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ff thr exit of Rote, Webber And Vallon. Taxlritbf were lined up at the
Vlftjr-fourth etreet entran M "nil it the rear of the prison. One of tha tpg-
i aim In the rear was employed na h blind. The shade. ere polled WrWM j aapfgd nom time la ilmr hi the HUM
In thin "deroy" car and the chauffeur ans oftlered to drive off nt the moment i In t- repf of hM "ehlcle j?1
. .. dently tie gave nin fur the c haurfeur
the Kites were thrown open and the other ara came out. He wan also to 1 1 aejfl ,lp , tn,. fj Bpayleaiilg elation,
mention the name of Rose. This device pioxcd N stieoegsful that two auto- titer, with Mi wife on ! nnn 1 ilM -t
i... ,,, a a. .. ...i tall v... ,,. i 1 hM anil net the r. ..rl' r II Ihi leetHld
luni ' I . fii i in loiiovfi-u KUr - niii.
I' impel f wag speeding on bla way to h
r.tree, near Broadway.
Dm the anta-wltne.es of the Stats'a
lug off a gaenllne hack filled with
ear VMM of bla taxi until It .lowed
' r i ' i ' t i " - a ii" ' iT-nn,i i i v i - " bbjh ru ll if - IIppij I i ll r t " WVW-
"r'or Hod a imae:" be . rled, "can't you let a felio be on bla a? i
. .... .
If you II only leave me alone III et out and poie. Ill do anything but j
tnlk. I'm IbrottKh talking, "
The kodakera agreed to be aatiafted with a posoal photograph, and Roe)
got out and Blood on the rurb to be anapped. When It wa over he got
bark Into tbe vehicle and ordered bla driver to take him home. HI
liiwyer. Mr. Sandler, rode there with him. and there he will remain awhile
until he haa flnuibed the laat chapter of his book. "Twenty Years In the
I nderworld." ,
The departure of tbr- three gamhlera from prison was carried on
entirely under cover so far aa the preliminary arrangements went. Coroner
Krtnberg co-operating with tbe members of the District-Attorney's staff
In their efforta at aecreoy.
Th state's Immunity quartet bog"
Its eindm from prlion Ud by Scheppi,
menpenar boy and t of the hairless
beidad Jick Roat. Nr-happi left the up
town ralabons Hirer hours abesd of
Rose. Vallon aad Wehbrr like a acared
rabbit. Jumping and dodging and. duck
ing about In the vortrx of a lostllng
crewd as If Jie fearad that be was about
to k assailed from tvrry aM.
Hedged In by camera men he waa
forced to pose for hli photaerriph, and
while bla kaeea knocked together his
HlUe rat eyea bllnkad and blinked and
bla prison pallor became chalk rVt
When at last be waa hurld ftarth Into 1
the open by a guard of policemen and
lawyers he was In a bluo funk and
ecarrrly abl to totter. He waa hustled
along the pavement by a good-natured
mob. tumbling over Ms cane and port
meateaue wtrite he nervously turned Me
Jtoed about like a frlghtsned weasel.
Dohepps's state or mtnd was well es
pressed when he replied to a question
concerning what he would do to-morrow
with the tremulous anewsr:
x mat aa
Ross. Vallon and Webber will not be
releaaed until latr this afternoon and
an effort will br mads to prepare a less
spectarulsr departure for them thsn In
the oa of Scheppi.
All that wasn't provided for Hchepps
wa a band. There were moving pic
ture ramrraa that frightened him toy
Usttf clicking machinery, ruds photo
fgeberl who .loetled hit . and wedged
a. in Inte coraerx and made him peee
for tbaen Tberu wera hooting men
hkI boys who yellet "M.juealer" and
Murderer" ami theie were scenes of
i lot and turmoil from the minute
Maglatrata Marphyi sol him fro. imtt
M got away under a Hying stan in a
yellow trxtcb. huddled deep In the
BjllkleM and clinging to the arm of
hla lawyer, llernard sbuiCer.
Th- court proceedlnts were ery brief.
