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dtls the Circulation of Story
a "Piece of Underhand
Sneaking Work."
Joseph A. Shay, Retained as
Attorney of Record, Will
Prepare Brief.
John F. Mrlntyrt, who In tt a
eSde rat act near New ric ru n pi.ru t
tag from th strain of his work In
the Backer trial, sent over the long
fttstatvre telephone to-1ay a positive
dental that ha la out of the Becksr
MM. Ha waa particularly emphatic
In denouncing a report that ha hn
retired from the MM becsus- he hiid
become convinced of Hecker'a guilt.
1 note." said Mr. Mrlntyre. "that
the persona responsible for stating
that I have abandoned the llerker cask
do not come out openly with their
statements They make Insinuations.
I retard the Insinuation thst I have
withdrawn from the case because I
think Rerker gulltv as about as con
temptible a piece of underhand and
sneaking work as was ever attempt
ad. And It aeema to proceed from the
ante source that rave birth to all the
Has and false Innuendo which contrib
uted to make the prosecution of Decker
a persecution and a scandal
"I am still In chine of the Becker
defanae. I left the city after the trial
bjr orders of my physician. I expect to
return on Monday, wtien I ahall take up
the work of preparing the appeal. The
report that I was out of the case did
M rme from me or anybody connected
wish me. or from the Becker family.
They same from hostile source, and I
was) not consulted before they were
printed. This at In keeping with every
thing connected wtth the conspiracy
by whiob Becker was railroaded to fling
Announcement was made to-day that
Joseph A. Boar, a lawyer with offices
la the) aulte occupied by John P. Mc
Intyre In the Broad Ksnhange Building,
waa retained three days ago to act
aa attorney of record for Charles
Backer. John W. Hart, who had been
attorney of record since before Beaker's
rreat, la no longer associated with the
He did not withdraw, but his
oonnection ceased automatically Imme
diately after Becker had been sentenced
on laat Wednesday.
Mr. Bhay was associated with John
P. Mclncyre, senior counsel for the
Becker defense, la the def wise of Thorn
taw Halns. who waa Indicted with his
brother, Cavpt. Halna, for the murder of
Atinli. Thornton Halna waa
Aceordlnc io Lawyer Bhay the appeal
la the Backer case will be based on Haas
unusual In a homicide proceeding-. Bhay
expects to establish, by means of nsw
evidence and comparisons of old evi
dence that Becker la the victim of a
co nap! racy
The Thornton Mains case waa much
like the Becker case from a legal stand
paint. Thornton Halns did not actually
shoot Annls, but he was Indicted tor
Brat dearer murder on the ground that
ha persuaded his brother to commit the
murder, la the Thornton Halns case It
waa submitted In evidence that Thornton
accompanied Ms brother to the Hayslds
Yacht Club and stood alongside trim as
the shots which killed Annls were fired
and kept bach people who would nave
Intel tared and attu the Jury acquitted
Thornton Halns.
"Bines my retention, three days ago,
as the attorney of record In the Becker
case, I have been at work day and
night going over rhe transcript of evi
dence." aald Mr. Shay to a reporter for
The Evening- World. "There are soma
4.000 pagea of the trial and these are
honeycombed with exceptions and re
versible errors, both In the matter of
the evidence placed before the Jury by
the District-Attorney and In the ohsrge
of the Court. There is nu doubt v my
rnsnd that many of these srrors are of
a aature that lll utsurs the reversal
of the verdict r-lilrh has . ret Becker
to the death house in Hlnp Bmg.
"As has been brought uut before, Che
law says plainly thai a convtct.on can
not be ootalned on the evidence of ac
complices irr a crime unit iUPpoftai
by ihe evidence of disinterested wit
nesses. Bicker was convicted on ths
testimony ef three acknowledged ac
compli. 'ee irr the murder of Herman
Hosenthaf, one man whom 'e mean to
prove was an aocoaipliue and two
rubers whose testimony there will be
no difficulty In refuting.
