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Darin, who It runnln for Ml Stat
snt on J in t endorsements or the
Republican, Bull Mooh on. I Indepen
dence League aralnet John J. Boylan.
Gafcll and Brr testified that after
hey bad voted at polling place oa
Forty-fourth etreet, noar Ninth arenue,
they wire assaulted by the lull,
Knocked down, beaten and kloked un
conscious. The two Murray they had
rooocnlBod aa of lit number of their
Both prlaonaro wen rlaaed on MM I
ball, which was arranged for by !
The othor lnddorrta were trivial end
all of the aam sort. Bun Moo wore
mr1nf around the polling place,
either or u ring arrest or making r
roote and alway crying fraud and rob
bery. To aome old party watchera the
Hat ot reports of auch Incident pouring
all day Into Bt Mooss county head
quarter augawatod th taotlce of a
lawyer who takei rountleea exception
ta a trial In order to make hi caa look
fortnMabI on appeal. Cartalnly a
rhla-hty foundation waa rearing for a
claim, ta event of defeat, that Intimida
tion, thievery, and all aorta of oheatlng
bad ben tbe oauae of rba dleaalar to
Mm cause, onuthlna" of th sort, od
Un RepubWoan assarted, ex-cunred dur
ing the campaign before the Republican
convention at Chicago. Hrogreeelve
County Cbali- an Bird aald:
'Th word haa gon out that th
Bull Moot! candidal are to b
defeated at any coat, and all aorta
of guerilla tacUca are being reeort
ad to by the adherent of the old
parti, uur camp.'" mmm
polltloa will not be ended to-day.
for we Intend to proeecute to the
full extent of the law any one r
raated to-day for any violation of
the eleci.un luws."
Th growing Innovation of treating
lection day aa an ordinary buslnes
lay wa Ml aen-cd by the lransiorta
iloo rorr-panlee. ettbei Of the city or the
suburbs. Train and ear reduced In
lie ar I n nber were uneonifot Mbly
,ammd. Hut th men with tne cloih
cap and go'f bags or the flahlng basket
uiul th bright cheeked women In ewe.it
rs were euftlrleniiy nunieroue on the
vtreeta alout the Stations' of tins siibur
lian i-oid to !-.ow IMM tliere are "till
thouaande who believe lo the old rule
"Vote ftrit and thru play."
About the polling places th grett
xcliement u reported from the
Bronx. In the oilier borough voting
went on In rap.d iiualneaK-lIke fashion
with no report of arrrete or quarrel. ,
Hut the Bronx via fulrly boiling. Th
(Teat Issue a to wnr'.icr the Bronx ;
Khali arci-de legally from New York
.'ounty waa more important to the i
veter there tian the election of Mr. Wil
son, Mr. Taft, W Mr. Komevelt to the I
tilgheet office of la nation.
The anil- -ounty worker were al-
cost i.i ! In their appeal to their i
How citizens to vote down the pro
i-sal. C ninilttues of them patrolled
q aldewalka outsld the prcrlbd
. bill and buttonaolad every man who
need I i ii. the voters after ballot
. g, however, it seemed though th
..-ill war leading u forlorn hope as
I tally ran all morning two lo one
Ii favc uf aaUsMtaktMS th nw
Tit advocates of th new county were
h le haigrs with "Vote Y" primed
o them. The:, wire so many llunrr-
ik from coat iapuis thai the crowd.,
loout '.tie polling places looked a.s
hough baskets 'f white paper had barn
lropped on them from th roof.
Th two rlmnt o poll-etnen Icopl
n rarv at Polio Head t u tera had
nothing to do but Joke and talk bo lit I OS
abd ac'jffi,. nfl. then. selves. There
waa no call for them tc Pile into the
iwo automobile patrol wasuns wh'.-h
-.era to burl them into nclgbuorlio ula of
Very few report of election disorders
era received at I ! aduuarlar In the
aarlUr morning hourr All but the fight
in "The" Mi-Manus district were an
trivial that they wet. amusing
One report waa of a rloi In Raatai
etreet. Quick a ' .n developed the cms
that Joseph Camela, a siktcen-yea: - i.d
boy of No 1ST. ( id baan ancslid by
Policeman Kali) a lb lihg'.t ldl
a crowd ... ho idluin.-. who were trying
to tear down a achoolbual Ponot to
build a forbidden bonfire The "rlol" waa
llle Jeer..; of tot . ..iv.i or )oiiugste:n
ho folio .ic J Kelly and bis captive lo
th police station.
It became evident that aa th diy
wore on tnat aucn squalla as might dis
turb the placid quiet were lo be found
in tho vkiniiy of Bull Mooa partisan.
