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Young Prisoner Designs Auto
mobile Dust-Proof Dump
Cart in Shop.
A your? convict (Kiln n (tf-ynr
Intoh for grand larceny has won Ms
rrlo,v fro,n S)n)f Sn hy hg ,,( M
a mechanic. Ills particular service to
the rttnte was the perfection of the new
AutomoMle dust-proof ilurr.p cart, whloh
promises to revolutionize the rmnovl
of ashes from the streets of American
"The boy don not yet know what we
propose to do for him," ald Warden
John S. Kennedy to an Evening World
icporter to-day. "But he deserves a
j.anole If not a full pardon. Superin
tendent of State Prisons Joseph F. Scott.
Is Interested In doing something sub
stantial for the young man, and we
agree that freedom Is about the most
substantial gift the State can bestow
upon him."
Warden Kennedy requested that the
' '" man's name be omitted from any
Article written about the reward he Is
ta get for his remarkable IntaUlgenoe
In the service of the State. Mr. Kennedy
(Pant six years as probation officer with
-Waist. t Plstrlct-Attorney Frank Moss,
and his Investigations and experience
have shown him how .1 nelson term can
outlive the ex-oonvlet himself.
This boy's future 1s altogether too
bright to be marred by any such con
tingency arlaltlg, be said. "He seems
to ba a real genius In mechanics. No
obstacle will be placed in his path if
the prison authorises can prevent It."
The youn;: man who has won these
words of warm praise Is of German ex
traction and about twenty-eight years
of age. Ills offense was grand larceny.
I i stealing of two automobile tires, for
which crime he was sentenced three
years ago from this city. Infatuation
f Jr a young woman was the motive be
hind his act of wrongdoing.
Bo Mr as can ':..-. ascertained none of
his ronn-r friend? now of his present
r 'ght. pleaded guilty and so es
i aped tho notoriety of a trial. Hefore
he made tils Wig slip he was employed as
mschanl 'l.in for several of the speediest
motorists In the world, flo that no clue
to bis Identity should leak Warden Ken
nedy has kept him out of all photo
graphs talien of the automobile dump
jrt during the many tests on the bills
around Osslning.
When Foreman Magular Butler of tha
art and wugnn shops perceived the tal
ents of the convicted mechanician a year
ago ho brought the subject of the auto
mobile dump cart to the attention of
Superintendent of Industries Trecyy
Hutler himself Is the Inventor of tin
dosed top 1 1 u st proof dump cart which
will rid the streets of flying particles of
nahes- but ha was unable to connect up
big idea with the automobile feature
All of the city's present horse drawn
steel ash carts are mads In Sing Sing
"We have a man In the shops I am
sure can put the proposition across,
aid Butler.
"It costs money to experiment, but If
the Warden and our Superintendent
says so you can have the money,"
piled Tracy.
Ths monoy was forthcoming. It cost
between H0O0 and S,000 to build the
automobile dump cart. But the money
was well spent for the toll of tha
yrwi.oj -.i.e. ii.o. . "i..n.,i...Ml o. , , -
tsUiisnt, produced a. vehicle that haa
pronounced a success. It can
seven tons of rubbish with ease
up a 14 per cent grade, and ths un
loading works to automatic perfection
by the pulling of a lever from ths
chauffeur's seat.
'(he new vehicle has a dust proof
covsr whloh, when the oart Is filled
with garbage, will conllne ths odor.
Ths cover is very easy to operate, and
tha oart can be loaded from either Bids
or from the front or back. It costs only
11.(0 per dsy for fuel and oil to operate
ths new cart, doing the same work as
thirty horse-drawn carts at one-twentieth
the cost for power.
When the load la to be discharged
the body of the car Is lifted hy a ps
i uuar niLniiiim uyu o.., ... - w
pendlcular portion far out from the
f uifi n H Xbt R w if b ttTtiaijrirw Wm"4
Try ThU Home-Made g
r- L d f-
Costs little, hut Hoes the Week
Quickly, or Money Refunded.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar with
Ij pint of warm water, and stir for
.. , a ni
minutes. Put ounce, of Pinsi (fifty
cents' worth) in a pint bottle; then add
the Snpar Syrup.
You will find that this simple remedy
takes hold of a cough more quickly than
. . l i '
anyimnv cise you ever usmi. t suauy
ends a deep seated cough inside of 4
hours. BPlsndM, ", for whooping
rough, croup, chest pain., bronchitis and
other thront trouble..
