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'ill iiVfcluUtt WUMiiii, 8A1UKDAY, HO V LMAJiK Lb, I i 2 .
Court Awards Child to Mrs.
Monetise After Hearing
in Court.
Mother ot Youngster Had Sep
arated From Husband Before
Her Sudden Death.
Vrt Deal I K. M ' r mfe nf th
millionaire tnvf manufacturer. if No
M Weet ono Hundred anl Twelfth
etreet. won tn-lav a slx-ninnthe' fight In
tise Supreme Coutt for th custody "f
her f ou r '. i 'it ' i Krafilson. I .1 i , 1
oott, ton of t'apt. ieorK" T, BOOM of
New Roolielle In aar.i:iit UN ihlM
h- re n.l.ii hel ratlin than I" hit
father. Justice Tompkins heM thai UN
boy best Interests IrOwM he lunirrvnl
The fight far th" b.ibv Iwgan short. y
ftr Ha mother drntli In lieorinbrr
111 Its mother M Mr. Morieuse's
only tughtr. It! Maratl, Ml, Mrs
Bcot: hail obtain.! a esMTM of 'epira
tlon from Scot! In Justlcr (li-rard'a part
of in Muprfnif Court. She charged
cruelty and abandonment Justice Or
rerd awarded hsr the eklM anil ullm nv
Mis IsVott died suddenly In the Kouth
and the boy wan brought la k to New
York on th aame train whlcji bore I In
tuother'a body.
Scotl then began aril. in to obtain hla
child. The testimony was taken before
Refer Jam P, Itimpaey. Mure than
a eoaen wltn warp iworn, among
thm former Mayor flcorge T Raymond
of New Korhrllr, formrr Cotnmlsaionrr
of I'ollce fcttgar M. Phelps and lleorg
U. Oalgane. I,eo K llrlllaa, on behalf
of Mra. Mnneuee, i thla array of
character wltnaaara by members uf Mra.
Moneuse's family.
s.-oti maintained that Mra. Moneuac
waa not a proper guardian of hla child
been nee aha want to racw and drank
rock tall a. One of the wt mease awore
that aha had wean Mra. Mameuee In a
bw at the Kheepaheed Bay race courae.
"Did you aee other ladlai there alio?"
aaked air. Briltaa.
"Tea. I aaw Mra. Belmont and "
"WhVoh Mra. Belmont?"
"The Aral Mra. Belmont."
Who ale did you aee In the -.r."
with Mra. Moneuee?"
"Wall. I aaw Mra Nloholaa L
Mr. Brlllaa Ulan ahowad that Mra.
Mnaauaa waa acruatomad to drink an
oenaaional oocktall before har dinner.
Hcott'e afforta to enow any fuvlhor
drinking propenatty railed.
Ks-Mayor Raymond prored an an
thualaatlo wltneaa for k'ejtti
"One time I aaw Kcott and hit bsM
raaet." he declared. 'There waa a loo
ol anaellr joy on the chlM'a faoa. It
roognlsd Ita father Immediately.
Wanned Ita tiny arma about hla neck
and I thought It aald Papa! papa!' It
, waa Juat like the child had known hlin
i for fifty year"
How Old waa '.lie boy about thla
timer' aaked Mr Hrlllee.
"Probably a little over a year old."
i In hla decialon J : Tnmpklna da
vlared that while ht believed llrott'e
inany oharacter wltnivur. he neverthe.
less believed that Mra. Moneuaa waa
much better situated as to the cuatody
uf the child The Moneuses are wealth.
H.ott'a mother, although testifying for
nr eon. aald that Mra. Moncnaa waa
rionaat and absolutely competent and a
woman of rood morale.
The oeea uroealoneil mu -h comment
fiom lawyer to-day. a It waa not r -
I'M. d When a court had taken a child
from the fattier and awarded it to a
niandiimiher. although holding
the father'a character waa good
When Angele Romano, nineteen yoai
old, of No I'll Ivi- one lluiiilted and
Math atr'. was arraigned In the Mor
rtaanta Cour. to-day on a charge uf
burglary and hla police re -ord w aa In
troduced Into evidence, Magiatrate
O'Connor observed:
"You are what might be called an
'inatltutlonaluard Individual.' Romano.
Tou started In the primary grade of
crtm and wnt through every grade
In th grammar and high aokajott, and
now you want to DO Hlng Hlng I'r.l
veralty for your desree."
