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iH ivvvvwYiiViViVlrtfflii,lfi I' mm
Four Gunmen Terrorized in Cells Near Death Chair
Wl: I Hlill I air i..-...uli and Thnrailari cold.
To-Morrow, Thanksgiving Day
fnr Slavers Fascinated and
Terrorized bv Oblivion's
Former Lieutenant Gives No I
Sign and Hangmen Do
Not Hail Him.
OSSININO, Xov ;7.-Thc four Rosen
ihal inHialnii-Nos, IJ.813. 6..Mt, K.Uli
and 8.',81 hid utterly lout their nerve
and fr;nt to- ay as they whispered to
Out nni.it:, ej (TORI tuelr I ells In the death
oue mill sought v.ilnly to kep their
t rerted from the llttlt green doo
tive tie- below and just beyond theil,p" snssatinwa;
II .cuplod b; fu.-mfr l.c.i-. Charleal "Mv W' b"t " n b
'ec i-
i li I four gun
urn had no: been long In i
1 or ctigg ef,i .. i, iy legrard that the
'.UKawlUX.Ujeiltl.c door to he their
nStoer "f sll.tr, horror, unless th"
on : of Apbslli aho M r:cr-e the ver
Itfjt of JUJNlce 'luffs conn, and t 1 1
h'. knowledge every lust oume of their
ratede oo?ed n it and they ' ivl,tel
ht ihey were :o ii men condemned to
Roland H. MolirWux hag described
most grepnlcally the dreadful fssclna
tloir thla room with the little door hat
for I who abide In the death house
how the eyes of the condemned will
constantly be drawn to gaze upon It
in shuddering fear. No mutter what
the mental equipment, wrote Mollneux.
the , fascination and the ,iurrot la the
same, and aa the daya go by the dread
to increased a fellow Inmates of the
death houae pass In through that grim to prove Ita case now because It could
little doorway and It closes noiselessly 1 not lay hands on Ita principal witnesses,
behind them. . it was charged that I .iistlg was un
"Cyp the Blood." 'Whltev Lewis." faithful, and that he poisoned his wife
"Lefty Louis" and "Dago r'rank" wet e ; that he might collect money on Insur
ant long In having It brought home tonne- policies he had taken on her life."
Asm that the sentence Imposed by LIGHT DIM WHEN ELECTRICITY
J eagle. Goft yesterday means that In i is a a uisnen -rn un i
tea weak of Jan. 6 they will be taken. I , NEEDED TO KILL,
one by one, from their cella to vanish Lu"li w" private detective, with
through that narrow little doorway.! 'ood hu,ln" He had his wife's
that some one of their number will go 1!r ln,ur"1 large sums, It waa
first, and that the others will know I Before the second premiums
aa their turn comes that the one who I on tn" MWee became due Mrs. I.ustig
has gone before has paased over the ' "'fl- Mr' Livingston, wife of a drug
Ida, or, In th vernacular of the 1 ' np Hundred and Sixteenth
Cents, has been "croaked" by the law. , street and Madison avenue, and A. H.
The fovr prtoonera were garbed in the
prtoon uhorm when they were led to
their cells u the upper tier of the deatii
houae yesterday afternoon. Their own
slothing waa being fumigated and Wee
restored to them to-day. Tnat they
ahali not wear prison gart is one solace
granted to those condemned to die. There
are other privileges, if such they can bo
called, but ItO bOOR that can In anyway
erase the abiding fear of that little green
door that opens and shuts without creak
of hinge or click of latch.
Former Lieut. Booker Is rather re
motely removed from the gunmen, oc-
i upylng c ceil on the tier beneath. Only I
v. Handing tlgitgsi the barred door of i
their cell and i-ranlng their necks can i
:he gtinnign Becnera sold and in do
uit ti i hay must vlgusllst all of 'hat
.! r at the tnd of the corridor.
To , ... lie -'Us." they must cry out, and
' re i Kii. llilng lii thu atmosphere
if 1'ie death house that represses any
.ii;-.:.. to lait.i t:..- voice, so that there
.- lit It' MBlllinOd ilnny words will bs
. iii.iv ii aetwttn :hi) condemned po
.i..ni:i hi i ihc condemned 6eitg gang
si. r.
