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lUii iiti4iuu vvvMUAi, iinuiiiAk, 11 u v Xiixii5B 4, 19 12.
Sxplosion Hi.:ko Nearby
jPoHce Station and Rcscrytfj
I, Surround Block.
pnateurs Use Ton Heavy
Charge of Nitro and Get
j Nothing.
JAJl J WatkOVcr .Shoo Cumnini.
r'O. IK Bowery436t'.
Jftll. 7 Mi: linn'H Mai rn nnum' ltd
JvolnuMo collection of coins.
J May Machoff Greonii.ium, JOWSl'
try. No. :sj Unwciy-JfiOO.
June 30 William Isaacs, olotlilm.
No. Bower
I Aujuhi-n. w. MuUoro jtwtlry ra
palr abop. No. 1: Uo.vcry $500.
, nepi. s Lifted cigar :-'.orea co:n
5uy. No. 3 Uowery tSuu.
Sept. United ClKar Stores Coni-
1 Kowi ;. W ash, I.OOu
ootrttfieatea ami .i lot of premium.
L tv. 4 I. H.yn & .Hon. siloes, No
I'm fcewery Nethtn
only fifteen mlnutae before Mia ox-
I Tho tli . i" lnurt have done quick
ivorii ij poring tour holoi n -.it litel
tc.ui'iiit,ioi of 11. eafe, whlnh ! about I
tlar." fpri . ;ti,m. Tie f.rco Of Hie I
rvp::i ,i, i,,r tW (fOOf off It hlntf-i I
and M. w 't drat tlirotii.li a partition and
:'l' i i iron? i i rid" p'.Hte gin Wln-
dvtr. 1 1 ff-n noor ibt gtNrtaVlk, up
r.Kf to Ihi tu tdilsBi fl distance of mora
tliau I WalVC i.vl fnmi Hi. afe.
In a fe.v ond: wlii.l'.wa were Holng
I tit, rtii over iiic t.i 'Bliijr.iooU arid e
cited vi : i orOffi OhOJtUnf to fin. I out
th cMta of tli" not), The sound bad
; been hoard In Hi MlllbOlf f otrssl M0
I Hon uW In on laotont Lieut. Sullivan
md the :irervus runnlnK to Uif scene.
Tho Ho i was surrounded wlth'n a
' few- minutes ami every lionao was
j sercli.t, lint no trace was found of the
I hurglsn. Tho Inner steel door at the
ESCpP had not he.-n opened, aa tha bur
" slant did no: have time.
Son. c" the fraafliioraH of the explo-
lon iimok tha owltohbox an I put out
the lights, and the darkneoo helped
them away. There waa nothing val
uable they could gel exce.pt what waa
In the cafe
Bowery safe blowlna; are getting
bolder aa OOU weather approaches, and
tho poMoo brtlHsvc no one eaoopt ama
teura would ','orark a crib" within throe
tloeks of a joli :e. station.
Double Trading Stamps With Till Purchases Till Day Tuesday
S ore Open tll Hay
Rlectl fiitv
Tor one day. to-rrcrrow, we will kH roats for men, coats for women, coats for misses, girls and children at nrices that establish new low records. We wish we
could Rive prices like these every day, but the fact is the majority of these garments cannot be made to sell regularly at the prices we quote for to-morrow. This
is a great opportunity. If you value money you will take advantage of it, for no matter what style coat you want you can get it heie to-morrOw and save money on it.
Election Day, 789 Men and Youths Can Win These
Overcoats for a Third Less
than their actual face value An enormous purchase grouped into 4 great tots
Do not jt dge thtm by their prices the important point is that garmr. t of this value were scldtm if ever sold at the prices we quote belaw
T '
blw the irftfe In I. Htyn
ahoe store, No. l' Bo.vcry,
Oo-y. lui thu charge of nitro-
la so heavy it awoku eyj. ry-
;rhe nehrWVirhriod and tk thterei
'tfa aaiko their yetaway wlthvjt
.'naavaJd for their risk.
suoh a orudo niece of work
pblice Ibehovo aaniateurspj-oliiibly
dld It. la tlu- flrst pVjc
tha eighth aafo blown in that
alhee tha ilrot of the ychr. 'Flic
la less than four blocks from
jtallca Headqiiurtcra and only three
from tho Mulberry atrcct olottotv No
Mtrlai UacU when tho oxploslon
oo aet off and the iafo door, wis
Mown through a woci, n parlltioh ' snd
Okrough u pUitc glass window, procti
oily into tha knot
Vbere wr acvci.il of the buralara.
