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MAN FOR $53,000
Beatrice Brevaine de Acosta
Says J. G. Butler Jr. Made
,: Remarkable Agreement.
JFity It Is Policy to Flirt With the Cook
Swears He Offered to Pay Her
tor Dropping Suit Against
Her Former Husband.
Breeslne a, Arosta.
followers as the "Feocin CHri,
MA Joseph O. Butler Jr.. life kni
frlenri of it i.:.i,t Taft and on of
to Steel Trust's multl-mllllonalrea, will
afveer as plaintiff and defendant, re
e9 actively, in Jusll.-e renJlelcm'e part
t tae Bupreme Court Wednesday in a
ult that promisee to ba sensational.
The former relebrlty Is suing
tte eeventy-twn. year-old Iron mafnat.
wko la president of the Ohio Son of
the American nevolutlon, for fM,W,
which h claims la due on an agree
anent made between them early In V'10,
When aho had ault pending In the Su
preme Court of this city against her
former l-.u Nind, Oral Dreyfus, a
wealthy lace importer. Dreyfus di
vorced her In 1306.
Much mystery lian followed the ault
Into court, and the facta back of the
actress's ault did not become known
until tO-day, when tho contents of a bill
of particulars, rmiv on tile In the County
Clerk'a ofllre. wart illscloied. Neither
counsel win dlx uaa the case. In Mrs
da Acoata' grig lna papeis no mention
was made o: tha na:n of Mr. Dreyfua
nor were the tMM of the remarkable
agreement aha mentions stated In tha
FUS, FOR $53,000.
In UWWor to fie gaestlOM framed by
Mr fitter's lawyer. Sirs, da Acosta
state 1 thtrr In 1310 she brought ault
against her former i: ubanl. Dreyfua,
who was fourth of her five spouses, to
recover 53.'i. She claimed that Drey
fit owed her IjO.WUO ijecausa of 111 fall
lire to redeem from her, at par, certain
took. The other J3,0o, ahe claimed,
repiesenled the tratui of furniture,
which ahe charged Dreyfu.- had taken
from ha, The action wns exiled for
rla in tha Supi.me Court In New York
City May tt, Vj0, and dismissed be-ausc
of hr faliure to prOSOCQta,
Khe dec-litres tiiat prior to hla data
tha elderly Mr. Uutlir Induced her to
discontinue the action and to aUindun
her claim atreiuat DroyfUl In conald
aratlon at "such forbearance," Ratler,
ahe asserts i.greed to compensate har
for withdrawing from tha publicity
which trtul of the action would ttltalL
Times and place at which thla agree
mant was Usnussel, ahe swnara in her
bill of particulars to be as followa:
At the Fort Pitt Hotel, I'lttsburR,
and at No. 1811 James street, Alio
ghnrty. March 23, 1910.
At Cafe Martin. Fifth avenue and
Twenty-- Ixth street, and at No. 102
West Fifty-second ttreet, New York
City, April 1. 1910.
April 30, 1110, when the defendant
called up Hie plaintiff at New York City
by telephone.
At Pittsburg, from which place plain
tiff telephoned to ilefi nuuiu at l'uungs
town. 0.i April 1010.
The directory Rlv.is the premises at
No. 101 Weal Fll iy-s'-'cund stree: as the
Ciane.a Hotel.
Mt. Butlei la iLu.rr. . and has two
daughters, ma family and th.it of the!
president have long- been on Intimate
Mr. Hutler la President of the llesse
mr rig Iron Association, of the Urler
Hill lion mil Coal Company and of the'
MerolianU Marin i Aaao Ut.on of the
Unite I States. lie was the heavier
stockholder of tile Union Iron and Steel
Company when ti .u con tern waa taken
over by the United States Steel Cor
poration two yi i" ag i.
