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men were lined up In the fenced off chute through which the fumM
were brought to the har to hear the verdict delivered.
The jury marched In at 2.37 o'clock, and they had scarcely taken
tneir seats when the procession of prisoners and depirty sheriffs appeared.
As the gunmen came down the narrow outside aisle by the barred win
dows, four policemen joined the deputy sheriffs and closed about them i:i
a sort of hollow square. There were two officers 1o each prisoner as
they were stopped at the bar and M.ircd like so nunv dull and livid
r.atues straight out before them
as they stood and waited for the
the bench and take his sea.
Clark Penny hroke tha Intense tlllnr
by turning to tb Jury box and polllnir
tha Jury. After the twelfth man Hid
anlwered to hi nama tha rlerk said:
.lurora. lok upon thr darendanta; de
fendant, look upon tlie Jury." Than
ha read off a list Of tha gunmen
nama and allaee. nnd turned again
to the foreman of the ury.
'Gentlemen," ha aakad. "have you nr
rlvad upon a vardlrtT lJo you find the
drfenlenta guilty or not gulltyr"
Tha foreman peuaed for a moment
while he iwallowed hard. Then ha
pie In a clear, ringing voire:
"Guilty of murder In tha fliat degree
na charged," he aald.
The 7.i Hit gangsti r
Ithatood the
shoik without a nulver. without o
inurh a the fluttering of an eyelash.
Islk atona Image they stood, staring
hafoie tham with glssed and unhllnklnn
eyas, until the deputy aherlff Blocked
tham by the wrlt and led them In a
huddled, stumbling procaaalon from tha
Lawyer fharle O. V. Wahla, SOW) Ml
'or the convicted prlnner, announced
a hi client were led away that be
.him reerve any motion he had to
make, until tJie date of sentence wa
Had. He aaked that the prlaonera b
emanded until to-morrow and that tv
late of eenten.-e be fixed then Tli'a
luatlca Ooff consented to and the pro
esdlngs were at an end. he trnalon
ad broken and thara waa a ruh from
tho tribunal.
Outalde the 'out room n mob of 1
moat a thousand HM nnd women were
milling about In tha rotiimln In n fren
sled effort to (et a look at the convict
ed gangsters. The four prison.-! were
taken through an Inside corridor to the
stairway leading up to the floor level
of the Bridge of Slgha.
On that floor It waa neceaeary to
tham out Into tha open corridor.
W' when thay appeared within view
. the mob tielow In tha rotund there
wa a wild ntnmiiede In thelrdirertltin
lui ,. .. ., .. .ithat Hi
rust) up the atalrcaae fell over one. an
other. Policeman were awept aalde,
and for a few minute the building
fairly ahook with tha bedlam of nolee.
In the brief moment tha gunmen ap
peared In view they were hunched close
together. "Hyp the Blood" and"l.efti "
I oule had their arma about each other.
Tuey paaaed by the door of the ma
troa'a room and could hear the shrieks
of their wlvee and "Dago" Frank's
mother. Then they vanished Into the
black pocket leading to the Urldge of
at (to
Out In White atreet a bl crowd n.-m-bed
and greeted the Juror u they cunie
out and got Into the big automobile hn
lq which they rode to the Murray Jun
Hotel to get their belonging. The -rowd
The I
cheered the Juror again and again
entire Criminal Court UuUdlnj wa ur
ounded by polloenten, but thee wa lit
tle lor them to do a tha crowd melt-
eJ away a few mlnutea after the exolle
meot had subsided.
Justice Ooff In hi charge tint ipoke
of the commendable dlpat.-h with which
the evidence In the case had been pre
sented. Then he reminded the Juror
that their waa tha laat word, the final
aolemn duty to deliver a fair, Impartial
and Juat declalon on the fact. The Jury,
aald the Court, had been aelected by
both aide and they were equally bound
W respect the evidence praacnted by
either elde.
"X wtu apeak of the defendaata
eoUeoUvely wkea that la poaelble,"
eaU JmaUee Ooff. "Bat wh.a X
apeak of theea aeparataly, eaoept la
ems oeae ("Dago Frank"), what X
ear applies to all. Oaly la onf
wlll X aak yon to ooaaldar
at all separately."
"All four of these defendsnts, taksn
collectively or separately, are presumed
to be Innocent until their guilt Is estab
lished. The burden of proof le upon
aha People and the prosecution must
establish Us case beyond any reasonable
"You must take Into consideration,"
charged the Court, "the conditions and
circumstances under whloh those earlier
statement were made. This applies to
e where contradictions have
brought to your attention."
.rustic Ooff was referring to tb
seat I ai oay of William Shapiro,
driver of tho snardor ear, who had
Sealed, to OoBualsaloaer Dougherty
as. tha Urns of his arrest that he
sjaew who hie paeseaffsre were.
