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A Thanksgiving
, Chf. I THg Pay ffaf .TMmiWy DfMIIW. lp. I l.-Th.nhsBivinB-Tumrr, Feasts, chap. "jgjgjg Afu'r-Tumrry Ache..
So Argues ;i Much-Married
Blueeoat . in Answering
1 Wife's Demands.
lass honest poller man rjnnot afford to
st alimony. declares Pranels Manning
a. KJncsbrida's btuecoat, whoa erlfe,
Kate, his brought a mil for aa'pa ration
la the Supreme Court, Mrs Manning,
tto Is the pollreman'l srrnii I wife,
ssked Jnsti. ! M Call for U vcl:
tnony for lier support and the msln
ttnanco of an infant orn Ijki February.
With his afldavit Manning Incorpor
MJW totereatlng tabulation of how bit
UO a month Ih spent an.l jay:
"It Is respectfully aubmlted that an
honest poll. -emeu finds it Impossible to
make anythlnif morn than hla salary."
Hlsflguns show that hi has a month
lr deficit of tiiM, ilesjilt. the fact that
ha plat-en a bun "O" In the column op
tlta tile Item "Allowan :a for enter
tainments and other m.oital distrac
tions." The tabulation Follows)
Salary least 2 per tent, tor ivn-
lon fund $93. iu
Board and lodging for defend
ant's two ehtldren, Anna and
Marl. .ii and lodging for de
fendant at No. Ill Kust Ihich-ty-fourth
etre'-t, per month. 40.10
Defendants dally meals par
month I!:' Id
Station house expanses, dorml
tory houMkaapar's okara'os
"bootblarlt, &?., per month. .. 1,00
Monti. In dues to tenvolent as
oahatlona 6.00
tfaw winter overcoat and unl
form as provided by the rules
or the. J'ollee nepnrtn.ent by
arrangement made to pay
.tailor per month 6.0
,oessaj y clothing for defend-
Mt's two children per month 1.1.00
Monthly lnstaln.ent on fun.l-
tura purchased 10. n
Storage of this furniture par
month 4. .in
Civilian clothes, Hhoex, s.i.'k
and underwear and other
waarina apparel for defendant
per month ;.00
Allowance for luxuries such as
cigars, entertainments ami
ether mrntHl distractions o on
Total J 100. on
U'olal Income 0
Monthly deAolt 111.10
N. Br Keducl hair pay (or MX ilclt
Tha ManniiiKs were married i June,
IMIi They lived at No, I0TI Part
avenue. Within a few i after ' letr
ON $93 50 A MONTH
marriage Manning beeama possessed
with the Idea that she was not fur-
nlaliing good and aufBclant .male. Mrs.
Manning says, In lending ui to her
.arses of cruelty.
"After our Infant came be ehsraTod
thai i paid too muob attention to the
baby and not enough to hie other tno
children, Anns and Marlon, children oi
hi ttrst wlfs," eayi the wife. "Mo
woukl toll no t.. prepare a certain dish,
and when I oerved it i.e wanted some.
thins Ise. Next time 1 hud sjmi'tliln,'
elee ho irould asi. f r something elee
again. aMe us always askiu- for more
meat, fine time when I did not have
meat he locked me and the baliy In a
Mis MhiiiiIiik liiaia.s t at oaj (Jet. II
last MannlnK actually put her out of
the hoUee and that .he was compelled
to Walk from their home to Fifty
eighth street because .she did not have
Ave eerite.
Manning .Ienle his wife's charges ana
says that the case Is one of those In
Which the stepmother Is unkind to the
children of the first wife. There was
a possibility, with economy, to keep
Mean an.l hone together While the funitr.
was united, he sa s lie t ays he will
not ho aide to pay alimony because llv
"iixed ami eorta'n rhajgee which eat
up more thai, my salary leave no loom
for sui h a tiling as alimony."
Loses Hair Also While Helping
Four Volunteer Companies r-'ig'.it
Long Island Fire.