Beatrice Urev.iin.i i-us figured exten
sively in the nswsi apara in tho last few .
years. She was nsnted us 'o-respondent 1
In the divorce action brought by Mis. '
UuTkc-Uoche Batonyl agalMt her hua
band. A'irel Uatun. Her moat recent i
matrl nonlal venture was her marriage
0 Jose Matteo da Acosta, a reputed,
wealthy Cuban planter, In 1910. karly
In 1911 de Acoeta left the ac-treas, and !
when ha returned to New Vork In Feb
ruary ahe had him ai rested on the
charge of BOBIUpport, but failed to
prosecute Her New York addreaa is
not knowrn.
Her lawyer, Charles A. Winters, of
No. 38 Park How, stated none of the
details of the action would have reached
tha public prior to tha trial had not
Mr. Butler Insisted that Mrs. de Acosta
furnish particulars of the alleged agree-
mant, which he av was entirely oral
Who Holds Your Destiny in a Kitchen Spoon
I Flirt with the Coal
Man, the Milk and tha
Parker House Roll Man,
the Butcher, the Doctor
and the Undertaker,"
Writes "Joan C. D.,"
but She Leaves the Chef
Out of Her List.
Copyright. 1912, l.y the Preea Publishing- Co. (The New York World).
- -n-n-i-inr -rii-1-n-innnri.anj eaSSSJsnaaa
'I Silk Petticoat FREEl
"Flirting Is Like Putting
a Lighted Match to a
Can of Gasoline," Says
"M. G.""A Onesided
Flirtation Is Impossible
It Takes Two Fools to
Make the Combina
tion," Asserts "S. W.
To flirt or not to flirt?
We have learned that women do not rote with sex solidarity In States
whore they have the suffrage. Nevertheless, In thla discussion they nre,
almost to a woman, casting their
ballots in favor of flirtation.
The stern moralists who disap
prove are nearly all men. To-day,
for Instance, a masculine reader an
nounces that "flirtation Is liko a
lighted match applied to a can of
gasoline." He Bays he feels sorry
tor women who "flirt to catch hus
bands," and that eventually they will
be relieved of this humiliating ne
eeeslty. On the othor hand, a woman
reader confesses kup "flirts with tha
coalman, the milkman and the Par
ker House roll man, the butcher, the
doctor and his twin brother, the un
dertaker." And she has not the
grace to say that she Is ashamed of
heraelf, though she iloes put for
ward the plea that hhe can't help ;
flirting. I imagine, howover, that what she terms flirting Is Just the general1
exercise of a personal quality of charm a soul quality which may and
should gladden tho milkman and the Parker House roll man. Any woman
with tho holly spiritual gift of charm owes it to the world to charm as
many nersons aa possible.
it;. i--
COAl 'AftKCftIOvSC eataBBBst
MAM Mil K Oll-Mam sbbbiWF7
WITH 1J ThH Al.l.
Mrs. Radt, Walking in Sleep,
Plunges From Ninth-Story
Window of Hotel.
With Every Suit
To this grand red ct on th s novel feature has been
added, making an ir esist br Thanksgiving Hargainl
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tremendous .eductions
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Petticoat Presented FREE la
Tuesday's Reduction Sa t with
every Suit Priced at $15 or ovar.
Thete charmina pettaeaU are ia al dw
rrignini colon, beautifully tailored aaaj hi
rv'ry way worthy of wear on the
Lands on Screen Protecting a
Skylight Not Told of
Cause of Accident
Pan! Wlleoa Dead.
Paul Wilcox, ftflv-fmir. a New Tork
lawyer who lived Iti Montrlalr, N. J
died at hie hnnm cully ycatenlav morn,
lag from BrtKht'e Jlaciae. He waa a
director of tha Hank of Muntoialr, a
member of the Montolair Golf Club, the
Metropolitan Oolf rihb, the Mnntdalr
Outlook Club ani (ontolalr Club.
Not cold in bulk, although there
J Mb a bulk of quality in the packet.
C-jffee. 3 Poinrd Tins, $1
Uaaerally aeeaklng, oar women are
not nearly so charming- aa they
should be. They are beautiful and
Intelligent to an unnaual degree, but
many of them laok the universal
gracloneneea that marks the well
b i i woman of other laada and
till-, improbable aa It may appear,
hie ftu Intimate and direct relation
to tha obaeaaida; arvant problem.