This recipe make more snd better
rough syrup I ban you could buy ready
made tor Si-. 10,
Pinrx ll thi most valuable concen
trated compound of Norway white pine
extract, ami is rich in aimincol ami nil
the natural pine elenicnti whirh arc so
heulitiK lo the membrane. Other prep
arations will mil work in this formula.
This plan of making cough syrup with
Pinrx ami sugar syrup (or strained
One) I has proven so popular through
out the I nltsd State, ami Canada that
it i. eft. ii Imitated. Mm tin- old, iuo
er.--.ful formula b never been equaled.
A .' lantutv of absolute -atislaetion
or none) promptly refunded goes with
Mil- recipe, lour UTIIKflst bus rmrx or , n the proceedings. The council oHJ i -will
gel it for you. If not, .end to The I tabllshed to aid '.lie city taployoei '.
t'ie Co., f, YYsvue, lud. jmeaus of a reierve fund,
Dust-Proof Dump Cart Invented in
Sing Sing, Showing How It Works
n-... '"r3s'MM'Wiaal
H"w Jg3af Jal ssBBBsaf saasasssaBasBsBsasnaW "l
m: fasBBBsVXiasBBKaf J, sU I B H '1
grasj gaSJrJ sastfl aMPf-Has 'J
W " 'A Lc5MsTt
Wl VgBgHag! IV .iaflLtflwUhMn
- ' - sWeWSBWW rBaaxa. saaaaaaaaaaaafcl .li.......................Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
' FsaabssBaBBl Ww
rear of ths auto with the result that
It Is completely and areedlly emptte-1.
The raising mechanism Is composed of
a worm and screw which has a safety
device that stops the body when It has
reached the proper height. Every part
of the cart was put together by con
victs. So that there be no conflict with
Isbor outside of the prison, the Hoard
of Clseslcatton will fix the price at
which these carts are to be sold to
cities and towns within the State. New
York City is expected to put In an early
Warden Kennedy has suggested to
Foreman Hutler that he procure pat
ents for the cart, and then concede
the rights for New York to this State.
No State government can take out a
patent. Outside New York State But-
er and his unnamed partner could then
realise something from tha rights pro
tected by patents, otherwise ths efforts
will be grabbed by various automobile
truck building companies.
As for the prison genius he will
doubtless he ohlefly concerned In tha
plans to effect HIS FREEDOM.
Establish a Sound Principle
By Which to Fix "In
tangible Values."
The city's oontenrlon In ths matter of
assessing the "Intangible" franchise
values of pubUc service corporations
... j. , . ,
wss sustained In Supreme Court dad-
slons handed down to-day by Justices i
MoCall and Davis. !
The decisions ware In the case of the1
People, ax. rel. Adrian H. Jollne and
Douglas Robinson, sgalnst the State 1
Board of Tax Commissioner and con-
cerned the payment of taxes by the
MstropoHtan S.rse, Railway system M
what Is known as ths "spedial franchise
tax," as provided by the Ford act. This
,- nivvld. for not onlv l.ilii. ,lr..t
r ... ... n, ,,., ...u,
,,. fnr ,h.Ir ,,.,. nrnn.v 1
but also for the lntanglbls assets rep- i
resented by the franchise itself.
The reoelvers of the Metropolitan con
tended that as they didn't have any not
reeelpte the company la Insolvent their
franchise was without value. Justloes I
Davis and MoCall denied this, sustaining
the city's contention that the receivers
attempted to charge off too many ex
penses that should not be properly re
garded as "operating expenses."
Corporation Counsel Watson argued
that by deducting the actual operating
expenses, lnoludlng taxes, from the
gross receipts, the remainder would re
: orssent tho net value of the Intangible I
rrancnise. This contnuon is upheld By
. dohj jutloea.
Justice Dsrls concludes that the
I value of the special franchise for 1911
was 132,303,4(14.
justice Mci -an
cuts the Stat.
Hoard's franchise assessment for Itll
from tU.OOO.OOO to Ml.lM.TH , out
he too sustains the city's contention
as to the method of arriving at thi
value of the franchise.
The two decisions, said Mr. Watson
were a great victory for the people
as they established a sound prlnclpli
upon which ths Intangible value o.
franchises of public service corpora.
