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ot t MMriiw that at the tune of
w SStamlnaUon by the m.-'rli-al gentle
asea they tried to convince me I uf
Hwi from such delusions.
Q. H you any reason to believe Mr.
Menu or Mr. Belmont VMM put de
tectives on your trail to kill youT A.
MM to kill ma, but It la ouatomary In
business to have a rival followed ami
shadowed by detectives to reo whom
Ihe mat. what ufTkea they visited and
to try to 'net something' on them Mv
brothor dirt tell me suspicious persona
wara following mc. and thay might havs
boon oat to watoo ma tiy Morgan and
Q. lo yon believe PS hava any M
vtna commission to perform In rhla
world T A. i'erliaoi evwy parooo has
somsahlng In view In thta world, but I
nava no fault to And wltn Proviilanoa.
W. Do you haar mysterious vol' e
which tha ahenlala hava told of, anJ
wbtoh no aim etie hetri? A. Mo
Robin. ramMlng on, aald ha believed
ha hod incurred the enmity of J IMar
pont Morgan by financing a company
00 haroosa Niagara Falls fur el.-ctrlcltv.
"l oiao hit balmont a severe blow
Wttth my South Shore Traction Com
pear." Robin continued, "and 1 know
ho M my buolnaaa rival."
Ilobln than related In detail hta var
ious appearance In court since Ml
root, to an effort to prove himself ean.
Ha alao told of hla own work In hla
bankruptcy proceedings, to a!uw, ha
aid. that ha waa sane.
Robin declared boaatfully that he ha1
furnlahad the District-Attorney all the
evidence upon which William J. Cum
mins and Joseph B. Itelnhmann of the
Carnegls Truat Company, were con
victed. 'Vo Insane nlan ooulrt have done that,"
ho added.
0, Mr. Bobla, how much mossy
aid yea kavs whea you started la
Ufa la this oltyt A. I had lea
Q. And yon built that np Into a
fortune? A. Tee. lato a fortune
of Ss.ooo.ooo.
Robin aaM It waa true ha pcr
eenaUr Indebted to the Carnegie Truat
Company the sum of 1230.000 at the
time he declared he waa forced by
Hyde to loan IU0.00W of the money of
the Northern Bank to the Carnegie
Trust Company.
Q. Why did you not repay thta loan
and thus make up the truat company'a
shortage. Inatead of lending 1130,000 ot
the fundi of the Northern Bank? A. I
offered to do so if Meiers. Cummlna
and lletchtnaan. would rrpay to the
Northern Bank tha money they owed
my Institution.
EXAMINATION. Than Robin Ja turned over to Max
D. Bteuer for 'areas- xamln all on as to
hla sanity. Ha Seclared that he had
not personally obtained. William Trov
ers Jerome, former Dhttrlct-Aitoiney,
to represent him immediately after his
arrest, nor did ho authorise Mr. Je
rome to Interpose the plea of insanity.
Q. Were you than In full poaaeailon of
your faculties A 1 was no mors in
possession of my faculties than any
other man who was under the Influence
of drugs and whoss mind was suffer
hkf from the treat financial calamity
that had Just come upon mo.
BoMa oald he bad quarrelled
Jerome about the insanity
"n." ha said. "Jerome told ms
to ret uy and ysU about It so I
would apa insane ."
U- Did Mr Jerome instigate you to
fofcrn Insanity? A. No, air.
Q Did Mr Jerome Instigate you to eay
ou wrrt tha natural eon of the Csar or
Russia? A. No.
U Did he Instigate you to all the de
lusion! you mmtloned to the allenlaU?
A. No, air; h. did not.
Q. Did he Instigate yon to aay Nicola
Teala. the electrician, got 120,080 a year
from J. rierpont Morgan to try to kill
you by electricity? A. I do not recall
that Mr. Teala was ever retained for
tfest duty.
Rohtn admitted that at the time of
hla lllneaa he may have told the aden
ine he heard a "voire thut came ob
liquely from the right, and tint di
rected him in all hla movements"
"But." aald Robin. "I ceaeed hearing
lant "voice" within five weeke after
my Illneaa."
Mr. Bteuer hud luuuht the bank
w rei ker with hla guard down.
