Angellne, this morning, under
a bed In a room which had not been
touched by the flame.
Oss'e, with his wife and three daugh
ter, lived at Ma, tl'i I'srker avenue.
Clifton, a two-and-a-half tory frame
dwelling. Late last n gin. after the fam
ily had retired, neighbor saw flames
bursting through the roof, turned th an
alarm and iir-c.-H-n the i Ms lev.
Mr. Osle and her husband rushed up
to the attic to the ohUdren's rooms and
carried oat Elisabeth, aged four, ami
Olga, aged sla. Utile Olga thought An
gellne had gone down the atalt a m1n
ut before. Hhe told her father "Angle
mi down to wake up papa and mam
ma." Willi th" arrival of the flrumMi
and the gathering of a crowd of severnl
hundred persons Osal. in th excite
ment, s ;:'' ' that neighbor wore
caring for Aruyolllie.
But after a iulck look through th
orowd he began to have dOUbti and
made hi way back into the house and
up to th attic, where the fla-ne were
raglhS. He sesn-hed rapidly through
the two rooms on that floor and looked
Into an unfurnished ttorarooag and fi
nally decided that the glil must have
aved heraelf.
Oale was burnd s'-verely on hi
left arm wIhii he earns down Tlie
patents began a -julet search anions
the neighbors, tut their seurch soon
became frantic when family after
family told them they had no Idea
wuer th girl vsaa. I 2 o'clock thl
morning th distracted father had ,n
terviewed all th nelghlior and he re
turned to th houa One room In the
at II was even (hen full of emoke.
Osal waat through It carafully and
waa about to leave when h aw th
ohlld' foot under th bed. Th Irttl
girl bad been auSoaatad,
II t ill H-Rnla
ufiimuiMi mi PTAtin
! AnnniTn niiinin hrn
Into an Agreement With Webber,
Vallon and Schepps Promising
Practical Immunity. f
Tells Several Details That Arc
Directly at Variance With the
Testimony Given by Rose.
District-Attorney Whitman was
for the defense in the trial ol Lieut.
Herrtun Rosetithal when it was resumed after recess before Justice
in L:xtraordinar-y Term of the Supreme Court. John L. Mclnt-yre, Beck
er's chief counsel, requested his opponent in the case to take the stand
and answer tiiestions about his
Korty-seveirth street station on the
gambler-informer was shot to death.
The purpose of this almost unprecedented move in criminal
was to question the District-Attorney concerning statements he
made while cross-examining f-rederick Hawley, a newspaper
and one of the defence's important witnesses. Whi'.man had
at this witness' statement (hat he
State alleges the defendant was conferring with the murder conspirati
Mr. Whitman did not help the
with Becker.
AdmUsions were drawn from
lations in writing with Kose, Webber,
called for these stipulations, and Justice GotT ordered them produced
Jack Sullivan, friend of becker, and Indicted with him for thl
murder, was on mc witness sum mis
kose, contradicting some of the most
mony. He especially denied tnat part ol Pose's story concerning the
sending of money to the gunmen, declaring he did not see Becker during
the morning following the murder. Rose had said Sullivan was present
when the money was paid over.
Sullrvan declared flatly that Rose had told him be would "fram
becker, Waldo, the Mayor, or anybody else to get cut of here" the
"here" being the prison.
Hawley, a reporter for the Sun, swore that he called Beckef
on the telephone and told him of the murder of Rosenthal at 3.17
o'clock, becker said he was sorry Rosenthal had been killed as he
had the "goods" on the gamhler and was jut getting ready to show hin
up. Decker at first said to the reporter "you are kidding me."
Httriey said he went to the Times square station and met Becker
there and accompanied him to the station houst. He was with Beckef
continuously, he Mid, from t o'clock until 8 o'clock with exception
ol intervals of from five minutes to twenty minutes.
Former District-Attorney William Travers Jerome was the first wit
ness called to the stand to-day after Lawyer John W. Hart had outlined,
the defense's plans.
Mr. Jerome was called to testify as to telephone conversation l
!iad heard between becker and Jack Rose that would prove Rose to M
a perjurer
Judge GotT overruled every question along this line and the form.
District-Attorney stepped down without giving an answer. Judge Go)
even refused to allow counsel to make an argument again.vt his rultafi, '
Police Commissioner Waldo vas then called to testify as to BedtMn
record in the Police Department
Mr Waldo wai not allowed to testify if Recker had ever asked te
l . .1) J a? it. . J .a. t a T a s
ne rcuevrj m we quiici ui neag 01
Mr. Jerome Is
as a Becker Witneu
former Mdtrtot Attorn Jerome was
aworn and took hla aoat on the stand,
looking very grave and aoleran.
"Do you roca.ll, Mi. Jeroin," aak.-d
Mr. Hart, "th day I called on you
M July.
"T'' responded Jerome, "I
Probable To-M.hl or
Says He Entcn
called this afternoon as a wit
a witntM
murder tjf
istice Got
Charles becker for the murder
(Whitman's) presence in the
morning of July 16, the day tl
had been with becker at a time
defence prove that Hawley had
the Prosecutor that he had made stijnf
Vallon and Schepps. The Jefi
anernoon. tit: gave tne lie to Jaejj
important features of Hose's test!
ine :ce squad.
Shut Off
that It waa on the Wednesday
the murder."
The witness told of having (sad fjtr-
ner wtin jsa.-t ai sssg
their subsequent visit
Q Did you i
kCtm leVa'al aha
I their aubvquat vUft to tte mmm Ate a
see tb wawstatlm wdjbjl

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