Hasaagy Hcbrppa was Ids dapper, com-'
'iseent eelf until he got out Into the )
urtikr anJ aaw tbe sort of .human
de be Wf uld hiv to buck hafors he
uj.l i. ..in free acerea to tbe great
Utl'.O.O H
Hi kaajg Into court looking a great
lag like the dude la f'aimei cox a
itw:i.-i. lie wore a i.i-w black l .d
1 .1 tu.t. gray un it gluvea. pat I
Sgrhey alioei, a pirpleb.i.-nlnt tie, a
Itoker of a collar Mid", carrletl a allk--neu
uvucoat im i h iU . r-liandle1
at VH his ana. He lMd uothlnc to
pyprtlsils .'.. att4M'ns aad Aaslitaul
. 'hit: -ct-Attorney Kblllk in were re
lueeilug il Maeiteiratoi tu dlamlea me 1
.ugraiuy Lliaj'4e. bin tbe moment Ilia
.tuner snnoun.ed that the charge wis
- la.uihMcd rtcinepps aake.1. "May It 1
tin OsjUrti may I go back le
1 1 it. in I '
"tauod SrgeiOMt" exclaimed Magtatrate
, 'lurph) . "Whsi do yo i want to go
nark there for? 1 pjgvg Jun set y.iu
1 ree."
' To get M lui!n,;e. of coiirae." ,
l.tUMMNl . hev.n ' Vnu duil t think I n.
(lai away wlibuu: my arlir, dj yoj'.''
"do In and help youiH-lf." kMgbed
'he xialatratt.
1 A few glautes later BoSgppg appeared
VMS. a portmanteau In oacb hand and
'tumbled out tliiuuah the door that led !
Irto the corridor. A camera muadron
cbgrgTad upon htm nn.l drove him behind
.kg teiephona bsutiia.
Take 'sen awuy: Take em sway'"
creamed Scheppa. "Tblff la an outtaicc
'Mg Hps were blue and big loath weie
. nattering.
"Ywu had bet l r peg the n take yu i
"Icture." adv kgd l-ayei SMudler. 1 sru
.void trouble. Thefgkg a moving pletur
ayoul wait nn at lite curb."
"Oh. dear1" muinid 1'ie 1lt:1r ceie..
Ity. "this Iff awful '
Tin u a pkaUSgiaakSf let off a du4b
ght and sVbopgJg almost WOO bed. lie
ell back avalnat a telephone uuoth
.tupped lUa cjne and sfaHeSaXd ttiu ai.
wu pnutugi aphora giubbed h m. Iluoj
1m up aualnat the wall and uid- .d
dgj in etaud atlll. He d.d so. A some
f litff couruge uoaed back Into him hl
anity .Tupped to the aurface and lie
.moved hla big turloise-sbel.-Uuima'!
. Usees.
Here, take me axaln," he chatleie l.
1 I.,.. better srlttiuut them."
VV'beu the kedakers had nnlahed arl'.ll
. Im Sclivpps picked up hla lugl .ige. unly
tg llnd liluiself encircled by a small aWh
f reportera
"What are your plana tor to day and
. o -morrow T" was uaked
I may be dead tu-morrow," whlu.-d
..ej.pa "fleaos let mm out of here."
"Wkej-u are you going now?" came
t.h neat query.
"To see my dear old mother," gurgled
Scheppa. Hhe Is waiting for ms at Hp,
W WeH One Hundred und Korti -fourth
'1 gvesa you had better revise that
itilsexeol." corrected Lawyer Kandler
"Vou've got to go down to my oflK-e to
meet another lawyer. There's a little
magter relating to your wtfe'e alimony
Em jr fj) Tab mi Stop the Shnke.
Bail lIdh Oosgk Drops, le. Pffi Ins.
n a i i ij. riau ail UVUI . niilic iviiwv
home on One Hundred and Tenth
Ma: Four" did not aucceod In shak-
photographer Thti cab riling to he
up at Seventy -eeconrl otroot and R.W-
to adhist."
ttchepps eyea bulged and he moaned.
"More trouble."
It waa then explained that Hrbrpps'e
wile, who la legally separated from
him. had begun proceedings to collect
beok alimony. A bench warrant wan
to have I, .en asked for to-lay, tut Mr.
Sandler got busy and arranged eome
sort of coousrerailee. Urbeppe wad to go
direct from tbe West C "' Court to
Sandler's oaVa at No. Broadway and
tbsre meet ids wife' lawyer,
I woen tae nine man nsai recovered
rrora tbe shock of this announcement
he wao aaked If he were arrald.
"Oertalaly not," he replied, petu
lantly. -Wkae'a the use of being
afraldt IT they are going to get
yon Skey will get yen, and t sup
pooe If they do got me It will be a
ease of gown Im the hatobway for
"How about going on ths stage,
gc hep par waa tha next question. "I
hear you are going In burlesque."
"No sunk thing. " snorted Scheppa.
Nothing would Indue me to become a
cheap burlesque actor. I'm built for
high art. 1 may gu inio vaudeville
when I recover my health. My broth
era, John and Hob. are K"lng tg send
I me to Hut Hprinxit und keep me then
till I get well. Then I'll go on the
atage. My brother and I am friends
aaraln, and ihg whole family will Held a
reunion to-night. Now. let me get by."
