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Democrats Claim Every State in
Union for Wilson, Republicans See
Taft Victory and Moosers Predict
Landslide to T. R.
The Evening World presents herewith election forecast of the
three national campaign managers made this morning. The Demo
crats claim every state in Union; the Bull Ifoosers see a landslide
to Roosevelt, but admit Wilson may carry some of the Bouth, and
the Republitans are satisfied tclth claiming a majority in the Electoral
Wilson mil Carry Every State
in Union Is McCombss Prediction
(OkMnui of tae Democratic sTatlonal OostHtsot.)
W will carry every Btate In the Union.
Wt 4o not concede any Stats.
Ws hop for the greatest victory mrer gained t)y any candidate
for President In this country.
Taft Sure to Win, Says Hilles;
Voters Prefer Safe to Sorry
Chairman of the ssaaasUea sTattoaa) Oomsslttse.
William Howard Taft will be re-elected l'r.sldcnt of the United Htat.s
aast Tuesday. I have no doubt of It. .
Reports received from every section of the country within the past twenty
four hours are positive and convincing.
The critical period of the campaign was passed mors than a wash ago. It
earns When the hopelessness of the Third-Term cause was popularly recof
rrlted. and when the people understood ths light to bo between Taft and
of the reliable Republican Stales, and
from Ihses alone he will draw enough
votes to assure him of a decisive major-
The thoughirnl voter declined to plaos
lbs prosperity of this country In Jeop
ardy by entrusting the administration
of affairs to a party and a leader com
mitted to the proposition that a pro
tective tariff Is unconstitutional.
Thar will bs no tariff tinkering during
ths next four years- The revision that
Is to come will bs for the purpose of
adjusting inequalities, and It will bo
along lines laid down In the Republican
platform, recognising the difference b.
tween the oaat of production at home
gad ahfoad. determine! accurately by a
commission appointed for that purpose.
President Taft will receive the support than to bs sorry."
Ity In ths Electoral College. He wlfl re
ceive support also from a number of ths
so-called doubtful States. The extrava
gant claims of ths Damoorado managers
wsre Inspired by ths desire to dissuade
Democrats, by the promise of victory,
from flocking to the cause of President
Tsft. Ths effort has been in vain, and
V resident Taft will receive a substan
tial vote from Democrats who ars de
termined to maintain present prosperous
conditions, and who subscribe to the
sentiment that "It Is beater to be safe
ability of Taft lo hold the Keystone
Riste and sdmlt practically that he has
Utile more rhanre of the elortnrnl vote
fnmi Pennsylvania than tos Iehs.
Pllnn's tlgures, of course, srs ridicu
lous. If Roosevelt dees carry this Stele
nothing short of a landslide Is likely
tn give him more than 2:..00o plurullty.
The Wilson claim Is considered con
s' rvatlve. Four yesra ago Taft polled
TI,M0 vwtes and Bryan Mt.OOO. if the
leemocrats hold their party vote Wilson
should poll more than llrjan did In 1V
They bsse their claim to carrying the
Mate on a 500,000 vote for Wilson and
nearly sn even split brlween Taft and
Itooeevelt of the ISO Republican vote,
legs than part of th.it vote whieN swings
back to Wilson. This would give
Wilson more than 10" K" plurality and
the reckoning Is s'.l right except thst
there's nothing tangible to base It on.
p Is undeniable that a ( onsl.loralile per
centage of It'iosevelt's vole will come
from leemocrats.
Wilson encouragement tomes from the
fact thst all factions of Pennsylvania
Democracy are working together more
harmoniously than for twenty years.
Building of the Home
as a Matter of Economy
Republicans on Run in Ohio;
Wilson Will Win by 1009000
Auctioneer and Broker
H ho Din t ribu ten Nearly
$40,000,000 of Realty a
Year Points Out New
Opportunities on the
Line of Norlhuard Ex
ittpeslal tn The Worls.)
OOMTMIHU. O., Nov. 2.-fhe Repu'i
Mn rout !n this Stale will be complete.