"To one unbiased, following closely
ihe evidence In th- case ru.iiiist lieuk-
sr, It Is not difficult to see how t'r
conspirators and their tw
forgsu, or- hud some one forge for
them, the links In t ie chain that has
bound the loriner lieutenant of tin
Strong Arm :..uad.
"But in tl"J caae of Hchepim and of
Lubln and Hall ass I guess are have
saougli on them to iom .nt the Court
of Appeals that their testimony com-
prised a tissue of lies. Ami I knuw
thast before ws ere through with thelitis revolver. t gtysevenlh ttresl
martter ucm-pps will be aliowrr to be us .Murpny tooa trie inn io tin ponce sttt- the inudiiardt aas iH-nt, a lamp was
Billy as tliote who did the actuai ; i-''. .. mt. L . broken ml there iter marks Williams
aaatriaav Ht if,, , . ral a i.rd McAv.i), Tluinias V eekt ar.d L. ,
mmZ , , , u , I'u .lel Doyle were ihe nam,, the) gave ' bloodal i.nt.
"I Okpe t in my talk with Becker at To-day In Harlem four; Maglatrato Uc-! tslspboned for Detectives
Stag Sing thla afternoon to go Into I tiuai,. lcnt them to the wprkhouae for ' Poley and Devotl who had been eeareh
SIBff Bkase ut lbs cila. and upon my tl.lrty days. ' lag garages ail day tor a ont they ea-
Captains and Kicking Stars in To-Day's Big Game
p "WI T T or
return will plunge at once Into the ac
tual preparation of the record of appeal.
"It la our hope to have the matter
ready for presentation to ths Court of
Appeals within the next Ave weeks.
It probably will be a matter of elx
months before the decision of the
higher court will have been rendered,
and then, In the event of the grairBag
of a nsw trial, the time of Ha taking
place will be a matter largely within
the hands of the District-Attorney,
"In my mind there cannot bo the
slightest doubt as to ths Innocence of
Backer. No more glganalc conspiracy
has been hatched since the Dreyfus
Case, and, aa In that case, I firmly be
lieve the Innocence of the aocuaad will
be established to the full aatlafactlon
of ths public.'
Baseball Manager Saves His Life by
Wonderful Exhibition of
Speed Selahl
HRDENA, Mont., Nov. t -Charged by
a wounded deer and unable to uaa his
rifle, .which had Jammed, Clark Ortfflth,
manager of the Washington American
Dengue team, saved himself from proba
bly serious Injury by his old-time skill
aa a pitcher. Belsing a atone the size
of a 'lMieetxill, he throw and struck the
animal on the head, feMIng It. He then
trial ed It with the hutt of hta gun.
Tills was the story told by several of
Ofifllth'e friends who returned here yes
terday from Ortfllth'e ranch.
, , , 1
But Her Parents Are Far From Re-:
assured by Message "Not '
. ' ,, I
10 Worry.
"Don't worry, mama and papa, I am
with my future husbund."
This wae the single line of writing
BlIBhiril ut limit ' lit IMJIll i-l 41 fin I i'i
note paper thut came so a letter to-day
to the home of Michael Klelnert, who ,
Uvea over the cleaning and dyeing es-
tahllahment, of whloh he Is the manager,
at No. 7 tsMBB avenue. It was from .
night and for whom parents snd friends ,
have Iwerr valnlv soarohlng since. The !
letter waa fur from reassuring to the
anxloue panmta.
ihe icrter r.ore tne postmara or eia-
.".,V ';,. -, .. . , :
and showed that It had been imiiled
some time after . 'clock last nlpiht.
There wu no add re St in MM aoie. nori
was Hie MsBt of thu ii.iur; husband" I
Mary's par i rilw are on the loi.kout for
a young BUM) whom tllSif daughter met
t a mining plotur know ut One Ilun
gfsg .rnJ Hgtaratb 'Ir.i l rr.l Lenox av.
en ue three aagkg ..go. Ha gave her
Otas cheap Jcclry and she seemed to
liuve loat her head over him.