4 Then If. months and muntha later,
'luring your bankruptcy proceeding:,
vou willl aald you heard that mysterl
bud "voice." your RtAtOUMSt was an BjO--olute
fabrication. A. Ve, It wua an
4 solute fabrication all It a lie It
.on au pleaae.
Mr. Bteuer proceeded to read to the
altnoag Ht.itenienis he hnl made
te.nti"5 aftpr hie "lllreaM " under outh.
1 1. whkak he guM be "till wag under the
.ontrol of the myeterloua "volcp."
Itohln fldgellug In hla clmlr. aald he
. , vi 1 .1 not i .ill hla previous teatlmony
about Uie "voice." Mr. BtOnOT read
'tuestlon after (tueatton from the pro
vloua recorila, nuotlng Roliln'n wild
ravings about the "voice" and Ha enn
rol over him Itohln BuShOd, hut atlll
maintained lie could not recall any of
Oieee maunili-rlnus uhlch lie uttered
montha after the time he had juat
aworn he had aauoOd to hear the com
pelling "voire."
Ju.-u. (.loir finally called a halt to
Mr. Hteuer's iiueHllnna by aaylng that
Ince Itohln could not "recall" he could
not he (pieatloned further upon that
peclhi' teatlmony.
Mr bteuer. unabashed, took up the
recorda of another of llooln'a exam
Inatluna, nuide under iath.
Q. Did you believe Dlatrlct-Attorney
Whitman waa In a counplrncy with .1.
Plsrpunt Morgan and Belmont to do
away with you? A. Not that I recall.
Caused Many Sores, but Victim
Was Soon Able to Work
The great efficacy ot Hood' Sarxa
parilla In cuaea of lilnod-puiaonin i
hown by many convincing testimonial,
aa by the foUowiag: "My aUabuM uf
fsrod from LlooiI-poiouinK, ainl nores
-prtad all over lii right hand1 Two
finger of hi Irfl liuml acre aUo uffcclcd
lie tried all norU of ointments, but tbsy
faflod. At uiy .iickcIioii be took lioutl'a
Sarnaparilla, anil a im soon able to work
again." Mm. Jam- Celgsn, Lawrence.
Get it to-day io unual liquid form or
chocolated tablet called Safes tabi.
WarM Want! Wo ,WMk1ets.lJiS'aVS
Q. DM roil batlava that William A.
Nash, rrealdenl f tlie Corn Machang
Hunk and men, her of the Clearing House
Committee, had fired a ahot at you
from an automobile? A. Me that I re-
r "
J Id you believe D, Ogden Mil'.
John lacob AaUir, J. Plerpont Morgan
and others of the Htandard Oil crowd
particularly the electrical power -combined
agaln't you becauae you tried to
heme Niagara Tail tof electrical
Sowar A. Ye. 1 liellevnd that
Mr. Wleuar plolded on. getting Robin to
aay he did nut "recall' any of the de
InMatM to which the defenae allenUla
teatlfled yaaterday.
J. Were J on a ipjalntnd with Nicola
Tenia, ii Is trloal export? A. I had
met Mm In a mooih.1 way.
U. Did you betters Mr Morgan ein
pitiye.) AIM? Tog)
Q. To Mil yen? A. I do not now
oo beueva. I do not beUeve Mr.
Morgan knows of my esietenee.
H.'tiln refused to lie pinned down lo a
"yea" or "no" nmvwer n to a'hether he
had "faked" theae delunlon In the hope
that he might be found Inanne nnd ttiUa
eacnpe trial for ateallnK frimi the Wah
Ington Saving Bank, Sot taring he waa
In no .-oiollnon nt that time to recall
what he an doing
"J ran only aay." he went on. "that I
wua ... of l flow of language
that we accompanied tv a po.eoned
"million. "
w. If vou mad theaa anawere before
Justice .swann. when you were on trial
aa to your sanity, u thai the result of
Inatrui tlona you had received from any
one? A. I cannot now iinwer that
question, lor 1 do not recall.