And picking up bis grips Scheppi
lurched thruugh live rruili tor the duor
way. As ha naared the entrance he
heard the clamor of a mob that blocked
ths street. He stopped suddenly and
was afraid to go on. The preia from
behind forced hlta forward and ha waa
whirled out of the portals snd down the
steps. He leaped for Hie yellow tail as
If It had been a Ufa preserver and
scrambled Inside while the crowd hooted
snd jelled. The word "wiuesler" wus
yelled at him from every side and he
waa palpshly In a state of panic.
Two moving picture cameras were set
up on either side of the cab, reeling
off their ftlma. When Handler got Into
the cab and closed the door Hchepps
poatided on the window and yelled to
tbe cliautfeurt
sro on. deem yen, go eat"
The chauffeur responded thud he
couldn t bgdiligg of the moving picture
To ball with tavern t" screamed
sbeppa. "Drlr. 'eas dew. Bern
ever 'em. tat g on.'
At th'a the crowd hooted and yelled
ffotne more and Mc.ieppe plunged back
In the. cuabiobi and ducked hla bend
out of eight I-'mm hla seclusion of In
vialMllt) be continued to bellow at ths
chauffeur tu drive on and at lafft the
mov Inx picture men stepped gjMg and
pctmlttfwl i.ie lax'.cah to get under- way.
Aa the veh 'le aped off the crowd
booted PagM more.
.actieppe'a brother, JoJiu. who - pr.i
preSlut of a teitaurnnt at Hlxtr. aveiui"
and Forty-third street and another
bibtber. Itoluit. who Is a Hronx grtlPt,
sent word to htm this morning that thev
would lend Msg all t'ae aid In their
ppejmr. Also they promiawl to meet Msg
I at h a mOlher'g home this .liter noon,
alien there will be n family reunion.
That he was groll provided Kith BOM
I ass gvldetll when In t lie courirooiu he
displayed u I a t roll of yellow bucks
While waiting for his cae to come up
he was etakod "How ut'out VA'eiiuer,
v it lun u ml ltoae, are toey afraid'.'
Hot a bit of It," said Pehspps.
TUey r . gams fellow, and ttteyll go
out of bare bold aa eeldlffte."
'l'h phage murder tTgajfggggfg cannot
j oe reteused unt.l t'oroner Kaintierg
-Inns Mil Older revoking their DOR) (git1
'iienls. Thl elll be done this af er-
oo in, and Aaaiaiant IMetrlcl-Attornry
, K'c dn will have charge of tncir ggfg
il l i L from the prison A g lurd of
uniform ad policemen anil plain uarbed
i m ulll be on bund to assist ut tbe
Mi. ' exodus.
Rose, II U aald. will hurry out of
' lOeyg lu a ret; .at In t:ie aubui lis. Web
ber is Kolng lo lOurope a soon aa he
.-an climb abour.1 u alianier, and Val
lon will stay lu New York.
Here Is "Brldgle" Webber's confession
of faith - fain, In th.- new ll' he'a go.
1nh to And swny from the under )Hdl
faith in his ov.net, r mil food luck
lie nave It within tirteen minute Bf I r4gHtl an I 1 want tliem I've sent luin
leaving the eluulow of t In.- '"it KJfl.v - 1 dred of - resiks to prison im i I suptsise
fourth street Jail lo an KVMttltg World ' a " i Of l!in would make an affidavit
r..,s,et... who ha.1 followed I, 'in t.hi onah
many a twin and turn of tin up town
Streets dOWH loth curl, b) th - lldl of
the l'entiiylv aula stall m on W est T'llr-ly-se,'ofid
afreet After the laxt WHItftln.
Ing Webber and nla wife liad dtgfhod oat
. Of the courl Mieloiure Ihw Igth I
In tlie street It wlilsn.l over to Klvhth
avenue, down to fifty-second street,
through to liroadMy and on down to,
the unction of Broadway and ovePUl
When the taxi was spieling ('own the I
avenue. with Tile Kw-ning world
nortei It. am. trier marLlne flol tell '"I
VVetilier i lllte and Tinlo'H 's ai-
ii'srhln drew up hehliul tils
"For 0ej4Ts ske. alve a fallow
'""" f"i hli life." iw wMt
f(W wbk ,.,. ,lth p.,,,,.. I
' ' " " l""n pn 1 1 " r Hi wrfl ilHi
'J' marsh u hi Iii tremhioii
BIN would no i lie ii,ntrilled by th
,,.,;, ,hi anugM to .dninp it tight.
