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I'M JB J6VJ6XVXMO WUttLD, MOMDAY, W O V Jfi M 14 JB 4, ltll.
How the Bulgarians Routed tho Flower of
Turkish Troops Frightful
Picture of War.
centra Klx Bulgarian aTa war oni4it
by th. flscond Corps, trtsd by court
martial and fxH. TJia offlosr wtva coro
mrxii (ha nrtnc party toll ma rti
condain..'-') 1la bravatr, with anrt'.aa on
thalr IfO, Thay rarlad thetnsttvn as
martyr In tha wM oaua of ChrUtlan
"Two battsllona of Infantry which ar-
rlw1 at fi1-Bu-g from th Tiaraa,-nalk-a
on MM day of tn trlmlal cn-
m 'til wont linmwMately Into tho
fteM-ns- Una. Only six man of th vrtiola
nutn r war sllvs at th and uf ths day.
Thla wtH (Ttva you nt. Maa of th. ilnadlv
flra of lint Dnlgarlans uml the trrlbla
losses of th onoo grant but nmv win
plataly shattered Turic1h army."
IX7NTXTN. Wot. l-n a aWpateh to
la Dally Chronkjl Martin H. Doaohuc
naliila a tarrl at but thrllltnaj plotur of
Mat grnat battl. at l,ul-Burgai sad Ik
V( that follow. H aayai
Thar baa baan nothing Ilka H a.-.
Hlapolon ratraat from Moaoow. Th.
Turkish gaaarnl ar trying to atom
tha panic but It hi sxpsstsa that only
a hanltul of tha ono grant army of
Mora than two bundrad thousand mn
will vr t behind ths Una of fort
at TotaMaldJa."
Mr. Oonohoa'a thrtuing story, which.
a ssoaaa tb canaor, waa ssnt from
Chorlu, tha Turklah army bsadquartsra.
oa Friday slant by autoroohu to Cao
sgnllraajil aad taaooa by beat to
OaMtuav Roumanian, aad on bind from
Tboro Uat lUght to London, to aa fol
' "Irrevocavbl alaaatar baa bataUan (ha
tgrWsh army. It hae auffarad an ap
llllng dfat. Thla haa baan followed
an ronfualon and a rout for which thar
1 scarosly a parallel In htotory a roui
which In lbi latr stsgs detanaratau
Into a wild panic, a atampod. which
Jamwunlcatad Itaalf to tha whola nglit
log force.
I "Tb Tarkssa samy aafarad aa ap
getUlag fat. It waa taa moat eosa
hdat military ilasstw alae Stabdsa
tad ta g.satsst dabaala ataaa Badaa
rarty taaaaaad 1 taa lowar st .
VarhUb Mo ana bar falls, waO
Mit hlmaelf narrowly ! tha
at TS par oaat. 01 ma anuw
Flrxt Pan)
munition, d-lirlng ha iv.id to Jit
laat cartrldc and hi llmbrr niaKailn
war amply, but th unhappy Abdullah
Paaha. a rl. ",m of ntaladmlniauraUoti
and incompetency, could do nothing -
capt wring hla hand aa ha caw tha .
flower of hi army nrlh bafora hi be e(U.l between th Tlelltati "Intel
ayaa la latMrhterd heap. I tnA Turkey direct.
-n now waa the turn of the Tirriilan ,
HtlUv Th. Inwn mmm AAeunla.1 ,,,,lv l.v : "It Tlv nt thl ! ' dClarfXl t'it
th TurhUh dead and tha vanauard of ' tha whole campnlirn lrerran;ed 1
tl nmy. Th Turkloli artillery f mm and ha ao far beeji crrll out en
to malt away
Ilka enow before the eejamer
Mgaaeo ataaelrad taa reft
retfawat late eeenaanlap, ea
beoaame maU jroupe, aatu oo
alaasneaaed aad damoralUatlon
y banal ale the army haa feand tt
hack to Tehorla, the nitanaa ar-
orneUP haraaalac thm, now-
tan down la thouaanaa."