"onB co,,,d b dstermlned in the fu
I ture. Pending the settlement of thi
. ,., francnlBM lhf ltrMl railway,
. have not paid their tnxea In full fin
the two years In dispute, but havi-
I"1"1 sometning on account
Corporation Counsel Watson was e-
rgtited over the city's victory 1ti the
"If the decision- sre sustained by the
' higher courts, as I aesuine they will
he." he said, "it will mean that the city
will hs about sWy.oil Setter off In th"
way of receipts for taxes from ths
Metropolitan system for the two yeara
1910 an 1 19U.
Rsehrr for Civil Jervanta.
The Civil Kmployees' Council will g! c
a euchre and reception this evening In
the Yorkville Ca-'io. Kast Elghty-slxt ,
street. In addition to tho cardplaylng
for tthl.h prises that will fill the
Taanhsaivlnsj umner table will be given,
there will oe a vuuclevlllc programiM
County Clerk Wllll.m J, Scnneider la
chairman of the Root ption Committal
anil he will lie assisted uy John II. Mr
Cooey, Democratic leader in Krooklyn.
Clarence J. Irvlnr. who oriraniZfil th.
l eOUttCtl, also will have a prominent part
Seventeen Prisoners Disposed
of, One a Forger Seventy
Three Years Old.
, Seventeen persona, one of thni
seventy-three years old convicted "f
various crimes, either by trial or con
fession. In the I'ourt of tleneral Ses
sions, were disposed of yesterday.
The majority of those disposed of
were first offenders and either had sen
tence suspended upon them or were
committed to reformatory institutions.
The penalties Imposed were:
James Tronolone, twenty years old.
pleaded guilty carrying revolver. Flrat
iffense. Sentence suspended for one
Ithelnhold Schultz, forty-eight years
old, born In Germany, pleaded guilty
grand larceny. First offense. Sentence
I.ucas Fermatore. fifty-seven years old,
horn in Italy, pleaded guilty carrying
revolver. First offense. Fined VS.
Ralph Williams, twenty-one years
old, pleaded guilty burglary. First of
fense. Klmlra Reformatory.
Thomas Smith, twenty-eight years
old, negro, pleaded guilty assault. First j
,tffn. I'en I lnl In r v tiirmm min,Ka
Adolphus Chamberlain, twenty-three
years old, pleaded guilty forgery,
Four'1 offense. State prison five years.
Bernard FrasJc. twenty-two years old,
, KuMlfc pleaa,d milUy bur,Iarv.
First offense. Elmlra Reformatory.
Ishom Dean, slghteen years old, ne-
sro. pleaded guilty icrand larceny.
Stole motorcycle. First offense. Elmlra
Reformatory. -M.M
William Cajlan, nineteen yeore old.
Flr,t offenders. Bach City Reformatory!
Tony Puma, thirty years old-horn In
i But She Promised Not tb Tell,
And You Must Keep
the Secret.
Miss Frances Stevens, a pretty little
Wellesley Alumna who went abroad U
put In a prosaic year perfecting herself
as a watcrcolor r.i Inter, returned to her
native New York to-day on board the
Holland-Amerl -a liner I'otsdnm with the
distinction of having knocked off the
wig of the deposed Shah of Persia. Imv
ing boon the recipient of a formal visit
from the Shah's son. and having, while
In Madrid, ridden all the Ulnar's honsea
and charmed nil the King's men.
There was horn in Miss Stevens a lovs
of horses: In fa:t she was brought among
them, one might say, since her home at
No. 1ST Wist Seventy-ninth street is
ery neir to the bridle paths of Central :
I Park. In Madrid the Lord High Keeper
I of the tjtable Key to King Alfonso pro-
fessed a prodigious admiration for the
American girl, anil Miss Stevens pio-
fessed an admiration for the King's
i horses. Naturallv she was Invited to
ride. One after another the horses were
brought out, and each one she bestrode.
line wild horse that nan thriwn Alton.
the Lord High Keeper, as the title runs.
dldn I want to let her ride.
Mlas Stevns onuted she showed the '
reporter Just how, and he didn't wonder
thst the wild horse was forthcoming
sfter all. Round and round the court
yard ths "outlaw" raced, with Miss Ste
vens clinging to his back. Then ho
slowed up and displayed an Inclination
to eat sugsr from her hand. And that
closed that particular Incident.
