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Roosevelt Travel ted Id 9000 Miles, Wilson 13,000,
in Two Record-Breaking Tours in Search of
Dotted Uaa Indicates Oov. Wlla
trail, black Uaa coL ssoosevelt's route.
Roosevelt Fights for the Northwest
Says on Way to Cincinnati the
Citizens Have Already Made
Up Their Minds.
Whitman Says There'll Be Less
Fraud Than in All His
Great Contests in the Middle West,
NewEngland and Pennsylvania
WaBstlatrWOaT. Ito. 4. Tli "Snt was ths prediction
So-dar of the Untied Stats Weather nrcau for election day nithtr
to-morrow. Bright, tin- skies and warmth ar the oneslon oBarsa
to Tatars by the wthr foracsstsrs. In evrr Btate east of tha
Sock Ifonntataa c!r akiea ara promised Warmer temperature
to-morrow will alio be (-ansral oesr all State east of tha BUaalaalppI
allay. '
Local, light rains ara aokadnlad only la Washington, Oregon,
Idaho aad Korthara Callloraia.
"Wot la many yaara haa snob flea waathar baaa promlaad oa a
(sacral atactica day." It was atotad ai tha Waathar Bureau to-day.
Col. rl""' In a statement from
Ojsl. r Kay to-day, made the direct
charge that In New York lepubllf an
leaders are urg.nj voter" to aupporl
Wilaon to mako the defeat of ROSSS
velt certain. Thl ststement was met
,wlib general denials front the Repub
lican State leader.
From Oov. Wilaon and from his New
A York headquarters came further ad
y monitions to 1'emorrotlc leader to get
X the votera to the poll, to that th
& maximum Kemoeratlc vote Would be
X The extent to wblch tha Social!!
Oparty, with Kunarte V. Deba a, lla
j Prcitdenilal candidate, will cut Into the
Jrvote of Tatt. ltooaevslt and Wlleon haa
become a metier of lively conjecture
'.In the committee headquarter of tha
I latter candidate!. The Progressive leal
': era asserl that the fnclallsts will poll
ivy vote, drawing largely from tha
llepuhlli an anil lie.-uucratlr ranks
SUSY DAY FOR THE NOMINEES ' rlPtHy by Washington Party workera
at FOB 3QVIRNOR I wno Rr' supporting the Progressive con-
aldalea on the National and State tlok-
To-day I. a burr, one for Uie New j M mirh(1 th. , t0ny of lh.
;Tork (Jubernalorlel candidates, who ,p,, hrnKlng feature of the political
iwl'.l not wind up tholr camps. gnu ernpalin
W until midnight. William Bulrer, Demo- The newspapers are full of "last card"
I Static nominee, speaks at Jamaica, j advertisement warning voters to be
I Mlneola, Hkksvllle and other Long . ware of trickery and the malls are
m Maad lowna from a special train and I crowded wit:, political literature rnak-
.i.v.iilM In ..... I Park ami foirr other I
a - ---- -- -
- places In the city.
. Osrur Strsiia, the Bull Moose candi
date, will itk at Cooper Union.
- ... ..... -, - "
Hamilton l'lali 1'ark and hold other city
laneellngs. TUe big meeting will be al
aboopcr T'nlcn.
f , ,, , , . , .
I Job Uim will speak In eight or
more placss la Ihs city, closing at
Camp Hedges, One Hundred and Korty
nith street and Willi avenu, th
Uronx. HI main meeting will be at
(Ablngton Bijuara,
Each of the Stat party manager is
claiming a victory for hi candidate.
Charles F. Murphy, Usder of Tammany
4 Hall, says that never have th prln
fclplsa and policies of the Democratlo
party appealed more strongly than now.
11 predict a sweeping Oemooratte rl?-
'lory In the country and In New York ,
J Stat, and says tlm Democratic mi-
"Jorlly In Lot'.ilature will be rreitly
i ' s
BOSTON, Nov. 4-Th national and
$r:ate campaign In Maiaechuaeu con
'ttnusd to-day with a muoh vigor as If
Jthe election wss a matter of days In
"r'ead uf houra. All the political cap
ita Ins In the State rxprcseJ confidence
jtn th result to-morrow.
I It la expected that Massachusetts Will
j I" among ihu first States to start th
l all rolling to-morrow, and that tin- ftri
r:tlrinlte results of t ie vote In s natlin.i.
S 1 lecilun precinct will eomo from sonn
jlir.ie town In Barnatabl, Norfolk or
Plymouth Counties Four year ago the
4twa of Norwell heralded Mr. Tail's
victory shortly after 1 o'clock In th
afternoon, while a doien town In the
ad Colouy dlstrlc: of the State had re
ported il.efore i o'clock.
