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Third Article
of a Series. J
iVeu? ForA: Men Don't Play the Game Fair,
Sa a Southern Girl in a Confession
"in the South It It at
Natural for a Girl to
Flirt at to Breathe, but
Unpleasant Experience
in New York Soon
Taught Me That It It
Different Here," She
Copyright. 11J, by The Vrees Publishing OS Th Nm York World)
fNo Man Should Marry a
Girl Who Flirtt," Writet
"Diogenet," Adding
"The Caute of So Many
Unhappy Marriages and
Divorcet It Flirtation
Before and After Mar
riage, Thut Cheapening
gf JsvjvsQtf l
fFWrnw 1 ft
"1 m reformed flirt." I onttdes E. L. O.. young womm reader of The
Evening World. In the, South, where I was born and where 1 lived until
I was nineteen. N Is an natural for a girl to flirt aa for her to breathe.
When I came to New York and be
nn work In a downtown publishing
offlio I expected to troal moil with
the game eaae snd familiarity which
la cuatoniary In my home town. But
a few unpleasant experiences noon
taught me that the worda flirt and
Ml-, -.il.... u.. . . 1. ..
umm Hit inn i lie Hame tnrmiitiK
In Now Vork aa In the South It la j
now my opinion that most of the I
men hero have aeen so much of the I
aeamy aide of life, that they have
reached the concl union that life, la
all aeama. They can't believe Mm: a
glrl-fllrt la simply young and fond of
life and excitement. They take
dreadful meantnga from her moat
Innocent worda. They begin to won
der, aa they aay. what her game la.
That ahe haa no game, that ahe'a
only a foolish young thing who la fond of admiration, la beyond their com
prehenalon or belief. My advice to glrla la: Flirt at home where you are
known and where you know the men and have been brought up with then.
But when In Rome be mighty wary of the Romans. You don't apeak their
language and they are aure to mlaunderatand youra. The definition of
attentlona without Intention' don't apply to the New York man'a concep
tion of the meaning ot flirtation. Me baa lntentlona, or he would not pay
attentlona. That, In hie opinion, would be a waate of money. The man
who aenda a girl flowera, takee her to the theatre or to aupper, nays her
pretty compliment, Ac., with no thought beyond the Innocent enjoyment of
the moment, la what the New York man calla a ''boob.' Since I reached
yeara of dlacretlon I have never gone out with any man who could not
qualify for the boob champlonahlp. So moat of my frlenda are not among
ihe native born. They are clean, wholesome Southern or Western men, I
who know a nice girl when they aee one. and who don't mistake Innocent ,
ninauon ror aometning else.
Now. utuloutitrdly thin young
woman letter I unduly bitter
afainei the native born, but there
mtinl ha a iinethlng In what she ban
le ', 1 liaw mi doubt that many
Ne. fork sin win sntforae her re
mm k ibaut Iks .- wltb Whleh the
J r - ,
I vBalgggggBamaV .
driver of a delivery won who flings
airy ImpertmriM r at FOUII women
afoot are rqultulent masculine types. I
Then there la the atoUil -pe linen whu
while keeping hla m.'h! in a Street carl
haa actually the nerve to aueinpt a
playful same of "prek-a-hoo" with
pome laded youna woman noising to
a atrap.
A young man realer rWn my atten
tion to the venerable bsyIiik that, "all
l fair In love and war." lie contends
that thin anhorlam carries with It atiso
1 .tlnn ror all III rid.
Mow and why? Kew psfSMI think
that flirtation hag very much to do with
love, even if they admit that love la,
alwava nel f-just lfylng, ami only the I
very sentimental believe that flirtation
in. at tnoat. the froth of loe, and the ,
experience I ftiit teams 10 potir hln af-i
fertions no that tney are nearly all
ftoth. 1 hsve heard that Mperltnetd
bartenders have the same arcompllsh
ment iipp -I to other libations than
those of the heart.
On the other hand, s youth with a '
natural talent for solemnity Impart to
I Hi that no man should marry the Rlrl
who fllrta. lie says nothing sbout
whether the youna man whu philanders
la to suffer a similar ban. He writes:
Desr Madam: No man should
msrry a Ctrl that flirts.
The rssson why there are so many
unhappy marriages and no many di
vorcee here In that the American
Slrl flirts both before and after her
marriage, thus cheapening the worth
of her affertlons. Day after day wn
read of sulta wnereln husbands and
w!e demand -ompensatlon for
alienation of s spouse n affe. tlo.n.
