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a- v c n i 11 W o I i a L a 1 i y M
a 1 n e
W cctne g d a y , itovc mb c r 2 3?, 1912
Dally Kxci pt MMur by the r PuMIMMof Company.
" l'ark Row, Sew York.
RALPH rri.rry.nn. President, fl far How.
.!. ANflTJH MllAW. Treasurer. M Turk How,
lOfflOPH PuLlTZKH, Jr., Secretary! H Pari It w,
No", II Kl
'f u-trmiiuULTuiri-rLI QJLO.ro-i.r n ririi-in rirwi"r - -,-,-n- nn.nj-. nr -in r I WJWSWn ja,.
Why Not?
Conrngli;. IDtz
T The I'm PMMHal fit.
rTbf Nes Tork K.enlnl Waft!).
. J X. U li ". J I s J i tV I J Lets W
By Maurice Ketten
pvVVI 'IDC mr. r.,tniT, nnriiF. IT-Vyr.
Entered at thp Pnst-nf flee flt Now York
tlon Rat! :o Tli" l-.vpnliix
World for the United Htatcs
end I'anada.
ear 1.1 :,i
8arond-C1ass Matter.
For KriKlnml and the I'nntlnent and
aii Countries in tin Intsraatlonal i
I'oetal 1'ntnn.
One Tear Ifl 7S
'lie Month
YOLUMK R3 NO, 18,74
HE RKLKilOl'S '. , f runtime Hc natural rejoicingi of
colon t. i- iii n it range land, tin' vlctoriei of war, stjito righla
the authority of national government! t lm force of habit nnl
pie, private initiative mid com n Rcnac each and nil may claim
tehave had a band in making Thankagiving irhal it if to-day a fes
tival obeervnl tliroiipliriiil the nation,
The fir-1 ThanksgHring eke a day tel apart by Got, Bradford of
the Plymoutli Colony in 10tl, after the Pilgrime' Ural barrel t, ai i
dagof praise and jrratitudn for the bleeelngl of beaven ilunnc; tlint firt
Iqteg year in the new country. Two venr- later, in 16S8, a day of
twttng and prayer in the mirM of a davaatating drangrrl wax nddenly
into thankpivinf Of tho Opining of rain daring prayer.
oocnrrcnii' e-iren;;tiipwi me inanaegiving infimn. ami u mv
U the Pf tatilifhod ciif torn to eelehrnte it day of tbankagfting enoh
year after the harvest.
The Masfnchiiffttf Bay Colony appointed Tlinnkfirivind for the
flwt time in 1080, and frequently in 1h- yean following until 1660,
fcan H became a rpjrttlar annual festival. Oormeoticnt followed with
Hi flntt observance in 1 and made the celebration annual after
1647, exeqrt in the year 1075. The Dutch in New Netherlands (New
York) fell into line and appointed n day for giving thanke in 1644)
ing the Button on various OCCaattlM thereafter.
Durinp the Revolution the Continental Conpresa appointed one
more thanksgiving daya every yenr, with the exception of 1777,
oh tkmc formally recommending to the executive! of the vurioua
the olrservnnce of these flays m their respective Mates. I'resi
dealt WathiTi"lon ajipointed a dny of thanksgiving to fall on Thursday,
HwT. 86, 17K!, an.! another in 79.r. IVwident Madion, in response
I Itaohitions of OongTOaa, act apart a day for thanksgiving at the
aieaa of the War of 1813.
After 117 the Ciovernor of the State, frf New York annually op
nofnted a Thmnkagiving Day. Several of Hie Southern RUt.ei op-
... a a aatM MM V
the institution as a relic of IttTitan bigotry, mi i y io.ri i nank-
pmlaniatioiif were iasued by the Oovernors of twenty-five
and two territories.
In 1864 President Lincoln appointed the fourth Thursday in Nu
ll Tbanksffiving Day. and Preaidanta and (Jovernors since
have followed his example. The auggeatkm for the change is
aadd to have c-ome from Mrs. Sarah JoMphl Hale, then editor of a
Vfdaly known Philadelphia magazine, Qoittft Lady Hook. In nny
ana it was President Lincoln who fixed the present date of the
NO Room
inside Tne
HANCt it '
tin 0mvMlHm'4 06w-r4.ooo,ooooooooo
VliV L I J Srl ' 'r'l 'F-i' - People would
-I aJ.aia JaLoJJlUrl NSiS
t,-- J) ( fokasea lm
U-w-jU LtlM
rliV, m Af A Til
WHY NOT : 3 SiBSlaW1'
TT 7" 1 i I I I I i I l i 'T I i I J i i ill ii
No. 27.