Hut He tValtra t p lu I 1 111 e
"I'lucli" i'hrre IHalurbrra.
Poll cesses J, a Murphy of the Mui -
berry sti.et station got on a iiorihhound
T.nrd avenue "I' :r.an ai lira:.. I str eet
11 "'' ll";k ''' night and went to
' 1 sirost tnrss loua .iung
;:'. ,:;.'.r,Jt,,',.ri;,.:a,eS 5?
poi Its
The) paid no attention to Murphy, win,
raj n plain olothas, and merrily tore
ensues 110:11 ma win.nwa and inuue
themselves gel. nils obnoxious. Mirr-
li!i a .ke and ov.iii trd what 1
ill , r,. .... ii. i, i, i
i ,r;(, ,. shoni.i his Hhltlil and drea-
' ' ' '
Am up . "Wm H ' ' AsxawRgadBBV ' M()w'7g if I
i R lU I - (rRl;- Pwfc J
f i&iwWv. al3 Wk .)immm - --fe I- w'JMAm
BBaa ja ' ' . ' ' ' "l
ga lsgaP SasatvfMtataB JaggggaW'1 ''- iv'''V' ' ' ItMgf''sw
eswJP kr '"' ' gK Jwssfw M'' 'V'''''pJ V
Sflgggggggg SjK'''j lB
g H 1 K lZJafr 'Jm assst''- mm
w Br Bxl " 'Bxi Bxa BB
gQSmmr SvHk. l'',ofgfggave'H gl" II 1 W
jf assssBBBBw 1 ' flfl Bti88
Bv sf ' Bat I El taTlaaaaWw
penpleton op jmm m Mini
, , $m I MARK
Youthful Joy-Rider Proves He
Did Not Run Down Officer
in Central Park.
John Clpollsro, a youth arrested
arly to-day with three companions on
suspicion of having driven the car
! which ran down and killed Patrolman
Peter Pltaalmmons In Central Park on
Thursday night, succseded In prac
tically proving an alibi thla after
noon. Neverthlrss hs and his com
plons were held by Magtatrate Herbert
for the Coroner, but this waa a matter
of precaution, because the detectlvea
were not yet satisfied as to the truth
of the stories told by the prisoners.
The elimination of the Ctpollaro au
tomobile! from suspicion puta the kill
ing of Pltaalmmons back In the mys
tery claas. Every clue run down thus
far has proved fruitless. However,
the police are receiving Information
right along and there la strong hope
the car will be located and the guilty
peraone one of whom la believed to
be WOman-wiu be apprehended.
Th arreat of Clppollaro etiowe how
alight Is ths Jurisdiction of the authorl-
over persons running automobile
througii the streets of thli city. This
youth, who Is seventeen years old, stoH
frm) a, No. an riMl
avenue, laat Monday With of thin
money he bought a big touring car from
a negro, who had a Motngs Issued to
Krank Hoss. The negro haa not been
iomt.A i,y lh, police.
to run the car In half an hour. So, with
an hour s tuition, he took, out an auto-
mobile, picked up three friends and
started on a four-day Joy ride, whl h
(.ov,,lt.j , Hndsun lllver Valley . far
up a. 1'uughk. epslc. The party appears
to have bicii In Xcwburg Thursday
t'lpolltiro ias .;rre"''i'l eairly to-day In
'iunatowrr by dcteOtlVeS, whuko altun
II OS was nttnicled to lilin by the fact
that the winilnbleld nnd o-e of the
'lamps of ii .-a: h. U driving wars
broken, and the mudKunrd of one of the
' fro;it wi.ti .s v..n kgwti
wiun Ctpollaro waj brought Io baad
I quartan to-day n found hntiHoir (aatol
u veral serlooa charges. Klist he '
'unused of stealing the ll.r.OO from hla
nu fin r. Thin he was accuse.l of hav-
In In his possession a loaded revolver,
in violation of the HttlllVBB law. Klnal-
l he- as ii 'i -i by i'ollccmnn KIUhI-
'on of the train
id with reckl-'ss
driving, Kllgallon having served him
wlt'i a suiniiiuiis al Klfty-sev nth street
un.l Plfth ave iuu last Tuen.Iay, whlih
ctpu'larn dli'i"Kttrd.l The revolver wai
Shortly after iinunlgat Patrolman
illlame not. red u b.uily oatt.red auto
blanJiiii; o 1 1 -: .ti- lh. lor. Artliur res -
UtlsTBBt In Chinatown liie glass was
imBSBSfJ out of the wlnutlileld. one of
11 rW WKntm wmWi
pet-ted to find damaged In thla way as
the result of the crash In which Flts
stmmons was killed. They overtook the
auto at Mulberry and Bayard streets,
where ths four men with It were trying
to Ox a blow-out of a tire.
