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NOVEMBER 27, 1912. 7
Mary Garden and
Eugene Ysayein
A Joint Recital
MARY OARDBH, freih from a holl
'lay In Scotland, where ihe hail
Hired, It Is said, on a 1MH of nrd
nil whey, Wild a llttli wlilikey thmwn
In to make It palatable, hrr head well
I'ack, he, chin hell high, her steps as
Kniri ful .in thine of a mettlesome two
. i r-old waiting- fSf the starter's Ma a
at Xheepuhea.l Hay In the days that
were anil nre no more, enterel upon
the tap Of Curni-Kle Hull yesterday
afternoon, lunkln handsomer than ever
.nt wi'Hi'.nn a coetufAi no itviinlnfl
tint If mini, woflii n Vaap with oh:
ami uh' of admlriiHnn and men alt
up and take notice. To leirrile It one
would Rood the genius of u fashion re
porter. One thing waa obvious: Al
Ihnpjtt the gown was very tight at tin
liuttom and carried a train. It waa
iihort enough in front to display Mian
teenth century ' facet Nvnpli -o ne
to Thy l.ove' ." arranged by Fn- I t -Ink
Keel, to onr own Victor HfcrTla'l I
The Malf-K ng Moon" wan a fir '-ri .
Mr. Werrenrath waa at home In bo I n
lOhOOU, A group of Oerman inn()
made for variety and five OJIhwav In
dian Melodies, compiled hv Frederl k i
Burton and ananged hv Arthtir Wh.i- i
log. acre a nuveitv Mr. Verrerirath'.
explanation of how theee melodlca wcr
otdalried was an Interesting a the aonga j
themselves. A refreahlng entertainment.
Mr. Werrenrath, thank you!
Harry Hair Had It Taken Out
and Put Back With
Whan larry Hair sit at Thank -gi '
Ing dinner Ifl 001110 w at h!. home. No.
341 BaOl One Hundred and rurty-foui th
trial, he will he able to bOMl that he
Is the only man In the 'lt with a
etomacb that haa been taken out and
put la k with a new let of Interior
d Hon. Including a side door and
graceful feet and
1 larden'a
The occasion was a Joint recital iy
MlM Garden and lCugene Yeaye, the
Belgian vlollnlat, and the auditorium
wai crowded. The bnx-offtce reported
receipt! of nearly $11,800. with hundreda
of applicant! for seat, turned away.
There waa a warm welcome for both
artiste and plenty of enthualaam. fairly
well divided after the leparatt appair
anceu of each. Mlia Dai-den's rivet
aong waa an aria from Bolto's 1 Metis
lofelea," which disclosed her In fine
wdce. The Mary Uardenlima were
there. It la true, but aorne of ua love
her for the atrong Individualism that
aha displays In her alnglng, and, at any
rate, kgf rendition of the aria waa big,
colorrul and expreialve. In appreciation
of It the audience extorted from her
another number. latter ihe aang, In a
group, Oodard'a "Invitation du Voy
age;" "The Sweetest FaSwer That
Hloomi," to which ahe gave a rare
significance by lier exqulilte alnglng
and fine dh'tlon, and Richard Stroma's
'. iclgnung " Tile lalter. aung too slow
ly, perhaps, made a deep Impreailun
and had to be repeated.
Yaaye, while ba fell !hort of the pinna
cle of spiritual loftiness that lie i cached
10 hla lecltal a week ago, and while
his Intonation waa not always faultleei,
eievertheleaa played with noble- purpose
and masterful skill. He hegaii the con
cert with Iteothoven's BOaata In
.major. Liter he played Saitit-Saena's
concerto In II minor, No. .1, the Wagner
Wllhelm "Albunblatt," llei thovcn'i ro
mance In ti major and the t'habrler
i .o rr: . icherao-walta. in reaponae to
iniiitent applauaa, he added Saint
Saen's rnndo-capricrloso.
fbr the final number Miss QardaO
rang Qounod'a "Ave Maria," with violin
obllt-ato by Yaye. .iccompanled by Uis-
. m DetbJar, orsanlit, ami Meiviiie ,
'"lark, harplat. It yet the house wild
with enthusiasm, aa was to le exported, i
and. after many recalls for the urtista,
It was repeated. Bvan t hut d.d not sat
isfy the anthualaata, who gathered at
the foot of the stage and indulged in
aln clamors for more. Miss (lu.hn
had to appear Barbed for the atreei. an I i
the lights had to he turned down before
they would dlaj li e.
