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WRATH Kit-Fair tn-nlBh and Tuesday.
WR4THRH-rlr lo-allkl aad Tae.der.
" Circulation Books Open to All."
"Circulation Books Open to All."
J '
Three Generals Among Great Force
of Troops Who Lay Down Arms
at Fortress Captured in Furious
Fighting Climax of Siege.
Turks in Battle at Chatalja Claim
Victory Over Bulgarians British
Bluejackets Guard Americans.
r BELGRADE, Nov. 18. The Turkish fortress of Monastlr sur
rendered this afternoon to the Servian troops. Fifty thousand Turkish
soldiers and three generals laid down their arms.
Monastir had been virtually surrounded by Servian troops for sev
eral days whil Greek troops coming from the south have cut off their
line of retreat to Ochrida. On Saturday the Servian troops, after des
pertte fighting throughout the day and night, succeeded in capturing 1wo
important heights commanding the city. They then advanced through
the morasses onto the inner fortifications, which surrendered to-day.
Wit possession of the heights com
manding Monastlr by the Servian army
under Croim Prince Alexander ren
dered the fortress untenable.
Fethl Paaha, former Turklah Minister
to Belgrade, was one of the first to
hand over ihta sword. At the begin
ning of the war ho made the remark:
We will noon Invite our frlenda to itin
nar In Belgrade."
Ths IU1I HimUT o Germany and
Italy Informed Prunler Paehltoh of
ervU to-day that their Government!
wupported Austria's view -f Srvla'a
cdalms to an extension of lier tt.rritJiy
after the war.
M. Pauhitch doottnod to gW "
answer until the conclusion of the ar.r.
Monastlr 1 the lieai!u.uartor of the
Sixth Turklah Army Corpa command
ad by Fethl Paaha. but many other
TarkWh troops fleeing front surround
ing towns which had beun captured by
the Servians concentrated there.
Plavld Paaha. the con nander of the
eleventh Turklah Army Corp, went
there with many of tils soldiers after
the fall of Uskup to rhe Servians.
It waa thought that the Turkish
troops would bo able to stand a
lengthy "lege In Monastir, but It is
widen t that the army was totally dis
organised and lacked provisions. Many
of the aoldlera were reservists who
had been only recently called back to
the colors.
Monastlr occupied n capital position
for defense. It Is Uie market oentre
for the entire district and has a popu
lation of 46.000, composed of Hervlsns,
Bulgarians, Albanians. Armonians,
Oraeka and Turks. The Christians
number about half or the Inhabitants
eery Turkish losses are also re
potted at Adrlnnopla, a special dis
patch reoel-ea n.r.
- .Ytm Til mill MfAAMUU ,
point lost ill MM g"s and several
thousand of their men were klBed or
womaded during a sortie from the
fortress on Saturday.
groat battle along the Chatalja Ulnes
mwm. -j UBlaa
is which Baslm Fsena claims to MN
repulsed the
ulgartans is apparently
Mil MSrlne1. The
goaadlng Is not audible to-day as It waa
all last night, but tnis is btobwimj
to a change la the d.reotion of the wind.
The city Is In a fever of espsctatlon,
aad there Is sanitation among the
Turks, who bslleve tlie fortunes of war
have turned la their favor.
Owing to the orltloal conditions ss
tsttag in the capital, more f orels-a
marlnss aad bluejackets ware landed
acre to-day.. A British force of 100
bluejackets were detailed to guard the
TJalted states Embassy, ao American
force being available In this vicinity
for duty. All the other embassies and
pa blip buildings are cfuardsd bp the In
m&Iabs1 forces.
Cholera Is fast spreading along the
Has of the Chatalja forts, ths number
of deaths dally aow being computed at
Reports that a battle was In progren
at Chatalja, as indicated by the hewy
sail win firs, were officially confirmed by
, JOentlnu
W -,,s-s
ed on FourUi Psgs.x
Coorrlght. una. br
In. 'The Nrn
Accused Lawyer's Wife Aids
His Counsel in Selection
of Talesmen.
'Srsjcisl from
Staff Cor-eumtident .if The Kren
tug w ..nd. )
GOSHHN, N. V., NOV, IB. A Jury was
selected In four tVOUTI to-lay to try
Lawyer W, CMbgen of Now v0rk for
murdering Mrs. Hosenu MeiiJtehlk MobO,
his client, In Oreenwood LnkOi July IB.