Wilson el e tors will he elected txy s
majority greater than llarmrm for Gov
ernor had two years aru. Thart was
10.000. It may double that Afrirre. Oox,
Democratic candidate for Movernor, will
lee elected. The lyceri slature will no
doubt be Democratic IB both rases, but
that Is without rtailora.1 slgnlrh ance, as
there Is no Senator to re chosen.
State Chairman Klnley of the Demo- !
ratio Comnlttee claims eighteen of the I
twenty-two Omstresemen sure, and the
number may run hUhsr. It Is more
likely To be -nore than iHts thin ths
number Calmed. Ttonsevelt seems to
hove sUffhtly Increased bis strength m
the lost twO weeks, so that tie will
closely divide the Republican vote In
the State with Taft. However, he is MtU
lllieiy to Stand third HI Vr.e race In Ohio.
Triumph of a Great People"
Says Wilson in Rally Messages
Governor Woodrow Wilson. In tils "rally day" message, says.
"A great people Is turning Its face
to the light, not deettrlng a revolution,
but lovksg the right and determined to
sort It up. wisely, temperately, honor
ably, with prudence and patient do-
bate, not Irritation or In haste, but
like man, not like children. It Is a
great day and a propitious one. The
responsibility Is ours, and we shall
assume It knowing what It means.
The decision of the Cth of November
will usher in, if we be trus, a new
day of confidence, freedom and pros
perity. It will be no niggardly
triumph of a people. 'The Democratic,
party will be, not the -'Irish victor,
but ths trusted Instrument, and the
years that follow will teat every prin
ciple of the great republic riod grant
we shall be worthy to prvvall."
(gpertal Is The senini World.)
INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 2 At this lata
date in ths campaign Wilson looks as
good as across ths goal line for a Presi
dential touchdown so far aa the score
In Indiana la concerned. It Is generally
agreed that Taft Is absolutely out of tho
running In this Stats, and that, with ths
apUt In ths party, Roosevelt's chances
are vary poor In Hooslerdom. Bui
Roossvslt will outrun Taft by a large
Kx-Senator Albert J. Bevsrldge is
making a strong race on tha Progres
sive ticket for Governor. He has made
a remarkable campaign and on State
Issues alone appears to have a sllgat
chance of election. He will outrun
Roossvatt by thousands of votes, while
Samuel H. Ralston, ths Democratic
nominee for Qosarnor. wsH run tar be
hind Wawno.
Interest In the national fight so far
aa Indiana Is concerned is greatly weak,
snsd by ths bitter fight for Governor.
Ralston and W Infield T. Durbta. ths Re
publican nominee, ars Jointly fighting
ths Bull Moose nominee.
The fatal error In Democratic fore
casts la the aasumpUon that Wilson will
receive the Bryan vote of four years
ago. Nothing Is more certain than that
1.600,000 men who voted for Bryan In
DM will not vols for Wilson on Nov. I.
Ths test polls In every great Industrial
centre show Roosevelt leading Wilson by
a large margin. Debs alone will take
not leas than B0.0U0 votes from the
Bryan vots.
More than one million wage workers
end citlsens of foreign birth, who cast
their votes for Bryan four years ago,
will vots for Roosevelt this time. In a
three-cornered fight, with Debs loomlnv
up close to the million mark, I do not
believe It possible for Roosevelt to ah'aln
receive his enormous plurality of ap
proximately two and one-half millions,
as In 1104; hs should receive not leas
than five hundred thousand plurality
over Wilson and three millions plurality
over Taft.
Pacing political revolutions as ws do.
there pan be no certain yardstick of
measurement as In former years. Based
on most cumpi ebenslve reports from
svsry Stats Chairman of the Progressive
party. It now seems certain that Roose
velt will carry twenty-five States, hav
ing a total of ; electoral votes. Wilson
will carry twelve States, having no
rlectoral votea Ten Stairs, having a
total of 10s slectoral roles, I believe to
Landslide for T. R., Says Dixon.
