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The Evening World
Their Day of Rest
( Cot'Tlltht.
hi The l-raa. l-iihliahin, Oo,
f tils MSW Tor World!
By Maurice Ketten
aBtlshtd nIly Rxcept Sunday by tb. Press Publishing rompsny. Nba. St fo
a Park Row. N.w Tork.
RAL.PH Pt7I.,ITZBR, PMelleast, t Prfc Row.
J. ANOtTS SHAW. Treasurer. S3 Park Row.
JOSBPH PUL.ITZKR, Jr., Hecretary. U Park Row.
Errtrdt th Poat-Offlr at Nw Tork aa a.cond-Cl.sa. M.tt.r.
Subscription Rataa o Tha Evening
Per England and tha Continent and
TVoilJ for th. Unltsd State,
and Canada.
Oao TMViim II. SO
On Month 10
All Countrlaa In tha International
PoaUl Union.
On a Tear t.7S
Ona Month .11
VOLUME 8 NO. 18,702
Daily Magazine, Tuesday, November 5, 19 12
.VNSS-wW'w-fc aJ I ffliaivX SfA BnBBaBBBBBamfc
ELECTION DAY thin year happen to hit a day and datr of
curloua interest in the annals of our English forefathers.
In England to-day is Ouy Fawkes' Day, tho anniversary of
the deliverance of the nation on Tuesday, Not. 6, 1605, from one of
i he most appalling political plots ever conceived.
The famous Gunpowder Plot grew out of the extreme and unlooked-for
seventy of Jamea I. toward his Catholic subject, who had
very reason to expect from him bettor treatment. The originator
iind prime mover of the scheme was not Ouy Fawke. but Robrrt
Catesby, a man of ancient family and of almost farrat'r. zeal. His
project waa to wipe out the whole Government, King, Iords and
Commons, at one fell aweep. He gathered about him a band of
eatrcr confederates, most of them men of birth and position, .one of
whom brought over from Flanders Ony Fawkes, a fellow of fierco
energy and fanaticism.
Strictest oaths of secrecy wctc sworn. One of the band, Thoma
Percy, who had influence at Court, hired a house adjoining the
Houses of Parliament. Wirh infinite precautions a few of the con
spirators stocked this dwelling with provisions and moved in. No one
waa ever seen to go in or out. For months they toiled at their tre
mendous tack of piercing the enormously thick foundation walls of
the House of Commons. One night, as they worked in stealthy
silence, they heard or fancied they heard the tolling of a bell deep
in the earth under their feet. Terror overcame them until holy
water sprinkled on tlie spot seemed to silence the sound. Then came
a rumbling directly over their heads. All made ready to fly. Fawkes,
however, cautiously investigated and found that the noise came from
a cellar directly underneath the House of Lords occupied by n denier
in coal who was removing his stock.
With carefully disguised eagerness the conspirators made hasto
to hire the cellar from the coal dealer and abandoned the mine.
One by one thirty-six barrels of gunpowder, about a ton and twelve
hundredweight, were secretly stowed away in tha vault. Stone and
heavy pieces of iron were scattered nlioitt to make the explosion more
destructive and the whole piled hili with innocent looking firewood
and fnggots.
All this was slowly and painfully accomplished during the enrly j
mnnlki nf I Via v.i.r 10. Tl.n Sim I I,., mill .,...1 . I
lllVlllllo HI llie- a fl I a,"''. W l Mil' l ,, 11,1' -l II ' ,1 pa1 1 1 II It
set for Nov. I, when the King ww to open Parliament in full elite
and all the hiche.-it disgnilaries of the realm would he gathered within
the wall of the doomed building.
Meanwhile one of the chief conspirators had arranged to invite
a company of influential people to assemble at his house in Warwick
shire on Xov. I, as if for n hunting party. Directly the explosion
wnrred the plotters proposed to seize I'rince diaries or the Princes,
Elizabeth, proclaim one of them successor to the throne and dictate
ibe terms of a new Government. Henry I'rince of Wales was ex
jeeted to accompany his father to I lie House of Lords and so lie
blown up with the rest. At the critical moment (iuy I'awkes was
lo touch off a long slow-match leading to the gunpowder, jump into
a boat in the Thames and emlwrk in a ship for Inlanders.