The olce record niiowvd that, al
though otrty nlnatatn year old, Ro
mano, after a visit to the Catholic Pro
tectory, had been BttOOOgflVoly to the
Reformatory and Slnif Sing. If- was
nrres1 ed aa he a as leavlnit the tilt of
Mm. Joeeph BpfWgtwlB of No Y ICast
i Mkt Hundred and Forty-nlnici sir, et
Her Mat ead the one ahov-. Ooauplod
bj' Mra. lteaie eicitooh. hail boon
tobnttd. Romano was held tn bail
PaaMrll Had firleed (Her lnabllit
la Brian Family Here.
A man who Jumped In frunt of a sub
way train at UN "ne Hundred and
Korty-nlnU. etieet station and was killed
laat evantng, In view of many pari ms.
waa Identified t . Jay at the Furdhain
Morgu a K I'annell, on InterhorouRh
Rapid Tranalt Company ticket BhODBM
I'annell came to thia country fnun
Kogland a yaar ago Hard luck atid
worry over hla inability to aave money
.nough to brlns ids lfe and child from
Kngland to Join hrm pronvpted him to
end hla life.
"Tka youtig man h id been di-niinndeni
for aome time." raid Mra Julia l arkln
of No. HO Eaat One Hundred and Korty
aecond tret. with wl.otn Pgnaoll
lioarded. "Of late hJ talked a greit
deal of bis mlsfnrture. and aald he felt
.he giving up hope."
Greaf Surgeon and Noted Men
Who Paid Him Tribute To-Day
CotiMon Leader Never Voted,
He Says, and Pays No
Worthlnrton Whltehnuer, cotillon Irid
ar. clubman and head of n bin real ea
tate company at Ko. 8 Eat Porlv-slJilh
alreet. rtfeaped taxca on a person:! pro;)
erly aaaeaament of S3I.O0U to-day by
awearltut that he In a realdent of Klnia
worth, Wiiatclientcr iiunty. An order
dlacontlnuln- the . It'i ault mnlnet hl.u
ror 14.1. 1 4.' waa alKned by Jualice New
buraer. The taxea were aaaaaaad for 1910, luit
Mr. Wh'iphuoae waa on a cr.itan In the
YVeat Inillea. Tlie cn'nplaltrt waa dravv.i
by Corporatbin Counael YVnteon In 8ci
lember. l'Jll. but It nM July, ISU, befot"
Mr. Whltel.ouae aubmltteil to I he Oral
eiLaiiiinatl..n. In whi.-li it wan ahuwn that
he alao awore hla taxca otf In Klme
worth In ISM.
"Thla aaaeaament la levied CRalnat
Worthlngton Wnliehn. ac of the Knl. k
erhocker Club. Nn. Klfth avwAUa,
real eitate Wan that Inti'liilml lor
you?'' he waa naked.
"Did yon ever realde In New York
"No; I W'a nnTel' at tlnV a a tranaicnt
raaldenl o the eltjr."
Did you pa taxes In Klmswiirth?"
I nss assessed but did not pay: II
wore them off. too."
"Did you ever vote or have p rrnanent
resilience In the city of New York""
"Why did you not npnt r hefore the
Taa Coin.li , loners In the ltorough uf
Manhattan in 1910?"
I ws absent in the e-t lndle'j. '
Mr. VVlillthouse was asked to-day If
the record OOffraotly QUOtoa bint M sweat-1
Ut off hla taxes In bath Mw Yolk a. id
"l don't se,. tint this Donotrni any
body particularly," u tin- too aty man.
"I huve no personal property In New
York and I ha I I perf. -t rldbt lo
swear off my taxes !n K'.ntsworth. bc
csme I tnlgbt suy that my lis . Illt.es
there xi ee l B assets. Anyhow, t ils
.an be of no Interest to anyone "
'Your friends mafMoll KOU -i New
York cotillon leader," Mr S hltOhouM
Wat told
'of COUNO, of OOttrffl hut I don't go
In for that any mire. Itaaa refrain
from moBUOaMal tills llttl 'naiter ah... t
SMesrlns off m taxrs It PMkll) '
Unite personal, aad t ft Corpora loll
Ppiiaaol'g otlV e was very tile ao out I,."
w.iois a Proparlaaj ! Knnokod
tunlnst I. adder In Kit, lieu.