Flv of the ihlrty-three Mnssachusetta
grilles will hold afternoon nn.l early ev
Tnlng alectlonx. closing I hair poll at
P, M. Two other. New Bedford n 1
Kail River, will sm;i vallnis at - ana
P M. respectively, while the 01 urs Wtl
v loss at 4 o'clock c iu in after. In this
lty the polls will be open from 0 A. M
M 4 P. M., snd Boston's vol on Presl
iieat and Qavarnor usually knuw ntwo
" hour after the polls close.
Tatt Gain in Maine.
' PORTLAND. Me. Nov. 4. Political
manag- r In Maine agreed to-day that
with cood weather thla State ahould
east a record Presidential vol. The
j! brunt of the jenklng campaign ha
l,i: horns bv the Progressives, al-
Mioaah the Hepulil'cana lield many
. sallies lest week. The principal actlv
ff (y 0f the ite 1I1II am and Democrat
has been toward c r tinla! effort to get
rli voters tu fie polls.
Both Pioerem'.ve an. I Dmnoerallc
B'lanager cls'ire 1 victory, while on 'be
jllepu'illcun si le II was s ild that aentl
Antnt fur President Tuft haa been xrow
WnB greater as the eampalgn closed.
Nc'u- Hampshire in Doubt.
J CONOOrtD. N. H.. Nov. 4. Indian
lion that Ttiuaiay's vote for Pr.-sl-"aanttsl
elei lots woul I be clos caused
political mnaers tlirou-hout f ie State
r en of th- busiest dss of an actlv
Btaspalgn Wl.le- ' n th ";"
rl n;.:;.,'.;
tsra of e'l three puitlea.
. Qui'' Cdmpalgn in Vermont , . ran nr. r prngn u couminies pr.
d MOM PKLIEII. Vt. Nov. 4. --While ' J " victory for llielr respective o.n-
t h ramialKn In Vermont !.( b-en u.ul''t didates. Willi the Roosevelt nu n 1 loJin
fag '" inp.irel with the cx.'lt.-m.-m pr- "" WIWM Plurality.
wriaiio; uie state election in Hrptrmi 0 Predictions In Iowa.
the m d.lnery fur r !t'n out the vute .,,,,-...0 , .
TuesJsy bas bun well oveihauled by' l,L Mul.Sh. la.. Nov. 4.-Vlth th
Proureaslvsa, Republican anl Usmo-! exception of lctemius by party n.an
erat. agers and csndldatus few predictions
i All psrtlrs CiId rallies In different I are bring made as to the results uf the
1 psrta 01 tne stale lu-Jay, nnnuing in
. sper- uig camiisitin 10 a close.
Close in Rhode Island.
PROVIDENCE, it I , Nov. 4
USnlr L.lelnre f... llloir ... mil , I
uationul and Stats llcki-ts, leaders of
the Reiiubllcan, Democratic and Pro -
srissive srttes admitted to-day thai
to-morrows vote ill Rhode Island will
bs close In the Republican camp the
ath of Congressman Usora J. Utter.
"Whit s tcod far ChanVt-Ladyf1
ajjg tisaa Caagk urspa. tv. vsr ess,
a candidate for re-election, baa nausan
complication)! Former l.leut.-Onv. 7.e
naa W. Itliaa haa been named to fill th
vacant placa on the Congressional
j Hard Fight in Connecticut.
NKW MAVICN, Conn.. Nov. 4 The
closing hnur of the campaign In CnB
nectlcut saw no les-up In tha activity
of the party workers, and tha Indica
tion point to an unusual number of
voters going to rhe polls to-morrow
While Republican. Democratic and
Progrenslve managers to-day rxprees
belief in tha success of their ticket,
nothing is being left undone to get out
s strong party vote The final appeals
to the votera will be mode 'n rnlllee
this evening throughout the State.
PHTT.A.rni.PIUA. Nov. 4-Noon-day
mass meetings at the large industrial
establishments In the State held prln-
'B "".1 PV.i. 1.. ..ner. ..... i i"ir.i-
ins them how to mark their ballots
There are eleven tickets In the field In
this State, sight of which have a full
ti. II... -l.1-.llnl '...-a 'I'll,. If. ,.., -
dSl t 1 llilUFUimi . ... ....... -
velt electors appear on three of these
tickets under tbu nibs of "Bull Mo
"noosevelt Progressive" and Washlng-
ton Parly. The Taft electors appear
" An .... wn.,.n - Th.
other three tickets carry the electors of
the Prohibitionists. Soclaltats and Indus
trialist. Much attention has baen paid to the
Congressional contests In the state, the
Democrats having put forth extraordi
nary efforts 10 Inerease their represen
tation in rona-ress. The Republicans and
and Progressives took up the fight and
made the tariff the principal lasue.