Tnking testimony will begin to-morrow.
The State undertakes to prove Jlhswn
killed the woman, with whom he was
friendly, in order to possess her $10,000
savings and, If the opportunity presents,
to show how a series of tragedies have
befallen several of his previous clients.
OiosOfl smilingly endured the first m-s-elon
of the court, over which Justice
Arthur H. Tompkins pi Satllsi lie prob
ably waa Inv coolest man In the little
f)range I'ounty court ). use. Ills wife
sat near hlin, and her nod was Ktent
In the acceptance or rejection of tales-
i men, ten of whom wen, peremptorily
hallengad by the defense after
tatlon with her. A majority of Hi
ors are fanners.
Without a tremor in Ms voice, QlbgOfl
greeted the newspaper men with whom
lie had talked almost dally at his cell
I dOOr since lie was gwasq up in tne
.,, Ka. a. .,. , .
I ' ,hB A.f.nH. ,, th.
other end, separated by the three (ilbson
lawyers, was the defendant s wife. I.Ike
her husband, she eyed each venireman
called for examination keenly and
steadily, clutching nervously at the
table edg.
Jacob la Hicks, a retail grocer of
Highland Falls, was accepted as the first
Juror after a brief examination by Rob-
rt Elder, chief conneel for Uluson. He
was the second venireman culled. The
next venireman, a farmer, said he hud
formed an unchangeable opinion and waa
challenged by Mr. Elder for cause, Al
bert N. House, a Ooshen farmer, was
challenged peremptorily by Elder.
Juror No. 2 Is Charles Nabor, a farmer
of Montgomery.
Charles II. Weyant of Highlands, a
farmer, said he had discussed the cane
wtth his wife, but wus accepted as
Joi'tar No. '.
A. J. Haxter. a wealthy resident of
iVarw.rk. said he bad expressed an
opinion as to the outcome of the trial
Bowery Leader a Mental Wreck
and Closely Guarded in
Yonkers Hospital.
Attendants Sometimes Forced
to Put Him in New Kind
of Straitjacket.
Friends of Congressman-ei.-ct Timothy
D. Sullivan, who lb oonllned In Dr. O.
F. M. Band's sanlta:-um at No. 80
North Broadway, Yonkers. are In re
ceipt of reports from Bowery scouts
who hare been conducting n quiet In
vestigation WhtOll have given rl"e to a
flood of goarlp In downtown nulltlc.il
clrclea Some of "lllg Tim's" former
associate who have been kept pretty
much in the dark as to lir" whereabouts
and his condition, arc thinking of ap
pealing to Governor-elect William Sul
ser to visit his old friend In the sani
tarium, Investigate his surroundings
and treatment and :nke a public state
ment on those matters.
Although not more than a dozen per
sons In New York have known pos1
tlvely ihat "Big Tim," mentally 1
wreck, ri In nr. Bond's sanitarium, the
rumor that he wa.i ronflncd there
caused a fe.v young east flders to do
little sleuthing. They visited Yonkers,
looked over the sanitarium and have
been telling stories of absorbing Inter
est along the Bowery and Kast Four
teenth street.
One report is that "Bl Tim," the soul
of good nature, Is frequently selied by
attendants, Jammed Into what Is known
as a "restraining sheet." tied down to
his bed ami held there, unable to move,
for an hour or more at a stretch.
Bowery rumor la that "Big Tim" Is
paying for his accommodations at Dr.
Bond's place !25o ,i week.
Larry Mulligan. Christy Sullivan, Sen
ator Fitzgerald and others of "Big
Tim's" Intimates, who arranged for
tduclng him In Dr. Bond's sanitarium.
have tried in vain to stem the rising
tide of gossip at,,, it the care and con
dition of the patient.
The reports coming from those wno
have made personal Investigations state
that "lllg Tim," while mentally unbal
anced, Is still possessed of all his old
physical vigor. Whether he Is given to
spells of violence is not known, but 'tis
friends snv that lie la gentle, even when
under tlie spell of his mania, which
takes the form of belief that voices
are following his through the air.
Investigation to-day of imn of the
statements current In "Big Tim's" old
haunts show that Dr. O, V. If, Bond,
the head of the Hunltariuin, hax been
confined to his bed by a severe Illness
for weeks. He was alck when Sullivan
was admitted to his place, under the
name of "Mr. White," alsmt two
months ago, and !'-as been unable to
leave his room for the past six wee-ks.