Jostles Ooff sketched In brief the
State's contention that the defendanta
wars employed by a band of contplratoit)
to perform the murder
"You have heard the evliien aa offered
to support thla theory," he aald, "and
you have alen heard the evidence ad
dressed by the defense to controvent
that theory. The defendant have ut
tared denial from their own Up
"Now 1 will treat Of the defendant
as they sit to the right of their lawyers
I will refer to Frank Muller, Aral In
Hne. as 'Whltey;' I shall refer to Iiir-o
Wank Clroflcl aa 'Frank;' the next man
Is Indicted under the name of Louis
Hosenberg; he Tt. known under the alias
of 'Lefty Louie,' and I shall refer to
Not I feature of their faces stirred
black posted Judge to mount upon
htm as J.eftv.' The last In line ll
, I
Harry fforowltaV ind he i known by
tha nlln- of Hlv? the Blood.' 1 hall
refer to htm na 'Oyp.' "
Jllall.e Ooff then look UD the evl lio II
and rea l from a digest he ha 1 prepare ,
of the testimony of both aldeji. I'lrat l.s I
mentioned the meeting In Ihi ''afc I'.eaux
Art, between. "Jack - Rote, "nan." paett,
Harry Vallon nnd "Leftjr" and "Whit
on May 14, when 'Jajffk lloee souirht to 1
lmpre on the gon neii that he and W'o!
ber hn.d had nothing Id dff with the frm-
ln of ".In k" MHfi Then he reviewed
the second mecHnir on June 2 batwesn
I II.... and the r.ingstor 1n "U ftv'a"
wOnthSrfl Boulevard Hat It was then the j
nun aiiio in name or itoaentnai wa
tirt mentioned and Ross t"M "Laf ly" I
and "Whltej" that they would be In
danger unle DaOjlef was tiroupfot '
around In their favor by having hi 4
enemy pot sjajf of the way. This was '
the f trot daSOUaffeffn of the murder plirt.
11 OBI thl meeting Jmtlce trolT asked I
the Jury to follow the course of tJic t
testimony through Its varlou a'aKe to !
the conNumnwitinii of the murder plot- i
first, the conference In the Lafayette
Hatha, whr.. Hose hil lnelted to :he
gunmen thai Bsokor wns chafing at the
delay of the gang In "failing to croak
RoeeathaJ;" secondly, the rendetvnu
at theOarden Iteainurant, where Itoeen- I
thai m. .lining and where the tnurdor
was frustrated by the aliened pioaenie
Of a Burns man. and, finally, the no.
eurrmoM on the night of the murder.
Including the hiring of the murder ear,
the assembling of the gunmen In Web- j
ber's poker rooms snd the drive to the
SOOfM of the asansMtnailon.
JUStrOa doff decrlied the killing In
detail aii. I xummarltcd the teatlmonv of
the Stale's eye wllneese "Ktanlich. i
who saw white point a pistol
Mlftfastl'l head and fire two
hr.iuse. who saw Wp' and 'I.efly' nnd
'Whllev' orround Itosrnthnl with re
eajlvara In their hand, and i.uhan, who
Saw hrajik. I.eflv' and '(vo' hooMna
but hi faJtwl to see Whltey.' "
Taking up the event subsequent to
the murder, the Court read from .Inck
Hose's testimony the State evidence
that Itoae had met the gunmen and
paid them for their service.
This was all for the People's case
and the Judge look up the teatlmonv
defendanti and their theory
y had t.een nio-d oh decova by
Rose and Webber and were merely
Innocent lookers-on at the murder.
Concluding with M- brief of ths
svldenre on both side, the Court said:
"Osatlemea, we have here the
moat remarkable situation Is crim
inal annals In the city. Ths proae
ontion, chiefly tUronjrh the testi
mony of Jack Kose, charges that
Merman Xtoeeathal was murdered
by these four defendaata. Xa their
turn the defendaata say to Boss,
' Ws admit that Herman Xtoeeathal
wae murdersd, bat we didn't do it
yon did. Here yon hare the ac
cused aoensing ths aoonaera. I
will say again that V..- situation Is
unique In orlsnlnal annals."
(Vni:iieiitlug hi the contention of
ths defense that nose had snatpd the
defendant in a
Uy trap to mike It
had commLttevl the
appear that they
niurder, Justice Corf said that the mo
tion py seined ny tne nerense was
falsely constructed.
"Voi .ire aske 1 to believe," he aal-1,
"that 'Jack' Root f.,v, ;v acOnaad thene
defendants of the murder bsOOUH he
fenr.Ni them, because ho featiil that
(hoy nOUld ilo him 1mi.11 I harm aa a re-
suit of their suspicions that he had had
m i.e hi g to do with the framlus; of
Jack' Zl:g Do yOU believe that Hose
oukl have ba'l any such notion aa
that? There hae been no proof of
fered to eupport each a theory of
'If such had been the motive of 'Jack'
Hose n 1 he desire.! to fulfill the plot
to charge these defen lants as the
slayer I It likely, gentlemen, thai he
Rose! should have remained In Web-
HXr's t'l'ker-room and laid down an a
couch Instead of going o hc seen of the
murder so thut he could have tixtlfled
on. em in1, what ocourred? I will aak
you to . ..us. ler that fact Without
further comment?
