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Arthur F. Cosby Declares the
Hoard Can Legal.) M
ish Private Stands.
R'lrwHii r1M l1n a MBer and
more popular oervlee, could not be
enjoveil ly the New Tors, pnhllc Triere.
fore thin should aeern ft plain proportion
to the Aldermen.
"Drat of all, It haa navr been tried
i oaba that ara continually In front
of riotol atanda ara forbidden by law to
ply for Mra elewher Trie t ill tiaok
mh are not given tkt privilege of these
stands Therefore, thla altnatlnn alone
It at variance with ffra puhlle eer-
The I'ontatitliin of the ab romnanlaa
and hotel men that they mual gvt thefr.
V u n an naeiired eei vlie of honest I
driven and efrlrtrm -alie In a condition
that alioiild n it oBM For It create. The
juration thai tBOfe AIM iali" Bfhlfttl are
lie i-nae In Now V.irk t'lty fur
. ' ok of pOjOOOJiaori Which ate
nut tellurite.
I arifon enl. i mice and mania
Hons einillai tn IhOM In other t.ee
W'here t!ie avatwn lis bOtfl tierfi'i'led
ntu i ie made n timi rvarj drivor niuat
prove his hin'-iy Bbd aAutoney and ha
tinnileil ui-cnrdloah If nnegsgry. All
ah RIOBl h. mo iipiipried nlid 'inder
m il strict BanrOttlancO thiit ANY rhln
the . Ity of New a,t k srtv.n 'lie puMU
will ha an good n anrither in enVlrm y.
'With eiuh laweetrlrtly enfoirvd, fiere
would ba no reason for any hot.'l pro
prietor to dli rlmlnati' aa to which rab
atiall take tils guests The revenue of the
l.lcenae Itureaii ahoiild ha tiard fur thla
"If the Aldeitnen pass an ordinance
iMlkM the private haikatuiida I
think thev Would ciTtnlnly he sustained
f'otn a legal iMIMlBOMll Tha not ItBB
would BootR to he to convert Ihcae pr
iitr hackstands .ntu ;iuhtlc stands pro-
Ided that tin oWOOl of the ahutt'i i;
I oroporly lie slvan Buffeotow mom tot
nilPSJNtt to and iKtcaa from the hotel.
"Atuna. utth thl. a to cal slatullrit
along the iMaWaiAa the rlty haa a
I . K h ' to uee ttieee streets for BUttlO
aarylca s J rpt to tha point when- Ml h
:i 'laiiK become, a iitilanre and ll
pTOVOd au At ;M h ut. pcrmlta arc itlM'ii
(Of pi ' la 'ah unda aa n BooaBBlty
lit tlii Inleraai uf the oubllOi It would
Hi tn ti public liackatHinlh they
i' oo Id a I lolblb ilila nrreaearv ele
"1 think that the city would haVs the
rlKht io 1 1 fc-1 , 1 1 these prtvota luic';
atande iia public lueketaiuls a''i'urdlna-
l . The t oh' grneriilly have tun boBB
In the hftbll or ualiiK u tiixlrab service
pi u frfjrrOI lb keepliiK with lllr BOPUlR-
Hon of me iHy. bvi i' IhOM OM4ittona
wero rlinrufi l and the public aerc aa
aured of llu I il i laiiO) ami MfVlOl Of
every son Bjraati i a iioanoa ihorowouM
no doubt lie an tii' icaac In aerviiv, -'a-j
peclull wMh lowi i.tlea, aa haa boon
proved In UfXHMaU cilioa nOTO i'H
ii tna have been WOrkOd out to economic
"Tha Merchants' AMMOMtlM la In fa
or of abollahltiK the private hacli-
otunda Juat what the rate ahoJld bt
haa never been definitely di tcrmlnuj. I
fo noi an awav from heme In the bOM I Hut wtth the aholfOhlBa of the l.rlvnt
f a vara from rratdtna a ahort ilma In a j harkatanda I think that a morally
lower rata aarvic win Id and ahmild
reault "
Merchants Associatiti.i in Favor
; Proposed Taxi ( i-Jinauce.