The four volunteer Are companleeof
Blmhurot and Corona had their hands
full with a gpeetaoular iiaie that was
discovered at 3 o'clock A. '. t..-du
I In the rear of the 1'lnshliiK Itoad Hotel
at Pluahlns road and Hail avenue,
i midway between Corona and North
; Beach. The hotel, owned by Loula
i Klepe, a hut li attached to the hotel
. and a barn and carriage house belong-
lug to Prank Hllle, which adjoined the ,
hotel, all went up In smokl
Mrs. Klepe discovered 'he tire when
shs was roused front sleep by th"
smell of gmoke, She found one ol
the small Wings In the tear of th.
balldlng ablgso and telephoned to the
home of lire Chief Webber in run. no.
Before t ie Corona and ISlmhuret com-1
panics could strive ih- tire had wbm
munloated to the two parna ami the
carriage house and threatened the
frame Public School No. 10 flail' a
block away.
Mounted Policeman Cavanaugb. at-
inched to the Long Island City inu'.int-
i e.i s. iuad. did heroic eork in leading
six horses from on., of the barne. ills
! coal was burned from nil back and
he i. .St mo a I of his hair iii running
t hrotign th" lire.
The loss is estliuat.il at 110,000
Judge Iwtructi inn to Acquit
Woman, Because I u r st. ry
Was Not i lorroboratcJ,
BUPAt4A, Mo., Nov .1. "Not Kulliy,''
was the verdict returned by the Jury
here to-day In th 'nc of Mrs ParMy
Kllen I. cell, . igrged With the murdi '
of Mrs. Hltgabeth, M QtMlntanoe ..f
Oreen llldge, Mo- Judge Shatn Inetruot
ed the niry to a uul! l ie im.iii.iii on the
ground Nut a oonfeaalon aba hud made
was no! hacked by corrowdratlve evU
ib nee.
iiti by iMtowabMe,
Charlei Norman, chief engineer of
the Hotel roqi'iile, N . el Wfeot I'orty
fourth street, was ItttJ k by an OUtO
W ole belonging to K W. J .( . i and
dlveji by John Bolen of No. in Wash
ington Mr. et. tloboken, when he tried
to oross Plfth avsnue between Porty
second and Portythlrd streets to-dsx.
He suststnsd fniufles that gecegsltsted
his removal . to Flower Hoapltal, hut af
ter his hurts hud bgen dfesssd lie was
able 10 go to hla homa.
- -n. .u li j jjf At t U
"Tummy9 Story
Lillian Russell One of the Reb
els ill the Professional
Women 'si Row.
N" 'he Bull Moose is not dead, nor
even luk.iis- the count. At the last
meeting of ihe executive committee of
the Professional Women's League h..
entered Into the!:- confer nca erltfl his
- Il trbnuougnssa aid t'.ir usual on
II I followed. Is there or Is ihere n t to
be .i nun Moos,, booth at the approach
ing bSSaar to be held In the League
rooms at No. 1'JtH) Uroadsiay. Dec. li:
There another meeting io-da .
The estimable ami talented members
of t ... League are in high dudgtun.
Psmlninc voices In shrill sopranos and
mors POIJOrOUS contraltos are hurllpg
forth defiance, wiiiie dainty, dellcatel)
gloved bends are olenehsd in hysterical
ai t - and thumped on the ctUbrnOttl
tables, empbSgjlglng pros and cons in
ttio IsBrlblo vvarf.ire.
Tile ,-hlef , oiiilei tants are Miss Jeanne
Marcet, a stunningly pretty bninnette,
of only nineteen years, and, Incidentally,
a nh.ee ,,f MtSS J.in-' -dauis. and Mrs.
. i., Ne!dorfngefi a stgtussque srldow,
srho Is the general manager of the com
ing basaar, Mls Marcet. In her cool,
oil. led manner, has BSliJ she Is going
t , on. ri a Hull MoOSS booth, and Mrs
S'elderllnger in i armlUr Oool and force-1
lul manne- snH eiie is not:
While Mrs. N'elderllnKer Is general
manager me beggar, the senthneni of I
the majority of the members of the
League ai.' against her. Moat o'' thS
msmbsrg are admirers -f ThSOdhre 1
BoOSSVOll and hive not heoltgtod to s.-
so. chiefly Liihan Russell, now Mrs. ai
sxandsr Monro, who is gotng to pour
tea at the bazaar: Mlsi Vo a R:i. .