4MXng fro,n footr.lnUou a brick Wall RfJOM 1 H t DUST AND
mLSL wte mm un touch
o.. the building, whtoh is bcwMnl "There's something wonderfully .it
PoOofAa and Kenntare atreat. Appnr-1 trSctiVe ribodt iribtoring during these
away they tatended t... get luiu. simp-: f.ill ta." refttatKed it young socict
oaje'e Loan ofrtee 0t no. ic4, i.ut rouitd girl to her friend, "but the wind and
tf proteoted by aorflar1 itlanno. ' tin dust somehow get through the
Tthoy forced a wire acre an over J fiutM wiK and my complexion suffers."
r fanlight of the i,hoe store and I ..'.l00 ;iS 1 t'"" .a'w red her Mnd.
fcWffly went u. won. in the mil ck,,e wneii voir come in from motoring niD
The Coming
Of The Law!
J Do yon remember "The Two-Ou:i
: Man?" It was acclaimed as the greatest
Western romance of the decade.
( 3 Well, Charles Alden Seltzer, who
wrote "The Two Qun Man," has just
written another and far better Western
e It is called "THE COMING OF
' And it will ajipeur as a serial in the
Evening World.
I The first instalment will be published
C. "The CominR of the Lajw" la a live
wire. It is the strongest, moat exciting
! story of the West.
j C, Don't rob yourself by missing a single
I chapter of this splendid serial.
S Remember, "The Coming of the
Law will begin in next Thursday s
Evening World.
Olreio Tail uf Klliiua.
Automolilll .Li djooovorod the mauKled
hudy of a well dj cased m.vn about fll'.y
M ra od. Laatde. tho raliroad tracks
near h grade oroaalng at Lafayette
aveinif; 1'a'aai' , N. J . yeataaday. An
engineer on rooeblng Jersey City fettftd
I. thlrt sleeve 3tW!ria In a whool of
hla locomotive. Until than ha did nut
I know he hod Ftru k anybod. Tha body
hnS not been Identified.
Of electric Unlit tluvt uro kept on all
nhrht In the place. T i, tafe cannot he
oan from tho front of the store, but
"Beauty's Guardian" J
I Into vmir farm atu hanta and then
bo from a oMu window, whidh ., ... M ,. ., .w i,
... in i V.U1I ,1 Vll VIOIII. II baiM
mm paw U loUrvoJo and on vbleh I out all the dust and crime and keens
eJajht watchmen keep an .-je. j the skm .soft mid fair. Velogeti is
POLICEMAN AND WATCHMAN I good alio alter golf, tennis, or any
BOTH ON GUARD. out-door spurt."
Follceman Nelson i.ad uled tho front I At drmsts. m collapsible tubes,
aloo half an hour hafoe. th,. ..aw I 25 ClltS. Better thatl cold cream.
um u in, .nil, way.
might wotemnon
eed ihu wlndov
Horry amitii hod
an I looked In it m
Lord & Taylor
Founded 1S6
Special Sale of
Men's Furnishings
For Tuesday (Eecfion Day)
Negligee Shirts
Made of fiui woven niudras and printed
cloths, attached cull's.
$1.00 oh 6 for $5.50
Values 11.50 and $-2.00
Netted mill plain
J'iiiuc boaoin, full dress,
Silk Negligee Shirts.