'Throucbout the terrible flchtlnc the
uaerlorlty of th Bularlan artillery
tu ry pronounead. The Turk! wr
liable to tand th murderoue fire and
rltbdrw lowly, th unnre balna
aad and the majority of thtr hort
U.d. Th artillery war forced to
ban Jul. many gun to th enemy
I "Tb BuUarlana. who dliplayed x
1 1 inordinary energy, preaaed forward.
aad determined to make the moot of
It position behind Lule-Burge accord
Ingly opnd a havy fir on th town.
Inflicting vr lo on th anamy.
'The raevlt of thle artillery duel waa
decidedly favorable to the Bulgarlana,
eaaalng heavy loaoea to the Turk On
the other hand the eerore bombard
ment to whleh Lul-Rurga waa eub
jeoted by the Turk led to it tempo
rary eraouatlon by the enemy.
"Toward evening the Bulgarian ad
vance became, mora and more rapid.
To tha amaiement of th Turktoh staff
th Bulgarlana occupied artillery Voli
tion which apparently had been pre
vloualy eelected and th battarlea took
up their poeltlone aa coolly aa If they
were engaged In manoeuvrae and when
they opened Are had the range of th
neighboring hill tn a ntcaty.
"Their markamanahtp waa euncrb and
"The commander-in-chief had witched
rhe fight from the height near th vil
lage of flatlkeul, due aat of I.ulu-Rur-gaa.
Aa h observed tha Turklah artil
lery and Infantry being mowed down
hla face for the flrit time grew erlou.
The Turkish artillery from tha .a
ginning had been poorly (upplltd with
ammunition and what thev had waa
oad. practically nil expended In the flght
of ine morning. ,ow many gunneri
tond around the empty llmbara with
folded arms, unalile to reply to thl Bul
girlin fire. They swatted death, which
cxmu iwlftly, in most cases with trie
Ottoman courage.
"Along the whole Turkish front the
troops were harad by a terrible flra
A tlm went on It became almply
carnage. Men were falling br the
hundred. The morule of the troops
was completely destroyed by thla ap
palling ordeal of shell flr.
"When night uloeetl in on the dicl
nialed Turki It brought a short respite
to Abdullah's army from shot sm!
hall. If nothing alia. The men, badly
needed tleep and food, but there waa
no food for them and aleep waa Impossi
ble, tor tho pursuing Bulgarians
seemed endowed with relentleae force
and energy.
"The Turktoh dead and wounded 'ay
everywhere. They cumbered the ground
In all directions. Of doctors there were
tbelr idvsiilsge. lly afternoon th BUI- I e .mbulannaa there ware ah.
farlans had shelled th Turks out of I olutly none. The dead toy where ley
"eulu-Burgas. Having enaciuany i ssa mien.
nf l is Turki. tho I3u - iwmf ai impi waa mane 10 aucoor Ml
wounuaa out in greair poriion parianeu
miserably during th bitter cold of 'he
"Kor parhapa an hour the retrnat waa
carried out In good order, nut aubie
quently, preaaed by the mass behind,
the vanguard speedily lost all sem
blance to an organised army and the
men abandoned their haversacks, rifle
and all equipment.
"Two hour after sunrise th Bul
garlana obtained Information of what
waa happening In the ranks of Abdul
lah's army and started In pursuit.
Thenceforwird the retrent was a die
orderly rout. The baggaue, guns, and
all military stores fell Into the hands
of the puraufhg Bulgarians.
"1 myself lost my horse end a nuaa-
lanced the lire of the Turk, the Oul
trlane launccd an Infantry attack,
hlch stormed the town at tbe paint
of the bayonet.
