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Champion Girl Rider
Of the World Began
Ridiiuf When She Was Four
Little Miss Maud Prcc:e,
"Who Came From En ft
hind to Ride in the
Horse Show Here, Loves
Horses So She Would
Like to Sleep in the
wae bwu r wan ,.! i It wasn't the
MSM of my muunl, and I never was
n irt, any iSM, There Isn't anything
i nrou about a .i karat, Nw, if
It were a boat. nk that hi ona wa
r,,m' n to Amerlra! Tii.t ,.. an
'! the ItTlr ft.wl I At - . . .
nave i i ll n aJM (hn ocean
"Of ur, there'. . dlfTrrenre 1n
M'liinti. ami r -.n . t
a ko.hI on. r bid one. Ann Some.
tlrriir.. .tinVr-mly , m,lk1 vo,lrirr
m::" "r"hr n'' '" thnga are MM
aa tny IhouK I, there', mih!ng In
un iVlla! r",!n" '"n'"n'' " "
''in, mn r like ereee Liiantry bati 01 ail
i espeei io dam thi winter."
OF LE880N8.
when I'm Brown up, and then I'm
alwaya wad'hlng for Hie nance to break
In a rolt. Vv aefci-il and anked father
to let me do It. and I ve watrhel the
men SO often that I know I could. But
nobody hna i-ver (riven me the oppor
tunity, and eviwUinea I'm ao dlaffuated
I juat have to atallop It off wltti Merry
I-Kf "
"Ami do you ever play with doll!?"
I encceKted tentatively.
L Hut little MIM Pree tranarlred ma
with a glnm-.- of politely veiled acorn.
I folia?" repented he. "Why, dolla are
Jl u do he.alda
She Is Only Eight Years
of Age and When Asked
if She Played With Dolls
Replied With Politely
Veiled Scorn: "Why,
Dolls Are Dead!"
Marguerite Moorrn Marshall.
With remarkably little notae a truly
remarkable little peraon baa Juat allpprd
over the ocean to villi ua. She la M'.ee
Maud I'rrece, the elaht-yi ar-old KniUah
Ctrl to abOM i...i,..k tiic title of cham
pion arlil rider af the world, and who
Will ride at the New York Morn 8how
Uila month.
Mlaa Pree.e n net lanrela laat aea
aoei, n he:, ahe waa awar.JiM tlrat urtln
at the International ll.uac Show, held
la ttnglaml. but open lo competitor!
from every other country. And In un
tJolpatlon ihe flnda our bHnvcd Matlw.n
Square event "a Ml tame," because
there are too few clanee In Mat
amall atria may enter.
And what doea ahe look like, thli
routhfuKeal of rhamolrma? Well, ahe la
trlffle tall for her ate, and ahe la
what we know In the vernacular a
"chunky." But there' ni hint of llaliby
fat; I ' Juat that th. i noolhly-m lug
muaclea are Hell covered, the la of
axon falrnea , with a mane of 1 1th I
hair tumbllna over her nhouldera, and
kaen blue eyes And above all, ahe haa
that look of buoyant health which la
only to be found In the BOM try child,
aad which la neverthuleaa the eupreme
beauty of childhood.
"Von have alwaya lived In the coun
try, haven't your' 1 aaked her, with
perfect confidence In th.i anawer.
"Yea. Indeed,' ahe replied with a
dignity at once any and anlf-poaieaerd.
she haa charming "company mannera,"
which are In marked entreat to the
mixture of effrontery and aullenneaa
chaiacteiUlnt the average young
"And you have ridden for how long?"
I continued.
"elver alnce I can remember," ahe
coafeeaed. "Mother taught me, and
aha aaya I had my flrat lesson oa my
fourth birthday. But aha aaya ahe
thlnka the liking for a hone waa born
eat me. My mother lieraelf betan to
ride when the waa a little bit or a girl,
air 'ather haa ridden all hla life and
tor two brothere and my alater Helen
are fearfully keen about It
"When I'm at home I live at Klnge
ton Hllla, a place nfteen mllea out of
London. It'a all country, you know
woode and meaJowa and nice, anioothy
lanea. where we can gallop. Father
baa a big, big place, and dotena of
boraea. I oan ride Mona'a horeea, too.
