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n K I ;n ii .,., rlMrtlM l-nllii
WAR MOVES BY AUSTRIA court refuses
UnLLU mini i. mnsiu . umu
Ultimatum to Servia That May
Involve Russia Is Expected
This Week.
While Europe Fears Clash, En
voys of Turkey and Allies
Talk Peace.
VIENNA, Nov. 36. The result of
the visit to Berlin or Archduke Fran
cli Kerdlnvi'l, the Austrian heir to
the throne, is thru In BMterfl Rffair?,
notably !ti tttuxa queft ns relating to
Rou mania end to the Adriatic Sea,
Gcrjnjuiy, Italy unii Austria will
Idhrch together in a nerrlr-l line, ac
cording to the R:ch-Post. Prepara
tions tof every eventuality have bom
fully mad k that ail surprises arc
piurdcd ."Tains'.
It 1 reported brre that tha 5rlrra.de
forts are tiit' linatilr araied with
heavy g-nn by tba Bsrvian War Office.
Xnform.itlon has alao been received that
all the Btman troopa who can ha
aaarc.il trom P-irrencl na Moneetir
have been recalled to the Servian cap-
m:i,rjn rE. Nov, 85. -Following a
Cabinet oounoll al whloh King Peter
presided hara to-day, the Oovminnt
notified Auattia tiiat Borvla cannot
.leflnttely define Its Httltude until tha
and of ttie Halkan war.
BERLIN, Nov. H.- Hclatlons hetween
Aitstr.a-llungiry and Survla are now
ao strx'ned thst poUUOal rlrclea In
Vienna tiave abandoned hope of tha
preservation of pice according to the
Neua Ocse'.lsehaftllcho Correspondent
ll !i layi It lias It information from
a diplomatic eoarce.
Despite nlliclal Austrian denial! of tha
reported m Jldllaae.on of the Austro
lluiiitarian army the Correepondenx de
clares that five army corpa have ac
tually hern already mobilized and the
raaarvai continue to he called up la
Isrite numbers.
The AuitrO-Huntarlan xovernment. It
continues, la resolved not to awaJt the
return of the Servian troops operating
again!) the Turk and an ultimatum
to dervia may be BXpOOted within a
few days.
Austria la now disposed to push tha
tuattor to a decision, because If war is
Inevitable aha wants to take advantage
of her mobilization being more ad
vanced than that of Russia.
LOUDON, Wov. 2S. The plenipoten
tiaries of Turkey and of tne allied
Balkan nations htdd turlr first msetlng
t; is afternoon to dlsonss the prelim
inaries for the negotiations for an arm
istice. The plenipotentiaries met at Has Tllelgl
Of Haghtelie, near Hlyuk Cfhekmendye,
in the oaittra of a small rone whloh has
i ,ui deetlarel neutral for the period of
the parleys. Ueyond an Intimation that
tha victorious Invaders ara prepared t
modify their original demands In raga-1
t,i the evacuation of the OhatuJJa 11 Dee
by the Turk, and also to permit tha
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Hut public confidence his bn en-
f JiJiiced by the recent turn in politi
cal affairs is apparent from these
1 its AOn World "Help Wanted" Ads.
Last Wcck
m... Tlmn Al! the Sli Other
Mo a?
New Vork Morning una aun
, Naweiwpc: conin: nea.
j.-- More
Jhc World I'ruiled
responding V. erk
A great an.i liWWSEHKjenund foi
workers Is tlic bofvrSSbat pros
P. S. It is also arparntTatfellc
confidence in World Ads. ii .ttrth
great and increasing.
i n. - . t fair.
. i .fit'.'. Iftl'J. hv
(.11. (Ill Neii
Tug Capsizes Motor Boat in'
n-irl- on.l Picrre,,,,., i
a-'ti i rv iiiivi i.mk i iiiui
Wades In and Rescues Surviv
or Who, Nearly Exhausted,
Clings to Rock.
