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Only a Few Chartered hiker
Clubs Now Defy Inspector
Successful System for Putting
Down Lid Will Me Taken
to Harlem.
i Commissioner WiMn enne'inred
I dsy that pirhlo gambling In the
1 -nderloln. except s to poker HMM
' natng M chartered .-lube. In which
M IF tereons holding IIMmbSTtMp cards
I e allowed to plsv, bas hrrti pra-tl-'
illy wiped nut. Till IMNRNMM
' 'towed a long session between the
mmlssloncr and Insp. -tor John V
iMvytr of tho Tcnd'Tinin Impaction
HltrtOt, who hsa been carrying on a
I npelgn against k ..unlet Bloat
f the sis places In tho Long Acffl
i tare district, kisiwn by the pollrr to
iva been lined for public gambling.
have been closed and the remaining
-'abllshment la ready to quit. Oatnh-
e houae proprietors of the standing
i ; their business of lam I.udlum. XV ill -1
1 n Coe and "Honest John" Kelly. ,iwn
'''f their own houses, may open up
aslonally to give their employees a
nnee to eani a little money for meels
and lodging, but the game 1 too rlskv
allow of continuous operation, and
.irea of wheelmen, faro dealer, look-
. cashiers, doorkeepers and altend-
la are hanging around the Tenderloin
nera, ahlverlng. despondent and
1 ke.
nwy-er'a system of rontlnuoua plrk
ng of gambling houaea haa killed the
I ne. Rualneaa men, who mnrtn up
gely the cleentele of the big Kilni
ng places, have beer scared away by
10 uniformed men atutloned In front
tha doora warning all agalnat en
rig. and by the poaalhlllty of being
'.led by detectives and summoned
ore a Magistrate to he ejHOallllllOll
ler the bowling law.
ho Doailng I.n. which pennlta tho
. lorlttes to iuesllnit frequenters of
nbtlng houaea and forcea them tu
war haa proved to be a powerful
- ipon In the handa of the police when
iltgently axerclaed. Thua far It haa
been found necessary to question
"I reported by police officers ua gamh
; houae patrona. but there are leany
i nea on file at Headquarters and
ot Magistrate McAdoo can Iniiigntc
in Doe proceedings wlt:i tlie object of
ilng up the Tenderloin reaorls whl'Mi
v police espionage.
'heae placea are the poker roomv The
er room men have club rhartera and
their pla-es aa clubs No on la al
.ved to play who haa not beer. -leased
n by a "committee on membership"
t "house committee." The utmost
la excerrlsed In admitting "aage"
pie and It haa been found Impoaalble
get legal evldenc.
:tectives see chips but
never any money.
' 1 -tectlvee have free accesa to these
r rooms They aee the games and
chlpa exchanged, but they have
i unable to bring to any court satls
ory evidence that the chla were
r-haaed with actual money by the
eteetlvea are now following poker
n "msmbers" from the clubhouacs
nelr homea and getting their names
I addreaaea. Kgtreme care haa been
en to verify the namea. Word has
ie out that the police are doing this
nk. and In consequence the patron
f of the poker roomi haa fallen nfi,
t the proprletora are operating im
' legal advice and will keep open aa
7 as there la enough trade to feed
i kitty."
Vlth the Tenderloin district about
tned up aa to public gambling
isea. the i 'ommtaslnncr la plannlng
i extend the work along the MAM
' is to other aectlona of tile city,
n'lem la on the Mat tor what will
tount to a vacuum treatmeni In
' It la probable tag aystem will be
idled to notorious disorderly houses
The eaplunage and namea and ail
ayatem haa been found of no use
the lower eaat aid. The potfona
the atuss games don't care paitlcu
ly whether their names are taken
the poltoe or not. They are not
aid o fptabllelty or aspoouro 'om-
aloner Waldo la devising amilhi r
n for handling the little atuaa
fair coming out?- If dry, brittle, thin or your scalp
itches and is full of dandruff -Use "Danderine."
vVithiB len minu1e afler an sppln a
on of llsnilenne you eaunot find a
ngle trace of Dandruff or a loOBB Of
lling hair snd your snalp Brill not itch,
it ahst will please von most will lie
'ler a few weeks' use. when on will ac
uity see new hair, fine aul down.', at
it yes hut rciilh new hair -gruw-,
k all over tin- scalp.
little Damlcriiie will immediately
it Me tl.e beauty of your hair. No
fieri n. i how dull, faded. I. little ami
craggy, just moisten a doth with Dan--'ine
and rarefoUj draw ii through
our hair, taking our small strand at a
I -v-a. r i i r-fc-r-
The Jury Disagrees, Equally Denouncing
Evening World Readers in
Turn Declare Flirting it
Harmless, Outrageous,
Amusing and Serious
and Pretty Much Every
thing Else That Is Good,
Bad and Indifferent.