It was Just before she sailed for
America that Miss ItSVelM had her en
counter with the Shah. TI.ey were hotti
li vi i., in the Motel Iriena, Paris, She
was coming downstairs. wus com
ing up. A portfolio slipped from under
her arm and she stretched forward
her strong little right hand for It But
the strong little right hand clutched,
not the falling portfolio, hut the up-
nonoing neaoi or tna ex-snah. For a
moment It seemed to her, so she said
to-day, that she had knocked the top
of the Shah's head off. bown went
the fex and down went the wig, leaving
a shiny bald expanse naked to her eye.
Miss Stevens apologized In her best
French. The Shah, not to be outdone
In politeness, tlrst apologized In flowery
Oriental terms for wearing a wig and
then lor having a heiul at all. Late? In
(he day It was announced to Miss Ste
vens that the Prince Hovhannes Khan,
son of the Shah, would like to call upon
her and pay bis respects. At length of
a half hour or more he poured out the
ri spiy-ts and then came to the object of
his visit. He wished the girl to promise
rhe would not mention the Incident,
since his father feared harm at the
hands of an assassin and did not wish
to have his presence In Paris become
generally known. Miss Stevens kept
her promise until the Potsdam docked,
and a persuasive reporter Insisted on
having a story. You must promise not
to tell.
Italy, pleaded guilt)' assault. First of
fense. Penitentiary sight months.
George Carney, nineteen years old.
pleaded guilty burglary. First offense.
Sentence suspended.
Anthony Ventimlglla, twenty-four
years old, born In Italy, tried and con
vlcted assault, eeoond olTense. Stat"
Prison Ave years to nine years and six
Max Goldberg, aeventeen 'ears old.
and Morris Heltner. seventeen years
old, both born In Russia, tried ami
oonvlcted potty larceny. First of
fenders. Faoh penitentiary one year
Kdward I.kw1s, twenty-nine years old.
tried and oonvlcted being a oomimon
gambler. First offense. Penitentiary
ona month and 1500 fine
Famnie Warsaw, thirty-eight years old.
born In RiiFSia, tried and convicted
keeping disorderly house. First offense
' Penitentiary six months.
The Sign of the
Blue !6ell Invites You!
IF you have neither time not;
opportunity to join the family
group in person, you are not
entirely barred from talcing part in
the old home festivitie. The tele
phone invites you to mingle your
voice with voices of those at home,
to hear their laughter and their words
of good cheer. It carries you back
to tne home circle, and makes the
day brighter for all.
Why not bring happiness and
pleasure to those at home and
make the day more enjoyable for
yourself by using the telephone
to carry your greetings hornet
Public telephone, ere found whee
ever buejr men mejr be, and it la ao
easy to step to tho telephone end
end message of frionalineM end
food cheer to thoee from whom you
must be separated Thanlugivinf; Day.
Let the Blue Bell Sign suggest : " Tele
phone Home Thanksgiving Greetmgi."
not "pmicncv
nui i Lunuuui, i
"Possibly Our Education Is
Becoming Too Refined for
Everyday Use."
In reappointing ten members of the
Board of Kdueatlon to-day Mayor Oay
nor addressed them In his office, and
said, among other thlnga, that wh'le
he did not regard himself as an educa
tional expert, he Is still of the opinion
that "possibly our education 1s becom
ing too nice and loo refined for every
day use."
The Mayor also said:
My notion is that our obligation to
the children of tlhe city Is to give them
a good, sound, practical education, that
the refinements and tne niceues annum
come only when the solid things are
taken care of. There Is such a thing
as making edu.-atlon altogether too ex-
I oulslte and too fine.
WOULDN'T WARS n s i nt
"I suppose that the whole aim of the
common school system ought to be to
bring out boys and girls fitted for son
occupation In life. If this Is not Its
aim, or If It falls In that aim, then It
falls utterly. I certainly am not op
posed to all re-flnemenls. but I do think
that wo want to teach the rudiments
"I do not wisnt to talk about the
three R's. I do not come down to so
narrow a zme its that. But I d'' talk
of the substantial things. They ought
to be taught to write a gojd hand.
They ousth. to know history substantial
ly well, geography, arithmetic anl suo.i
studies as make people fit for everyday
The principal reason why the State
educates ohlldren Is because wo ere gov
erned by universal suffrage, and we
therefore educate the children so thst
they may bo able to vols properly. The
next object Is to so educate them thnt
they may be able to earn tholr own liv
ing. We ought to teach them trades and
how to work also. I say all this subject
to correction.