In th'a raac you have two fnure--
Ro... Webber, Vallon and Schepp nn.l
tha four defendants. Two fottrg accus
ing each other anil II 'o four accusing
the other four of being (ho .i"tu.il mur
The mysterloin stranger was brought
Into the charge when the Judge read
from i ne testimony of "Whltey" bawls,
that "Whltey" hsd seen the flaah of the
stranger's pistol which lit up his facv
Pursuing this line, Justice Ooff delivered
a blow to the defense.
"Oentlemen," he aald, "yon mast
consider that 'Whltey' aald he waa
standing 45 foot away, nader the
glass shade over the doorway of
the Oadtllao. So yon think that at
sneh a distance he could have reo
oralaed this strand's man merely
by the light from ths flash of bis
pistol t"
The Court took up the Troabllltv that
Rose would have personsllv conducted
wltnesa to the scene tf the murder,
especially when those wltnee were
his enemies.
"Is It reasonable to believe that If
Rose and this strangw- were going
Hroun.l to the Motropole to commit that
murder tlrey would seek to bring four
men to see them commit that murder'.'
You ure told by the defendants that
they wen. righting with Itoae over the
Zeltg matter. Hose, they admit, was
their enemy
"If that was the ease. Is 11 at all
reasonable to BUppoaa that Hose as
going to take hta enaffnel Wllefl lie waa
fighting tlrcm-to the wene of this mur
der? Weigh thla nrcfullv, gentlemen,
and determine for yoaayaolvea whether
or not Huso could hae been Influenced
by suoh a motive as tin. defense Off an
111 swilling for these defendants to see
him kin Harmon Rosswi trial?'1
Justice Ooff called the Jury's attention
to the fart that the d. f. ndintl kllsisd
that 'hey had a better v of the mur
der forty-five feet away than the
witness staulsch ha" front a few foot
away. The Court also ran doubt upon
the aertlon .if the gunmen that thev
had run away bevauea they fcarinl ll)e
and the aliang. t wen xhootlng at tham.
"I it rakaonabls," asked ih Justlos,
"to believe that these defendanta could
see the faces of the men who were
ehittiig at Herman Rosenthal and yet
at the sagos t.mc they were mlgtaltsp
Into the aMumptlon that thev vers
being fired at by the aaalu'."'
Justice Ooff then discussed "DdlO
Hoofs of P. A. Clark's Mount
Scrtpc Prostrate Own
er's Head.
t ii- ,
Lxliihittir Hart Alijnts unhurt.
bill Thoroughbred Is
CttlgM in Harriers.
Kxclieenent enine ea-'y to the lloree
Show to-day, with the lodging of the
hunters for the Mod ay Cup. When the
banleis are put up In the arena the
mlHnrd gwllior and stick to the fence
until the Isxt Jump Is finished There Ii
sn air of expectancy until the final blast
of the bugle.
The seekers for senaatloti got It when
P. A. Clark 'tunc a cropper und had
very OPJOa call from being kicked to
death. The next rider but on follow
ing him, Paddy Hart, waa thrown, and
bajapa ilnishlng the course his horse,
Nicholas, knocked down ties second bar
rier and csught 111 right hind leg be
tween the burs. Attendant bad to saw
the liar to effect Lisa animal's release.
Mr. Clark was tiding his wlfs's geld
ing, i i.i.i. second. ins horse a ted
bOUiy from the Mast U)d too first titno
rOUM touohed every barr'jr. When
he i. use I to go over UM llt birs it
Uttad lastly and both tors leg: went
Urn ugh the bars, cjj to the top.
animal fell to hit knees and .dr.
went over his heal. Hi no
. Jumped over the prosiralt man end
i hotel hind hoofs scraped the back if
I Ut rider Bawd, Mr. Clark, was daaad
! In t full of pluck and arjse It- hid feet,
j He lings rod until he . cauh . by
I a Kroi.ni. Hum cai'tervl It.ajiu.y to
the exit gate.
Mr. Hart, when thrown by Nicholas,
I escaped without a scratch. When the
I horse fell with hla leg caught in tho
j bar of the second barrier, the rider
' Jumped nimbly to the ground.
I One woman appeared in thl event,
i Rhe was Mis Adam Heck. She looked
i charming on her husband' hone, Front-
enac. Mr. Heck 1 a member of the
Cunadlan Parliament, I. lent. Labou
0 retro, who won the International con
tent for Holland last night rode Miss
Motia liunn's four mounts, but didn't
do anything startling.