Q Were yim trying to deceive the
Jury en you would hd found InaaneT
A. I cannot recall.
Q Are you now prepared to tell this
Jury who your father Is? A 1 can any,
but I am not willing to do so (Tha
allcnlta had sworn llohlri claimed his
father tin the Cxnr of Itussln )
Q Mr. BoMn, frave you ever received
e as tors lllOUJ on the bend? A. Yea. In
lfMI 1 pot atVOd a lilow oti the head from
a poker In tho hand of the charming
lady you hava travelling about aa my
Robin admitted he had Buffered from
liuiomnla aa a result of thl "blow," but
denied that It bod affected hie breln.
Justice doff then took the wltneae in
y When you pleaded g-ullty, did you
know whot you were doing' A. I knew
I waa pleading guilty to an indictment,
hut I did not know tha full purport of
the crime with h! h I was charged. I
simply tmited to tihe good faith of tin
Court. 1 did not care what was going
on. I did not deem nivef guilty of any
crime. I was a sleb man, when I was
placed on trial and pleaded guilty. I
told Mr. Jerome I was aotlag like a
fool, hut he told me I had to go on with
It. At that time I do not believe be
cause of my phyeloa, condition, f was
Is at) food ssnseo. Tho evening before
I pleaded guilty I told Juatlce tfcahury
that 1 did not feel Myself guilty, and he
said. he. would make the fulleot lnvostt
gatlnp before he eetitenoed me."
"Do you mean to say," Interrupted Mr.
flteuer, "that Judge SeabOry aoceptcd a
plea of guilty from you after you ihad
told him you were not guilty?"
"Tou are putting worda Into my
mou'h." ehouted Hobln. "What I said
to Judge Beahury that I did not 'feet'
that I was guilty."
Itotiln admitted that be had beer, read
ing monographs on Inianlty, n( that
theae readlnga may riavt had aonu In
fluenee on his testimony regarding his
own sanity. Rolilt. waa thee aent back
to the Tombs and D Ira O Tracy waa
called by the defemif In rebuttal. Dr.
Tracy qualified aa an Inaanity expert
and aald he apent aeven houra yeaterday
with Robin, during which ha mails a
physical and mental examination of the
"I found no evidence of menial dls
eaew." aald Dr. Tracty. "f found him to
be perfectly aane."
On crnaa-examl nation by John B.
HtB.m-htli.ld. Dr. Tracy aald Robin had
not admitted to him that he waa a
sufferer from epilepsy from chlklhood.
"But," aald the alleniat, "thai would
not change my opinion that Robin la
now aane."
y. What do you regard aa the epilep
tic 'circle?' A. 1 never heard of It.
"Oh," aald Htanchfleld. "I may he
ualng a term you are not acquainted
with. Hut I not the period before and
after eaoh epileptic attack known in all
medical hooka a the epileptic circle?
"Not that I know," aaM the alleniat
U. la not Dr Doulau Rabonovltx.
ltiiblu'a alater. uu alleniat In tht same
lainx laland inMltut'.on with which you
are connected aaked the lawyer.
Tho doctor was not allowed tc answer
111 Tracy adnillted that If Robin had
really been poaaeaied of the delualon
t. alined to hy other allenlfte, then the
bank wrecker ahowed aymptoma of
srnnnlni "But." the doctor went on
"from hi examination on tho wttnesa
Kliind to day, In- aaa not a paranoia
Then Aalatant District-Attorney
Clarke offered technical evidence In
show that Hyde, aa City Chamberlain,
had deposited city fund In the Nine
teenth Ward Bunk, a auliBldlary of the
Carnegie Trust Cumpaiiy .The vouch
er Wars inurkrd for Identification.
Tlioina Ft Murphy, aaalatant I'oM
maaier of New York City, waa called
hv Hie Stat to attack Hyde's alibi.
'y. ltd you, on Aug. 22, mill, HuMn?
A. Ye In hi omce in the riuiee nuuu
liitf. It a at 1 In l he afternoon. I was
Mti him hTOtn 1 until 11 o'clock. He
left uie oin during luat period. Wn had
gone t nle apai tmenta about o cl
Ulld alxiilt C SO o'clock he 'm called to
na telophone Then he excused hlmaelf
fcitu me. eiiying lu ha4l to ko down
town. We left the apartment In the
Cat Beaux Arts on W eal KoiUeth street
and took u taxlcab In It we went to
tlie Palilalia Truat 4'onipany. He went
in alone, but came out in a abort tltim
mHIi another man aiei walked aaay
This a us Juat about T.tf In the evening
He returned to thr Carnegie Trust tn-
puny utiut '' i o'clock IV M.