"The greater part of th Turklah
aurrlaon had already withdrawn and
those remaining as a rear guard ware
taught Ilk rat In a trup. The men Bt
ilia Fourt'.i Corp, although without
food for two days, offered atuboorn,
vna .T.n. leaUtaucu and died to a
Th victorious llulgarlana next ad
vanced eaitward toward the railway
station. tvhl b la four nltta from Lul
Uurgas. Here they met unexpected re
'(stance, which delayed th adv.ince for
'two hours A portion of the gatVaff ''
Vlalon waa
Nallh Pasha und 1'cud I'aeha.
'Th Bulgarians, after holeting
tltv (if BlAMa UfhlrtS I I . .1 hu. In
conc.ntrated her. under i coUlou. ,ough to bring lorward with
'me on Welnrnliy. My own position
grew more perlllous ea h mo i ent. My
Batljaal flag over the principal nioique. motor car becatnn Involved In the tide
frsd forward at full uaah. As they of the main stieam or the retreating
Pproachsd the railway (tatlon thay I Turka, which flowed In a long, uneven
'were ubjecud to a .ever, raking fir. . '" ro.. th. plain a. far aa the e.
from ba.t.rle. PO.Ud behind m i '"The'mbulania wagon, had broken
lon and tbe neighboring hllla TI.e lluw) (he hollll., mjgaJnl m ghat, oon
daathly ihrapnel tore through lhar j saquanUy thoso woundetl who could
rsuka and when the confusion, raueeil : walk were left to shift for themselves,
by this unexpected fire appeared to be llntping furwuixl. uaually allh gaplna
at It be g-it. th cgvalary under Hallb hell wound In Mm head or upper pai t
, dxahinu from concealment With ' cem. VI
t. ,. .hnotloa -Allah! thu wounded whom 1 , making
Allah!' ewepl like a tornado upon in
effort to nave tliomselvea had been h i ,
by . .iini-l. Thla Lx ara eloquent testl-
ninny to tlm iriurderous precision of th 1
Bulgarian artillery.
"In Hie darkness of the nixht the'
Turk'.iiii oommander pursued hi. wuy i
toward Karwvlrlani small Vlllagd 'en
miles lo tlii' southeast ,f hla old head-i
quu-'li-r. In Hie lum holif of vet a-1n
agpuaed infantry.
"No one i-nuld lie expected to wlth
lund auch n onslaught. The Uulgsra
liarneJ and th Turkish cavalry simply
rod tbui down, .ausinu extraordinary
"Klaled by thl elieqpM th Turks ,lW Krmy b 11,n tha 'retreat of ki tuna were crumpling up the Turkish
eontlnued a forward movement, butt,, nantra. I.t .vine In the v'.-lnlly of Visa and
ttrnly !i. a-vwrdanre with the l-ro-irsmita
For a considerable time an of
floer of the Oreek military staff, rvl.
iMiiemanls, was ana-aged at Hofla pre
paring the military details, while the
political programme waa largely, if not
entirely, th work of Premier Venlaelos
of Orwece. i
Tha anion of the Balnea States at
sale xaomaat la mere close, hearty aad
Intimate than rt haa ever been, for It
haa been welded by blood aad common
serine. There l not th least dan
ger that nap dleaarsament aa to tha
11 vision of terrltortog or the poeltlone
of the froattera will dl.tnrb It. It
map he assumed that Inaemncb aa the
detail of th oampalgn were arraagaa
with th freategt oar the easaa pro
ccdnrs wtU he fUowd both a. to tha
coaciueloa of hoattutl and anhaeaaaat
poUtloal oonelderaUon."
Powers tha far ooaaejiea
have if oats to Tarkey'e appeal for
their mediation la tha war by deolarlag
that they- oonld make only proposal
for peace and oonld mat approach tha
Balkan natlona with a regaeah fop aa
armlatloe. noma of tha government!
hare pointed oat that Turkey pro
posal for a oatlon of hostilities, In
other worde, aa armlatlo, would of
fend tha Balkan rioters. Other gov
enuneats take the position that It
would he an Infringement of Interna
tional lav for tha moment.