At Bull 11 lose baadojUartOff In .Metro
politan Tower the. c via a constant SUC
cession of leport of 1 danlardly out
rage an-.:. st ilull llviose or notVle
dead lo Ketip Lha ballot pure by objc -lions
made by alooo watchers to th
ooriduci of lnapcior of th otlwr
van the lncldetil of the bonfire "riot
.ii lloua'.oii slreet wan t.anformetl h
Ittnl Moose iiea4louarlrs Into a leport
that "hundreds of desperate UlUM were
rudilug thOmgb the streets t-ylng lo In
tlinldaiu vo.ers thougiit lo favor ...
t'rogresst e tiiovein ni
Deputy Mawach of to. Stt? Electli.nn
Huraau Utraw ti.rau lousy tli.i Mooa.-
watchers o n of pollUJI ,a.tt In th
Twentieth Asenuiy Ulstrl 't for i hsl-
lenglng fooltalily at.,' iMorforlag Tney
w.re Uken to the West side Court mi
relead on th.-lr proimat to ko.-p wuhln
legal bound.
Deputy McOlynu tl rew another of
ne faithful out of a polling p.,,. for
naking so much noise (hat the aagg.
ion. and anawer could not b heard
Petsr Bird, a Burns deiettlve em
cloyed by th Buil Mooe, was arrest, I
fr balrg too Mgrtssht nt the polling
clao at No IJ Fulton tret. Instaiulv
telaphon. r . rts came from excite I
, . .'lowtis of T. K. Unit al th raoarvss
ouei b ruahed to tlie ep.it to s. p "o'll-
rsstes inugateo by lorn rolay'a nat
! s." The Bull Moose, led by Untie
.Mscoll against bU old Tammany prt-
eptor, have be, n predlllng toil trouhla
it this dl' trsrt, int luding clashes of gMg
The Bull Mooae watcher at th bal
loting place of tne Fourteenth election
district of the Sixth Assembly District
caoced th arrest of the aMef inspector
of gjggjjgfds (sharping WsoLjiuh
DemOCratlC Gmdld.lte MCJtS
Young Woman, Who H.mJs
Him Trophy for Luck.
CmMml., Amdalu I
oiiiiiniijr t ii i ij 'i, m is uadux:
His Electors Arc Hidden
in Centre of Ballot.
'periel to Tbe Evening Worts.)
PRINOKTON', N. J Nov. B.-Onv.
Woodrow WUaon oaM ballot No. 112 at
11 M o'cilork 'Me morning. That h caet
hla vol for th strnlgbt Democratic
ticket waa made evident by a renin rn
which th Oovernor made aa he
emerged from the booth.
"The person who devise! thla ballot."
Mr. Wllenn laughingly aald, "Hal Islllljf
did hi utmost to see to It that the
I . mo rul eloctore wouUl b hard to
The ric-nocratlc i lctoni were placed
In the rentie and half way down the
large sheet.
Mr. Wilson then consented to pose
for two flashlight picture which were
taken In the MtgtM Iwmea with th
election lerk muted at a table, and
two large utoiiioblle lire engine a the
saoltg round.
Oov. Wll o'i ar'e early thl morning.
After at'cn.ling lo some correspondence
he prepared for hl trip to the poll
Accompanied by lit ecretory, Walter
Maaaday, and hie Lwdyguara, t'apt. w.
J. Mcliunall, formerly commando of
the Texas lunsers, tho lloienmr left
hla hone shortly before in.jo o'clock.
The OOV fnof v.'.in aUlrad la ru
aull and carried it lilnck run" B neat
hla oucii hat wan Visible a tilt of Iho
adluaive planter holding '.he bandage
agalnet the wound lie received In III
automolill at:. 1 lent Sunday morning.
Aa he cam out upon Ilia port li of hla
horn the Clove: nor pa mad a moment
to take dree, oreatli of the balmy air.
Aa tho trio started lor the polling
place the tread of their feet along toe
alone walk gave the Governor I inns,
al Inspiration and he eaiiK Tr.iinp.
tramp, tramp, the ooya are inarcnlnv
KM lie
ma .'.lo ,1 all ii,', e UIKlllrf
his ,
On the way to th
stopped abruptly In
voting tHioth he;l
front of t Mill
(MUM houae
When I was a fresbni.in In college. "
Ii .-aid, "1 used to eat In thai house
One night 1 got a llsl.boiie In my thm.it
mid Jumped off the pUiz.i atx tlmal In
an eTort to Jolt it ol;, but It woul In t
Jolt "
(In the way to the polls the lover
IWf was gie 'ted by u number of frlende
and ui-uualntr neee, for all of whom hi
hud a cheery "Hood morning
At the englioi house the party found ' "dally to ttlve It to you," she told
a battery of camera men awaiting theft! ,',"', .
and the ln.lt IMM nt wen, lev.lled a. e-V,,.lrrn.,n McAdoo ,n,l JMapbUI
. .. , ... IhllllelK of the lletliocr.-ltlc National
the (lovunor and clicked with on .- CommttM t.am , prin0ton to-day
c"ru- for a vlKlt with Oov. Wlloon, They ex
Mr. Wllhon gpproaohod the tab! I r,,. to return to New York this after
ahout which wen grouped the elect Ion rioon.
clerks and u numoOf Of DeWSpaDar men
He surveyed toe tbrong u nioinent an .
thin remarked: "You know, aa I urn
Hovel nor, 1 can enforce the law."