Mr' Chnat.ne ola.-n. in ber hurry Id
prepare brtakCMl for bat husband.
knocked adalnaf ladder on nitlch isa-
dor Hlavln of No .HI West line IIii-i-dted
and Fiftieth street, was standing
whil he painted the celling of her
kll'hen, whh'h is at No. 5,1 Vt one
Hundred and b'oitv-euth atroot
lavln a'td hla bu k of pain rn on
the hot etove The palm rauglit tin
B.tld tile blase epl.al Slavin tolled off
the llOVI bu wis 1ak.li to t.ie Harlem
Hotpltal, tuffarliig from burnt on the
arm, chest and loud The lire was ex
tinguished Willi a lots of
Cawf Sr. Per Boi ; You Save $1.95 in
Castor Mils list Crow e Cough Pro.
aaw f
James B. Hearing, Stenog
rapher, Asked Friend to Place
Explosive Under Car Seat.
want back to my poksr room and
IHDIANAPOLIBi Nov. U.-J.m.t R. I rKEhEmt "n.
MoNamara'a flight from Dos Angeles i tjji i9 at the Metropole."
after he blew up the Time building q What did they do then? A.
there on tut. 1. HI In. his expTrased Thsy all want out.
hop, tint the explosion would be at- Mr. Wahlu frequently objected to
tribute,! to .scaped km a In the base- Wabber'a testimony a not In rebuttal,
men, and hi. reported ,. urpose to mur- h" Court alloweJ the Hlut ,, Wlt-
. i i n'Sri to go on.
by the ironwork-rn i n be, ause I WEBBER DENIES STORIES TOLD
she knew to much." were related at BY THE DEFENDANTS.
i the dynamite conspiracy trial to-day The witness told of the meeting be-
by Frank F.ckhnff. twean himself Hose, and the gunmen
i Bckboff, a neighbor and friend nf n the Lafayette Hatha on July 12. when
I the McNamaras In Cincinnati, testified Hose told them that Decker waa anxious
that two weeks after the Log Angeles to have Rosenthal croaked. The gun
I agploalon, ha n sent by J J. lie- men had sworn that they had never
Numar to the homo of Mrs. Alice visited the Lafayette Baths. Webber
Nalib. MoNamara'a sister, at llulURh, waa aaked about meeting the defendants
( Nob. In a chop suey place on the night thev
i I met Jnmta ll there." eu ii Rolls went to the Garden Restaurant to kl.l
I huff "He had disguised himself a Rosenthal, but were prevented by Iloee,
much aa possible He appeared des- that Is according to Hose' story. Weh-
perul. and talked of killing himself, her had not gone to the Garden Restaur
j Then h tdkod Ria If I notlood in Hie ant with Roe and the gunmen.
, nownpdpora WhOthOf people thought the I The gambler wound up hi direct testl
I explosion was caused by i scaplng ta iminy by identifying Mra. Mary Ellen
I In the I. as. mi nt. i Kyde and relating that laat Sunday ahe
j "One t ilnt; he sail he wanted done , had vlalted the West Nde Court Prison
I waa lo lOlli Miss Mary c. Oyt a sten- ' and asked to get a look at Rose, hlm-
Ofraphar a unhM haadAiuartara in In-
.11 ip. Ill lie said sin- knew too much
hbout dynamttlny, and he proposed we
tall, to J, .1 ahoul her having gotten
out of i i way, He aald he thought II
would I"' R gXd hlca If I followed her
on a tialn and put a small bomb under
tin IM she o. , upled and time 1 so that
It arounl txploda alter I Kot off tht
I "Al th Na i ho ne a.is .1 B.'a nio'.li-
it an i no,,, ii, i .a.u., m- ins.nnr-ins
',,. The tnoth. r wanted t" know what
her noil was worrying' about, lie (old
her It was only a 11:11" : rouble about
mi on affair. Th nxl da) l alarfad
with J it toi IndiaiunVolla by nay of
omaha and Chicago, w. remained
about rour htnira in ChloaaVO,"
Rckbufl ihl In i' luacd lo inter lui,
tn.- plan to pul :i bomb under .Mia Dye.