Grandma Says "If I Were
Young I'd Be Flirting
Still" -A Young Mother
Asserts She Would
Rather See Her Chil
dren Dead Than to See
Them Become Flirt
" Flirt Because I'm
Weak Mentally," Writes
"J. Lee."
To dirt or nol to flirt?
Tho rrturtii are all In, yet men unit women are of bo many different
minds aa to the eihlca of flirtation, the small change of affection, that It Is
ImnoBHthto to racord a verdict. Wn
women who are past their first youth flirt with the same subdued discre
tion? Unlike raw young men and girls, mlddle-agod persons are not apt to
let flirtation assume a serious aspect.
"OraaBma'B" latlmatloa that
flirtation ahomld be rtatrlctad to
tha yonng. to whoa It solely ba
loaga, la lUa Baying that aobody
hat tha baby a hall play with tha
aaatehea which, of ooaisa, Is all
right If yon don't oara for tha
In my opinion, tha very young per
son of both aexea to-day has far more
flirtation than la good for her or htm.
It la much safer fur grandma to flirt
than to penult their grandchildren to
Indulge In eo dangerous a pastime. In
fact, a grandma worth her knitting
ought to be able to protect her grand
daughter from undesirable attention
by monopolising them heraelf.
Hut here Is what "A Urundma has
to say. Hhe may be too old for ordi
nary flirtation, but ahe attll flirts with
the niuae, aa follows:
Iet tlhe youthful have their due,
Coquetry and flirting too.
Youth must flirt, ohlde aa you will.
If I were young I'd be fllrtlnc ItilL
On the other hand a young malron of
twenty-eight views flirtation with atern.
unconiprnmlalng eyes. 8ho says.
Hear Madam: Any woman who
haa a grain of respect for heraelf
will not flirt. 1 am twenty-eight
years old and a mother of five beau
tiful ulrls and one boy, and 1 would
much, rather aee them ull dead than
to aee them gruw up and flirt or be
oumii a bad character In any way.
MU8. K. B.
Meantime, two maaculllie readers offer
more or leaa humoroua defenaee of flir
tation. Tho writer of one of ihese let
ters seems to disapprove of flirtation In
the abstract, hut echoes the woman
reader who declared the other day, "I
tllrt because I can't help It." Htlil, It'a
unfair to classify such readers as In
favor of flirts. Ho who flirts tiguluat
his will la of the same opinion still. Ho
If he disapproves of flirtation bis vote
counts against It even If his conduct
falls to record a protest.
Dear Madam: I am an unmarried
man of thirty-four and have been
flirting for twenty years. An honest
ae'f analysis tells BIS that I do It he-
cause I am phyHlcally healthy and
man tally wenk. Wtianevar i am in
the PI sssnns of a normal, buoyant
girl, neither looks nor dreaa count
ing. 1 am tempted to flirt with her.
1 attempt a small, sweet smile. I
lime Ths effect is aniu7ing our hail
will lie light, fluffy and wavy, and liavi
uu appsarancs of abuaiisncsi an lacoai
paraiilc lustre, softnc.s and luxuriance
the baatlty and shimmer of true hail
I, rail I..
(id a i' cent linttle of Knowlton s
Danderine from any drug store or toilet
counter, and prove to yourself to-night -now
that your hair is a- pretty and soft
as any llial it has heen neglected or in
jured by careless treatment -that's all -VOMJ
Mtraly an havg heatitiful hair and
lids of it if you will just try s littls Dsu-derinc.
a-v a, lAT TN B?l I DT f
will havo to agree to let the Jury
disagree To-day "A Urandma" con
tributes a rhymed opinion to thia
final discussion. In which ahe de
clares that flirtation and coquetry
are natural to youth, and adds: "It
I wero young I'd be flirting too!"
Which proves her an unusually sen
sible grandma, since many of hei
contemporaries are still flirting
merrily, despite their years. And,
after all, grandmas are really the
only ones that know how to flirt.