KTss Rusanne West ford, Mlta Rmma
Howard, all on the ente '.iln:iicnl ecu
mlltee, and many other meniheis of the
Tin- sffwngsrgonts for the bagaar atari-
ri wrona lilts I'Sgr. It '' '-I laeti Ike
How to Stop a Cough
Something Every Mother Should Know
r'.vrry mother ibould wsich over the
health of her f.nnily a. jealously as
lie guards the family moroli. At the
f r-t a 1 I.I..IU of a rough or colli,
shake together ill a larjte bottle n
pouplo 01 ounces of g! ceririe, half
an ounce of Virgin Oil of fine and
about half a pint of pure a lii-I.ey.
(iivc (he patient a teatnooaful of
this -iiujiic ami haegsleee rentody every
four hours. Tli" rim dost aliiiint In-
variably I. ring- in taut relief, ami I lie
cold generally rkpelled frum the
system inside of twenty-four hours.
A supply of this medicine should al
ways I.e kept in the medicine cabinet
to prevent tic development ol serious
Infections t tin throat and l.roncliials.
Vou probably have the glycerine and
ehiskey in tin- house already, "" yptl
can gel the Viritin (til of fine at any
drug .tore. To insure freshness and
purity insist mi having the half-oum e
vials which come in sealed wooden
cartons beating tlic label ,,f
The Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati
VI W WMiiu, Vt j
-Thanksgiving Tummy Feasts.
custom to hold the f,;r sj tiie Rgst I
Room of the Waldorf-Astoria. Last ' hod..'.
ear some un in t.m cluh suggest-1 Whereupon fair Ulllan Rltesell rose
ed that it no. lid not ha gJod I'-llcy to and cross, d iWOrde with Mrs. Neldei
ensaap the same room because bat) r Huge.-.
tuiirteis. niiciit t.e mat;.,..'. , .,..i,,.,.. ', "I think Mist Marcel's Idee meeli
l Ills ear tlley WsntSd .he sa .nu l oon
and couldn't get It. That Mattel tVi
-t the last meeting of the executive
oommlttes, attended by ail or its mem
berg. Miss Marcet Informed the commit
tee that Mile didn't like the IdsS assigned
to her booih-ihongh. It wasn't hovel
enough and with pretty Ingenuousness
siigltesled that she have a Hull -Moos.,
"And what Is a Hell MooSSt booth?"
asked la.. staVtUOgguo Mrs. Ne.de. . UK'"
taking the Moor.
"Why-why a Bull Moose I
er-a huh Mooae booth." stammered
pretty Miss Mardst, for a moment fins -
lered by the hostile ton.- of Mrs S'elder
llnaei .
"And what aie y.iu going t" nave In I
If.'" uskrd another anti-Hull M
member. "Teddy himself, 1 suppoi
and charge SdmUsllon foe the public I
K in and look him over. Oood idea'1
Perhaps hs woOld consent to ssll auto-.
ara'piied phoiosrafihs. I'er e ily r.dl-
Miss Man et tremblingly explained j
that Ii was her Idea to Invite Mis
Nicholas IsQngworUi, formerly ai.
Alice Roosevelt, one svcnlug, perh.ip"
Miss Addams Or some oilier celebrity
the neat, and then Ihsrs were many i
novelties that could be mad and sold
emblematic of the Bull Moose cause.
"Tuts is not a political campaign."
said A.rs. NeldOrllngcr in her hmnn- i
nest msttber. "This is a bagaat .1 1
professional Women's League baaaar.
There Shall I'e go Hull Moose booth. I
thai is n i.e dearly understood, ladles, 1 1
an.i .-ne iwepi a determined glanei
Order a Case.
Tel. 17 Plaza
in in -i I XI. I il HI I K
Thote is mil ii liiiniiii' of discomforl
in llif whole life of u iln fMan
Nature Shoe.
Its comfori is it stimultinl lo Ihe
child's natural activity.