And elweyj 'lie man ot woman S he
la sued possesses tnir lwSwf) ttinn
the Injured parly TbiM rata."i:u
phes are all 111 result of flirtation
by married men niu noinen. We
hear a In', of tallj about dollar
dlptOIMOy, that the battleship fol-
lows Ihe dolla;. mil nil that sort of
thing. Why don't you show up dol
lar flirtation the Rlrl wnone anV -t
ons follow the owner of an auto
mobile, the married woman who is
itattered by flu admiration of men 1
with money! Of all forms of co- (
ouetry practised by American worn
en, this anohhlnh trick' of dollar Mil
ts lion Is by far the worst.
Sarlamaw'a Mltnll Krartarrsl hr
Kanrkdoen In Ural ITlh St.
Duncan Valentine, twenty-eight years .
old, a salemnan living nt No. IM West .
Mflhtleth street, was takn to Hellevue
Hospital early to-day In a serious con
dlthN from s fractured nl. ill.
According to information given the po
lice ha had a miarrel with a "newsboy"
about twenty-three years old, and waa I
knocked down. The fracture was
i aimed by hla head striking the side
walk. A citizen panning the Inga-re
Hotel, Ir West I'orty-neventh street,
found Vslentlne unconscious snd called ,
Tolleernsn Winter, who aent for an am
bulance, pete -tlye Met tec s looking for
tlie news vendor, whose nairte is not
You're bilious ! You have a throbbing
sensation in your head, a had taste in
your mouth, your eyes hurt, your skin is
yellow, with dark rings under your eyes;
your lips are parched. No wonder you
feel ugly, mean and ill-temperrd. Your
system ia full of bile and constipated
waste not properly passed off, and what
you need is a cleaning up inside. Don't
continue being a bilious, constipated
nuisance to yourself and those who love
you. and dnn't resort to harsh physics
tbt irritate and injure. Remember,
that your sour, disordered stomach, laity
liver and clogged bowels can be quickly
cleaned and regulated by morning with
gentle, thorough t'ascarets: a 10-cent
box will keep your head clear and make
you feel cheerfuland bully for months,
(iet Cascarets now wake up refreshed
feel like doing a good day's work -make
yourself pleasant and useful.
('Iran up! Cheer up!
HW oppsa e.iei7
James McCreery & Co.
23d Street
34th Street
most inaeeeni flirtation is mlaundar-
Sfgjgfl. I would like to hear from them 1
on ih" subject as well II from '.lie
young men who hava pronounced ideas
as to tlie point of etbtcS Involved lii the
Inquiry "To flirt er not to titrt?"
o far aa woman are comosraea,
the lonli of coquetry which re-
Ate 1 Kin. imUrt j on up
liire nilds. .
qalrsa the laaat corar la that
practised by the opera girt. Ska
la the girl who surreys each good-
looking man la the hones through
hsr opsra glaaa, holding hla gwss
for minutes at a time, amholdeasa
ana aatranohsd by dletaaoe sad
the IsTsUea lsua, hsr nirtauous
spirit plays tricks aha would Barer
venture upon naarsr etsw. Of , the
sains type, but la a more hunt
drum way, la ths giddy young
woman who smiles at man from
moving tralaa, thereby inviting
oaptare but petrifying pursuit,
ha who flirts and ruse away may
Ilea to flirt another day, but la
aha playing ths gainst
The man who culls out from a fly
ing automobile and the adventurous
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday
James McCreery & Co.
? 3rd Street
34th Street
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday
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Five New Carloads of
Have at Last Caught Up
with Its Selling:
So, Now, After a Silence of Days, We
Can Advertise This Furniture Again v
The last carload was unpacked 011 our floors late
yesterday afternoon
Completing Many of the
Bedroom and Dining-room Suites
As wc have already said, in our DKvioUl advertising the
name Cowan stands for the highest degree of beauty and
excellence in fine period furniture. The woods, designs and
workmanship cannot be surpussed
We had to buy a very great quantity ol thtt
furniture to get the prices down to their pres
ent low level of a full third below the Cowan
prices. And it was only because Mr. Cowan
preferred to make his product better known
here in the East by a sale of this kind, rather
than by spending the money on magazine ad
vertising, that the present rates can be quoted.
Dining-room and Bedroom Suites
From among the suites and pieces now on the floor, we
quote these examples. But you will want to see and delight
in the beauty of every one of them with your own eyes'
Onk dining-room suit" of tweWs
pieces. C'osn ri. I140S. Our
price $1003.
Mahogany twelve-piece dining
room suite in Sheraton design.
Cowan price. S1456. Our price
Mahogany twelve-piece dining
room suite, in Sheraton design.