Mke the fifty-year-old actresses who
play the fourteen-year-old Juliet,
they make up In technique what they
lack in illusion. Mrs. Flake Is now
playing a young-girl part In half
lights and a sunbonnet. Why can't
force a Urht and a meaning In my
eyes. Briefly. 1 flirt. Atid oh. what a
tonb- leap Common aense tells me
that I am a peat and should stop.
Hut I'm going to keep It up.
J. I-.EE.
Doir Madam: Take the stovepipe
hat and fro.-k coot off of man. and
e the barbarian standa forth. Take
the frills oft women a.. I likewise.
The main thing la that man and
women really are attracted to each
other through the same methods that
flrat obtained In the Oarden of Bden:
earh is plroatni; to the sight of each,
hence flirtation.
Put me down ss one large and
middle-aged gentleman that haa spent
thlrty-flve years of a forty-five-year
leaae In learning and unlearning.
only to arrive Anally at the atate of
mind which allows every man and
woman barbarian and flirt to do as
he or she pleases. Respectfully,
I.lttle Ho. k. Ark. REST.
A filial word against Die feminine flirt
downtown Is recorded by a young
woman Few peranna will quarrel with
her dcrinltlon and description of this
highly nbertlonahle spocles, Hhe says:
Dear Madam: To my mind the wom
an who flirts with her employer, for
the sake of gain, Is dangerous. 1
was unfortunate enough to get a
woman of this type IB my office. Hhe
wis clever enough to deceive the
man and make him believe she was
working for . his intereat. wiien In
reality she was working or playing
h'.m for heraelf. I waa given all the
hard work while she flirted and read
An experienced woman flirt to my
mind Is In most every raae an empty
headed, sinful, aelflsh person, who
wishes to rule and has no heart.
Bis ThunLsmlaina la aurrd at
tlnuipflon Honda.
Nr;VPKT Vi N'ov. V. Of.
IWr and nifn on ten vewels of tli
rVtktttlc baHl Mp flM r?h, Rh.1
Nlatnl, Virginia. IHln ill, Delaware.
Maho. Ohio. Arkannai. Verimmt and
New lianipshsrH--who ar to ohaerve
ThttnkMjjtlvlnji liiy in Hu npton Hoarta,
will ait down to-morrow to one of tnr
mOa)1 elahoral menus t'n -le frain m
cv't- pfOVldid for Ml ItftlBtH. ThOil
aandn of noun l of turk Iff have iron
ovrr tha '.(t'S of the VaBMflf In prepara
tion for tlw fntm Here in th menu:
ROMM turkey, with I i'anhrry aauce a.n '
green pe;per naiad, nutat log of Inmh
ui.l1 In own io avv. oyMeni. at?iWd and
frleil; lethire mtlad. maple drensliiK:
atewrd 'lomatooa. plolrttl. ollvctt and
c.iow BjloWi pumpkin pie, apple rider,
fit tii nut a nn I rnkf
The 1,001 men who will h Riven aho-e
lltierij after d.fine- will d voje thom
aelea 0 footh.t.l Kamea hetweeu rlv.il
thlpt' erwa tit Kirtrea Monroe. The
hattlenhlp whl remain In Hampton
Koada until DM lij when tli Will pr -paad
t" New York.
Mask Rail for Jnnlor . I'. M.
Bronx DOUngtli No. 106, of the Junior
order of I'nlted American Meehanlcs.
will hold a mask and civic hall next
i Saturday. BVOhlllg at Kbllng'e Casino.
OAS Hundred and I'lrtv-slxth street and
St. Ann's avenue It will be the four
teenth occasion or the kind i he com
mittee In charge are making every ef
fort ra bring It up to a twenty -first cen
I i-y standard The proceeds all! go to
the s. -k bSBSftl fund.
RoosrseK l.lbel Cause Drr. 91.
MAJtQUVTTH, .Mich., Nov. 17. Ths
trial of Dvorge A. Newett of lalipemlng.
charged with crlm.nal llbe on complaint
cf ThSOdprS ROOMvatti will be held In
ths court of Justice Samuel B, Byrne In
tills city lsec. 31 nest. A stipulation de
ferring the trial to that date was en
ured jesterdap.
I'M -. by The Press I'uiill'h.ng CO, (The New York World).
TTbbbV gJ-ajW1-" " 16 U'rvTA ffVTT J
the Dangerous Pastime
t "
News Oddities
The noble red man Is getting civilized.
Supreme Court Justice Blanchard declared Judicially that men arc gay deceivers.