Tin' extra wear tlif children gel
from Blyn Plan Nature ShOsMiuake
tlx'in the most economical shoes it is
ppwible i buy.
Tra BrM f amily Slsrrs. Fss Is krsck.
H K-T siiir STOKKSi
usg-u-.'i W, ggh st
lllll lr. sl.ll JTth s.
Nh i .. ::.uii , tilth si.. OTsT'i "' '
Mail Order II. in.. .'. in yt, i.rlM
SSI ...... I ii , i . I ii ll i. .st,, .,pi. l,rsli.tiit
-lures I gtMsl', bel) I'urk uad I ilerv
11 makes ItUlg dtSsfSBCS wUst ion
J iJ 1.'. .1 , it kj 4i sal
gBOUt the loom
nii me approval "f moat .n the ladles
Present. H Is a dear Idea, don't you
think so. . ladies'."' and Miss KuseeU'i
i amlla appealed to others to toilow ner
I ,.ad
Then Miss Mary Shaw dlplomeilcau
Interposed: "Psrbepa we usn lav I hla
matter on the table until out next tin el-
tng. 111 the ni. an time, i feel sure thai
this can he amlOgbly settle.!."
"i don't really think this disagreement
over a Hull MooSa booth will orssts un
real bittern. SB," iiald Miss ghejw an
Rvenlng World reporter to-day .Mrs.
Meld ngsr oppose Ihs Idea with greet
forcefulnesSk but the majority are dan. 1
admirers iff 1: veil, end 1 think abe
is going t" I..- overruled. Mrs, Melder
llnger doesn't like Roosevelt, and doeen't
see Why he or his parly should he In-
I Iscted int.. our bagasr. s Miss Marcet
Is mo RtrongI) supported tbere is ,iit.
1,, rhanceuhat the will wl
Tills what Mrs. Nelderlngi
ha -
Bay about It:
"Theic Is II. .ills: to be no Hull Moose
.ooth at our-baaaar. 1 don't like noosv-
Vslti that la Ihe reason I atn agalui
no- idsa, 1 think n' sntlralj '00 rgo.
lletlcal, if 1 am overruled an.l 1 don't
think I shstl 'o -I shall resign front Ihi
sammlttes. I'm bigger than anybod)
physically, 1 rgban'1 iwitn a smllei "snd
I expect 0 win."
I ne eleventh annual cab net Snd
of the Times Houare XeAapupcr ltllb,
Inc.. will be held Nov. Tiuiiikasiv tg
night, at Webster Hall, Rlovsnth aire. ..
near TMrd avenue.
Prominent folk of the appitlng snl
theatrical Worlds will attend and nun
. t v ortletals. Ttiere will ne , to eselltit
lives from all the song and mUBtv pit
llshlni houses, Willi Wl.l e ll. It ill. th"
members and their friends with teii
latest an 1 n.-si hits of the soason. Pr i
. ; is Wo.r will lead his doubts in hea
Nulr.l m -Del.'rlouH
HKfcWERY ROlll tM.
ri. i lit i in ...ii mi .
III.V i I 'I ii ii N a t ii r e
Ulrica for Hoys uml
iittls, gunmetnl cell,
latent colt and Ian
Ituisla. Assure quick
end nerssssent relief
Iron all foot l or lures,
Tin, slr.es ti, - in. 00
ii Ii.- r ..lies in Tea asms
prl " s. h:.i i; Leathers.
Shnrs in Ul tirade
I t-t -mi KTOMRSi
.'Id e. sod IJJ.l SI.
Md !.., Htlih A r ii. sis,
fid (v., i ".in i. a i.M.i si..
Il'.uei' , nr. II. si.
'ir'i iTf
or l slsluKiie ,if I hiblreo. sb,-i,(
siruu.. ii ..... in. .... . i... it,-.
Is. ...... SlfsSIII I a. I VJd st.
USSd - u Woiltl "Wuul" Mill ku It.
tiiHt Includtd vrj
f Jilijiu'Plttri
L jfr Button
asjjjjjs Diurher
Klsss . i $I.7t
I ' I to i 1 12.011
Mlsea II Ui to 't.M
Sal M is i. I 1 i
HMi Martalll Hon b oi...