The big event of to-night and one of
the greatest feature of the Horse Show
will he the exhibition and drill of the
Mounted Traffic Squad of the New York
Police Department
In the exciting contest for the Maclay
Frank's" alibi. First he called attention
to the fact that Frank bad become a
paaae Offer In the murder car for the cx
presa purpose of gtolng downtown to
mint his three pals. His object In meet
ing litem, he bad testified, was to go
with thnm to hear from the llpa of
Berker'a men that Rose waa not re
sponslble for the "framing" of Jack
"Mow." ald the Juatlce, "wa It im
portant for Frank to go with Hoae to
meet Pecker's men, or wa It more Im
pottant that he Rhoiild suddenly change
hi mind and go then to his Mat because
he had not seen Jean Gordon In two
days Jean Gordon, the young woman
who Homctlme used his name and some
time the name of another.
"You have heard from Frank and hla
fellow defendants that when he left
I nihil to go uptown he sold: Tin afraid
you boy are going to stay out booxlng
and I had better go uptown to nee Jean
Oordon ' Hut ha had come downtown
for the expreff purptre of meeting and
being with hla three friend when they
went to meet Offloers White and
"Oentlemen, It la for yon to de
cide whether thla alibi la reason
able and founded on fact or
whsthsr It Is ths result of some
arrangement between those defend
anta ao aa to exculpate one of
Justice Ooff read the rules of law
concerning the value of the testimony
of uccomplb e.
"The luw." ho a1d. "leaves 1t entire
ly to the Jury to decide If the testimony
of corroborating witnesses ha tended
to connect the defondant wlih file com
mission of a crime. There must be auch.
corroborating testimony to give value
and force to the testimony of accom
plices. I rule that Rose Is an accom
plice; I rule hat Webber is an accom
plice, and I rule that Vallon I an bc
compllce. I shall not rule that Kcheup
I an accomplice. There 1 no proof
tha t he had knowledge of the fact of
the murder plot before Its commission
After the crime he had guilty knowl
edge, bin that does not necessarily make
him an accomplice.
Justice tloff defined the four degree
of homicide, flrl and second degree
murder, and tlrst and accond degree
nuinalaughtrr, and said:
"tJenibvnien. you may bring In a ver
dict for any one of theae four degrees
I have read to you."
He churged the Juror they might
bear In mltnl that manaluughter In the
RSCond degree was homicide wlthiut
design to kill and without s dang us
weapon. "If," he said, "you find that
these defendants got out of that auto
mobile, and crossed the street to kill
Herman Rosenthal then they did have
a design to kill."
"Murder In tha second degree I kllllnir
with design to It 111. but without dellbera
j tlon and premeditation, but If theae men
gvt Into that automobile und went to
th.- Motroaola for the purpose of killing
Herman Rosenthal, then It I murder
! with premeditation aiul deliberation, for
then tha killing of Rownthul waa pre
meditated UPMI and deliberated upon
und carried out by design, which I
murder In the first degree."
A BhOWmff premeditation and delib
eration, ,i,-.t, .. Ceoff (minted out that
S..HU time ha.1 elapsed lietween the oc
Oafflon wucsi the killing waa tint dll
oust" .1 and the commission of the crime.
It w is only necessary fur the Jury to
daoldl whether or not Ihere had 1 11
HUM Snellen between the design to kill
and the killing to make a choice.
Ths Court Instructed ths Jury
that It was within Its power to
1 .vict on 01 all of the
Banker' 8 Daughter Who Eloped
With Lenox Church Organist
.aa srXBa. sWfffffl ePskssffal BflaasailaPBl BBBUBBBBI BkekS. -w
ml V If f " mm
wm W ft ' mm 1
m M.jF I - mm
1 A.
Cup, P. A. Clark, who had such a close
call on Hen... won the cup, riding hia
horse Flying Machine. H. W. ltlddio
look the red ribbon with Willow King,
and Mrs. Adam Heck took third prize.
Bdward n. McLean, owner of tha
Wahlnxtn Post and BOH of John 11
Ifrfilan. fun1er and own ST Of the Cin
cinnati Knqulrer, BOHblOd into the r'M
on arutc.hea during the rrces. lie fol
lowed In the wake of Alvln Wild Are. the
hackney stallion brought from Kngutnd
by Walter K. Urlggs. In contests w!lh
the Vanderbllt and other arms, Wild
flrn out (Massed all hackneys up to dat".
Mr. MeLean bought the stallion nt the
ringside for flO.OOO.
In the trotting class for three-yvnr-nlda
with record better than 2..W, the
lilue ribbon waa IWOffdod to famous
Tenerlffe, WJIIIa,m M. V. Hoffman's
rhetmt gelding, with a record of 2.1H.
Mr. Hoffman, one of tho biggest land
owners of New York, drove. B, T
Stoteslrury's Brother Hplor. driven by
I'Yank Palmer, a professional, ismc
second. BfOtttOf Hplcr has a recorvl of
2 1S. flail 'onatantlne of the Olenmore
Stable, owned by Hotiert tloelet and
driven by him got the yellow ribbon.
or to acquit one or all, or ao many
as thsy determined to bo Innocent
or guilty.