For two hours before down to-day
i Pntlcernan Otto Schriuck, attacnal to
, tho Rasf One Tfundred and Twenty
! sixth street station, fouaht for Ufa 'n
th twisting tides of Her. (lata und
ilnilly v.on. while Ms thre oomoanlena
who were with htm In a powerbont, run
down In Hell Gate by a railroad barns,
were drowned. Bo rloss did the pojloe
man come to death tht lie now lies In
art John's lUoepltal, Ioug Island City,
his mind still clouded with tha horror
of his experience.
(Urs. Caroline Phillips, who lives at
No. 6S Hoyt avenue, Astoria, makes It
J s riracrtre each morning to search the
shore of the rlvor only a few hundred
feet away from her bouse for drift
wood, and because of the pinch of pov
erty whloh dictates this custom on the
woman's part Scbmuck owes his life
to her. For this morning, dsaplts the
cold and the lowering storm clouds, the
woman left her home about IX) o'clock
end walked along the Astoria shore
near tha foot of Hoyt avanua in her
usual search for wood.
She saw what she at first took t be
a loir " nice big log," as the aleansr
of driftwood put It lodged among, ths
rocka soms twenty-five feet out from
the river bank. As aha was trying to
devise some plan for tha log's recovery
ahe heard a shivering moan and she
saw a movement of the black streak In
the water.
Without an Instant's hesitation the
woman waded out into the la walji
to her waist and came to a man wn
was floating, anchored to the tip of a
rock hy the grip of his two blue handv
Though the current was switt and the
weight of the half drowned man was
dragging the gatherer of driftwood
towed the limp body ashore. Tnre, ae
he chafed the hands, shs called, and
Joseph Newman, a nelsiibor, came to
lier assistance. The iSfnl-OOnsoiotM ina.-i
was removed to the Aetorla police sta
tion and tbem'e to It John's Hospital.
It a' a I leveraj hours before he re
covered own. lousness tven to the point
of datalUng part of his experience. He
said that bo IVM Otto bvhmuck, at
tached to the Bait One Hundred and
Twenty-sixth street stutlon, and that
at 3.30 O'etook In the morning h anil
three Mondg had gone out In hjs power
boat Pilot for a fsh'.ng expedition
S.-hrmi-'k could not remember the nnrnes
of any ofvtho?e with h!;n; ho -ou!d only
recall that ana wan a bartender In Gold
grahen'l saloon In Ekat One Hundred
an 1 Forty -second street.
They had put out from the foot ol
Fast tire Hundred and Thlrty-nlnt.'i
street, the Brong, and were OOmlni
through Hell fiate on the way down
river when thslr boat baegina unman-
agealde In the tortuous currents. The)
saw tba masthead llgltta of a tug gp,
proachlng and md to etaer clear of
hr, bill the engine bulked and they
were swept under the ovrrhsng of one
of the bsiires In tow of the pjg. The
tC'ontinued ea yaj u Psgs.;
" Circulation Books Open to All."
Tlir rr.. l-nhllahlK
lork 1 or III I.
Forces (he Former City Cham
berlan to Put in Defense
at Bribery.
Former Secretary Testifies
That Hyde Obtained SM,
500 But Paid It Back.
his trial late this afternoon.
John B, BtatvoWVaid of rniinael for
'Jiarlei H. Hy lc, on trial bsfore Justl.-e
Oofl In extraicdinary tenn of the Su
iremc Court, charfe,! with 'bribery In
contraction witih the loan of elSU.COu by
the Northern Hank to the Came:e
I Trust Company, ranewed tills afternoon
; his formsr motion to dismiss the In-
dletmanta, Juetloe notr refuM to grant
the motion arel counsel fov Hyde opened
bis ilefenve.