There was Just a suspb in of u UtUgtl
In his eyes a he surveyed the group
nt newspaper men
"Oh, never hind clearing them out."
aid one of the election clerks; "llio'te
irtrg ba'l ." Tin ballot e'.-rV tool
hla pluce and Will immediately al rente I
OP the same charge.
County Chairman Bird ra ported thai
he had fre'iuent calls f if aid from Ilull
Moue waliliers who hid teen ejected
from polling places by the e.cci on
board. To reasons for putting loo
out varied. ORMtlnVM U "as because
the room was loo s nail f ir thre party
inspeitors and tb-iae of the two older
pari.es must have preference. In mtur
aaos It H held C'al 'be noise which
very true Ilull Moose makes unoaaa
Ingly when In action wis mo disturb
:ng for the pence of the polling place.
On every such report a Hull Moose
lawyet .n a awlft Bull Moose tutomobll
was btirrtod u the ipoi to demand thai
the policeman on duty arrest the chair
man of the board unless he pul the
T. K. w.vtchers back. These u tic
were reported to be iiuylng sin ...; h, .
though In many oa ihe RoOMtrolt men
were compelled to p. :' h llku MOldlni
saulrrels on packing Bum, counieca
1 and even '.lie tops f tolopBOM bOOthgi I
James A Foley, eha rms the l.iw ,
. i . i , , i. . .
"a"" '
i WOlgUd lawera anlse.1 at Tammany
I " "' 10 PPeuis r.ir help Irmii
Tammany mters wno (I v chall.ngo 1 or
arresteu. i n y ravatvau a iepi.i i nun
three Hull Moose bad lieen urrestisl in
the Twelfth Aaaambly Ulatrtot for dur
ing to raglitar Illegally in me district
of I'hutles F Murphy, 'Ihe Tammany
lawyeia were not Interested,
il,l 'lime solium, r 1 iiiinil Dead,
NEWiir noil, n. v. Nov, I. Andrew
Tiautz, champltin IWlmmor of Aniei
lt a In the sew ntlcs, iv is found .les, I In
bed al Highland Talis o-duy. ugeil
kiStj-seieli He v. Ii and losl a match
I wltb the English
Itampion awuuuier.
KrCKMA ( I i i n IN in lit : li Ms
r I'sru Me. las i .1 ji Plus si(fi. hi
IiiiU. Mt . uuimfi. :u t i ,r l.'ik.u.t. Itruui.i
iji.,1. it. it,, s i.e., 41.. i siniilerlal iliseurety,
llfcUH I. S .-.I V vllt. I I I I- whlctl ttev
y. .osiiter Ui curs sn as .1 Bl.'kKMA. no
uis'ter of Itos Inus Ktsl, .lies c In lo ho
dsn tint will Hi aid in .net ii ii trni. i . 'ii
i NAUG ci Tis
rt,.-u ilrtu .....i .1...
ni - ,. 11 lour
IruaKl.i hasn't n. tru.t
us ro in - 1
, br sum.
... tau u wie be etut
Crowd at Polling Place Held Up
by Slowness in Voting Three Ballots
.-.ru-.-.. i.i ., i- ,- - - i-ii-.i-i ,-.,-.-1,-1.-1.-1 .- - ,-i -i-.-. -ii-.-.-.-,-,-. - - - - - .
"5al aaaaabalaaaf 'f" ggk aa?ff I
. .v.- . - . --- a'gat avSaa EV SM wrgy aaaJEaajMavaefaw ggt
only newspaper men."
(lovernor HiulleiL
The lovernor had to wait a few mo
menta In-fore he could - o-t hla ballot.
all three of the Imothe were nt
copied by votera tit the ttm of hi
ntrntta Into the imiIHuk place.
Norman Armour, Princeton 1177, waa
In one of the booth.
"Onvtrmir," uld Mr. Armour, when
he camo nit, "when 1 we In New
York, I un a banner healed, rVV'llaon
National I'rogreaalve Republican Tkiket.'
That the ticket I voted."
"I feel very much complimented,"
anew c red the (lovernor. "You know I
have alwae wun.lered t those bannere
tnat aal I regular progressive nomlna
tlona.' I had alwaya thiught the pro
gri Hslvc n mlnatloria were Irregular."
The crowd laughed and the Uovernor
entered the voting booth. He thought
li e hi lota were Inside.
"You'll have to have one of three
flrt." called one of the teller, all of
a hotn were old time frlrnds of tlut Gov
ernor; and the nominee was handed hla
"WoodrOW Wilson. No. Cleveland
I.ene. Battel 112, ' announced one of th
ti ilera as he recorded the (iovernor'a
v..te The li.iveinor wna in th ouoth
Juat four minutes.
Just before tlovertior U llson arrlvd
brother-in-law, I'rof Stockton Ax-
on. of rrln.'et.in
ballot NO, 111, the
Unlvaralty, receiv.i
tie immediately prc-
Ceding that handed
the tlovertior
I'ror. Axson announced after he had
morgad from one of Ihe booth that
li e dlrOCtlOn which hi ballot had taken
whs not hard lo guea.