I" i : - No ;.'.; . and only so is ha
no,', ii In lie prison. AM Identity
niefSi i 'i' '' i hard numeral, ami
eten lha urUortai'i foil into the habit
of rofttrrllll lo bUa dnotbel by their
nuuibt re, instead of IbOlr names.
The former chief of the Sirong Arm
Squad, was well aware thai the gunmen
were coming to Join lllm in the death
houae, and he was looking OUI tnrougii
the bars of his cell when they were I
brought In, led to the upper tier and,
one by one. locked in their cells. He
gave) no sign and spoke no word and
the gunmeu made no effort to 1 all him
when they loarned where he was It..
eg tag,
J " Circulation Books Open to All."
'"Mf. fltSfc1fcatli!rMa NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27,
Utl I ffU lMd
Lustig, Free at Last, Heard
Seventeen Go to Their
A thin, nervous. white-faced man
walked out of .Indue Mulqueen's Tourt
In the Criminal Courts Building to-day
and In a voice thnt trembled with emo
egalrf. ,
Me Is Maurice M Lustlg. who on
May v., 111, was convicted In ihe same
court room, before .fudge Voatcr, of
killing 1 in wife Rhode with polm'Ni. Kor
more than a two years Luelg m an In
nute of a cell in the death houae at
sing Hint, the same cm n which
"lMrles Be Ker. former lieutenant of
poller. neW await the time, he la to
march through tue little green door to
the death chair
The Court of Appeals on June 29 last I
reversed the conviction of Lustlg on a
technicality and now, more than three
years after the death of his wife, owing '
to the law's delays, Dlsttlct Attorney j
N hitman admit that It will be im- I
possible again to convict Luatlg because '
of the disappearance or his material wit-
neaata against the accused. 1
In making his recommendation that
Luetic be fie.-. Assistant District At
torney Nott. who nad cnarge of the case
de lar"J that the State would be unable
vt Jensen, a drug clerk, swore at the
trial that I.ustig hsd abstracted strych
nine tablets from Livingston's store,
and It was strychnine, the State held,
that killed Mrs. Ulgtlf,
I.ustig was sent ho the death house in
Sing sing on June X, Ittt, and remained
there for two years and one month.
Said I.ustig to-day:
"Daring those years I dig sot
see eae ray of sunshine, nor the
stars sad the moon. All the light
we had wee a little eleotrlo light,
whleh grew dimmer each morning
when the aatra current was Beaded
la the eleotrlo onair to kill some
victim of the stats.
While I waa la the death house,
I heard seventeen march by to
the Uttle door that leads to the
ohalr. We eld not aae them, for
the guards mercifully place a Uttle
screen before our doors whsn they
are to lead a man to death. The
night before each man died ws
held a 'living wake.' There were
songs sad prsysrs for the dying
men and each of the prlsoaere
ussd to read aloud a chapter from
the bible. Wa could not see each
other, but wa could haar each
other's voices
"And all the time I ntver knew iow
oon my tints WO lM come to go
through the sgrns little door, to my
death I islleved my sentence nouhl be
set aside by the higher eouit. bill I
did not know. It Wit I living de.u h fol
two years nothing mors nor less."
Luatig's counsel. Benjamin lleuaa and
AlexoQiSojr- A. Msyaer, who wets a-.
slvned to defend htm by Judge Postori
will look out for Lustlg'l future. They
will secure him a position.
"1 don't know what 1 will do," l.ue
tig told an Kvonlug World repot tar,
"tor ail ambition ha.- In en taken out
ui wi ui amui ca.. it uce.
Bride-to-Be and Judge Gary
Corralled in City Hall Office
by Curious Crowd.
Ceremony will be Feature of
Housewarming in Steel Mag
nate's New Home.
City Hall ateps swarmed with curi
ous citizens this afternoon waiting to
catch a glimpse of Senor Domenlco de
f'.n ma, Brailllan Ambassador to she
1'nlted States, and hla prospective
bride. Mrs. Elisabeth Bell Hearn, widow
of thur H. Hearn, Who was the son
of George A. Hearn, founder of the
Hearn stores. The Ambassador and
Mrs. Hearn took out a license to-oTay
and will be married at 7 o'clock this
evening by Mayor Geyuor In the new
mansion of Judgo Elbert H. Gary, No.