Itohln, on the ntund. had fixed theae
tlmea a thr tlruei of the meeting it
Hd a HI e. alien, he awore, Hyde
fuiceii him. tiiroUKh the Northern hank
tc lend ! ' the Carneale Ti ut
OoOXOany. Hyda hi wife and fourteen
e.l'-ohJ H,.ii et lljl ill allhl, MWeurlug
that Hdi- aa .il hi home It, Itoalyn
laiuj; 11iih1, at T.SV o'cluck on Ilia
evening Hyde aworr he liad met Itohln
i Cummin am' Itch hmann In lila oin
ut f. 30 Murphy IWOrS that at ' m Itolili
i waa In hi own apartment In Koiiletl
. atreet ami that he t .iiilii not have
i reached Hyde' Wull . ireet otthe he
fore 'i.tb o'clock 1'. M At thl hour
I Hde aaore. he aa at iliimci on 1 4
I laland
There wa a tiltler light on the purl
1 f the defense to koep oul of then
the OOnVotMUOM betwn Itohln and
!. Murphy on the night In Question, the
, State aeeklng to est up thai Itohln. ui
iUTlIt UkOMO U.niix r.oi. m tke MOW.
i if. o'clock, told Murphy he had hucl
aotM fn,m llvde offl. e ""
nrkmiK, aaia ,
ImMeb Unff permitted Murphy t re
1 "e OOatOfMlIM he ),' with Rob-
in w.si nigm. t. show, lie aalil. the
! nratiMHty Of RoMn'l atorv on thr
nesa 'nm!
"Mr RoMn told ni he 'iad Jilai COfflg
from Mr HyoVl office aaM Mttrstiy,
"and that he had pulled off a 'guiit
deal." "
Cndei ' oHB-exainlnaljofi by Mr.
Sleuer. Mr. Munjihv went into dOtgll
a to all ehey movement on the night
the loan una said to hat been forred
by Hyde
Murpln adrMttsd that he hlmaelf la
imdsr Indictment In connection with the
failure of the Washington Savinga
Bank, of Ml loll he waa truatce It
aald RoMn had gotten Into that lintl- ,
tiilion and tiad him maln a trustee
Tha a;ts,iii. noahnnater was put I
through a Kindling croart-examlnatlon
aa to hli ablMtv to remember that the
trig with RobiH wa made on the eve
ning of Aug. IB. MS. When tie conkl not
rememlier the duff or month he e'ent
before Hie Omn.l .lurv to tell Ma etorv.
Prank U (Irani, former 1'r.atldenl t
tha Northern Bank, -aa oauad to ten of
the meeting of the laui'a iruMees on IIm
morning of Aug. 21, JIU. when llonln 1
first tokl hla lorv of the nlrht miwiliif I
In Rytfs'g office. iy (his the Rtats
hoped to ahnw tht 11. .Wn story on
that day waa the aame on he told on
the wltnens slsnd.
n ra-exsmtnarton flrant admltti-d
that he, too. 'haul heem Indlcietl on the
idiargo of onceDtHi a loan 1n th
Northern Ttillik, ami mat he had novwr
been tried.
William T. Yoitrst, a trustee of the
Northern Bank, denlarwl he. too, wae
at the meeting BonCa oatled to consider
the roan rf ll.Ti.no to the Carnegie Trutt
Company, and that Hofbin'a etory then
ana the aame as that he told on tha
wltneai stand In the Hyde trial. Ho ad
mitted that Robin had uld the trustees
that he loan waa a good one, bat It
would help the Northern Bank, that
good collateral would he received, and
that the hank would prohejbly receive a
linger city drpoaVt.
Mlas May Murphy, telephone swltch-
l.oard opsrstor for the Nsw Tork Tele
phone Company, swore thst on Aug. 22,
19io, between and 7 o'clock In the
evening, are set up a telephone call
between Hyde's office, John 1101, to No.
SO Monmouth Beach, the phone In the
home of LeBoy W. Baldwin.