Sew Hampshire.
No Motto.
C'.. ri it. Ittl
pm PubUfhii
...-e ,
OF 5
5 BiJ'
rrn the earliest Thanlpiving the wild turkey, prized food of
flap ortonists, hecame hy right the honorahle and august saerifiee or
Jkf day. His more domesticated descendants have inherited his
prttflegee. Benjamin Franklin even proposed to make him the n,v
bird in place of the eagle, whose harms the great aimanaoa
denounced as predatory, voracious and unworthy of his natue
And in epite of the later judgment of finv. Tod of Ohio, that
turkey is an unhandy hird too much for one man to eat and
St enough for two" fhe lucky fowl still holds as securely as ever the
proud and exclusive right to lay his neck upon the altar of Thank"
r Now comes the time ol year when New York cm bou) wait
f a bi Stite It is: A toot of snow with slfiRhlnt? at one einl aiul near
d lodtan Summer at the otherl
A PLEASANT STOKY of youthful atnliition and push comes
from Springfield, N. J, Some months ago a sixteen year
old boy was forced to leave school and go to work. Ho felt
keenly the loe of hw chance for education until sonic one told him
lbs boys hi hie fix could go to night school. He at once made tracks
for the Board of Education only to he Informed that no night school
oould be ooened in those parts without a demand for the same.
Whereupon the boy departed, determined to raisv that 'demand.''
Some days later he appeared before the School Commissioner with a la lot or thott Utoraturo, They rurnlata
f . , , ii coiieifo nadtiataa in iiutnihth- aelanci
UStof fifteen other boys eager to ihkc aovuniagc m t.enniK rawuutu. una thoy moot thi bMt rlri
ftfcarleasure to record that the Board of BklUcatiou rose to the 00- la bond from amptoj s. They
1 . i . I li .... ,i,.,a ihii irnll.l Inaldttf
. voted unanimously to honor the demand, and in fact this week ipl.e'rs u't loneKe muauutea in c
the dooTsiof a new night school to the sixteen.
The Dicture of Abraham Lincoln as a boy, poring over an old
letic hv the light of an open fire in a log eahin after n hard
darWwork splitting rails, has long been one of the inspiring traditions
Of Isnerican youth. The story Changes, mu is me spirit w very
'"uunriiii.tiH.i'iMi iniiiii.iiii'iii .1111111111111111111111111,111111111111111111.11111111101111
I i I ' I I I i I I i iT i 1 t I iii ill iii
- -rF - ' .1.1.. i.i on.
j . J. Jt.jjffff Dl.' S S s S PI7 X S S , S S S S S S . IU
ft till I i i i I I 'Ail' .U I
Tmnnmmm mMnmM wn..mi'Miiiini"i,iiiHiiiiMiinlT'inmimiitiinimM,'mmm
fRMJ. Five Dollar v
Deposit we-loaned
APlCTOR.6 rodAWEerrx
IT GACK Wt ewe Vbu
another, one? Just
Litre A ClftcULATlMr
HAve Sandwich -men
CAftftV it n foE STUeeTS
cje eVektbooy a chancc
To See it -Why not
. I I I'M
T!i tVaw PaMjaWai 0. 'The N- Vorli r.renliie Wrrld).
MvIOHT the American nag
from that hill or Molly Stark'a a
w ldo IM
A irrlm, old New Hampshire man,
rugyod, fiery tempered, fearless, yelled thle to"
n throng of New Hampshire militiamen a
nigged and as fearless as himself. And Ue
hill at which ho pointed was occupied by a
force of British and Hessian veterans, nMh
their Indian and Canadian allies.
To attack It with a band of Yankee farm
ers, most of wham were raw recrultB, seemed an act of madness. But the
stanvh old leader, John Stark, knew his men, and they knew htm. There
fore, the New Hampshire mllltla attacked. And the battle of BennlntB
was won.
Thu Incident whowe In a measure the character of the tolk whose own na
tures, M much an the rock-ilhbed hills of thrlr homeland, must have Inspire-!
the nickname of "the Oranlte State." They were like the hnrdy Maesachuaatia
men, of whose oolony theirs lia-1 formerly heen a part. They throve on ohstadaa
and hard knocks. They were the ancestors of such New Hampshire ItaMSM
Webster, Pierce. Cass nnd Orecley. And men from that State fougtfit n
battleground of the Itevolutlon.