Mis- IKy. win, now lives in I'll Is
Uurgyh, reavni'y klnllfld hundradl of
letters intrnduead by th iluvernmnt
as linpllcatlni lh forly-Ovr ii fendaita
in i v nsjlr ic, ,
It Wtr) Mine laiplove.s testiflevl nt
th dyn rutla conrplracy" trial to day
that alarm rloogd use b
I tnara bnttherg and OrMo '
, in tin man u fact ura of botnb
i ii.isi d iii i ioh QuanUUei i
U m MaNa
M M nilgai
i were pur
- lo arouse
suspicion. McManlgOl had contessed
that when he txiUBlhl .in ks lie prelind-t
ill to aiv them lo fnraiers.
According to htoManigal J ,t. M -Na-mini,
aecrotary Of th Iron Worker'
UnlOQ, used to keep a stock of clo ks
lacked up In a Ml lit in bis ..nice The
kg ere itad to bamb aa that
winn tlie autmia went of, at ., praar
1 tinned time t u. handles ol the winders
eonnei ted up a batter, gnd rtuaod the
explosions. The slmllarlly Of a clo.-k ;
wtilcti .McMn111.nl I si al I'eorla III.,
and another lot i, found at l.os Vniteles.
Cal . was ot), of the )uai thai puf d
taoilvga on the dynaaMtara' nail.
Charted K Woitets. noohaator, N. Y.
Identified nine . locks as pari ot .1 don
ha sold lo M.-MiiiiIkuI In HOI He said
tin winders on th alarms had been
a 1 tared by the addition of metal plates
useil to connect up hatterira.
iniiniii l from Kir?' raft i
a.i; M of anormotM help In atil.nt I.ltut.
J'ecker to nliluin a new trial Ho'-ker
baa iH-vn COkVtflMel of hirliK theae four
Mil badiiien tu alay the Rambler who
waa threatening to ex pin- h'.m aa a
If the i a n men are lefalljr ae
qnltteii It will mean that the Court
of Appaale mnat review tke teaM
mony nf both eaaea co-ordinate. y.
acoapUac the fludln(a IB the now
trial aa freehly dtacoearad al
deaoe. It may alao fore the hand
of the Dlatrtot-Attorney to proee
cata Vail on and Webber hecauae a
Jury will have decided that they
and not "wyp," "lofty," "WhlNy"
aad "Safo" rrank flrad the ahota.
The Immanlty of all four Btate'a
wltneaaaa N baaed entirely on the
theory that tbey did not ftr a ahot.
It waa in when JuaMM Oof! ram;
to the bench, wherei.pci Ikaputy Police)
i on.mlarloner Heora,- S iKiitirherty waa
recalled by the Peopll to tell of atate
inenta made to hjm at Police lldqunr
lera by "l'Mo" Prank and "Wlilt'y''
I ...Mi
Mr oue;herty relateil that the two
WttMBCn liu-l acoounteil to him for their
w he earn boo. la m fnl II arid 16--lite ilnya
before the munU't y aayliiK they had j
been with relative!. "Daa-o" Frank aaji!
to the Deputy Commlaaloner lie nad
auent thoae daj'a with hla mother. On
the atand Frank adn(tte.l that he had
pent both days with hla fellow innmra.
Tiie wltneaa alao tore down the "at!
mony of the dofonae'a eye-wltneaeMTa.
Mary Ktlen Kyde, the ad newspiper
a i el chewlnc um wondei'. Mra. Kyde,
he aald, had called at PottOt Ha4qUr
t.ra and Informed the Deputy Commla
aloner that eh poaltlvly had not wlt
neaaed Hie murder.
After Albert Johnston, n reporter, had
worn that "Whltey" I.ewia. after hi
arrest at Flelachmann's N. Y., hud told
him that ha waa not In New York on
the day of the murder, Ioul ("Brldifle")
Webber waa calld.
The sallow, thin-faced Rambler n
clad entirely In black and looked sombre:
aa an undertaker. He kept Ms eye
f lued on Mr. Moss and averted from the
defendanta while he testified.
Q. (By Mr. Moan) Sid yon ahoot
Merman tontneJ A. (Faintly)
BO, air.
Q. Bid yon see him ahotT A. Bo,
Webber told of the assemblate of the
gunmen in his poker rooms at BlRth
avenue and Korty-aecond atreet. He de-
nled that he or H"e had told them that
they wanted them to moet Detective
Ht Inert and White Hackar'a Strung (
Arm mn--to prove to them that they .
(Rose and Wehher) had nothing to do
wlth the "framing" of Jaok Zellg.