At Elisabeth street station the four
described ttiemselves aa Joseph Doma-
clo, twenty-six, No. lit Eaat Tsnth
street; Joseph Rosclo, twenty-one. No.
Ill Eaat Heventy-elxth street; Michael
Drause. twenty-four. No. 1M Forsyth
street, and Prank Ross, seventeen. No.
398 East One Hundred and Twelfth
Koas declared he was the owner of
the machine. He said he bought It for
asou at the Times Bquara Oarage laat
On him was found a license In ths
nam of Frank Rosa and a receipt on a
bin form of the Times Stiuarj Oarage
for $600 for the car. The receipt was
written In lend pencil and there were
several erasures. Ths addrss of the
garage waa printed as Nos. V.i, J17 West
Forty-eighth street. The police after
ward leariiod ine company had n .t uacd
that stationery since It move I to Uroad-
wsy and Fiftieth street, two years ago.
The youthful owner of the oar said
he bought tho machine of an old man
and wus not sure lie would know him
strain, as be wan only at the gaianJ
half an hour wlitlu being taught how
to drive the car. As proof that he
was not In Central Park .it the tln.e
Kltlinmons met his death he suM
that Monday night he. took a party to
a ball and then started on a tour up
state, visiting l'eeksklll, Milton. Su:'
frrn. West Pont and Newburgh, no.
returning until 7 o'clock lart evening.
While delecllves w.re questioning hl.n
tnuy thought they recognized Rosa
I'lpollaro, for whom u wtrrunt was on'
on k charge of taklii'; Jl.'.Dl from br
math his mother's pilcw at No. HT1
First avenue, last Monday. The lad
denied being t'lpollaro until Detective-,
liuaine and Kinir o' the Kant One llu.i
drad and Kourth t.eet station, who
ltnew him, wen- feti ned.
Junllreas Asks Aid for III aud Des
titute Family.
Tn tbj Ktlit.ir nf Tlie KnutTis World:
1 um the janltiesa of liousu No. 2(1
Last One Hundred and Twenty-third
street, New York City. There Is a desti
tute fuml'y In the house. The husband
Is 111 and cannot work and ths mother
cannot leavu Ihe children agq has no
work to do at home. I write this to
usk any uld you can offer.
They are abo t to be dispossessed for
non-payment r,f rnt und cannot get
accommodations without nelD. Tha
I lenuiils hive, done till ihev aafei ... r..,
' lht,m. and now 1 ,r,pe.n to you. as w
I sanaot 1,0 mors lor them.
, The hue-.ue
la a urlver rut the wife
haa no bualn
ssaveiiviivs iris liut-
I band's name is Join only.
-61 Rait
Ons Hiinired and Twenty-third street,
Mltrt. Tll 'M -i M'CAHTIIY, jsnltl
r It-Bat t'IKKO I.N u TO 14 DA VS.
Jroui diutfbt an isfuiii ruin . j It I'.tZO olST
1CNT tails t cure .... last I U l.i. i ill ml.BW
s or i'rotiuJj.i IMss is t la U diji. lag, .s
(Continued from First Pago.)
ly 'but steadfstly for long years hs had
confessed his master before men.