Hov. VIIon remained about th. Mil.
lux place for several minutes Joklna
I with the nawapaparman but declined
niaae any ntn.emenl for publication
Aa eioi. Wllaoii atciroarhed th. dr.
pnflna atatlOb he we approached by a
beautiful young woman. Mra. Wad
Mountfort, of New York City, who
"OoVarnor, I wont you to accept tills
for food luck for to-day."
Sh. bun le.1 the candidate a rabbit's
foot tie accepted It with a smile, re
o'Ovtd In hut with Hout iern grace and
PtlOOk Mm Mount furl's hand.
"Thank you," h ald. "thank you
or much."
"I came down here fro.n New York
Wllaon' Hiooilni Mate Vote
traigM Ticket.
INDIANAPOLII, tntVi .Vov. 5. "I sup
pose you voted the Itralghl ticket, Gov
ernor?" "I sine did." replied QoV, Thi.:iiHs It.
Mnr- h ill, DomoeratlO candhlale for
Vlce-1'realdenl. Jiiji after he had call
111! I, allot lit MO tills no. flung.
ti'ontlnue.l fnmi Klrst I'age.i
and a gathering knot of wen olshera
and camp followers, swung Into Third
Avenue, ihe sidewalk was thinly lined
Willi expect. nit oi.lt ikers.
Into a barbar shop at Ko, II Third
avsiiiu. Steiinad William lulssr. Thar
lie looked into the mugsles of a lino of rliletit o.il of th ordinary wna the death
camera artillery, ssoh cannoneer with of Hanry A. Ifooati forty-olght year
finger tensed oil trigger, ready to drsjold, i poll clerk, who fell dead while
tbs in. lam Mi lulssr iiiaii bis blot) chocking "P s vter.
lot ih- ci-i- . ITHACA, N. Y., Nov. 5.-Tlie early
win. c .oiruct. .fistic democracy, the vote was tremendou and a i rd poll
w ,t. b.-c lei a man. w i.i was cvl len'lv
1 1
ti hurry to n" to work, got in frunl
Of the big flKUie of tin- Connicssin in, i
with the letter's approval Tot la thlsl
c.ts, tot,, :lic last turned out to he ftrot
For although the man who prooodad Mr
ulasi votod ballot i Id the numbor of
Mr Sul r ballot wa.. 1.
At 10.01 Mr S .l ei entiled the booth
to strike tie blow for Uamooraoy and
i'.ilzer Af 10.0. 1-2 be came out again
an 1 was ihOUl to drop ills ballot In Hie
box hen
efjang itang "
A volley ot flrlni," i i ashed out from
t c line .il camera artillery and Me bet
UaSsM WSI swathed In smoke. When
battle smoke cleared, the can.lldale was
geotl milling and uiih. allien, shaking
lands nil iiround In DOnAdOnoo of Vic-
tory. Hl d"l done, Mr Hulser 1e
I parted on a round of visits Id frit. mis
In He district. He will have lunch at
bom ami later In Hie day will await the
MWS of tlx- nation-wide light at the
.Manhattan Club.
Others who VOtOd In the same po lln
nliice crn I'litrlck K. M'Gowan ml
j0i,n C KlI.Kei abl. eanill.lat for HUte
u.n., , ,,.,, ,n,. ,., u-i
Uher.-at the H T ' .'1 lJaVKSa.il aLawaaKMaCaa
TO I fcH aH Rjj i
Crowd ats9 sowfolk an
One Ballot a Minute Cast
Syracuse Bull Moose
AI.HANY, N. Y., Nov. 5-ElecUon Day
In Albany County brought clear aklea
and a moderate temparature. A heavy
vote wus polled early In the city of
Albany. There war' considerable oon
Ket.on at acme of the polling place
early In Ihe day. caualng Borne of the
voter to leave the line to return later
William Harne Jr.. ohalrman of the Re
publican Htat Committee, voted early
ml left for New York City.
After voting In Washington County
Oov. IXx returned to Albany He
iix returnea to Albany Me w.n
i receive the returns to-night over a
I soc ial wire at the Executive Mansion.
TIIOY. N. Y., Nov. 3. Weather la
clear and warm for election. The votj
WO I heavy.
SVHAi TSK. N. Y., Nov. 5. A heavy
early vote waa recorded here. In the
I Nineteenth Ward the Hull Moot- hot
Od of this city, they voted at tne rate
1 of une a minute.
ROC1UMTBB, N. Y., Nov. 6. Clear
' weather brought out a remarkable early
' morning vot In thla city. Indicating
that approximately the entire city reg
istration of 4K,oiij would be polled
Home delay wo oxiMcrlcnced In Beveral
; ward owing to the breaking of voting
me ..niie m man. t.i -
WATERTOWN, N. Y , Nov. B. Elec
tion Hay In Wnteriown and nortlvern
New York opetied cloud;. . with Itullca
llon of rain. The country rouda are
In reasonably good condition and u
llg early vote In thla city and county
wna reported. There wan much split
ting. LMIRA, N. T., Nov. B. With moot
favorable weather condltlone, voting
wa brisk here early to-duy. Th
Hemociutlc orguiilaatlon was moat in -live
at the polls Thoro wete no nlgn-
nf QorrupttoPt
AUBOFtNi N. Y.. Nov. 5 -Cloudy klej(
ami mlltl lemperbtur markel election
day Party leaders fMrad tho voting
machine would coat the Presidential -ait-t.