Whan I Ilka. Mona la Mr. Joeeph
Dunne little girl. She'a ten. and on
bar laat birthday her father gave bar
a whole atable. eomo of the very beat
riding horaea in England. They've won
ever eo many cupi. Borne day' I'm go-
And what
l-reeon. Mro houra a fa.
t'.verneaa, r, 1 ., ' a ,ltn mv
Plan ,n,u, aMnf a nmfrae on. I rider
1 1, I'alrlrk'e lnl Minstrel IMwi
The mlnettel ahow of St. I'utrlck'i
Catholic (lub, which waa held a St
Patrick'! School Hull, Taiiffe place and
Willoughhy avenue, Brooklyn, proved a
big lUOceee. The teOOfxl hall wna crowded
In th.- .at of fifty people were thirty
i,1 llrooklyn 'l prettteat girl! and twenty
f tho rulli'a moml.era. A dan -e fol
lowed, wrth muilc by the club i or-cheatra.
kt Minn DDrrrr urn
tag to have a atnlile all my own, Juat
aa good aa the one belumlng to M una
"I hope y..u get It," 1 told her. "You
like horaea. then"
"T'ley are really veiy much nicer than
moat people," aff ruled little Mlaa
Pi a tatt tiavely. "The understand
eviry tingle thing you aay to them;
and they never acold or Mnawer bat k.
Why, Merry l.ega, he'i the brown pony
I'M Kol'.K to ride at your ihow, la Juit
my friend' I tlWayi tell hlin every
thliiK. and ahure my eppita with him.
and once, when he didn't feel very
well, I oouldn't go to ileep all nltht.
1 wurrled ao! And when I ride him
all I have lo do la to give the loaat
little touch to the rein and he'll K:illop
or trot or tun or Jump ur do anything
1 want him to do. I'.ven muthrr i.t)!
It'i iulte wonderful."
"Do you feed hint and lake care of
hun youraelf?" I aaked.
But little Mlaa Preeca'a dignity lud
Hettly Intrniiried.
"Oh. we have grootm for all that
eort of work!" ihe corrected me. "Like
mulhcra have nureea for their children,
you know." Then, with a quick return
to the confl.il ntUl, "Of course I alwnyl
see to It tat Merry Leg! li taken care
of properly. And I know what he
ouaht tu eat. and how to bruah. Iilm
and curry Itl in and put my aaddle on
him. if It ever ahould be nvoeaeary fur
me to do thoac thlnga. Father uyi a
1 aoou riuer ougnt to know everything
about the care of a hone, io that he
can tell whrthe rthe truoma are aeg
: lectlng their dutlea.
"And 1 do like to be around In a
atable. 1 think It would be faAcJnatlnt
to aieep In one, but that la lomethlng
mother Haa ne.er let me do. Once,
when I waa a real baby, I craiwled Intu
the etall with mother a own riding hune
and went to ileep than only, of couiae,
I can't remember It. U.it my mother
waa frightened, even th uiKti the h.n-
didn't hurt me a bit. No nice horse ever
hune anybody wtio knowi how to treat
"And you're never a bit afraid when
you rldeT"
Mlea Preece aiionk her head with a
jqulet little amlle. "What Is there to be
I afraid of?" ihe returned. "I've had a
' few tumbles, little blti of onea, but that
Cooper's New Discovery
Used The World Over
For Stomach Trouble
The tremendous ajtiount of rush unil bustle which
Is necessary to keep abreast of the times these days
haa created a condition of nervousness which is af
fecting the majority ot people in the United Slates.
That down-and-out, nervous condition is nothing
snore or leas than stomach trouble, now generally
recognized as the great American plague.
A man or woman in this condition can get little
happiness or success out of life They feci tired
all the time, have no energy or ambition, and are
gloomy, timid and despondent. They do not sleep
or cat -well, or feel wall, and life, instead ot being
a pleasure, is more of a burden.