John Mason, In l:c, secured a (rrant of all the territory between the Marrt
mac and Salem Rivers, where he started a colony umlter ehe fanciful nam (
"Mariana " The name did not slick, n'r waa !t Mead In
the several later grants that Mason and others acquired.
In NC9 the whole region was named New Hampatlhaj,
In honor of Hampshire, Kngland. David Thomson, tn MS,
formed Hie first real settlement there. It waa at little
Harbor 'now In Mie town of Rye). The four original towns that made tap New
Hampshire were vernod en ' Independent democracies" for soma ywara.
New Hanm.hlre became part of Massachusetts. It afterward broke away
Massachusetts only to combine with It again, until finally It u declared a
separate royal province, and this It remained until the Itevolutlon.
When the Hush came with Kngland there were probably fewer "Tortee" to
New HanrpXhlre than In any other ot the t""Mteen color.ies. There waa an al
most unanimous cry for liberty, and the trn, who had studied warfare In
countless Indian battles and In England's Canadian WWT
with France, ruahed' eagerly to the front.
From the moment our nation first stood on Its own
feet New Hampshire pressed forward In the race thr
achievement. In commerce, manufacture, agriculture, it
was tlreleaa.
And as American! eradnally learned the art of resting they turned tn then'
i sands to New llainps, lire's lakes and mountains. A line of lofty mountains), Car
I example, known as the "Presidential Range," were snow-capped for algM
j months of the year, thus earning the name of "the White Mountains." And
these became one of the nation's "sights."
In the civil war the New Hampshire troopa cave aplendM account of tfhaen
1 selves, M,M of them marching to the nation's defense; and In tta number of fa
mous statesmen, he., the Oranlte State has proved scarce second to Maasaohu
! aetta and Virginia.
The Province of
The Race for
The Day's Good Stories j
tit of ataapleaanaea evnd 1 nad the p roe
pec tua of the Imperial Select Domestic
Intclllgenre lCxehanite. It waa like a
new i.iorlil M im . Iteallv. It WAS in
teresting rea.llnK, for I am so tired Of
the Perfect Ladlee1 Magazine with Its
dreary storlts of "Why 1 belt My llu.t
band' and 'Why My Wife and I Were
Not Soul Mates' end nuch truck."
"I don't blame, you!" said Mrs. Jan-.
Oopjll.ht. llili. ty The 1 -i - ' I' ib'l Ci.ug Co.
(11)0 tw lork f,r-ui(ik' Hurl.ll.
ftTUL havo to try the luferlal
t Doeneatto Intalllesnri
Ucliangn next," said Mrs.
itaiiKie. "it is Berol-phManthxoplea un i
has beeh endowed by the Sltlnimr l-'und
for Technical limuhy liilo Social uiiJ
Domestic Botence."
VI never heard of It," said Mrs. Jurr.
"Where did you learn all this?"
'If r, ltangiu's Aral furnished them
their i ani Index system Meg," replied
Mra. Itangte, "and he lu-ougut hum
"In ever"t!iinK Rive thinks "
Letters From the People!
ami they exaot tin- ii"". retersncee sad
have ;l
that em
ployers of i oiiene graottates in aooieaiio
science and allmentiuy livwlene sliau
have test rooms and tliat their super
vision be simply from a dietary as
pect" Mrs. Jarr Rave her friend a scnrchlim
"Why. Mary Ranglc! What foldernl
are you talking? I'm looking for e
hired nil 1. S here did you gel all thle
big-word nonsense In your"-Mrs. .larr
was Kolnir to use one irf Mr. Jarr
alprse Shins and aay "noodle," but she
didn't think this ladylike and so she
added Obtain?"
"Well," said Mrs, RaagtS, "I had a
Mrs. Jarr Sallies Forth Upon
The Quest of the Golden Girl
"Hut I don't quite understand this col- Why. no," said Mra Itangle. "the
lege business and domestlo ecJence Spug Is the new aoclety for working
thing." girls, the Society for the Prevention of
"You've heard of the Spug, haven't I'seleM Olfts. Working gills who Join
you?" asked Mrs. Rangle. it are pledged not to give gold watches
"Is It one of those strange animals and diamond rings to frtejids apd rela
ltoosevelt shot In Africa?' Mrs. Jarr re- UveS during the holidays. Society people
plied. are greatly tn teres ted In It."