'.dales many VOtOI be lOUOO of the neces
sity to pull the Presidential pointer In
ad lit n to th" UfUOt op atlon.
le3s IklOl brought out a he ivy vole.
!n the elty district, working men
thronged the polls baton factory hours
while ill the country a heavy vote was
polled early. There were vidanMa of
much splltt.ng.
Bl'KFALOt Wt To Nov. f.. -Ideal
raather londltlom pravtlllng in nift.iio
ant Wagtorn New York to-day, brought
out an unusually large early voto In
both c ly an! country. Tie only n-
in Tom; k'
minty was
expect c.i
There Was inn, '' splitting.
OSWVOO, N T.i Nov 5 -Iteporls from
ill parts of Oswego iViunly how n
heavv vote.
KINGSTON, N. V., Nov. 6. Clear,
wnrni weather brought out a large vote
in tb's city and throughout I'lster Coun
ty. rtOCHBgTBfti N. V., Nov. 5. -Tha
larvest vote In tiie history of the city
was (lolled here. Jn some district more
than one Vote a minute was fOOOfdOd.
large VOtO was cast In e ultoti ('ounty
to-day. l'roni (lie length of time taken
oy many voters lo roglttof tlielr cliolc
on the voting machines It was evident
that some splitting was done.
Hub) falls llut of Window.
MnOlO Vort. the t wo- f ar-oiit dktlffbtOI
of Berrard Tort, a butohori of no. .mo
We.t Thirty-ninth street, pitying with
her six-year-old brother Stephen on her
mother's hod. foil out or the window
to-day and drooped four stories to the
court yard The Utile boy tried to save
her by seizing hei foot, hut her tllppf
came off in hi- hand He ran with
to bis mother. eryliiK onl the bail iir ,
aimlo was barely allva when elm wua
..wn i.. ik. v.,, l, Hiuniui
11 NOT funny;
(Continued from Flrt Page.)
estlng; but the newspaper boy havo
alway treated me o well and have
been o good to me that I have nover
remonstrated at the humor they thru:
upon me.
"Here la the only poaslhlo explanation
for the reputation I seem to have accu
mulated as a humorist:
"My dear old mother was very, very
deaf In her latter years, and I used to
talk a good deal to her on my lingers. I
also enunciated very distinctly, trying
aa much a possible for her to grasp my
meaning by watching my mouth. These
two methods of pantomime unconscious
ly grew upon me until In later years,
when 1 became more or les of a public
ipMKeri j indulged unconsciously In
. . . rima,.s an,i pantomime that mac
.,rii.. ,.,,,. weak-in l titled ueoule as
The reporter suggested with due defer
ence Uigt he didn't see any funny story
yet. Maybe If Mr. Hedges would Just
let 111 mind wunder
"Who said I was going to tell a funny
story?" came back the explosive query.
Then a brund und waggish smile.
"I'll tell you omcthtng. 1 hope I am
going to be elected. I believe there's a
chance that I may be. Hut If I'm not
I'll have a lot of satlafgctlon In knowing
that I have done a few thing I wanted
to do In thl campaign.
"For one thlr.g. I wanted to squelch
that old hypocritical Idea that It is un
dlgnllled for a man to eek high oflM,
Heretofore the usual l.lea prevailing Is
that the receptive candidate Is discov
ered by a committee. In frock coats and
patent leather shoes, sitting In his li
brary at about 11 o'clock some fine
1 night, rending by the p. lit of a sha le.!
; lan.p BplototUI or ao ;ie other approprl
) ate old philosopher. The committee tells
him he must run for this and that of
fice. The receptive oandldats starts,
puts two tinkers un ler the second but
ton of his cutaway coat and says,
j 'Oentlemen, thll Is a surprise and an
unmerited honor you offer me.'
I "Hut the very next day he has all tils
i hills paid and 'he scandals In his life
lucked i.wuy behind burglar proof doors
and Ih i. i. on the political Job.
"Now," concluded the Hon. Job E
Hedges, "that's one PeOksnlfflsn piece
of piffle that 1 hi pe 1 punctured. I
whtiinl the Jub of tlovertior and went
out and hustled for It."
The candidate had to work hi way
through a small sled crowd of voters
at the pulling piuce at Sixth avenue and
I Thirty-list h street When he was recog
nized, those closest to tho enrollment
'.. .k-. courteously stool aside and in
sisted that Mr. Hedges sign his name aa
No. 132 tin. get 111 ballot He wasn't
In the booth more than a minute nitl a
half, and when he handed the three
ballot! to the clerk a smile was playing
abcut his mouth
Peiui.. o sets
Il ,i i .
I it.." ..f Ntrtrre. . .
Well. I l l
IMt of l elll llliui .
gronurmi wtilnlni.
. . HpttSI ttm I
Sin .limn I
. . . I'nrt S.isin
Njtranntri ,
, . i'tr, enliven I
ho . I
At Fountains & Elsewher
Ask for
Thl Original and Genuine
Tha Foad-drlnk for All Agai.
ttt restaurants, hotels, and' fountains.