lJ:irlng the morning John V: Smith,
Hyde's socretary When the dafondant
was City r-hambf-rlaln, bad 'lieen i-alld
as a witness In tho effort by the Stats
to show that Hyde has obtaine-1 a per
sonal profit through the loan which
Kohln had teat In sd his bank had been
fotvs.l to make to tha tottering Trust
smit'n teetlfled tint be bad borrowed
110,000 from the Carnegie Trust Company
aftei the date on which Hyde was
charge d with forcing the Northern
Hiuni to nuke the loan to the Carnegie
Trust. The loan wjs made to rbnltli on
hie own note, endorsed by Hyde. The
money was deposited to his own ac
count and then paid over to Hyda on
Smith's check. The note drew six per
cent. Interest and was paid before It
was due by a note signed by Charles,
P. Norcross.
Smith testified to another loan of
N.0OO from the Carnegie Trust. All but
ISO0 of this bad been drawn out at the
time of tba failure of the Carnegie
Thess transactions, It was declared
by tha prosecutor, proved that the loans
ware made after Hyde had favored the
Carnegie Traat and that Hvde thus
obtained a personal profit by depositing
city funds In concerns that lent money
to the then tottering Carnegie Truat
Books of the Carnegie Trust Company
ahowsd that Hyde bad guaranteed the
Smith note and that tlrera was no se
cret about it. These books alao showed
that Hyda had guaranteed the dsbts
of Norcross, and that 117,070 of such
debts bad been paid. Smith was not
cross-axatnlned by the defense and ths
State rested its case.
When Mr Stanchflsld renewed ha
motion to dismiss ths Indictment against
Hyde on the (rrounds of Insumolsnoy of
charges, he also asked that all of
Smith's evidence be stricken out on the
ground that It was lncompstent snd
hearsay He requested that ths testi
mony of all wttnessea who had told
of conversstlons to wmich Hyde himself
was not a party be ruled out of the
record aa hearsay testlmonyt
"The charges," Mr. Stanohfleld said,
"do not constltuts a crlma. Wa now
ask Your Honor to advlss the jury to
acquit the defendant upon tha ground
that the evidence In tho case does not
prove a i rlnie Wa also ask Your Honor
to advise the lury to acquit the defend
ant upon the ground that there Is no
proof that the loan to the Carnegie
Trust Company by the Northern Bank
was to the personal advantage or bene
llt of Hyde
"Next we ask Your Honor to advlee
the Jury to acquit upon the ground that
the evidence dlsclosea that the witness
Joseph s Kobln was an accompll'-s In
any offense alleged to have been com
mitted and that bis svldenee has not
been corroborated In a manner tending
to connect the defendant with the eom-ii'.li-jiion
of the alleged crime, Robin has
been convicted of a felony and there
fore his evidence requires corrobora
tion." Mr Htnnchfleld admitted the Smith
hnn from the Carnegie Trust Company
Wag for Hyde, declaring Hyde indorsed
the note in the usual manner and paid
more than par oast latereet upoa lb
Pres.-Elect Wilson and Capt. McKinsey,
The Misses Wilson and Cottage at Bermuda
I . 1 I I
l "Bl I
II - W I 1 J.W.M'KIKISEY wB1,weea
1 I ' L- pNO PRRS.
4 owTw?s2T nnnno inn muni
t- i.mk ran wnn
McManigal Tells How He Was
Asked to Go to Isthmus
and Do the Job.
noaaea at the "dynamite coiuiplracy"
trial to-day teatifled coneornlng ,,whol"
sala explosions" which the .McNamants
ware alleged to have contemplatod, but
whloh were prevented by tho arrest of
ths dynamiters at Detroit and Indian
apolis in April. 1910. Ths explosions
contemplated, as told by witnesses,
To blow up the locks of the Panama
To blow up a building In Pittsburgh
occupied by officials of Iron and steel
contractors who employed non-union
men, and lo to blow up offices In other
ICastern cities.
To blow up the aqueduct and water
works at Ie. Angeles and cans, other
explosions there that would "make 1t
look Ilka an earthquake."
To blow up a alesplng car to get rid
Of a stenographer formerly employed
by the Ironworkers' union beeauss she
"knew too much."
An assertion by Ortlle E McManlgal
that he was urged to go to Panama hy
J. J. MrNamara as a dynamiter pre
viously had been referred to hv Dletriet-
Attorney criarles W. Millar as one of
the revelations to he made at the trlil.
Ortle 1C. MrMnntgu! to-day rasuuied
his ront'enston on the witness stand.
