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WMtlvt ttrrtMrp.l
"Urn valk a mile" yll1 Wash Mat
M Watt .1 4IMPPMM4 l''k Into
ini hn -. i,i WV F.eilS.1 alrawlicrry kM
from utii n Mr. Krnh lis. ilifml.il all
niiwillliw Rn1 enmTltnes nnlsr ohllilran,
ha-1 rrlviil on tlia alxil and formed a
lit,'.- with nthor iMCtnl brsia4sfi with
in a r.nlhis Sf li'i hWMr1 .'"ft w!'h tha
Ilohari. house aa a n ntrn.
T.i i i iMplrlptfi Thi tlohnrt
I rn-nrW lulu It siv.'ITl;'
Whole Village Turned Out
Topsy-Turvy (o Attend
Exciting Blaze.
. i iawn was ir.ii'M""i nearly wit a iwampi
:" W w hit MHthbon bacatiM h, ... ,,,,., naiad tha mlMm 'ur
ban planted snixier M t t! othi-r u ... f fhl. ifiari first 'iimr In or
rad i'f hi lapdaw. d.-iy rwa. In fnmt of the famrtflri
out frnin aiiinewl ore came, an auo- Mia Hte tWO I ii'ililil.rlnr kHTfi h!''h
Btoblla a louring car. Tl.o llr.n-r ' hi. Ivirnnl thriuih D If1el n
Hi ili. nil th- tro'iuln. Bfti r li.lnR set
Fat Men Had Hard Run for
Nothng and Wanted to
Get Busy, Anway.
. Nov.
a staff OaWaaaatataal , j-
I: Thla oorrununlty waa Jutrt rernver.
IM ta-day from th horrible nlnioat
rKrtaoauat wihlrh elerrtenl th. Vlgl'an!
nglne and Hook and EaaMt r rvrnifianv
af Oraat Nk Btarlon to rurh nn .x
ttnt thai rha HaM-aOi peaoe of thla part
af Ixmt island waa mada Into a aatur
naUlaa Itoilday yesterday aftmioon b
Ilia conflagration In fh. flrni'laro of the
home of Harry M Hithart. Th. mone
tary damage waa nrrmll. hut th. dra
matic ahook caused by tha ringing of
tha ball In tha tower of tha Vigilant
Hnflna and Hook and laaln Cumjw i
tt Great Nck Station w,i: not be for-tmt.-i
for manv north bv tha vnmt
f tha North Slda.
Wrat of aJl tha ball ran. Eyerybody
rlDbtn two inllaa chourht It waa th
rfcuroh ball and worxtarad whether th.ra
waai an extra, aarvioa or si .h ether tha
aw Kauiaa Had callad a tnaatlns to
team why fh!r mnvatnant had not bran
nantlonad In tha HIMa. Then thoae who
arant out on thalr front porch. to aoa
aAaaAMaAAAaaaaaaaAaa ,
allitht for tha flrat hrth flra of th.
f th"' i- wna r.aJVy anythlnit In It N
ten Ooffln hopplnar hta way acroaa tha
mirlde over Oraat N.rk Hllla. the
vhlatllmi of hla whora almoat drown
nn the flapping of hla ooattalla. Ha
Ml on hla way to tha lira houae to
.am li.ro the blaae waa. Han la auch
alert nroiruvn that he did not wait
flar (ottlni Ma flrat word over the
..Inuhoiio that there wan Or to aak
I itere It had occurred.
mimh.r waa No. 71T1, or aom.thlnif
nka that. 1 h. chiiiff.iir hnrkal It
down In finnt of Powal und Watt ami
tied the tongui- of (hp real 10 tin r.ir
uxl. Undw th. rul.a of the fir. ila-
pkriment "f Oraal Nark atation the
Urnt man to lilt' h 01 to tin' lai'l or laa
.nitln. nllli an MMtMbUd if a t.m
of hora"i fati Mi Noboily knuwa at
thla wrltliiit who t'ia auoi:enafiil nuto
molilllit wna, but noboily a.nt anybody
to got th. ennln., hprauxo .er alnrn
the VlRllanta r.fuai'd to puy Loula II.
l'ox'a hill aaulnat th. enKlne tMl auin
m.r olh.r folka have he.n rath.r alow
nhnut answering th. b.ll. Aifl. any
way, all tha atatlon hr.ckm.n were
gone; th.y atartM on the gallop from
th. etntlon up Manhaaa.t road aa aoon
aa they l.arned whence th. alarm cam.