By Sophie Irene l.oeb.
T u it leaal atandpoint tiieie !a no
reanii aby the Hoard of A demien car.
not ahuliah the private hackstand aid
1 vi.nk it nuunt to he done hy It a the
Rrat step in GNfMHbj Mora poonlai
and l00f rale aervlie," aald Arth ir
V 1 "oaliy, who olces the tflOWd of ha
lrchanta' AobOOMtoM and who ha
until rOOOOall neen Its I'reaMent
M Oboba aa pSrOMJ alatant Cof
puratlon CoillKel and editor Of OoOO) -'ilr-
of Ordlnani-es Is a recoOjOlOOf n i
thi rlty. and Ma opinion, which la In ac
cordance wltn that of Mayor QmBOI
and many oilier bOtOOWtby author
t!es, will no doitid p:-ove of nua t.
the Aldermen tuw -ona: MftM the furlh
comlna ordinan rea on pu'.dlc i-unvry-OB'
e. He has for years alven the tnat
tai conaidetahlc aludy.
This matter haa keen before I he pub
lic a vary lonjt time." aa4d air Oooh
"Home very aood oidlnancoa note be n
s -t.sl. whlcn from eyery lolOl
siandpoltrt were aell drawn, but aweni
Inaly the niattar haa practloally re
mained aa It la.
The preeent cond'tlon of taalrnb ser
lre la the outgrowth of thla ayatem of
private harkatanda ciairtlna permits for
cf.nipanlea for the uae of theae e and
Olid it would aeem that until this thlna
la first abollahed a condition enjoyed h
. 1 :
( r , v)vTM 6A REFE.RE.C-t
V N - 0EE01E-DA. J ,p ftf KHOCK DfVS eoY DOBJN
I i rt ai l -mto HE 6fSNC- cexiNT SLfiW . J '
I rm. 9 I i i mm y- ' i ww - i bT "'-aa i
r x r MR. REFEREE -
IZB45S A n k6 x, o-rH-t ... AY BAfAE. J
I I .gy60fi-I-
l I I
pensatlon for hnvlna capieaa pack- lyatem of prlvnte hackstands know
:iai-- dOllVOrOd Of stockcenci- our- when- our eaea are. Io unml in tbeaa I
Hb BrotfMr Comci from ireimKi
tn Make a Thtrnug;h Hunt
for tho V.iNMtijj Man.
The police of .frraey ''it' hova -tuesteii
the aid of the New York . ini
tials in a ronawod OMfOb to find
Thomoa I'nffv. t went v-f our yea's of
hkc who has heen tu I an' K aln' c
Novum bar, psw. Dnff) had haon llvlfui
at the hoflia of Ills num. Mra John
Hoik. No. ITI 'l and street. Jersey CHjf,
alrne his arrlvnl In Ihll rolintr In l.'VV
fta I "ft home, MrlM lie w.is oln lo
Newark, where hi BSPOOlOd 10 K' l w.uk.
Ha hnd boon oorkltui .ia a laborer whila
tie suhwuy was lielna lnr.ll. toil ptva
up thla Joh to accept I ha one of
farad by n firm In Newark.
After a lapse iC BOVaml days fol
I'lMna the flloaopaoioiiit of I ii try
I hl aunt raqUOMod the Jersey po
lice to send out an tilarm. tiyt'.c.
tlvea were put 00 tile case but
without 0 Vol I Sever. il duys ago. John
Puffy, twenty-one. a brother of the
mlsalnu man. arrived from hla ho in .1
BliOrfaOM Idaaeiill, I'nuutv llos-o:ninon,
! Ireland Me told the old folka tint he
would not return until he hnd made
a thorough aeurch for the lOfBOtllb one.
John went to tile Jar Bay ijlty I'oll e
Head'tuartera to-day an-l asked those
officials to send out another aJarm. tie
then travelled to New York and re.
quested the authorities here to aid Ih4
Jersey police In the search lietlnnltiK
to-day John will start to VtOtl the hos
pitnla of thla city. Jrraev Clip and
Newark In an effort tu find some tfoba
of his brother.