Nofft came the driflnltlnn of reasonable
loubt, with all Its manifold shadings.
Justice Ooff sought to Impress upon the
Jurors that reasonajble doubt should not
be regarded as a refuge for a timid
"If you are sattafled beyond B r'a-
aonalde doubt that these def. ndnnts
killed Rosenthal, then you must bring
In a verdict of murder In the llrat de
an. It does not matter whose millet
killed Rosenthal. If these four defend
ants shot at Rosenthal the act of one
was the act of all. If the bullets tlre.l
of one went wide that does nn; excul-
pnte him. He Is Just as guilty ns the
otn. whose bullet Inlll.'led the mortal
Again I oay, If thsss four moved
toward Merman Bossnthal with ths
design to kill him the not of one
waa the act of all."
Justice !off then took up the defense's
seventy-seven requests to charge, refus
ing to OUUanant on more than half of
thOBI on the ground that he had covered
the lubjoct-matter fully In hi charge.
The Court refined to charge that if
the Jury found that all of the defend
ant had not been present at the scene
of the murder then all four defendanta
must bn acquitted. The Court also re
fused to chares rhat the defendant had
not been In any way connected with
"I will not charge that," aald Justlo
Ooff. "because there Is evidence to show
that tho defendants were connected
with the person (Becker) so mentioned."
When Justice Ooff had finished read
ing from Mr Wehle's requeata to
charge, Mr. Wahle took exception to
the Court's refusal to comply with oil
of the seventy-seven requests.
Justice Ooff bad not ended his dls
. ourse. however. Ho had something
to say concerning the age and records
of the gunmen.
"You have heard them referred to ns
boys," he said, "the term being used In
the vernacular. They are not hoy. The
youngest Is twenty-one, the oldest twen
ty-seven. The two others are twenly
four. All have arrived at man's estate
No compassion or pity because of their
ago must enter your mind. You are to
pon a hi Of whefher they are Innocent or
guilty. By their own tcitlmonv they
have revealed to you certBln phases of
Ihelr lives and the Influences thev have
sue n'ttad to.
"You have heard from them their
prison rOOOrdS. You must consider that
they must bear upon their shoulders
the results of their own itt. If you
believe these defendants guilty you
itiiiit convict them. For If you acquit
them, believing them to he Rtllltv, lin n
a crime will have been committed
against the conscience of Justice "
Justice doff bowed and the case was
In the Jury's hands
The verdict was on I of thl 1 kesl
ever rendered In Ibll OOUUtr! II '
one ballot was taken 'and thl Wal
purely formal as the Jurors b m il
up their mind before they had I.
the OOUrt rOORl to deliberate. In ill
missing the Jury, Justice Kiff thin 1
thCBI for the services they had ndt 1
to the people of the State ot Ne..
Mr. Mosa aald alter the ve .li.i 10
he had no comment to make ta.vo.id
saying that the verdict was In act I
r.co with tliv Wldcnce. Mr. Wallle
iPWfUhl cm;m studio )
.-'ild th it all that was left for h1m wa
an tippeal and that an appeal ahould
ne taken. He noke of Justice OofTl
charge as eminently fair.
DlatrlotsAttornoy Whitman 1 that
this verdict as well as the Becker ver
dict in i Justified his office in accepting
Rose. Webber and Vallon as State'
aejincaooo, '
f Continued from First Page. )
have occurred aftr tho occupation
the Adrlutlc port of San Giovanni dl
Mcduti by the Montenegrins on Satur
day according to the correspondent of
the Relchapuat ut Scutari
The correspondent telegraphs that the
Turkish troop SVOOUOtOd San 'llovannj
dl Mcdua on the arrival of a Hon
taoogrin column and he declares that
an Austrian courier from Scutari was
fired upon by the Montenegrin troops.
When the Montenegrin commander,
Gran. Martlnovltch arrived at San
Giovanni dl Mcdua on Sunday he or
dered the lalaUTO of the Austrian mall
bag lying there and destined for
The Montenegrin General then told
his troops, according to ths correspon
dent, to remov all the goods on board
ths Austrian Lloyd magaatns vessel
anchored in the port and he had all
the other Austrian craft lying thsrs
aarched. Tbs Montenegrin royal
yacht arrlvsd la port aa though to take
i demoastratlvs poaassslon for King
The despatch concludes that the
Turklah troons Intend to attack the
gw ms . WL -V J fw
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KOENIX KNITTING WORKS-Phone. Stuyvciant 799 -45 East 17th St.
at San Giovanni dl
MerfuR to-ilav.