All Claim Delaware.
nit AttMOTnv Hal Nov. i. Iola-
WBr, vtitors are awaiting tha opening
0f the polls to-morruw. The campaign
orat.iry U over and final Instruction to
I'niy waraen rr i
The Domoeral'c Mepubllcsn and Pro-
gressive parly managers express them
selves as satlslled with the situation
and all lay they urs confidant of their
party' aucccta.
CINCINNATI, O., Nov. 4. Willi th
arrival of President Taft In thi city
lo night th preliminaries to probably
hs niosl aiteiiuous PitaldoutUl cam
. ilgn that ehlo has ever endured will
11.110 to an end, while, ihu .State eeiin
..ngn will wind up Willi Democratic
.'.i.oernatorlal nomlneii James Cox ad
.rosslnjf a meeting in Toledo.
The other Stste leaders, as well as
nominees for Governor, It. II. Brown,
Republican, and A. L. Oarford, Pro
gressive, are either at their homes or
on their way tlier to vole to-morrow.
l!ofth the Republican ami Progrssalv j
national and State cainpalgnts pracil-
slly '!, e to a close Saturday nigh:.
and with the exception of a few minor
lliu;s hers ami there these two
parties will do nothing to-day but play
wai lug game
The Dem icrs s. who snnouncsd that
riey would continue the campaign up
o ihs very minute that ths poll
opened, arc fiilttlllnn their antiounce-
Betting on Wilaon at Co
lumbu$. COLUMBUS. O.. Nov. 4,-Thar waa
plenty of Democratic money Ut lght
t i-day, little Bull Mooae coin and less
lupublioun. At local brokerage houses
offers uf freim 4 to 10 to 1 war offered
that Wilaon would be elected, and 111
I tin u James M. Cox would bs the next
Bran money ajaafl bXng wagered that
Tall would run second ill Ohio, and tl.at
9M, It. II Brown would run third for
CsOVsrnor. one bet of M to I tthat Tufl
would lnt be l't -elected was 1 econled.
(ooncw'l Ctaitiw Michigan.
DKTIIUIT, Ml. li., Nov. 4. Kxeent for
a few aga Haling rallies throughout the
Male to-nlght the i'n aldeiitial cam
palgn In Ml hlgan Is closed. Campaign
. ommltlccs of all parlies to-day de-
voted thlr rnergle t
perfecting their
plans for getting out a lull vote Regis
ration hag been heavy, and 'will. Li -
. e.pi.e
I l. 01. linen of III llMiniievolle l .,.,-
, iction to-inorruw
In Dea Mulues fear Is expressed that
j men will not be able to vote In some of
jihe large precincts because of an tn-
adeoosl- h , of vnlln machines
Look for Frauds in Indiana.
; INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 4. The
! ferreting out of more cases of aliened
, Illegal reylirat.ei and th perfecting
if plans to get out the entire vote of the
Stats to-morrow wer the orders In the
;.- uf the three political partts In
Indiana to-day. It I believed opeyaflivea
Ch!ca detsotlve atftney fMvgjPKen
The campaign haa been a mod extra
ordinary one In the dlatancr covered
by two of the I restdarrtlal candidates.
How many times Col. lloosevelt or Oov.
Wilaon haa spoken la almost lmpuxelb!)
to compute.
at srark In most of the prlbelpal towns
of the Ststo for several days.
More than a doxe'i oaaea of alleged
Illegal reg.aterlitg were reported by the
agency from Anderson lat night ami
at the aame time It became known that
employee of the me force had been
t work In Terr Haute, where caaes
were alleged to have been found last
The Stat I claimed for all three or
the candidate.
Democrat Claim Nebraska.
A final appeal to the Republican of
the State to vote for Taft wa Issued
early to-day by the Republican Stat
"In thi State." says th appeal, "the
fight I between Taft and Wilaon and
not between Wilson and Roostvett."
In spite of thi claim, the Progressive
manager assert tha Taft will be third
In tha Nebraska voting and that ltooas-
vatt will carry th Ht.it. Democratlo
managers continue confident that Wil
aon will win by a large plurality.
Illinois la a Puzzle.
CHICAOO, Nov. 4. Contrary to cus
tom, which sets aside th day bafor
election for rest and review of work
one many candidates and their friends
kept up th pecchmakina' all day In
Republican, Democratic, and Progres
sive leader it J iu t claimed victory In
tne mate, nut tnngiuie Dania ior ins
prediction waa lacking, and the voter
faced one of the most puasllng situa
tion ever developed In IlUnola poll
tic. lloosevelt partisan claimed to have
won over a big percentage of the Bry
an vote of r.M's, hut thla wa strenu
ously dnld by Wilaon men, who sal. 1 1
their candidate would receive hi lull
party vote an. I also a liberal share of
the ballots east for President Taft four
yea re ago.