8S6 Fifth avenue. After the civil cere
mony, as required In Brasll, there will
be a religious ceremony performed by
the Rev. Dr. Percy fltlckney Grant.
The bride-to-be left her apartments
la the riusa Hotel at I. SO o'clock, ac
companied by her son Arthur, Senor
daGama and Judge Gary. They came
by limousine, hut the word of their
Coming had spread and Interest was
high, both because of the prominence
of the couple and the secrecy which
the endeavored to maintain regarding
t"e marriage. None of the principals
would even admit the poealblllty of
NU,n marriage up to the very moment
of taking out the license.
v,ra -Hearn, who Is forty-two years
old. but might well pass for thirty,
tripped up the steps of the City Hall
on the arm of her tall son. Hhe was
"''"' attired In a dark, close flttlns
I t llor-miul. suit, and wore little Datent
leather shoes with big rhlneelone
buckles which twinkled as she burned
along. The big black ostrich plume in
her hat nodded ait every step. After
her came the Brazilian Ambaaeador,
looking very dlsMngulslieu: and satur
nine In his South American style, tall
silk hat with cutaway coat V aided in
the fashion of diplomats Judge Gary
accompanied him. The party went at
once to the private office of City Clerk
Scully and there the lloense aae made
The Ambassador gave his age as nfty
and hla residence. Washington, D. 0,
The ordinary routine of waiting In line
had been swept away and it took only
a few minutes to obtain the necessary
papers But the distinguished couple
bad been warned of the waiting crowd
among whom were many photographers
and they refused to leave the omee. For
half an hour they waited while the
crowd. Its curiosity unsatisfied, grew.
Once or twice young Mr. Hearn recon
noitred and returned, while Mrs. Hearn
alternately fumed and smiled, but wa
determined In her refusal to pose for
photographs. The diplomat stroked his
gray mustache, smoothed back hla brist
ling crop of iron gray hair, permitted his
black eyes to flicker amusedly a moment
and relapsed Into the olive skinned Im
passive ambassador.
Afterward when Mrs Hearn and her
son escaped through the crowd, sr
holding her veil lightly drawn said ker
son guarding her face With a heavy
black muff, the Senor da Gama smiled
again and allowed himself to be snapped
In the clerk'h office. Judge Gary had
preceded the bride-to-be and gave to
the reporters the tlrst official affirma
tion of the report that the marriage
waa to take place in hla new mansion.
Many notables have been Invited and
the marriage, which takes on the tona
of an international affair, will be pre
ceded by a leceptlon and housewarm
Ma;, or Gaynor had be- h
an I aOKt-l If h. were going to perform
the ceremony, but he maintained1 a
Sphinx-lias front.
What Is that.'' asked Ills. Ilorur.
"You wantsJ. 10 knos. gbitit the piers
In the Xorth Rivoi "'
Ami no amount of QUOationtnf ould
make him admit he was to perform
uersmony. Hi discussed wind current!
ut, I delivered well known (it vnorlsma,
onjoylng the mystery.
Manor Domonl o da Gams and Mrs.
Hearn. v. ho all. 10- know n as Sti.ora
Klixabeth Bell da Gun. a. sic going to I
italda in Washington, U. U
Widow Who Will Wed at Gary Housewarming ;
Brazilian Envoy She Will Marry and Her Son.
Refugees Tell of Awful Condi-!
tions in Besieged Cit y. Where
Many Are Dying.
MT VTA PI TA PASHA. Turkev, Nov.
27. Fire, famine, flood and anarchv
afflict the besieged Turkish fortress Of
Adrlanople, uecurd.na- to reports brought
hero by fugitives ftuni that city. Those
refugees who have manngsd to escape
through the lines of invehtment, which
are being gfgWh closer e cry day
around the Turkish stronghold, declare
mat many buddings In the vicinity of
the Selliu Mosque aie on tire iither
districts of the city are deeply Inun
dated with the waters of thi rivers
Marlta, TUgfO and Aid., which havt
overflowed th'-.r oanks
The civilian population ll decjaied to
be short of fO"d, and among some
classes a state approaching inarohy
sokia. Nov. IT. Thai Adrlanople is I
burning s reported hai loday. i
There has been ftgeitlni nbotll the city
even since peace nogotiatlons began.