The war must therefore continue,
and tha Turkish arm lea, which the
Port ha at laat admitted have been
beaten, muat keep on with their un
equal struygle sa-alnst the victorious
l I lhapsd and believed still that the
power wlU noon find a formula under
which they can offer their good offices.
The terms of peace themselves ore s
matter entirely for the belligerents to
settle. Bulgaria having affirmed th'Jt no
interference by outsiders will be toler
ated. In tiiti ehe haa the wtholeipearted.
support of her allies, wtbo settled the
political as well a tho military aapect
of Wi errvs1sn before tl war waa
Tho negotiations wMdh were taking
place Simons' The powers When Turkey
sprang the surprise of asking for me
diation were not over euccoesful. The
Kuronean governments had' not even
agree dunrn ine preliminaries for art
'ffer of mediation. Tlve ugest1on ins.l
by France lo which both Rusels aind
Bhtadaaal aul)cr1be(l met witfi nothing
but criticism 1n Austria, and she, of
lourae. wae backed up by Genmairy an-1
Italy, the other t' nifiiiberM of tho
triple alliance.
It Is rigsvsted. however, tliat Anstrl i
mlsondenitood the iiroooeiii! In regard lo
' oUhlttl ItlsullSSt" which waa not. us
believed In Auatrla. .lli-te.1 against the
Idea of evonuwtw arraigjomcntti between
Austria and h Bslk'jn I-eague. Still.
Austria ! attitude ha.l oauael mucli un
rilncss. asel reiports that ehe le mo-
bnixlng contlmie to cirouiaie .i
Europe. ,
BBRLITf, Nov. 4 -Klther by exterml
nutlon or capture, the Hnluarluns to-day-had
practically clear.U eastern Turkey
of Ottoman troops down lo the laat
line of defenaei thirty utiles weat of
Constantinople, according to rollahls In
formation from the field Of the Halkan
How large a proration of his army or
approximately MMM men Naxlin I'asha
uci-ewled In ireltlnx hack lo and behind
the ChStnUa fortifications was not pos
liliely known here, but military autho
rities PhM Ihey would be surprised If In
ssed more than hall his force.
WMla the Turks' main ati'ength at
llnrxin waa still flghtlnn, the UI-
Pi-eveai, on toe Oulf of Alia, wlici'e the
Ure-ek ll-et innde Its first deirKmMratli.il
direntiy after the war hS)jR.
It mi said Wie ,reTr of th Turklnh
rorpsdrj boat dtroi1 liy tho (Ire-li
Sh1ls' fire off reve.ren si-nper1.
Of the opern lions of th tllfvlsfl troops
little haa been heard in I he past fnv
days beyond the assertion, telegraphed
from Belgrade, that tfiey ware rapidly
occupying fresh territory nn-l SSBSOtSu
shortly to Jotti th. dreeks In in attai-k
on Momvatlr.
An UJeOOnlhntSd report h- ie, the origin
of whh'h could not b trnf-etl, credltrd
F4ad Piahe with the decln ration that
he Intended to liold ftoutarl agiilnwt the
Montenegrins even H the Sultan lost
every other square foot of Ins Kurope&n
BBRTIN. Nov. 4. Oerm.ny and Aui
trli will not Join In intervention In the
Balkan wnr without a requ-st to take
such a step coming directly from ono of
the belligerents.
The Italian Foreign Mlnlsti r, Marquis
dl Pan Otullano, has arrlvid h-re and
has had aeveral conferences with the
Imperial Chancellor, Dr. von Hethmann
Hollweg. The were primarily In
tended to deal with the general rela
tions of Germany. Austria-Hungary and
Italy, hut aro being devoted almost ex
clusively to the question of Intervention
In the Balkan war.
not nri - wrong hy many thousands. Ifj B
ui.vtliliiK. it wm said, it erred on tho m
side of conservatism. Ths hsavlest
Slaughtei lias lieen In the vldnlty of
Kirk KIIIksr and Adrlanoiile, uuie uur
gas. Kumuova and Bsatart
At Kirk l'lllsi and Adrlpnople ths
S'ltohrltle' bi-1leved the Turk" lost about
il,fV nd the Biila-nrlani 7.000 men.