The Taft man igers ncknow led-iti ii
that the progressives would profit by
Republican defections, but said neither
ItooneVHlt nor Wilson would gain suf-
tr.-lently to overcome ttv Republican
plurality of 190.000 recorded In 190s.
All three partlr have mads mard
campaigns Ior their Stat tlokets.
Krlends of Gov. Deneen expressed an-
touragement because of eleventh-hour
announcementa of support for him
from aouroes which have bean advo
cating th election of the Progressive
national tloket. The other candidates
saUl this dnv.lopmsnt did not worry
Batting on Wilson in Kansas.
TfJfaWn, Karr.. Nov. 4. -Both Demo
cratic and Republican chairmen are
claiming Kansas. J. N. Dofley, for the
Republicans, Is sure the entire State
and Congri-Mslonal tickets will be elect
ed by safe, If reduced, msjorltle. He
Is sure Htubbs for Senator and Capper
for Governor will win. He also claims
a majority In th legislature.
Henderson Martin, Desnooratlc Chair
man, claims election of the entire State
tloket and nix of the eight Congress
men. Betting In Topeka Is that Wil
aon will carry th State agalnt ths
two Republican tloket. Roosevelt men
are hopeful.
BALTIMORE. Md.. Nov. 4. With tin
campaign iu Maryland brought to a
close last Saturduy iiisht the different
narly managers to-lay devotsd their ef-
forts to bhe completion of plana for
brlmting out ine v oie 10-moi row. nemo-
! Tits C f ftl I If
I ne coming
Of The Law!
tj Dn you renumber "The Two-Gun
Man!'" It was acclaimed us the gieatcst
Western romance of the decade.
t; Well, Charles Aldrn Seltzer, who
wrote "The Two Qun Man," haa Juit
written another und far better Western
4J It is called "THE COMING OF
A-J u -a - . , , . .
2nn" 'T,,7pv"lT " m
Evening World.
The first matalment will be publiahcd
H "The Coming of the Law" ii a live
wire. It i the tronget, most exciting
story of the West.
Don't rob yourself by mining a single
chapter of this iplcndid serial.
4J Remember, The Corning of tne
1 Law will begin in next Thursday's
Evening World,
!!roevelt mad the meat comprehen
sive tour ever made by any Presidential
nominee, taking In the country from
coast to coast. Gov. Wl ajn got West
only as far as I "stiver. The Colonel hsd
leached Milwaukee on his second long
crate seem to hv the better chance
In this State.
Weat Virginia's Big Fight.
WIIBHLING, W. Va., Nov. 4. -With
favorable weather predicted for to-morrow,
Klertlon Day Is expected by party
leaders to see an enormous vote polled
In West Virginia.
Roosevelt men predict a landslide.
While the adherent of Oov. Woodrow
Wilson are confident in their claim that
he will carry the State. Adherent of
President Taft are working hard to
bring out his full strength. 1
Democrats Ahead in Kentucky
LOUISVILLE. Ky., Nov. 4. Managers
of th three major partle In Kentucky
to-day perfected their respective plans
for mustering a complete vote In to
morrow's elaotton and for Obtaining
arly return from th remote moun
tain districts.
While head of each party respective
ly forecast success, yet Democrat work
er were Insistent upon pointing to their
victory In the 1911 State elections.
Last Ditch Fight in Missouri.
ST. LOriS, Mo., Nov. 4. A few
speeches avnd minor political meeting
are scheduled for the last day of the
eampalgn In Missouri, although the
State and National organization
finished rhelr work with Saturday
night's rallies.
luxne V. Deba, Socialist candidate
for 1 'resident, will make several apeeche
In St. Louis and Kast St. Loula to-day.
Big Vote for Roosevelt.
OHARLOTTB, If. Cm Nov. 4. Pro
gressive managers declare they will
have a large share of tly Mg vote that
WUilU varonna expecis .0 pon 10-mor-roW.
The State-wale primary for tnltd
States Senator with three candidates In
the Held eclipses Interest In fhe na
tional ticket.
Tenntssee for Wilson.
NASHVILLE, Term., Nov. 4-Con
hiding their campaign wUh rallies
throughout the State to-day, Democrat
leader ' declared Tennessee would
align Itself In rhe Wilson column to
morrow. While three active Presidential tick
et and Congressional con testa have
had a bearing on fh rthree-oornered
gubernatorial eampalgn. yet It waa de
clared the result wa between Gov.