"We have had an Investigation going
on of the Department of Uducatlnn by
experts for more than a year, and I
have heard In that Investigation a
great talk about pedagogues, pedagogy
and the word 'pedagogical' used right
along. And, really, that emphasizes lo
matters are prone to ratine too much.
"In Greece the pedagogue was an old
slave, who took ths ohlldren to and
from sohool. Thst was his whole busi
ness. V. npt a tesoher. But we
use the word for tsachor. I am satis
fied to say 'schoolteacher' and 'school
master,' and the science of teaching,
without bothering my head with 'peda
gogue' and 'pedagugy' and 'pedagogical'
and so on. Wo have good wordu In
Kngllsh to express all that, and that la
the way the children ought to be
taught. I think.
"I have reappointed you all bsoause I
am bound to say that ths report Is thai
you havs all done excellent ssrvlos, snd
I will nol, whlls I am Mayor, drup any
man, no mstter what his pollMca, or
who he is. or whether he la friendly to
me. If you will, who has done good ser
vice snd aoqultted himself well In office
I have followed that aver since. I have
been Mayor, and I Intend to follow It to
the end. And yet some talk of politics
In the matter. Thsy do not believe It."'
Ths members who were roappolntsd
are: Francis P. 'unnkn. Alexander
i 'errls, George J. Otllespls, John Greene,
Augustus G. Miller. Antonio Pkranl,
Ml'. Arthur S. Honors. M. Samuel
stem, James K. Sullivan and Bernard
inspectors to keep
Secretary of State Hopes to Pre
vent Shapiro From Run
ning an Auto.
Applications for licenses for the next
fiscal year beginning on Feb. 1 have
been made by 44,6fll chauffeurs.
"Recently I asked Commissioner
Waldo," said Secretary of Stale I.aaan
sky to-day, "lo co-operate with our de
partment In our Investigation Into the
fitness of applicants for these chauf
feurs' licenses He Informed me thst
such a plan was not feasible fnr th
reason that the State maintains a sys
tem of Identification through photo
graphs while the puiloa have the finger
print system.
"1 have asked the State civil Service
Commission to .all an examination for
the position f investigator ami I Intend
to appoint seven of them for ths pur
pose of Investigating the moral quali
fication of every applicant for a chauf
feur's license. In this way I hops to
prevent undesirable persons from ob
taining licenses."
William Shapiro, driver of the gray
murder car used hy the murderers of
Herman Rosenthal, and one of the wit
nesses for the State at the recent trial
of tho gunmen. wHI not be permitted to
"i" rate an automobile In Ibis Stale after
Jan. SI, when Ills chauffeur a license will
expire, If Mr. Ijizanaky can prevent It.
He says tie has lssusd such orders, and
that hs will revoke Shap'ro's license If
he lias the authority.
Shapiro, when released recently, on-noun-ed
that he expecll to return to
his occupation as a chauffeur.
The Callan Motor Vehicle hW BrH
the Sercetary of State the right to
refuse to Issue or renew a chauffeur's
license, subject to review by the court,
but he has no power to revoke a
lloense, which when Issued Is good for
one year, unless tho holder of the
license Is convicted of a crime, and
only then upon recommendatlin of the
Jurise before whom the offelwler was
"I believe," said Mr. I..zanskv. "that
the Secretary of State should be given
power lo revoke the re if titration of an
owner of an automobile or the license
of a ohauffeur, fsr cause and subject
to review by the courts. "1 Intend to
recommend to the next Legislature the
passage of such legislation."
Mr. lAaanaky Is perfecting a system
by which he Intends hereafter to make
I f verynau(t.ur befoer a license II
thorough investigation i me wasnws
Messenger Hands Garment to Polite
Man at Door of Former Col
lector Moore's Apartment.
A Russian sable coat worth 16.000 was
stolen a week ago Tuesday betwsen the
store of Balch, Price Co., No. 174 Ful
ton street, Brooklyn, and the apartments
of Mrs. Charles A. Moore, wife of the
former Collector of the Port and presi
dent of the Montauk Club, who lives at
thn Berkeley apartments, Fifth avenue
and Tenth atreet, Manhattan.
Harrison T. Wallls, the superintendent
of the fur house, said to-day that the
coat had been lut In care of a trusted
messenger, who had gons to Manhattan
on the sirbwaiy. At the door of the apart
ment a man appeared, took the coat and
receipted for It. saying he would take It
up to the Moore apartment at nnre.