Q. Mat Hermann Boaaathal waa
mentioned to them? A. Tan, air.
Q. Mow? A. Well, after they
oaan tn and Boa aad I had talked
to them I want over to th Metro
nol and aaw Boaantkaj. Than X
'lf. Vallon and 8chpp so that he
could Identify them.
Q- She ssld this to you? A. Ye, sir.
0- And ahe didn't know who you
j '? A, No, lr.
The prosecutor turned the wltneaa
over to the defenae and Mr. Wahle.
"Wbbr," aakad Mr. Wahl, "did
yon svsr bar any other traalaeea
that that of a famblerf"
"Yia," returned th. wltneaa
quietly, with a llttl amlle, "I ran
. . . ; ... 111 ylaoe tn Chinatown for
ihrs ycara"
Webber ld his opium Joint was at
Ko, 11 Cell atreet It was drawn from
th" wltnaea that he. himself, hud not
mentioned the "croaking" nf Rosentnal
to the gunman In the Lxfayette Hatha
or at the chop euey restaurant. He
was asked to tell nf his visit tn th
Metropole on the night of the Murder,
(.1 (By Wdhlel Did you go In and
speak to llornian Rosenthal ' A. I did.
Q What did you any? A. I said
"Hello. Herman, how are you?"
Q Who was Rosenthal with? A.
"Boob" Walker.
y Dldn : Herman Rosenthal et up
Different from any better than all. At laat
after years of experiment, Medical Skill has
produced a perfect laxative. 1 or 2 Pillaat night.
Knw : ' Jaani
V TaanH
H -co
Hunydi Jnos
Its Now! It's Sura! It's Sara!
In Han iy e.t HtKkft Vials. At ( -.o Date DruggttU. 6c
I and eheke hands with you? A No, a!r. ,
' Q Didn't Hose say as he slionk hands.
I " 'RrldRle' Webber ia a Rood friend of
I mine and I can have his money any
I time I want It?" A. He didn't say that
In my hrarlnR.
Wehher repeated his statrmcnt that lie
had Rone hack to hla poker ronma from
I the Metrnpole to tell the (tinmen where
Rosenthal waa
Q. Where were you when Herman
I Rnaenthal was killed? A. WalklnR
i arnund llio corner. I walked throuah
Porty-ae-ond atreet to Broadway and
i (he:, '.i Korty-thlrd strwet. There t met
I "Olb" mlth. who told me that Herman
' Roaenthal had iieen ahot.
I g. Io you know thai the defendants
have sworn ehst you shot and killed
! Herman Hosenthal? A. (Wearily) t
read about II In the newap&pera
"Webber," aaked Wahle, "Juat what
, la h poker room?"
I Ky the Court That queatlon la hardly
necessary. I think the Jury underatand.
Justice (loft amiled and o did the
I Jurors But Webber continued ta look
aad He was d.smlaaed after he had
again denlng that he waa near the
I Metropole nt the time of the murder.
Then llarrv Vsllon was called, Val
loll duplicated the teatlmony of Wb- i
her concerning the arrival of the gun- I
men In Webber's poker room.
W (By Mr. Mns3l Did you ahoot Her- !
man Koaenthal? A. (With an erpan
slve smile) No, air.
(J. Did you e anybody ahoet Her-
I matin Rosenthal A. . Still smiling)
No. sir.
Vallon swore that he had met "Lefty"
J l.oule on two occaalone one at. th I
("life Iteaux Arts and one In th La
fayette Hatha. Vallon testified that he
had met .flecker at One Hundred and i
Twenty-alxth street and Seventh ave
nuethe night Hoae awore Meeker put
I It up to Webber that he had to get '
busy ami kill Roaenthal, aa Hose had
. failed. The Court would not allow Val
' Ion to tell of the converaatlon with j
, Hecker.
This was all of the direct examina
tion for Vallo .
I For the .lefensv Mr Wan I Rot from
Vallon MUM he had been sent to th
H.,iie of Refuge aa a boy, and that he
once plewded guilty to the crime of run
ning a gambling house. Mr. Watvie could
, not shake Vallon'a corroboration of
I Wehher concerning the happenings In
the poker room Just prior to the murder.
Q. (By Wahle Where were you at
th lima of the ahootlng? A. On Forty
third street, near the F.Iks' Club,
y DM you aeethe hootlng? A. T did
y You heard It? A. Ye, I heard the
y What did you do thn? A. I
walked away. I walked to Sixth avenue
and aaw the grny car go by.
y. Did you rncogrvla any of the occu
pants at th car? A. No. I did not
recoRnlae them.