In order to collect a quarter each from
tha crowd returning from the fir.,
whether the dlaaater waa a dlaaatpr or
not. Four quartera In tha hand appeal
to a North Side hurkman a lot more
than n 16 fire department award.
Anyway, while the hoae reel waa be
ing hitched up to the automobile the
Ureavt Neck Hllla Auxiliary Fat Hen'a
Aaaoclatlon. having been alarmed by
Hen ColMn'a Imitation of a wounded
crow In hla dracent over th. hlllald..
waa on thn alert and uw Into ac
tion. Malcolm C. Rorty, a1stant to
the Prealdnt of the Now York Tele
phone Company; Richard l.lnthlcum.
poet and lltteratooer: Royal T. Hodg
klna, tha merchant prince of Murray
treet, and F. C. Franke of Middle
Neck 'road daatied to the reeeue and
Donated the machine along until the
knot waa tied. After that they wanted
to let go.
But nramwetl Darla, the real aetata
magnate, had arrived on the acene by
the time th.y got to the top of Mnhaa
aot Hill and took charge. Hill Mullen.
the President of tha Vlgllanla, waa over
at Ieaac dugfc n!!tn'a place at Port
Washington, where ha ha born auper
Inlendlng a painting Job. Though he or
dered an automobile on the arrival of
the Ml train from Port Washington at
Oraat Neck he did not arrive until all
hopea of a conflagration had gone
By the time tlhe motor-towed hoae real
arrived In front of Mr. Hoharfa bona.
Lieut. William Ktrkman. N. O. N. Y..
ably aaalated by hla brother. Joa.ph
Ktrkman, Chairman of the Election
Board of th. Oraat Nee atatlon dla
trlct (wftloh meHa at the Vigilant fire
haJU. had discovered that tha fire waa
out. Th. won! waa paed hark to the
Oreat Neolt Fat M.n'a Club. Inaamuch
Ifodrklna. l.lntiiloum luirty ami
jf:' In the hnni...
"la ti .r. enythlng any of na folk
fr.vn th" Hllla rnn do for vnu?" aak.d
lb. lion Thaild.ua rltaPottW Ilroan.
laafglan of th. miia (Ml UMbi wn.n
It wn certain that all lama.r waa paat
"Una anybody a ladder?" aahed Mr
Hobart. eagerly. "I'd Ilk. to look down
th. chlmncv " Kv.rybmly a.nrch.d hla
pork.ta. Nobody bad a ladder.
"Then the moat I can aak anybody to
'in," eofi tin ttad Mr. Hobart, "i to gat
out and ce.iae muaalng up my ruga and
furniture Kv.rythlng ha he.n invM.
Whereupon Poatniaater (leorg. A.
i Ihick. Hot.lk.eper Albert Kvana, O.o'ge
, lloltnn. Pr.ald.nt of tha Country
( Ttih. Fr.d.rlek C. H. Slmonda. ar. and
! three New York peraona brought out by
Mini, H.len McNiilty, daughter of the
International coittiactor, deployed to the
rear In chagrin.
Among tbnae NOT preaent from rha
' nmoundlng territory wef I'ayne Whlt-
Mr, W. Oould Brokaw. W. K. Vander-
I'llt lr. fwho la a member of th. fir.
company and trill have to pay a fln. of
fifty ifjnta for not .m Mn-r the nl.irm)
William R. Ornc. Jamet Rraden and
Roswell P. KMrlilg..
by C. A. MtMT, nuthor of "Tho Two-
Onn Man," a roinancti of the bit; Wnat,
will licjflti In (lie EnitiK World
Tbut i!a . Nov. 7.
Hut .narVa neflelt la vntd In lie
on Meek Alone.