Silk Full 'Press frests
White or liluvk.
negligeeSi attached
Value i'.oo j
Value :.50 .0'5
Value 98,0
10 A. M. to 1 P. M.
No Mall or Phone Orders
$1.49 Velveta Hats
IP A. St. o I . '.
belt blocki. in black only: trimmed free;
Men's and Young Men's
$10.00 Overcoats
Including the new long convertible collar Over
coats, made in fancy mixed yfi
labrics, in light, dark and OB
i:. l: 1 Mil
tin Miuiii cuucis, home iiiicu
,'ltli II n n o I l r- .il . . rvl
' " " " 1 1 Q ij i uci vv uoi I saaa "aajjjaai I
linitKJ nthpra cerne linl raW 1 LssWi I
fS w ...wiw , inn vi,
i k x i i mrm
8c Crash Towelling
io n. i. t i p. a.
Half bleached, linen linisli. with neat dice pat- i
tern; aplendid for Icitclvn towels - limit 15 ysrda. ,
no mail ordrrt: at, yard J
1 lliiftenient. i
$1.25 Bed Spreads
IO 7t. M. to I P. M.
Fringed, lot) nze, pure white crochet,
pretty designs; gut or straight corners:
V I liitaement.
$1.50 Comfortables
in 7. v. in I. t . JW.
Men's and Young Men's
$15.00 to $20.00 Overcoats
Here the assortment includes high grade Over
coats in all the most popular models, from the
knee length, Chesterfield,
to the double-breasted, 52
inches, convertible Over
coats, all the popular ma
terials, including black
kersey, at
Full size, medium and hcivy weight, in me
dium and dark designs; special
, ( MNNll
59c Lawn Waists
in '. at. tn i p. m.
Persian lawn, trimmed i
with rows of VoL and
pretty embroidery,
e it lie r hitih or leu
nrrks. long or bhort j
sleeves; each '
v I Nerolld rlnor. ) ,
Flannelette Gowns
fO 'A. St f.i I P. M.
In neat oink and blue I
stripes; round or high
necks, trimmed with
daisy cloth collars and
cuffs; fancy braids;
limit 2; special, each
MNHe-oliil floor.
Children's Inderwear
j i or. to i , in.
Fleece lined, ecru co.or.
vest", pants and d-aw.
er. for boys and gul. I
values urcording to
iiics up to 3Jc, all
sues 1
mgm Mittn Moor.)
wonKii's 39c InderwcarN
I m m f m i aa a '
I . . .... ' . w . . . ....
Silk fleece lined, vests
I high nock, long slrevea,
I pants ankle length, all
sues, garment
la ' Main Moor.
Children's Corduroy Coals
Extra Special 765 Men's Suits,
lancy and blue serge, at
. (Third iionr).
Men's and Young Men's
$12.00 Overcoats
Strictly all wool, long convertible Overcoats,
in a complete variety of fancy
iffects, rut 52 inches long,
serge lined, convertible cl-utfxK
lar. Coats that would besffaatarv
bargains at $ I 2.00, on sale
Men's and Young Men's
$25.00 Overcoats
Finest hand tailored garments, choicest of
patterns, a wonderful variety, including all
the newest merchant fSW!
a -i rts. r. Wdff
IdllUUII CI1CV.IO. aVCiy aa
kind anu every size in
.i ..I. dtoc; fc
lilts gre.u saie, JH(?Wlr
Overcoats at Il ll
fxtra Special 500 Men's $3 Pants, d f-A
fancy mixtures and plain materials, at
4 I hlnl Flour).
I J Of Ml - 1 - 1
i . a wfjon n i u
'-si.iK' !
'11 of Them Samrles at I est Than Coat
A.soall wool immures and chevicts, in tan, navy, gray, golden browu )J
and cardinal, wide variety of pittty styles, effectively trimmed with
oiaiu, nuuoiii anil novel collar elicits, lined Ihioughoul with good
sateen, sues I to b) ears, values to Ji.W, special
v-uois i)i ininciiuiu, in serviceable vrv 1 I
linavy, omart little double breasted b x .tyko. hniditd w.th Drcltv
VJ turnover cellar and cuff of self material, unl lem on rCve o then
f :ii fine corduroy in Lrcwn ami navv. trlmmerl . ;...i .'i
I...IL I L.o.. . i:. j r -."iiy.y wun
H vuiim nun mi 1. 11 uuiiuns, uncii inruuttn-
l out witn goou sateen and flannel, sizes
2 to 6 years. at
i mi inn s s ( 0TM Velvaii
111,1,1 iininn .i ii coi ii uroya. Ill navy.
