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Tw-vear-otd MIMred Tlorrleaux died
1 Billevu Hospital erday as a ru
auk of piuylns "doctor and patient"
wlta her little brother and ilatar oa
N. 18.
On that dar 1-year.rM William Bnr
seaut was etruck with the Idra it would
he fun to play bein a phys'clan wr'h
Ma fletera aa patients. He suf tested
tha scheme to Mildred and Margaret,
four. The youneri were In the play
room ot their home at No. M Enst Sla
teeatti street. Their fnther. William
Bordeaux, la etatlonary nlTieer.
William got hie father's hat ana case,
and borrowed a ana ail grip.
"But I muat et eome medicine." lie
aald. He went to the medicine eloaet
and took down a bottle which contained
poison. Then ha got a teaspoon and
proceeded to pay hla first professional
"Tou've cot a eere throat," he told
! Margaret after examining bar, "and
must take a epoonful of this."
"I don't Ilka that medicine," aald
"I's dot a aora frost," aXdarad bhy
Mildred, "and I'll take It"
So William tare Mildred a full tea
spoonful. In a second aha was shriek
ing with pain. Her mother dashed Into
the room, called a doctor and than took
the child to Bellevue.
Detective Barber had a talk with
WllUam yesterday.
"I'm awfully eorry," aald the little
boy- "I hope) to meet sater la heaven
and tell bar bow eorry I am."
Swift Ceiwaaar'l sales ef fresh Beef
In New Tort ' !"r essswBetuiuer.
Rati 18. stsragea to.fts cswia pw pound.
Mfcs Brown, Awakened by Knock,
Opened Door and Man At
tacked Her.
Miss Helen Brown, twenty-three years
old, waa choked and stabbed In the
neck by a man she says she docs not
know, who entered her llvlnf rooms on
fie eecond floor at No. 328 Weal Twenty-
htth street early i -.lay.
Tha youtuc woman, according to the
story aha told the police, wai asleep
when there wsa a knock at the door.
6he opened the duor an J a man wearing j
a dark suit leupod In auid at tied her b j
the throat She fougut him and sue-;
reeded to breaking his hold long enough
to acream. Then he took out a pocket
knlfa and cut her four times ou the
After taking IS from a dresser the
man aacaped. Neighbors notified the1
police), Mlaa Brown'e wounds, which
were found not to be ser ous, were
dreaeed by Dr. Ward of New Tork
No man Is
Than his
The JefenVfll Aitvieertnj
R.V. Pierce, M.D., Buf
falo, N. Y. answers hosts
ef delicate questions
about which every man
or woman, tingle or mar
ried ought to knote. Sent
free on receipt of St one
cent stamps to pay for
wrapping and mailing.
LET tha greatest athlete have rlyrpepata and hit
etrength will soon fall. One's stamina ton--fullneas
and strength of mind or muscle
depend upon tha blood, and the blood In tant,
requires a healthy stomach, for the stomach is tha
laboratory where the food is digested and such ele
ments, are taken up or assimilated which eaaea
aVeeef. In consequence all the organa of the body,
such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as
the nervous system, feel the bad effect if the stom
ach is deranged.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
balsa the stomach to digest food, arepsrly. starts the
Hear rote new activity, removing the poisons from tea
blood, and the varlone organa gat rich, red Mood, la
stead of being Illy nourished. The refreshing iafraeae
of this estraet of native medicinal ornate has beaa
favorably knoem for over 40 years. Everywhere
eome neighbor can tell yoa of the good It baa d.
eM try all aaedlrlae stealers la Hej arid av ta beet farms
r aearl Be oaie-eeal stamps te Dr. Pteree. IwvalMa'
Hate. adf ale. sal a tried bw a will bw ass Had yea.
It makes little difference what you need a World Want will go gat it
Suits Designed Especially for Women
Who Wear Sizes from 40 to 48
These are not suits with the ut.ual unmodish coats that
large women have been deemed to wear if they bought
them ready-made, for we have taken fifty ot our besc styles
whose lii.e permitted their being made in large sizes and
have had ti.em made in Suits at these moderate prices:
$19.0, 425, $35, $45 to $65
By actuJ count we shall have 310 ot these Suits to
morrow Plain Tailored Suits o) the Smart Custom Tip
Semi-1 ailortd Suns That Art But Slightly Trimmed
' Suns jor Oress M ear Some Wiih the Semi-Empire Coat
Many of the models have the new dip-back coat, for its
long lines art just what the woman of large stature needs.