if- nonsnanilv ilftml bla lial and
rM.lxi. hie forehead with rumpled
"I don'1 know where I'm going now,"
Webber alommi red I didn't ejlve any
direct lone to the rhauffeur I Inst tried
to aUiuk yeaj off when 1 aaw ou m'ere
following ui" so now I wanr to reason
with voi, .1.. ,wav and leave me alone
"I SjfJI u k to try to live down the
whole Khiiatlc paat." Weober volun.
teered, knowing what queetlon wu1d
be ptu to htm "The pat threi' month
ffvave been tiell on earth for me. Now
I'm ajl op In the air. I .hardly know
whloh way to turn."
"Tee -yea" put In Mn Webber, a
cat-'h of hysteria In her voice "fsn t xg amaslng etory of an elght-year-
voti see tihe Mior boy doen't knowl , . aa -
wherv he's at" IdM Ihiv, Augtastiaj U llkerson, regarding
"I will stmy m the . My until Monday." his treatment y the poll ' In Harleau
Webber continued. moistening hls:,auted Mayor Osvnor to send sn In-
mouth, dry ns If lime sla ked "Then I
.... i ..ui 1 1 ...... .... i -
will st.y over there three month and '
than come home. I want to etav their
long onoogh tn forget If I
'Ye, to forget
the woman tnur-
rnurod. "Thang tend, he ha enough
money to permit him to stay sway na
long a be Ilk "
"WJiere will you live when you com
back" Wnbber we naked
TU live right here In New York" he
answered with a dramatic attempt at
defiance In the shrug of hi ahoulder.
"I will live here the rt of my life."
"Will you tart gambling again?"
"My Hod, no! I am through with
gambling dead through with It I'll try
tn gt Into om legitimate burlnes.
and If T can't I'll starve lefore 1 go
mto gambling sgaln. 1 want to get
away from all that life. I never got
anything but trouble oat of It."
The ex-gamhler era aaknd If he feared
the vengeance of the gunmen' friends.
He answered with forred boldness:
"Ortalnly not 1 will come back 1iore
fearleesly. I will not try to conceal my
self; If anybody wants to "get" me they
can do ao. Why should they? I did
merely as my conscious dictated."
"Iet Mm go. now." Mrs. Webber then
pleaded. "Trent him right. Ijet him go
sway without more notoriety."
He was aaked where be ws going to
stay until Monday.
"Honestly. 1 don't know. I'm going to
ride around nme more now . and think It
Whereupon he handed his wife Into the
taxi and the machine disappeared down
Seventh avenue.
(Continued If am Flrat Page I
lost by fiaplro. Stool pigeon Ugvy haa
nworn that om.-cr lle.k muir.-i ffiith
ers under his coat, anil other say Levy
iilnn-e.f a sa presented by the deleetlvee
with ten fenthera and thOg told tu "beat
"lr l.ny hod ten feathers he must
have stolen them." volunteered (llynn.
The willies denied that be had sug
gested in Hiplru the pavtnenl of 9Mk as
a reward for the "bravery'' of his men.
Saplro made the suggestion, tllymi tes
tified but lie lold Saplro hla men were
nut looklua for any reward. 1-aiter,
OlygM took ii drink with Saplro at the
Islter'r Invlttuion.
When yog took that Irlnk with Ma
ptro did lie not hand you I''.', in hill"
naked Counsel Huckner
lie did not."
"What did he ptve you?'1
"He gave Rig nothing, and I naked for
ncthing." gnswered Qlyim emphuticaiiv
'Hill the fokthofg were returred
to Siplro the day yog took a d-!nk with
him "
"Yes, bul we were on our way lo Jef
ferann Market Court to act the fe'itbers
foil Iged vv lien we dfianped In for tlttt
ill ink " said llynn.
Olynn Skid that In hla opinion Levy,
the itOO) Pig I. got the tl ,'aKl worth of
featb. rg la v v gCCUSed tile police of
Mealing. NoWly all the Aid. i men him a
iloned aijiin on this point. He Inflated
tlist if anybody got the fenihera rt waa
l'V v
Qlyfln gPjd he visited one of the prl
oneis, (loldatelu, lu the Tombs (Vskl
ali'ln, Qlynn ggld, wanted to know who
the "Htool" was who "tinned up the
llshry BaplrOi the featber ipaui, fl
lowed B'yfln op Hi- stmt. A lawyer
tappeired for Mgplro and nld he inb I
the committee to guarantee Immunlt
to tin- aitnssa. chairuiin c.rraii guar
anteed the Imnrunlty ashed for. Then
Hspiro tisliMid t Ihsvi Olynn aake.1 bln
for a toward and he SMVS ihe sleutii
(oK.pb iaiv, a polloeman, wjio foi-
Hap'.ro on the atari I, refused t.i
a "n the tnrmunttv WgtVST Mr Huck
ner ak I 1.1. it If he had ll thlffa) to
M1e pboul the Sanlro robbery Dply
awkl be had not. but wanted hla rlghta.
i .lon t wan: Immunity," ggld Daly,
"Hut If von don't want Immunity, you
pre Irvine to net Lti" perglsted Mr.
