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: r-rr
Whitman Guarded From Assault by Four Chicago Thugs
WK.t I llicit t learlnii i.. -night, Saturday fnlr, colder.
vV RATIIKH rimrlm tr-ala-hti Saterday (air, rollm
Circulation Books Open to All"
" Circulation Books Open to AIL"
Lawyers Visit Condemned Man
and Make Plans for Appeal
in" to Higher Courts.
( Whitman Refuses to Discuss
Report That Chicago Gang
sters Threatened His Life.
Having pretty fair Idea by this
-line cf the borrora of the r.nnth
House at Sing ShiK, former Police
I.leutrnfint Charles Becker consulted
with his lawyers to-day to begin
Ms fight to net out.
Becker haH fallen Into the ways
of the place quickly and philo
sophically (Ha autocratic bearing
lias vanished. He Is as meek as
the mtokoft, and probably for the
first time in his life realizes what
the under dog's lot is like.
If he txptCted unusual privileges
In Slug Slr.g he was disappointed.
One of his Aral blows was a notice
that his wife would be allowed to
visit him only three days a week,
instead of every day, as first re
ported. Condemned prisoners art not required
to do :ne work ground their ceiLs a are
other prisoners. To-lay James Dillon,
a convict and former Brooklyn . police
man, alii lie as.-igned to the caxo of
Becker's cell It has not filtered
through the prison walls whether thev
knew each other while members of the
department, but Dillon was convicted of
manslaughter after It was alleged the
"system' had tried to save him.
He shot and killed Unite Probheron
May 2. 1S09, In the grocery of his vic
tim's father. The boy had telephoned
te Headquarters that there was "a
drunken cop In the store," and h ii
hot as lie turned from the telephone.
The "system" was credited with pro
ducing a butcher knife and cuts In Dil
lon's coat to tiiow he was attacked.
Dillon was given from seven to fourteen
District-Attorney Whitman wejg asked
to-day to confirm or deny a report that
he has been warned thtt four thugs
from Chicago are on their way to New
York to kill alltn and are due to urrl M
her to-morrow. When The Hvenina
World reporter siw Mr. Whitman he
was In the Mora, of rill home at No.
37 Madison avenue nd Ills two-year-old
daughter ws btully engaged In bulld
;ng a playhouse out ' blocks she had
pulled from the shelves.
"I don't ( .if to dlOOUM this matter,"
said the DiStHot-Attornsy, "except to
ay that the receipt of threatening let
ters Is not at all an unusual creum-
tance in the District-Attorney's office."
As The Evening World reporter win
liavini? ne round Deteotlvt "Al" ritwnai
at the door Ol atr. Whitman's home.
waitms ,o ac.-om party hiw downtown,
A detective la never far from Mr. Whit
man's side these day
from I lUrcei outside lbs District-Attorney's
u III ci it baa been learned tint
Mr. Wall '.an has been warned of a plot
to take Mis life. The plot is said to
(Continued on eighth I'agu.)
Harniircr Modems c.Ue Prohibition
Candidate lllu Majority.
Just to Hiv the reel of ih V. A.
a line m how thlngi ire s 'm to Hop
on Nov. tin student! Of Barnard Col
lege 38" of 'em had i convention yee
jrday, nom i ited n.- five candidates or
,e Ave parties In the Held ill over
rain and thi n held an I eetlon, The re
si. ts were announced to-day.
(Jhaftii. 1'rohl iltloniet, won overwhelm-
Killed by Madison tvennr Car.
A northbound Ma Itson avenue car ran
down Dnuis Jeff., fifty-six. a butcher,
to-day ut (me Hundred and fifth street.
.laffe, who lived at No. II Last one
Hundred and Pourth street, diod on
the way to the Harlem Hospital.
Cnnrrlirht. 11112. hv
To. I The New
I 111 ai ip iiiii niP
AN Nr W h
I 111 Villa lllbk Vila
Their Wealthy Employer, J. H.
Mahoney, Vainly Tries to
Help Them.
Feathers Burst Into Flames,
Igniting their Clothing
Rush Out in Panic.
Three servants who have been em
ployed for years In the handsome
brownstone home of J. H. Mnhoney, a
tetlresl merchant, on the northwest cor
ner of Seventy-first street and Madison
avenue, were badly ournei to-day, one
of them mortally, when their Coining
Ignited by a biasing chicken.