Are you one of these trail sick, listless, tired,
nervous people? If you are, you should know that
there is a medicine that has brought back the old
energy and pleasure in life to thousands who have
tried it. The name of it is
Cooper's New Discovery
It has been pronounced the greatest medicine ever
sold to the public. Cooper's New Discovery is
sold by all druggists, who will refund the purchase
Iiriec if it fails to give you full and complete satis
action. It will build you up and bring back your
strength and vitality. You will be astonished how
quickly it acts. The first few doses will convince
you of rts merits. Cooper's New Discovery is
used the world over for stomach- trouble.
At All Druggists
elope iteint.nr.lt' Tiny.
LONDON, Nov. S. Mnx Ralntl ndt's
aotdles.a atari "The Venetian Nitfl.t,"
due lo he erOwuOea at ihe 1'iilace I'ue
atre Uat nUht, waa It appeal by order
of the censor after aeclng the dreaa ri-
One Gels Three Years and
the Other Is Let Off
With One Year.
Jude Swimn wna the only judge of
the Court of t'eneral feaalona who dli
posed of j.rlaonera yeaterday. Might per
lone, convicted either by trial or con
fceHon, mere aentetieed by him.
The dlepoaltlon f the eight were.
tv mount mini y. twenty-nine yeara
old, native b-irti; pleaded guilty carry
ing a revolver; flrat offense, bad repu
tation. State I'rlaon from one to three
Iiitia Stsiano. '.wenty-one years o'.d.
native born; pleaded guilty attempting
to aell oocalne; flrat offenae. Peniten
tiary three nv.nlhe
Anthony Wldman. twenty-one yean
old, native born; p'.esded guilty carry
ing a revolver, aerond offenae Peni
tentiary one reef
Margaret KTnery. twenty-two yeara
old; born In (lenmany; pleaded guilty
attempting to aell cocaine; first offenie.
BwfltSSMS sttsiendeal.
lamea (Ilea on, thirty-four years old;
born In Ireland; pleaded guilty nirry
Itvg a revolver; flrat offenie. rtentence
Charlee J. Collin, twenty-two years
old, native born; pleaded guilty carry
ing a alungfthnt; flrat offense. Sentence
lyoula Boland. eighteen eri old,
native born, pleaded guilty cirrylng a
revolver; flrat offence. Sentence aui
pended. Max Portlier, twenty yeara mid; born
In Uer:nany: pleaded guilty grand lar
ceny; stole l from employer; flret of
fense. Sentence euepended at PSSjuatl
of t'Oanpialnnnt.
Dettrctives Find Porcelain Jewel
Box After Weeks' Search
for Servant.
ophle Bechendorf, eeventeen yean
old. will have to explain how a jrarftlaln
ooa belonging to Mrs 8. dam of the
Adimston Apartments, No. Kt Weat
nighty-nlnth etreet, happened to be
found In her room at No. 5 Weat One
Hundred ami nrtyflrit etreet. The
young woman ssye ihe doei not know
Mre. Uene. Mrs. flans eaya ahe former
ly employed Sophie ai a maid.
Mrs. Oam complained some weeks
ago that a eervant whom ihe had hut
two daya had disappeared and that a
bar pin, let with fifty-two diamond!, a
coral necklace and two gold watchei
had disappeared at the lame time. She
Mid the maid's name waa Sophie Beck
endorf. Ueteetlvee Qulnn and Donnelly of the
West One Hundredth etreet station lfc
covered Sophle'e where-abe-uti last
night. She was Identified by Mrs Oeni.
who also Identified the porcelain box
which waa In Kophle'a room. The de
tective! thereupon took the girl to the
station, wrhere ihe wai held.
Policeman llelekee at Polla.
Soon arter he itartil duty at the
polling place al .No. 7i Ninth avenue.
Patrolman Jamei ,. faercll of the Kat
Thirty-fifth etreet station was taken
aerlouale ill. He was taken tb the Poly
clinic llnapltal and ,'ojnd to be auffer
lng from ptomnlne poisoning. Farrell
Is fifty-two and Uvea at No. 6 Chlcaco
avenue, Klinhuret, I. I.
A Belmont M Notch
collar in white striped
Madras. It's an v
IV, J for Mc.