"Oood servant, great heart, gentle
friend, farewell! We. the pilgrims of
the night etlll lodging In tents, hall thy
secure abode where all shadows are
swallowed up of day. Dat the mortal put
on Immortality! Thanks be to Ood for
every good fight ended, for every vie
tory won through pain, for the captain
of our salvation, guiding by angel handa
'to where, beyond these voices, there la
peace!' "
There was special mualc by a double
quartet of male alngera and by the
tfiolr of Christ Church.
The public aerviees were comparative
ly brief. At their conolualon the Presi
dent and his party left the ohuroh by
a aide entrance, going Into Columbia
street so that tho enormous crowd In
front of the edifice might be avoided
The casket waa then removed to the
waiting hearse and the cortege passed
out past the Sherman home to Foreat
Hill Cemetery.
At the cemetery the body was de
posited In a oryipt in the beautiful I)ab
co-'k mausoleum recently completed by
the lata Mrs. Carrie Hancock, mother
In-law of the Vk'e-Prealilent, whose body
was placed In It only three weeks ago
For Attack Steward Made on Her
Aboard I. it Proveaee.
In the damngo s'Ht brought by Mrs.
Laura Rivers, an elderly widow of
Shoreham, N. Y., a Jury In the Federal
District Court to-day rendered Judgment
for 112. Ht against the Campugnle
Transutlantlque. Judge Holt announced
thut next week lie would hear argument
on a motion of the steamship company
to seL aside the Judgment.
Mrn. Klvers, In October, 1910, was a
saloon pasDcnger on tho French I'.ner
La Provence. Knrly In the morning of
the day the vessel arrived nt Havre, a
young under I to ward named Emlle by
meant of a molen ,iaei key entered Mrs.
River' cabin through a ib.or ,nn.- -t-Ing
with an adjoining cnliln. The In
truder, who waa np;ai'cntly bent upon
robbery, beat the frail woman and at
the r. .111 she '.a now a nervous wreck.
Sag lluuue Nets Fire to Mrs. Don-
telly's 1 loll. Ink
While tiylng to light hor gas range
this morning, Mrs. Mamie Iwmily.
twenty-seven years old, of No. 521 West
Forty-ninth street, Who was alono In
the Hat, si t fire to her clothing and
run scrcauulng fn-m her apartments. In
the hallway the Janltress. Mrs. Hlg-
glns, tried alnly to put out the flames.
Mrs. Donnelly then ran Into the apart-
msnt of her mittier-iii-law. who extln
gushed the flames.
An ambulance from the Polyclinic
Hospital brought Dr. Sailor, who et-
l'-dM"- Donnelly and lound her to
n. r. 11... 11 ' 1 .. I" HI 111. V.. HIV
right side and arms.
laaanr l iitliln- Droernvd.
The body of Thomas Wllllama, twen
ty-two -e.ir. Who vanished from the
Mar I aiiati State Hospital for the In-
I Mn Ward' a Island, on Oct. 21 last.
waa found In the eaat channel off the
laland yeatsiday afternoon. It la be
lieved he tried to swim to ths main
land. Ths hospital authorities say ho
waa placed there at the request of rela
tives after hie mind had become de
ranged from overstudy.
(Continued from First Page )
were uppreased by the prompt shooting
of the participants. If the troops are
driven hack Into the city, however, the
authorities will certainly lose ail control
over she situation.
.v. . , 11
HERMN, Nov. t. -Anarchy prevails
throughout Turkey, according to de
spatches from the Balkans to-day. Or
der exists only where the Invaders of
the Sultan's dominions have established
It. They have not been long enough
established in the territories they have
selxed to have accomplished much aa
yst. The Turks, beaten everywhere,
have lost all control.
With the Turks' defeat along their
last line, they will be driven directly
into Constantinople. That the foreign
warships In ths capital's vicinity will
be able to prevent a massacre was re
garded as doubtful. They may save tire
foreigners by taking them on board, but
It Is quest Ion able whether a carnival
of violence cai be prevented ashore by
anything short of auoh a bombardment
as will lay the entire cliy In ruin.