As the fatal day drew near arose the question which brought
about the conspirators' undoing. Jntnjpecting Catholic friends of
those in the plot were sure to le present, at the opening of Parlia
ment. Should they lie warned? Catesby replied with an emphatic
no, urging Hint such unfortunates would be few. and that in any
oaee "rather than that the project should not take effect, if thev wore
as dear to nie as mine own son they also must he Mown up." But
not all the coiif pirators were so Spartan. Sonic daw before Xov. 5
Tiord Motmteagle. brother-in-law of one of the band, received an
anonwnous letter beseeching him as he valued his life not to attend
the coming ceremonies.
I hat was enough. Lorn Mounteagle communicated his
:.:, . ii.- . ,.-,.
. ur rwnK ..niiisirrs. i
rinen. Not until the afternoon of
Chamberlain and his staff search
thorns. I hev found Buy tawkes
mAUA 1.1 i. v. ..
-in,,! iii.-iii. piTwuumj iu m- ii avrTani in im employ 01 rercv and,
a the Chattbfrlain went off. hoped even then thai all might yd go
well. At o'clock next morning, however, a party of soldiers narchod
to the cellur. seized Fawkes at the door and took him to the Tower.
Torture wrung from him a complete confession. The other con
spirators were pursued and either killed or caught. Trial was speedy,
and on .Inn. 30 nd JO. lfiOti, eight of them were beheaded, their
bodies drawl) and quartered and their heads exposed on pikes tho
iraditiona' fate of traitors.
i4ik( noic for
Odd Facts.
IT baa bean
logical aur
been eallmateil by the geo-
irvey that the available
water power of the United Slate
at minimum flow la approximately 38.
000.000 horee-power, and that thla can
be lncreaaed five rr alx ttmea by ault
able storage facilities.
Oar a-ala are not In use on Brltlah
rnllrod. aa In tha United States. The
ususl custom hi to bolt and lock the
doore. In the case of vary valuable i
freight or bullion additional protection
la afforded by one or more ofllclala trav
etMng Inside Die car.
The Federal Aaaembly of Swltie'lanl,
has kssued a degree, eub)eat to the refer-
endum, that, beginning with the next I
year, tne Importation, manufacture. I
keeping In store, exposing for sale and 1
the aavle of artificial wine and artificial
elder Is prohibited.
Th. Brsilllsn Government Is erecting 1
a large Building at Itio de Janeiro for
the lll.i. ry of the Nations. Institute of I
Music. It will be one of the largest mu- I
steal libraries hi existence, and a Me-
rial feature will be dlotlonarle. aad
bt oka on music In every language
Ajnoy. in China, aend. about three !
million narclMU. bolba to the United I
B lets, svery year. The declared value
t these bulb. In 110 wa. 110,611 and
in mi rr.otl. Thla Is also th. part of !
China from which a greet amount of
isins irom wnica a
tae joes .tick. In tta
oounsrj .are im.
riM , , . . i
ne inner necincd to let the plot loymi onrhusiiiam hr was- fur Srcm, fc-l-
Mnndav. Nm i rt;,l fi, T.....i;,ntf. te. Inwardly. nii a draire to an
the cellar beneath the House of
hiding in a corner. The quick-
i ,i .... . .
tht ihuuting.
Great -
rwa- "a BJ U sswssssssijaMSW an m m raaa-.-M-VV- M-j---rTsrijrij-xru W W nT0n W WsW W W W W ""MTmfrijyjVWfUr saMkssasswsssssssws
.. 'I "Wh I W
i go
atanTr tnaaaaaam u l n l
ciriiht. ittii. bj Tii- Prfa PaWiata Co
i I hr Sim irk W .irl'll.
V wo li Uk In a oabarai
Mhrrw." rri Mr, Jarr In Jovial
,)ii aa hp and Mra. Jrr
mnerfad from serin t lie "snappy 0OBV
sdy of aoval oomplfoalloaa,'
Mr. .larr'a lout Wf Jovls.1 tii-crtiise
no wisiipo mi inrr.-i nn ifonn lany w:m a
fonh anl !
Irsppratp ami dla-
paytn flip (rood
tiolicsl Ii.im1.
nt!ly esp
a Show tiial. a Mr. Jarr
roaaad it. ' waa a . rana-
tiit Mra. .Inrr fair young He nat
bM aaddrnrd alao. 8n only atchmt
ml aald plaJnttvaty:
'Wo, daar, I'd rather o boajM,"
W can alwaoa so linrme'" drflarnl
Mr. arr. "We ara mil to lebret the
rata of aalary I've . n ITMltad, and
wa are golna I have a hiirh old time or
I'H know the reason why!"