..... iiuwii anu imiv. erei
HUT irliniiied. line. I i h r..ut linn
i. mi -.i.i i.iie.-n. nr Iihhvv Urn
I looowd I lour. I a
! " ' ".1TO V.lnur vel
iri'iin u.r" "" roodlob.
r-..1".. m" .$6.98 $10.98
Boys' $3 Overcoats
,i H .98
Chinchilla and Polo Coats
Save a Dollar on Every One
i'ani y mixtun s as wt II as si awl cr liar coots
trimmed with Astrarl.an; mode of fancy ma
tt rial; plain Rray ami blu ; sizis, 2j to 10 r.
Bos' $5.C0 Overcoats
i.oiik Ovorcootai nh ooavotilblo
dollora, of ton OJ mixed materluU und
pladll nih) . -Ik"". 1 to 17 j,.nra. Ileau-
llful ililni'liilli.. In plus, und mr.
lli.nnel llued; ataoa J, to 10. fbowl
niiur i i-n imi,. or
ittiiry i . i i.i. an
Oram s Mlvat i ullar
Kuajilan 1 1 i. in. i
All mi -ul" at.
Boys' $7.50 Qurcoats
Un a i. .lie bortK m initio. lsM
tt in 17 fmn iii Hii wont r!i n t
tLrt-n. muUti wttli l-i'li Iim k mid ion
frtllilti oolium. Milnt-t.Ilta Ow
ruiiti. In Hut- . in I grmy, wool fLmnm!
llm (I. I'olo st Ii. t It all ftrounil
n wn & a TKr
li i if ' III I t (l( IMIM V
i, mUi , fitr lltffi
frllowii, alzi;a . 1 , f -
Ml If ,
To. if nil nroiniil
High Grade Overcoats for Big Boys
A special lot; .ilea 12 to 18 years, worth 1U0 more, at
&7.S0. $8.50 and (8.75
.1 I hlral I lr.
Women's Smart Coats
Here la the larRest slock of women's stylish coats at popular prices in New
York. You do not have to pay high prices to get good, stylish, serviceable
corns nere. ricre arc lour namn v n..u-
T '""n .',
All Alteiat ons VtSt " I
Women's $10 & $12 Coals
f 12 ,c Pillow Cases,
I ina.nt. n I P.M. I
I Of pure white muslin, i mmi
I with J inch hems. r74a
42.36 or 45x36. limit ff I
I 2 dozen; each I I bj J
Value ft.v oo
j $2.95
IO a. f. Co P. If.
35c Holland Window
Shadea, alightly imperfect,
complete with fixturea, each
35c Marquiaette and
Italian Scrim Rem
nants, in lengths of 2 to 10
yards, at yd
98c Ecru Madraa Cur
tains, withl'eriian borders
red and green, brown and
green, and blue and green
coloring, pair
50c Ruffled Muslin
Curtaina, with cluster
tuck insertions, pair. .
. Fourth Kliir.
'Pajamas . I
Plain '(lor. utripeo and white, military t -PT-00
tit V neck model. Value 01 .50 I
MVroerlsed cloth, plain nntl fnncv. ? r ,r
Value 19.00 I M3?
Silk Mixture, military ahdV nook, plain I of j a
noteri ftnd itripei, 'aln.' 94.00 i '-'c-
Mini in Night Shirts
"tilored t r i in mod
Pine en m brie, colored trimuied.
Value Hrc i
Btoadwaj jOUi St.j Jth tVvo.: 10th St.
. ... -
1 r I... i .
I I ,
Wc v.