Deliaou, invigorating and sustaining.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Don't travel without it
A qr'ick lunch prepared in minute.
TaneM imitation. Jiut say "HORUaV
Vot in Any MUk Trumi
One of the Feats an Aerial
Shooting Match Between
Passengers on 'Planes.
An ;mmene erowd turned nut at tftf
tvtMlon RoM nt Otltwood Helphti,
.Mtsti n Island, this afternoon for the
big flying programme that had been
provided by the Aeronautical Hoclety
It wne superb flying weather with only
llglit wind blowing tintler a cloudlcas
When the gates were opened there
wo a amnll crowd waiting mid the
pros-peel of ermall gate receipt dis
couraged one of the stirs of the pro
gramme. Mia Huth Hancroft Law, who
departed for her linrre In New York.
She had hardly left the enrodrome. how
ever, when hundreds began to pour
through the gate and before 2 o'clock
rlier were r'.OOC perrons on hnnd and
more comlns in drove.
Tito first MfdrAab up was Oeorire W.
Heatty. pllotlrur a new biplane. Ho was
swiftly ftillowl bp Henry Hlncham
Prown, who took up aa a
a POMMger,
Klret flsnal I
Ltaut. ScharU'tts of the
I'.irps, V. S A.
&tty nd Brown raccl around In
wide drcU's, .naklr.se rapid turn and
'.wutts, ?llm.bltig to l.OOU-fool levels ami
then ewooplng ftoWII until their machines
".est tlielh thitilow.s on the ground. Af
ter Heatty had tested out his machine
he ame loom and took aboard aa a
paesenger Mra. J. W. MtstjUlO of Sta
pJetoii. H. I. Laiter he flew with t'harle
I.ee OOMar of rri-Ht Kills.
t he saslnetBaJ fentiire ,.r the t
il.ght. of the programme was an aerial
shooting match between Dillon Hoffman
and Colder. Heatty had CfcMOf In his
plane and Hoffman rode In Itrown ma
chine. Another thrilling etunt wns provide!
by Capt Thomas Haldwln when he tool;
Up 8c enteen-.i ear-old Co il Peoll in his
"Rod Devil Btplan" and did all oru
of aerial prank. Latei Capt. Haldwln
hatl Miss Isabelle Paterson
OoUVaTi B. C.i as a pasetixer,
of Van
New System Confuses Foreign
Born Voters and Creates
Congestion nbiejt the booth. In eaul
side polling plnoog, which began oon
after the poll opened, lucre. taed dur
ing the day until, at some places where
the votln, was almost exclusively by
foreign-horn citizens, .llattinbance ap
proaching the proportions of riot were
entailed. Thla was due entirely to the
three-ballot system, introduced thl
A single ballot 1 sometimes a con
fusing thing to unfold and fold, es
pecially when another voter I. waiting
to take placo behind the shabby cur
tain; but thl year three vheete of paper
to be manipulated and marked proved
to be u heavy strain on the Ingenuity
of Borne voters. Where the voter
wanted to cut hie ticket he waa further
The reu.t wa. ,i piling up of pro
spective inters outside the polling place
and ttm formation of lines which wer
constantly bein.it tangled up and jostled
by voters leaving the polls.
Down at the d iner of Orand and
Suffolk streets, the conf is'on was once
trebled by R fight hetween rival po
litical oritors. Louis Cohen, who live
at No. 27 Attorney street, wa holding
forth for th. . nil MoogO ticket on one
' corner. w;lb a Socialist meeting going
full blast no; thirty feet away. Some
body tried 10 i rek up Co1 en's meeting
and he Juxpc I from the cart tall, which
was hi rostrum, and hit lomebody.
Max Pell r of No. 3211 Mudlson street
alleged In Essex Market Court that il was
. e who wa ih s smitten; but Magis
trate H trls discharged Cohen, who had
hag n arrested, hi caaso FolOOl' waa not
positive the orator's list wua the one
responsible for his bruised eye.
Onient Pars. A PS in Isie, ,It.-k)nrtll.
New Amsttrhuii OKI of Atlti.lt
It. ' - ' t i- St.saio.1,
Daltsd skat, letftsasi. Norfolk.
Clirl.titnttrsl. lil Norte. flllnsllSl
rj Ms, Q&nSfX,
Special lor Tuesday, the .th
U ,..e e.tew.,ere.M. IOC
Tuesday's Ofleriag
.nun ksSORTKn iiiim"
I'lTii :to uliiilti :Mi, value
) lit n
.Tn'-.i i ..nh.ntll i.lreet slore open erv rvenlns until 11 o'elork.
"""v.Tmir "I!.'";, .u'e" KaturdaT ... .alnuntll II e'eleel..