And Debs Will Crowd Taft
ST JOBS ret at. BUM,
Oaatntaa Watioaal jrrogToeatve Ooaxoittee.
The nation will be astounded at ths enormous vote for Roosevelt and
Johnson next Tuesday. The election returns of four years ago count lor
nothing In ths present contest. All Indications point to a Roosevelt landslides,
No ons longer quest Ins that either Col. Roosevelt or Mr. Wilson will bs
sleeted PresMsnt. Taft will certainly be a bad third In the race, with Debs
pushing him closely for third place In Connnectlcut. Illinois and Indiana. Ths
past ten days hsvs seen a treim nuiuus drift toward Roosevelt In svsry part
af the country.
bs doubtful. This is the "llusup" aa I
sews IS. it win bs:
w Jena
U New York
T North Delete..
4 Okleboau
W tin-fun
lft rtaaaih-aale ...
11 Hratb Dakota..
10 Hoods Iitaas ..
... i Venaoat
V W.Iilnrt"S ....
11 WsKimata
i. 1 Total
11 Messes. ...
.North Carolina.
South (jaialsss. .
14 Tessa
II Vircials
10 Total
I Wast Virginia..,
I Wyeouai
V tieassiihiiesHs .,
1 Missouri
13 Total
The only States In ths doubtful list
that Mr. Taft may carry ars Utah
and Wyoming, with the chances favor
ing Roosevelt In the latter Stats
During the past two weeks ths drift
to Roosevelt and Johnson haa bean
simply marvellous. It may approach
the magnitude of a landslide. The morn
ing after election the Progressive party
will taks Its place in American politics
as ths dominant opponent of the Demo
cratic party.
ISnsrlsl to The IC.rt.tM World.)
KHW HAVEN. Conn.. Nov. l-The
three parties. Republican 10,000, Pro
gressives If.OOO and Democrats 30,000.
There Is no question but that the Re
publican party la hoplcasly split and Is
making every effort to save the State
It would not be surprising to sea the
State go for Roosevelt I'resMenbtally
and for Baldwin for Governor. The Pro
gressives estimate of li.000 Is based upon
signed pledge cards and Chairman Aleop the aala of the Van Cortland t holdings
Il.iriebuilders who carry the metropo
lis outward by their operations year
ftftfjf year have worked hard and de
prived themselves of luxuries, as a rule.
In order to save. They must consider
carefully every move 'hey :nakn with
the r capital and tlte persons who offer
advice to them should feel under un
usually serious obligations to reveal the
real .'acts regarding such undertakings
With these Ideasin mind, I think It
a most opportune time to draw re
newed attention to the city's northward
movement of homes. It seems to me
that the real estate opportunities of to
day ars as promising as at any Urns In
the past.
With new structures dotting the
Dyckman section, and with the pros
pect thst a vary short time will bring
about the Improvement of the small
amount of vacant property In that
region, builders and operators are be
stowing more carefur attention upon
the possibilities of the next large area
of vacant property to the norththat
lull iii to Van Cortlandt Tark.
The building up of the Dyckman will
mark ths passing of the last vacant
area of any slae In Manhattan. Land
available for Improvement there haa
been estlmostod at 4,000 lots. The rapid
building up of Washington Heights has
demonstrated that 4,000 lots will not
long accommodate the city's northward
Interest In the section between Kings
bridge and the city Ine has been
abundantly shown ..most recently by
m ' .!mWW
m a..9H
T ' T ' ' i SsNfesB 4
Ml ekVJl Bsi'StJ
$250,000 FORTUNE!
Mrs. Ewen Charges Eliza Re
fused to Return It After They
Foiled the "Baron."
thinks he Is In a better position to esti
mate than any other of the old parties.
(Special to The Crendisl World I
OT. IXUIS, Nov. t indications are
that Oov. Wilson will carry Missouri
by the largest tuluraLlty cost for a .Presi
dent In the history of the State. He will
carry ths entire Demonratk: Slae ticket
wttti him. There 4a a possibility the
Derooorats also will ewrry ths raty of
Bt Louis, whloh ooraxtluites one-fifth
tho rote of the fftate.