Sarah lioss, the cook, was singeing
the chicken over an ulxihol laon, (v'nn
the feathers on the fowl suddenly
flared up and set fire to her hair and
Waist Mary O'Brien and Ldzilc Dovle.
maids, rushed In her .id i .,Pivin
to heat out the flames their own cloth- I
big and hair caught fire.
All three women were ablaze when Mr. !
Mehonry. their emolover. and Cmt i
Immlnlck Henry of the Kaat Sixty- i
seventh street station, who had bee
lj.is.-ing the house und heard the screams
f the women, got Into the kitchen.
''apt. Henry and Mr. Mahoney thre.v
ta.ble cloths and blankets over the DOOa
md -Mary (J'tlrl.in, but In a suddet
frenzy Lizzie Doyle rushed out Into the
street and ran around madly In it
1'cle, fanning the rire !n her clothing
and increasing her agony.
Patrolman Prank llonahan went to
the aid of the frantic woman and so did
three nen who lumped off a passing
Madleon avenue car. E. F. Doyle, a
broker, of 'o. 520 (Overside IJrlve, tore
off his topcoat and threw it over the
5 oung woman's head.
tleorue Symons of No. 21 East On
Hundred and K'lghtli street, dragged Ms
raincoat In the gutter to saturate It
with water and wound It about the
biasing klrt. Podceman Monahan In
the meantime was trying to beat out
the tire with his hands, both of which
Weie badly burned.
The maid's outer clothing and all of
her hair had been burned off bofore the
fire was put out and she sank to the
pavement unconscious, Trie 1'resliy
terlan Hospital is diagonally opposite
the Mahoney home and an anvbulancv
was swiftly summoned and three In
terne rushed over to minister to the
burned woman.
All three were taken to the hospital
Mrs. Hobs, the rook, and Miss O'Brien
will recover, hut J.lzzle Doyle Inhaled
names and there Is no hope that She
w 1 survive. Patrolman Monohan had
to have his burns dragged and after re-
porting to the Htiitlon house was sent
home on sick leave. Cnpt. .Henry and
the ag"'l employer of the three women
were not Injured. The Hrn in the kitch
en did only trilling damage.
HaiiLrupt llrnUer I ..ll.d From
Slltf'U I telifinae.
For failure to appear before a com
mittee for examination as to the causes
of the failure or Hluir Brothers, the
brokerage hrm formerly located at No.
2u Hroiul street, which closes) Hept. SO,
Walter Blair, the board member of th'e
tituikrnnt e. ncern. was excelled fr,..,i
membership In the Consolidated stock
Exchange to-day. President De AeTUOrO
explained the expulsion ,y saying that
Hlalr had tailed to; appear before a
proper c-ommillee for examination.
$12 Men's Suits &0'coats, $5.95
THE "HUB" liothlng (,'orner. Broad.
way, cor. Haniay St.. opp. Woolwurth
Buildln (highest In the world), will hell
to-day and Saturuiy Ei.UUO Men's Winter
Bolts und Overcoats, tine blach thlbut.
fancy grays, browns and dark mlxeu
i worsteds, all slsea, single or douole
I breasted; worth 111 In any other atore:
their apevlal price to-day and Katurday,
5.S8. Opso Saturday night till 10.
Their Runaway Marriage !s
Annulled, hut Just Watch
for What Happens Next.
Pi mitl QH11 Hie UIc rwA hi
HeIen Applegate and Wesley
Harcourt Ritter.
The "Mr." and "Mrs." which the
prankish Daniel Cupid wrote before
tn" names of two child elopers three
years ago were rubbed out to-day In
. tiie Supremo Court and a tedloM and
Persia tent struggle by the fathers of
the Infant earlyweds was ended. They
were hardly sixteen then. Their
futlier:; say they mude a mistake. Dike
good und obedient children tuey have
not opposed the three years' light to
have thl nuptial knot severed.