Milk Ciiocoiatc Covered
or finest Nousat. mil
A dainty centre
Joublv Invltlns T a
blanket ot our Premium
Milk Chocolate.
rot '! BOX
Spirited Racing at the Brighton
Beach Motordrome Before
a Crowd.
lpecll M Th Kreelef World I
0.Vitih the weather conditions Ideal
for the matinee automobile rac.ee crowds
began to All the stand at an early
hour. Many well known driver, In
cluding Ralph Mulford. Rpencer Wll
hart, Nell Whalen. Dave Unit, Rill
Chandler. Iceland Mitchell, P. Coatello,
The-baud Iecaln and Ferguson partlcl
patisl. There was a good card of race,
he feature of whli.h wa the 100 mile
Election Day Derby. The track had
been carefully prepared and wa. la x
celltnt ahape.
Klght car fuced the starter In the
flrt race Claes C, non-etock, distance
ten mile, for the (ieorge Rector trophy.
National (Whalen). Btuti (Lewla),
Stun (Lecaln). Moaon tMulford). Mer-
, ,iei.i..m U'lln. iMtnkeil
i . 1 1. . ... i ....... . .
Mon (Mitchell) and Kline (Ormby).
TrguaOn could not tart hi Mercer
and withdrew.
Spencer Wl.hart. the young million
aire driver, led the field In the first
1 lap. Lec'aln wna aecond nd Mulford
I thlr.l. The same relative positions were
i maintained during '.he aeoond mile on
I the third lap Dave Lowla paased Mul
I ford and raced after the leaders In
I the sixth lap he paiwted eca!n and
was after Wlshart. Whalen nad crept
j Up to fourth place. Lewis passed
Wlshart on "ie i.
ht.mt. flrat under tnr wire, Willi vt tsh-
I art second and Whalen third. Time for
tbe UlSianc Wll v inumi"
Event No. I waa a Mve-mllc non-sto?k
handicap, with the following entrant;
........ ftS..tL1 Mercer iFercusoii).
! Kline (Ormsby), Mercer (l.lmborgt. Ma
son MUlfOrO and Mason lautcnein.
The latter and Ormshy were sent
away flrt with SO seconds handicap,
LttntMTgi I eecenls ; Pullen and Fergu
son, 6 second, and Mulford, scratch. On
the third mile Ormeby had a good lead
over Mulford, and he finished flrst, with
Mulford second and IJmberg third. Time,
6m. 1.20s.
An a bled event waa a mile exhibition
In a Flat by John De Palma. brother cf
Ralph, the famou driver, who was hurt
at Milwaukee. No time was announce.
The third eveint was a free-for-aU
ban I leap, dlataaxe ten miles, with the
'o'lowlng CtUTI entered: National
iWhnlen), Mercer (Ferrueon). Kline
Mlnkon), Maaou (Mulford). Merceries
'Wlsharti, Writs (Lew's), Klrne (Orms
by)i Mason (Mitchell), and O. J. O.
iThebaud). It was a fine race tram
the start. Dave Deiwla crept up to
third -pio -e In the fifth lap end pamed
Vinker on tho sixth. Mulford's ma
chine, roaring Hke a Oat Ing run. was
f,-;c.rr.: up on the lesvlera WlShar:
gained tlUrd place In the aenenth lap,
riving from ;'unii Un the elgntm
lap Wlshart pasoeil Orimsuy and began
a stem ohaae after lewls. but h
nnntakned his lead an 1 sent the Stutz
ender the w4re In eeoind place after
VtitchoU's Mason, whsdh ha.l the ad
vajitage of the bsg handioap. Time,
til 4". of.
Event No. I Ten miles, non-etock. won
by Lewi In a Sluts; Wlb irt aecond In
a ktsl UadOg. and Whalen third In a a
National. Time, 8m. 17.50.
Event No. 3 Five miles, non-stiwk,
won by Ormnby In a Kline; Mulford sec
ond In a Maimn, and l.lmherg third In a
Mercer. Time. 6m. 1.20s.
Event No. 1 Free-for-all handicap, ten
mile, won by Mitchell (60s.) In a Maaon;
I., wis ill).) Mt-oiid In a Stutz. and Wlsh
art (.cratch) third In a Mercedes. Time.
9m. 47.55.
You'll know ihero b eoeorthl
No one widk a healthy scalp bos
it is not natural.
Healthy, strong hair cannot Crow ander
thus conditions and what's far store dis
turbing, the hair that yon hare wfll soon
turn grey and fell out. Thau come
that "Has Been Look" about tfcess
11 00 sad SOc st Drss gSsrss ss
uhm ol sk d dcsltr't esata gd 10 for
trijletUt.-Ptila Hay ke. Co.. Ms wars. N.
Special lor Wednesday, tbef lb
2.1e ealui IMII'ND BOX
Wednesday's Olferiog
Clllll 111 . ITK M V.l.v. I I It OA -Nt
T KIHMHHl 40fl Talue
elsewhere. Hit XII BOX
ree- - a c, Htii StS.
mLnl" lM,s(joOWAV
Th pclfla welsht In each instance
lacluass la minitlBtr.
FIRST RACIC. Five and one-half fur.
long Katlna. 143 (Bteele) first. 1'utle
H., 10B (Turner), aecond; Mimesis. 1oH
(Buxton), third. Time. 107. Ktta Ilav.