Mrs. Moors, not receiving It, msde In
quiry regarding the delay In delivery
yesterday, and the theft was discovered
ami at once reported to Police Head-
the thief.
Detecttves are trying to find
Bui Jacob Schlift , Who Caused
Him to Fire Store, Goes
to Sing Sing.
Jacob S.-hllfT of Xo. won Washington
svenue, the llronx. and Msx Rlddsll.
a homeless fcny, who recently came
from Russia, were arraigned In tleneral
Sessions hefore Judge Craln to-day for
sentence, follow tug their conviction of
arson fo rthe destruction of Schllff'a
mllllnary Importing establishment at
Vo. IM Mroadwny on July 9
During tha trial It was shown thai
after H niifr had made ail preparations
"to make It a fire" he had run across
ftlddell on the street, snd after learning
that the boy was an Immigrant from
the same loan In Russia as himself
had pressed on him the Job of setting
the tire.
On the arraignment of the two Fred
erick Height, a Juror at the trial, ssnt
a note to the Court aaklng for clem
ency for Riddel!
"The boy made a great Impression
on me when he testified." said Mr.
Height. "I believe hu was Innocent at
hesrt and did not realize that a man
from his native village who had come
to this country snd prospersd could
ask him to commit a crlms. I would
like to give him a chance to make a
useful citizen out or himself. I will
lake him Into my horns snd trest him
ss a member of my own family If Tour
Honor will suspend sentence."
Judge Craln suspended sentence In
Letters of a Slim-Made
Woman to Her Fat Sister
Sixth Let t er i On ths Slim -Msde Man
Who Found a Harmless Fat Rsmsdy
Dear St. t can hsedlr wait tn write yeu
the news. Who nf all people An you sur
pnse 1 have seen "Fslty" llssne vau re
member hlin hew hs tasss.l me sroun.t at
the beech last summer and bow mortified
1 was two "fallys" tngsther -and what a
figure he rut In a bathing suit. It was bta
ssrsolM like sulsshlass and the farstlnua
retnsrkR iupU msoe aoout tils overflow
Ins the .ican'' that kept me SWt is the wa
tsr. wSll. sis. dear. 1 met htm last ntsht
a l Ha.lt- n ui.iflcale ana nlun t Know mm.
anil he tll.ttt'i know me we hag to be In
troduced. Mi, tmw ha has .-hanssa as
much as 1 have and bow wsli-aet uo and
han.lsoina be t'xiks olnve he baname slim.
He has the same "peachy" completion,
ofllv morn so. ami I've mcnl, -l to dins with
lit iib t.i ntsht .net ws'v ssreed to make It
a "spread. Not like th "diet" dinners wa
had at the bej. li when I'd rat my crackers
and he'd sip his tsa and toast and we'd bath
en.v ni. other .inters aaa grow ratter ana
aaasler on our allm diet. That was tha only
bond nf oympathy ws had than but no w -
we have aiinl Iwr VMHB,
Vou romeinnvr thn slmole. harmless ra
durnr I used, t.i ra.-laim my slim. trim, firm
figure -the Mirmoli Prescription wall, ha
uaed that ton. onlv li fnund It at ths drus
store In tablet form Marmola k'raserlptlnn
Tahleto at TSe. tha boa -trust a man to
find tha sasUst way. The tablota muat
eumly be convenient lust a little disc after
Dieala ana at ne.iiima. it ir.mi aJI drus
gttia sell the labials, loo. Tbay are male
i tne Marmoia io.. rarmar Miag.. Detroit,
alien arraeiinnaieiv, hkitt. Aavt.
Restful Sleep
Restful sleep if absolutely essential
tn health. If you do not sleep well,
something is wrong Loss of sleep U
one of nature's unfailing warnings that
you are taiing your strength beyond
your capacity Take heed in time. Re
Cair your health before your condition
eronirs a nervous breakdown.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
ha. brought peaceful, re.tful sleep
to thousands. It will tone up the
stomach and give you appetite. Im
prove, your dige.tion and a.si.ts io
eliminating the poisonous waste from the
system Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
enriches the blood, invigorates the or
gan., pre ven 1 1 waste of tissue snd soothes
the nerve.; inducing natural, recupera
tive sleep.
He sure to gel Putfy's, which has
I. ecu prescribed for years by physicians.
Sold in Sh.W.Mi
by druggists, gro
cers and dealers at
11.00 per large bot
tle. Our doctors
will lend advice
free, together with
a valuable lllus-
trsled medicsl booklet on requist.