Bo. against net Wtter Jiidjrinent. Mra.
Jarr auffered her himhand to lead her t.i
Broadway's blKJti'St rabarot rejtsnrant.
, Here at a brnnd dnnrwa. Knanlnl liy
Itanlasarlea In llvi-ry ancli as hall por-
Idea Jerry
iiaTTN,Ma. .iiMW l:.B-xt- rfaMffl .mW' yM MmmmW ' 0 , KS .mk,rts-' '
I SiiaWasM BP ll BBt i WaWaV I tOmwm r I m, JmW XV mOTi w T 1 I S f I . I It. -v-.' I I
n5 I Tm 7)
' . paKeti, carriage aKerita, boum'rr
datoetlv, seatlna- director, assistant
niMiiniters and hat and wrap grabbera In
the ehape of several youn women In
tha coatums of aubllniated Frene'.!
maids, the Jarrs yleildwl up their hats
I and wraps and were led by a uh-
aaalstant deputy manager to eeata at a
table beneath an artificial palm that
sifted dust and green paint acalea down
upon the Jarrs and their food every
ttnve a waiter rustled aaalnat tta
A Broadway cabaret la a reataurant
that serves you yeaterday'a food molat
ened ovar for to-day'a eating, and rag
time. The waiters served the food, and a
horde of sallow young men, whose faoea
would nave Intereated the eminent crimi
nologist, I.omibroio, and a bevy of hnd
pnlnted, hareh-featured young woman
delivered the ragtime.
They delivered It from a platform, and,
when the afflicted persona paid no heed
to them there, they oame down among
the diners and aerved the ragtime right
at the tables. Well, It made the untor
tunatea present forget the food for the
time being
One strident female waa featured on
the menu, among the cheese, aa "L Ir
reiresslble Irene." It was l.a lrrepree
elble Irene'a merry way to sing a ditty,
"My Itagtlme Baldhcad Foob!" during
which she circulated among the victims
of the eatsbllshment: and If she aaw a
bald-bended mmi ahe mude "a mark of
him," as the lsrrs' waiter expreaed It.
by kissing htm on bis hairless dome and
I i j-ir rw, ci i i rrrwwnrvirn ruin rirno, n
fK j
The Jarrs Plunge Into a Round of
Dreary Rapture (Broadway Style)
leaving red marks from her excess of t
llp rnuge there- to the Joy nf those who i
had hatr and were not "made mark of."
There waa no rest for those WnO (
gathered here Single nnd In groups the
bedlsened ragtime singers bawled their
raucoua dittlea at the harried aaeem
blage. Male vlsdtoia to our fair city, opulent,
obese and Intoxicated, tucked their nap
ktna Into their coilara. ordered more
champagne and broiled lrtbster and beat
time to the ragtime music noliody could
hear anything except occasional worda
such as, "Hqueeslng, teasing, pleaalng,
lialdhead Itagtlme Boob!" and were
heard to declare that "New York had It
ai over Paris!"
One very fat and red-faced manufac
turer of automobile greaae from Syra
cuse, who waa giving a cabaret dinner
to several showgirls near the Jarrs' ta
ble, waa heard to aay that when you
"were off Rrnadway you were in the
"I wish we bad come to a Quieter
place," aald Mrs Jarr.
Mr. Jarr lip-read the remark, for no
oonveratttlon was audible In the plnce
above the discordant music and
equalling of the ragtime singers.
"Cheer up. old girl'
havlng the
time of my life!" bawled buck Mr. Jarr.
But he lied, and he knew Bhe knew he
"I've got a terrible headache! Oh,
won't they ever keep quiet?" whimpered
Mra. Jarr.
But now th. cabaret J'llllty wna at Its
height. A mule ragtime criminal waa
JuLrLnru- SJaan "uiJxrLnj - LnrinrinfVii - irv - w - , - ,', -
Copjriil.t. 1(112. b Tha fraaa NkHsWal Oo. t
(Tha New York Woild.)
c vTh rfl )
driving a four-in-hand of ragtime wom-
en singers, harnessed with silk ribbons,
down from the stage and through the
kudltnee, They writhed and wriggled
and postured and (creamed:
"HS n.n i i ; 1001)', unoujt pleotin',
fVewr-fop-jtterin', Baldhead Rag
time Boob!"
down between the tables, followed by
a apotlight that blinded the eyes of the
Imocent byslttera.