Suits oj Vtlvur de Laine. Broadcloth, Ziteline, Peau de Souris, Diagonal,
Cheviot and Men's H ear Serge, fl9.W. ft, S)i to 46
yelietecn and Coiduroy Suits. S2i, t)i to S62
Mourning Svitt, S19.X) to S6i
We have only u x'd the becoming colors brown, taupe,
navy, Borueaux, ba k, whrte-and-biack, two-toned effects
in gray, blue a.d urown, also vioiet-anii-gray.
Morning, Adltl mOH and tuning Dresses, sues 40 to 44, S17.W. t2i to tSi
Third Floor
A Resum3 of This Very Important
Sale of Dress Goods
E ich of tnese de Irablo groins of fashionable Dress Goods
is a special pu c ia c r .vn .i ma u aturer or impirter, at the
md ol his so . oa' on ;i lest, Tnat we are able to make prices
mo little is surely gratifying to every woman who has handsome
Winter dre.vse , and tailored suits to make.
al.60 Ohsnnousode Ltino.oec Yd
(3 All-wool ft itiiis. $1.8 iYard
58.25 Charineuss de Laine, v-',95
82 Tailored uitingB,$1.26 Yard
83.60 Velour de Lair.e,$1.66 Yard
81,76 Silk Voile, 81.11 Yard.
51.60 1, ivy Blue Wuipcord, 9 jc Yd.
Black Dross Goods
82.60 Imported Broadcloth, 81.86
81,36 All-wool Storm Born, 88c
87 to 810 Dress Lenrtha, 86
In Black and Coljri
Second Floor
Connoisseurs Will Not Fail
To lie Deiifhted With the
Wtuch Are tipeciauy Uisuuiyed
In the Gimhel Art Galleries
The spirit of the Eighteenth Century breathes in this
eharming collection o! Mezzotints with their de.icate lines
softly etched oi copter, a;id exquisitely tinted by artistic
bands, which we have housed in a special gallery of their
We take much pride in the fathering; which we are told
has t ot an equai in New York Here, Lesides the lavoritc
subjects, such as the Leautiiui Mrs. Siddons, Lady Hamil
ton a id Others, there are n any choice prints rarely found
in any collection, which we secured directly from Europe,
most adv. Ji luge jus y Lorn a speei.ilLt.
Every picture has its speci..lly designed frame io two
alike. And the harmony between picture and irame gives
increased attractiveilOSa,
Prices an- j.e.00 to 56, and more delightful holiday gifts
for people o. artistic tastes cannot be devised than these
same Mezzo', ims. Sixth Floor.
How to Get Warm
And How to Stay So
Here are vuri jus .vell-seasoned recipes taken from
the extensive Gimbel stock ot
Coal, Gas and Oil Stoves
which iwi.-g into pronou..ced prominence with the
tUiuble of tne nitVCUr, 'ihese are all down in price,
Cylinder Coal Heating Stoves, brick lining, brass orna
menta. top; regularly $3.75, for $2.76.
Coal Ranges, No. 8, 16-inch oven; regularly $16, for SIS.
Oas Radiators, 4-tube hij,h, aluminum flaian; reuurly
$1.85 tor $1.50.
Oas Radiator, low; regularly $1.65 for $1.26.
Twentiath Century Oas Heaters? will give both heat
and llfltfotg re ,u arly 85--, for 60c.
Cil Haa ing Stoves, tank nickel-plated, 4-qt. capacity;
regul -rly S.5Qt, at
The Largast Oil Stoves Made, extra large cylinder,
nickel-plated, br.ss talk; regularly $8. at $6.60.