If the Sublime Porte had as many aoldlers as there are turkeys In the New
Tork market the reault might have been different.
cup of coffee."
President -elect Wilson,
giving turkey to-morrow.
In Bermuda,
He can.
At the age of ninety, William Castlebury of Bartlrsvdlle. Okla.,
father. He Is in fan- health but blind.
Ixing Island girl Is back home after having been lured across the continent to
Fresno, Cal.. by an ad In a matrimonial paper. The alleled "capitalist" of th
advertisement turned out to be a club-footed dishwasher In a restaurant.
A Htaten Islander bitten by a aupiiosedly mad dog escaped without a scratch.
He wore two palra of trousers.
Madison, N. J., having failed in a crusade to cover up obje-tlonable theati.cal
posters, now proposes to tax the bill-boards out of existence.
There was no acchrent to any of the special trains carrying visitors to the
Yale-Harvard football game. The New Haven Rnllroad points with pride to this
fact In an advertisement.
Secretary of the Navy Meyer refrained from dentals that
resign for severui days prior to yesterxlay.
There will be more northern than southern Democrats In the House of
resentatlves after March 4. for the flrat time In the history of the nation.
But Combined Hoes Were 333.114
Behind the Vote Taft Got
In i()8.
The popular vote for Prvnhlent at the
recent election, aa complete as it can
lie made to date, shown that the voto
polled was Wilson, U.1M.7IM Roosevelt.
a,K,l0; Tat, J,376,4:i!; Debs. B7S.7JS;
Challn, I'.'.Mi
Bryan's vote In ISOS was f,W3,lg m l
that of Taft T.WT.tTeS. The Democratic
loas In this year's election was SVS.d
votes. Republicans and I'rogresslvea
together polled .VEU4 l.-a than Taft
In 1908.
Wilson's plurality over Roosevelt Is
i.2,M; over Taft :.7ll.;iJH. Roosevelt's
plurality over Taft 661.71 S. The most
retnarkablo thing shown b, the flguri-s
Is that the total falling off In the vote
at the two old parties Is about WKt.Ouo
and that the Hoclallsta incrBBBS ther
vote ao.Ootl with the count upflnlshed
In seen States.
Enjoy Your Thanksgiving
Dinner and Avoid Distress
ing After Effects by Taking
Prevents dyspepsia or indigestion.
Be sure and take home a box to-night.
All .druggists, 25c, 50c, $1.00
Special trial size, 5c
Partola Co., 160 Second Avenue, New York
8th Article II
of a Scries
A Ute aquaw haa sued for divorce.
l,O00,000 couldn't buy Roosevelt his "thlrl
rill have to get along without a Thanks-
has become a
he was aoout to
Girl Who Answered Matrimonial
"Ad" Hound "Capitalist" a
WKSTKRLV, It. t, Nov. 27. Miss
Anna disson answered a matrimonial
advertisement In a Western paper sev
eral months age. and ut ter cut reapo.i l
enco went to Fresno, t'ul., to meet tha
man ahe expt-cted to marry. She hue
since returned and did not admit the
affair had turned out disappointingly
until the following clipping, dated
Fresno, reached friends here:
"Lured to this city from her home
In Westerly, R. I., by an advertlaenicnt
In a matrimonial Journal, Miss Anna
Slsson, an orphan, aged aeventeen, ar
rived In Fresno only to tlnd that Rob
ert J. Moss, who advertised himself
as a capitalist, was a clubfooted dish
washer working In a restaurunt here
"Organisations of this city subscribed
money and the girl was secretly taken
to a railroad station and placed on
the train for Washington. D. C."
TBH Hgj Ut eVT Or
V hMgr Bsaasa "Jser ypi J
(Carries Aed Invalid, Uncon
scious, From Third Floor of
Tenement in Williamsburg.
A tfondred PefSonS Are Routed
in Panic by Patrolman
Off Duty.
Two women and a child wera saved by
a policeman oft duty during a firs that
drove a hundred or more persons to
the atreets from the four-Mory tenement
at Nos. 23S-40 North Fifth street, Will
iamsburg esrly to-lay.
Policeman Stephen Thornton of the
Hedfonl avenue station was on hli" way
home after being relieved for tho night
w hi n he saw smoke In the cellar of
ths building, lie sent In -in nlarm and
ran back to arouse the eighteen fam
ilies. Then are three flre-escapen on the
front of the boUSS, and In a few min
utes all were i :ow led with partly
dressed men, women and children.