TM Dirty Mill WallHl Cl., SMMltSf, I. I.
Per lOc Bottle
vot wit.i mv so Toimsurx".
E. Prltchsrd, Mease, ill Spring St.. N. V.
No Money $
W -rr th moot rlslxirstr n-orl-sarRt
of this brst hand-lsllerfxl
srr- ntw ttUti
I nrlr.e muvh IfWff tben Wats I tea
r arcustomrd to mi?.
316 West 125th St., nr. 8th Ave.
2858 3d Ave. 149th St., Bronx
I the eaes of Rlddsll. Hchllff was sen-
fenced to a term In Sing Ring not
longer than four years and ten month
ami not shortsr than two years and five
I months.
Have truB reason for
by knowing that your most
precious possession your eye
sight is either right or righted
by right eyeglasses.
Have one of our Oculists
(registered physician) examine
your eyes (grat is) . H you need
eyeglasses he will prescribe the
proper glasses the Harris
highly skilled "4 factory" or
ganization will fill his pre
scription and vou will know
eyeglass satisfaction.
Harris Glasses cost $2 or more
14 East 2Srd St., near Fourth Am
IT Wsst S4t.b St., ba. Stb asxl 6th Atss.
14 West IMth St., NaT Lenox Am
442 Cstnmbtis A vs., 81st and 82nd St
tO Nassau St., tor John St.
10QS Broadway, near WuloTyy, Bldflra
4M rahee St., otrp. A. 4 &. BUye
U near Hmkao'a. N
Want to
Feel Young?
if 'a Olive Tablet
For You!
Beware nf the hahit of rnn.tipsLjon.
It develops from just a few constipated
days, especially in Old People, unless
you take yourself in hand.
Coax the jaded bowel muscles bark
to normal action with Dr. Edward.'
Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel.
Don't force them to unnatural action
with severe medicines or by merely
flushing out the intestines with nasty,
sH'kening rsthartic
Dr. Edwards believes in gentleness,
persistency and Nut ore's assistance
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets oil the
bowels: their action is gnetle, yet posi
tive There is never any pain or griping
when Olive Tablets SM used. Just the
kind of treatment eld persons should
Take Olive Tablets mixed with olive
ail and have no l rouble with your
bowels or stomach.
"Every little Olive Tablet has a move
ment all its own." 10c sod tie per bog.
The Olive Tablet ( o., Columbus. O.
crass, ee
Wsst HUMS) C ssHt Wens'.
weesatrs OMIss.
The bells were tolling midnight
On a cold Thanksgiving Hvr,
While in a darksome kitchen
(It seems nurd to believe)
Hat a father, mother, children,
With fares ihln and drawn.
The coal basket was empty
Their last trinket was in pawn
"To-morrow la Thanksgiving,"
flald one father with a sigh.
"Hat linw csn we be thankful
As In better days gone byf
"Cheer up. Ha. I." eald the mother.
As she smoothed his calloused
"There are better days a-comlng.
There la Justlrs In this land."
Bending o'sr the kitchen table
Where a Huiela v World was sort
The gray-tielred nsui. the fsthsr.
Benignly bowed his liesd.
Then, worn with care and worry.
Ths old man fell aslssp
And dreamed that hs was happy
And no mors should he weep.
Hs dreamed of work a-plenty
For father, daughter, son.
Of cosy, warm apartmsnts.
Of business battles won,
Of houses, lots and svreage
To bs bought for a song,
Of lessons, autos, suotlons
And of workers what a throng
But hark' tha bells are tolling
Ttisnksgrvlna'a ushered in;
The old man starts and 'wakens
All's gone that might have been.
But hold! there's aprsad before hits)
A World Want l'ags of Ads.
That brlrhten aearta or ttiouaunda
Of daughter, anna and dads.
Us looked and read then stammered!
"Coma wits, look here and see '
Let's all Join In Thanksgiving,
I've found rrosperlly.
My dream of 'all things wanted'
Will aurely now corns true,
I'vs found new hope and cuurags
By reading World Ads through. "
essSM T The" WerM es ba
sastes aSJThs WseM's If. rasa
iSsssTSaw BLeeS
mU Beth as. aavt alJTTi
tee wasksae-
tssaiTB. rev aw sags
tri'eUA : .' !e.

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