Perfection Cil Stoves, Japan finish; regularly $4.50, at
Waterman Oil Heaters, Japan finish; regularly $8.25, at
$2.25. Fleh Floor
BBBBBBBBaaaal bbbbbbb, sBaal BaT AbbbbR bbbbbbbbbbM
Quite Opportune for the Horse Show
Our Annual Sale of
Guaranteed Furs
The unprecedented change in fur modes this season compels the fashion-loving woman
to get new fus specially if she is in the lin elitht at the Hoite Show.
The jaLot ox-vat is tne of the clevercfrt fai.cies we have received from Paris. It is of
ermine with edged tails that oveilap a bcitler of broadtail and its stock fastens at the side
as you will see In the illustration. $85 Lut it is eo fine that it is like a piece of silk.
The new White Fox Scarf has a close-fittir.g collar of ermine to eliminate any bulkiness
about the neck, and yet the full animal skins of the fox hang gracefully down the front and
back. The Muff of ermine is draped with full skin white fox. $260 the set.
A Mantle of broadtail, such as the Parisienne loves to twine about her shoulders, is edged
around the neck with an animal scarf of fox, which gives an additional picturesque note. $400 set
Besides, there are luxurious Mantles, Scarfs and Muffs of Russian sables, baum marten,
ermine moleskin, Eastern mink, and rare specimens of the fox. But, of course, there are many
inexpensive furs, too.
Scarfs and Muffs That Match
Scarf a Muff a
$16 and 836 Rlark Fox $16 and 826
816 and 832.60 Pointed Fox 829.50 and 832.60
819.60, 829-80 and $32.60 Skunk $29.50 and $37. 60
$16, $26 and $37.60 Lynx $16, $29.60 and $37.60
Scarfs Moffs
$12.60 and $16 Black and Blue Wolf $11.80 and $16
$8.60 and $16 . Beaver $14 and 823.80
616.60 Persian Lamb $16 and $19.60
629.60 and $37.60 Moleskin $37.60 and $47.60
Sets of Furs
Caracul, $14.60 Japanese i'r Fox, $38.60 F.atern Mink, $60
Persian Paw, $8.60 and $12.60 Natural Raccoon, $19.60 White Fox, $76
Natural Silver Wolf, $66 t.. 876 Silver Kitt Fox, $87.80 to $98 Moleskin. $180
Among the Fur Coats, there are copies of draped models by Bernard, Premet, Drecoll
and Bechoff-David at $126 to $260.
At Price which, in many instances, are the same
an present wholesale quotations in this market.
These, because we purchased a large percentage of the pelts in Europe several months
ago, before the ercat increase of prices. Third Floor
And Now the Question Loom3 Large
Of Warmer Underwear for the Family
Until now you may have fondly cherished the gauzv vestments of Summer- but now you
must relinquish them, at the warning whistl" of the North Wind, in favor of warmer garments.
Plenty of warmth and comfort to be found in the generous Gimbel stocks of U. derwrar
for Men, Women and Children. No good sort at home or abroad has escaped our experta narrow
rcrutiny. We have gathered
Over 100 Styles of Men's Underwear, from 20 Different Mskers
Cotton, from 60c to $3.60. Wool, from $1 to $3.60 1 Si'l-and-w ool, from $4 to $6.60 I Pure Silk, from $3.50 to $16.
Including Shirts, Drawers and Union Suits, in variouM styles, In practically every grade.
Over 100 Styles of W on en's Underwear, from 46 Makers
Here is a groat assortment in weights, from lightest to heaviest, with every recant improvement to aid fit, com
fort and service in
Vi!sn Filk, frcrr $1.48 to $4.26.
Hll'-arrWatf r , fun $) to$T.96.
Silk-ar-d-wcol, frcm $1.1C to $3.86.
In particultT, ti e Sterling Knit Union Suits, in cotton, silk-and-cotton and all-silk, and the
Harvard Mills har.d-finished Underwear, of which la4 ter we are sole retail distributors in NawYoik.
Over 50 Styles of Children's Underwear, from 21 Makers
Cotton,from26cto$1.16. Merino, from 3Cc to $1.96. All-wool, 66c to $9.86. Silk-and-wool, from 88c to 83.78.
It would seem from this summary as though the particular sort of Underwear you need, you
lie reasoLaLiy certain of linding in the collection.