LONDON, Nov. II The first official
Intimation ami out by tlx- Mulirn tIhii
Government at rWls that fighting fco-
tween tnl iitilaaran ana Turkish, armie
h";' W5,,n P-"'at rhatalja, arrived here
the laconic sentence:
"The day before yesterday and yes- ;
terday the Bulgarian army engaged the
Turk In battle, on the advanced points
of the ChatftJJa lines w ith t view to pre
paring the ground for Its further oper
ations." Thla was Issued subsequently to the ,
announcement of the appointment of
plenipotentiaries to conduct peace ne- i
gntlatlon wtth th Ottoman Govern
ment. Whether It means that "further
npfrntlona" wilt be proceeded with as '
soon as the eighth hour of the armistice '
ngree-l 10 for the burial of th
.lead ex- j
plres there I nothing to show.
The Ottoman government ' deter- 1
mined not to con1der peace until the
Balkan allies submit condition compat
ible with the honor and dignity of Tur- '
key according to a special despatch from 1
It I itated rtiat the Bulgarian terms
migget that Turkey retain tho provln- I
Ml of Adrlanople and Ktrk-KI!lah nnd
ask that the Porte ngree 10 Bulgaria
and fcrvla nutonomlxlng Western Mace
donia and Albania and concede the
Porto of Pedeaghatch on the Aegean
Sea to Bulgaria and Crete and other
Islands to Oreece.
LONDON, Nov. ll. The occupation
of Aleasto by the combined Servian
and Montenegrin armtea, giving them
nnother foothold on the Adriatic Sea,
Is considered In diplomatic circles
likely to add fuel to tne flames of thl
Austro-Servlan dlapute which have
again blazed up In a critical way.
Kmperor Francle-Josepli Is reported to
have remarked:
"We are in favor of peace, but not
of peaco at any price. We cannot
stand everything."
Tho Austro-Hungarlan Cabinet has
sent a sharp note to tho Servian Oov
ernnient at Belgrade demanding a pre
cise reply to all the questions at Issue.
According to the Zelt the note was
distinctly threatening In tone and It
"Vigorous military measures will
give emphasis to the diplomatic de
mands should Hervla's answer again be
Some papers assort thnt Servla Is
preparing to concentrate her main
forces on the Austrian frontier.
Diplomatic circle do not exclude the
possibility that the Servians, relylns
on the sympathy of the Slavs In Austria-Hungary
and on the support of
her Balkan allies, may challenge an
BBLORADE, Servla, Nov. 15. The
Turklah raaualtles were enormous dur
ing the three days' deaperate fighting
prior to the fall of Monastlr before the
nttack of the Servian troop. Tnev ur"
reported to have reached a attfj of
titeat quantities of modern field guns.
t itles and supplies fell Ipto the hands of
lite wcr lans.
The Servian Government considers that I
..I... ,l. .-.ll ,.r Mi.naullp lli.. ...irk- r f i
Montr nearl ti
the Servian armies In Macedonia can be terday. left to-day for Ituffalo. N. V..
regarded as completed. In exactly rme j to appear before the Grand Jury which
month they have swept the Turk from j 1 to lnvet!gate a branch of tho al
the whole of old Servla und have cap- , Rged swindle In that city. She 1 ex-
tnreil booty worth many million. King
Peter of Servla will make a triumphal
entry Into Monastlr In a few daye. The
decoration of the street! to welcome him
ha begun already.
James fasaldy. one of tlie three men
accused of murdering Walter Meserlts
In hla haiberdashcry store, No. 779 Flat
bush avenue, at noon on Keb. 26. was
placed on trial to-day before Justice
Aspinall In the Brooklyn Supreme
Cassldy. w-iio Is twenty-seven years old
and the "black sheep" of a very respect
able family living at No. DC Slate street,
Ilrooklyn, was caught pawning safety
razors and wearing ties which, the po
lice say. were stolen from the store
after the shooting.
Mens 50j
iContlnund frwn first Page )
Timothy I
Woislruff of Ilrooklyn wa
Resolved: That no union, coalition
or fusion be made by the National
Progressive party of the State of
New York or by any local organisa
tion or unit thereof with any othor
party, party organisation or unit,
without the consent and approval of
the State Committee or the Kxecu
tlve Committee of naUl State Com
mittee of the National Progressive
pary, and that no action looking
toward such coalition, fusion or
union be taken without like consent.
The following sentiment uttered by
Col. Roosevelt were vigorously ap
plauded: "AS A MAN IN THE RANKS,"
"And. gentlemen, I now ntand In the
rank with my fellow Progressives, and
what 1 am saying must be taken a a
bit of ndvlee from a man In the ranks.
But, speaking as a man In the ranks. I
moat earnestly hope that In no Legisla
ture assembled In which the Progres
sives have a representation will there he
any submts!on to either of the old
parties, should they desire to combine
the men of the Progressive party with
their pat ty organisations.