Ji niobdotj1
uf jtkrTT i ir-t ftaollte
dirterani ellmata Canaumptlon as a Hla -ease
Is lull as curable as any othar dis
ease, aad nan be eared In any climate.
Yea caa be cared at home --If you ran be.
cured al all. 4
Itemember that every case naasea
thrnuah ita aoaobla atodo bhlefc. is ofttn
af a veer's duration plenty of time to l.e
cured. If the dlsesei Is only rscaanlaed
and pinpcrly trealed hsfore the loaorobla
at s a ' ' overiake the patient.
lr pad rear thai tbOM boa bean follora
(to correctly iiiaanna nr underaiOnd roor
case, call on tr. Andsrs.in and Investigate
bis means of treatment for yntiieelf.
Mr Is ataO York's leading bBOtlOMpI tn
Throat and l.una Plseasts and ,n eiperl
In rtlaanasls by epsclal X l.lihl sxsnilm
lloa. whereky he dMOOVOya the very
OprUooi elans of luna trouble while the
disease la yat In Ita curable staae
It oaais yuu nothln lo find nut for
yeuraair, b.ause uftice ennsuliatlon nil
examination are given without Obbraa,
er. Anoersnn. OOOaiOIMI, Q VieiL
s'reet i between :,:h ami nth
New Turk.
Houra Dell). 10 to 4. Munday. Wednes
0y, rrlday evenings ti.i a o'clock; Hun
davs, II to '.. Valuable hunk a0 Tuber
ci.lnala sent to aay address
avenues I ,
"The pteaetit avstetn of tail, nlig liaa
been built lap on hotel trade and piivati
charge accounts entirely, and any
hange by Hie -tldermen would cliangi
tha satem." iv the cab ronipanlea .
Hbrd aTa an Big ol the iiueatlnns aaked
by hotel men unit cob cuinpautea aa to
any chance 'in (ha forthcoming ordin
ance, who contend that the. ordinance
ia all i th except for making more
1 avnoi rnies ana teguiaiiooa mi auroras
ami auuipmi'iii of cart, wtitcn tney are
willing lo a.-cede lo.
W Tf the private elands hu abul
Ished how la a hotel man tu knuw
that the caha his (urate uae ara re
liable.' A. Tha atrlct rulea nnd regulations
muat make jne na reapnnalbla as
Hiiuthor tu the Hove timent for Ita
IKiaeengerg. Why glniuid any can
obtaining limit? in the city of
New York tie uinrllable?
(J If a hotel man haa taxlcaba
ciharged to the accounts ol guttata
why should ha not rOOOitfg aiune com
pensation for that?
Why doit he not receive cum-
1 Best
pensatlon for hnvlng gXpraoa Ba lb
bffaa delivered cr storekeepers' imr
cels hlcli in- poyi at tin- dek obd
ctiargea to his guests In the anme
way T
Why whoold not companlea con
tlnoe to pay hotel men i'l tier cent.
"f their bualnooa to K't a buatniai
Whloll would lie gltfob to am hack
oi. in thai i a o 1 1 along"
A. Ilccause tiie lilt of New Ynrk
Krnnls licenses Jo lakloaba aa oont
iiHin carrtera and the sire Is are free
for unit imrimae to an. one pruv
liiK aWttlaOjl enough tu lie granted
a license.
U Wh) should not th, hotel pro
prietors res'elve this money for oaM
-petal lug In front of 1'ielr door",
ns they do for newapiper stan-ils iin.l
lotogmbh ofBooa around the hotel?
Ai He ante nuwatiaper stnmbi and
li'legraiili ofBood are not commm
carriers like tnxlcalis. thi awrvlce
for which the city la responsible, and
the laaylng of rrhntee I for that la
what It amounts tol main s the pr e
briotOf use the streets for guln, which
is against the law.
Q Why ahuuld nea'spaper bOOblO,
laun lev people, telc'trar'h c mpanh -i.
hotel propr'etora give mobby fOf
ptivllogra any more than taxlcaba'.'