Hui'kiier If )! d.ui i want limiiiuiiltv.
J YOU mUM sign thlg waiver W
'e officer ff New Tor
W'bv won't
k slicn a
nv i t of ! riini wit in -j robber) '"
"I don t know whu.1 I'm up niralnst
here." answered Ual.v "I have wirne
ealnt tne If you ask.
I lien you and some or your super or
offlc.rs gri sfrald to nulve Imniunlty"'
I m el inogaln4) fur mv superior
i.ffl ers I'm ipeghlng for myje'f. I'm
not af-ald. but I want the protection ol
inn rlnrlit In got."
"Why won't you aign?"
Well. I WOBt alKtt. thats ail I'll
answi.r nnv lUrgtlnng and holp Pall I D4.1,
but I'm not going to a'gu aiiytiilug away
IXOt knowing whgl 1 ill up avialnst."
I 'alv was i x.-used
Uepitil Com.n.iffloiier Douhtity a
. Year-Old Youngster Swears
He Was Held All Night
and Got a Spanking.
.;venjnr World's In VeStieatlOll
f-aiis to Hind Any Foun
dation for Charges.
dlgnant letter to t'ommlestoner Wa'do
"-1r demanding an Investigation of
ttm yoiiragntcr' statements that he had
been arrnatcd for n trivial offence, kopt
n the station all night ami turned loose
cold and hungry In the morning without
having been taken before a magistrate.
CMaiing Inoonedsleavrlea and Inxxxroba
bllltlas In the etory of the tmy appeared
a aunn aa the Evening Worbl made an
Independent Investigation. When Mayor
Oaynor wa told of these he anlil ire
wa ton busy to talk more about the
matter. Tbe Mayor's letter to Com
missioner i.iiedo follow
1 am enclosing to you the affi
davit of Augustus Wllkersun. a boy
between elgilM and nine years of ape.
who restdea with hts uncle and stmt
at 10 West One Hundred and Thirty
seventh street, and also the affidavit
of his aunt. These affidavits show
tbat a policeman arrested this boy
sbout three o'clock In the afternoon
of November IS as be wa on hla wsy
from ggbjOoL and took lilm to the
tatlon house at One Hun. I red and
Twenty-fifth street . thst he there
gave his name ntHl addres. where
upon he w.ia locked up and kept until
next morning at six o'clock, when he
wss put nut of the station house
and told to go home, and did go
home alone.
Meanwhile his uncle and aunt In
great alarm had tried to find him.
No menaage waa sent to thsin from
the station house that he had been
arrested. From the time he was
arrested at S o'clock in the after
noon, until t o'clock the next morn
ing he had nothing to eat. The law
expressly require thst when sn
officer arrests anybody he must be
taken before a Maglsuate The po
lice cannot arrest people and con
fine them and then discharge them
without taking them to a Maal
tratr. That is dons only In coun
tries thst are atlll under despo
tism Kvery one arrested In this
country must be Isken lo a Magis
trate, so that the officer may Jus
tify the arrest.
If the story of this boy and his
aunt is true the case Is a very out
rageoun one, and the members of the
force who are responsible for ll must
he put on trlsl. All policemen who
do nut yet know thst ItaCTI treatment
of bov I not permlted In tills city
had better net off the force or be
put off, snd the eaoner the better.
The reason why tbla boy was ar
rested seems to have been that some
small bOyl made a fire In the street.
Kven though th1 hoy were one of
them he nevertheless could tut be
treated In this illegal manner. But
It Is very doubtful that he had any
thing at all to do with Hie making
of the lire. If he did why waa he net
taken before a magistrate? The
failure to take htm before a magis
trate alone b a grave offense agsinst
the law. This being a matter concerning-
which we are trying tn edu
cate tbe whole force it had better he
ailed to tli stand. Mr. Buckner ex
plained ut some length what waiving
Immunity mean. Huckner aald lhal a
man gcta immunity by testifying b
fure a (Stand Jury or an Investigating
committee DPOgHerty ald he wotildn t
waive anything
"Can you PJta Immuultyf" asked
'The law ti lls how Immunity applies."
said Mr. Huckner
Well. I won t waive anything. I
dim'! believe In a man waiving Ini-
mutiny umea ne , ...r. .