Hooper, Republican candidate, and
Benton MoMIUln, bis Democratic op
Wilson Safe in Oklahoma.
OKLAitfO.MA CITY, Oklx.. Nov, 4.-
i'n both Democrats and Republicans
claiming victory, Tuaaday election
promise to be cloaaly contested. There
are seven RoosevaV electors and Mtrc
Taft electors on the Republican ticket.
The Democrats are not claiming, the
usual majority for the State ticket, but
contend t'hat Oklahoma 1 safe for Wil
GRAND FORKS, N. Jvaac . Nov. 4 A
heavy vote I expected to-morrow 1n
North Dakota despite the fact that the
1 uinpalcn is said 10 have been the quiet
est In the State s history and to have
turnlshed much less excitement than
that uf last spring when Senator La
Kotlette defeated Theodore Roosevelt
In the Presidential primary.
A close racs Is expected between Wil
son and Roosevelt.
Close in Wisconsin.
MILWAUKEE. Wis., Nov 4 -The
various political manager to-da; pre
1 1 to oluas their headquarters. That
to-morrow's election will be close from
a national and a State alandpolnt is
still the view tak-n by the general
Big Claims In South Dakota.
MOVX PAIate, s. Dak , Nov. 4. Al
though the enmpagn In South Dakota
practically close I Saturday nlgnt, a
number f m-t'nsM were held at various
points In the State to-day.
alilt Malms are toeing made by 'he
Hooscvcit and Wilson nan.m -is. but It
la difficult to maks a reliable prediction
1 as to snsi iSPS witu-miw will yn. . im
fact that there are no Taft .lector, on
l)al01 4lld tl, tht difficulty, the
elector who are on rhe Repisblloan
ticket having declared they would vote
for Rooaevelt.
Republicans May Hold Min
nesota. ST. PAUL. Minn., Nov 4 -While there
win be but one or two pc treat meetings
In Mliinnta to-day. leaders of tha three
big partle art not rsstlngr and a lar.o
lap over the country when he waa ahot.
Oov. Wilaon had started on his second
Western tour at that time and cut abort
his Itinerary, returning to New York.
it I estimated that the Colonel trav
elled during the campaign approxi
mately W.OOO miles and the Governor
amount of quiet work Is being done an
the las; day of the oampalgn.
It Is pretty generally conceded that the
Legislature will again have a large Re
publican majority.
Montana a Wilson State.
assasaassia Ment.. Nov. 4. Th Char-
man of the Dssnocratlc State Centra!
Committee said to-day Montana would
go for Wilson by more than It, 000 and
that the Democratlo candidate for Gov
ernor would win with a plurality of at
least 10,000.
The Republican are claiming the state
bry a cloae margin. The Progressive
eaders stay there will be a landslide 10
their tloket.
HAN rTtA-VCISOO. Nov. 4.-Carlfomta
women, voting for the first time In a
Presidential election, are an unknown
quantity In to-morrow' election. The
huge registration In Los Angeles
County la-rger than In 'San Francisco
and Alameda counties combined I
held to Indicate that mora women In
the wuthrn than In th northern
nonntlM are taking advert ge of their
new privilege.
If that la the ease It might pare down
the vote vvlhaon men counted on re
ceiving from Taft Republican, who
had no representation on the ballot, as
the southern counties are aratd to be
certain for Roosevelt.
Betting to-d. T was 10 to , nd la,
. .,... 1 .0 1 that Roosevelt and
Johnson would carry the State.
Don't Wait for Oregon Returns
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4. -Predictions
of rain for to-morrow cist gloom uw-i
the political camp to-day. Th campaign
practically la cloaed ami the candidates
are ready for the verdict of the people.
The ballot In Oregon 1s so long and
will rbe c difficult to count that if the
rac 1 olo between the candidate or
for or agalnit any of the numerous Ini
tiative measures It may be a week be
fore the final reult I known.
All Claim Washington.
SEAfTTLB, Wash., Nov. 4.-ttvery
hand and every larwe hall here ha 'been
engaged for to-nlBhf closing rale
All leaders claim victory for their Prcsl-
dentlsl tickets.
William Barnes, Chairman of the Re
publican State tMrmmtttee, express as
confidence Hi the State being carried
by Taft and Hsdi. He aakl rnn ar-
"Based on th reports of Election
Xnstrlot Captains and County CJvalr
men, I have every reason to believe
:hat the pluraMty of Taft and
Hedges outside of New York City
will ha lOO.OOO. Thi plurality can
not be overcome in New Vork City."
Wi H. nutullWll. Chairman of the
Progressive State Committee, raid rthls
"I do not bellev that there is any
doubt of Roosevelt and Straus mm'
Ing New York Stste. We .bellsvs
that we have Hatlafuctory evidence
that litis aro going to get 70 pei
cent, of the hidden or silent vote.