This apparent Democratic high vote
la dais more to the defection among the
ReirMsblicana to Roossvslt. although the
total Democratic vots will 'be out down
In favor of the former President. Roose
velt doubtless will poll not teas than
100,000 rotes to bhe Stats.
Kansas win tea ctloae, w.th Roosevelt
probably having; the bet or chance of ft.
The Btate ticket will strength the
situation In Coneotlcut this year 1s very j chances of the Progress! veo, although
doubtful. Ths mate is oiaimeo oy sui nsion is popular.
Colorado .
(' literals
I m I'Ur-ul
Iowa ,
Nr litoiiehirs
Otorgts ii
. 14
. 48
'. 10
'. Ss
! u
Arlsosa .
I Ms sirs
N'evsda . .
til ..i
Republican National Committee
Likely to Name Missouri Gov
ernor Before the Erection.
At breakfast to-day In the Hotel Man
hattan, President Taft made It known
to former Ice-President Fairbanks and
Ohalrman Hikes of the National Re
publican Cornmltteo that Oov. Hadlejy
would be acceptable to him as running
maito to replace rhe lato Vtos-J'rssldsnl
Ths President expressed the opinion
that Oov. Hodiey was the logical selec
tion af ths National Committee, and
hoped that some way might be found to
name Oov. Hadley before K)ectln Day.
Chairman miles assured the President
that a thorough canvass was being
made by telegram among the mem
bers of ths National Committee and
that thus far Oov. Hadley had led as
choice of the committeemen. Mr. Hilles
hoped to tie able to present a vote of
the committee to the people before elec
tion day If It was impossible to make a
formal selection before the commKtee
meets In Chicago on Nov. 12.
At least the name of Oov. Hadley
could bs put before the people and his
popularity In ths Middle West should be
of signal advantage to ths Republican
$150,000 HORSE SAILS
Rock Sand, Sold by August Bel
mont to French Syndicate,
Has Six Attendants.
Rock Sand, a noted stallion, sailed
to-day on his way to France In the ut
most horse luxury on the Mlnnewaaka,
of the Atlantic Transport Line.
The great horse, which has been
bought from August Relmont by a
French syndicate of breeders for 1150,
(100, had a big box stall. The floor wax
covered with closely packed moss, over
laid with heavy canvas carpet. On top
of the cartas Is loose straw knse deep
In which Rock San. I can wade around
at his royal pleasure.
A group of six attendants sailed to
wait on him, with Harry Clark, bead
groom for August Relmont, In charge,
sssist.u oy a r. Hills, the representa
tive of the syndicate Rart-cls of apples
and carrots, bags of especially selected
oats and bales of carefully picked over
huy were taken along for feeding the
horse. Mr. Relmont bought the horse
flvs years ago from Kir Jamas Miller
of London for $125,000.
around the Two Hundred and Thirty
rlghth Street Station of the subway.
In fact, at rhe time of the Van Cort
landt sale. It was recalled that for the
lost three or four years, during which
real estate In many sections has been
at bet stationary as to values, and
with no visible demand, publlo offerings
In the territory adjacent to Van Cort
landt Park have been uniformly suc
cessful and at prices which In most
oases exceeded advance estimates.
In seeking tha explanation for this
unusual strength of the Van Cortlandt
district, real estate men have Invariably
pointed out that It la due to a remark- i
Sam Schepps's Attorney Surprised
at Statement to the Contrary
Made by Hulbert.
O. Murray Hulbert. Exalted Ruler of
New York Lodge, No. 1. of the Uenev
olent and Protective Order of Elks,
called up The Evening World on the
telephone yesterday afternoon and made
the statement that Rernard II. Sandler,
attorney for Sam Pchepps, Is not and
BftVaf has been s member of the E:ks.
Sir. Sandler has been a member of
the same lOdaTg with Mr. Hulbort for the
last four years, and Is still a member
In good standing, holding card No. 3,ltt3
of New York Lodge, No. L Also Mr.