A lew noncombatants who aaoapod
from Adrianople and threw themseivei
On the besieger' mer ) deaurlbod con-
I ditlons in tha It lo-das ... i ghtful
a'.most bgyond belief
Tha soldiers, the) a d. hava .- I
prsctl ally all th" food ..-i 1 .1, them
selves been reduce l '" 1 ; o- uSIoleni
for only une small mil u dai Tht
civilian population . luWl Starving 10
death, blgaaos hi rasnpaul and. frwn
Igeh of me. 1. ai ntionllon, tnusi of tie.
larloualy wounded die.
SOFIA. Bulgaria, x.. .; s u
thOUOgnd Hulgailan rOOl 1'- Ol 'be lit
iCoaLnusd uu it uuilh Page.)
i t - m wrm m a ami jvl a
'- ) m LanVVlLW
ae."- 1 BaaallBanV
a nw
Scenes of Bloodshed Recalled
by Presence of State Police
Behind SteeV Barrier.
PlTTSHriKlll, Nov. 0 -The b:g
Jlomestiid mills of the Oaniegta ItOOl
company, the scene In Ifgfl of the shoot-
iuk down of strikers by armed private
dttsotlvsg and deputies, wore mtain trans-
erred Into armed camps t..-day.
Instead of tHe big WOodan gtOOkadoa
that surrounded them In th" last great
ink., th.,.- to-day aim. .ft cumnletelv
: Btirfoun lenl by long trains of steel hop-
,,er coal . .irs an insurmountable barrl-
cade behind whloh the oompany'a prWats
watchmen and detalli of lha stats on-
I (tabular) an posted
I Similar con llti'fis prev ail at the Kdgnr
Thompson plant at Brvldo k Both
i great piints are now owned by the s! , I
trust bO SS trainmen are on strike to
' f,,r -e the ctitllDallV to INI V the same pals
f,.r wi.ra tint in oald by the railroads
I tfl and about this city. : HnougS for the dances."
i Tin- Situation Is serious. If the men' 'fOI other entet lac merit, ' 0001 tin UOd
'stay out it va in be Imposslbis to movolafr Oldmlgon lmprssgl vsly, a tas jurori
ars unless strikebreakers oan ob jsdgsd forward on thotr sbaira, "faV otaef
Itslnad. and this will tie up the ml'ls I . ,,t. t taituneiit. InOtUdUtg "
; If strikebreakers CO me to work It s
' likely the mill workers will quit in aym.
pathy with the 1 rain men.
The ootnpany. in an effort to settle ha
11.. 1 lo, uhnouii. e.i to-da.v t.iat the wag
,1 roes, its isimled would Us granted,
mi dsoiarsd thai lha four olBoora of
1 ia trainmen's union, responsible for
thu strike, otlld no' ban- their old jobs.
An attempt lo break the strike by
haviti. tNllieruiaasrs n. tuo p ant operate
in.- trains failed, as (hey Mat y refused,
Toilowing an ekohutlvs moeling held In
Pennsylvania Hall In Braddook. the
strikers declared this afternoon thai they
would not recods Troin the position taken
their statement earlier In tha day.
" Circulation Book Open to
. 4.i.i.i.i-..J- . . . i
Mrs. Thompson Gives Items of
"Big Night" Paid for by
Stopped Checks.
Mrs Nancy Thompson of No. ieS West
Klfty-tlrst street, by her counsel, John
oldmlxon. brought her bill or par-
tloulnrs Into the Third Dlstrlot Munici
pal Court to-day. Said bill of particu
lars had been requested by Aaron II.
Strauss of No. H I'arroll street, Brook
lyn, president of the New Jersey Cen
tral 'levelopment Company, and Myn
dert A. Vosburgh of the Hotel Bristol,
counsel for the same company, both of
shorn were defendaula In a suit brought
by the young and beautirul Mrs. Thomp
son, a grass widow, to recover IIS.