Dr. Bond la under the care of a trained
nurse from I Yonkers hospital, and Is
under treatment prescribed by a New
York specialist.
During Dt. Bond's lllnejjs the patients
In his Institution, some elghl or ten in
number, have lieen under the tire of an
assistant. TMs usaisiant left several
days ago. Medical trett'neut for pa
tients Is now fiirnlslv-l by a doctor who
lives In yonkerg and vidta the sani
tarium daily.
"Big Tim " Ii.'ls tun been out of the
sanitarium for nearly a month, accord
ing to the reports, and Is allowed out of
his room only on rate occasions. When
he was Hrst udmltted he w iw showed I i
take walks through the country, but his
malady rea"hel a stae where what Is
known as "troublesome'' .ipills devel
oped and exercise was rut Out,
No Information about Sullivan Is ob
tainable at the. hospital, for fie simple
ressou that Dr. Bond's attendants and
nurses deny that Sullivan Is there.
However, he has been seen standing a'
a screened window, In the rear of tlie
building, on ths Second floor. This Is
believed by his f i lends to in hs Window
of his room.
A "restraining sheet." II a'M learned
to-day at the Pgyoopathlc Ward of
Bellevuu Hospital, i"' a innri:i(-ation of
the old t nie st -tilt Jack!, hut just as
effective as thSl gppl an l " restraint.
It Is s tort of c i Has t icker, with
sockets for the ur ns a:.d hand', which
s .si.su a; we au, kk a eotftfl
The Prase Pnblltliloa
lork World I.
President Cleveland's Widow,
and Daughter
Hundreds Attend Reception
That Marks Debut of Former
President's Daughter.
PIUNCBTOK, N. J.. Nov. i Mm
Bather OtoVslandi "the White House
baby," made her formal bow to so
ctety at 1 u'cUick this itemoon, when
she stood beside her mother, Mrs.
Orover Cleveland, In the drawing rooan
of Wept lands, the t'levelnnd man
sion, and greeted over two thousand
guests, who have been swarming Into
town by train and automobile since
Ki-om the aWog nanus, of Princeton's
streets the attention of the whole na
tion was centred at Wesllands. OVOI live
hundred automobiles were tooting tri rough
Ills street, w liiiug for tb" hour to ar
rive when they'd "holce Bayard I.une,
whl.ili leads to YWHtLanits.
The White House baby is In her twen
tleth year and Is already very popular.
That Iho will ninke a big success In
society Is not doubted, for she closely I
resemble her mother, Inheriting her 1
beauty and charm. But she, had j
to divide the Interest of the guests, to- ,
day i with her mother and l'rof. Thomas
J. Preston jr. of WlM College, Aurora, I
N. V. Shoe Mrs. t'lcvoland announced!
her rngugcnient to l'rof. I'reston. so-1
clety has been tnSlOUl to moot Mm and1
oongratutata atrs. ClevolanU. And walls,
ir oourooi Mien Bsthor rsoelvsd the i
most conspicuous attentions, cotiKratula-
ilon also were showered on Mrs lev, -land
and lor Nance.
Man) of the guests were tSPOl ting to
hear the announcement of Miss "'love
land's engagement, to-day. Par H year,
rtUnorS naVS linked her nani" with that
of Randolph I'. Wist of New York, eon
of l'rof. Andrew I'. West of Princeton.
The CloVSlalldl, hoWSVSr, vigorously
deny the engagement. It was gttxtu out
suthot Itatively to-duy mat there was
no foundation f.,r the rumor. Neither
will Mrs. Cleveland make any gnnouncs
msnt regarding lo r own plans or the
date ,,f her Qpllltllg tuarrlage.
.tn Evening World reporlsr went to'
Wogtlglldg ;,t noon, ''ti the porch rf
th big yellow brick and w'dte pillared
mgnilon troi Prof, Preston, it wxs the
same Prof. Preston wlsi so shyly Hod
the peaceful ,llage of Aurora at night
t0 f-Hc.ipe tie- foporlSV when Die engage
ment to Mrs. t 'leveland WHS Slinouti I,
three weeks ago. Only t ils rti.e he had
lost much of his reticence.
In a light Clerked suit, frith his black
derby , tilted back on his, lad. Mrs.