Hut thore are whispers even prophe
sies thut when they roaOh those days
when papa's authority wanes tliey will
again encourage the dexterous little
bovvmun to train Ills ariows as ho did
that summer day June 10, 1909 when
they went to the parsoniigo of the
Hev. Mr. K. Connor Hulse at Belmar
and were made mun and wife
She was Helen Applegate not quite
sixteen, perfect In schoolgirl mould,
the tirst swluimer of the year to greet
old Neptttne at Ocean Qrove, the idol
of her lather - eye and the grace of
the house of Mr. uud Mrs. Theodore
Applegate of Mount Carmel Way,
,io.. ,
Me was Wesley Harcourt Ritter, a
few day more than tilxteeu, captain
n' quarterback In a boys' schtol on
the Hudson typically a college chop!
the MM """ eMWBrd P. V. Itltter
"f th'' UnM a wealthy man-
"facturer and an otneer 01 the Mcr-
chants and Manufacturers Kxohnngc
The Unrornentio t.apers, a great bun
dle of them, loaded with seals, stamps
and signatures, do not disclose tiiat
elemental food stuff ut all love stories
how they met. It may be readily
Imagined that "Wat" was up before
the sun one morning cloaked In a high
collared blue and red sweuter with a
great letter "W" on his expansive
chest, raOlng along the ocean front
when suddenly out of the ocean came
Helen like a gorgeous sea nymph, com
ing on shore from her ante-prandlil
swim. Then It is easy to see that
"Wee" hulled in his strides, spoke a
cheery "Good morning, Miss," as sum
mer folks always do. and then
To the parson's they tripped with two
companions one afternoon. Their par
ents were not 'in" on the lark, neither
did they know of the long afternoons
and evenings "Wee" and Helen had on
the roller coasters and slides of the
ocean front parks. Ray Weeks, a MhOOl
chum of Wesley's, and Hertha Irons, a
friend of Helen's, saw the minister pro
nounce the words, came back to Ocean
Drove with them ami stood that night
at a respectable distance from the ajati
ports of Helen's home and peered
through the evening's dusk as Wesley
and Helm bade each other a fond good
night. They were husband and wife
yet they dared not take their fathers
into the secret.
So It went. Tiie summer season waned.
The Hitter and Apolegal- s were pack
ing up to return to the'r city homes.
Then Wesley went to j,s fa. her and l i
his story. There was no si;, hp. Pa.ia
Hitler was oonsiderat, hot severe. 11
son was tot, young. Next ity I'apa Ap
sjajpatl an I Papa Ritter bad talk arid
the day following l'apa Ritter began an
action in the Supreme I'JUn gfalUei
ooth the children to annul their sweet
midsummer's dream.
The Children, It ll apparent, cherished
the memories of their MSOClatlona, but
they were mindful of a father's au
thority, liuardluns ad litem were
ai'i"''""1 fy Uie oourti and a referee
was named to take testimony in prlvat
Before the court's appointee, phjo nix
Ingrahutn, Ml ehlldren mel aat to
I aether, chatted ind renewed their
I companionship, and thpSS who saw
j them are not sure tnnt right before
I tm Court they did not repliglit their
1 love.
Tli" weary examination dragged on
Months went by ami then years. it
was not till three months ago that toe
He eree tiled In the Supieme Court his
rcommendatlons that the marriage of
the two ehlldren bs annulled, as they
were under age and bad never lived as
Th Prom PuhlLliln
Vark World).
What Do You Think of Her? She's
Fairest Bride Mayor Ever Wed
eeeeeaBBaaa Bav aeal saira- . ' HHtpaPHsBV aeaawF
aeav BBBflBBel aw
I J MO a. rTUEl. I 1 WW X
!i w
husband and wife. To all of the pro
DOdUre they consented.
To-day Justice Uiegerlch rent their
union with the llnal slash of the law. I
To-day Mrs. Wesley H, Ritter, as pretty
a girl as Jersey boasts of, becomes again
Mils Helen Applegate and ' Wes" again
becomes plain Master Hitler.
In two years Miss Helen and Master
Wesley will be OO me of age. The next
chapter? Will It tell of a renewal of
those vows the Court upset?
Awful Toll of Traffic shown in Re
port of Highways Protec
tive LMgUfc
Wagons were found to le more dead
ly to pedestrians than trolley cars dur
ing the month of October, a 'cordlng to
the report of the National Highway Fro
tectlve Society Issued to-day. During
th month which closed yesterday nit;
mis were regponethM for the death of IJ
pei sons and injury to 2X. while trollevs
killed 16 and Injured 4. AUtomoMlea
killed tw..nt-iour persons and Injured
112. while one person was killed by a
The total persons meeting with ac. I
dents on the streete of the Hreater City
due to vehicular traffic was 00 killed
and U) Injured,
outside the city on highwav Jbe fol
lowing tabulation was prepared:
Killed. Injured
Hy automobiles
fly trolleys W 'M
Hv wagons
Elgin wagons and eight automobiles
were demullahed by railroad truing at
h'ghway grade crossings throughout the
S;ate during the month.
a totalling of the figures of children
killed .1 iring the ten months of the year
showed Wl f"r "reater City alone.