There Is no iraaon why a woman
ehonld retnrn from a lnncheon or a
tea whrre aha haa radiated aerenlty
and joyouaneaa and become a froaen
monnment of hautour to the maid
who opena tha door to her.
It Is much more Important to charm
the conk who holds the tamlly well
belnir In the hollow of a kitchen apoon
than tn make nn iTfreselnn on the
stray profesmir from the I'nlvcralty of
Chlearo, who rear "aa gently a any i
suckllmr love" at a studio tea, and yet !
our Servants c't more money, more
Privilege' nnd fewer smiles than they
would receive la u''y other place on
LEGES. Pierre Lot!, in "The Disenchanted,"
wh!h deals with harem life in Turkey,
comments on tho fiu t that women
slaves are allowed to sit dov.ii and to
talk In the presence of their mistresses,
and that they are made to fas that
they are an essential and pernmnont
part of the fu.nlly life. He relates
that maids enter all rooms In the
barsmllk without knocking, and that
after they have ton a to live elsewnere
they have tho privilege of returning at
any time to pay n visit to the old home.
M. Let) obaarVea that Buropean women
mlicht learn from their Turkish listen
how to treat their subordinates.
Wlilla I do not share M. intra un
reserved admiration for Turklah
methods, X do believe that It la ueo
eaaary to charm, I. a-, ttlrt, wiih tha
Here Is the letter of the woman
rtadtr who charms the milkman. Ac.
I la followed bv several Interesting
aonmunleatlOBI from other readers:
Dear Mudiin: I'm a tllrt. I flirt
With the coalman, the miikman ar.d 1
the Parker House roll man, th j
hoicher. tiio doctor, Kini even ids
twin brother, tho undertaker, does
not feaze me.
I flirt with the young girl who
holds the lid Of the mall box open
lor me hen she sax s me heading
fur It. 1 thank her very muc h and
aay. 'Tour awfully nice I" Where
upon she follow a mo for half a block
to get a line nn me some more. I
flirt with the kiddles on the street.
When they see me earning they stand
and watch, and when I apeak they
are ready to follow me Into the next
county. They have a nickname for
me, but you'd think I waa ooncolted
if I told you.
It's to f'lrt for mine. If you and
the readers of The BvenlRfl World
do not approve, get Mu.iame Nature
on the wire and tall her down. I
flirt not beosUM "I don't care" but
because 1 couldn't help It If I did
care. Want to know my name for
It? Good Cheer and Brotherly Love.
Pear Madam: Women flirt to eatoh
husbands, poor things! Hut the day
a 111 soon be here when every
woman will barn and know enough
to stand on her own feet, and aha
won't have to do any flirting. A
man, for that matter, will ha la tha
same position. Belf-preservatlon, If
properly understood, means not to
T.lrt, for flirting Is like putting a
lighted match to a can of gasoline.
m. a.
Dea- Madam: "Attentions with
out Intentions" Is not the cor
rect definition of tiie male flirt.
That antahl always has woll-deftned
"Intentions " But why be pessimis
tic? The fllrtnrions old gander usu
ally meets his Waterloo In the form
of a wily femalo who plays the game
a great deal bettor than he does,
.md the idea never filters Into hla
oid bald head that Fhe endures his
M :ty fcr the sake of tho money he
spends on her. A on -sliled llirtatlon
Is Impossible. "The attempt and not
the deed confounds us." It takes two
Trots to make the eoreblnatloa 'and
wasn't It Hinuim who said "there'a
one born every minute"?
S. W. H.
Dear Madam: The professional
fi'rt Is either Ignorant or she lias no
conscience. While tlm former ia
unite harmless, the latter ia the
dangerous type, and I don't think
that men belong In this cat. gory.