Yell win. if enytblBC, you tau
McNamaias aald about blowing op
work on the Panama Canal," said District-Attorney
"In April. 1911. ahortly before we
were arrested. J. J. and J. H. MrNam
ara and myself had a talk at the Iron
workers' headquartera in Indianapolis
as to the campaign, after blowing up
four Jobs planned for Detroit," aald
McManlgal. "J. J. aald the MoClinUe
Marshall Construction Company, a non
union concern, had two ears' work on
rbe Panama Canal and he wanted me
to go there. He eald I should go to
Panama and promptly enlist aa a sol
dier, as I already bad aerved in ths
Hpanlsh-Amerlcan war.
"I asked him If he expeoted me to
take nltro-glycerlne to Panama. He
aald 'No; the McCllntlo-Marahall peo
ple have great stores of dynamite down
there. You can watch your chance to
ateal It. Put a wagon load In each
"I didn't take much to the Panama
Idai and told J. J. so, but be insisted
be would take it up later. J. II. aald
at that time be had more work on the
Pa lflc coast. He aald he was going
back there with an arrangement to est
iff bOMsbg hy touching off an electrical
current miles away. He aald, 'I'll g ,
out to Ix Angeles and undermine the
acqueduct aud tho water works Then
put bombs at vorloua pla' ei in the dry
and blow the whole town off the map.
The people will think there has been
another earthquake aimllar tO the one
at San Francisco.' "
McManlgal than described his going
to Ietrolt with Jamea B. MdNamara
to blow up four Jobs and their arrest
there, wh4h prevented ths "wholesa'o
explosions" which, ho said, were eoor
to be carried out.
Charlea Gallup Thrown inn Pea-t
la Anto Siiieeh.
Cliarles Qalllip of Hwede-i. Memo, -rati'
Aaaembli ifinn-eleet, wan eerlouwly hurt
to day wiiHit his autamobite w.m
orus ied by an saatbound ear en th"
J tuff a lo, Leolcpaft "'"I Rooheeter Hall
way at Adam Baala. Gallup was
cari'.sl 10b icel lo kht w-ckaga.
Www I IwiGHT I
" Circulation Books Open to All.' H' I
7 1'
Singer Comes Back Ijooking
Younger Than Ever After
Scottish Diet.
With eyes ae blus and hair aa rad
and spirits as sxubsrsnt as ever, Mary
Harden returned to New York to-day
on ths North Oerman Iloyd liner Qsorgs
Washington. In her aabls furs and
purple, close fitting Mercury bonnet with
whlta wings, Mlsa Oardsn looked almost
glrilsh and her friends remarked on her
youthful appearance.
"You know," she ezpiatnad. 1 apent
the am,. met In Scotland. I subsisted
largely on curds and whey, the break
fast food of Little Mies Muffet who sat
on a tuaet."
"Nothing but eurds and whey?" saked
a curloua person
"NaturaUn" aha said, "as I was In
Scotland I took a little 'whuaky occaa
tonally.' "Andrew Carnegie." the prima donna
was told, "on his return a ah rt time
sines, said be also took his little
'whuaky1 occasionally while at Bklbo."
"Oh, yea," remarked Mary, "that's
what they give all the old dodoes who
are on their last legs '
By way of Illustration aha stood on one
foot, wrinkled her face and hopped a
few steja after the manner of one shs
had described. Then ahe atralg .tsned
up and remarked that a little "whusky"
wouldn't be bad right then and there
considering the nippy air.
Ml" Garden says aha eonsldera Boot
land a laud especially conducive to ths
reservation of youth. She has) bought
a 11,004 acre eatbl In Aberduenalilre,
adjoining the Heitch eeitaif, of the late
King HdWard and there aha will apend
bar summers In the future eating eurds
and whey and taking a woep nip of
"whusky" now and then to U-i p the
apllere away.
WKA rilKR Snow
Mass of Fire 200
ried by Wind Over Three
Blocks of Buildings in
Williamsburg Section.