Barbara Worth, Birmptuous. Htnrberta.
Rather Hlues. Kitty W., Pretty Molly.
Swlftmire also ran and finished a
named. 12 Mutuel Paid -Katlnka,
atratght, 7.l); place. W.). ahow, 13.20.
CuU H . place, 13.10; ohow, 12 . V.t
mesl. ahow, K.40.
HKCOND RACK One mile and aev
enty yardaenty yardaa Capltan Bravo,
110 (Peak), fintt; Dynamite. 110 (Bux
ton), second; Honanaa, 110 (Lnftus).
third. Time. 1.44 1-6. Molaant. K.lwnh.
Nlner alao ran and finished as namml.
It mutual paid: Capian Hravo, atrnlarht
$14.10, place 1 30. show B.10; Dyna
mite, place tl 0, ahow 110.10: Ponan
sa. ahow 15.30.
TlIIJtD RACE -Six fnrlonirs -Royal
Tea, Inll (Ruxtnn), won; CVfOVef HiiPhe,
127 (IaJO, MOOOdl Enfield. KW fOroaa).
third. Time. 1 13 3-3. Thne links, Cam
piHin, Joe D.lebol.1 also ran and llnlfihed
as nnmed. Two doNaT miitnnls pa.ld
Royal Tea, atraUrht. Mf); place, 16.10.
.how, M.S0. drover Hughe, place, tS JO;
how, 12.40. Enfield, show. 13.30.
niWT RACE. Selling; two-year-olds:
five and a half furlongs Striker.
107 (Slutttlnger), 3 to 2, 7 to 10 and out,
flrat; Lawsuit. 107 (Davleeh 10 to 1.
12 to I and t to 1. second; Ooorge fttoll,
106 i Byrne). 10 to 1. 4 to 1 and 2 to !
third. Time, 108 2-B. Hlg Dipper. Wll
II. Old Gibraltar, WtltapOf Helle. Bryn
ary. HOOllHIH. Vote. Sandhng. Chuckles.
Llttlo Hugh and Cordle F also ran and
nnllhod a" named.
HKCOND RACI'l -Three-yenr-oldg an.l
up; one mile and an eighth- Frog Lo c
123 (M Taitgart). 7 to 10. out and trot,
flrst ; Bw-tttia Titmbo. 108 (Martin), 20 to
1, 6 to 1 and even, second ; Mlselon, 101
(Ferguson). 4 to 1, 4 to 6 and tut,
third. Time, 1.63 2-6. Dr. Duenner al.i
ran and finished as nc.tned.
THIRD RACE For maiden, of all
agea, six furlongs Kingly. II (M.
Cshev), B to 1. 2 to 1 and even, fins:;
Albroa. II (Anvbuse), 13 to 6. even
and out, second. Slim Prince, 116
(Fall-brother), 16 to I, I to I and .1
to i. thud. Time, i.i4. Mongolian,
Sweet Times. Jim Caffrey. Mohaw'.
Boy, Hnllvbev. Poppef t'ottnn, OM
be.rt, Vesjier. and Judge Walser also
ran nnd finished as named.
Shampoos and occasional dress
ings of Cuticura Ointment are
invaluable. No other emol
lients do so much to prevent
dry, thin and falling hair, re
move dandruff, allay irrita
tion and promote the growth
and beauty of the hair.
Cation r Soap and Otatassat Mid thnnuraoat ta
woritt liberal sssapte of eseb maUsd frss, wltb
32-p. book. AiMrrst "( uUeurs." I art. TP. Bono a.
SS) Tsndw-fseeS nisn shae In rvimlert wit Cutl
curs Oote nsatls. Stlek. 2V. labarsl stats trss.
Radiate real beauty -addsarouthful.
lovely complexion, and won't 'ahow
powder" nor com off until removed.
Complexion Powder
I unlike other powder fin and hann
I, It soften th akin and benefit th
tissues instead of ruining them.
A fascinating f marram- and a tint
for every complexion.
Whitt, Pink. Cream and Firth.
At year Orumgitt'a and Depart-
mtnt Star. ToiUt Sim SOc.
Carmen Cold Cream
snow-whit non-sticky - soften
and sooth the akin, tic ana sec.
Staff erd-Miller Company.
gig Olhr Street.
laiaj ijoiii csxd tttt iitsfasd I
shiuui .v i,. o, ...j., i ciniiui ctrtls
;r ' , ton snarns, Hetnn to CkaKsw
Pll-t UoleT No q intlont uked ntesrll
i.,r-ii . inn. nil! nure "lillf n,i, .-.i fci,
tittl: tit-,.-- I,, i. in .
mri rew-jxl. Ileuirn
,t -siii m.
llsuiiiri A. VI oodrew, 41 Wt
LSl.M AlSiitl l.l.g. Itiiat. K. I. K
l-Olii ui.l lliltt til , Utjeral rrieaii.''
jt-irtri, am .tu,iiib,,n tti
"TUB CONINCl OF lilt; LltA." '
by C. A. Seltser, author of 'The Two
Oun Man," a romance of the big West,
-will begin In tho Evening Worli
Auur-iAit y j i .1

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