Strange to aa. Miss Harden and
ls.iyc hud never met until live minutes
bafora they went OH t la stage, when
they Were Introduced by their mutual
managers. Klgi raMvely speak'ng. th
fell into each others arms, after the
manner of artiata,
Tho Volpa Bynipbony society at its
ftist sutiscription concert of the i'-ason
at 'arnegi Hall last night put Itself
upon a new plane Mr. Verge has de
veloped till young men most remark
ably since last season. Their playing
of Beethoven's fifth lyrnphony could
not fall to command respectful atten
tion. In the strings, espodally. there
wai fine tone as well aa muscularity,
and t lie combined choirs, well balanced,
bowed an appreciation of nuance that
was admirable. In the "Frelschutx"
and "Rienil" overtures, played with
commendfiblc assurance, excellent re
sults were reached. In the elegle and
waltz from Tchalknwsky'a serenade for
strings there were daintiness and refine
ment, in memory ot Alfred fleligman
J'opper'i requiem adagio, for three
'itelloi, was played by K. Hronsteln, V.
Hruch and A. Mdlson of the orchestra,
and played well.
Arthur Philips, baritone, who waa a
member of Mr. Hummersuln's Jcndon
Opera House Company, wis the soloist.
He sanjf an aria from Dial's "Itcti
venuto" In good voice anv' with no lit
tle skill He was recalled nearly a
rinien times hy enthusiasts In the largo
audience who have no leme of pro
1 ortion, aa prolaibly none better than
Hi. Phlllpi himself knows, to the em
barrassment of both him and Mr.
Hclnald Werrenrath, baritone, give a
recital at Aeullan Hall laat nlgtit that
pleased a largo audience, lllmself ,n
good voice and alnglng with taite, hli
programme was charming for Its uncon
ventionalll.v. He began with old Eng
lish and Irleh aouga and ended wlto
modern Bngllab aonga. Kroni "Soniu
Elval haa Stolen My True I.ove Away,"
an old Surrey air arranged by UUOV
UrJaflwood, and Thomaa Morley's e,-
ialnty I .
I lie may not get further than the oys
ters and soup to-morrow, hut by Christ
mas he will he In shape to punish both
turkey and podding and stay right on
to the null, the doctor say.
Hat,-, who Is twenty-five slid In (he
clothing trade, leaves the New York
Hospital to-day after a remarkable BHPs
g.eai operation
Dr William A . Dnwnes of No. 37
Welt Seven ty-flmt street, nonovej hi
stomach, opened It. and cut out a large
ulcer. Then a the swelling Inter
rupted the exit pae cige. Dr, liownea
cut a new hole' and altAChad the In
testine to It. o thai now llnir' di
gested food paiaei tnat way Instead
of by the old nutlet.
Dr. Downes said 10-day the opera
tion 1 a very rare one. but bad been
auccessfully performed before
aTTT Select your Christmas piano or player
mJI piano NOW I'pon Ihe pnvtnent of 5
dollars, the instrument you select will
he held for delivery, if von trials, until
Christina week. In the meantime, you
may mr.ke your weekly payment! or
wail until the piano is fMKlfsd M yon
tm T InNewYork'i t Shopping Center
0 Neill-Adams Co.
Sixth Avenue. 20th to 22nd Street
Store cloned all day lo-morrow on anottnt nf Thauk(it ini.
Take Notice
TT With the except i on of this an,l Tnnrs
J day evenings, our PhUKl and Victr'Hn
Jl Departments afe remaining open until
O.flO o'rlork. This i done for the conveni
ence and at the retiiet of many who find It
difficult to rome in during the day. Come to
the flth Avenue and find Street entrance
ONLY and take elevaton to the Stti floor.
Sale narrows down to hours
Milwaukee Police Siy Voflt, KilleJ
in Bronx, Reseinb!e Uavidor,
Who Left There UnJer Cloud.
Mii.WAi KKK. Nov. rr. That Joaeph
VOCal, Fagln of a small army of thiev
ing girl, who waa shot to death in the
Klimara IfOtOl In the Hronx, New York,
and Sam V. Davldor. former Milwaukee
clubman, stock and mining promoter
and man about town, were one I the
opinion of police official here.
Ihe supposed Identification was the
result of a picture of Vogel published
here. Davldor left six yens ago for
New York to engage In toe brokerage
business. The police say their deduc
tions reveal for the flrat time the Iden-
I tlt of the man who, the New York
police say, directed many roMOTMO In
that city.
Davldor was a big mining, oil and
stock promoter In Milwaukee until he
was Indicted by the tlrand .lory for
Illegal use of the malls. He fostered
trninv concerns of shady business deal
ings. It was charged. He lived In lux
urv lu a large residence on the Blue
Mound road.