Cluett. Pea body Si Co.
A Becoming Hat for Every Woman
Specialized $10 Millinery
The debulanle
heads the list for
there r.re hats with
dash and chic.
Hats for the
young matron who
is just beginning to
become conserva
tive. Hats that are
compositions of
sombre ideas for
the matron.
In this $10 Mil
linery, which is one
of our specialities,
we endeavor to
pleaseevery woman
a n d we think
that we will, for
t.hpse Hats urn
made in our own workroom, of the best materials (mrjiy im
ported), and by our most skilled milliners.
What is the Hat illustrated? Such a beautiful symphony
of color, that we regret tlxat it must be reproduced in black and
white. It is of black velvet, with a Charlotte Corday pleat
ing of gold lace and a band of skunk around the crown. An
American beauty rose is gently placed on the brim, and a
pleating ol Nankin blue silk edges the brim.
Medium-Priced Salon, Third Floor
Is Responsible for the Most Enthusiastic Buying
of Rugs and Carpets Ever Seen in New York
The excitement, beean with the opening of the
store on Monday morning simultaneously in the
Main Rug Store, on the Sixth Floor and in the Sub
way Store.
In spite of our extremely liberal provision of extra
salespeople and space, we are afraid that some of our
friends were not served as promptly as they would
have liked, and for this, unavoidable though it was,
we apologize.
But it will take more than two days of the most as
tonishing Carpet and Rug buying in our experience
to exhaust the superb Dobson stock.
It was gathered with utmost care, and is right up to
the minute in variety, quality, patterns and colorings.
Such famous makers of Rugs and Carpets are in
cluded besides the Dobsons' own splendid makes
as Hardwick & Magee, Bigelow, Schofield, Mason & Co.,
Thomas Devlon & Co., A. & M. Karagheusian and
many others.
Ihe Rugs include every oualitv. from the finest grade of
Royal Wilton to Art Squares and Body Brussels; the Carpets,
from Wiltons to Ingrains; and there are quantities of fine Printed
and Inlaid Linoleums.
Again we are unable to cite definite sizes and prices. But,
if you have missed coming during the first two days of the
Sale, you can come tomorrow in after-election peace and quiet
end may be sure of splendid economies on Floor-coverings for
every room in the house. Blxth Floor
Oriental Rugs on the Front Aisle,
Main Floor
In connection with the Dobson Sale we shall make a special
display tomorrow of Oriental Rugs in small sizes, at attractively
low prices, such as you have learned from experience to asso
ciate with the Gimbel Rug Store.
Prices are (3, (6, 6.C0, $7.60, $9.75, $12.60, $16, $18.60
and up to $46.
The Rugs include little Anatolian Mats, Karabagh and
Kazakja Rugs, Shirvans, Beluchistans, Mosuls, Kirmanshahs and
Sarouks, in an exceptionally fine assortment.
Also a group of India Carpets, about 10 x 14 ft., specially
priced at $100. Main Floor, Front Cross Aisle
Take Pleasure in Announcing
A Series of Housekeeping Lectures by
Mrs. Winnifred Harper Cooley
President of the Associated Clubs of Domestic Science
4 Labor Saving Inventions in the Home
"Pure Food Scientifically Prepared' '
At 11 A. M. and 2:30 P. M. Daily, Bettanin
Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6th,
In the GIMBEL AUDITORIUM, Eighth Floor
After aach Lecture an Expert Demonstrator will ahow tho
efficiency and economy of tho use of tho DUPLEX flRE
LKBB COOKKR In the preparation of food.
You Are Cordially Invited to Attend
$1.25 to $1.50
Winter Dress
Goods Go Out
at 75c Yard
The reason for this re
duced price is that they
have been so popular at
their regular prices that
color-assortments are some
what broken. The group
affords many a splendid
opportunity to buy the ma
terial for smart Winter
tailored suits at savings of
40 to 50 per cent.
Included are mixed suitings,
zibelines, diagonals, prunellas
and mannish mixtures, in gray,
reseda, brown, wistaria and
o.Iut desirable colors. All-wool,
and tomorrow, all at 76c yard.