The two ladles, still on the servant Mis. Jarr only sighed and regarded s
hunt, were on their way In a stro't car. 1 lady with a set of blue fox furs on the
i seat opposite he". When one's home Is
I servantleas one takes very little Interest
In anything. Mrs. Jarr even regarded the
due fox set with a jaded air.
In due time they arrived at the head
quarters of the Imperial flelect Domestic
Intelligence Exchange. It was In a side
street off Fifth avenue. The lower story
of an old house had been remodeled at
vast expense Into tea, rest rooms and
gymnasium for members of the Domes
tic Science Guild.
A Dietary Kitchen with tiled floora and
walla and with shiny electric, cooking
apparatus occupied the second floor. A
demonstrator was lecturing on "Calories
s They Pertain To Protein," when Mrs
Jarr and Mrs. Hnngle enterod.
The lecturer was arrayed In a costume
that was a mixture of that of a trained
nurse and a deaconess. However, u
homelike smell of burned meat pervaded
AaWSaffjh . .TStr
rar mm
Mutual Deficiency.
OB IIBI'FEHT. the wrond-lisnd book dtsler.
Kent o'lt to Inwskenu liliuridiy noon. SBf
v., en b get srattd : tlm 'alls SB the
rot.ii.rant lis found tlut lis !.j 1 Is't ! (luwei
at ths store. Ho lit couldn't rrad hi nswi
paper. And then wlwn tlis wilier broustit tlis
bill of firs Jos couldn't rsd 1bit. -ither. S.i
lis squinted st It mlnuts sad thai bsniled it
bsk to the wsitsr.
"Here," lit mkI, "feaH tisvt to rtsd '.bis
to rat." f
Tlis wtlter trinnsd jmpsthetlctilr. nd thook
bit head.
SotTT. xim." he whispered. "Bit I llo'
ot no ai'Kitbun. nsltnerr ejlsttltna ruin
A Happy Analysis.
T iarr)TU a nefm wofman who bad been ajni
ljlorea a: houerworlc by Sewly inarrlejil
conplt? waa trlling how th young wff
'Y'Vm." alte tali "fse Wa 'pram to a:.-'j''
dat nan.'
'JMllyttt " milltfl thf woman who rut
hewring tb ttory. "You mejan 'tdolizf,' d ymi
'I mean aba im Ittl 'im to def," wa tlio re
KauM City Bt4ti
He Went Away.
aaUl tba polite i-
i M I iii 1 11
M0hl" gtuuted the yro,Nt, not ao
chrf .Uljf.
"If it in not fcNgpggfiag on your valn-blo ttm,
1 glMulfJ like To aho fQQ wn.f' bokt whi-h'"
"I ilon't wan: no boOtM.'
"Pgffjft me. If rOU glance at them 1
"I dont waul nou 1 tell you. iit out or I'll "lait if you hare llred a vfry (pvl Ufa you
lUntm )nii out! I tion't ueed ytr Uamed btioki." do ao by coming down -Washington (iur.
"Yff, you do. Tou need two of limn this i
on giamrua- ami tbia one on ctiUttte. You
not wint them, but"
Then he Mttt rnvray from there U av cm
ment. Clirrland IMain Dcnlfr.
The Ruling Passion.
AVOl'Mi oontrirtor In a Miaaiinri town
found hiuiaelf after the wjr la dire finan
cial atrtita. He owned a few ideoa) of
Iiroperty, all of which were ok t! gaged the tao"
gige in ethrh inatan. c being bald by an old ma.,
who lived with hia one on, Bmcliy, tn a tumnie
down h-it that cotdd not be fenteil to any oe
else. In tho coune if time Uta mlaar fortcOsJOoU.
fakjog over all thy cont-ractor'a icoprrty, wfiia
woo valueil in aivaa of the amouota loaned.
The conti-actor tiegan to pa7 root on ttie nonae
In irMot) he lived.
Tliree mncitlka after, the foredneura rht mwor
Uy dying. An urgent meaaafe reached tho ron
tractor, and lie, ouiiooalng that tbe other, knew
log hie end to be near, wauttd tn make wne
reatitution be rouhl for the good of hU aoul, new
ried doan to the ratrin. Me found the oVd tga
In a rirMy bed, rotwred with a Uttered mrih
and an old overcoat. Tlte contractor bang faJa
tar boiXafully to the other's Kpe. The
a long breath, clutched the guilt In
liaod and whliiered :
"Tar vonr aait mouth'a rent to UriA-ky,
t IMa.r.