The flgu-es. of course, Include both,
killed and wounded.
In th flthtlng at tail Burgle and
during the 'Jairklsh rout which followed
f wn susseed that the Turks lost ,
000 and the llulgsrlans about --.ion. j
attain Includlnx both dssd and wounded, i
At Kumnnova the Turkish lorn was
plim. d at 7,000 and t'ae Servians' at '
Around Sntsrt the licet Information
wis that the Turks have had In the
neighborhood of .1,000 shot and 1hi
Mnntfn'-STlns twice aa many. I
In tin -'iiiiller engagements nml sklr
mlslins before and after tlm battle of
Kumanovi and in rfovl-Baaar it was
estimate d that the Turks lost 5,000 and
the Servians 3.000.
Tiie Turko -Oreek tightinK hos not
been very sever'' as yet, but In the
various mall . -nenis authorities
believed I' safe to place the losses at
?.non nil eai-h side.
How many non-combatants the Turk
have nm sen-red In their various re
treats could hardly even be gueaaed.
Bolfhrmn, Rervlin, Montenegrin and j
ftreek edvlees would run the figure
btfh Into th thousands.
t'nquestlnnably scores of entlri vll-
lsgei hive been wlpel out. The fisTht
Ing men were ill under irme, and only
th aged and Infirm women and chll I
drsn were left to kill
130,000 MEN LOST
BUDAPEST, Nov. .-JMIlitary experts
estimated to-day that at least 130.000 men
have been killed and wounded In the
Balkan atruggle thin fir. It waa ad
mitted that the estimate wan a rough
on. Th fighting ha been too much of
a a. -ramble to make accuracy possible
Communication In tha Balkans, always
uncertain and alow, haa bean almost
prostrated by theawar. Hoapltal aer
vlce uav been of the must primitive
description. Eaoh (Id ha minimised Its
own losses and exaggerated Its enemy's.
Still It was believed the estimate would
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--' r iii,i theiueelvva expose, 10
-.lo. fire u' U i Uulggrlin mavnln. gun
saetlon nil prise attack brought
toth the rurks .mil their horses tum
bling to Hie giuunil. ii torn ami mangled
Ke.v nd.ed thus.- lallsni 'el
)sw( ever liini aoa, l"'t founil a tUtfOl
deatli rielng down thv lisrd. ton reldt
tuwird ths enemy.
"Kviits luoeeeded on nothr In
gtarlllng succtss.on. The Ilulgars, r
covarliuc from Uiei. tmyorarjf check,
rushed forwaril t.ulr hoavy artillery,
ana lh. remaining aurvivor of th
Turklih gairlaon beat a haly retreat
In th direction of Hie railway aution
)')ie unerring aim of the Bulgarian ar
tillery, however, rut alioit thla retreat
and very few tsciped th.y crossed
Abdullah I'.islia mi) time been uclu-
-I l ie betl .lltelit I.11IS. ,ll lll.
srllwii wag th Wills', p,lSlt HtoU. Illli!
'' brouihl disaster. The climax iaine
at a'aloah on Thuisdny morning, IV ban
lie Turkish left Willi; learned if the
' i gtsaranes of its ronwnanssr it
Meded but ft Til n slr.rkeu soldier t'
Bn ratal rlfll scd shout, 'nuigarlatis ure
coming" to '-oruplcte the confusion.
"Chaos rstgnd Tbe Mneral cry of
sauvs qui yentl' followed. In the dark
r.esa of UVg wintry morning th whole
army broke swiy and made a concerted
holt ror t lie road leading lo th rear.
Horaes, storee iitsd anna were aban
doned, officer mixed pell mell with
the men mid iarrled auay (h rar
u.ird 111 tllHr niah.