The Htate regarded thl aa a telling
blow nt the Hyde alibi, as RoMn had
sworn that auch a call waa made from
Hyde'a office to the home of Baldwin,
the I'reldent of the Umpire Trut
Company, In an effort to get hlin to
make the fl 90,000 loan. The defense
ahowed that the call could not have
been made after 7 o'clock In tha even
ing, though Aaalatant Poatmaatei Mur
phy had aworn Itohln could not have
reached Hyde's ofllcs before 7.1u.
Mlas l.llile Kelley. another telephone
operator, swore that she aet up a similar
call from Hyde'a office to Baldwin's
home between f and 9 the same eve
ning, though Hyde had aworn he Wha
then at hla Imx laland home.
The Matt here clossd Its case veiina
Hyde and Hupreme Court Juatlce Sea
bury wae called In surrebuttal by the
Pending the appearance of Juntlce
fleabury Hyda himself took the innd
H wn aaked If h knew the telephone
company kept record of all telephone
calls but waa not permitted to gnawer.
nane ... nari or tna Htute Hanking
Iiepartment, producer a table, showing
tnal several of Robln'a cornoratlona
owed the Northern Bank more than a
million dollar at tha tun in. linn w
made to the Carnegie Trust Company,
ano mat aeveral membera of the Cim
mine group alao owed large auma to the
norrnorn Hank, the aecurltv for tlmae
loan being stock In the I'arncgle Truat
Company. In tht way the defenae
ought to prove that Itohln waa deeply
ititei .... 1 , , 1 tn preventing the failure of
me carnegie I'ompany and would, hy
reaaon of that Interest, have made the
IIW.UOO loan.
Pittsburgh Society Man, Whose For
mer Wire Was Remarried Last
Saturday, Begins Action.
UuVl.TruMOHi:, -Nov. iT.-John Little
ton Dawson tipeor of I'lttaburgh, well
known In society there and in pracU
Onity all the large lOaxtern cltlra, has
begun ault to hase annulled tho decroo
of divorce grunted hi wife, Margaret
Taylor Hpeei lu thla city lat Ootuber.
Mr. 8perr charges collusion Ths ac
tion aaa taken last Saturday On the
aauim day Mrs. Hpeer wss married In
.-ow 1 urn in rneouoi-e k. Miller, a
prominent hualneaa man of liultimura.
Mr. rlpeei ,ays that "iy ugreenmnt hn
did not appeur In the divorce case and
Ihere wae a decree pro conTeaao. I' la
becauas of this that he ohurgea inllu-
The Jayloi -rtpeer wedding wa one of
the h!f social venta here In IK):
Juat s omnilaaloner vt aldo su
about to leave hla office lat this aftur
noon he announced changes In the Ds-
psrlment ot great but unoxplalned elg
Capt. John T. XLiunierinau. of the
Rushwlrk avenue station. Hrooklyn, and
Capt. Patrick OOfoSfMi who a'as aa
aUfned o the llarhur Kiuad by an
earlier order to-day, have been suspend
ed, pending trial 011 chargea. They
must answer to s violation of a police
rule. In that they detailed men for
apodal duty tor more than forty-eight
Capl. IVnuia tlienuau or tlie West
chester station, ha been retired on a
phywtclan's certtflcets. ucniidlng to Mi
Waldo' amended announcement Hren- to the West Sixty-eighth street Htatiun
nan. who Is a nephew of former rJherif I at the nine ot the degrading of Iimpec
Nlehutas Hayee, has been on the force tor Have, has been ordered tu take
thirty years Recently he was tried and .. barge, of the Wer Korty-seventh street
acquitted on the charge of failure to en- station in tne N'ea Tenderloin He
force the excise lawa In hi district. leupplanl Capt. Henry W Rurtlend. who
an : goes to the Areenal station Rurtlend
Hes. Ir t ollyer Ver l.ovr.
The Rev In Robrrl I 'ollyer. pator
rmorllUI or Ibg I'nltaiian Church of 111
Messlalk who Is 111 at hl home In the
Van Coring r gpoftments Mo M West
l illy-tlltb street, Is In a serious ion.il- j
tlon, Il was announced to-du by nleni- ,
her uf his family. He is eiglity-uiui
yi urs old. Recently lie suffi rod a para
lytic alroke, and his physician, Mr 1(1 h
ai d II Wiile. eiiiai'tuin uiave faaes for
tin akcd minister, who has been confined
to hi home for a fortnight
if '
She Had a Dully Time Here,
Hven if They Wouldn't
Let Her Smoke.