The Only Way.
TUK late Wilbur Wright it aafoty above
elae tn aeroplane oonstruction.
Mr. Wright waa one watobing i
critical eye the fliglit of a very awift, vary
arrutdsne, when a little girl said to hlni:
1 i. 'io Wilbur, can you get to heaven in oaa fat
Ui'w,. nmoidne?
Not hy going up." re, died tiie great
The May Manton Fashions
OaefrlfM, toil, bj Hit Pnet Fublleunt Co. (The Nw York Inlri World).
MA Ith Mli , my Daughter! Aotc dofa the geared ana harvnea bavii- the place.
Kl.OH lift up his voice in praise and thanktijtving, crying: "I regret to state that through a mis
take in manipulating the rheostat the
. , " . i , - T Af mv .Kn.Hm.ntu ho. Wnm.
inar mere is .c wifirrj11117, nor giving in wwirrt(ic, in nraicn
efis Kdltor oCRm Bwalai rVortt:
k a marriage 'I N ' " "nary ln ti,,
ttt of New Je.sey? T. N Oi
Ketv VorWs "l.i'-B
SiWi BdHair t Ttw Bteeles 1 .
B tn from the suliurlis and have nut
in New York Mm. so 1 no i'" rudiiuti'
or understand or read ine r' w . l(.,
I set li 'neons tn perfect myself in the
Ni Vi.rli laiiiriial-i-T 1 do not like to
he an iganratnne
aoNvicrao mam.
" I 111- I VII.I. (If KriOCMllou."
To tin- tilltor ot 'Hie Kiriinm W'orll
lOducstlon Is a fetish I am s college
hut 1 rei i.i'.nl'.e the uselessiie .s
at it ny "edueatloa" 1 do not
Terk lanauage very correctly Am prool the regular Ktammar school
that X don't syeak it correctly, the bur- course. Much of this i vitally needful
(flag people I meet do not soem to education that reuses envy In those
agati my meaning when I ask UMUalwItO do not fflSSSIl It! the fetish that
the wav For usually they do not stop makes uneducated parents stint them
te repl. Aa proof that I do not uu- 1 mlves to srnd their children to eoUsss
deielan 1 It, I cannot make out the nurds .ml makes people look up to the highly
gf your "L" and subway guards In an- educated 111. 111. What good dues a col- 1
BOWsCUig stations. In prooi ttiat I uo ( lek'e eiliieulloii do any man who .1, mm ;01
not correctly read Hie New York lan- intend to enti r ona of the lennwd pro
gnAge, I went twice recently to the UnBions? None at all. that I nan see.
On the proKiam eac:i lime I inn. mint not .lull edUOatlon as their
that the curtain would rise at h.15. h itoa What practical good does the
tM theatre It rose at fc.tu mi l at an- I higher education do? None, that I call
at Ui Where, readers. ta see. O. J. H., Jit.
M epigram Is an artlatlc way of aay
aometaliig lout la not so. Kansas
Near Food.
And that I have passed the impressionable and miwhy stage here on
That those BI ssings-in-nisguise, the women who threnc me over, did
it si effectually that I have no incltnntnn whatsoever to try again.
That the u'oman I l.oxed is safely vuirricd to ASOTHKH, and therefore
no danger lurkcth fur me in HMeen nlwe.
That the draw of my Hegrcts is tilled, sodded over and fenced in, and
that when I visit it now I no longer sprinkle it with tKs Tear of Senti
ment, hut withcigar ashes.
That I am still considered MOMOMPTIBLM among maids and matrons,
nnd that ci rn widows continue, to look upon me as a "iossibiliti."
That they have not FOUND MIC OVTI
That I have heen wise and burned all my letters as soon as read.
carbonized," the demonstrator waa aay
in to the assembled students of do
eneatto aclence. "However," she added.
by consulting your charts you will note
the relative values of nutriment."
The students, all of whom wore a cos
tume like the demonstrators and all of
whom wore spectacles, fluttered their
charts. And then the demonstrator an
nounced that the experiments for the
day were at an end.