Mr. Wahle tried to bring out that
from hla frequent meeting with the
gunmen Vallon should have been able
to recognlae them, but he failed to
con fuse th stolid faced gambler.
The attorney for the defense then
made Vallon describe In detail hla ac-
Hon on the night the three gunmen
tried to kill Roaenthal In th Garden
reatau ant, but failed to shake Vallon'
previous alory. "Whltey" Jack Lew!
waa not present on that occasion.
Q. How long time did you nee the
four defendant In Wabber'a place on
the night of July 167 A. About twenty
five minute.
Q. How long a time did yrau aee the
gray automobile standing outside of
Webber'? A. I don't know. I can't Ax
the exact tlm.
(J. Rut you ray tht you could not
recognize the four men in the car when
it went by you? A. No, air.
Hy reading from the testimony of
the B0kar trial Mr. Wahle ahowed
that Vallon' memory waa better on
that oci'nadon Chan It wan to-day.
Q. You say you don't remember
thoae Incident you testified to? A.
No, but If 1 said them they were true.
In conclusion Vallon waa asked If
he hud heard that the four defendanta
harged him with firing one of the
shot which killed Roaenthal. He re
plied In the name phrase Webber had
used: "I read about It In the news
paper." "SAM" 8CHEPP8 ADDS HIS
Then came the smug and dapper
Samuel Schepps, solemn a an owl and
tilting hi noae high In th air aa he
chopped out his answers
Schepps swore that the gunmen had
come to Webber place and sat around
(J. illy Mr. Moss) Did you hear Roae
or Wehher eay to these men that they
would tke them around to aee White
ii Stclnert about the Zellg frameup?
A. I did not.
Q. While they were there did Webber
com In? A. Ye.
y. Did he say anything to these de
fendants" A. Ye. Webber aald: "Her
man Rosenthal la at the Metropole."
Than they wnt out.
y Did you flro any ahot at Hermann
Roaenthal? A. t Indignantly ) I did
y Were you preaent at the killing of
Herman Rosenthal ' A. I waa not.
y. Did you aee thee defendant
again that morning? A. Yea, at 7. So
o'clock In ' Dago Frank s" Seventh ave
nue tlat. I saw all four of tham there.
They were up and dreaaed.
y. What .ld they say to you? A.
They asked me If I had brought any
message or any money from "Jack"
Host. I told them that Ho would
meet them at ih.lO o'clock 1. at at
Fiftieth atreet and Klgiith avenue.
I said if there was any money coming
to them Roae would have It.
y. Were you present at that meet
ing? A. Y.
Q. Who did jou e there? A. Frnk
ami Loul.
y. What did you see Rose do? A. He
passed them I package.
This was the package which Rose
swore contained 11.000 furnished by
That ass all th rebuttal testimony
the 1'rosecutor wanted from S.heppa.
Mr. Wahle took the witness sml han
dled him very gentle t'nllke in th
lle.-ker trial, both t ie counsel for the
defense and Jack Rose's little Man
Friday ere polite to each other.
aVheppa was made to describe his
flight from New York and his ultima's
arrival In Hot Springe. where he
i hengeri hla name tn "Sum" Franklin
and posed a a ohuroh worker.
y. (By Wuhle) What caused you to
go away? A. A measar from "Jack"
Schepps threw the courtroom Into a
breexe of laughter when he said: "Jack
Ro sent a verbal message to me to
gn a far aa I could and keep on going
till I got there."
The little wltneaa said this ao snap
ptehly and with such graven eolamnlty
of mien that even the gunmen laughed
aloud. Justice Gnff permitted hlmaelf
the shadow of a amll and did not at
tempt tn subdue the laughter.
The defense got from Hcheppa that
Webber had financed hla Journy to
nd sojourn In Hot Springs. Ttie wit
ness got 1100 to start with and (ISO
ttlp. eis, wX.n Vellne. e. , I VX'KK a.m.
to se him at Fallabnrg. Then Mr.
Wahle Introduced In evidence the letter!
Nchepay had written to Roa aekltisT 'or J
instructions ano recounting ms arrival
at Hot Springs.
Q. Whr did you meet Harry Vallon
on the morning of July It? A. On
Forty-third strwet.