"I hopo we will make It plain to the
people that It ll up to the old parties
to combine against us, and that our
representative In the Stato legisla
ture and In Congrea aro not going to
enter Into any deal of nny degree for
petBonal advantage with either of the
old parties. Let them do that Work.
Let them choose whom they will end
to the Senate or anything else.
"What arrangements they coose, let
them make those arrangoment tbem-
selves, between themselves, and let us
tand aloof, keeping unflinchingly to the'
principle we put down in the last cam
paign nnd showing by our works the
fnlth thot Is In u."
Federal Otlkers After Others Ac
cused of Brokerage Frauds
Inquiry On at Buffalo.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 11. Mis Clara
Kronage, the stenographer whp was
employed byi the Arm of Mlnyard, Kess
ler & Malcolm and who is aald to hav
given the Information upon which the j
I indictments were returned here again!
(h .,nu. n nlleired swindles aeeasstad 1
In different parts of the country yc-
pecteU to be asked to Identify letter'
which the authorities will eek to make
the baas of Indictments.
Hestlde the seven men arrested yes
terday eight warrants remain unserved,
It I said.
BL'KFAJjO. N. T., Nov. 19 A Federal
Grand Jury Investigation into the work
ing of the alleged "get rich quick"
swindle In which seven arrest In vari
ous cities were made veBt.-rday, wa In
augurated here to-day by Donald Rain
and William Palmer, AssUtant I'nlted
States Attorneys of Cincinnati. Taen-ty-llve
witnesses have been summoned.
Tarklsh General Mint In Rattle.
during one of the fights nt the Chatnl
Ja front, Gen. Mahmoud If UkOtaT
Pasha had a bullet extracted from his
leg to-day.
Dress Right On
That's ths Impnrtnnt thin.
Whsthsr yiAi rav rauh or hsvs them
rhurcsd. vuu want t. lothsi that ars
strictly up to date. Nsat. vuu wunt
nod valus than jou want nooti
fit. For thsis rsaiona. and bscauas
ws trust you abnulutely aud rcqulrs
No Money Down
Just $ J & Week
you outrht to eoms to elthsr of our
two storss. No turlnga to our crsdlt
plan. W bellsvs in you and kIv
you assy confldsntlal credit terms on
for your entire family
Fur. Fur Coat. Diamond. Watche.
Jewelry name Term.
2274 i' Av. 7 w if St.
Bel. 123d l.ltb. I net, nth 4tth Ats.
Special for Tuesday, the 19th
t'H0t'01..TK BJI'T "'?- 1A.
Ulir value elaewhere.
tut vu mix
Tuesday's Offering
ni r hti rrr.u iatk.si
llh- value elsewhere.
rut Mi mix
1'ark Hue. and ortlamlt .tree! alurea ulien every evenlna until n u-flinli
All nlir alurea mien lalnrOOf esrnlna until 11 o'rloek.
Milk Chocolate Covered
Dairy butfor and rraam blniail
tlMoullv and than moutdatl
In t ahall of our famous
rratnlum Milk Chocolats.
Yoit nostrils catch the disease germ
ind d rt that are In the air you breathj
If your nostrils are closed the g;erms
Of disease collect in your nasal passage
ind set up an irritation. This Is called
catarrh. The Irritation produces I dis
charge. The discharge is lo.ulel wit!:
germs. Your nostrils reins' clogge.:
up, you cannot blow out the Kchargi'
In the natural way. The annoyance o
choked-up nostrils causes ycu to frc
them In my way you can. You flm
that you can draw the discharge nick
ward into your throat. This is cille.
hawking, ind is : disgusting, i -matur
ind unsafe practice, ind gives ikj
breath a bad odor.
Drawln disease germs from ths nostril
Back Into the threat brlnsa on deaf nee,
throat disease and lung dlaeaa. It d
psnda altogether upon what aort of grm i
you draw from your noatrll Into you
throat what dtaeaie you will contrast. In
one It wtll reault In desfnesa. In anothe
head nnle. in another dlauharglng sera
In carters thrnst dlaeaeee. In others bren
i hltla. !n othera pneumonia, and In atl).
olnen tuberculosa.
Most cases of drafnesi and lun :
disease start from a closed, dry or dis
charging nostril. Here is the reason
Your nostrils are supplied with perfec:
llr filters. These structures strain 111
the dust and germs out of the air yo-.
take. If your nostrils ire open imt
healthy the disease germs are caugl .
I ind entangled in the natural secretion..
of the nose, as flies are caught on stick
paper. Once cauifht In the nostrils, th.
I germs are blown out. If your nostril.
are dry and sore the disease germs ir,.
not caught at all, but pus right on to
your ears and lungs.
Sty aperuilty Is freeing rloigad nostrili. treitlt..1
deafneu snd hssd n usra ind liealta sure placi
in the hretthiPK tuh. I litre apatd thlrtv yi
ttirtylti the best wiv to d.. Litis. 1 can frea t.
rewtrllii vritlmnt enttlaf IWII l be ti.ne nf lie.
nose, ? litis lea rial in the BSMHll tli"t ImpOTfrin.
atru.-tures tint ivrre rrratrd by nature to etraiu'
dust and , i. out f the air.