A. Becauee IdblltOaSg in- cotiyev
nn.ea primorlly put into operation
for the benefit of Hie public, .lui
as street vis and su'iways, and
when they produ -e a bUOlnoM and 1
rale for a dlttlnci clientele lny are
not pulil! ' carriers
W BlbOi we have au ptrfOOl a ayt
lOM hy which twu-tlil-la of our
hualnaaa la private a counts In one
company and 40 per ceni. In another
enmpanj. yielding; a rov nae approxl
matoU' I1,UI0 pet- mobttt u;i'l about
1 lO.onn aOOOUntl OSOhi Vfbbl ia to be
come of tln'se oooounti if we can
not by toe aboilahi.'i of the preaent
ayatem of private hackstands know
whore our i ara are, to send to those
IT two-thirds of the ouH'neae is
so yatafflOtlaod that t represents
I private a nuts tor continuous dis
trict clientele you are not common
carriorfl, hut rattier private llvrrlea.
(-). Our present cllenlelc Is uf aucn
nllhre llr.U IhOy WfU BOOtlMf I'
rlda at the praaoni rates, wb) roduoa
t hem I
Ai Why. Indeed, exceni that you
are running to favor 'he lew who
can afford ymir rules rather than
plying for Uia public, for which
yoUr aervlce Is intended.
Htron a I', a. mi,.. I DfrOOtOPi
At a meeting yesterday of the BbOOU
tlve t'ommlttve of the Dnltad States
Steel Corporation, Itobtiii Hacon,
former Amluteaudor to France, was
elected a director to succeed the lata
Clement A !ricom
GOT $50,000 IN GOLD.
tsONOON, Nov. 17 -Tne theft of Ifio.OUO
In gold ahipped from the Hank of ring
land to tha otticos of the t'redlt l.yon
nals at Alexandria, Kgypi. baa myatlfled
the Kngilah, Kgyptlan and t'ontlnental
There were forty eaaea of gold, con
taining a total of 300,0011 pounds sterling,
or fd.OOO.OOO. Two of the boxes were
opened and their contents removed en
Lead was placet in IhO cases from ,
which the gold was taken and duplicate!
aeala put on.
This Indicntea that t'ie tbiOTOI had
advance information aim 't tha sislp-t
rncnt and had made olObofOta plans
for the theft. Itut, aa unusual precmi
lions were taken to guard the money
all the way to Kgypt. the mystery Is,
flOW the culprits got to the gold
result from inflammation
of the delicate bronchial
tubes which clog with
mucus pneumonia easily
wondtri in ovmreoming acuta
oroncAifia? it atops the cough,
checks the inflammation, and
its curative, strengthening
food-value distributes ener
gy and power throughout
the body.
Intitt on SCOTT'S for Bmnchiti.
Scott & bOWUe, Hloomnrid. N. J. ffM
Sixty Ycc rs of Experience
Behind hub-Mark Rubbers
Very likely voiu aa.ndlbttgf WOTt
"aubia" fn in oi r ii nfy. vtf wen
pioneer in an in. I latry llcvclopctl 0)f
Anorlran Ingenuity and Fntprpti.e
i have long ilncr poaavtl the upon.
menial "Inge.
Cv.rv lo re oVslert rerngniM Bulr
Marl, ruhbori ai itandanl firV qual
ity. Try ilictn our cii and rnntpofi
then with othVM IU have worn
Vnu'll had i t when you buy Ilud-Mark-
you buy Ion oflpn.
Standard Firft Quality
llluatrtiiioni of vaftoui itylti f Hub
i .i i k rubtwri 'i i 1 1 pt'ii i iik In ttifl Mr!
vmtB Thty ' no motf innn nt othT
rirttoiM rttbbrt nn irn mftdt m ptyito
! fit nil hotft HttbMrii rubter foot
WOM 1 nun!' for all piirpiH". fur n.n.
M onion . bOjrfl a n1 irirln
The Hull-Murk In Vmir Vlur-Mrh
unur rtrnlrr rnnnnt r;nty you, writ m
Boston Rubber Shoe Company
VrOtobltohoi lflSBi M.iUcn. Moon.