IT is now only aquestionot hours when the last ot those
seven hundred pianos and three hundred player-pianos
will have been sold. Perhaps Friday evening. Cer
tainly by the elose of business Saturday. As announced
yesterda the sale will elose Monday night (Dee. 2nd)
positively. When the last of these instruments is sold
we will then take orders up to closing time Monday night,
to be filled and delivered later. We have decided upon
this course so that no one may be disappointed, so that no
one may come in at the eleventh hour and find the last
piano to have been just sold and then go away With a
lost faith in our advertising. So we have set a definite
closing time.
r now let, I. I It I a. hv Mone Jk Met'arrlek. Inc.
The sale will close next Monday evenincr (0:30 to 10
o'clock). If the pianos should last so long you may
take your choice. From now on it is a question of "first
come, first served." But when there remain no more of
the original sale number to be sold, you may then book
your order to be filled under the same conditions, iden
tically, with the added advantage, that if, when your
instrument arrives, you are not satisfied with it you
need not accept it. If it is satisfactoryit is still
subject to the 30 days' trial in your home with the
understanding that you can then get your money back
if you want it.
The first opportunity you have ever had to purchase
a piano or player-piano on same identical conditions
HE "boneandnin-
eiCot'this success-
Freed From Pain, Weakness,
Terrible Backache and De
spair by Ljdia E. Pink
ham's Compound.
Coloma, Vis. "For three years I was
troubled with female weakness, irreg
ularities, backache
and bearing down
pains. I saw an ad
vertisement o f
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable C o m
pound and decided
totryit. Aftertak
ing several bottles I
found it was help
ing me, and I must
say that 1 am per-
1 fectlv well now and
If M Wm. -AH U LaiA
.i BllVT xr : BH 1 IsW. 1 1
B TO T 1HP EHfcWJ ni r;-
if pi v i y, w vxrtmwm mn mm i rj re wmm mm1 kj- ir tinM
l.opynal.;. b) atB. , . I I U itintHil III lit.
t'ul sale has been the
piano itself.
Fifteen years of use in
tens of thousands of
homes have proved its
merits. In other words, it
is a demonstrated success
not an untried experi
ment. It is an instrument
which has sold at prices
varying, according to con
ditions, from three hun
dred and fifty up to tour
hundred dollars. But in
this sale we put the lowest
stable and fixed price upon
it that has ever been
placed on it or any like
piano two hundred and forty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents
without intere8tf bonus or extras of any nature. And as a Bond of
Confidence with its purchasers we have placed a guarantee upon it the
joint work of the manufacturers and ourselves which for protection has
never before been placed upon any piano it matters not at what price
it has been sold.
OUPLED with the
piano, we included
nlaver-nianos. That
is to sav nlavpr-ninnn rf
the identical make and
grade of the piano.
But we did what was
more than this far
more. We sold the
player-piano at an ad
vance of only one hun
dred and forty-ix
dollars and twenty-five
cents over the price of
the piano when the al
most universal rulp i
double the price of the
piano for the player-
These are the cold facts.
You can now see another
reason for the spontane
ous success nf this sale
But this is not all. We did something which is unprecedented in
piano-merchandising. We sold the player-piano on precisely the same
conditions and liberal privileges as tne the piano with one single excep
tion that the terms on the player-piano were seventy-five cents-a week,
higher than on the piano two dollars a week instead of one dollar
and twenty-five cents a week.
iH a MoOarrkk. lac.
Reasons this sale has been a success Whole plan as applied to player-pianos
Red Croas -J- Cough Drops.
Pr laaltti haw soai "fml m av 6.-
cannot thank ou
enough for what Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has done for me."
Mrs. John Wentland, R. F. D., No. i
Box 60, Coloma, Wis.
Women who are suffering from those
distressing ills peculiar to their sex
should not low sinlit of these facts or
doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
There are probably hundreds of thou
sands, perhaps millions, of women in the
United States who have been benefited
by this famous old remedy, which was
produced from roots and herbs over 10
years ago by a woman to relieve woman's
suffering. If you are sick and need such
a medicine, why don't you try it?
If you want special advice writ to
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.
( confidential). Lynn, Man. Your
letter will be opened, read and
answered by a woman and held in
atrict confidence.
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Wonders.
In Monday's papers we announced a sale of Women's
and Misses' $10 and $12.75 Coats for $4.89, between the hours
of 1 and 3.
Owing to the unprecedentedly heavy reiponie. we fear there were
many women who were prevented by the crowds from participating In the
ale. This we regret very much. We had maJe, ai we thought, suitable
provision to wait on all who might come.