"In nil llu pool of r.ewspapeis
during the last few weeks there Is
nothing ;i lndl ut thut e'.tiirr of ths
old partle Is lioliirT H t)St a rruijorl.y
Ot the two largest claasoa of the
population, l'rurn aH the Informa
tloii we can get those classes tit
farmers and the factory workers
are strongly Progressive. There Is
no doubt of Straus or of tlx- Itooe
vert eleo.or carrying the Slate."
Why the Call Waa rf.
I From the CarHN W astern Mali.)
' Your story of ihe ssrmon about th
liumonslity of the soul," writes I
reader, "reminds me of the sermon of a
Welsh mlnlatrr who wa preaching on
Mis prodigal son. He said: "When he
returned after year and year an I
years, th fathtr took him into tht
hoase and killed a ealf which had been
raAenlng for years and years and
13,00 miles. Both candidates pok from
the rear ends of their train and often
at cross road from automobile. Noth
ing before Waa ever known like It. The
t-txmated number of word spoken by
the Colonel I 275,600, while Mr. Wilson.
rrroT conservative, uaed only 30,000.
The attention of the District-Attorney
wa called to-day to a misleading
advertisement put out by William J.
Hums, the private detective, offering
rewards for Information leading to the
arrest and conviction of persons at
tempting to vote Illegally to-morrow.
The advertisement was Inserted by
Burns at the request of George W.
Perkins, who la handling the Roosevelt
In the advertisement it I stated that
a voter must be a resident of the State
one year, of the county at month and
the election district thirty daya In or
der to vote. Tha law states that a
residence of four months In the county
Is sufficient.
Mr. Whitman said he did not think
th misstatement In ths advertisement
waa made maliciously, and telephoned,
to Mr. Psrknt asking him to prepare
hi copy property for succeeding ad
vertlsements. Mr. Burns called on the
District-AMorney this afternoon with
Information alleging that a prominent
politician In an uptown district had
registered Illegally. The Information
was turned over to Assistant District
Attorney Medellc.
About K warrant were fcxaued at tha
request of the Dlatrlct-Attorney, by the
court thi afternoon for persons ac
cused of Illegal registration. This bring
I the number of warrants asked for by
the District-Attorney' office, after ex
amlnatlon of hundred of ocmplalnts, to
about one hundred. Ttie Attorney-Gene
ral has secured about the same number
of warrants, so only about 200 cases of
alleged Illegal registration have been
found In New York County thus fur
worthy ;f erlous consideration.
The expressed fear of th Hull Moossr
that the police, on order from Commls
sloner Waldo will refuse to arrest per
son accused of attempting to vote Il
legally to-morrow, waa dissipated to-day.
Mr. Perkins called on Commissioner
Waldo and asked Just what th police
are to do.
"Mr. Waldo very promptly told us,"
aid Mr. Parkin, "tf.iat the order wa
not so narrow as tht and was Intended
to mean that the police should be on
duty at nil polling places for the pur
oiise of performing" full police duty on
election day, and that anybody in
spector, watcher or private citizen, had
the light to summon a policeman for
the purpose ot performing such full duty,
ind that the police wpuld, of course,
promptly respond to such a call."
State Superintendent of Elections
Vorhls for the Metropolitan District
temauded of Detective Bu-ns that he
Immediately correct the advertisement.
Superintendent Voornl said: "I be
lieve thla I a matter for th Atlorney-
General. The law makes It punishable,
to circulate fall eieotlon Information.
In fact, the law Is vry explicit on tha:
point. The wtde spread publication
given to the Burns advertisement rsn
rot help but deprive many voters of
:helr privilege or frlrhten a great many
rthess from the polls. It should be em
r haslsed that not a six months' but a
four months' residence Is demanded In
any county. I shall confer wltii the
Attorney-General 0:1 tHIs subject."
Chooslsg the Name.
1 From tlie Iletnrtt Free Praaa.)
"So you're liulng to name your Uttlo
ion Theodore. Why. may I ask?"
"Well, so far he shown a disposition
to want tu run everything and every
jody In the house."
A ntfltPult Order.
1 1'tuta tlif Uiat.Mi lin. rii.i
Willie iat table) I want my iuddlng
nnv. I don't wain any old meat and
Father tsternlyi-You keep your mouth
(hut and eat your darner.