She Is cruel nnd gtHWlng and will
aorMos everything to satisfy her
vanity. Well know n examples of her
are Cleopatra, Luoresla Borglgi
Catherine of Russia, Catherine de
Modioli, Madame do M tlnieunii,
Madame de Montespan nnd others,
and no doubt there are sti'l women
who would he exactly the same if
they had the power.
fiut there is another lyp tho In
nocent Mlrt. She Is good and nat
ural, 1 soauie she dors not kno-w she
Is lllrtiui;. She has the charm, love and
po' ry of youth. Wi.o would ro'.i hor
of It? HBLBN H.
Wealthy .Mr. Sutton Also Tells
Court Jars Drove Him
to South Africa.
roiNT JUDITH, R. f , Kov. A-JThs
bargee Pioneer and T irnado, from
i Newport, were torn loose fro the t.ig
! Salutation inside of Point udith
j breakwater last night by the sudden
I Shifting of the wind and I urled nlrh up
ion the beach. The ' dnt Judith lire
savers got rescue linea out to both ves
sels, hut later as the tide was falling
they decided to wait until morning be
; fore taking the crews off.
At low tl le It was thought that there
would he little water around the barges
! and the work of getting the men off
, would bo comparatively eaay.
A fair ri'iaiice exists for the ending of
the troubles of the luttoni of Brooklyn,
which have kept society bit '.ring for
several years pas Justice Putnam of
the Supreme Court to-day heard both
aides of the story In the application of
Mrs. Sutton for a separatl m from Fran
cis M. Sutton and withheld his deci
sion. Mra, Sutton. In her complaint, aays
her htiaban 1 is worth no, less than
(400,000 and has an annual Income of
80,000i Hhe asks for alimony and
counsel fees. The couple were married
In 18!-' and have three children. The
gsounda for separation alleged ar de
sertton nnd abandonment, Mr. Sutton
says, nls.) that hubby was cruel; that
he charged her In th presence of
neighbors and society friends of being
fttrttalOUa and of going to the theatre
with other men.
Mr Sutton denied that he has de
serted his wife. He declared that she
had driven him from homo. In 1911,
he said, s:is began tult for divorce and
he fled to South America, saying she
"made life hell for him He returned I
anil she dropped the, dl voroe proceed
ings, Ho went home to their beautiful
mansion at No. 39 Halibrldgc, Street,
where, he und .-xto id, a nice, warm
welcome awaited him It was a warm
wel dine, but not a. nice one. hn said.
Us was told that he bad butter get
out. A few nights Liter lie returned
and found the doors and window
looked. No one would annwoff the bell.
Next night, with the connlvunce of a
neighbor, he got on the roof and let
himself In through toe scuttle He sur
prised bin wife at breakfasi next morn.
Ing, She wanted to know how he g,,:
In. hut ho wouldn't tell her. For three
nights he played the role of burglai
Then his wife caught on Next night
the scuttle was bolted and he hail to
scuttle down from the roof again, i
wns cold that night, too.
Mr. Sutton objected to paying sll
mony. HU wife is wealthy In her own
right and owns the mansion In wblcn
be made daaperate effnrta to live.
Kidnapped and Chloroformed in
Philadelphia and Tossed from
It may all be aa Jumea Oliver Uruca
of So. ilS5 North Th.i ty-fourin slie.
Milbidelphla, aaya It waa: but the pen.
ile at Police Headquarters, Jnraey
City, do not think it wo.
Bruce, who Is nineteen, and says In
was employed by the Standard Hard
ware Company of No. lTlu Mariie
treat, Philadelphia, got into Jeiec
City on a freight train early to-day. Hi
told the police, Whom he voluntarily
looked up, that last night during tni
storm lie hwd !een chloroformed by
three nun In Fairmont Park, Phlla
delphla, and taken In an atltoatOblla
some room. There he was strapped to
a couch while three or four men playe.
a card game before him.
The men Quarrelled, and one man was
hi over the l.eai with a bottle or some
t ung.. lie was stripped of his cloth.--ind
thrown out aomeaOjaia, Then
. Iruoe whs given some more chloroforu
ind taken In an automobile aatn out
if Philadelphia. He was thrown out on
his bead while tlm machine was In nio-li-in.