Just outside Constantinople are hun
dreds of -thousands of fugitives from
neighboring villages, who fled toward
the capital before the Bulgarian ad
vance. They were not permitted to en-
tar the city, however, but have been
held In concentration camps on lis
edge. No pretence s made of sup
plying them with fond and to-day -they
were dying by hundreds of sheer star
BERLIN, Nov. . Oermany haa ac
cepted the proposal made by the French
Premier, Raymond Polncare, regarding
the form which Intervention In the Bal
kan situation by the European powers
shall take according to an announce
ment made oy the Foreign Office here
to-day. The proposal does not contain
any plan for the settlement of the Bal
kan territorial situation.
It Is understood that the French pro
posal represents also the Anglo-Ruaslan
view. Theretore, as Oermany Is acting
In accord with her aJUee, aU the powers
are united.
LONDON, Nov. 2. Active negotia
tions are proceeding In London with a
view to bringing the war to an end.
The British Foreign Office, whtoh usu
ally la one of the quietest places '.n
London on Saturday, waa all bustle this
Sir Edward Orey, the Secretary for
Foreign Affairs, who, contrary to cus
tom, Is remaining In town over the week
end, received the Russian, Austrian,
Turkish and Italian Ambassadors and
the Bulgarian Minister this afternoon.
ATHENS, Oreece. Nov. 2. The In
habitants of the Turkish town of Nl
auata to the Northeast of Verrla have
expelled the Turkish authorities and In
vited the Oreek Crown Prince to occupy
the town. They have promised to sup
ply the Oreek army with 2S.000 rations
of bread dally.
MLTA. Nov. 2. -The British cruisers
Baxham, Wrey mouth and Medea have
been Intercepted by wireless and or
dered to aail to the Levant forthwith.
The Barham Is to go to Suda Bay and
the other two vessels to places where
they will be conveniently situated In
case of eventualities.
ATHENS. Nov. t-Pightlng between
Turka and areeka wus In progress at
latest accounts fifteen miles from Ka-
limlott and twice that distance from
Monastlr. It was slated here that both
towns will 'speedily be taken by the
Confirmation waa laoklng here to-day
of i-aporta thai Uie Turks have mas
sacred the Ciu-Is ana at Salonika. The
story was not believed, since there ars
several foreign wiarahlps there and It
wa'i believed they would -have been
heard from had any outbreak of violence
The Turkish Consulato gave out to
day the following cablegram from Con
stantltK.ule. forwarded from Washington
by the Turxlsh Embassy.
"Uonatantlnoi. ie, Nov. 1.
' For the last four daya furious fight
ing along the line Lule-Uurgas. Most
! vnliant realatance to enemy'a attack 1
north of Lule-burgas. Attacks success-
IPs Best to Remember
that every org tn of the wonderful human body is dependent
upon every other. If your liver goes wrong your blood will
be impure-, if your bowels are Inactive your stomach and
digestion will show it. And one trouble leads to another.
eecham2 &UU
have become the most famous and the most approved family
remedy in the world. They are known for their wonderful
and unrivaled power to cause regular, natural action of the
lieer and bowels. They are gentle, safe but sure. Beecham's
Fills brrnetit every organ of hd body brighten the eye, clear
the brain, tone the nerves end increase vigoi because they
Remove the First Cause
ol Trouble
fully repulsed. Fighting continues
around Adrianople with success for us.
Wo have victoriously repulsed the
enemy In the region of VIM."
SOFIA, Nov. 1 Carload after carload
of wounded rolled Into Sofia to-day from
,th ,ron' Tn" f'roctr of the lighting
between the Bulgarians and Turks waa
asy to Imagine from the nature of the
victim's wound, -re.. . n... .,. h.
knlfs have na-ured extensively In the
struggle across the frontier. Gunshot
wounds were to be expected, aa a Oar-
man surgeon who volunteered his ser
vices for hospital work hers remarked.
but the use of cold steel, hs said, ha
had supposed was a century out of date
In modern warfare.