Mrs. Thompson sued for t3C slss paid
for a supper for Strauss, Vosburgh,
herwlf end a woman friend at the
Hewux Arts Cafe on Oct. 38. and for
1150 for "music, songs, dances, recita
tions, cigarettes, drinks amd entertain
mnt" furnlsh.sl at her .home previous
to the supper She said Strauss gave
her two ohecks. one for HM and one for
m. and stopped payment on them be
fore she could get to the Motitauk Bank
In Brooklyn, although she was tlssre
the next morning almost as soon as the
The defendants didn't .HupiHe tlo tiki
l-ilebtilnese. but they repudiated the
IM obligation. They wanted to know
what they a?ot for the money, being un-
i tilde to re aii anything about the party
lM MrH Thompson's Mat Their motion
(of a bill of particulars was made two
weeks ago and the bill sis. flsTtUgawd
v hen the j-use was called to-dsv.
A lury had been sele tel and Justice
Noonan was ready lo proceed. Lawyer
Oldmiton gOI UP and starte. I to read his
I bill of particulars.
' I'or drink-, and cigarette., " me read.
"For SOngS, Inotuding 'Oh. You Beautl-
f'1' Doll.' 'Mandy.' Ultehy Koo. Hltohy
Koo.' Tva rooting for If on"
"That will do for the songs-t hat's
I sultloieiit.'' reniark.sl the Coiir , holding
up a warning hand,
"Foi dances, Mr. Oldmlxon read. "ln
'eluding tha Turkey Ollde. the Uobbb.
I Wiggle, the Ch.eketl Walk -"
"Sultlcletit," IntarpOSSd the Coutt,
'Say." miarrujPtoa ju.ti ,. Noonaa.
aiio brought this .aae Inio thla OOUMl
This Is no i.lace for this sort of a suit
it should be settled outside. I won't
.. .. ,. .1... , .. 1,1. u
1 a. in e.
... .1.1- .0.,.. ,- "
I Whereupon
and V. is. urn 1
.aw er Kokcii fo: Stinuss
handed Hr. MSnelgon u '
T IS J'lt v .Mis ills, ha g.-.! 1
was otosad, and the . I
beck for BH
: and tt.e ease
. bill of pgrUoulgra was return
I t., Mi
Thompsoni alio opened a bag, took ..ut
a purse, elossd lha bag, opened the
purse, put Ihl lull "f particulars in
the purse, 1 losed the purse, opened the
bag. plax-d thu purse 111 t ie bag, closed
mo bag and want on tiv way.
A LOSS OF $3,000,000
Goes Back on the
His Sanity and Swears Jerome
Told Him to "Appear
"I Was 111 and
Failures," He Declares in Ex
plaining Plea of Guilty.
ssssssssssaeai a- MSBaassssssssssssaessaeaassssssssBI
After both sides had rested to-day in the trial at fanner Oty Cham
berlain Charles H. Hyde before Justice Goff Id the Extraordinary Term
of the Supreme Court on a charge of bribery in flOfJMabfJ with a kon
of $ 1 3o,ooo by the Northern Bank to the Carnegie Trust Company, the
defense called Supreme Court Justice Seabury to (he stand to rebut a
Mate-merit of Joseph G. Robin, whereupon Justice Seatniry took exception
to the action of Hyde's lawyers in calling him to the stand and refused
to testify.
Robin had said tihst when he pleaded
guilty to Justice Heabury of bana
wrecking he had stated to the Justice
lie reany did not .-onsider himself
guilty. Hyde's lawyers expressed great
surprise at thts statement and called
Justice Seabury to question him about
It. Itohln swore titiat he made his de
nial of guilt to Justice Seabury tin the
Justice's lunrae.
When Justice Seabury took the stand
his attitude was that of a man sorely
provoked. He could scarcely control his
voles' when he turned to Justice Uoff
ami said that he thought It an affront
to the dignity of the bench to be asked
such a question. Thereupon he refused
to answer and Juatlre lotr sustained
The calling of Justice Seabury followed
Magnates Hind Philadelphia
President Guilty of Saying
the Game is Crooked.