Fxp.rt .1 ' ountanta will rir.'ent a tr
fporl of their InveaiLtntlon of M
( hooka and nirounta of the city govern-
ment of Newark. N J., next W.rtn.
Idny, h.n th. Finance ornrrfltuc ol
the Common Council meets. It Is u::
deficit" approximating ITiS.MO has been
Prosecuting Witnesses Against
Rosenthal's Alleged Aides Were
Impeached by Whitman.
Doyle arut Svlcske, LxposeJ by Eve
ning World, Are Held by Grand
.Jury and Put Under $2,500 Hail.
Jm.toyl. and Robert Seleak.. form
er detectives of the Htagg atreet atatlon,
Williamsburg, who were arr.etcd two
weeks ago charged with extortion, after
an Investigation by Commissioner Waldj
at the Instance of tho Rvenlng World,
were Indicted to-day by the October
Orand Jury In Hrooklyn. Thy were
tak .ii before Judge Fawcett In tha
County Court and were admitted to ball
In I2.M0 each for trial.
Word came to the Kv.nlng World lev-
.ral weeks ago that two detectives had
extorted IK and a gold watch from Vic
tor Ftlinon, a chauffeur, after threaten- I
lug to faaten on him a charge that ha
had "robbed a woman with a glaEa eye."
FInon 1sJ!d a man who aoinerimea
employed MM that the tlvtoctlrea were
houndlns hm to give them HOO more.
Tha employer oonrniunloateal with Tha
Rvenlng World, which at once notified
Commissioner Waldo, l.l.ui. Danlrl
Coetlgun waa assigned to run tha story
down. Fllnvon waa mmpa:el with 3100
In marked l.nia and, followed iby Coa
tlTaa. mat Relealte. Fllmon awora ha
had paaaed tlhe monery to 8-!eake. hut
tha marked blMa were not found In the
!ose.ton of tha detective. Idkter, when
Con.ni4aalc4ver Waldo lined up all the
d.c tlvus of Ui agg atreet station,
tfnja chauffeur pfDKen out Doyle aa tha
mJ man wiho had threatena I Uni.
lajyla was arreated and tooth man were live In the house where the body was
uian su. iixn.i i "found. He was about sixty years old.
A trial hiating directly on upon the
iflaajkl leading up to the ajaaaalnatlon.
of Herman Rosenthal oame up before
Judge Malnnn In tha Court of Oeneral
Seealona to-day, wsian Herbert Hull
and Jsm.s Fleming were arralifh.d
on an Indictment rmamtng them with
aiding and abo'tlng In the conduct of
a gambling house. These man Were
arrested In Herman Rosenthal's place,
on April 16, In a raid led by Lieut
Tharl.a Hacker, on evidence sworn to
by Drteptivee fftelnart and White.
Hull Is twenty yeara old and a nephew
of Mrs Ros.nthal. He waa arreated on
a warrant ealllng for "John Doorman
No. L" Fleming was arrested on a war
rant calling for "John Doorman No. I."
Win n thn case was railed to-day Fred
erick Ooldamlth. counsel for the ac
cused, annminri'd he was prepared to
argue a motion for the dismissal of th.
Indictment. He act up as grounds for
th. motU.n thnt the District-Attorney,
In tha He ker trial, established that the
raid of April II waa a "rake" raid, that
the evidence sworn to by White and
Stelnert was pel lured evidence and that
Hull and Fleming wen not the men
desiTlbed In the warrants
The action of Mr. Ooldamlth rattier
disconcerted Assistant District-Attorney
Manley, who waa In charge of the pm
a.mtlon He aiked for and waa grant
ed an adjournment until Thursday. It
la anticipated the Indictments will ba
quashed, as tha police officers upon
whom the prosecution must rely, wsra
Impeached as witnesses by the District
Attorney In tha Becker trial.