Of theee fti gooldonti to youngsters
fully "' Per oent. occurred in the bor
oughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
democrats"to parade.
Ottlclal ll. olal ll.ul Wilson ( ele-
lirntloit Una Hern I allril OIT.
A report has been In ell lUlatlM to toe
effect mat i he great tVilson parade for
to-morrow had been railed 'ff on a
i uUni of the ihivateutna w- alher. Th..
National Demoerejtle Conxmittce stat.s
lha the parade bad OOl 101 tl ct.ied off.
and preparations for the parade are
being onllnuod,
Ti omml'tee on the OoMOlldjOtOd
Sto"k E. banle which lias be.-n In
Ohirne of toe arrangements for a pgr
UelpaMon of members in the parade
withdrew out of reapeoi to the memory
of VlcePresldert Sherman
I'asler Hussall en Arniasrddea.'
Acsdsmy of Music, ttr.ioklvn,
I V. at. Nuv. 1. rree.
NOVEMBER 1, 1912. 28 PAGES
I I l,.r v..,,. I :. .1,1,., I fMlual
' ilV Illll't'V .OKI v '1I11.I.-1
Agree With Mr. Gaynor, So
He Must Be Right.
Mr. and Mrs lienjamln Samuel Catts
are on tluir wuy to l ulm BOMP. to
day with two qertlfloatea from Mayor
Oaynor of which thi y are almoet equal
I ly proud The tltot lilfleH the Mayor
I of New York itv. under tti authority
, conferred on lilm liy law, did yester
I day unite Miss Bthol Huvuge Cottalln,
splnater, and H. S. Oatta, lawyer, In
the bonds of matrimony Tiie other
was an oral certificate and was dellv
ered to Mrs Catts immediately ft.r
the ceremony arid in the ppsgenOS of
her new-made hus.,and and William
Kennel, a Lleutenaitt of poller, at
, t ii ii. d to the Mayor's oA0Oj it was
I to this effect.
I "Vou, madam, are the prettlogt worn
'an 1 have evei married.''
I think you are right, sir," said
l.p'iitt nant Kennel.
The bride blushed. Mr. Catts said
"Th anks, very much So do I." Every
)oly shook narals and lauartied ajid the
( p. i rt was over.
I Pomtef Alderman Bllag Qoodtnan
' Started it all Hack tn lis be said tu
i Mr. Catts, with whom he hud law
lofAues a t No. Broadway, i think i
(Shall introduce ...u to the pr. tt.est glri
i I have over seen. '
' Daie you " answered Mr. Catts Mr
Ooodman took me dure.
"You ale right,' observed Mr. Call!
as soon us he got out of range of Miss
Conkiln's nearlng "I wish i had time
to make lu r t..lnk I was woi tn while
Hut about hve months ago Mr Catts
ma le lime, and last week he was aide !,,
walk proudly up to Mr. Uoodtnao'i
dasfc au na "I Wlglt lo ami ounce that
1 am about to be mauled to the prtt-
ti.st girl either you or myse.f has ever
Mr. Ooodman at once stipulated that
Mayor llaynor, his old friend, perform
the ceremony.
killed n
Five Hundred Officers and
Twenty Detectives Seek
Clue to Joy Riders.
Fitzsimmons Is Run Down in
Park Two Hours After Leav
ing Hallowe'en Celebration.
I'nder the pareonal dlractlon of First
Deputy fnlirs CommlsabMier McKay, a
pecial detail of twenty detectives is run
ning down duns isilntlna b the Idnntlly
of the iersiins who were In the auto
mobile that ran down and killed Police,
man Peter Fltzalmmutia In the West
Drive, near Seventy-fourth anient. Cen
tral Park, at 1 20 o'clock this morning.
Throuerh the general alarm system, E00
police officers were visiting garages
looking frr l vnage I aiHonu.tSlen wltnln
two hours after Pltzslmimona wua k'.llel.
and Information gathered In this Investi
gation will certainly, tt ts believed, hiing
to light those who ran down Kllsalni
mons and left him dying In the road.