Thornton had made a irt-et:.' clean sweep
of the building hefote the smoke began
to nil lv and thought everybody was
out. But soon the shrieking, shouting
women and men quieted down Kiitflclent
ly to dlrcover that Mrs. Camilla Hlass,
seventy-two years old and an Invalid,
who lived alone on the thlrj floor front,
was missing
Thornton hurried up the stairs through
the smoke and found her overcome on
her cot In a rear room. He carried her
down the two flights of stairs to the
street on his back. By this time some
body had missed Mrs. Anna Llggerl,
thirty years old, who lived with her
daughter and husband on the second
floor front.
The policeman went back and found
Mrs. Liggett helpless from smoke, hut
did not see the girl, Anna, Ave years
old. He carried Mrs. I.lggerl down as he
had the elderly woman, and when the
cool air revived her she befran scream
ing for her daughter. Hei husband wits
away from home, she said, but the girl
was In one of the bedrooms.
A third time Thornton Jashel up (ha
stairs. He found little Anna un-on-sclous.
and wrapping. her In a blank-t
started down with her under his arm
By tls time the fire had eaten through
the Hrst floor and attacaed te std'r
way. and he cou' i not get down. He
carried the chill back up and to a Hie
escape, where he laid her until ha could
lower the drop ladder. He then carrle 1
her to the street.
Battalion Chief Mahr and Engine Com
pany No. 112 eontlned the Are to the
lellar and first Hour. It did f ..'" dam
age. The building Is owned hy Frank
Congo, wlio runs a saloon on the ground
lloor How the fire started could nol
he determined. The three persons over
come by smoke were revived without
being taken to the hospital.
CHICAGO, III., Nov. 27. .Mrs. Lillian
Davidson, a widow, and manager ot
tho Woman's Kxchange of Kvannton. i
has planned an aprtmnt house de-
I '.oted exclusively to bachelors and inalds
One wing of tl.e. bulldln;r Is to be re
served for men and the oilier for
roflMBi I" the parlors the guests are
:o be affunled every Inducement ic,
meet socially and give cupld a chan"e
"This charming town la fall of raie
suicide and surplus women," said Mrs
Davidson to-day. "There are five hun
dred woimn more than men In the
first ward, and only one woman In
eight over eighteen Is married. This
is awful"
To Mothers:
You should gire your children
Futhrr Jotit' Medicine uhen then
hot$ o OOUffh or tire run dnirn, be
cause it is a pure and whulcsonie
food medicine which tdU gire them
new strength to fight off the dis
ease. Father John's Medicine is
a safe medicine for children he
cause it contains no alcohol nor
dangerous dftigt,
ls five times as
effective as pure
carbolic acid,
hence five times
more useful.
All aTorrra. lruaal"t aad de
partment atoraa.
10c, 25c, 50c
t V efUow pa. i nr uUM fM 10.
Veil Dkinlectinf C., Nw York
t lie
Doesn't Rfrncmber Him as
Bridegroom, Dr. Hawhry
I itvlares.
Mary Coatsllo Hty, of No 91
II i . uird ave
NrooM in, . i i ubjtct
c a shock 111 lb
Itmukly ii ffliprt me
MUD el for Ifr
"in't to-da . w, icn riniti . I
Francis J. Iliwle.i, whom she is siIiik
for a .epanilion. IBnOtfncBd tn.it h
would proVB that toe plalntirt bad n.icr
, nia. rled tho BBfBBjdant dentist.
I Mr. Ilaivley'a BOUBBBl had offered In
evidence a marflagn MrtMCBtB setting
forth that Mary l oslello ha. I been Joined
In wedlock tu Dr. Ilawley by l'atiier
Limes V. Turner, of the Cathedral ,n
i PhlladBlpMa, on Fi'b. 23. 1104, Tha Ian
yor raprBBentlng nr. Hawlej tiien an
nounokd thai his client hat visited
I Father Turner in Philadelphia rcentlv
and that neither the priest, Ii a hOlIBB'
par, or the altar boV who. With the
Housekeeper, had witnessed the mnr
rla.ee ceremonj, pouM Identify Dr.
Ilawley aa the bridegroom oi that oc
casion. Mince the marriage took place eight
yeara ago, and It Is reasonable to sup
poee that Dr. Hawley's features have
undergone some chsnae durlna thai
time, Mrs. Hawley aald, after aha had
recovered from her surprise, that she
did not believe this move of her hus
band's would stand the acid test of
the law.
heesl l.afcor Organisation's F.lgh
teenth tunnel Hall.