ClsWOlglld'i flaic'e Sgg dlt'ctlng a s;ote
of dOQpratort, who were lolug.n in j
ilyt;ca sglma aad figwsrt, 'iue (bm
mm jm I
Who Makes Debut
who left college at twenty, rntersd a
business career, und twenty years later,
after amassing a Oomfortgbls fortune,
returned tf he graduated with three de
grees from Princeton und later to be
appointed to the chair f archaeology
and art In Wells College, Mis. Cleve
land's ulma mater, gave orders and
helped remove the heavy furniture from
the drawing room In a thoroughly
democratic manner Ills six feet of
height and wide shoulders came In
"Nemesis," he Klll'l, when the reporter
aaktd him about the reception. "I
don't want to be quoted for a thing.
i want to stay in the boost ground,
Surely this t tne I am of no ronga
"Who are th" most Important paoptS
who will arrive shortly?" he waa tslted.
"I oouMn't begin to name them," ho
replied. "Never saw such a num'icr of
invitations replied to. Mrs. Clovsfgnd
Is simply swamped with tf It is
safe to any that over '.'.'Jon guests aU
arrive und meet Miss Cleveland."
"Will there be any announcement of
the dnte of your gpproaohlng mar
"The date Mtit dc4ded on,'' he re
plied. Commodore Bonodlot, win used to
lish with the late President, brought up
from his boms in Clreenwlch, Conn., an
auto full of White r isen for Miss Cleve
land. Hggkets ;,ti'i bogog of mro flow
ers, hundreds of orchids und a profusion
of plants ate laid gboul the grnllngg It
is physloglly Imposslbls to get ail of
them into the house or, at iny rate, into
the reception room.
Part Hi Burglar's Plunder Discov
ered Under Hck in CUfl
at Bar Harbor
It.Ut IIAllllult. Me, Nov, H A large
amount of solid silver tgblswsre stolen
from Osorgs v . Vanderbllt's summer
residence here slghtsefl ears ago wus
found lo-dav hidden ti 'he ro' k-i at the
bas of a idlff by Binion Vlolete, a team
ster. Violet went to the rilff for a kssd of
rock and In handling the stone, came
Item the sllVcre are. which was SOVgSod
by raofc, earl , hint underutrtMh Thi
aVorsygro Is worth II. 'Mm or Injurs and is
part of plunder valued it urmt thou
sands ,f dollars st,,'. i, rrom the v.m
dorblH rsspiisTrn largo gum uf money
and muoh Vgjutlblg jewelry gero neer
re, overed.
The itlvortggrs ggS marked by the
ii. Ill lis "il W. V "
I .it. H
" 'ni)BBaBk " atwt
Federal Authorities Swoop
Down on Members of Al
leged Swindling Ring.
Charged With Mulcting Pro
moters and Infant Stock
CINCINNATI, Nov Is - A trap
mi! iii preparation b PootOtssst in
pgotorg and Ballad State" IMetrtct-
Attornoy MoPhopaon of this city
sprung to-day against whet Is al
leged to be a wldiMpread ring of stork
guuiantee swindlers opera' I ok In eight
tdg cities of the United States and
abroad, and arrests followed from Cin
cinnati to New Vork.
The swift descent of the Federal au
thorities Is aimed at the American lte
denvptlon Company and the various
brokers who have acted In the past ss
Its agents. After the aervlng of the
warrants found by the Federal ilrand
Jury here the flovernmentofflclals said
that ths ling had cleaned up more than
It.MO.ono in the course of Its tfctwl years'
opera t tons.
Uuslng the ma'ls to defraud Is the
rhsrge upon which men In Cincinnati,
Chicago, Boston, Iluffiilo, Horheater,
Cleveland and Newark, N. J.( were ar
rested simultaneously to-dny. All wera
In Id before l'nlted States Commission
ers In the various cities In bonds of
from $2,imo to 11,000 each.
The members of the company allsged
to have done a fraudulent business and
their agents In the various cities are
sgoygod of having preyisl upon pro
moters tad Infant stock corporations
by taking lees and commissions for
aiiaiiglng tlie guarantee of their vic
tims' securities by stock nnd bond In
tlranOS companies III which the ring
Itself held controlling Interest
Alter isiylng flu- commissions for
flie guarantee of their bonds or atocka
the budding companies are said to
have Invariably discovered that the
Interest of the guaranteeing on, mot
era In their concerns came suddenl,
to a slop.