"You're not eating a thing!" remarked
Mr. Jarr.
He remarked It loudly, ao hla wife
could hear.
"It Isn't fit to eat." she answered.
"You're not listening to the aong," he
"It Isn't fit to listen to!" she replied.
"Please take me home! I wish you had
never gotten a ralae of salary."
"Let ua return to Harlem then," said
Mr. Jarr. "Hack to the old home where
we were so poor snd yet eo happy!"
A Rare Specimen.
Am I . ....'from lh.,1 m.. .'. .
...ii -
butterfly has been captured by
I T the Rev. Hugh 8. w.irora at
I Bracknell, Rngland. It la a black awal-
i lowtall butterfly, which, with wings ex-
tended, meaaures 13 3-4 Inches. Mr.
Walford knows it to be neither Kngllsb
nor European, hut think. It may he
either Indian or Japaneae. The btitterflv
a splendid specimen and has probshly
come to England ln aome packing c
I in the ohyrsalls atage. It was caugh
III. woods a mile from the village.
1 - 1 - -
it By
Uswraiht. ISIS, hi Tb. Pma PubHshan, Oa. (The Mew Tart VfeaaD,
TKRSAl. love" in mott onset
tween the firtt kits and the
The cloverett woman It not the one who manage, to marry a Man whom
the admire but the one who eon manage to go right on admiring tho man
the hot married.
To a man love It merely a necettary adjunct to woman; to a wonpn,
man It merely a necettary adjunct to love,
A woman it like a &fifai Datorino. Her lover it an amateur, who
teet only her beauty; her friend it a eonnoitteur, who teet both hot foultt
and her fine pointt; her husband It on analytt, who gett too clot and con.
cenfrafet on her flawt.
When a man tayt "TXl TRY to tee you, dearie," he uneonxHoutiy
acknowledge that it it going So be an awful "trial."
The eaddett tight on earth U that of an Irate man trying to make him.
telf underttood in a foreign language, of which he doetnt know a ttngla
A woman rooeivet her firtt intimation that the it Aeolnnlna 10 get per
ceptibly older when the obiervet that her matculinr admtrert are beginning
to get a lot younger.
To an honorable girl another woman' t hatband it no Wprt of a "temp
tation" than another woman't poeketbook or another woman't jewelt.
The kind of love that comet in
J? "M"""""" ' ' iniiniinnnfvnajuuuL
No. 10 Stars
of i ui
AX nrfnrm.r,M. . k. 1..
frequent In modern times than
they were wJien New Tork
had one-fifth the present pop
In when Offenbach's 'YJenevlevj
de Brabant" had a prolonged run a New
Tork, tha real hit waa a French come
dian named Oahel. who played one of
the two gensdarmes. It Is an actual
fact that although the operetta was
given tn Trench It drew an average
weekly bualnesa of IS.IM0 for nearly five
People went again and ag
label. He wa. an n, ,k.. . ....
. - r " '
waa tendered to him whlc.i he c.
k. iin tne provision that he be
allowed to suggest the programme.
Oabel undoubtedly had an eye to the
main chance, for when It oame to ar
ranging the benefit bill the management
waa struck with consternation to find
that Oabel had decided on playing the
second act of "Oenevleve de Brabant"
aa a travesty, that Is. with the women
In the male roles and the men In the
female roles.
The Idea sounded ao funnv that people
began to laugh about the time the ad
vance aale began and kept on laughing
until the eventful night.
The prima donna waa Rose Ban and
the contralto was Mile. Deaolauaaa The
two latter were eaat for the two gens
darmes, while Oabel himself apaared aa
Oenevleve. originally played by Mile
Desclausas. Excitement over this per
formance waa so great that some of
New York'e wealthy citizens engaged an
army of messenger hoya to form a line
the night before the sale. And when the
oox-omce openeo at S the next
Ing-the line extenri.,i ..... .,
Beventh avenue, the entire length of
Fourteenth street
No audience ever reached a ik-..,.
more promptly -,r with greater anticlp..
tlon. But, .1..! the performance wa.
something awful. The principal, pro-
vekaa laughter . ,hir ClT
- .,v i., merely oored
the audience even (label ncted as
I' at
She Was a Debutante
H4T Washlsitnn, D. 0 . Iiu a veil ailm-
tiasd sKial Ufa snd an up la date colored
population I, lluamt! by tha foUushna.'