."Wetlnesday aeltled tile fate of AhoHil
lah'e .rmy HI for,-e tOUkl nn lonirer
tlnhl. It IiikI nelilier ammunition for
tha plain on their nuy lo cover un Hi. .the giiim nor food to austain the soldier.
neighboring hills. Their plllal.le plight brought to light
ami v iicii r R FBIATANrE every moment the hideous defri of the
-ROM THE TURKS T TO!! "' wgnl-tio .. bad so-
r ROM THE. lUrtrvU. cuplad Ihe capital line of battle with a
On VVediieaoay Ilia full tfsgjgjtg nf I ci cat iKurlah of trumpets, but It naxs
... Hulgarlan army was hurled ufns.i Mil prepared tor the liereiile.m task he-
sgalust the Turkish left. II being the
weakeiit point ot the entlri d tensive
line. AhdUllSh I'o.lia'a lorn - .iad been
enormour an-1 the Bulgarian wer de
tcim!nd to hire ths Turki,i lift cm
Ire at uny caft, To this effort fssMt
Ml) as nude by the Tuej('!i arllller,
and efforts were made to send muni-
lions and provision to the threatened j
Bank, but the transport - rvl -e Hat ln-
sfllclarit and. mo uld belli t - t h. on
rot the (larvlrg, rapidly dwindling army
tlgliang Ur Its life, fresh ground was
' again and again eafSMdsd, and the
t Corps, n hlch had been holding on
rrijily in the neighborhood of TukbeJ.
on the nuillieuat of l.ule Burgaa, waa
Jrh-jll out early un Wediireday after-ti-X'n,
Its refeal eastward gtreWn with
d and dying.
l)iul.Unt news oontlnued to reach
gudullali Haaba from the harassed
. jfq oud i'oi'P. at Bunar lilssar.
us commander imviorro oouiiao
auatoi tu aeud i elnfureenuut and tm-
fore It of conquering the highly trained
and effl -lent Unit. trim :inn'.
"History r prated it If In th,. Thra
olafl plain. AbduKah' amy, i ke tnat
of Naiioleon III . m i decUrel to be
read dOWtl to the loan loitton of the
lt ga.te;'. aherea'.', lU reality. It wai
hopeUaaly dc-flclwit In everythlni; rS
ulilt for the iiu.pinetit of a modern
anny going Into battle
"There waa also an lusutticiency of
trilnri officer. I MW simu companies
of Turkish regiments going Into action
with only two officer.
"on the list dsy's fighting I cams
acroaa Inatancee of reerve Ignorant
of tbe manipulation of the mechanism
of a Mauaer rifle. Analollana mostly '
uae niuxsle kavleis, snd had neve
seen a magailne rifle. Their weapons
had to be loaded by officers or hy a- :
tar Instructed comrades. 1
"Tha Buatarlna toss wr hasffv
sajtllfl in taa a Mao, an the TjrtagU
striving to get bstwssn uui sii
I ConitUttllOPlSi 0 a W cut off th main
nrtny't retmtt. I'ntfJ tuUtr detnlli
; hav been receive, it cannoi bo told
; hov, -ell this ntleusfii suceeodgd.
I Vulin ah report that tho iireeks SSr
nieelliig with vigorous oppisltm In their I
in..- i on Islgnlsg gppsgfsd tu-day to
i have been, like o muivy OonatanUnpnt.
ra:iior, wholly nancies,
j The news that the gaVhtnnhV authorttle
had daeldsd to lurrsudar n '-on us the
Orcokg at f lead OOfna from BslOPlOa It
self anl as iccepted s authentic.
A Oreek force under Crown Prlnei
OonttSJQtaM at lutect accounts w as nt
fgsJdgWi only nwent)'-fle mile west si
Salonika, and another force UBrisf 1en.
Hinolonsky Wag at t'ollgyra, tHenty-flve
miles southeaat of II.
(Several other Turkish towns v,ere re-
sortsd to lkave fatlsn lata Urssk hurid
ovar Satnrdgy iukI lunday-i in-Hidtn-i
One Quality Only, the Beit.