Polloe Commissioner Waldo is deter
mined the persons who killed Fltsslm-
motii shall he brought to Justice ard
the whole maohlnery of the Police De
partment ts working lo that end. Un
less the clues already In hand bring
results to-day every automobile In tliS
city will be investigated as tu Its where
abouts at the time Filsslmmons was
In the Arsenal station In Central
Park are gov oral plecee of glass which
WeM found m the rad near where j
rMtisommons wus strucK. Th glass is
thigh and appears to have been broken
from a heavy windshield or a powerful
searchlight lamp. The police have a
line on two automobiles which were
taken to garages early this morning
with tiroken windshields.
Kltsslmmons was the seiond police
man to be run down by reckless auto
moblllsta In Central Park within five
week. Date In September Patrolman
Terence HalluKher, on post In the West
Drive, near One Hundred and Hlxtn
troot, wa knocked twenty feet by a
speeding car, which did not stop. Gal
lagher, with a broken right i, four
fractured rib and Internal Injuries,
lingered between life and death for
three weeks In Hie Ited Cross Hospital
and Is now slowly fighting his way
hack to health at his home. No. Iff
Went one Hundred end Forty-eeojnd
Kltsslmmons was patrolling his beat
In -the West Drive at Heventy-fourth
street at 1.10 o'clock this morning. He
was on the eldewalk alongside the
automobile roadway. A car swung
around the curve moving so fast that It
skidded from the rosd, and Vilialni
mon was struc k.
BULANCE. Patrolman powers, on duty In the
Ramble, and Patrolmen Uoodyear and
Faik, on fixed post In Central i'avrk
West, heard the shrill scream of a
woman, the impact of the aut.miobtie
striking Kllsslmmons and the tinkle of
breaking glass i lies sounds were
mingled. Ail three officer started on
the run In the direct. ... whence the
huunde proceeded,
Powers was Hie first to reach th
scene sf the accident He found Kit ".
.dilutions lying UhVOMolOUf In a crum
pled heap liy ths roadside. Toe sound
of the exhaust of an uutoinohlle moving
at high speed could be heard to toe
southward. In a moment thl sound
i eased.
Qoodyoar and Palk scrambled ov.t
the park wall and Joined Powers It
was gaen Ifllgglmmoni vas desperately
hurt. The three policemen blew their
Mf hi St lee and Mounted Patrolman Cope
land galloped up. As soon as the ,lln
atlon aus explained Cop, dan I rode at
top speed tu the neates' box. ,-al;.-d an
ambulance from the Poplyclinlt n.'
pltal ant telephoned to the station
litxslmmons died ss lie Jifteu
Into the ambulance The body wum
taken to the huspilal and examined
The skoll was fractured, both legs
and both arm were broken und tho en
tire .nest was orusneq in. It m aur
flfod Kilsslmmons was struck and
(Continued on eighth Page t
Pastor Riuill ta "Aringeddon,"
el Muata. a tun. r.U. .Se . Da',-
Hordes of Ottoman Troops, Bitter inv
Defeat and Being Driven Towards
Capital by Bulgarians, Believed
Ready tor Carnage.
Sultan Acts for Protection of City,
While Cabinet Facing War Crisis
Is Deadlocked on Peace Question.
KUSTENDJL', Rumania, Nov. 1. (By wireless from Constanti
nople) Oct. 31., 11 P. M. The defeat of the Turkish rmy under
Nazim Pasha opens the way to Constantinople for the Bulgarian Troops.
This will, tn the opinion of diplomatic circles, lead to a situation wfalcfa
will almost inevitably bring about European complications.
The most immediate danger, however, concern- the position of
this city itself. The Sultan's advisers are in terror ol a massacre apt
only of Christians, but of the entire non-combatant population of Coji
stantinople and the looting of the city. If the Ottoman troops now in
flight after the disastrous rout by the Bulgarians are driven back into
the city, it is pointed out, they will be in such a temper that the utmost
violence may be expected from them. Their orlicers seem already to
be losing control over them, H is said, and they are beginning to feeLttttt
I point has been reached where the empire is doomed and that Otwy
man had better take what he can and care for himself in the future.
Most authorities aarea that no nasi
Fifty-ninth Street Road Does
Not Wait for Date Set
by Service Board.