"So Intellectual, So Vivacious,"
She Cries "I'll Be Back
Before Long."
It coat the Prince Colloredo Manns-
feld of Aualrla t3 a minute. Instead of 13
a week, to "do" New York. The Prin
ce heraelt, who railed on the Maure
tanla this morning, la authority for the
fig urea.
"Rut," ahe declared with a smile and
a ahrug of the houldere. which la the
continental equivalent of "I should wor
ry." "I enjoyed every minute of my stay
In thla country."
The Princess, who on her arrival pro
claimed herself as uninteresting, because
poor, announced that She Intended limit
ing her American eipendlturea tor a
room to f.1 a week. She Immediately
repaired to the Rlta-Carlton and en
gaged a suite of apartments. It Waa
not thought at tha time that she tot a
rate within her allowance, and now the
Prince herself admits It.
"1 like the American men," the Prin
ce declared Juat before ths sailed;
"they are so Intellectual so vivacious.
Tou may he sure It will not be long
before I'm back again."
Thr Princeaa who amokes cigarettes.
brought Jewell reputed to be worth
00 with her to Now York.
Returning with the Princess are hsr
mother, Mme. la Comtesae d'Etchgoysr,
a im Adalbert, her brother. The Prin
ceaa travelled In thla country for several
weeks Incognita, being known as the
Vlcomteess Etchgoyer.
"Titles are amoks," remarked the
Prince on the day ahe arrived, a pas
senger aboard the Carmanla. "1 would
rather have American dollars."
However, It was hardly a week ago
that the Princeaa proved she liked smoke
an well as dollar Sha waa at the Hotel
Touralne In Boston, cigarette In hand,
the Princess took a prominent station
close to the (rand staircase and began
ti puff while the other women present
expressed their smaabment In smothered
Oh's" and "Ah's."
The manager of the hotel sidled up to
her and In hla courtliest Boatoness re
quested that Mm, la rrincesse dsslst
from sr ah smoking that cigarette In
public. The cigarette waa all right, the
manager soothingly dsolared, sniffing
with evident pleasure, but, aa Mme. la
Prlnceas knew, Boston was not Paree.
though no offense to Paree was Intended.
The Prinreas ceaaed to rumor, as thay
ay In Paris when they mean to smoke,
but she began to fume, as they say In
uosiou, wnen may mean to become
"But, la la-la 11" remarked tho
Princess Juat before her departure this
morning. "I would not let a little in d.
dent like that mar the pleasure of such
a visit as mine has been. It la a tool
lsh prejudice," she added, "that which
prevails In America against women
smoking In public."
Mme. la Comtease d'Etrhgoyer waa
suffering from a ssvere cold, which had
reduced her voice almost to a whisper.
Indeed, Mma la Comtesae confeesed
that had It not been for tho fact that
her nurse for the moment was out of
the apartments at the RiU-Oarlton, she
would not have dared talk at all.
Despite the condition of her voice,
however, Mme. la Comtease wae ahlo :,
exprcrt enthusiastic admiration for
America and Americana. She liked New
YorV and ahe liked Boston.
"I had no ides," sho said, "that
Americana could be ho polite and cour
Walsh, Whfi Was Transferred at
Time of Hayes Shake-Up,
Moves Again.
Commlasioner Waldo announced to-day
five transfer among tor captains lu th
Department with the stereotyped reason
"the good of the nervier." Tho an
nouncement followed a visit to his oltlce
by Inspector Uwyer.
Cupt. Patrick Corcoran aaa trans
ferred from the West One Hundredth
street station to command of the Har
bor Hquud. Ills pesos wae tlllod by Capt
Matthew McKeou. formerly lu command
uf the Arsenal station. Contra! Park
Capt lldward 1. Walsh, who was
transferror from the St. Nlohoeal avenue
had beineni to the Went Korty-seventl
aiattop wtiii 1 in- appointment of ln-ptc-tor
Uer to preside over Hayes's old
terrltoiy and had been active witu
I Dwysi in eleaiilng up the district. His
I Irunafer rtlllllt considerable comment n
the Police Depjriiuent to-day.