Q. Before or after the murder? A.
y. Can you tell me where you war
going? A. I wa going toward Sixth
y. Were you going to the Metropole?
A. No.
Q You rod down in the gray auto
mobile from Seventh avenue to Web
ber's pool room? A. Ye, sir.
y Did you s't with the chauffeur?
A. No.
Mr. Wahle read from a tranncrlpt (it
the Becker trial evidence of of Schepps'
answer In which he wa recorded s
eaylng he had aat with the driver It
looked a If Schepp wa caught In
contradiction, but Jutlc Goff called
Mr. Wahle' attention to th fact that
he had better rrad a little further on In
ScheTip' testimony, where he would
find that the witness aald In the Becker
trial that he had aat behind the chauf
feur. Thl rebuff took all th Joy out of
croee examining Schepp and counael
for the gunmen drooped him.
A brief re-rbultal examination by
Mr. Moss served to emphaslxv the wlt-
neaa'a teetlrmny, whereupon he gave
way to that wttneea of wltnesaes.
"Jack" Rose
Evidently It waa a day of mourning
for th State "Big Four." hecauae
Rose waa black as a crow save for his
glistening white collar and shining hair
less head. Where on Thursday he was
a study In brown, to-day he was a
dirge In black. He waa groomed to
within an Inch of bis life, but he was
on th atand a little leaa than sixty
y (By Mr. Wahle) Did you ahoot
Herman Roaenthal? A. I did not.
y Were you preaent at the ahootlng
of Herman Roenthnl? A. I was not.
y Did you see anybody ahoot Roaen
thal? A. No. sir
By Mr. Moss: "That I all."
By Mr. Wahle: "No quest' ems."
The black-garbed Rose departed and
the state called Police Lieutenant Will
iam A. .tones. Jones aald he had found
a 32-callbre revolver In "Lefty Louie'''
Q. In your opinion had that re
volver been need a abort tlm ba
ton? A. Tea.
Justice Ooff blocked an attempt to
elaborate this phase of teatlmony on
the ground that It must b established
that no one .-lee but on of the de
fendanta could have ills, harged the
revolver This barrier could not be
surmounted, and the witness gave way
10 Jacob Wick nf No. 5 Coopsr Square
Wick id that Mrs Mary Biter,
Kyde had been a tenant of his and had
not enjoyed a repetition for truthful
neaa. The Prosecution troored heavily with
the rebuttal testimony of Mr. Adelalne
Hardtgan of No. lf.t Eighth avenue,
who told a story of how Mary Kllen
Kyde had oonfl'dad to her that she
desired to sell her teatlmony to Beck
er' coimel. but did not come to talk
to th District-Attorney as there wss
nothing In It.
Mrs. Hardlgan 1a a tsimlsome, styllsh
looklng young woman with a quiet, de
cisive way nf speaking that . aught and
held the attention of the Jurora and
cauaed them to lean far out of their
chair to oatoh every word ahe aald.
The witness said her husband Is a
mover. He had moved Mrs. Kyd
(shortly after the Rosenthal murder, and
It waa from tilm that the Diatrlot-Attor-nv
asot the elderly "ey-wltnea'" ad
dress. When Mrs. Kyda learned of th'e
he went storming to the Hard'gan x
preaa office and complained about the
revelation of th aecret of her where
about. This wai on Oct. I.
Th wttn had talked to Mr. Kyde
on that day and alao on Oot. .
Q. (By Mr. Moss). Did Mra Kyd
say to you, Mr lUrdlgan. "I did not
are the ahootlng : no. I did not aee the
murder?" A. Yes.
y. Did Mra. Kyd say to you on an
other occasion that sh did not want to
ee the District-Attorney's men about
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of "That Printer of Udell's." the kindlineaa of "The Shepherd of
the Hill." the power of "Dan Matthews" and the grace of "Barbara
Worth" are all woven into a strain more delicate and more beau
tiful than thia great writer has ever before penned.
J Memphla New Scimitar A really great book you feel better,
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Illustration by Cootes. Each $1.30 Nat
Iff r;ri,r",h,ehd7d.WM nn,hln, ,n!
y I'l l she also y. "The Reoker law
yers are terrliilv hard up for wltneaa-s
and If I go to them 1 can get from fltoo
t $.".011?" A. Yes, sir. She snld she wss
ure of 1100 trom Becker's lawyers. Mid
when she got It she could go away -and
keep out of sight
The defense failed In Its effort to i
shake the good-looking end positive Mr" j
llardlg.ir- Mr. Wahle at last gave up I
the attempt.