"If you are luokln for a domestic
scientist you will have to see the dean
of the faculty," aald the demonstrator
as Mrs. Jarr and Mrs. Hangle edged
forward. Next lloor:
The two ladles from Harlem ascended
"What tort of table do you have
When a man sluita hla own ;",,' - at your boarding house?"
he generully pitches the tune too high, "Finest substitute for food In nil
Kansas City 0(M. . 1 New York."
n ntnircnsA and entereal nil Rnte.rnnm at
That I have been self-controlled and have confineil my grandest pn-i-'thc next landing. Here a door was
ioii to the back of a postcard, and my teiiderest sentiments to printed I marked In gold lettera, "Dean of the
Quotations nnd veiled hints. 1 Faculty."
,r. . , .. . , . . , . . . . ., , A pert tfrl n pane uniform as far as
lit in tli, a eel,-, rfl ... et !li , t, t ,. I,,..,e F fttea ii II-.',. tt, ,., t It HJI ,, tt I, mi,, '
H. vrere-eieei . '"v pier upper person was concerned asked
for their cards. Mrs. Jarr handed over
her card, the paire fett Its surface to
see If It was an engraved card (as she
had orders not to prevent any printed I
onesi snd In a few minutes the two la
dies were ushered into the urnce of the
The Dean was an opulent-looking.
florid-faced woman of middle age.
"Are you Interested in domestic ed
ence?" she asked sharply.
"Very much sn," murmured Mrs. Jarr.
"Are you a founder, a benefactor or a
patron?" asked the Dean next.
Mra. Jsrr said she wss none of these.
"Well, I can,do nothing for you, then,"
said the Dean. "But stay. Miss Vera
Blua, Vaasar 'OS. la making a sociological
atudy of middle-class homes Walt and
I'll set If she'll ses youi"
woi'A'cf.n and no friend tlusc ennuah In hnrrnw tnoneii.
Thai, though madns shall bestow upon mr delirious scarfs and bilious
cigars, I shall not HWH to wear the one, neither to smoke the other, as
marrlfd men must do.
That, although I have lost mine idrals and mine illusions, 1 still
retain mu temper, my teeth and mine appetite.
That, although the hairs of my head be numbered, they are still suffi
cient to rover my tmld spot; and, thoujh my forcK-ad daily becomcth more
'intellectual," it is not yet bare.
That 1 have the three essentials for HAPP1XE88: a flexible con
science, a heart encased in barbed wire and emotions preserved in alcohol
That I can still LAVQE at this 8orry Snotc rollrd Life.
Yea, for old wine, neno flirtations, cigars, bachelor flats and grass
indoles friiiilfc Thee,
And, in the name of freedom and contentment, front me, 1 butech
raa aan veav of Life, Liberty and the Purtult of HappiMUl
P 1 W
u if
! 1 ! I ,
Pattern No. 7671 Two-Piec
22 t" 30 Waist.
BRB Is a skirt
that can be
made of otst
material througthout,
as in this instance, or
with the upper por
tion and flounce of
one ami the lowsr
portion of another,
for the flounce la ar
ranged on an fendl
cated line and It la
.tulle easy tn made
the joluitiK of the me
lariats at this point.
Tiie skirt Is an emi
nently graceful one
aa well as iiiite new
and Is adapted to
many materials. With
the flounce, it would
he c mrmliitf of ohar
meuaa satin, crepe de
chine, chiffon, broad
ploMl and the like.
Without the flounce
it 1 roneri a plain
two piece skirt and
can he used for any
seaeonauie f a b rin,
Hllghl trains make ths
1 'lie tills season for
the Indoor costume,
hut this oostunit enn
li" made with or wtrh
o'll a train. When eut
10 the Illicit waist It-.,
11 i.i arranged over
w, bblng: Kieii cut to
tin- natural sralVt Una
II U Joined to a belt.
When th" flounce is
used! t penlna '
made si the left of
the front; when the
flounce is omitted, It
Is ma le at the left
sen in.
1 ' r 1 lie medium else
the -k.'' will require
''1 yard 1 57, l'. yards
:tt or 41 Inches wide
The width of thn
HiglklnB skirt Is 1',
Pntlern o. 7eri
Is cut 111 slses from
J.' to ::o Inehea waist
BtniEAU. Donald Building, 100 Woet Thirty-second street (oppo
alte 1 Umbel Bros.), corner Blxlh avenue and Thirty-second atreet
New Tork, or sent by mall on receipt or ten cents ln coin er
stamps for each ..stte rn ordered.
IMPORTANT Write your address plainly and always
else wanted. A.Jd, two cents (or letter pootACa If ln a hurry.

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