Sandler Is a member of the Entertain
ment Committee for the annual char
ity boll of the order. Ho was appointed
lo this committee by Mr. Hulbert.
Mr. Sandler has written a demand
upon Exalted Ruler Hulbert to explain
why he should deny that Mr. Sandler
was an Elk.
Mr. Hulbert explained to Tho Evening
World to-day that what he said was
that Mr. Sandler was not an officer of
the lodge. He did not intend to convey
the Impression that he was not a
Strapped snd held In her bed with
weights'" at her ihome. No. 23 West
KJghty-slxrb street, Mrs. Slsrla Iotilse
Ewen. formerly "Raioness" von
Koetilts. sixty years old, told to a
supreme '"curt referee to-day an amos
Ing story of how. she says, her fortune
of 2oO.OOH In slocks and bonds Is being
withheld by her sister. MBB Ewen, and
the latter's lawyers. Train & Olney.
Mrs. Ewcn's romantic marriage to
the bogus Raron Roto von Kornltx
was annulled six months after the cere
mony, when the Baron had "bkwn In"
some Wn.000 of her fortune.
Hlie Is suffering from a broken hip.
and It was for her suit against her
sister, scheduled for trial in Part HI. of
the Supreme Court, Monday, that her
deposition was taken.
Mrs. Ewen wns examined by
lawyer, Rohcrt J. Malwm.
while she was willing to do so, raw .at-
torneys. Train ft Olney, who hast y
vlously been my attorneys, refasss to
allow such transfer without legal Bt
Regarding exhibits In "he haadB of
Train A Olney, whfch bear her atfna
t in o an.-! which n'n noi t to give her only
Is llfs nl.iln In br n'nncr!v. sks SS.VS
she knows rothing about ihisrrt.
"On .May 1911, Train ft Olney sent
me a letter fri.iot ng a Mil for PMt aa
fees and dllbursemenis and threatening
. . . ... . ... -.LL.V
I I'l Ml lilt, JIIU 1 .' 'Ill .1. i imillllll, f,r.,
would Involve a are it ileal of delajr and
I expense to the trust estate and pulttotty
to the trust instrument, Its naturn and
tl f itent of the rr&neitv. all of which
you d;ied to l:oep secret for various
reasons' and provided If I camo back to
New York and paid thorn, that "stio
whole matter could be disposed of and
the property returned to you within. tha
course of a few hours.'
Ufa Kwsr. declared she refused to pay
the $7,500 demanded on May S, 1411, bs
couse In April, s-'ie had paid Train and
Olney 15,0OU for tlie-ir services.
Arthur '. Train, author and writer
of short stories, appears now In ths
action in behalf of tha sister. Kills.
The other sister. Caroline, has contested
judgment and asks the Court to restore
the property to Mrs. Ewen. Caroline,
aged slxtv-flve, lives with Mrs Ewer
Tho other sister lives at Rlvejslale
avenue and Two Hundred and Thirty
first street.
Bessie Wyna, Vnailpt Ills Star, lays
Injnrlra Are Worth That Amowstt.
Re-jle Wyna, the dainty little vnudc
vi'le star. Is to retire from tho stage
permanently because of physical dis
ability, according to a suit she brought
it gainst tho Pennsylvania Railroad
her Company In the Supreme Oourt to-day.
to her 'She alleges that on Jan. 11 she slipped
knowledge of several papers which pur- and fell on a pasiengST runway In the
port tn make Train ft Olney trustees Pennsylvania Station, sustaining in
Of .her fortune and to show she signed juries whkri Will maki' her retirement
over her personsl and real property to
her sisters for life.
The aged woman sought, on Jan. 1,
necessary fhe asl.s toO.uoo damages.