"If vou haven t done anything, then
whv not sign?"
"I think it s an Itveult la ask a po
I ce officer to waive Immunity "
And I think." houtel Mr Huckner.
that it Is an Insult tn tne people or
Sew York for you and your Commis
sioner to refuse in waive Immunity.
o waive Immunity.
I. a confession of
fur such refusal
guilt "
I stand pat
.m i-srus n sh n
noUaTherty, fluablng on s in -.....
tiougherly WOJ excused. Mr ftuck- The defense wa begun with an al
ner announced that the Levy Inquiry tank OB the testimony of Mrs. tSmtrtl
was concluded, there being no use In ' Bnnlnger. who sw ore she saw illbson
continuing unless Ihe police office' s I ,,llngna; lo the boat, still wearing the
would testify and not try to nave them- ,,f hi hatblnir suit, inn-
arrives by tlielr testlinnnv.
iConlliiueil from Kirst lae.)
1 1 1 1 ii 1 u i , I .in u i . , i-i f II 1 1 1 mmm n f lar
tn orittu wch aa ttefense wltneg
VOUM tellf he ibowodl that Qllisiiri's
OOndUPI before aiul after the tragedy
, , , ,
wa not .'.miiatlrvie with tint of a i-rlm
inil, and tint he UMIM not tisve stripped
uff his slilrt while In th water.
The defense promised In prove that
Mr. Kiaoo". tongue, Immediately after
he ail taken from t.ie water, wag In a
made public. To Irest l ov this aay
ll to make criminals of them vry
truly yours,
W. J rjAYNnri. Mavnr.
In his affidavit the boy telle of a
spanking he got in the station house.
Th boy a affidavit follows:
I wa eight years old on duly 13.
A policeman arreNted me a little
after t o'clock In the afternoon on
Nov. IE 1 wa going with a mes
sage frorn my aunt to No. 218 West
One Hundred and Thirty-fourth
street. Home boy had a email fir
on the etreet. It wa One Hundred
and Thirty -fifth street, near Sev
enth avenue I looked at the fire
a 1 went by. A policeman grabbed
tne and took me off to the stntlon
house nt One Hundred and Twenty
fifth street, nesr Klghth avenue.
I was looked up and kept all night
until V o'clock the nam morning.
Whni 1 was hro.ight In the officer
at the desk msked me my name find
my address where I lived. A gave
him rny name and told him I lived
st No. IV and M Went One HundTrd
and Thirty-seventh etreet. They then
put me In a room and I was kept
there until the next morning at I
o'clock. Then they took me out of
the room put me out and told me
to go home. I went born.' 1 cot
there aftei 6 o'clock. I walk. . I home.
Nobody went with me.
From the lime I wmm brought to
the station house until I got home
the next morning I was given noth
ing to eat. I wans not taken to any
court or Judge. I was kept In the
station houss all the while. They
turned me out of the station house
In the morning.
Before I went to bed during the
night an officer licked me with a
strap, snd said If I ever made a Ire
again he would send me to the Isl
and. I cried and he made me go
to isnt. AUOUBTUdJ WlLKKHsnv
In the affidavit made by the boy's
unt. Mrs. Aunell Farrington. h says.
"When he did not come home that
afternoon or evening mv husband went
to Mrs. Yergensen's and ground to other
place trying to find him Then we
called up the Amerl -an Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children and
told them that the boy wss lot. The.
told us they would call around to Other
atatlons and see If then- wa any such I
boy. They then told imi there was no
tlcfe boy found. In the mornlna we
called up police headquarters and eyprp
lold that they had no record of any
boy taken up or any gaeh thing. They
sent BP no word from the station house j
that the boy u there. We got no j
word from hlni whatever until he came
home himself the next morning at about j
half-past six." I
Reporters for the Kvenlng World made '
made a thorough Investigation of the i
statements made in the affidavits to- I
itay. None of the Karrlngton family
Wore st home thoiitdi It was learned that
a email boy lived with them. None of i
(lie neighbors, on the aame floor, the j
floor above or the floor beneath, had
heard of the story of his arrest. The '
Janitor had not heard of It.
If the youngster told the truth and I
wiss go n directly fro.n No. 10 West I
One Hundred and Thirty -seventh s!ret I
lo No. 13 Went One Hundred snd Tlilr-
ty-rourili streci. he was ut no time In
the prtlnct policed from the West One
Hundred and Twentv-flfth street station-
He would have been taken to the
lnox avenue station. There Is no
record of hla l.elnr taken there The
Mother iff llent a to the arrest of a i
small boy tnat night.