Clogged Nostrils Cured
When Mi. Olerfell tint eouaultel me ha aM
Sty noar lutu bprn Htop;-d up so Uiat I had tl
bfMtS through my much. I would sake up a,
night with my mouth aa drr aa a chip. Mr
hearing In my rlsht ear got in rati th.vt 1 could
j ,, when I llr .1 in on mv u-rt aide I can heir
! malhinf. I saw het yea hsd otientd Jeffrlw a
,l "!"" "u c",im '"!'. :
Since beating Mr. O has wall he ,ru thsi hi
nostril, sre ope and ha ran brosthe througb the"
with ease, lie also nt.ites tlutt tha deafness In M
riht ear has din;!ared. and that he can no.
hi.o hla wstrh tick when held a foot from the sal.
Sir. oberfell resides at I'll West Forty-UUr''
street. New York.
I hsre made a discover? In the treatment t
head nous and deafness which I rotisidw an fas
tsirtant one. My dia.-o.erv doe away with U
tie.i'ssll i' tsissiis instruments tntn th ear tubes,
stuck ines. arcs lure inured unsatisfactory, arc
; 1 1 fui snd Instead of nirinf t tie dlaeaa his
often f.nred It further up Into th ear.
Ii-.tr Important mr mfthod nf trsatmsnt will
be ihown In the cea o Mr. Ia1:
Wlisn Mr y. ur D. I'f-n contnltM ma hssld
"I hire hml trouble wltli m aara for f ur yean
Mv hmrlng gmullj laft m until I gut so dear
thnr I r.ml.l not hertr what waa -.ul la us unlrH
f . N,stal.ir vat wiihiii Keren fast of me. M lef.
ear wax ao had I ofHild ntrt hear my vraUtfc tick
eren when It waa preael up againat It. 1 bad
tu.citig ami rintrlng nuts in my eara I am aecre
tary or my lolge and my hearing wai io had tlat
I roidd not utHlerttand what the iakeri aalfr "
Mr T n tn wan -..lacetl nniler my metlo1 of tnm
mant inl he now reiorta Miat hi heaiinf haa i
fir returned that he oun hear oiiferafttion fifty
fivr feet SITU and that tha noiasa hue about laft
Ul earn, unly comin, DM k a Itttls when ha has
The of Mr. Purpi Is rlted aa ahowtng wha
mv meth-1 nf treatment will often aoeomitllah c
rmea nf leafneM In rrm.n,' past mid Ue age an
wio hare hen rleaf quite a time. Mr. Iavla U
fifty fiie Mafl of age and rsaidsa St 839 Esatei
1'arkway, Hrjuklyo.
If you suffer from t hsuntrtsd noatrila, dlaea--1
Ti-fttrll. are gftng deaf, or hare head riotese. i
are. a had thrat. and you think my training gtv,
experience should make me a good doctor, I w1j
)e pJe-ixeil to have you rliit mv office. It w I
met )oti nothing for en elimination and adrlre.
If yea will write me I will tend ou my late.;
look, that explains some things that are risky.
213 Flat Iron Building
Broadway and asd St.. New Vor
H.mri Momlsv. Wednesday and Frtdar, IA. II.
to 8 1. M. I' .i. l . Tliursdajr and 8turosy
A M to n P. M Hundaya. 10 A. M. to 12 men.
15 doses 10c
A civilized physic.
FTOI I-KF. Tueadajr. Nov. It. at Taeeon
Aria., CHAJtLBg II. FFOULX.K. 3d.
Funaral aarvloaa at at. John's Chureh.
Waahlnston. D. C. Tueedar, Not. la.
at I P. II.
to bo)' wlio ,.i...i ,u.l order for OHBCK BOiil
is.' Utw.lar. Hoi. 11. about 1 P. M . If b will
fisnlah dMoiptton of man in CITY HAM,
I'AltK -.yl'.i taya him eni.r
Or'KIt irlu7YWA7rrit
bouse, preferably Ibslltn eitraoUon; mu bl
bria-ht and ban gut raferances. Call Hi i'ri ; .
lin st.
i)rt.iBlnranaa oiiday elngos
atihway lttweeti 72d ail (VOUi su. i liheral
reward Ketum to Dr. Ws, Pack, 17 W 7i,t
I Trtadii .Mark
Special for Wednesday, 20th
SI" V .'Vt'RICU A.
where. POI Nil lio IVC
Wednesday's Offering
Mill --r s KM INI. KJttHKSi
4th- value elsewhere.
POI ND mix
. nana iruff I.NaASj
,43 r 4r Jxrjuxr.
Th aperiried wilahl In esrh Inslunc
In !u. Irs th enntlnr.
y .f
n Iffjj

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