ClUfaa aH humor, catarrh and
-hpumatiam, wlievf9 that tired
ccling, restores the appetite.
ures paleness, nervousness,
uilds up the whole system. aj
Uet it today in usual liquid forrji il
. hocolated tablets called Sarsatabs. '
Despite the deafening clamor oS ad
vertisements of private detective amen
de and the offering of large rewar 's
securely bound up bv Impossible rexjla
ttons there Is very lHtle evidence of
colonising and preparations for repent
ing In thi election. District-Attorney
Whitman ld to-day that In all hi ex
perience he hsa never een uch an en-
1 couraglng condition of affair In repct
' of a clean and honeit ballot.
I "Only thirty indictment have been
1 found by the Orand Jury rnr Illegal
registrstlon." said Mr. Whitman, "and
bench warrants have been isi:ed on
these Indictments through my office.
Of course Nicre hnve been many com
plaints In Magistrates' courts, as Is ul
wny th case following Investigation
of th registration.
"Conditions as to registration are
berter than I ever saw them. There
have been fewer charges of coloniza
tion and false registration than ever
before. The arrangements for pre
venting fraud are thorough and the
authorities have the situation well In
CkUf t-l-t-a- WaIaa will alt
:.: "Z ?."."
Pollc Court to dispose of election cast s.
In addition, two Judges will sit from
the opening to the close of the polls
In thi Court of General Sessions
Thee Judge are to he galacted by the I
General Sessions bench. One will be j
a Republican, the other a Democrat
Judge Warren W. Foster in tne court
of General Sessions to-lay warned the
two Grand Juries Impanelled for the
month of November to carefully con
alder any complaint laid before them
of a political nature.
I hne heard of very few arrests,
said Judge Foster. "So many of them
nre grnundles and so many of them
are needless that I think a word of
caution to the Grand Jury Is desirable.
I have known of men living In board
ing houses or lodging house to b
arrested merely because the servant
cad not happen to know their names
and when the Investigator cam to ask
If such a person lived there the servant
said she did not know. And forthwith
a warrant of arrest was Issued for
him, a disgrace to our system of ad
ministering Justice."
Judge Poster selected Frederick Ktt
r, an Insurance broker of No. 20 Ve
sey street, and Benjamin J. Herman,
retired, of No. 21 West Eighty-sixth
street, a foremen.
District-Attorney Whitman through
hi assistants, De Ford and Medalle,
haa submitted to th Orand Jury
core of complaint of alleged false
registration. The majority of these
complaint are directed against resi
dent of the Second Assembly District
and were filed by the Voters' League,
an organisation of which the ostensi
ble head 1 "Clem" Drteeoll. who 1
eondncttng a fight against Tom FWey.
th Tammany leader of the dlatrlct.
On a charge of doubln regiitratiin
Alden J. Doyle, whoec home la at No.
3S7 Seventh avenue, and who keep a
aloon at No. 48 Wet One Hun1rl
and Thlrty-lxth street, was arraigned
before Justice McQuade In the Harlem
Police Court and held for $.1,000 bond
for his appearance on Nov. II for trial.
It is reported that Doyle registered
both from his home ainlress and from
his place of business. The reason si von
for the registry from the latter place
la that he Srtshsd to CHtabhsh a resi
dence In the Intter district and be in
line Ior the Congressional nomination.
aa.OOO Ball for Ka-omcer
Northern Rank.
James T. Wood, former vice-president
of the Washington Savings Bank, who
is Indicted Nov. 1 on the charge of
having made a false report to the State
Banking Depart-nent about the North
ern Bank as vlre-"halrman of the Ex
amlnatVm Committee, surrendered him
self to-dsy in Judge Foster In ileneral
.Sessions. Ball waa fixed al M(Avi which
wa furnished. Former Assistant 1I-trtct-Atfarney
James Elv. who accom
panied Wood to Court. 1 ntered sr plea
of not guilty to the IndU-tmcnt.
Wood's Indictment grew out of testi
mony given by Joseph O. Hobln as to
the affairs of th Northern Bank. When
that Institution failed a note for S40,00i
signed by Wood was found. Wood said
It was really Kobln'e nuts, which he had
signed for accommodation, and that
Hobln had received the money.
mat for Houkeesr.
(Prom ta Ohtraso Trlbian-.)
The Imported butler looks the part
better than the domestic product, but
he usually eot more.
Frequently a grease spot on the parlor
rug may be removed by the -imple ap
pllcatVin of soap, water and lalwr.
It I a few weeks too early yet for little
Tony's mother to sew Mm up In his
undergarments for the winter.
Every dwelling house should hsve a
commodious attic. It helps to soil the
hiildlng when the owner wants to move
to some other neighborhood.
Special (or Monday, Ihe 4(h
taste: ioc
wmm js POl N1J Box vv
tMenaay s Oilering
i' value elae-
XII linu.
im. M3smmt rm gas wj t&
"l'ark BS BBS Cortland! street stares MM eerv svenlns utfl n e'eleefc,-a-aaa
A our .ir. oura Saturday evening until 1 1 'i Im k.