There la no record In the Weat One
Hundr.Ml and twenty-flt'h street sta
tion, either In the prpejnct records or
in those of Inspector Sweeney 'a office,
controlling all the Ilnrlem precincts.
There is no record In the Kaat One
Hundred ant Twenty-!xth street sta
tion. The holding of a hoy In custody with
out entering a record would have Im
perilled th.. official heads of three lieu
tenants during the time the boy aald
he was in the custody. Two doormen
and two matron timet have also been
In the dangeroua conspiracy.
The police do nH question the sttae
men that the boy may have been away
froaa his uncle' home all night.
dlfferent position from that described
by Coroner's Plivr-f clan Otto H. SchulUe
of New York City, who performed the
autopiy, and other physicians, who
testified lof the Stu'.e and who shared
with Dr. Schnltse the opinion that Mrs
Bzults) wss throttled before falling lntu
tircenwood Lake with Irlbeon from a
boat July IK lust.
"Thus," aald Uoldxtvr, "we shall dem
onstrate that this unfortunate accident
was not the result of a deep laid plot.
thr prosecution ha tried lo alinw
" " - ...
It will be desmoiiatratpd till Occident
wna Just one of the accident whtcli
occur on treacheroui OfOOhWOOd Lake,
r.umnier after Mimmer.
"We shall show you by the testimony
of an expert that it was absolutely im-
,,(t;. ,,Hy,
hody ha been In a
grave for fifty cay or more, ana alter
... ........... .-- - -
" 1-1" -
hod, when irikon from Hit water, aald
Dad way's
LJj" il JMj
,4 pmi ungi MM it.'iel Mill wfindarlu.
le-tilts. I lis.s al.., t mr.il 1 let! liag a eSfgt
f- ...re llieift'. aava it eats steal lienefit itrr
jSSli Mi tVllitrsa Ee! Sad, and 1.
1 oauaKriml it to my fr.enjs."
! o Ta. mmA
SOlC I llTOal allll COIOS.
1 iPJPTa' RK.ll KICt.lKF. st 1 tnnsi..
j baXiWAV 4 CO., Ke York.
big bathing s.nlrt had .rnn tOffl off bv
Mrs. Sxsbo.
John I, Wright of No 271 fnlon
avenue, I'atereon. N. J.. the first wlt
neas. testified that on Jul, in he hsil
been near Camp Tree. In front of which
Mr, llenninger stood ns she watched
through opera glasses wir-u happened
after Olbson ami Mrs PplUU went Into
the water. Wright said Ills atten
tion wss called by Mrs llenninger to
the occurrence.
"I looked through the opers glasses,"
he swore, "and nw nothing."
Coder oros-eiamlnatlon b Mr
WfPPIlf Bfjoli who Is conducting the
prosecution, h? admitted he had not
had the glasses until a launch cam
Lo pick up Olbsiin.
Switching to the contention that QtP-l
son was deceived by Mrs. Ssabo and
really thought his client mother w us j
alive during thin year. Robert Kid. r.
chief counsel f.r the defense, called
William It Heme of No. I 111 Sixteenth
alreet, Hronklyn. one of the wlfnee.se
of Mra. Hanbo's will, lie declared an
elderly woman accompanied "Mrs.
Rltler," ss he knew the victim, snd
that Mra Bgpho called hee mamma."
This was In OlfeOOfl'l office.
Mr. Wasseri OPpI sav agely attacked
the witness's credibility, and seemed
well posted on events snd movements
of his business and soclil life.
Dr. Arthur C Doherty of Newark
leaiifled that Olbaon. after he waa taken
from the water, wai pale and agitated
and that he had directed that Otbson be
put to bed and given a etlmulant.
Harry C Iaux, an electrical engineer,
at No. 00 Church street, New York, ex
amined by Attorney Ooldiier, said:
"On July it, st Orecnwood Lake. I
eww Mr. fJHbpon rowing a boat near
Storm Inland Inn the New Jersey aide
of the lake) 1 eaw the man and wo
man In the boat stnndlng up straight,
four or five feet from each other. At
the very moment they went over
board." "Was the man touching the woman?"
"Did you pay any further attention
tg tliem?"
"Did you row toward them When
you saw them go overboard'.'" nsk.-.l
Justice Tompkins.