If I llfr Clil BMSai iiriiiiiin ii.ii
C e Mallloi rodl'a PhoOOfeOtO
I of Noda. MO. ilna.. . llli
ane -.run al While Fine
und Tttr . 1 tie
J, teUser .
i 1
flM I l
fl'daVlaT . aaLiaSVaaHl aofl I
Misses' and Juniors' Coats
lake ftdVtRtaafl a) tO-morrcw'l values. You do rot sacrifice
style, vv rknai.liip or oualits in any rffnect- ou sin olv save a
roniloi trtl Ir xi rn tindtt the riceo rl ther stores.
I Twl l All Allll Al tNS irit
ii T 1 t'"t'vlot. ilhillmw, kOMOM, ehlnehlli,..
i!',' ;"t:hU?.'1 f"l?y mlx'"'-es HU'HOHt .uisortS en" Tl
Sift LU-r2""! S. ..v1lve: "' JnUtM&g, HeraTun
u,i:....; . v. ,7 -2 w.iiooaj, i
....... iv,-. , . i .ii irritriri ii i- m
(M.Sf nr
or 54 InchoH,
A lined ortth gTiar;,nteed aitin. In tan. brown, rray. naiv II
.In. ! ami all OOmblrtStlOM; alzea SI to IS... ' y' If
Women's $18 Chinchilla Coats
Mriflf rT ' ' 1 1 h i nAb 1 1 1 it , ,.ia e
.i . 7 at ...... i . . . . IUHI.V miaiurra, lOOM ni
ftW-JJttd. Iare mmwl collar, .ufTs. larife mannish pock.-t
Vj ii .Tr wvory wavntag ttiym or MWj nU
" Women's Astrachan & Sea! Piush Coats
.M ule of fine scul pluah and Aotroohon. full loMth A
uiiide), cut .'i'.' and 64 Inclu lonar. de.ip a'. awl cllur turn STJ 4 7 "
lur k culTf . tlnmhel off orlth I lar;e fruKn. lln"d und in W I B 1 tl
torllni-d tliroimliout wlui colored guoratntood Main .ill I I
liiet black. aUea 84 to 4 1, at m M
Women's $20 & $25 Sealetle Paish Coats
HHI "I nn" v.-ai.-ii,, piuHii. .:uhi ant". .1 hihnti a e.eur
full leuKtli modal, buttons to on olds, with larae frog,
trtnafnod writ Oouoavoliin Lamb, oollor 'md ottfra, iii,,,i
and Intsrllnod tlironirixiut itl giiiunind satin, mi
to 4 1, at
Other Coot up to t&u. oo.
Full Line ot Extra Size Coats .
j '..:i- W
II to 55, at
f - ni I litr.
$17.50 Bouclc Coats
Black ami Bnvtn Bouclc clotb.s, a'so cl in-
chillf a, vitn pi.iid tacks, novelty mixturea a
libeltnet, widi wattt and two tone diaytnala. S
palcb ijockeu, new revers and large collars, sTushrQ
seams and contrasting shades. Positive $17.30
values; sies 13 to 1 8
Misses' und Jnnfors' Top Coats
ftVi n if flu- popular "Johnny" em tve m OA
lili i until not, ei; ivalrnal. are cl unhilla. cars- 9a.vU
titlines, aliwcul Lroaoilolhs and iImoU; valuea in this ajB
to $10.00. sties I to l W
Misses' and Juniors' $6.98 Coats
ni ti rhnri, tarai tiU, (anty miiturc and ntripci, pip-cl in con
liaitiriK 'n'tlra. 1 lir valuta arp rircptirnal Mod Ci-nnot Lo (lupli
ifttrd anywhere unHrr at least $fi 98 StlBI IS to 16 years
Girls' $0.98 Coals Girls $7.5 1 C ats
M.'.'e if nil wool broodi 'loth i Polo & Mackinaw Models
in 5 An i 'I hi . hi i. Colors: A'v. iiIpiii t..,'i,, .. I ,,r
SrE Quo! DTOWn and tTdtt; large j j " '' ' ' '! -
ce&sn and revers ... tuuUuliim ' 1 W j n-v
shade,, trimming. RWdl ftA " V.''" ,'"""!. ;lv ' '1
t ate!., reaula, (ft. SQ.90 ftf $ J.90
values; iits t) to 14 years v ycari.,.. m
' ( t I lnop. I ,
fie dire raalltn
' Ooan. ;H L!Lj!itr.'