Lb., 1d lb. and 10c. packets.
Waits Ross Caffso, Psand Tint, JSc
Andrew Alexander
Exceptional Opportunities
at our Sixth Avenue Store, which will be open all day
Tuesday, Election Day.
Children's Gun
Metal Calf, ltut
ton and Lace.
Sturdy welt
ed oak lea
ther soles.
Siifj 814 to 10-i $1.65
St7c 11 to 2 1.95
Larger rires at 2.35
Men' i Tan pr.nn
Calf l.i et, doubt
s o 1 c, Bond
Slreel Last.
Women 'l Gray
Ooze Leather
button boots
These in full
U'. .turn's Gfg) and
1! lark Colonial
Slippers, with
S anisb Her',.
supply of aixes and widths, of standard quality that
usually sell fot higher prices.
ii An
Sixth Avenue
I Nineteegth Si.
548 Fifth Avenue
abov Fortyliha Sir
R. H. Mogy at Co.'s Attrsctlono Aro Their Low Pries
Herald Square aj?r t
34th to Jo th St.
Very Unusual
Values but
Limited Quantities
The verv unusual values
quoted below will be put on sale
as Election uay bpeciais, I ues
day Morning, at 8.3' A. iM.
There are quantities to last until
possibly Wednesday Noon.
Last year the demand for
these Election Day Specials was
far exceeding our supply, and
we have laid in double the quan
tities this year. However, we
earnestly recommend that who
ever it looking for complete
assortments come early.
This advertisement deals
c h i e f Ty with popular-priced
goods, but we carry in stock
complete assortmentsof all qual
ities up to the very finest made.
It is on the very finest goods
that the "Macy Saving" is
Regularly ,
$24.75 to $32.50 j
For Men and Young Men
Chesterfield -quart and dressy
of fine vicuna, in Oxfofd and
Cambridge gray and black,
lined throughout with heavy
pure-dye silk and finished with
silk velvet collar.
Double-breasted Ulster. made of
Soft Tweeds Velours Soft Felts .
$1.88 and $2.74 $4.74 to $8.74 $1.88 to $3.49
Derbies American Derbies (two models) in new
v Url brim style with higher crown, are $1.S8 to $4.49.
"Crandor" Derbies from London, to be had only at
Macy's, are $3.49 a: d $4.49.
Elsewhere $5.50
In the Now Englith Style.
Mgteriglg are patent leather.
TffTTnTS itan Russia "If. gun metal, in
warm chinchilla cloth in Oxford I, . . : ' .
gray, and finished with belted
back and notch collar.
"Guardi" Coats for vounc men.
in brown and Oxford blue Shet-
and cloth, and finished with
silk shoulder and sleeve lining.
Uke.-otlu and Chesterfieldg for
young men, of gray, brown and
blue chinchilla cloth, borne
quarter-lined, others full serge-
i lied. . nrm n.. hvu.
$1.00 and over
PUin negligee or plealed model
A Percale Shirt in 80x80 count -
which is very fine and usually
:onfined to much more costly
It is hand-laundered and has
iand-turned cuffs. .
Each shirt is fresh, crisp, up-to-he-minute
in style, cut, pat
ent and condition
Allsinss, from 14 to 17.
Mat n 84th St. near.
lace and button styles.
All are cut on the new English
last, conservative and comfort
able, with receding toe and
broad, low heel.
The soles are close trimmed
the nearest thing on the market
to a custom shoe in appearance.
Invisible eyelet, making a very
smart effect. nrta n.. rrws,.
98c and $1.49 GARMENT
Elsewhere $1.25 & $2.25 I
Union Suits, Shirts and Drawers.
Union Suits at 98c, made of
heavy -weight Cotton. All sizes
and fittings for men of all pro
portions. Snug-fitting, ta
pered, comfortable garments.
Union Suits at $1.49, made of a
very fine medium weight cotton.
New drop seats or flap back
style. . All sizes and fittings.