The scheme of the debenture com
pany Is said to iliave spread to Kng
laud und Canada Post-Office Inspec
tors have been working on the track
of Iho swindlers In London and Mon
treal. It was mads known after the
service of the warrants this afternoon
that other arrests aside from those
made this ifpjriKWI would probably
J. Ciordou 'Malcolm, one of the Cin
cinnati promoters who was IncHOtsdi got
wind of pending trouble and went to
Canada recently. OvhSTS for whom In
dletuieuts were handed don by the
Inind Jjry bars were P, 1). .Mluyard,
who was ai res. cd In I'levelund, Thomas
Kiel-wick, urrtsled In Boston, ieorge
S HannafOrdi arrested Iii Chicago, and
J. Jl. long, urios'.ed in Buffalo.
Ilalford B. Wardlu was apiirehendeil
In Kochester A. Bruce Crane of the
brokerage llrm of Hunter tk Crane, In
NeAnrk, N. J., wss arrested In the New
Jersey city.
The accused company fiasses under
the name of F. Di M my aril Co. P.
1 1 Mlny.ird himself was arrested tn
Cleveland this afternoon. Thomus
Flshwlck, formerly of this city end an
DlttOOr "f the eompuyi wus arrested
In Boston.
A, Brlof Crsne of the brokeiune firm
of lluiiter ' 'rune tn Newark, N. J.
was arrested 1 it the New Jersey city.
Xfasol tl. Worth, said to be one of the
hit; men in the fraudulent concern, was
or n sled !:i tin financial district here
this gftornoofl on a warrant from the
(and Jury In ClnolnnOtl He Is un of
Ivor of thu Aintoriong Rsdosggtlog Com
pany. Ill was held In 11,100 'ml bp Com-
mtsgtonof shields.
WAHKBWJiatl, NOV 1. -Attorney
William If Cray of Houston, Tex.,
. .i in- hers to day to ask the i pagtfggnt
,.f j.ih'ico onVdgli shy a wnrrani for
lbs arrest of John J Arohbokl of the
Htnudnrd l"l Cumtntny hnd never been
.o o'.l upon Mm, Ar 'ii'Old nas one of
to, de'elldunts In ,1 crludli.il suit under
Hie Sherman Law against he Magnolia
in1 iintnpgny f th,u and .i doion othir
Individual di fsndgnts.
H e. is said to hae ln'sfnsatiofl thst
although At hie 1 1 wus Indicted m
skeulcnilHjri i to warrant ggalnoi him
and se-vsra glhor dlrodtori has uevir
"They Were the Brutal and Cruel
Hands of Conspiracy That Becker
Hatched," Declares Prosecu
tor in Summing Up.
Says He Was Arch Plotter and Calls
Shapiro a Perjurer Goff Will
Charge Jury To-Morrow.
The last word for and against the gunmen, charged with the actu?l
shooting to death of Herman Rosenthal in front of (he Metropote Hotel
on the morning of July f last, was said to-day to the Jury More Jus
tice Cioff in 1-xtraordinary Term of the Supreme Court in six hours of
oratory, three each for prosecution and defence, and to-morrow Justice
Goff will charge the Jury concerning the proper interpretation of the
law and evidence, whereupon the fate of "Gyp the Blood," "Lefty"
Louie, "Whitey" Lewis and "Daffo" Frank will rest within the discretion
of twelve men.
They were six solemn hours for the gangsters. First while their
lawyer was pleading with the Jury to believe their story that they wer
innocent decoys of the arch-plotters Rose, Webber, Vallon and Schepp;
and then later on when Assistant District-Attorney Moss described thei i
a dangerous thugs and gunmen who prowl the metropolis hungry ft
their prey.
Not one of the four smiled or uttered
a word from the time they were
hrolght In to the prisoners' table until
the conclusion of their ordeal, nnd then
when it whs all over they showed each
other their hagg.ird faOSS unl remained
OaartSg O. V. WahlS made an elo
quent argument for his clients, speak
ing from WM O'clock until I X. Only
once throughout his address did he
mention ths nsnm of 'buries Booker,
convicted snd sent to the death house
ss the brains und genius of the con
spiracy which hud employed his llents
as assassins, ami on that one occasion
Mr. Wahle brought In the name of the
policeman merely us a superficial Inci
dent to the testimony.
In the opinion of many YVuhle muds i
goist Impression, lie was reserved in
his manner of discourse and dlssectsd
the evklence with careful logic.