"No 1 rowed away." saild the wlt
nesr Luughter ran through the court anil
the Jury. OlPPOn BCOWled, Hli wife,
at his side, did got laugh, eltuer
lender oroee eggrnlnptlon Lpus said:
"At the moment 1 looked at them they
jiintpe i overboard,"
"Jumped octrboard, eh".'" echoed Mr.
Wgglervoyet "An 1 are you sure that
the persuns you saw Jump overboard
were a woman and thin defendant?"
"Yea; I coul.l remember hi face."
' How far away were they?"
"About XO fest."
Kdward Leete of "o. I'i West Sev
entieth street. New York, testified that
he was in the motorboal Torpedo un
Q ree A WOOd Lake on the afternoon ot
July lti with hla wife, his son and
William Kotnp. He saw u figure swim
ming lu the middle of the lake. p. e led
o ii and found Qtbobn dinging to the
bottom of an overturned boat. The
man wss pulled into the launch
wore nothing bit trunks He
moaning and L'ftodi 'Vhete'
lady?" "
Hefore Dr. PobuHgO, the last Witness,
was put on the stand Dr. Arthur P,
Hashing Of Jersey City, who wus prea
ch! at the autopsy on Mrs. Sla! ,
body, testMied to the same effe.t.
As the young New Jersey p
spoke, the iHihr.ing of feathers
hats of the women spectators who .. -copied
the first rowa of Ihe bene II
I. the uneasy shuffling of feet on
the bare floor of Justice Tompkins's
courtroom was stilled and the GlhPjp
legal battery frow ileal.
Only uibsn, whoeg ley composure ims
car eely been ruffled b the ha -dee.
blows the State has struck, appeared
unmoved. He continued writing ou s
yellow pad some notes which looted
to hare no connection with Dr. Haa
kmg'a Words, and Mis. QlbgOlh who wsa
taking the cue from her husband fr bet
actions, emulated hlni by keeping be!
eyes off the witness and drawing lbttt
less figures un a bit of paper.
Tor fifteen minutes Dr. HasLsIng talked
earnestly, occasionally explaining a
technical pliruse at tile reyues: or Mr.
"And now," said Mr Wasservngcl.
when Dr. Hasklng had fir lshed his
pathological description, "1 wish yoj
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Milk Ciittciilata.
hli Ml no
the I BC
would tell us whst was th' cause of
Mrs. ttosena Mcnsrhlk sxabo's death."
"Ihe died of aepkyxla from singu
lation." "How c.aasee?"
"y pressor applied from without."
Dr. J. J. O'ftellly. the medical ex
pert fir th defense, smncht to confuse
Dr. D ialling on Involved te hnlcal Is
sue!, but the young doctor, uuletly re
marking that he hud performed, ptv.
sonally, upward of 1.&00 autopsies, dis
played a remarkable knowlelge of tho
vvrlters or medical lurlspriidrnce.
Dr. Otto H. Schnltxe waa then sworn.
"1 have been a coroner s physician for
twenty-three years anil have performed
more than ",tsl0 autopsies," he prefaced
hli testimony, and plunged Into a patho
logical description along the line of that
offered by Dr. Hasklng.
In the midst of Dr. chultgg'l testi
mony, Mr. Wasservogel interrupted to
have hlni Identify a photograph of the
t'irnat organs of Mr. Sznlio and to In
troduce 11 In evidence. Hubert Eldrr,
ihlef legal adviser of the accused attor
ney, sotisht vainly to have the photo
graph excluded, and look an exception
when Jnatlco Tompkins overruled him.
Another photograph, for purposes nf
comparison, wa Introduced hy the State
showing the throat organs In their nat
ural places. Klder kept hla feet and
reeled o'f a running fire of objections,
alt of which Justice Tompkins, who has
sent fourteen murderers to the chair,
nt.d has yet to meet the first reversal
checked against him, promptly over
ruled, '"Doctor." said Mr. Wasservogel, "tell
u from what Mrs Sxabo died?"
-Strangulation by oompreeelon of
the upper part of the aeoh aad
floor of tbe month, applied from
"Could drowning have been the
canae of Mra. Umbo's death?"
"It could net."
"I wis'n you would lake these two
photographs and point out to the Jury
the teiflVretiee between the position of
Mra. S,.i ... s throat ongam and the
normal," nld Mr. Wasiervogel.
Wild Klder, Dr. O'Ksllly, Mr. Wasser
vogel and Dr. Hasklng grouped behind
hl:n and the juiore craning their nek.'.
Dr. BohuHPg gave his lecture. Despite
III necessarily technical nature, he waa
able, apparently, to Impress It upon Ihe
jury. Which Is not by any means the
untl .i' tte.) "f.vmvrs' Jury."
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