Fallowing the PuMIc Service Oommls
eion'e orders ron earning the restoration
of transfer privilege on many uptown
street car lines, tiie Klfty ninth treet
OfOfftOWa line put the nw order Into
operation to-day, though Dec. 1 wua the
Malt rur comtllarvcji),-"'-b It ruling set
by th (omnilKT
As a reault of the new ruling of the
New York lUllwas Company, owning
the Fifcy-nlnth atreel system, transfers
were Issued, hodtoalng with the flist car
out of the barus to-dav. at the cross- I
ins with the Thlid avenue, the red
ais of the llroadway branch and Klrt
aiul He.n I avenue lines. Transfers j
wwe accepted at tn Intersection witn
the Tenth avenue. Ilroaoway
jtn.l First. apOOltd and Third
When the order of the commission Is
fully compiled with the ohlof transfer
minis therci.v established will be:
K est avenue lint to aiul from Fifty
ninth itrool orosotowni Is and from
Broadway and HUlhtb avenue lines,
north and soutn.
fas old avenue line to Klfly-iilnlh
,iic ime ao i to Broadway and Blfhth
I gyeoug lines, norm and south.
Third fvenue lino to and from rifty
I ninth street line, to llroadway line of
I Third avenue syst.m, north, and alhl
,j Tenin fvnuo Hue, north ami soutn.
Leglnfi 'n avenue line to Pifty-nihtb
1 itreel line, to flstb and Seventh ave
nue nne. to llroadway ami seventh,
avenue Hoof, to tlaih und Ajnaterdam
avenue lino, t" Uroadway and Columbus
avenue line, lo Broadway an i Amotor
; dam atciitie .'., and 10 Klghlh avenue
i line, norili and south.
Werld Uuiiuiua
Ale.), uias. OsiS .ith .Tl.it.
irssr .Bd Usslcan
Part Bee. eaat
a. a smuuri uwroiajam
defense can be made along the TobataUa
one, SUPpMed tn r.r,.l,-l ih. naalh.1
In the event uf hordes of beaten and
demoralised soldiers falling bsvek on the
capital it uj difficult to foraess
human Intervention could aave lha
from aos. and pillage. This fear lo
present with must of the Inhabitant),
who realise that the fats of tbo TurB
ish Umpire hangs In the balance.
It Is reported that a secret meetteg
was held recently In the moequa of
Kutleh. the most fanatical quarter Of
Ht tmooul, whore Inilamatory spssohoo
were delivered by a number of Mussul
man priests, who advised a rlefns
against the Christiana.
When the news of further Turkish de
feaas was received the euthorttlea or
dered the etate of atege to be made aesee
l riot. The bridges between Oslala and
StwniMMjl are now not opened untU 00000
hours after dann.
The Turkish army oa whloh tho
fate of the Ottoman Umpire de
pended Oaa beea oatgeaeraled and
outlouaTM. St ha saoae what Im
believed to be Ite laat staad
agalaat the vtetorloua Solgartano
a d ta aow falling back ta gist? rd SO
oa It nasi 11a of defeaoe at tho
fort of TobataUa, tweaty-ave
mile oujy from Ooaatanttnopoo.
Orave doabte are eayreeeed here
ao to whether the remaaata of tho
immense but dteorgaalsed arsay of
tbe Bultaa will make any eottoa
attempt to bold this Una.
tlUTAJIilNOMIl, Mot. ' -all-night
eeeeloa of th Cabinet tafttl
loag alter daylight to-day with the
Klnietere dsadlooked, It waa said, oon
oeming th deelrablUty of ealaf for
peace following the disaetroas rout of
the Turkish forces by th nulgwrtaaa.
Borne beUeve thr wee no other ooareo
left to the Buitan. Othere favored oea
tlaulng tbe fight until the lent Turk
le killed la prefarane to surrendering.
Sofia. Nov. I. --The Bulgarian
troops to-day occupied the Turkish
town of Oemotlca. thus completely
cutting off the possibility of commu
nication octvveeit Adrluuuple and Coa
etant i iioide.
Petatlg thus far of the rout of the
Immense Turkish army by the Bulga
rian, show that the liulgurlaa fast a
were Hum, ideally far interior. The
Turkish army is reported to nave ag
(regaled 100,000 men It Included the
garrison which had retreated from the
captured fortreea uf Kit k-Killaeeh, an
well as lae main body of Turkish
troops which had advanced from Con
stantinople. It comprised practically

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