Then came Hugo Burleson, n sten
ographer employed by the Society for
the Prevention of Crime, to back up
Mr. Hardlgan
y On Oct. last did yon go to the
express office of Mr. Hardlgan at No.
1S4 RIghth avenue and have a stenog
raphic report of a convertlon be
tween Mrs. Mrv Kllen Kyds and Mra.
Hardlgan? A. I did. Q. Did you hear
Mra. Kyde eay. "I did not aee the
hooting: no, I did not aee the mur
der?" A. Tea, air: I heard her ay that
and I to.,k It down 1n shorthand.
Toung Mr. Buleson aald on cross-examination
that he had been aent to the
express oflkse to Jot down Mrs Ky.le's
talk. He had filled four pagea with a
pothook record of it which he offered
to rend to Mr. Wahle. The defense de
clined eh offer.
Matthew Ryan, head keeper of the
West Sid Court Prison, testified for
th people that on Sunday last Mrs
Kyd had called at the prison and unhl
that sh waa aent there to Identify
Webber, Soresrape and Vallon. Ryan
aaw her talking to Webber through the
bare. But ah had not recognised Him.
Mrs. Kyde swore yesterday that sh
had not aaked for Webber or Vallon,
nor had ahe spoken to Webber.
Daniel flheehan. anothr keeper of the
West Side Court Prison, took still an
other fall out of the testimony of the
venerable Mrs. Kyde.
Aaron J. Iaevy. counsel for William
Shapiro, driver of the murder car, was
coiled and queatloned by District-Attorney
Whitman. Tawyer Levy said
that he had bn counsel for Shapiro I
alne July 17.
y. Did Hhplro tell you at any tlm
who were the occupanN of the car he
drove on the morning of July 16?
The defenae objected etreniHiusly and
fustics tloff forbd th wltnes to an
swer. 1 IXd Shtplro mention to you the
names of these defendants as his pas
senger? Tills closed the tejrttmonv except the
question put to "Oyp the Blood."
womanTardoneo by dix
dies on a bellevue cot.
Nellie WalJron Had Been Con
victed of Killing Father of
Her Child.
Nellie Waldron. a Williamsburg young
girl, who waa rr leased last week by j
Gov. Dix from the Bedford Reforma
tory Where ahe had bean aent after ahe
waa convicted of killing th handao.ne
indolent father of her child. Bdwar.1 j
McDonald, died to-day on a cot In 1
He '.lev ue Hoapltal from tuberculosis
On frail hand weakly ctaaped the
hand of the only friend who stood
near and with th other she held tight
ly against her breast Oov. Dts's pardon.
Nellie Nellie.' tearfully whispered
Annl Room, who has been her stead
fast friend, "isn't there anything I can
do now to make you happitr?"
"Yea, aak everybody to forgive m.
I'm happy o happy because th Oov
rnor pardoned ms. I didn't want to
die In prison goodbye."
Nellie Waldron ahot and killed Ed
ward McDonald four years ago In front
of hla home at No. US Qreenpolnt ave
nue. The girl was only nineteen years
of ss. then. She became l!l of tuber
culosa while in prison.
Nathin T. Porter and his wife stsrtel
from Montclalr to-day for th Princeton-Yale
game In their own automobile,
but wearing borrowed clothing. Th;y
left behind them the emoaing rulna of
their homa, until arly to-day one of the
show places of Montclalr.
Before daylight Mra. Porter awoke t
find her bedroom filled with smoke. Sh.
aroused her husbsnd, who ruthed to the
clothea closet at the end of the room ti
get aome wraps. A atab of flame
greeted him aa ha opened the door, anil
he cloaed it again quickly. Hushing t.
the upper floor. Mr. Porter aroused tlie
maid, while hla wife wok their sixteen
year-old daughter Caroline.
Neighbors supplied Mr. and Mrs. Por
ter with an emergency wardrobe. Be
fore the (Ire waa out th whole wing of
the house had been burned, causing a
lose of $10, OAS. Kvery article of cloth
ing waa deatroyed. Defective Insula
tion 1 assigned as th cause of the
Mrs. Porter was In high spirits when
ahe put on her makeshift garment and
started for the game.
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