Ths Turks are by no mesne fully
armed with modern weapons. Many are
using old-fashioned, large calibre guns.
They are not very effective at long
range, but much of the lighting In
northeastern Turkey hag been at dose
quarters, and fired from a distance
sometimes of only a few feet, the older
weapons are more deadly than the stew.
Even worse than the bullet wounds are
the bayonet stabs and knife slashes
from which large numbers of the Bul
garians are suffering.
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Nov. 1 Bulgarian
reports say that ths Turkish troops
during their retreat from Eskl-Baba to
Lule 11 u gas massacred two hundred
women and children in the village of
Atvall. A number of the victims were
still in their death agonies when the
Bulgarian troops entered the place.
UELORA.DE. Nov . 2. The Servians
were pushing their advance on Monastlr
to-day to Join tho Oreeks In a siege of
the city. A hard fight was anticipated
ir Zeccl Paaha's forces, but complete
confidence was expressed that the com
bined Servians and Oreeks will win
Scutari, according to a meaaage from
cettmje, was still holding out to-day.
Twenty-six hundred Oreeks boarded
the French liner Niagara to-day and
aalled away to ths land of Home
praying that they would arrive In time
to gird on their swords and wage war
with the crumbling Turk. They went
aboard the Niagara singing their war
songs and piping rhelr paen. There
was such a Jam of Spartans and Laca
donians for the Nlagua'e pa an ringer
run tnat ins amp could not carry an
SOFIA, Bulgaria, Nov. 1-Refore
evacuating Bunarhlasar the Turkish
troops shut up two hundred Bulgarians
In the barracks and set flro to the build
Ing, according to the newspaper Mir.
All the Bulgarians penciled.
The Turkish troopa, according to the
same newspaper, are also massacring
tmiganan residents in the Struma
Womew Party Leaders Tfces skew
Respect fee Mrs. Bkersaaa.
Invitations to the costume ball ar
ranged by the Women's National Wil
son and Marshall Organisation for
Monday night, election eve, at the
Waldorf-Astoria, were withdrawn yes
terday. The plan haa been abandoned
out of raapect for Mrs. Bhermaa.
widow of the Vice-President
"In view of the death of the Vic
President and the vary deep sympathy
that we feel n common with all of the
American people, we have decided to
recall the lnvltatlona." waa the aa
nounc mint mads by Mrs. J. Border
Hsrrlman, ths President of the organ!
A Little Knowledge Is a
Dangerous Thing
When you ere so sick thst tks world
looks blue, your body fuels hsavy, (he
uisu hi U.S. ine 1111111.1111 is QUI OK or'
der. It is dangaroua to say: "Oh, well
I'll b better by to morrow" or to takt
something which will do triors harm thai
Such a condition shows a Llvsr Dis
order which in turn sfecta the Stomach.
ftowsis Busa una. nssieetec
t mar lead to more lirlous itiu.w
Rightly treated at eace, it becomes onlv
a nasBlna Incldeat. But rsmsmbar 11
must be lightly irested. notjast a drug
which movss your bowelt. Think l Tsur
l.lvu Is "ICS ana in.i is int most Im
portent of your organs: then the Btom
.,h Hav.ll. aad Nsrvou. Sea.m ...
n-id a 1 1 niblpstfna of tubstascst which
v. -I do lis worn 111 me proper way, Tnst-s
the way .-very dnotm works. The Mas
I.I.. ...I frcni-afli Jsnos P'lla la a t
cntirio remedy, and Ha combination j
... ,.i ,.a ih
10. 'a. in.uir aj amiaeni
lihvaiclans ana auianusio. 'i nev are aol
an experiment. Teu need nut ttkt from
eat to ten PlUt to ttt If thtr ork. Ont
or t
wi pint ai nisni irs tnouan. rnay
.a vou feel fine. Bur s boa from
aruggrti ana irr mam lo-nrgftt.
... the reason why In lha mn.n.
You'll see
For ttl br sll up-te-datt dragglttl.