Milk Chocolate Covered
A ehawr mtae centra or unuausl
whnlesomsnsss, msda woadrouaiy aa-
llclous by a severing ef our
Premium Milk Chooolat.
rot'N BOX
I an I 11 1
p 1 Nt"tviM 0 tfnv, PretHiBi!
Taft on h's way BOOM 10 vote entered
Ohio to-dnv. The Pin iie'i: l.a.l break
fasted Just out if PnlTalo and i
reaatj to arret tha crow ds tf.l (loeliad
ibout his prlv.tii c-r sr VYeetffaliL M.
V.. and Conneaut, 0., anl Asbtat.uls
The PresWent made short speech at
all t'uree towns ami at Palriesvll'.e, hut
declined to tnlk pollUcs. Here Is Mf
Conneaut speech:
am on my way to Cincinnati to
.sfcst my vote. I BUfMj .11 01 4
have the prlvllrgi 'of Voting Will riot f
get to do so. I am not here to make
,1 political s;iec.h. lour m.nda are ai
reedy nmlj up oneway or the other, I
ilouht not."
The Presldsnt Is due In Cincinnati,
where he expects to vote to-morrow, a:
7. SO to-nlght. After leaving Cleveland
Ml train wna scheduled to stop at Wall,
lngton. Shelby, Crestline, Gallon, Dela
ware, Columbas. London, Springfield.
Dayton snd MIddlctown.
Carml Thortvpson. necretsry to the
President and a fellow Ohloan, aceom-vii!i-I
M" " 1 h c r :p.
how a poughkeepsie. n. y..
, . , , "J TT ...
1 nj ben troubled with weepmg
anxema ior monins ana nsen many
prrpnrsnons ior sain trouoiea wunour
lief. The first application of Ssxo
Salve allayed the dreadful itching im
mediately and after further use my
skin trouble entirely disappeared. Saxo
Salve wa juat whnt I needed" V. II.
Glvnn, I'ouRhkrenaie, N. Y
In roxema tin- little vesicles or pim
ples are filled with a fluid that burns
and tortures the skin the moment
they are torn open by scratching;
this causes it to spread.
In such cases we can conscientiously
recommend our new skin remedy.
Saxo Salvr, for it action on the skin
in all form of eczema and other dis
tressing skin troubles is indeed mar
vellous. If it does not help you we will re
turn your money.
All Rikcr and Hegernan ,
Stores in New York and
Brooklyn and at all dm?
t .19 11
HOTts Wftrre Ull Olio
and white sign KT
is displayed.
OcuUtlt' Optician
Haifa Century in UuiiHss.
Correct Glasses Relieve
Tired Eyes Permanently
Put the burden of the
atrain on the glasses;
they're the only proper
help for tired eyes.
Eyes Examined Without Charge
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Perfect Kitting tilsssea. a. 50 toll
With Par and Near Lenac.i, $4. SO to 818.
ll Droadway. Aator nouae.
223 Sixth Ave.. 1 5th St . 350 Sixth Ave.. 2id St ..
101 Nsiaau.AnnSt. 17 West 42d New York.
498 Fulton St.. Cor. Bond St.. Brooklyn.
WITS EMS lo automoblU aerldsat (xcurmsj en
tfu) SUSS nay at asvasssw. aeaa, nu nia,
at near Tarsea at . Hiatal ltland. cawmuatjnle
Wth t'bariss D. Brunch, 14V Uroadway, New Tom
On reaction Iy. e t your rieM icm, thrn
Tfsit th Aviation K.lnbit t ' - I H-..
BUtn Wand. wWCR ! IteM "U our ; r ;,; .
Look st tin prtiiatrt, and h lot for jnr
future tioni or .u-.r-.: i T.m lut ai mmu '
uili-fTitly lot-altfl atkl nffrrel on ery easy tartu..
Offict at Htatl m oin inj in tiharga of
J. JotiatinstMi,
J. W. HUCHES (Owner), 45 Brcadwsy, N. Y.C
tirade Wark.) I
Special ior Tuest ay. ins 51'
KIHMKMi value rler. I QBl
here. I'Ot MD BOX W
Tuesday's Offering
si-k.i i v i. ahhortkii nior.
Ul..ir.ni no ainas; uutr
vslue elsewhere.
rot i box
PARK HOaV a. aisaaaJ
ati .a. '.'x1-"
The ap.i tflad welaht In .11, lnaunc
in. ai I.-., hi, ooctslar.
g... -'riiar.at mieAv aMa.aas!!
asanas aaaa ass let M an sssnstss, IL
' '!sll,.",;-'""'.t'

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