Mls. Wjrnn charges that the runway
was not kept ilun and that her fall
1910, to put her fortune beyond the' was due jolely to the defendant s negil
reach of Hoto von Koe-iln In afrMa. BOnco. She suffered, the complaint
vlts filed In the Supreme Court she de
clares she turned her elate over for
MT. KISCO. N. T., Nov. 2 It be-
-mbinatlon1.? St7 T kn-" hr 'o-1 ' w or ah.olut. divorce from him or from
says, many bruises and Internal injur
ies while her nervous system Is In -
tureil iirrmar.entlv. The nlaintlff aavs
Safekeeping to her two sisters to be In that she ha? not been able. t,i dance
a position to soy to her husband, Roto! since that time and tbnt a serious aur
von Koenltx. who was trying to get glial operation lb necessary which will
possession of her property, that she was Prevent any further Appearance on f he
no, able to give him possession. It was!"""' th p,!''''"" h "'"'y &
... . j . ward of U a week, and adds that B,ir
understood, she testified to-day. that ,,,.., h,,vo deprived her of her only
ine properly suuiu ue. n iuriieo to Mr I gfesjUj of liv elihood.
on demand. The subterfu.ie wis decided
upon hurriedly. he says, at the Instance '
of Tralr. fc Olney, whom slio retained
that day.
"These attorneys," the swears, "en-:
deavored to have me sign a declaration1
of trust prepar.nl py them giving me
only a life Interest tn my property,
with my sisters as trustees. I declined
to make mch a trust and compelled
them to Insert this clause: I'pon the
happening of the death dt my husband,
Boto von Koen'.tx, prior to my death.
or the annulment of my marriage to him ,
fssssssssBsWssss! ssssssWI '
the property's location and surround-1 , n m"ve operation for the
Inge. It Is directly In the line of north- mwowwwssws oiooa wan perrormea
ward expansion.
Tha time to buy real esta'e Is muoh
like that of any other form of Invest
for the benefit of Mrs. Charles Pinker
ton, daughter of the late President
Chester A. Arthur. Dr. -Lee Bnrger of
ment buy when the msrket Is low. New York, with two assistants and two
Wilson Will Carry Illinois
And Sweep the Middle Wesi
f .1 to Tlx Kimlnf W.iild.l
CTHDCAiLK). III.. Nov. S.-Oov. Wllsin
wlk) carry Illinois by a good plurality.
A wek ago the Stale would have been
railed doubtful for Chicago lias been a
Hull Moose I Kit bed. or late the Taft
Mrrsalgn has made excellent progress,
although the President Is likely to run
tht.d. J ad Edwaid v. Hunne will be
elected Oovernc: by a large plurullty.
Oov. Wilson will Sweep the Middle
Wast and he wit. carry Ohio. Hs will
carry Indiana and Wisconsin by large
pluralities, and unite likely lisaa. He
will carry North and eVuth Dakota.
win ie the l. i Kolle. te vote will he
thrown to him. He will certainly win
Nebrasku, pel hups Kansa Wisconsin
will be heavily Democratic. Michigan
la doubtful, with the chances favoring
ltuosevelt. The Hemocrats are poorly
orgumxed then-, and If Roosevelt gets
a large percentage of the Republican
vote he will win. Minnesota may be
called doubtful. Roosevelt Is very
strong there.
Wilson Will Carry Pennsylvania
By 50,000 at Least, is Prediction
(Bsssisl Is The Btseiaf Wosht, I i will venture a definite prediction.
HARKISiil'I'-U, Pa.. Nov. :. Penn-1 Ths Democratic Bute. Commit!
sjlvanla nd Its final week of the cam- claims thst Wilson will carry Pennsyl
palgn with strum, rras'.m to believe Mat vanlu by at least r.0,000 plurality. Ex
the Democrats can make good their Menalur William Kllnn, leader of th
promise at llalMmore of "Qlve us Wll- t Roosevelt forces In the State, claims the
aoB and we'll n!ie oa Pennsylvan. t." state for Roosevoll by at least !00.00U
but Bo many complications exist that no plurality. The Republicans give no tig
one, aside from professional politicians, ures, publicly profess confidence In ihe
Went Down Fire Escape With De
tective in Pursuit, While Neigh
bors Cheered Exhibition.
lietective Daniel Curtayne tidied up
live (lights of stairs at No. : west m.'