T e Sat.onal l.eagu.. 111.1 e ti 1 1 . in
IQSsiOM at the Waldorf-vAatorla ttils af
tsrnon. found BJoraoi Pogel, PraaMonl
of the Philadelphia Katlonal League
OlUb, k ill 1 1 . on live of the aclen . harge-
preterred against him by Preoidonl
Thomas J Lynch Pogol wa- trlofl r...
making ggoaaationi that last season's
race for th. pennant had be. n fixes' for
the Hiants to win. T 1" v .nil was
reached shortlv after I I' VI afler
sounsol for hath sides had lummad up
at great length.
President I. n.
the magnates w
the charges, i.ut
1 was not it SOOn) rt hlb
ere taking a Note Ol
gg soon as be W.IS It)
-tslott ,,r the m ignates
formed of the .b
' OS said
I lie tie. hum .as i.- 1 .' -
in ef.-o. as in. ia. .,..,,. -
rinding b) tne msgiiaies
The two ohergsa ggainal Pogei aklr
wen drooned wars Iks Bral und second.
Involving t ie b iter lo Lynch an I IBS
telegram lo Hermann. Those charges
sera not pressed ol Iks ground that
Ihev wen- pilvlleged communications
and therefore logltlingta
T.ie decision means that Wlgel "III
ie barred from organised baseball sea
from all baseball grounds over which
lbs National Cencn.lvu '.as couUol.
Stand to Prove
Nervous eAfter the
an attaok by the Make onas tha -iiki
which bad been sworn to bv aha aWa
fondant. Mrs. Hyde and their an. as
the morning session Robin bad been re-
oaneo 10 dlicredtt the alienists who
yesterday declared htm Insane. Ha (as
sisted that he was in his right mind.
tbls after
The la wrote will
sane ap Friday, and the Jejry wUl
be looked ap eves- TbaakaglTlag.
W'hen Robin went on the stand St
waa uueetlonad as to hla
and thai failures of the Northern
and the other financial Institutions la
which he was Involved. Then he said
he bad since conducted Ms own proceed.
.i.- in bankruptcy. This, the
contended, aboasad he was a sane 1
WAS WORTH e3.000.000 AT TIM
9. (By Mr. Jdoeaj What were yam
worth ut tha Utile of the failure? A. I
waa personally worth 3,UU0,000. 1 last
most of it In the failures.
W What was the condition of your
Physical hsaith'.' A. I wu aeriously 1U
with bladder atones, which foroed me
lo us., drugs.
There was objection on the part of the
lefenss to that line of testimony.
' I wish to show. ' aald Mr. Moss, "that
tali man was suffering under a very
great mental stress, but tnat hs was
not insane. A uian who had iost 13,000,001
and who was aeriously ill might appear
irrational, but he was nit craiy. Wa
will allow the defense the greateet lati
tude In cross-exam. ulng Mr. Itoola as
to bis sanity,"
Justice (loft permitted the questioning
10 continue.
W (Hy Mr. Moss 1-Do you remember all
toe examinations to which you were sub
jected by the alienists shortly after DM
time of jour arrest: A. I am not clear
as to all of them, for several tlinee I
was under the laSUOgOO of drugs.
U What was your condition at thai
time ' A. I was nervi.as, n. terlcal and
a physical Wreok, with a deep oon
scloUOnsSg of to.- injustice that had buen
done me b m Munition, and th"
llilngs, together Wish the drugs I had
men given, hsd creeled a condlllaa of
mind whl.h was not true.
I Are you (ua Una yoiirsalf against
threats thai the Morgan 'crowd4 wui
kill you by stectru Ity '.' A. I siu not.
.' line v ,11 ..." Worn ruober-boots
as m Insulation against sunk threats it
' : Lath ay wireless slsotrlattpt .V. I wore
, rub "I' leels on by boots, bill If that It
.1 of insanity than .., thousands
.,r peuph gko are Just eg irtsa-ie as I am.
K 1. it. In a ramfcUag, almost In
coherent lusnnsr added: "I gig
wsar lubber ahuea whsn tbs enow
wna driven Into my cell In tke
y. Have you over believed that per--one
were following you, trying to 001
aou you or trying to kill yeuT A. -No,
-asi. ...

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