LOSS EXCEEDS $2,000,000;
Eight Men Blown Into East River,
and Only Five .Are Saved by
Police Launch.
Three men are believed to hive been MUed outright, at least twenty
more were seriously injured and three blocks of warehouses, rmrurfac
tories and wharves along the VVTUarnstxirg waterfront from the foot of
North Tenth street were destroyed by fire this afternoon.
The fire, which was under control at 3.30 o'clock, was the largest
and most difficult to handle the department has had to face in recent
The following onrpJoreaa of tt atfrrmnr works rweetewd serious injuries
and were removed In tha amtralajwea of St. Catherine's, the Ekurtorn Dla
trlct and the WllHaTnebtirg Hoopltsle:
Jataaaa ruvav, state., of io. aao sezaia mii
OammTOagf, forty-ave,
MaXaJOS, thlray-thrss,
f orty-sla, of o. 0T
WZUIAJg afOOU, thirty-two, of Mo. 00 Tsa gtyok atrsa.
TKOMAM "WIT, thirty aewsa, of kta. MM Baaf ord avenue,
tioaei oantOaT. twaatyttra. of So. as woodkaU atraat.
gtaJUaT Mown, tkirry-tkraa, of gfo. ear makattssi arsaaa.
rrsTimT.saa ouoxwobtk.
nm BaaOWSa.
Twelve other mon received minor hurta, which were actaoded on thai
ground by the ambulance eursjeous
The fire otortad with a aarlea of terrific explosion in the five-story
building of tha Union Sulphur Company, fronting on North Tenth atraat
and Kant avanua, apraad to tba alz-etory storage warohouse for hay aao
grain owmed by the Brooklyn Beotern District Terminal Company, thenc.a
to tha Sormnton and Lehtgb Valley coal yards, and finally to the great
cluster of manufactories, tank and etllie ot the Pratt Oil Company. Flra
man ara now fighting to keep tha blaae from the main buildings of the oil
work, a aubildiary plant of the Btaavdard Oil Company, and from the plant
and tanks of ths Brooklyn Union Oaa Company.
It waa shortly attar 1.30 o'clock when the Initial eorploelon oocurred on
the ground floor of the aulphur worka. The eervonty employeea of the com
pany were all at work In the building when the first eiploaion came, from
what cauae cannot be determined.
The rending force of the azploelon hurled a doien men who were work
ing la the vicinity clear across thu floor in the big room where the mixing
va,ts were. One man 1t hurled to tho celling, and he fell with a fracture!
Instantly (la-nee sprung up amid the wreckage, and the other employee
ho rushed to the arene of the exploeion to rescue their unconscious fellow
workmen were amothered In billows ot choktng sulphur smoke. In tba
swift mlnutea that followed more than one man took his life In hie lianila
to plungo Into the yellow glare, shot wtth blue aulhtir flames, to drag out
to ths open air some unconscious workman.
Hardly had the pround floor been cleared when a series of lesser ex
plosions followed. Some of the oflMM staff, believing that they could save
the books before tho fire reached the offices, rushed back Into the buildins
and to the row of ottlce rooms facltiK the Kast Hlver. Hardly had they dis
appeared when another blinding explosion came and night bodies were
ahot out of the opened side of the factory building Into the river.
A police launch which bad pu. over from the Manhattan short upju
the first ahook of the explosion picked up five men from the river. The
other three at e believed to have drowned. The Ave, all of them fright fully
burned, were rushed to St. Catherine's Hospital.
Ilerruty Fire Chief I.ally, In charge of Urooklyn, rushe.1 to the a ens
of the lire upou the BaOODd alarm. He snw the uolld pillar of flame, nearly
i two hundred fi t I square, being whipped from the roof of the sulphur factory
'over Into the nt at of IntUkinmablg bulldln north and east of the blatlagr
gu-uciurc and lu iUd ,oriii be seat la fourth aUrm and lhm Us)
g-larrlae to-nlghti Titittr fair.
Feet Square
of So. 383 Beooad rtrewt.
of o. 17 Taath otrsaa.
laatropoUtaa aranna.

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