Cowan price. $1771. Our price.
Oak dining-room suite of fifteen
pieces, is Jacobean design. Cowan
prior, $1680. Our price, $1000.
Mahogany seven-piece bedroom
suite, in Colonial design. Cowas
price. SIKH). Our price. $79t.50.
Mahogany ten-piece bedroom suite,
Sheraton design. Cowan price. Mil
Our price, $437. '
Oak twelve-piece dining-room twit,
Charles II. design. Cowas price
$1460. Our price. $07.
Mahogany nine-piece bedrouui
suite, Sheraton design. Cowan pries
$1094. Our price, $77.
Mahogany seven-pi'cr tiedrueSi
suite. Cowan price, $833. Our price
Mahossnv dron-lid desk. Cowan
price, $114. Our price, $76.
Mahogany inlaid drop-leaf table.
Cowan price, $tl. Our price, $14.
Mahogany inlaid muffin stand.
Cowan price, Ml. Our price, $14.
Mahogany umbrella stand. Cowan
price, $$8. Our price, $18.40.
Set of mahogany nest tables.
Cowan price, $.. Our price, $43.
Mahogany work table, with silk
pocket. Cowan price, $36. Our
price, $14.
Mahogany rocker, denim covered.
Cowan price, $40. Our price, $33.
Mahogany library desk. Cowan
price, $$04 Our price. $106.40.
Mahogany rocker, denim covered
seat. Cowan price, $30. Our rice.
Set of mahogany dining-room
chairs, sis side ami two arm. CoWM
price, $400. Our price, $330.
Square top mahogany library table.
Cowan price, $48. Our price, M
Mahogany tilt-top table. Cowan
price, $68. Our price, $15 tb
Single Pieces
Mahogany book-stand. Cowas
price, $t4. Our priee, $16.50.
Mahogany three-fold screen.
Cowan price, $85. Our price, $5$.
Mahogany library table". Cewsa
price, $75. Our price, $183.
Carved mahogany beach. Cewsa
price, $170. Our price, $113.
Square-top mahogany parlor tabs.
Cowan price, M7.40. Our pr.ss, 01$.
Mahogany table desk. Cowas
price, $100. Our price. $60.3$.
Walnut library table. Cowan pries,
$(74. Our price, $$8.
Mahogany bookcase. Cewsa
price. $$00. Our orice. $183.
Gentleman's mahogany wardrobe
Cowan price. SI 75 Our price,
A mahoganv hall seat. Cowas
price, $80. Our price. $180.50.
Mahogany pedestal. Cowan priee,
$34. Our price. $3.(4. '
Mahogany jardiniere. Cewas
price. $28. Our price, $18.50.
Fifth Caller. New Buikhag,
A Sale of Blankets
Saving housewives will be glad to get these good h)a$
keta at the lower prices which for one reason or another tas
shall mark them for tomorrow's selling. In no case is the
reason due to a fault in the blanket. Up to now they haa
all been selling at the higher prices quoted and well worth fa,
At SS.7S, from $8 pair Single
bed Australian wool blankets; lamb's
wool filling on spool cotton warp.
At M.8S, from $9.50 pair
Double-bed Australian wool blan
kets, same as above. All are white
with pink or blue borders.
At $5. from $6 pair Extra go l
woolen lilankets. 7rtxt im ho, neili!
6 pounds. Pink or blue be
wide silk bindings.
At $4.85, from $8.80 Do
filled comforters, best Americas
sateen coverings in florsl and Per
sian deigns. Cut 7t7 inches.
At .IS Sperialh good whit
crosbel hfdtpresdf in MsrattBst de
sign I'llll-lied isc
,:tth Call, rv. w BuUrfiag,
Winter Negligees
Made Specially in Yokohama
Little French Shops show
hand - quilted, full - length
robes embroidered by hand,
with clusters of wistaria down
each side of the front, and
on the back and on the turn
over collar and cuffs. A silken
rope girdle to fasten the robe.
Our customers tell us this
value is not approached in
any other shop in New York.
Women who have paid $15
for plain, rich mcssaline robes
may be surprised to find the
same quality here at 1.
Quilted dressing sacque ev
broidered with marguerites and
preen leaves or with chryaa
themums are on loose, straight
lines and priced $8.50.
Quilted sacques without em
broidery, $$.50.
Quilted robes without em
broidery, $7.75.
AU of excellent Oriental silks and they may be had in light
and dark color and all size. Third floor, New Stewart BuusW
, . ..
: - - -
JL -
,. its.

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