He doesn't know where It was
'hut he lande,) on bis head, except that
i wns ?rolaMy In Jersey. He took a
reigiit train from that undetermined
-lut and rume to Jersey City.
The youth wore a gold watoh which
was keeping go.wd time and a gol, si -
net ring when he appeared In PoHce
Headquarters. Ills clothes aire torn
and covered with mud, Tho police tele
graphed to his parents.
Bare for the effects of hook and a
alight wound on tha baft leg. Mra. Clara
Radt, the wife of banker, la unin
jured after a aeventy-foot full from a
window In the Hotel Orleans, No. 100
West Eightieth street, to-day. Hhe
landed on a wire screen over a sky
light which forms part of the roof of
the hotel oltlce The screen acted
a cushion, breaking her fall, and also
saved her from going throui ii thaglaaa
of the akyllgbl.
The Radt family, consisting of Mr
Radt, his wife and (heir son, Hugo,
occupy an apartm. tit on the northwest
corner of the ninth flor of the hotel.
There are two bedrooms In the suite,
with a sitting room between. Mra.
K.idt and her hu .lMiid occupy one of
these rooms, tho eon the other.
For many years, Mr. Radt snys. his
wife haa walki.t In her sleep. In con
nection with these walks she waa gtTafl
to subconscious Imaginings of danger,
Ii was with the Idea that the bOIOI was
on lire that she started to wi. In her
sl-ep early to-day. iie had told h. r
husband that she thought the Bra was la
their apartment anil the necessity for
scape was Immediate,
Slipping from lied Mrs. Iladt made her
way through the sitting room to a pi,
vale hall, opening two doors. At tin
em! of the private hull she opened .in
o.oer door .eaooic, to the j, nolle hali
S.ie did not close ttiu duo is after Baal"
Ing through them. Proceeding along the
public hall Mrs Had! made two turns,
ttnally reaching the atalrway, Whist)
winds atonnd the elevntoi shaft. ThU
stairway has w it. lows on sa lb landing
opening on a court. At the bottom of the
court Is the akjlight over Hie OntOS
hi skvllgiit Is st the second story level.
Whether the window at MM landing Of
the ninth Boo was open Is not known
Tho elevator man snys there was u win
dow open on one af th top Doors. The
ledge Is low and -Mrs. Hadi appaietitl
walked out.
In falling she completed a somersault
In the air. probably aaoaUSu she trippel
on aba ledge in going thro I the win
dow. Klin allghte.1 on the he., y screen
over the skydght In a sitting poeturo.
The screen, which Is designed lo prvtex It
the skylight from articles ax-ldMally
Jivpp-d from the upper Moors, is In a
stout frame, four Inonea above thegiuss
.Mrs. Itudt, wiio weUhs about HO pounds,
bent the screen far enough la dislodge
one of the Skylight panes, Wblob fell to
the Moor of the oltlce.
1 lank '. ItocUell, tho night clerk,
looked up and saw an object on tho
skylight, gumui.ining the elevator boy
he hurried to the second Moor, climbed
out on th" skylight urvd round Mrs. Radt
In u stupor. .She Inquired what hud
happened, hut was umitde to help her
self. Boekall and file elevator bov took her
to tho ninth noor nnd assis'el her in
her apartment, The door .van open. Mr.
Ka.lt and his sou were asleep and tliey
w-ore antaaag when HoekeU brought ir
Mrs. Illicit.
Dr. James H. Mnran was summoned
from No. lul West Kiglitleth aliwet. He
found Mrs. Itadt cons'luus but In
coherent. Fearing te shook that would
result from her knowledge of the fact
that she hud fallen from tho ninth floor
of Ihe hotel to the second, Hr. Mo: an
told her she had fallen downstairs
She said that the lul she remembered
w.im fleeing from the fire.-' The truth
about her fall has onen kept fru.-n her
and shs will not be Informed until ahe
has folly recovered from tha nervous
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