Sale of Drugs and Toilet Articles
ItOe Idealla Reef. Irnn und
Hlne. n4nt gtM
SOe Pure Vorweslan l
Llier Oil. u'ot ."
7r.e Kmulalon of 4 oil l.lier
on das
r Syrnu f lar '' ' '!
SOe Oraniceljielleadurlie I'nn
dera -4
I il.OU nro'mo
( Klh,. rliv
KM t on.iMiunii
"a. . . . :r:: .
'inililne fill,, a ,
anna .oan-l inn far.laV
ai.00 . n, Utlafoi laal 88i
Oi.im gsstt'a K laino 6A
ads iv ii, .I., uiycsrlns ami
K(.i, afr I ill
B8s IdSOlla I it"! I in i Cm -
der D
Iriwlla loisl t ,,ld l roam,
Kit t ns. IoVi . ltd
BOe MolosoM I ii . Powdai Of
C ream . .1V
IK Oi. I harl. , I leali
I nd an
.TO. I' u ii. ii I a i. tfaoaajOf
I (nuni 97l
Pure F...on. Hall., . ,0c
a."' sanitary Napkin., : gai
In r-ckui(. in.
viWWwnayMMVSrav I uuiu I lour. I
i. r , i
nn. ,:i i aoe
I ulaale't Cold CrsOM ,B
Mtr lanpsrlsd ( elluli.nl I .."Hi
Hi i. .hea ITS
io i ,00 i "iiniuiii OjrHnasoi I
.orirt eii ii j.irai,t'.- t tor 1
JiZi ajlo
file .In., m.u.'ha Pan. ir.e
I .in i ..ri.iina f.jeauilns
I luld UAe
n on n'orauslo'i f"d Llrsr
on Hw
.mi, Kotf'i Mull Bgtoosl 8Ti
i. on Bsaabi a Moltranii
Bramu arfsuto Toi
alSc PHehsCi Castarlo IIM
BRe Paper eata. ul alsei.ailr
III. in,, I. .ii.l II,,.. .
1 .t.i..
I .iUel
ii ura uirr.i.iV
I tCrulnD, 1UO
I IT f . 'I a a a '.
Ml no olr Ita
c .n. I 'io for . ,
l'nr ll'i urtMiiiuir ut Siilg,
af9fj fur ltalie!lf Kail.
faW Rlttlf of fron Qlltpla)
I mi sit, hnliic, . . ltd
tkito i nnthroi Hhternnnu 'Jiu
ifrii.ju ( tttliiaiii-' u n
b i:i
I hlaWOforn l.tnlnirrit. J
UilO . 12
l.oN40iiee if ltiiln. '4 ounce
iirj 4 in - Hi
.'t.t' tn Tith ' tii;..trl.'l
JaiiooOvaa N ntll liiilri,
1 23c
Tuesday rDArEDV IH A V Sixth
BIt01jI 1 iaTi I
rri1 i.all.oiK''
i r.A (1.11111 '
i.i. u.i
i ... - a i i.i
.1.110 I'.
1 Ml
3 lhJ!S(
Mild ii gr
Ksney lie
5 ihs.:t.,i
3 Ha. 25c
POl'D OATS tvi 10 Iha.s's.'.f
( ONI). S( LI S
APPLES ii!.i"'J .,,' " : 7m
Ttax uiu aXsaKXi
STEA S or BwiatA o gji
roast ,. , 1 j
SPARE RIKS . . ... ;0c !
MUTTON legs , "i. He;
I.A.H CHOPS i ' " loc!

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