Hum, Ii,-. 1 and Thlity-tiliiHi street lasi
night, to ask Hannah MacKarlnnd, a
pretty quadroon, what she Knew auoui
be dlsippeiirance vf two diamond rings
from the home of her employer. Morris
I'.lsenberg. of No. 139 West tine Hun
dred and Sixteenth street.
1 1 ... , , 1 1 iii. very scantily drtOJtd Osk ex
tremely scantily- Med to the tire escspo
when Curtayne showed his eUeld. The
detective followed, and Hannah skipped
lightly down to the second door level
amid great spplauae from o backyard
gallery. Ill the second floor apartment,
whloh was vacant, tiurtayne overtook
On the way up the lire escape again,
all sorts of missiles ruined about Cur
tayne. Curtayne sbuvird Hannah in the
rlsht window uud told her to dress. It
took her a long time for she hsd so
many oh, so very many clothes yet to
put on.
Hannah, the (toller say. admitted that
hut she knew abOUt UM Uaapvearahcc
of the rings was everything.
He Yelled "Murder!" and "Fire!"
In Meeting and Nearly Caused
Panic, But Saved His Money.
While a speaker at a Socialist meet
ing In Teulonla Hull. Harrison avenue
and Hnrtlett street, Williamsburg, was
giving the trusts a pleco of his mind,
last night. Wolf Yutkoff. a tailor, frtt
some one's bund In his pocket, in addi
tion to the fm and the Hull check already
there. Fearful lest the check and the
hand and the money take almultaneous
leave of him, Yutkoff raised his voice:
"Policeman!" he yelled. "Help! Mur
der! Klre!"
Timid persons, who hoard the last part
of Yutkuff's shout, started fur (he door,
en masse. They Jammed ttnd foughl!
scratohed and slruggled in rhelr desire
for speedy exit. lH-lectlves Drown und
Hehan. of the Clymer street police sta
tion, who were on the sidewalk, tried
to tight I heir way In against the squirm
In crowd. Hefore they could make any
headway, out canu Mr. Yutkoff, with
bis arms lightly encircling a small,
sharp-e.yed man.
At Yutkoffs request, the detectives
arrested the mun, who said he waa
llenjamlii Schneider, twenty-one years
old. of No. 429 Moore street. Brooklyn.
He was hold to give the police a chance
to look up his record.
Ruy when there Is an opportunity for f u
lure enhancement of values due to tran
sit facilities going Into a new territory
'or other Influences whloh tend to raise
the value of the land. It Is not wise
to buy more than one can comfortably
carry having in mind possible assess
ments which are likely to be Imposed on
unimproved properUes. It Is well In this
connection to observe carefully what
Improvements the property possesses
and allow for future outlays, as It must
be borne In mind that no Inc me la de
rived from vacant land and the carry
ing charges must come out of other
One of the most persistent and steady
Improvements In the way of development
of vacant Is demonstrated in the
upper west side of the Rronx. Since
the advent of the subway In the Wash
ington Heights section, which prior to
that time consisted principally of farm
land, that part of the city has been al
most completely built up with the latest
type of apartments. Further up, tho
Dyckman section, has exceeded all ex
pectations, and as fast as the buildings
are completed they are rented. Fur
ther on the same line the Van Cortlandt
Park section Is experiencing the same
activity. Quick absorption of all offer
ings there Is a strong Indication of per
sistent demand for property with Its un
limited possibilities In tho way of en
hancement Abova ail I would urge upon the
home builder the advantace of buying
at big auction sales, where there Is free
general bidding. There Is no mistaking
real values at such events.
The fact that prices at such sales
are the lowest that the property can be
bought for haa been repeatedly proved,
and many such buyers have reaped
Immediate profits. But whetner a pur
chaser takes an Immediate profit or not,
the price paid gives a reasonable as
surance of a fair profit ultimately.
Hank Reserve, BB,nftO,OBO.