This Is the biggest social night of the
car for organised labor, because of I
he eighteenth annual entertainment !
and ball of the Hccsntllc Association
of Firemen at falser! Hsrlem River
Casino, One 'Hundred and Twenty-sixth
street and Second avenue. The local
union of firemen Is the largest In tho
country and among the most powerful
In New York, ard their entertainments
always set a standard for other organi
zations. Following are the officers of
the union who have the affair In
President. John Bucbani Vice-President.
Jacob l- Walters; Secretary,
U llllatn Flanagan; Treasurer, John F.
'M.iDonough; Sergea:it-at-.ims, ThOPB
as Tuft; Corresponding Boors tart,
James S. Duffy: Financial Secreturv.
John Smlth-iStnlth Is also Chairman
of the Arrangements Committee; (Juld
John Healy: Business Agent.
.los. ph
Hollind; Urganlxer and International
President. Timothy Healy: Trustees.
Peter Dunn. James (liinn and Reynolds
Kills Herself at wr of K.lgh I y -O ne.
Mrs. Mary Fin i. t ie aged mother of
John D, Finn. B dealer In oflles furni
ture at No. 3.18 Broadway, killed her
self by leaping from the fourth story
window of her son's home at No. 20B
West One Hundred snd Thirty -tilth
street to-day. She was eighty-one years
old nnd her mind failed several fOMrB
ago. Bhe was constantly wat'iiod to
prevent her from harming herself, but
eluded her daughter-in-law this morn
ing. She waa dead Svlien Dr. Hill
Harlem Hospital reached the spot.
Absolutely Pure
Exceeds all others in leavening power and
wholesomeness. Used wherever the best
and finest food is required
A Ohlaf AM to Horn Baking
Manned by
is runiiintf
the copy
ii liru.ii(J
will JJO
with each
nnewgpuiH'r whose all unuini un-.it s huvs
won for it u circulation in New W'tk
dty greater titan the Bunduy Hoi'M.
Sunday Times, Bun day Sun and Huuiay
$3.50 to Make Thief Return
Money hy Chicago Necro
mancer's Method.
CHICAGO, Nov. IT. Kxtractl fro
Dtsratura purporting to reveal "ient)
of tin- most ancient secrets" In necro
mancy wire given out to-day In ooB
nectlon with the case of Felix Markls-wk-7..
known as "I'rof. loivol," BOW
under bonda of tl.OOn. charged wttfc
using the mslls to defraud.
Some of the "secrets," with th
's0 Prloes
st which they were
I are
"How to compel a thief to
stolen money. PHce, t3.M. Kneal
the seeds of the apple which Kve i
and tell her of the crime, do homo oi
it bout speaking to your wife, fast i
three dsys and then walk out on 1
street. The first person wou win aa
I will return your stolen money or
"How to And out If your beloved
, thinks only of you. Price, fl.lt This
very Important secret waa ronfMod he
m by tho Uenll w ho watched
j Aladdin's Lamp. When your wife
asleep sprinkle a powder of dried
petals over her forehead, if aha lo
I another aho will mutter his name oa I
I third night following.
"Keep close watch whether JJ
fork Is on the right side of
plate at the table. If your wife
soup on tne table, it la a aura alga
ahe Is thinking of another.
"How always to win at cards. Pries.
$2.75. To those who would always was
at games of chance, rub a Powder oi
dried bread crumbs on the back of Use
cards. You will find that the cards wMI
become transparent and that you can
see what la In your opponent's handa.
If this should fall, tlnd a flock of
I pReons snd stand under them for hslf
! u hour."
It Is charged that "Prof latnonl" oh
tainod thousands of dollars from sale of
the "tserstS" and the powders and oils
they call for. ,
llarahmi tmiin Head llonil.
1..U.TIM0RK. Nov. 27. Prosldsai W.
I Harahan and the other ofllcers of
the Seaboard Air Lane Railroad were
rc-eiected yesterday, s. Davis vYafHsip
was elected Chairman of the Board, a
newly created position, and Bleu Chal
of man of the K..'Utlvc . an.l II: ii
llie gfeatwt wits of the tiny,
full ll:ist in maklna rrn.lv
IK'yv Ki-i:i Pllition ol vvl.ij'l
Mil (fVOry CO, l

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