Never Forget
that upon your physical condition
depends your comfort and useful
ness that your condition will be
bettered, your vigor increased
. hen your bowels are regulated,
your liver stimulated and your
digestion made sound by
Sold everywhere
la boaee 10a, 1
Stop It quick, wlih Koodoo's the ortftnaM
sim gsaulaeCalsrrbsl Jell ,. Bootees OjfljBjB
so iiH.n- is raw places sioos ISO Ileal
Sulsnilid tor coles, esurrk.sors omsi. ta eva
est ssa pura Osst lliennoa I'ibos alerstfy at
Ofikosdons issaaiurrivorlociuset. Mosey
is" i ii tsiay at eruggm sieneksra.
esmple run
mom don aaro. co..
j mj
i WW
foe Infftntd aavd Invalids
It oaaoaa (too Orajjbaol and Oasaola
TTio rooo-Orioit tor oil Asoo
Rico milk. raaJtad eraia, ia powder form.
For ml an u. invalids aasl g rawini children.
Puro outrition.upbuildins tbs wbola body.
Invifnrataa DUrottW nwitlaara aasl iko eased.
more oaaJthtuj
For Floors. Furniture And all Woodwork
Can Zlse
fmmW X fa WAft
Thanksgiving Offering
At Veru Special Prices
from the Home of the
of Good Clothes
When Popularity steps in Fashion steps out.
Popularity means the Commonplace. And what
has Style to do with the Common and Usual?
That which is labelled "Favored Style" is not Style at
all to him who would be abreast of the moment. Rather it it
the Style of a Mfftdj gone by.
Yet Masters in Tailorcrnft, by the very pressure of the
ccr.diticns under which they ply their art. must as a rule
produce only the Popular and not the Fashionable.
A Master Artist with Ideal Working Conditions as an
Inspiration does his best and greatest work.
Here, where we ersonally make all our clothes, and
the average time from the boll of just -selected und just
delivered fabric to the wearer is but u lew weeks, there is
the Coveted Opportunity to produce clothes that are Style
Remember these facts. They will explain your un
usual sense of supreme satisfaction in your purchase, when
the present attractive matter of special price is forgotten.
ei eoMtsw. ii l ill i : w on mwmw i m . mur - . a . . v - -., ' i M 1 OB
Winter Overcoats Special
$14.50 & $16.50
Cut from $1 8.50 & $22.50
twentieth century wood
finish, combines the beauty of
wax, the durability of varnish and is
as easy to apply as furniture polish.
A can of STANVAR, some
cheesecloth and a little rubbing will
give to any floorwhether marred,
scratched or streaked the most beautiful
11. ! 1 .1 . Ml '
wax-iihc nnisn possioie one tnat will not
only look good to-day, but will last for months
without renewing -a finish that will resist hard
usage and remain unstreaked and un-
V unpen aant juwiiwi.o uwni.h:it'PiiNci ieix
ROADWAY AT WARRM ST. - NtW YOHK-3T- AV..B6T 27" & 28'"5T5
Hatters and Fumithtr ai wrll ai Ctothimrt to Men of Tuttt
During Alteration
at Warren St. Only
Wins' 14.50
Cut from $22.50
Special Persuasion to induce you to
brave the tlutu und turmoil of build
ing vip and tearing down.
I v
I fjbj rare. S.t .
j Uentlrinen
I ran of
, charge.
marred a finish which can be easily re
newed when necessary and which is
. absolutely free from the dangerous
H; vv slipperiness of wax.
7 V STANVAR U on sale at the leading hard-
ware, paint and household supply stores, where
you can secure a free sample can sufficient to
rmhntsh a floor border. If you have difficulty
J thr name of the molt
I ronvrnient draler who
i can mpply tne with lample n
I Name
I Addrrn
. a
in locating a
sample, fill
store that can supply this
in and mail the attached
Elm I'ark, Port Richmond, Si. ten Island, N.T.
wmm i
i I llll !rV'CM'Cao. losooa. peaia.
' Ill ECiLiLen.E"La'"i-B0Ui:
III """""" CB.Lnvwssn.risa.
l! Riffl rREE FROM WAX
.uJi riaiinisl tmmrn rrr' 'n ' . LL

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