Anxiety Among Aeronauts,
Who Think Two Airmen May
Have Landed in Lapland.
BERLIN. Nov. 2. A feeling of
anxiety reigns In aeronautical circles
aa to the fate of the two Axesrtoaa
aeronauts. John Watts and Arthur V.'
Atherhnlt. who have been missing .wtth
the balloon Dueaseldorf II. since they
started from Stuttgart on Sunday laat
In the International race for the Oordon
Bennett balloon cup.
It Is felt that news should surely
have been received unless the balloon
descended In a remote part of the wilds
of Lapland, even though the Dneeesl-
dorf II. might have stayed In the air a
day longer than the rest of the starteraj
owing Io her ascent being made after
It la not known whether John Watts
was supplied with adequate maps, and
It Is argued that he and his companion
ware placed In a regrettable position If
they were not better equipped than was
another American aeronaut, John Berry,
who started In the race with maps not
even showing the position of the Beiele
Be a. Thla is criticised here as a display
of utter recklessness.
On Face and In Ears. All Little
Scales. Scratched Until Ears
Bled. Swelled Terribiy, One Cake
of Cuticura Soap and One Box
of Cuticura Ointment Cured.
B5 B. Mean Bt.. Patcbogue. N T. "Tor
several years I waa bo Hatred with scaetta
ga my face and anally tn my ears. Woea
It frit i tared It would
break out all In little
red apets and Uaa It
would Itch and bora'
and become all BtOe
scales. After I would
avrateh It my Otce
would look so red and
scaly that 1 would be
ashamed to have aay
east see gee. My ears Itched so thai I
scratched until they bled Boon ttVay
Binall uBaated aad swelled tarries. My
face was that way for over a year aad I
tried several rtatatdass but they were act
satisfactory Finally I tried Outtoata Been
aad Ointment and after using one bag al
OuUcura O La tan ant aad one cake of Cuttcora
Soap I was co-opistely cured and nan say
new that I have as good tkta as anyone."
(Signed! Mrs. Nellie Mare tea. Mar. 6. IBIS.
The regular use of Cuticura Soap far toBet
and bath not or ly tends to prises-ve, purify
aad beautify the thin, scalp, hair and hands,
but sstlsts In prevent!!. r Inflammation. Irri
tation and clogging of tne porta, ti e. commoa
canst of plmplea. blackheads, reduces, rough
ness, aad ether oawhole
Cuticura Soap aad Out! cure Olst
tetd throughout the world. Unreal saasBt of
each stalled free, with 3B-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura. UeptT.
ear Tender-faced men should uss (
The Army of
UVZK rlLLB set
ewVairiU. StUUDOBE. '14
Gwnolne mmum Signature)
Take tlacariara'a lauca U .. . .ill, thst sweat
grips &er aictau. ui.e aa.ii
si a itaattta.
T. or tlu-fa aa I CJtiu tic.
a rrw easts
ear tilt iraiblr la luualo isinssied. Try
paesase )ual uexw aial . i ll waot no ol
are so nmraiK ana I leaaanr
I.ANK. At her rsaldtnot. 150 t-eonard St.,
Manhattan, ki.lsn. beloesd wlia of
Lianlti Lant. native of Tuaalsi. Oetutr
Kerry, Ireland
'mural anaar at l.so o'oloek'
AB lest or fe..n1 articles ad
vertised In The We-id will be
Hated al The World's taferaaa
tloa Hoi earn. Pullr , - bull. ling
Arreala. i"erk Bewi eV trig's
Pptewa Or flea, nerthwesi etas,
a or Mth St. aad Itreedtrayi
World's Harlem Offles. Bdt
Waal ISSth St.. and WerltTa
Brooklyn Office, no Washlug
lea St.. IWtokln. ler 30 dan
rwiewiag tas pnatisg ef tea
FREE With To-MorrowB
Sunday World
Words and Music
The Woman Haters
aVeitv Musical Comedy
Pebllahed by Permlsslse of v m
Harms. FtsksU Day Hlatar
Owaere ef the Copyrlski.

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