Young Mra. H reqturari a nnrae for bar
'. j l U vv r It
1 The Day's Good StTT"t
aawMsMaP " I iHnrTnjmjkjsafJtjagtjs af a W ij
appear to be merely the Interval U-
firtt mitUnmry bill
like a lion usually goat out liho a thorn,
2mnZ. """""" "ii'ii inRj-uuuuuuuu, tH
of Players
twiner Llavs
By Robert C
. "
fun.,, mi the two prW
hand it wa, fourtwn yeara before any
2" hff .rapt'f'.nt.
h ,Amam' ot Muafc, m ISO. an-
SE. .,.rVMUc1 PTformaTcf
Offenbach a "La Grand. Duchea.,.- OBlv
this time the audience waa to auffar
527", 01 '""re opera
stead of only one act. Marie a w...
Plsyed ,he rcj of aen aW flT
lmltable M. Dnplan. who -.i.k.-!
Duplan. who w.i.k. .
ntn tn aaalM nmm,l .... . . .
.Ml. Ior Duchess
i - iunny comelian
1 ilerea ni.v w.-j.
M. Mea-
'of An ,h'h0,""t "Wt I ever knew
'not 7 ordlnary Performance would
not have attracted a corporal-, ,,,.
M tin h V f " Went hnm9 night
richer And having a good mem
oti, he went home early too
He knew what was coming. But aa
he .d at the Mm., -j t,eeilert
money. Kven with all that truly great
.!. in ,h. cat there was not on. re
deeming feuture the parformance-not
one encore. 1
th," "way' funn' DP'n
.J1"-" whlch rybod,
tlngly fonny thing h.a evtr w.
"S3 ot to be mar..,
Tn. e Xt? "Dln WM "Arabia.
The dram, ha, had ..veral freak par-
H.t Th-,r ln m oik.,
one of the "Four Hundred" ., th.t
. j , . .. rucirvie.
In thla Im ... ..
. jj tne plana 'lad
or Prolonged run. Th
j aTtiS. bCorn- t.r WalUwk In
LTiffM " ela,5, PM fr sear.
1. WnS Performanoe. Th. ba.u
But after ,h.. I, '
! Z
nlht It was hard
! nemVZJST V?' Fr ,tr "d pi.
vottd f"ura Desmt
" of the night A(.ll..- '
tlnctlv rie.m..i.. .. -'rum a nix
hs. .iwav. ZZ ""wpoln' ooeatlou
aiwaya been regarded H. e,.t,k
sarded aa freakleh.
r ii v., i.J ... - .,
Tnst wouldn't do fnh m, '
the colored alSI
riiwerrii qulcklj. "Ak
la hab ebery ajght mit
dta wlntah."
"Out aerr nUht
toTiL-,tmnt. ".od
"Plied Mra. H- , l
why thu winter!"
-tha rolortd ,1,1 kaaltafc
Ah'm a .1,1.. ...
nmnif ?it
I. Ah MS' ha out nl,ht."--jd,,.. ' '
Caution. Not Kindness.
AN' old seupla na,
nidi a bin basset
in fr.-m Hip eouaur
of lunoh to m ,(,,
aai li.mv Vka nfl
nrnia. Tho lun.li
virp ua, carrrvinn II
aa th .
the I,. I i... ,i t.- . ' "
- in" nan. I ,nd , I
I f.lmm. that kMkat, Hannah."
I ,,ld "'"nan aurrrnderad the h..krt'
j SltS a grataful look. k
' That'. Wad e- ,.. Xmm," ah. ,u.i,d. I
"',,""" '"S HQ man. " ,
iu at ar-e
Took the Tail End.
Tiik UnoaaMrs aaop) m fnm) , .
.t"'"' """' "diheri,
fore win u a prominent do, f,
bom on. nI . hmi u wi hi
I arsndawartiat mon,,.! h. ... ,. k c
"How Kiak ilhlat the, J, y, , '. .
'inrpiirel. si i'S
"Kiia ahiiUnji," replied the ul
"Tell Hire what ATI a. " aaal .w.
ATI gi aharr. i
A 'II (la thee Ii,)! ,
ri'iiiii for ma aharf. "
Tlie I.alf .tohii aSJ dill,
rf mark, l
cai.l; thtn tat l.itirr
"A'D taa' f tall an I, an I
m half nutaa t dour!"
I'm g.-in'' p, ataa
a-kfa m
Aa a, tll-taMde. TU-JHM,

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