SIx-year-old Johpni atauer of Ho, :;i
List one Hundfsd and Thltty-flfrh
street was run Dl'St snd mtntglly In
lured b an anion. ,'i!le io-d.,v as he
was crossing tie Sou:'.,-rii boulevard1,
the BrSng, near Brook avenue, II.'
stumbled in Front or the machine whlcli
1 owned by ihe Bavins Mom,, for chil
dren, an.i driven " Wlrttam ll, Kaggn
of M Palle street, line or Ine front
wheels passed ever ihs child's body.
Ill- I1S l lkell to t ie I.e till., II Hospital
in a dina State
Held I , III Ills Unlet NwwaO)
ni.v.l BRANOM, v J '
Nicholas MaotXtnahl ..." Iikee I, wh..
is stopping at Green's Itotel here, awoke
earlj In-ds) and ..ond 11 man ranssch !
iiiii his room, The msn polntad 1 ree
rolver ai him an 1 denvsnded the eottv
btnatlon ..r the safe. ,rbs rdbher ovl
dently ti ghl Mactmnald was the pro-1
prlelor of the Mrtbt. MscDonSId said I
i... di.i not know the oornblnaUon and '
ihe tiih i. sfi.r taking IS) from tils etc
tl'.n's pockOta, made bis escspe,
to i -t;
Have you tried it?
Makes Mot unrl Cold Meats Tasty.
.I i m suimt flreSSf sg bw nddlno i eegsr.
l DelleSleSBSSI mill Ussssjrl Itaess,
DisisUfli'i words air worth
thought, NuwadsySt by a tr.jn's
coll r you may Itntw blm. Do
nut disregard j51.rtoll.1r. Lukup
They will hov you whsl arc ti c
imsrt Coltsltj The nr.vett shape il
tiir I'm. broke with MNOCORD
"SNAP-ON" bottonliols Ample
Karl spue ' aire :! fof 5c.
He nre to .re it ..'ul trv n.
PEMBi?OKr.. 2'i la.
Alto Makers of Urn Si.rH
10 rxriia CHSRnr roa it.
4r.-':..SI'l.lS Iwr Ttj Hi mmj L . lTt M
... sawn.s,. I ' 1 1 - l.. . .s. . m ... I
.Mr eeui e r. sU 1
Don't Suffer from Bad Stomach
Just Try a 10c Box of
Bowel, Liver and Stomach Remedy.
Take one or two Ex-Lax chocolates to-nifht. This will
cleanse your system and evacuate your bowels in a most
natural, pleasing and painless manner. In the morning
you will miss that wretched feeling your head will be clear
and your eyes will sparkle.
it tour llruaalala. In lOp nail Sflr Hiiih.
A MeisTER Piano
in your home will influ
ence the minds of your children
towards higher ideals more than
anything else you could buy them. Let us
send the 5175 instrument to you for a
month's free trial and see how it adds sun
shine to your day! and evenings.
We will sell the piano
to you on terms of $1 a week or
We sell the MEISTER direct
from our factory to the public, thus doing
away entirely with the dialer's usual SI 00
profit which you have alw ays been compelled to pay.
Wc are the sole makers and the sole sellers. You c an
not buy a MBI8TCR -""i Miy Other linn in tltS world.
Oilier Grad-s of Meistcr Pianos from $195 to $350
88-NOTE PLAYER PIANOS from $345 Upward
TKRMtil M.00 I'.-t Wit'. No interest.
Rothschild & Company
CLARENDON BLDC, S. E. Cor. 18th St. & 4th Ave.
I oavsnlsnf If rrsrhfsl l.t s,,,..,, al Milt.,n A... IsSSsg
HE Sunday World's Want Directory makes
more "Offers of Positions" than any
other two mediums in the universe.
By Eleanor Schorer
tU a month and we will
not charge yon any in
terest on the payments. This
jriws you three years to pay
for the instrument and it
will in no sen.c interfere
with vour savinps iCCOUrlt.

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