Second floor
Important Offering of
Brass Bedsteads
In these days of reports of rising prices
of Brass Bedsteads it is good for house
keepers to know about these Gimbel Brass
Bedsteads below the regular Gimbel
prices, BEFORE the increase took effect.
Thev are all new, in the mo6t desirable
stvles. and offered because we are able
to effect a concession at these special
$32 Brass Bedsteads
(Illustrated) at $25.50
A handsome, continuous post design, 2-inch,
with five 1 Winch filling rods, and fancy mounts.
All sizes, in might or satin finish.
Brass Bedsteads in Colonial Design
Panel effect. 2-inch posts, with lj-inch fill
ing rods, all sizes, bright or satin finish.
At $16, from $21. At $18.60, from $26.
At $18, from $25. At $10.76, from $28.
Brass Bedsteads, Small Lots Reduced
A number of Bedsteads, which we have in
discontinued patterns, in smaller sizes; only one
of a kind, at the following prices:
At $12.76, from $20. At $20, from $82.
At $18, from $27. At $40, from $70.
At $20, from $28.
Fine News of Bedding
Hair Mattresses, full size, 42 lbs., oil pure
horse hair, at $21, from $26.b0.
Felt Mattresses, full sizes, at $7.60, from
Box Springs, at $7.60 and $9.76, from $10
and $12.
Pillows at 78c, $1.10, $1.40 and $2, from
$1 to $2.50. Seventh rioor
The Bow-knot Blouse
The Latest Fad of the Parisiennes
Has Been Reproduced by
GIMBELS for $2
It is curious how the eccentric idea of a man be
came the inspiration of a charming mode for women !
Maurice Kostand, the son of the famous author of
"Chantecler," and himself a prominent figure in
French literature, recently surprised Paris by wearing
a shirt fastened with bow-knots instead of buttons.
Immediately a well-known dressmaker created a
Blouse that made a delightful background for the
bow-knots. And the minute we saw it we recognized
its uniqueness and knew that it would be one of the
leading modes this Winter. Of course, we imported
the original model at a cost of $70- but not to put in
a glass case, so that we could simply say, "We have
the Bow-knot Blouse." But we immediately had it
copied in fine French voile, which is quite as effective
as the chiffon of the original model. And in doing so,
not a detail was stinted, and even the velvet ribbon
in the bows is of a beautiful quality. The illustration
will give you an idea of its style, and of its soft kerchief
front, but it can't illustrate the effectiveness of these
tiny colored bows just imagine one of these white
Blouses being worn with a black tailored suit, and
how its bows of rubv velvet will rive t hat indescrib
able cbic. Wre also have these Blouses with black and Nattier blue bow-knots.
Hundreds ol French Voile Blouses some with "Prince Imperial" Frills, $2
A Most Unusual Sale of Women's Suits
Imported Striped Corduroy,
Trimmed With Fur, $37.50
Chiffon Broadcloth Suits, $27.50
About a week ago the tailor who makes many of our sn art Suits
offered us his entire surplus yardages of imported striped corduroy
of some colors and stripes there was only sufficient for four or five Suits,
of others only enough for two or three. We said "yes," if he would
copy one of our models and he agreed. Then we' selected a model
suit that was $95, in our own collection it is the style illiuitn.ted, with
the stunning three-button cutaway coat. When he submitted his first
copy we were simply amazed, for it was a wonderful reproduction. Besides,
it nas a deep collar and cuff band of skunk-dyed opossum Fur.
Considering the fine quality of the corduroy and the excellent
tailoring, we do not hesitate to say that these Suits
At $37.50 Tomorrow are Worth Almost
Twice as Much
Gun-metal-and-white, brown-and-white, blue-and white, bluc-and-black,
green-and-black are among the color-combinations.
Chiffon Broadcloth Suite of $35 Quality
Tomorrow at $27.50
A charming model, combining the Empire and cutaway styles
with collar and other smart trimmings of chiffon velvet, coat is lined
with peau de cygne, also interlined. Black, navy, brown and Hurgundy.
Third Floor
Third floor

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