The body of a man known for more
than twenty yeara as "Count Chloerelll"
and as the "Mystery of Frog Hollow,"
was found to-day In the otd-faahloned
two story house In which he lived at
No. 130 K.ast One Hundred and Fifty
first atreet. Tho body waa on the floor,
tho right hand clutching the leg of a
small stove. He had died from heart
"Count ChlcoreM" first appeared In
tho "Frog Hollow" aectlon of the Bronx
about twenty years ago. He attracted
attention by his nattlnesa In draaa, and
by hla never falling good humor. Ha
walked with a peculiar limp, wnlch he
onca explained was the result of having
been wounded In a duel In Italy. Tha
man never talked of himself, and soon
be waa given a name of the "Mystery
of 'Frog Hollow.' "
ITntU (tee yeara ago, tha Connt" ap
peared to be wall supplied with money,
but at that time, his clothes began to
show algns of wear and It waa only a
short time afterward that he went to
ascertained to axlst in tba Water Do
par mrnt'e accounts.
Thla deficit 1 said to b entlrelr a
matter of bookkeeping, and most of It
!a accounted for by the fact that the
'yagem of account keeping of tha de
partment failed to lake Into consider
ation varloua charKes. The report. It
i .,i,i will a iggcst a complete revision
f th account keeping system and the
'Hmli"'t'"n "f useless employees.
deratood the report will state a "book
a, in from of the railroad ataUon with Ifr!
sxla and piifl back when tba machine
waa going down hill and Inaamuch as
Mr. William I"aul Powell, son of thu
te Mujor Powell of the Geological Bur
fey, aud the flrat explorer of the can
on of the Colorado, and Mr. H. Iea
IraM towing It with the help of several
irlghbors. Mr. Watt, who wore a rod
wester and thinks he tan tell other
people how to grow strawberries, tr.ed
i do hla share of the pulling on the
'haft u( tie hose cart wliilu buldiafl Ida
icyolo !lh Ihu other hand. Tho Hon.
'ushlnniou Van Nontrand. roudnuuu r
' North llenpsteud, In which the trou
.ed ti ? ;in.i of the day lay, Blood on
hi Mi.aia ' llsrry Krah'a Brook
Hotel and laugaed.
'o:n. ' i .-. la : Mr. Watt. 'Vu;n
M,'. V.. li! T.i, ic it a Ilro oxer on the
JltH. If t dun t get there in a hurry
iy n'.'i.v 'h.nk we are Itnckln their
.tlnotlo-." lf you uun't know ahst a
i ant by "thdr i lotion" J aa 1 move
the mnenin. oin not muy
holding back.
Mr. Watt, however, who had aban
doned the rope and bad taken to his
Mcycle at abOttl the same time that Mr.
Powell had lenped Into the tonneau of
the KUtOSMsUS winn the Fat Men's Aa
aadatlon hean to push vlroroualy ami-pn-sie.l
:my effort lo prevent attempts
of the tlrcinen who were bcpiuiilntf to
arrive In nutomobllea and In he. oka,
ArSOSad In rr-1 flannel lined ovcrcoKts.
aAVM braaohSS and rubber boots, from
attaohlaf the naaa
"I..; 'em work"' exclaimed Mr. Watt.
"I: will elv. em pic.itlce to help usom
when there is a tire on the other side
of the hill."
Rv thla time at least a hundred nurse
maids, each one dragging one or more
I' Stern Brothers
To-morrow, Umisuilly Attractive Values
will be placed on Sale in Seasonable
Boys' i-md Young Men's Clothing
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aft twtst:
22 to 26
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liln U
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lames Butter i.e.
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m SB sass- . . mm j- w J
mm. m
Thf-i Mnrrl Chair haa looae
nllliMV ' 1 1 ill n it h mrrrtl In
lniltiidnn HinUh l .-Hthrr-M
iilr (hrntitainut of amii
int firmrtr-H. Pil oak In
Karly i nieil-h rinleh. 1-Yonl
pout arr m-t maHlve anil
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r htinilsomrlv omtmftif
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H Jstainpa w.th jrjc
1 a V Stamps' wiih .c
1 Int WF
1 11 iwi
oa ttc Wtaaipi with ao
W J b, tor O-.J
O 1 ... r. . "
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1 ....for i
IK tetc statipi wiih
1 'I .for '-J
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v Simplify Home-seeking by saving M-
a time, temper and tramping, o
tftnrWWWf-WWMWWW--rVWWWWW--n-l-rinftft-i-a---- m m m m ,

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