The West Sixty-i iglith atieet desk will
he filled by Capt. Thomas Myers, form
erly In chgrfS of Ihe Scliool of Recruits
mid possessor of a imputation as strict
i'llt liHa.
Ulali W.i,
isli W.l, 1
1 ra mi
a ;
Princess Who Sails Home To-Day
After Joyful
1 l'B '
LiflLnn ' SnnBBnnTi
flr. - - ' .r . - IB
Hr I'
Buckner Advises Smith Not to
"Butt In" and Gets Reply
in Kind.
The Ahlermanle Committee Investi
gating the Police Department resumed
consideration this afternoon of the
charges made against police officers br
convicts confined In the M..u.hii
mate prison ror the robbery of I'llian'e
Jewelry atore In Iioston In February
The apparent object of Kmory Ruck
ner. counael to the committee, la la
ahow that Duggan. Klnsler and O'Far-
rail, detectlvs lieutenants, who arrested
Harris, Rothateln and Joaeph and Ja
cob Ooldherg, were mixed up In no
creditable way In the ball Jumping feat
of the prisoners and with the disap
pearance of the loot, worth 116.000.
inspector lllchnel tlrennan, who waa
In charge of the Telegraph liureau at ,
Headquarters on March 3o and 31 and;
Apru 1, lain, was the first witness. He
said he waa unable tu flrnswiny record I
of a general alaiin being sent out for 1
the two Goldbergs and Rothsteln He
couldn't explain why none had been
Capt. James Dunn of tha fWentlva I
Hui.au. was tlie next wltneas. He
not asked to sign an Immunity waiver
uurm said Roth.teln and the Goldbergs
were notorious yegguien and that Hoth.
stein I tlie Invenmr
device known a Die
el king
can opener.
l-.aw.ver Moore, one uf Mr. Huckner
asNistaots. heckled Capt. Dunn trying
to find out why a general alarm had
not been set nut for the fugitives, f).
nally the Aldermen took a hsand ami got
an explanation. Dunn said the mn
were not prisoner of the New York !
INilli-e Departmeii'. Tney were held
here for the Roston police. It Is the
custom. Dunn eald, for the police of a
community where a crime la committed
to send out a general alarm. Tho Hus
ton police sent one In due time, using
photographs furnlahed by the New
York Police Department
Every body in tho room understood
w hat Dunn was talking about except
Aldermen Ksterbrook and Ralph Folks,
who wandered deviously In tangled
mental paths of Interrogation and tin
ally got the proceedings all tangled
up. TheMe Aldermen were apparently
unable to absorb the fact that police
officers are compelled to follow rules
and lawa laid down for their conduct.
Dunn, In answer to questions put by
Mr. Ruekner, adnilfred that police or
fleers generally consider thai :t Is. uu to
a bondaman to produce a prosoner who
has jumped hull, on the ground that tne
prisoner Is the property of tho bonda
There arose during the i summation of
DOna a little controversy between Aldr-
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vents embarrassment, distress and suf
fering. POSLAM SOAP keeps the skin se
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aWflw York City.
Visit to America
w'- "-"--"-r--
man Jim Smith nnd Mr. llurkioT. A
dermnn Sinllh aus-ifcsted that the com
mittee wa entitled to a little courtesy
from Its hired counsel. Mr. BtlORnM
said he could net alonir better If tile
Aldermen wouldn't butt In, Aldermin
Hnnili closed the In ident D leni.icKlng
that the Alderemn would get along bet
ter If Mr. Buckner wouldn't butt in.
Then Mr. BtMUIOf prccm -led with Jne
of his apeclHltlc. wlilch Is asklntt o,ucs
tions In 11 circle.
Mr. Bbeknsr reid an aflldavlt sinned
by ,losei tloMberg, alia "Joe the Red.'
who did Unit In S,ng Slni and la naw
doing time In Charlealown Prison,
Massachusetts. Th 1 afftdnvit was s
series of accuse 1 1 Ob I iiKulnst detectives,
along the line of all MOk affidavits,
showing a most amazing merunry for
conversations years baok. "Joe the
Red's" accusations In this aflM.ivit
wero directed at former Detective
Lieutenant Val UTarrcll and Capt.