The statement of the actual condi
tion of Clearing House banks and trust
companies for the week ahowa that
they hold 42,680,060 reserve In excess
of legal requirements. This Is a de
crease of $1,443,960 from lost week.
men. who agreed to stand the loss of
blood, camo up from New York.
The operation lasted between two and
three hours. The doctor an I his aides
and tho two mfn remained over night
while the men regained strength. Mrs
me, the said declaration of trust shall
be void, Inoperative and of no further
effect and at' property shall be trans
ferred to ,mg absolutely,; " ,
This clause waa Interlined on the mar
gin, she stales, and was signed by her,
March 21, 1910. Her sisters signed tho
agreement March 31, 1910. H remarriage
was arull.il on May 20, 1911.
"On that day," continued Mrs. Kwen,
I dem ;n''e.l ihe return of my property
Plnkepion. who in.i l.een siirTerittv f mm I Mv sister Caroline made the transfers
r,.r. f anaemia hna lri SMIMs I is asr,.l Me slater IC 1 1 .1.. Mn.wl t,, I
uy fllll III.' Uliri.iru I.
Bsst'Tsb! ; - -BlisjBJ
VQistamsmr 4)l Jr2';H
M mud Infif rvnlu Wi j
return my property and declared that I JAMES PYLE & SONS. New York
I) oCS
Ask (or Red Cross Couth Drop..
Far salt irerisBsrs. t tests bat.
First dose, of Pape's Cold
Compound ends all
grippe misery.
You can surely end (iripnc and
break up the most severe cold either
in head, chest, bark, stouiurh or limbs
by taking 'luse of l'ape's Cold Com
pound every two hours until three con
secutive doses arc taken.
It promptly relieves the most miser
able hradaihe, dullness, head anil 1
nose stulfei up. feverishness, snceting, I
sore throat, mucojicaUrrhal discharge-,
running nl the nose, soreness, stiffness
anil rheumatic twinges.
Take 'this wumlerful Compound us
directed, without interference with your;
usual duties niul with the knowledge,
that there is uiithiiiu else in tilt world ;
the ashes are w',ch will cure your cold or end Grippe
Keep Your
Clean and Bright with
The grease, dirt and stickiness that
collects on dishes cannot be gotten rid
of with ordinary dish water, which
only cleans the surface.
Put a dash of Gold Dust in the water, and it instantly turns
it into a cleansing marvel. It will go to the bottom of things,
drive out every bit of dirt, every atom of grease, every germ,
every hidden particle in fact, make your dishes like new
sanitarily safe, as well as clean.
Gold Dust does better work than soap or any other cleanser
and does it in half the time. , .
No woman who really
knows the marvelous
powers of Gold Dust
would think of keep
ing house without it.
Sold in 5c and largo pres
ages. Buy the large packi o
for greater economy.
lew Bra i .ice a Dserrw.
The officers of Ihe Celtic of the White
Star line arriving tu-dsy reported the
complete success .,f s. new hydraulic
suction device for .1 milling- ashes from that there is unthiiiK el
less stwsss Bsjes. sw it
ui .iwn aiin troin a eratlna In thai . .. .... I ...;,( , .....
stoke hole lloor and shot Into the ana "I!"" ""'"'l ," ., ,'
thirty fee, below the wer TT.eolher "",,,l.'m'' F '"f P"" Ml
suction 1. BUtn thai ,ht. ,,,, .2" M a U.V.vnt parkaRC of Pape s ( old
builders who Invented the machine be- i Compound, which any ilnigK"' B
lleve vacuum cleunlns; tubes which Wll
lean the
I With It
whole ship ran be aorki I
tuppy BQOrpI no nil. til iite. contains
no quinine belongs in every home.
Tastes uict.
II Tjt'. the 1 Wk BBBaW L
i do your work" WE if aW
rai u .a
Uto Gold Dust for wathtnj.
clothes and dishes, ucruhbuiK floors,
cleaning woodwork, oilci.ith, silver
ware and tinware, polishing hratt
work, clcsning bathroom pipc3, re
frigerators, etc., softening herd water
and mrking Ihe finost toft soap.

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