Underwear comfort exempli-
TieU. Main II.. 34th Nt
Elsewhere $1.50 to $4
ForSt.-vet and Evei.ing Wear
Cape Gloves, $1.39, with black
embroidery. One clasp. In
popular street shades of tan.
K:d Gloves, $1.74; real kid with
one strong clasp. Colors are
tan, black and white.
Mocha Buck Gloves, $1.94; soft
finish, warm, thick leather, full
Prix seam sewn, embroidered
backs. In tan and gray.
Reindeer Gloves, $2.97; genuine
reindeer leather, hand-sewn,
from London, in the smart!
"butter" color. The same
gloves in gray, $3.24.
Main t1..n'war.
24c to 48c
Ehe where 35c to 75c
Gauze s I I s r, and silk,
in bl.ck, tan and navy.
Hose at 24c in light-weight
gauze silk lisle, with stronglv
spliced heel, sole and toe.
Hose at 33c in light-weight
gauze silk lisle, with extra high,
strongly spliced heel, double
sole and toe.
Hote at 48c; fine light-weight
silk lisle; looks like bilk, but
wears longer. Also in pure
thread silk, with extra heavy
sole, heel and toe.
Mala Fl.. Caosr.
Elsewhere $3.00 and $4.00 each
Made in pleated or plain model, cut from
your own choice of the finest materials, accord
ing to our own ideas, and fitted absolutely to
your proportions.
Laundered or soft double French cuffs. Of
imported or domestic madras, percales, S-c.
Made under ideal conditions in our 0WH
workrooms on the premises, with Die determin
ation to satisfy you, the customer, absolutely.
Main Floor, lUth Mlrcwt. near.
Made to Retail at $3.00 to $5.00
New high crown cur! brim Derbies, perfect
goods, but a little under the manufacturer's
strict weight standard.
Nine men out of ten prefer a light hat, any
how! Soft Hati from Germany, England, Austria
and France, in velours, felts and tweeds. A
sample line of first-grade Hals each in a class
by itself Jor color, style and shapt
I If,!! I Inn.
U4ib atrsst.
Overcoats at $4.96, of all-wool Ofrmania
chinchillaforboys2J,2to it) years. Button-to-neck
model. In navy, gray and brown. Wool-lined,
and have Venetian yoke. Double-breasted,
with velvet collar. Elsewhere X7.
Overcoats at $7.49, long, double-breast-ed.
Convertible collar and belt back. For
boys lu to 8 years. In gray and brown mix
tures. Wool-lined, with Venetian yoke. Else
where $10.00 to $12.50.
Suits at $4.96, With extra trousers. Nor
folk or double-breasted. All-wool cheviots and
cassimeres, in brown, gray and heather mix
tures. For boys 6 to in y ears.
We carry Overcoats priced from $3.96 to
$16.49, in every style and material, for boys
to 19 years. Also Suits from $'a6 to $14.74.
Men's Reefers and Mufflers fifteen hundred of
them blacks, creams, figured patterns, checks,
etc. All 75c to 11.50 anywhere else in town.
an I- : o.
niaiy a pries, ui. Main Fl.
El Cio Cigars, $3.39 for a box of SO in
Camelia size. A fresh shipment is just in of the
El Cio our best Tampa-made Clear Havana.
50 boxes run up to 55.94 for this brand in the
"Ambassadores" size. 25 boxes of Perfecto Royal
size and Perfecto Superba size of the "El Co"
are 2.49 and 3.49, respectively. The famous
Luis Marx Cigars are & 40 the 25 box.
Cigarettes, English-made, at $3.69
the box of 100. These are the well-known
"Pera" brand. Gnld-tipped, they are $3.89 a
hundred. A larger size isf 4.96 the 100 box. in
boxes of 10 they cost 37c and 39c.
Etfervfn.ng for the Smoker in Tobacr-r,
Cigars, Cigarettes and appliances, at prices lowel
than anywhere else m the city, nub n.. aath ft

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