Tne.;e Styles Deserve Particular Mention
WOMEN'S Ui i EitwiiAR
Italian Sil' Vests, wan French t.i:ils, reinforced under
arms, at 82. &, usually $ s. .;.. M60
Cotton, frcm LEc tc $3.
Cotton-and-wcol, trim PTc to $3.60.
All-wool, from $1.26 to $4-C0.
All-ante, from $1 to $7.96.
Venetiar Si IV, frcm $1.96 to 84.76.
Italian Silk, from $146 to $14.
Swiss Union SjiU. wool-u.id-eotton: $1.60 to 61.86,
half-wool and huli'-cotton, reinforced and unshrinkaMu
at $2.36 to $2.66.
Marino Vests, Swuu, at $1, Knee or Ankle-length.
Tights, at $1.60.
Heavy-weight, hand-finished Merino Vests and Tights,
at 66c; extra sizes, 1.
White Swiss-ribbed Cotton Vests and Tights, 60c; extra
aisea, 66c; Union Suits, $1. extra izee, $1.25.
Silk-and-wool Yc.-:ts and I'anlelcttes, up to 10 fWUTS,
86c; up lo 16 years, $1.
Buv' natural-color Merino Union Suits, 6 to 14 years,
91: truths' sizes, $1.36.
Boys' i wool Suits, 61-66; Youths' size 63
Iloyb' ribbed Sfafru and Drawers, 10 to 16 years, 61
Cart wright A Warner's Gauze-cotton Underwear;
Snimi white with long or short sleeves, $1.
Men's Glove-fltting Union Suits, in Merino, size 84 to
46, at $2,80.
Union Suits, of white cotton, regular and stout aicea, at
Glastonbury Woolen Underwear. Shirts and Drawer
at $1.66 each. Main Floor
The Best PIANO Value
In New York City Today Is
The OONREID at $190
Baa MMBHBBaaaBaaaee'' iBBMrBBi Baa 1
bbi sseSf" jssjejjasjpf69fij' LjgRsSaaav Laa
H -"-SaaSirC ' ?..fl. aisaftafTlle)si Lai
JWe make this claim advisedly, with the fullest knowledge of facta
TODAY. We could not have made it a year ago, for practically the
same piano was then sold by another house for a slightly higher price.
And THAT piano, almost identically the same instrument, today sold by
other agents, is now being called "worth $350" to bolster up a big
increase in its selling price,
Of course, as the immortal Lincoln said, in p: rt, "You ran foot SOME
of the people ALL THE TI ML" '-and today he would have added, "If
you use BIG advertising space, and make big enough claims."
1 We shall not be able to sell the Conreid Piano to people who are
easily fooled
But We Will NEVER I AIL to Sell the
Who Cannot Be Fooled
6j Unless they want to pay a higher price than $250. For a f etter piano
than tiie Conreid cannol be i,ougft jor less than $JnO no matter what ex
aggerated claims may be made about the selling price of that piano in the
village of Powderhorn, Colorado.
JThe CONREID is a piano of unquestioned excellence; made by one
of the best and largest piuno manufacturing concerns in America. In
every artistic piano quality, the CONREID is infinitely superior to the
usual piano sold at $200.
qWe only ask that you come and EXAMINE TIIE CONREID as
thoroughly as you can. We ask you to bring your music teacher to ex
amine it. The more expert your advice, the more you will realize the un
questionable superiority of the CONREID over all other pianos sold for
$200, or near it.
JThc CONREID is TRUE in TONE, responsive in action, and re
fined and artistic in its architecture. It is built for years of service. It
is an honest piano, in even- string and pin. in every detail of material
and construction.
J It took us two years to decide on what piano we would present in the
Gimbel Piano Store, in the $200 grade, and we KNOW what we now have
to offer; and we KNOW that
The CONREID Piano at $190
Is the Best Piano Value in New York City Today
q Sold on EASY TERMS of payment.
We invite ; 11 prospective purchasers of prro? to he PIIE TO SEE
for $250 or less. Piano Store, Eighth Floor
1 hit l r 1 niHU T
m i
Z ft
Sldaj World Wants Work Monday Wonders

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