Vhl did not attempt to (It out his
Isid men clients with any hilo or apol
ogize for the criminal lives they had
lag, lie merely urge! the Jurors not to
accept the word of ROM, Webber, Vallon
and Schepps, and twit to enter Into a
partnership with them In sending his
nllents to tlm dcisth chulr. Webber and
Vallon were the real slavers, he de
Olnrodi sod In their cells In the IV...I
Hide Court Prison they were praying
with Hose ami Hoheppe that the gunmen
should die.
In his summing up Prosecutor Moss
WOAt Into the murder- onsvlracy and
sketched the oar' It, kr had played In
hiring t ie gunmen to do his will, lie
referred tn tins deferMlants as thu
"brutal and oruel luimls" of the con
spiracy that Bgogaf had hat tied wish
Hose and uild thu Jurors tluut it wus
their duty to rid I he world of such dan
gerous wolves of the underworld.
Mr. Moss demanded from the Jury a
verdict of murder In the first degree for
all four gunmen, and Ids chi.-lug appeal
"I speak these words to you upon the
belief that In your mlndn you will come
to the conclusion that Ihnae men urs
guilty, hut that perhaps SggSI one man
among you may be swayed by pitying
emotions and be led to withhold his
Mite, tine man run spoil this trial; one
man we.sk and vacillating, mistakenly
pitiful, may bring to naught the entire
labor or this trial. Ths 1 Mslr; t-Attorney
submits the case to you, urging a
verdlc of murder lu the tlit t degree
uK i n it all the defendant.''
None of the relatives of the gunmen
vara iMiraUtGi tg uuu -uu wj.hmiI
this nfternonn while Mr. Moss wt,
stmrniln up. 'tsjf,y Lokdo'g'' wife at I
father end "Dago Krank's" moth .
Pleaded with the court attendant-. ,
admit them, but stem orders had b. , g
given thwit nana of the gangsters' gfsj
should bo allowed In the trial roo
whll the Prosecutor was dellvtrlng n
excoriating attack upon them. The pu -pose
of this exclusion waa to prevent e.
seen,, or cmvmotlon In the trUbunnl.
When Mrs. Lillian Hoeenberg. 1 l.eftv'
Louie s baby-.loll wife, was denied ad
mission ,he broke down and sobbed
bitterly And she kept up her unre
strained weeping until her two
arrived to console her.
A deputy sheriff In charge of t. u
prisoners sal I this afternoon that th.
four young men were delighted wit.
Mr. Wahle s elo.iuent effort in their be
half. Ths explosive "Whitey" l.ewi.
openly expressed his admiration.
"Ilully gee," he amid, "that was .
corker of a speerh, and for the Hrs.
time In my Ufe I felt the wneepa ooui
ln' on. lie even had Die Jury going '"
"Dago" Frank and "Whiter ' l.ewii
both expressed confidence of acquittal,
but "lyp the Blood" and "Lofty"
Iiule said not s word throughout the
recess hour In the Tombs.
When Justice Qofr took his place si
Hint) o'clock he gave orders to Capt.
Lynch of iho Court squad that the doors
should be locked and kept locked unil,
Mr. Wahle had nnlshed Ills summing up.
Just before Mr. Wahle was requested
by the Court to begla his address DIs-tr.ct-Attorney
Whitman and Aisistani
District-Attorney Moss retired from the
Inclosure in front of the bench to a se
cluded corner back of the Jury box.
Then Mr. Wahle began, gpeaklug extem
poraneously from a IHUs handful of
Referilng In t.ls first period to the
clamor of the rabble and thu mob for
four human lives, the lawyer paid his
respects to the arch plot'ers and mur
derers. Rose, Webber, Vullou ana
"Vou will be asked.' said Mr. Wahle.
"to accept the word of these fjur men
that mv four clients are murderers,
rtrst "jack" Boon, suavs. pouts,
salable aad paraaaalrol he the
arch plotter, the gsylaiag hand tttat
dlrsotsd ths ana of tlie assassins'
bullets. Than there is Weniisr
"Srtdgls" Webber poUuter of soul
and body gambler for a gsnsratloa
aad never caught. There la Talloa,
ths sign of brute written oa his
fees. And last, there la gwhappa.
ths unspeakable, who took his light
aad guidance from atoee. as for
these feag boys, who

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