Klnsler and l.leut Duggan. both the
latter being still in the Polio Iiepart
ment. The affidavit followed closely
that alcned by .laenh OoMharg, also a
convict, which waa read yeaterday. In
fact, tlie two affidavits, especially In
relation to alleged statements made by
Duggan. would almost make a duet If
act to music.
An affidavit sinned by Harris Roth
stein, alias "Hersky the Smith," In
Charleston prison, was read by Mr
Huckner. Rothsti in told of being ar
rt ted by Duggan and Klnsler. nine
years ago. when he waa running
thieves' resort on the eaat a:de. He
was turned out by the detectives, he
swore, and in gratitude became a "stool
plgeun." In return for his service, lie
xll-1 .HI- . . ......... t 1 nw.1.,-.
raids by the polh'e. and Klnsler and
Duggan never arretted nny of Ml cruos
customers who owed him money.
Rothst!n was arrestcl In New Jersey,
'!,"', tt41'' Hc,lt to Prtoon in Tronton
,or nve ver' He WhM P'U'oled after
'"ving eighteen mirt!u.. and wont to
Jeveianii, i., whore ne rsmsinau until
I - I I .. im.i ...U.... ka M . .
... 1 , ,.l.t,e,l ItUlan'a mtnrm
Tlothsteln told of l- ng urrestisl by
DtkjffM m March. KM for the Bosun
Job. He
said he sent liiKgnn to his
house tc
open a safe and get some
Jewell y.
iniggan, lie said, came hack
,he police station and saM the safe
a -motv. In several m LTertal r. ta
Rothfteln's affidavit OOntra'HetOtJ that of
he Goldbergs. Rothstein swoie he told
for Thanksgiving
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mluip Milk I li.Mylale. aiBSVl-. T aiwillKd slflil I n lusUUl . I ...l.
Iniggan where some of ;he Itoleu prop
erty had beeai sold.
loaeph T Iteican. a clerk In the hop I
department of the Dlatilct-Attorney
office In 1010. teatined that the property
oerga and Koihsteln wua old and netted
the County of New York lluf...
President-Elect Says He Tells Them
Like an OU Resident Of
the Kesort.
HAMILTON, Hermtida. N'ov. :7.
I'reldent-elect Wilson In speaking to
day of last night' dinner with Oov-ernor-neneral
Hlr (Jiunge M. Bullock,
ut which he, Mrs. WIIon and two of
their dnughter were guest, aald:
"It la a singular thing that 1 enter
tained Lady Bullock with otorlca about
Bermuda na though 1 were an old-time
Hlr Oeorge and Lady Hullock nre re
cent arrivals In the Island, Hlr fleorgc
having been appointed C.overnor-llene-ral
in April thl vear after he death
of Unit -Uen Hlr .Frederick Wallet
Kitchener. Mr. .and Mrs. Woodrow
Wilson and their duughtera were
greatly charmed with the alnglng of
Mies Evelyn Hull " k
AUGIJ8TA, Me., Nov. T, -The Jury In
the case of Mrs. Elsie Raymond, charged
with murdering M's llattln Hackett by
iTriingllng her, ;t Iteadtleld. seven years
ago, to-day brought In a ordlot of ai -'lulttal.
The lln llng waa made In u fow
Whitman's Us Partner to Wed.
Airmail C. Vandlver. a former law
partner of Dlstrlct-Attsirney Whltmsn,
obtained a license at the City Hall to
day 10 wed Kleanor M. S. Williams, who
is living at the Hotel 41, Regis. Mr.
Vandlver, who I fhlrty-lhrro years
old, live at No. il West I'orty-fourlh
street Ills hrlde-to-be is twenty-two
)vurs obi.
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effect. I thought I would five
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a trial. The aeslp always bad
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It4-b as I gave It a good
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to keep It from returning " (Slgnod) if.
Dyke. Jan. 3. 1013.
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If n most effective and economical treat
ment Gently smear the affected parts with
Cutlcura ointment, on tho and of the flatter,
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oo rising and retiring. At other times tsao
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surrender-fared men abould use Cuttmrn
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