To thoie who were disappointed we eatend the privilege to write to
us, mentioning the style coat dciired, and we will make every effort to
supply it at the pi ice advert iied on Monday.
Lexington to 3d Ave., 59th to 60th St.
Store closed to-morrow, Thanksgiving Day.
4 The pianos in this sale are worth and sell regularly for three hundred ami fifty dol
lars. The oo-o)rative sale price is two hundredand forty-eijlil dollars and seventy-five
eents, saving you at the very outset one hundred and one dollars and twenty-five cents.
I If you buy a piano in the usual way, when you finish paying you still owe from
twenty-five to thirty-five dollars interest. Through this co-operative plan, when you
have paid two hundred and forty-eigty dollars and seventy-five eents, vou are through
payings There are no further payments to he made.eit her on aeeount of interest or for
any other reason.
I Instead of paying twenty to twenty-five dollars as a first payment and ten, twelve
or fifteen dollars a month, as you will in a regular way. you are asked to pay hut five
dollars as an initial payment, and then but one dollar and twenty-fire cents a week.
4 You get the strongest guarantee ever put on a piano; a joint guarantee signed hy I lie
manufacturer- Kohler & Campbell and ourselves, giving you absolute protection for
five vears.
1 Vou get the privilege of returning your piano a1 Ihe end of a thirty days' trial and
get ting your money back.
J Within one year from the day you get your piano you may exchange it for any
reason whatsoeier without so much as a penny's loss.
fl All payments remaining unpaid are voluntarily cancelled in event of your death.
You get an opportunity to earn cash dividends of f.fteen cents for each and every
week the life of the co-operative agreement of one hundred and ninety-five weeks is
O'Neill-Adams Co.
Sixth Avenue, 20th, 21st and 22d Streets
Main IluililiriK fltli Flour- -Take ii Strict EleVatofi
Three Hundred player-pianos are also heing sold on this same co-operative plan.
The nstijtl price of those player-piano) is five hundred and fifty dollars each.
The co-operative price, is three hundred and ninety-five doll.tr, with N'O IN'TERKST to be
The player-piano is also Iteinfl delivered immediately upon the payment of five dollars.
The payments arc two dollara a week KvnK JTOV one hundred and ninety-five week' time in which
to make your payments, the same as on the piano. The same unconditional guarantee that ia
given mi the piano is given on the player-piano.
You i an also get your money back at any time within
thirty days.
You gel the same privilege of exchanging within a year
as that given with the piano.
All of the unpaid balances are Voluntarily cancelled
in event tif death.
Also, a player-piano bench and nine rolls f music (your
own (election) are included without extra charge.
An arrangement is also made with each purchaser where
by new player rolls can he procured at a CO$t of
only five cent a roll.
Theee player-pianos arc standard H8-note players;
thai they play every note on the piano wlien the
muatc roll i.s in motion. These player pianos have an
automatic xhifter, which compels the music to plav
perfectly, Most player-pianos sold at from two hun
dred to two hundred nnd fifty dollars more than theee
will not play perfectly. These player-pianos have lead
tubing. Most player-pianos have rubber ttihing. The
life of rubber in one year- at most. Lead lanta
forever. It cannot wear out and the tubing in theee
player-pianos is so placed it cannot be broken.
Of greatest importance
Tn taka idvautaaa uf till luminal ills you
"ill bavn to Mod or biina lu ftre dollar., ml
onto, (or which we will kI you a rwulpt.
Tali tlvu dollan will tie Immodlataly erwd.
Itml tn your account on tin co-operative books.
The co-operative plan then alliiwn one hundred
and ninety-five weeks' time In which to pay tin
remainder at tne rite ot one dollar and twenty
,tv! centa a week If you select a plmno. or twt dol
lars a Mat It you s!ert a play.r-plsno. There
are no further payments ot any kind to be met.
You will have to select nr order your piano or
pliyrr iUmo ml oee--that Is. before Monday
Might December Wadi at the close of ouslnesa,
II Mill be delivered linmedlitel If tne In
strument you iwilect Is In stock, or upon its arrival
If we nue to order It for you.
If nut convenient for you to personally maku
your M Ice. Ion. we w ill make It for you under your
Instruct inns, wltn the uiiderstandlna that, if at the
nil nf tnlrty days' trial tue piano la not satisfac
tory, me H 111 rrtund your mun.y.
TlM I'lano ami Vlcirola Departments will re
main opeiiKrlday, Saturday and Monday eve-
nltia mull U.:to o'clock.
ill Sii

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